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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: UFO Incident at Fort Knox -- 'My friend and I were taken on board...' -- China Scientist Eyes Human Cloning

UFO Incident at Fort Knox

This incident was originally reported on 7/1981, then later to MUFON CMS on 12/26/2006...though I have been told that some of this incident was mentioned in the July 1990 issue in the MUFON Journal. The updated report I received was from the original witness who wished to remain anonymous:

- The incident occurred while working at the Fort Knox - US Army Drill Sergeant.

- A post emergency alert was issued in July, 1981 about 0200 hrs.

- The entire post was mobilized with weapons on hand and life ammo.

- Including Armour and Artillery units, as well as even trainees in basic training. The incident lasted up daybreak when we all witnessed a metal object lifting into the sky by itself.

- The object was not of any familiar shape of any known aircraft, other than circular and metallic in appearance.

- Its flying characteristics were totally in violation of all capabilities of even today's aircraft. Every personnel at distance close enough to have been able to see the object was sworn into secrecy.

- I have never openly talked about this incident for two reasons...the secrecy swear, and my further career in the US Army.

- In time I became exposed to various different elements within the military, intelligence community, and special projects.

- In later years I learned that the Fort Knox incident had been kept secret within very closed circles and had never been exposed.

- This writing is not for notoriety, it is simply to present information that demonstrates the secrecy maintained within the United States and other governments around the world in regards to the UFO phenomena.

NOTE: There was a previous incident at Fort Knox, KY in 1948, known as the Mantell UFO Incident. If anyone has further information on this incident, please forward to me...Lon


Ghostly ships filled with bodies arrive on Japan's shores

An unsettling mystery has washed up on Japan's shores.

Over the past two months, at least 12 wooden boats have been found adrift or on the coast, carrying chilling cargo -- the decaying bodies of 22 people, police and Japan's coast guard said.

All the bodies were "partially skeletonized" -- two were found without heads -- and one boat contained six skulls, the coast guard said. The first boat was found in October, then a series of boats were found in November.

Coast guard officials are trying to unravel the riddle of where these ghostly boats came from and what happened to those on board.

Their best guess so far is that the ships are from North Korea.

One clue pointing that direction is Korean lettering on the hull of a boat containing 10 decomposing bodies, one of three boats that were found adrift off the city of Wajima on the west coast of Japan on November 20.

The writing said "Korean People's Army," the name of North Korea's military defense forces, the coast guard said.

Another clue could come from a tattered scrap of cloth found on one of the boats, which looks like it could be from a North Korean national flag, Japan's biggest broadcaster NHK reported.

"There's no doubt that these boats are North Korean," John Nilsson-Wright, head of the Asia program at the Chatham House policy institute, told CNN after looking at pictures of the boats.

Wright said the lettering on the boats he looked at is Korean -- or Hangul -- text and the "primitive" boats and reference to the Korean People's Army makes it "very logical" to assume the boats are from North Korea. Read more at Ghostly ships filled with bodies arrive on Japan's shores


'My friend and I were taken on board...'

Burney, CA - 1980-05-11: My friend J and I bought remote property in the Hat Creek area of Shasta county. We were putting in a road to our property and had decided to camp out rather that drive to town each night. We had finished our days work and had returned to our camp site, had dinner and turned in for the night. Later that night I woke up and stepped out of the tent to take a leak, there was a full moon and I could see just about everything around. What I saw coming over Hog Back Ridge was almost unbelievable, I yelled at my friend to get up, he staggered out of the tent thinking I had lost my mind until he saw what I was looking at, this thing was so large that it blocked out the moon light. This object seemed to be rectangular in shape. There was no sound and no lights. J and I were taken on board the craft, and greeted by several human looking people, they were very curious and apologize for picking us up, they said they had talked to me when I was younger, and wanted to let me know they were still keeping track of me and that I was to do many thing for them in the future. I had pretty much forgotten all of this until a couple of days ago, I saw something that brought all of this back. I really do not know what to think about all of this. - MUFON CMS


China 'Clone Factory' Scientist Eyes Human Replication

The man behind China's 'cloning factory' has suggested that it should now be possible to clone a human.

Xu Xiaochun, the chief executive of Boyalife which is currently building a large scale cloning plant in the Chinese port of Tianjin, maintains that the technology to create a human clone already exists and that the only reason it isn't happening now is because of the probability of a public backlash.

"Unfortunately, currently, the only way to have a child is to have it be half its mum, half its dad," said Xu. "Maybe in the future you have three choices instead of one. You either have fifty-fifty, or you have a choice of having the genetics 100 percent from Daddy or 100 percent from Mummy."

Once the new facility opens its doors within the next seven months it will create cloned cattle on a scale never seen before with over one million animals a year being produced by the year 2020.

There are also plans to create cloned racehorses, police dogs and many other animals.

Boyalife's South Korean partner Sooam, which is also working on cloning technology, is currently developing a way to bring back the mammoth by cloning cells from a specimen found in Siberia. Read more at China 'Clone Factory' Scientist Eyes Human Replication


North Korean defector: Kim Jong Un's days are numbered

He's a fairly young man, wearing an ill-fitting suit. His thin neck is pronounced, giving way to an equally thin face and frame. We're meeting over a meal of sushi, something he specifically requested because it's rare for those trapped in North Korea.

For his safety, I'll limit descriptions of this defector. We've agreed that I can say he worked among the elites in Pyongyang. He is by far, the most recent defector I've ever interviewed; he's only been in the free world for a year.

CNN found him through university researchers, working in conjunction with the South Korean government, who verified his status as a North Korean defector.

He stresses that revealing much more than these few details could endanger his family, still trapped in the Hermit Kingdom. He also fears North Korea could manage to hunt him down in his new life. But he's talking to me to get a message to the West out.

He believes that among North Korea's dictators, the dynasty of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and now Kim Jong Un, "It is Kim Jong Un's regime that is the most unstable. And it is going to be the shortest."

U.S. Defense Secretary: North Korea has no chance of victory against the U.S.

'False image'

The defector begins to explain why he feels that way. In 2011, Kim Jong Un's father, Kim Jong Il, died. Kim Jong Un took over and "tried his best," says the defector. He gave gifts, and in a public appearance, allowed his voice to be broadcast on North Korean state run television. The perception among the people was that life was about to improve inside North Korea.

"It was a false image," he says.

In December 2013, the regime announced the second most powerful man in North Korea, Jang Song Thaek, was being expelled from the ruling Workers' Party of Korea. Jang was accused of a litany of crimes, from obstructing the nation's economic affairs to anti-party acts. The allegations stunned for several reasons, primarily for who the regime fingered -- Jang is Kim's uncle.

"Kim Jong Un revealed his true side," says the defector. Jang's arrest was broadcast on state television, followed by a statement calling him "despicable human scum, worse than a dog." State media then announced he was executed. Read more at North Korean defector: Kim Jong Un's days are numbered



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