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Friday, December 18, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: UFO Sightings / Shadow Humanoid -- Castaway 'Cannibal' Being Sued -- Roman Sword Allegedly Found Near Oak Island

UFO Sightings / Shadow Humanoid

A received the following information a few days ago:


My name is Cody and in December of 2013 my friends and I had a series of strange sightings in the skies above my home in Ridgetop, TN. This is the same area where I had an encounter with a vanishing humanoid that I reported to you years ago.

The first sighting happened on a cold, dark night at around 9pm in the middle of December. My friend, we'll call him John, and I were outside smoking cigarettes and making normal chit-chat. It was a clear night with a near full-moon. As we stood talking, weathering the cold to feed our addiction, the sound of a helicopter approaching broke the silence of the night. It was approaching fast and the strange thing was we couldn't see it. The sound was louder now, it was right above our heads. We looked up and watched as a black helicopter, with none of its lights on, zoomed past us. It was flying low. Very low. It soon disappeared over the forest behind my house. Not two minutes later, we watched as a cigar-shaped craft came over the trees and stopped 200ft over my neighbor's back yard. I could see three red lights running along the bottom of this craft and a cloud of what looked like heat distortion underneath it. There was one oval shaped window in its center. It stopped and hovered in the sky for about two minutes and then the helicopter appeared again, now accompanied by a second identical black helicopter. The craft took off and the helicopters gave chase and then they were gone. John and I were stunned. We had no idea what we had just seen. We went inside and frantically described our experience to our friends who, unsurprisingly, gave us strange looks.

The next day at around 6pm, my roommate, we'll call him Steve, and I were sitting in my room on the third story of my home. I sat at my desk which faced two large windows that looked out over my neighbor's backyard, the same backyard the craft hovered over the night before, and the forest beyond. Steve sat on a small couch I had which was placed in front of the windows. I was describing the craft to him and how surreal it was. He listened with an open mind and then I said:

"I'll tell you one thing: If I hear the sound of helicopters again I'm going to lose it."

A minute passed and then we heard the sound of helicopters approaching. We stared at each other wide-eyed for a moment before I rushed to the windows. Steve and I watched as three black helicopters came towards the house, flying in a V formation. All three were black and the one leading the trio had a green blinking light on the front of it. The other two had no lights at all. They flew over the house and disappeared. We were not prepared for what followed in their wake. Soon a massive and I mean MASSIVE craft appeared overhead. There were no lights on this ship and it was completely black. We could make out no details at all besides the fact it must've been the size of an aircraft carrier, maybe even two aircraft carriers. We ran downstairs and when we got outside it was gone. Nothing. Like it had never been there to begin with. This craft was to big to have just disappeared in the 5 seconds it took us to get down the stairs and outside. Needless to say Steve was a believer after that.

Shadow Humanoid

Shortly after these incidents my friend Steve started telling me he was seeing a shadowy figure dart past his window at random times during the day and night. Honestly, I didn't truly believe him. I thought he was just getting excited after all the activity and maybe his mind was playing tricks on him. But one sunny afternoon in the Spring, I saw this humanoid for myself. Steve and I were in his room on the first floor. I watched TV while he played a video game on his desktop. I was sitting on his bed right next to the window. As I sat on the bed a tall, black form shot by the window with incredible speed. It blotted out all light in the room and was rushing past at such a speed that the bamboo blinds flew up, almost hitting me in the face. I was speechless. Steve was not.

"See!", he said "I told you! I told you it was real!"

The last time a friend ever reported seeing the shadow humanoid was a night in the Summer. My friend John was over and at around 12am a drunk neighbor backed into his car busting out both his tail-lights. So that meant John had to stay overnight. John slept on the couch in my room that night. The next morning he told me that he woke up around 3am or so and saw a tall, dark figure standing over by my desk. He said he quickly turned his back and pretended it wasn't there and he was soon back to sleep.

This house was a beacon of activity over the last few years I lived there. I experienced things there that I believe truly defy rational explanation. Maybe one day I'll send more stories your way.

Thanks for your time,


Castaway 'Cannibal' Being Sued

An El Salvadoran fisherman who survived at sea for almost 15 months is being sued by his shipmate’s family – for allegedly eating him to survive.

In January 2014 Jose Salvador Alvarenga was found on the Ebon atoll in the Marshall Islands, some 438 days and 6,500 miles from Mexico where he had set off, accompanied by Ezekiel Cordoba on November 17, 2012.

Mr Cordoba who Alvarenga had paid $50 to accompany him on the fishing trip, did not survive the voyage. Now his family is suing Alvarenga for $1 million, claiming that he ate Mr Cordoba, 22, while they were adrift at sea. Mr Alvarenga denies the claims. “I never thought of cannibalism,” he told ElSalvador.com.

Rosalia Diaz Cueto, mother of Ezekiel Cordoba, holds a photo of her dead son.

The 2012 fishing trip had been intended to be just two days long, but something went horribly wrong during bad weather. The men went missing, presumed lost at sea, until Alvarenga reappeared in the remote Marshall Islands in 2014.

Alvarenga, who had lived in Mexico for 15 years, claimed that he had survived by eating fish and birds, as well as drinking turtle blood and urine. According to ElSalvador.com Ezekiel Cordoba died after just four months because he couldn’t digest the raw meat they were eating.

His body has never been found. “His departure was very hard for me, and I continued talking to him. On the sixth day I realized that I was going crazy, so I prayed for him and threw the body into the water," Alvarenga said.

Before he died Mr Cordoba made Alvarenga promise not to eat his corpse and, if he survived, to find his mother and tell her what had happened.

Alvarenga kept his second promise. At the time, Ezekiel Cordoba’s mother, Rosalia Diaz Cueto, did not blame Alvarenga for her son’s death. “I want it understood that I am not blaming this person, Alvarenga, nor am I declaring him guilty of anything,” Associated Press reported her as saying following their 2014 meeting.

Now all that has changed. Because it’s a civil lawsuit, Alvarenga has not been charged with any crimes and his lawyer, Ricardo Cucalon, feels that the suit is financially motivated as it coincides with the release of a book – written by American author Jonathan Franklin - detailing Alvarenga’s amazing story. - ‘Cannibal’ castaway sued for $1 million by family of shipmate he ‘ate’


Roman Sword Allegedly Found Near Oak Island

A remarkable new find has suggested that the Romans may have visited North America 2,000 years ago.

Located on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, Oak Island has long remained a place of mystery and intrigue. Its most prominent enigma, a strange booby-trapped shaft known as the Money Pit, has claimed the lives of many who have sought to unravel its secrets.

Now however researchers lead by historic investigator J. Hutton Pulitzer claim to have discovered evidence that it was actually the Romans who first set foot on the island having arrived there almost 1,500 years before Christopher Columbus set out on his voyage to the Americas.

The claim centers around the finding of what is believed to be a Roman shipwreck off the coast of the island and a Roman sword that was recovered from the water within its vicinity.

"Some years ago, a man and his son were scalloping off Oak Island, which sees them hang a rake-like object off the back of their boat," said Pulitzer. "When they brought this up, the sword came up with it. They thought they were going to get into trouble due to restrictions in Nova Scotia which made all private shipwreck diving for treasure outlawed. So they freaked out about it."

The man passed the sword on to his wife when he died and then from there it went to his daughter before eventually ending up in the hands of her husband who decided to come forward with it.

According to Pulitzer, the sword's metallic properties match those of genuine Roman weapons and the shipwreck from which it allegedly came still remains untouched at the bottom of the sea.

"We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is Roman," he said. "I think this is the single most important discovery for the Americas - an event that will re-write history." Read more at Startling new report on Oak Island could ‘rewrite history’ of the Americas


Ghostly figure captured on film by cemetery

Using a high spectrum camera, paranormal investigators have captured what they believe is an ‘anomaly’ at St Bartholomew’s Cemetery in Sydney’s west and it’s an image that will undoubtedly have sceptics scoffing and believers transfixed.

Fuelling a sceptic’s cynicism, the image was captured on Halloween night when one of the regular tours was held at the Prospect cemetery — known to locals as “St Bart’s”.

The anomaly was snapped at the burial place of explorer William Lawson and other early settlers. Many believe the cemetery and church, opened in 1841 and destroyed by fire in 1989, is haunted.

Four members of Sydney South West Paranormal Investigators team were near the grave when they heard a whining sound.

As they often do on the tours across Sydney, the team took about 300 photos. The unusual image was captured on the 209th frame.

But it was not until film was developed that “a very large anomaly’’ was captured. Read more at Ghostly figure captured on film by paranormal investigators at St Bartholomew’s Cemetery



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