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Monday, December 21, 2015

A Pacific 'Mothman' Haunting

I recently received the following submission:

I now live in southeastern PA which was the hotspot of a UFO flap in 2008. Just a few miles away from my current residence, we had one of the greatest UFO encounters. However, I will leave that for another day.

In the early sixties, the small suburb of San Juan outside the city of Manila was visited by several UFO sightings, and later what is now referred to as Mothman. I was born and raised in that little suburban town about three miles from where these series of “sightings” took place.

When I was about a year and half old, my parents moved to a townhouse apartment in the small hamlet of Little Baguio near San Juan. It’s a picturesque Spanish-type suburb with stucco houses with red tile roofs inhabited by the well-to-do, with tended gardens. In between these homes ranch-style and townhouse type apartments were randomly scattered. It was in one of these apartments where the haunting of my father started.

As my mother and uncle faithfully recounted, my father would retire to his study as a writer of books and poems to sit at his typewriter in the fading twilight after dinner. Outside his den, a creek could be seen running the length of the house through a huge jalousied window. One evening, according to their recollection, a distinct hum could be heard. As my father paused from his typing, he glanced out the fading light of the twilight to behold a nine-foot being standing with a black cape in the shadow of a large tree perched at the edge of the creek. The creature was jet black, with the cape glinting in the starlight like leather. As my father backed away from his desk to observe the creature, he noticed a face take form with red eyes in a mask of menace. The creature had horns like a goat and long face that exuded deep horror.

My uncles who were close to my father recalls the night my father had ran from the room in fear - he had believed he was hallucinating the events, only to find the creature hanging one night like a bat from the breadth of the expansive den window. It was looking down at him in menace. As they ran to the room, they were overcome by a sense of foreboding and sadness. Upon arrival, the creature had already disappeared, to be replaced by a full moon and the sound the water in the creek.

One night, several months later, my father refused to sleep, fearful the creature would enter his dreams. My mother set up vigil with a live-in servant, a young woman who believed the creature was a demon. As my father finally slept with my mother sipping tea in the next room, a yell ensued from the maid who had entered my father’s den to check on a scratching noise. As my mother rushed into the room, she finally sighted the creature. It hung, bat wings spread, the breath of the window which was about 10-12 feet in length, glaring pointedly at my mother as she approached.

Fearful but determined to confront the creature which haunted her husband, she reached for a cross on the opposite wall and charged the window with it, praying the “Our Father” as she approached.

In the darkness, the creature folded into itself, cloak and all into the ground under the window and disappeared.

The local priest was consulted and blessings were attempted on the apartment and on my father. However, oppressed by the continuous haunting, my father finally committed suicide as a means of escape.

That same night, my mother tucked my belongings with me and fled, never returning to the apartment. The creature followed us to my grandmother’s house where a priest held mass and blessed the house and all of us. At some point, the sightings of the creature finally stopped (it was only my mother and the maid who saw it.) but other ghosts continued to haunt the town – a scene of much bloodshed in WWII when the Japanese invaded the town.

That was my first encounter with the unknown.

The author, Anna, is a high school counselor at a suburb outside Philly. She writes screenplays, is an abstract and figurative artist, and has traveled to over 26 countries in search of paranormal events.

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