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Monday, December 21, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Possible Entity / Ground Formations -- Phantom Car Spooks Gas Station Employee -- Abductors Perform Surgery & Experiments on Boy

Possible Entity / Ground Formations

Hey folks...we have a new investigation and would like some feedback. The location of the phenomena will not be disclosed at this time...but it is in the United States. The clients have had a series of 'circles' show up on their property...in other words, ground formations. Some have faded away...others have remained for about 2 years or so. There have been several anomalies detected nearby, including the 'entity' in the photos / sketch and other non-physical events. We are not going to speculate as to the significance of the ground formations and the strange activity nearby. We are asking for your help and suggestions. Thanks...UFORCOP / P&M Fortean Research


Phantom Car Spooks Gas Station Employee

2008 - Renton, Washington

Susie in Placerville, California called into tell of something that happened to her in 2008.

“I had an experience in Renton, Washington in, I think it was 2008. I worked at a gas station. It was single coverage and I was closer and it was just starting to get dusk. It wasn't quite dark yet. And I had to, well, there's four cameras; two on the outside of the building on each side of the building on the top; there's a camera on the front of the store and a camera in the store. And I had to go back into the office to do some paperwork so I kept looking up at the TV screens. It was split in four. And a video camera of each, where the cameras were outside and inside. And so I kept looking up at the screens to make sure somebody wasn't walking in the store. And I happened to notice on one of the pumps and, it was a very old gas station. I lived there for thirty years and this gas station was there long before I ever moved there. And on the pumps on the left side of the store, I looked up and there was a car parked with its back end to the building. Sometimes the cars would park along side the building and would run into the store and there would be just enough room for a car to pull into the pump but this car was parked backed into the building blocking the drive into the pumps. And I happened to look up and I saw that and I thought, What is this person doing, they can't park there! So I dropped my pen, I walk outside and there's no car there and I thought, Oh, they left. So I walked back in and walked back to the desk and I looked up and the car's still there. I thought, What the heck is going on? They must have come back. So I walk back there again, outside and there's no car there. And I thought, What is going on? So I went back in the store, into the office, I look up and the car is still there and I thought, This is bizarre! How could it be there, I just looked twice? So I went outside and I walked around the whole building, both sides of the pumps, the whole parking lot. There wasn't a car in the parking lot anywhere. I walked back into the office and looked back up the screen and I thought, What is this? What is going on? What am I looking at? It was an old Volvo, maybe a Volvo from the early 60s and it had a primer paint job. I could see the window, the top of the car, the back of the car, I could see the hood, I could see the tires, I could see the doors, I could see the handle on the door and I just stood there staring at it thinking, How is this possible? What's wrong with the cameras? Why are they showing me that a car is parked there when there's obviously not a car out there? And then the car slowly faded off the screen. It just completely rattled me. I don't know how... And this was an old car. I had a friend back in the early 60s that owned an old, primered Volvo. So I knew what that looked like and that's exactly the style of car, an old primered Volvo. I didn't know that cars can be a ghost. It sure shook me up for quite awhile.”

Source: Coast to Coast Radio - February 20, 2015.

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Abductors Perform Surgery & Experiments on Boy

Elsie, MI - 1991-08-12: I was a kid, sometime around 1991. I believe it was during the summer break between 3rd & 4th grade. Someone before the event I started to pick up the heightened sense of perception regarding aliens. That and this omniscient feeling something was coming. I remember discussing aliens with my older brother. We shared a room. My mother and former step-father slept downstairs as well as my older sister. My younger brother and step-brother shared a room adjacent to mine. One night, I felt a guiding voice warn me to wake up and that they were coming. I awoke to the feeling of a tractor beam forcing me into a state of paralysis on my bed. I finally broke free after much persistence. I heard a whirring sound, almost like a helicopter along with a search light. Initially I thought it was a military related event. I looked out my window to see an object hovering at tree level and shining light into various areas outside and into others homes. I think they eventually saw me but I have no recollection of what the craft looked like other than a bright spot light. A feeling told me to warn the others in my house. Initially, I tried to wake my older brother to no avail. He seemed to be under the spell of the tractor beam. So I raced down stairs to no avail at waking my mom or her husband or my sister. When I was in my mom's room the light got more focused and I could hear beings outside. I ran in terror to my younger brother's room. It seemed I could wake them to no avail either. I was a child afraid out of my mind. I began to lose hope and accepted that I was going to probably die. I made one last attempt to awaken my brother. Finally, after much force, I was able to awaken him. He was overwhelmed with fear. I tried to explain to him what I knew when he cried "What do we do?" At that point I knew it was too late. I grabbed my brother and cradled over him in a protective manner and reassured him I would protect him from harm. Suddenly a loud hum blast prevailed while the house became immersed in white light. The next memory I have was waking up on an operating table with 4 or 5 beings standing over me. They had gangling arms and long necks. Dark eyes. Grey/green skin. They were performing various surgeries on me. They were very forceful. They spoke to me telepathically and seemed to be very upset with me. One of them labeled me a fighter and told me it would go easier if I didn't fight. When I look back now I see them as just doing their job in whatever global medical experiment they are here to perform. At the time however, this occurrence really frightened me and had an impact on my feelings about aliens for a long time. (I could not watch X-files or any program about aliens until adulthood.) The last memory I have on the operating table was them inserting a long object into my penis and then I woke up the next morning in my bed, feeling glued to it. I was still in some pain from the various experiments for a while but for the most part it subsided quickly. I soon asked my brother if he remembered the event, which he confirmed. We both took to asking the rest of the family if they remembered anything peculiar. They did not and did not believe our story. At the time we decided it best to keep it quieted. Since that time my brother has told me he remembers nothing of what happened but doesn't deny that it was possible. I have one scar on my left palm I have never been able to account for but am unsure if it had anything to do with this event. This is a memory I have carried with me since it happened. I always wonder if I remember this much now, I wonder how much I am repressing. Since this time I feel a strong connection to movies and music regarding aliens and abductions. The movie Dark Skies resonated strongly with me when I watched it earlier this year. - MUFON CMS




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