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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Black-Eyed Children / Adult Encounters

Archivist Jamie Brian transcribed and forwarded 2 very interesting black-eyed people encounters. I included a favorite encounter as well. Are these humans...or alien humanoids?:


A person e-mailed Dave Schrader about something bizarre they saw a few years ago while working at an out of the way gas station.

“It was about 3 years ago. November 2012 when I was working at a small gas station in North East Louisiana. We were the only small shop and 24 hour service station in miles, just off the highway. I worked the night-shift. I loved it – the sharing of stories with the travelling customers, that is when the rare customer showed up. It must have been around 3 am. I was cleaning the floors and locking the beer coolers when suddenly the lights went out. I pulled out my cell and used it as a guiding light until I made it back to our counter where I kicked on the gas generator. It lit the parking lot, the bath and the hall leading to the register. When I looked outside, I could just make out the movement of the trees across the street, but, otherwise, it was pitch black. I turned on the radio and started listening to a local station with its night owl DJ, commenting on the heavy winds and cracking jokes between songs. Suddenly I saw some figures in the dark. I could just make them out. They seemed to be a group of kids on bikes. There were three of them. Two of them dropped their bikes and made their way to the door where they just stood there staring at me. I just stared back for a moment, waiting for them to come in. They never did. I moved around the counter and opened the door. 'What's up guys? Out kinda late aren't you?' I asked them, expecting them to come in. 'Can we use your phone?' one asked, their heads tilted kinda low. I felt a little worried as I pulled my cell from my pocket and offered it to her. 'Sure.' She looked at me and then I saw her eyes – they were solid black, almost like ink filled orbs. 'No, I need the real one!' she said, her face twisted into an angry snarl. I pulled the door closed and flipped the locks. 'No! No ma'am, you go home and get your mom's phone.' They stared at me through the door for a minute longer before turning away and biking off. The next day I had my boss check the cameras to get the pictures of the creepy kids but the cameras had been off the whole time. Now the cameras run off the generator instead of the hall lights. I never saw the kids again.”

Source: Darkness Radio - September 3, 2015



George in Ramsey called in to share a bizarre story.

“It happened in the mid-80s. I was involved in a seminar for what later I learned was a New Age cult type of deal. I got out of there. Happy. Happy. But what happened was, after you would complete a session, the instructor would walk in front of you and ask you their catch phrase, which was: Do you got it? This gal, she was about 30 years old, she stood in front of me. I looked at her and I did not see any whites in her eyes. The thing that really struck me was, the ceiling was only 10 feet high and it had a lot of fluorescent lighting in there. I did not see the reflection even from the lighting and it was absolutely disturbing. I was in printing for years. I really know how to pay attention to detail and it just absolutely freaked me out. I was done at that point. It was just a very calm demeanour about her but the eyes, you know guys, I'll never forget it.”

Source: Darkness Radio - September 3, 2015


BEK Encounter - Fulton County, PA

I received the following email in June 2014...very creepy:

I came across your BEK posts after searching the internet. My husband & I had a weird encounter with, what I believe to be, BEK this past winter. It was the day after Christmas 2013 and we decided to get out of the house and take a walk. We enjoy walking the trails at Cowan's Gap State Park here in Fulton Co., PA. It wasn't too cold so we decided to take the short drive to the park. The park is void of people in the winter, unless there's snow for skiers and ice skating on the lake. But we were alone - at least, we thought we were alone.

We were walking on a trail that passes several of the rental cabins. After awhile, we took a short break and sat down at a picnic table located in a cabin pavilion. We were discussing how quiet it was when I noticed 4 children walking towards us. As they approached, I noticed that their eyes, especially the taller & older boy, were very dark with large irises. There was, I believe, 2 boys and 2 girls of various ages. All 4 wore light jackets.

When they reached us, the older boy asked "do you live here?" My husband answered "no, this is a rental cabin." There was no reaction. One of the girls, who was very pale, reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one. The girl was no older than 10 years. My husband asked her "aren't you too young to smoke?" The girl looked at him and, I swear, her eyes got darker and larger. She gave him a scow that he & I will remember for the remainder of our lives. It was so vile and foreboding - I was immediately scared. Then they turned, on a dime and together, and started to walk away. I was speechless and shaking - my husband said "let's go."

We briskly walked in the opposite direction towards the car. I was still very frightened and wanted to go straight home. We pulled out onto Aughwick Rd. and headed east towards home, which is only a 1/2 mile or so from the park.

A few days later, we were driving to Chambersburg to do some shopping. We needed to first stop at the post office in Fort Loudon to mail a few packages. My husband walked into the post office while I sat in the car. After a few minutes, I noticed the same 4 kids walking through the post office parking lot. Just seeing them sent chills up & own my spine. When my husband returned to the car, I told him what happened and that I wanted to go home immediately.

Since that time, I have suffered terrible episodes of anxiety and fear. My doctor has prescribed medication but I still panic that I'll encounter those kids again.

Can you suggest some recourse? I'd like to discuss this with you. LD

NOTE: LD asked that I contact her and discuss the encounters. We have been talking through Skype for the past few days. I received her permission to publish her original email, but wishes to remain anonymous. This couple is very protective of their privacy, but desperate for answers. She would like to know if others in her area may have seen these BEK. She does seem concerned that these children are out and about on their own...but is still fearful that she may encounter them again. I have made inquiries to the local police, but they are unwilling to discuss it with me. Lon

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