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Saturday, December 12, 2015

More 'Faceless Woman' Phenomenon

A few days ago, I posted 'Faceless Woman' Phenomenon. Since then, I received the following account:


I was jarred back to memories of when I was growing up in NY. I must have been 12 to 14 yrs of age, having several reoccurring instances that I took for VIVID dreams. The dreams include several periods of paralysis that would ALWAYS end with my choking for air and on most occasions vomiting. In these states I would be asleep in my bed facing up, I would open my eyes and find that I was drawn to one particular section of my ceiling and I couldn't take my eyes off the area. I would feel the room expand... I may have a better word for this later but expansion was definitely one of the senses I was having. I would then begin to rise straight up parallel to the ceiling and go through what would be an ever expanding blackness. I can remember seeing myself even though I was still face up, it was like having a vision of myself instead of actual site. I would then proceed to feel cold, very cold and eventually there would be stars...after seeing the stars everything would eventually go black and the next vision I would have would be of myself on top of a large ORB, it was as if I was one with it or molded with it because it seemed that my body was flush with its surface. I want to say it was silver but it may be that my mind just saw it as a huge BB. I am in a MASSIVE chamber that went on and on forever, no light, no things to gauge distance.

At this point the same things would always happen, I would start to move away from myself "my vision of this always had me seeing myself from over my left shoulder". As I moved further away from the place of the B&B's "dock" I would begin to fade, disappear, and the choking would begin, at first it was just hard to breathe then I would be very aware of what was happening to my body that was left behind in my bed and that is when the puking would begin ... The more faded I became the worse the choking would get and eventually I would wind up back in my room with a rushing of GREAT speed.

These events happened to me infrequently at first but then began to escalate... My feelings were that whatever was doing this no longer cared about whether or not I believed it to be a dream or not, it didn't help that I didn't have a family member that would listen to me as they never experienced anything, when this happened the home always seemed empty or totally devoid of life other than my own. This thing happened to me for what seemed like years, during those years I went through a lot of behavioral issues "violence, bed wetting, dissociation of family. I was then confronted with the faceless women.

The same events would happen but instead of going off to the void all the time, I would be brought to a huge chamber... Again very black no light at least none that could be explained or truly seen. In this chamber I would be in a circle of about 15-20 apparently mature women, they were spread out about arms length apart and I would float in the middle of the circle and be "asked" to choose my mother, I would look around at all of them and they were all very similar. as I would try to see them better I would either move closer to the one I thought was my mother or just concentrate on the face. When I looked at their faces they were always missing, gone or blurred like an old black and white TV screen. It was impossible to choose and when I did I would always begin gasping and choking and would be told to pick again... This would go on and on without ever having an answer or an end. I'm not quite sure at what stage of my life this finally ended but as I get older it gets easier for me to remember these details.

I hope I explained this well enough for you to understand. MG

This is an interesting, though a disturbing variation. It's hard to image any child going through this ordeal for any length of time.

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