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Friday, December 04, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Kid's Witness 'Headless' Soldier -- Monster-Size Anaconda Found Near Orlando -- Alien Being Knocked Out Car Power

Kid's Witness 'Headless' Soldier

Mitch in Toledo, Ohio called in to tell of something he and some friends observed when they were children.

“My story takes place in the fall of 1978. I was 12 years old and myself and three other kids were walking along a trail along a bean field near our old childhood woods. The woods surround this bean field and we were, we had our heads down looking on the trail looking for used shotgun shells and such. We used to collect them as kids so we weren't paying attention to what our surroundings were. All of a sudden, one of the kids went running by me screaming and yelling, taking off in the opposite direction. I had my back turned to whatever he was running from. I turned around and the other two kids went running by me yelling, 'Run! Run! Run!' And I looked up and about 25 to 30 feet away from me was this headless figure standing there. I froze. I was like, for like 5 seconds, I was staring at this thing. And I got a good look at it and the first thing I noticed was that it was wearing one of those shoulder bullet belts, like from the movie The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (Noory says, 'you mean, like the banditos used to wear') Yeah, yeah, right. And I didn't see a weapon or anything and, obviously, it had no head. And it looked like it was wearing some type of uniform. It was an old civil war type uniform. It had black boots up to its knees. I stood there for a second before I took off. I was just in shock and this figure slowly raised its arm and it pointed its finger at me. And I got a good look at its hand and it was pale white like it was dipped in flour. I can remember it like it was yesterday. And I took off running finally and ran into the woods where this other kid was hiding and we watched as this figure walked alongside the bean field where we were standing and it went off across the trail into the other side of the woods and it disappeared.”

Source: Coast To Coast Radio - October 31, 2012.

Transcribed by Jamie Brain


Monster-Size Anaconda Found Near Orlando

A 9-foot-long green anaconda, known for being the largest snake species in the world, was euthanized Monday in Florida after being found freely slithering near the St. Johns River, east of Orlando.

The invasive species, which is illegal to own as a pet in the state, was spotted by a fisherman and reported in the nick of time, state wildlife officials announced Tuesday.

Unfortunately for the monster reptile, it tried to flee into the 310-mile river before a trapper could get to it, authorities say -- and an officer killed it on the spot.

Though massive in size, the carnivore can get even bigger, wildlife officials say. It's capable of growing to more than 29 feet and weighing more than 550 pounds.

In their native home of South America, anacondas feast on animals like wild pigs and deer by wrapping around their prey and squeezing until it suffocates or is crushed to death, according to National Geographic.

The animals are “cumbersome on land, but stealthy and sleek in the water," according to National Geographic. Their eyes and nostrils, placed high on their heads, allow the snakes to wait for prey while nearly completely under water.

“We go out here and we go swimming, you know, fishing and hunting and doing all kinds of stuff in and around the water,” Derrick Lockhart, who runs an airboat business near the site where the snake was killed, told local news station WFTV. He expressed relief the snake is gone.

Exactly how the reptile ended up loose remains a mystery, wildlife officials said.

They said it was not microchipped, like anacondas that are allowed to be owned for research, public exhibition or commercial use so long as adequate security measures are in place. Without a federal permit, it’s not legal to import, privately own or transport the snakes.

Anacondas, which are native to South America, can grow up to 29 feet and weigh more than 550 pounds.

“Green anacondas are conditional nonnative species and are considered to be dangerous to the ecology and/or the health and welfare of the people of Florida,” the state’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission wrote on Facebook.

This was the fifth anaconda found in the sunshine state for as long as records have been kept, according to WFTV. The last time was in 2010.

Last year, the Discovery Channel announced plans to air video of a man being eaten alive by one of these deadly serpents on its program “Eaten Alive.”

Though snake researcher Paul Rosolie ultimately called off the death-defying act, to give some insight into what being eaten would feel like Discovery prepared a suit that would be able to withstand pressure of at least 90 pounds per square inch.
That’s like having a 90-pound weight on every inch of your body.


Alien Being Knocked Out Car Power

Driving south on HWY 89 a few miles south of Keyenta, AZ at approx 60 MPH. A person dressed in total white appeared in the middle of the road, 40ft in front. Skidded to a stop, but not in time to avoid hitting the person. Checked the area and the vehicle and found nothing. Bright moon lite, so had good view of a large area. No sound of impact as if I had hit something.

Left area. 1/2 mile later, engine dies and headlites fail. Interior lites, brake lites, emergency flashers, radio are all dead. Checked battery with VOM and flashlite and registered 0 volts. Escorted family into a safe area off highway and returned to vehicle for blankets. Interior lite came on, checked battery again and registered 12 volts, so we continued on. Checked engine voltage at next lighted stop, and found 14 volts with engine running. Upon return to Denver, checked battery, cables, generator, other wiring and found nothing unusal. Considered a main fuse breaking, then in some way shorting itself to regain electrical power, but fuses showed nothing, burn marks, etc. Had vehicle for many years after event and nothing similar happened. - MUFON CMS


Lockdown at Kirtland AFB caused by someone popping heavy-duty bubble wrap

It was a scary scene at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Wednesday afternoon.

Men in tactical gear and Humvees could be seen after phone calls were made to base security officials regarding an active shooter at around 2:30pm.

Someone said they thought they heard shots being fired near a building on the west side of the base. A precautionary lockdown was initiated. One airman said he was concerned, but the base is prepared for such emergencies.

At around 3:15pm the base lifted the lockdown, saying security personnel found no threat to the base. On Thursday, the base said the scare was sparked by someone popping heavy-duty bubble wrap.



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