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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: 'Hollow Man' In Maplewood, Minnesota -- 'Clown' Sightings Causing Concern -- Bananas May Become Extinct

'Hollow Man' In Maplewood, Minnesota

Winter – Maplewood, Minnesota, USA

Harlan who lives and works in Maplewood, Minnesota called in to tell of a bizarre sighting he had in the winter of a strange entity that he described as hollow but with the outline of a person. Sounds slightly similar to the cloaked entity filmed by Bob Garrett (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA5pplK-HFo), Barbara Shupe (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieUwpwEpmIQ) and others.

“I have thought about calling in a few times during your night show, when you have these paranormal type things but I was a little reluctant. This one was so odd. It just really shook me. One evening. It was in the winter, I took the dog out for his evening duty. It was around dusk, so there was still sunlight. It was the winter so there were no leaves on the trees or bushes. My particular area is near a trail – a hiking trail. So, I'm going back there with the dog. He's out there and he's about to do his deal and, all of a sudden, he stops dead in his tracks. Now, this is a hundred pound Rottweiler. Nothing much really spooks him, so I was pretty surprised that he just stopped dead in his tracks like that and he seemed to be staring off toward the trail. So I was like, What are you looking at? I looked out there and I don't see anything. What are you trying... What's going on? He didn't move any farther. I thought he'd go off. He usually goes farther out into the yard but that particular night, he just stopped dead, he wouldn't go any further so I knew something was spooking him. Well, he stood there like a pointer so I said, Alright, I line myself up behind him and look down his back and across his nose and see if I can detect what he's looking at. Well, as I line myself up and sighted in out there on the edge of the trail for the few minutes I stood there trying to see what he was seeing and nothing happened and then all of sudden... all of a sudden, a shape, an outline of what looked like a human-type person except only it was hollow. There was nothing there except an outline of a head, shoulder and arms and it looked like it was probably about 5 feet tall from what I can judge from where it stood in the bush area. And it just freaked me out. I couldn't believe it. That's what you're looking at. And I think it detected that I saw it or perceived that we picked up on it because it moved. It walked real deliberately and slowly along the trail. And it disappeared. I couldn't pick up on it after a certain point. When it moved he (the dog) got a little jittery and wanted to go back inside the house. He did not want to be out in the yard any further, any more. It was very strange. I nicknamed it the Hollow Man because it kinda reminded me of that Kevin Bacon movie where he gets the invisibility. It was the strangest thing I've ever seen and I'm not prone to believing in things I can't touch or whatever but that... My kid had told me that he thought he'd seen some odd things in our backyard in the summer-time and I was like Yeah, Yeah Yeah. When our dog did that... And I saw that thing move. I swear it was hollow because I could see the branches as it walked between the branches, I could still identify its outline. (Host Dave Schrader asks if it looked the way 'The Predator' did when he became cloaked) Like Predator, kinda like that except it had, it looked like... I could only see like a black outline of it. From me it was probably about a hundred feet away. I didn't hear anything. This was the dead of winter so it was cold and still. I heard nothing. Strangest thing I ever experienced. I would have thought, well, you know, you're just seeing things but when the dog, he's the one that started the whole thing.”

Source: Darkness Radio - July 14th 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Looks like someone was playing around on photoshop

Lucknow, India - 12/1/2015: Weather yesterday was quiet unpleasant there was a massive hurricane in the city but suddenly around 4 p.m. This huge figure appeared in the sky out of nowhere. If u closely observe the image u'll find that the electricity pole is been damaged due to an accident.. I can't say that the accident took place because of driver's eyes were in the sky or some other reason but this huge disc shaped ufo kept hovering at nearly 500ft above the sky for more than 2 hours.. Then afterwards it flew away.. And I thought it'll be a huge debate in media and news.. But astonishingly there was no coverage at all.. Hope you guys find out if it's a real ufo or not.. Bcoz scientists say it's a cloud pattern.. MUFON CMS


'Clown' Sightings Causing Concern

There's alarm around Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin, over recent sightings of a man dressed up as a clown walking around the campus, even peering into buildings. Students and neighbours said they've been told not to worry, but many would like the police to get involved.

“Oh yeah, you notice it. Wearing a bright orange jumpsuit and a clown mask, it's definitely something noticeable,” witness Ashley Plante said. Becca Roraff's boyfriend snapped a picture. “When I first saw it, I was kind of creeped out because it was just a random person on the street with a scary mask. I don't like clowns,” Roraff said. “He was apparently on campus a couple of days ago. That's kind of frightening,” witness Katie Green said.

Carroll students Green and Michelle Mueller said they saw him a few days ago after he had changed outfits from a clown a more Joker-like appearance. “It was just staring at us as we were driving by. It was just weird,” Mueller said. When the clown was spotted outside a women's dorm over the weekend, consternation intensified with rumours flying that he's a convicted sex offender. But Waukesha police said they know who he is.

He's a teenage boy. Waukesha police say the boy is "developmentally delayed and is just doing this to see people's reaction. Both he and his parents were advised several times it would really help us out if he wouldn't stand out there doing that." Waukesha police said the teen hasn't committed any crimes that they're aware of, but say they've received numerous complaints and even calls to 911. They said they're continuing to monitor the situation. - 'It was just weird': Clown causes alarm around Carroll University


Bananas May Become Extinct

Researchers have warned that a deadly type of fungus could devastate banana crops around the world.

These days bananas can be found in just about every supermarket on the planet, but in the future there's a chance that the fruit that we know and love could end up almost completely disappearing.

The prime cause of this potential decline is Panama disease, a fungus which has been decimating banana crops in some parts of the world since the 1960s. While up until now it has been mostly contained in Southeast Asia, researchers have indicated that it may soon start jumping continents.

If this happens then it won't be long before it reaches Latin America - home to the vast majority of the world's banana crops - and there are no known ways of stopping it.



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