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Monday, December 14, 2015

Grandpa's Ghost and the Alien Handprints

Trinity from New Mexico wrote an e-mail to Dave Schrader, host of Darkness Radio, regarding a strange event that happened to her when she was 16:

“I believe I was about 16. My best friend and I were leaving the house to pick up my other friend. We took my Toyota four runner but I let her drive. We turned on some music and right before we started down my long, steep gravel driveway I noticed she wasn't wearing her seat-belt. I told her to stop and put it on. She did but only put on the bottom half of it and put the shoulder part behind her. We started off down my driveway and started down the rest of the road which is also gravel. I remember looking at her and then all of a sudden being upside down. We had gotten into a car crash.

To this day we really don't know what had happened. She wasn't going very fast but she went around a corner, did a 360, hit the ditch and rolled three times. We figured this out by tire marks and glass on the ground. I don't remember except waking up and hearing the horn going off, looking over and seeing her head against the wheel. The next thing I know, I'm outta the car sitting next to her on the side of the road in shock. I was wearing PJ pants with deep pockets and thankfully my cellphone was in there. I didn't think to call 911 since my house was right up the hill and my parents were home. I tried to dial my mom with no luck. I was in shock I kept dialing the wrong number. Thankfully the number was disconnected and no one else picked up. Finally I dialed the right number and my mom picked up. All I could say was that we had been in a car accident and I started crying.

My mom and dad drove down to find me sitting on the ground still and my friend was walking off muttering 'I could have killed you' over and over again. My mom checked on me and ran and grabbed my friend. My dad came to me and checked on me. He's an EMT and didn't think we needed to call 911. My friend and I were both in shock, with bruises and cuts but we were okay. My parents drove us back to the house and get cleaned up and try to calm down. My dad went back down to the car to get it checked out. Here's where it gets strange. The doors were so smashed he could not get them open. We have no idea how we got out of the car as neither of us have any memory of it. Yes, the windows were broken but the car was upright and I don't think we crawled out of them. The airbags for some reason did not deploy which might have actually saved us from worse injuries. The weirdest part was still coming up. The car had rolled and was obvious it had landed on its side on the driver's side but somehow bounced back to an upright position afterwards because the car was upright when we got out. I guess with enough momentum it could have done it itself but my dad found something very strange on the car on the driver's side of the car were hand prints, but not normal hand prints. They only had four fingers and were a lot longer than normal hands. Even typing this now I still get the chills and I'm tearing up and I don't even know why.

He was a bit shocked by this and started taking pictures of the hand prints. He came back to the house and told my mom about it and showed us all the pictures which was really strange. I wanted to go look but we were both sore from the accident and still in a bit of shock. We didn't do anything with the car that night. It was evening when the accident happened. Anyway the car was off to the side of the road. The next day my dad towed, more like dragged, the car back to the house. Sure enough, there were hand-prints all on the side – four fingers and they were extra long. There were at least five sets of hand-prints all on the driver's side and one set on the passenger's side.

If that isn't weird enough, when my mom went and got my friend from walking she asked where the man had gone. My mom asked, what man? She gave this description of a tall man with dark hair wearing a weird, old military uniform. She described my grandfather to a T. He had passed away before I was born. She had never seen any pictures of him and never knew he was in the military. It was just never brought up before. She said he walked with her and sat with her. So many weird things happened with that car accident. It could have been so much worse. Thankfully we were both okay and my car was not so much... it was totaled. We never figured out the hand-prints. Yes, we have few neighbors and if they were home there's no way they would not have heard the car but they are also the kind of neighbors would probably not have helped anyway. I wish we still had the pictures I would love to send them to you but they were lost a long time ago when the computer crashed.”

Source: Darkness Radio - November 10, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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