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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What's Being Seen in Loveland?

I recently received the following information from another witness in the Loveland, Ohio:

Finally, and I do mean finally, I have a chance to share my story. I have witnesses that can account to my stark fear the night it happened. Unfortunately they still laugh at me about my claims till this day.

I used to live on Davis Rd. in Loveland, Ohio. I lived in an old cabin with a friend.

I cannot remember the exact date for the life of me. But I do remember it being in December of 2013. It was approximately 10pm at night and it was one of the first snows on a fairly cold almost freezing night. When I first moved in with my friend I no idea about Frogman or Mothman and Popelick Monsters. Sometimes when I was exploring the creek next to the cabin that led to a stones throw distance to the Little Miami River, I found carefully stacked towers of stones in the creek. I felt it was very strange and had a leery feeling about them. It seemed like something a witch was doing for ceremonial purposes. Although I wasn't exactly 100% sure I usually slept it off as something the neighbor kids were doing. But what was even odder and scarier is the very next day I noticed the stacks of rocks would change and move to different spots. Sometimes there were more of them in certain areas. A part of my mind passed that notion off as seismic actions in the ground and flow of water in the creek. Very peculiar, yet feeling like I was always being watched. I felt special, and afraid at the same time. It was one of those things I always hastened to mention until now. And till this day can show someone where it is.

I moved in late Summer and nights came with the sound of screeching, hissing and growling animals way in the distance at first. Here's where it starts to get scary. It seriously felt like whatever animal that was fighting or in pain was knowing I heard it from a vast distance. I would purposely summon the anguished screeches sometimes. And as the Summer turned to Fall the screeching came closer and closer. Huffs, hisses and seemed to puff air and growled. Thus phenomena was so similar to a raccoon in a fight that it was very easy for me to pass it off as just that, a fighting raccoon or a raccoon fighting with a cat.

But again something was different and that feeling of empowerment came with it. It got to a point I felt like I had the power to sort of "call it out". As Fall approached Winter the crying raccoon, or almost like a deer warning call came, and seemed to meander around the forest that surrounded the cabin we lived at. I never really believed in ghost and ghouls so I'd pass it off as my mind playing tricks on me with the sound of the waves in the current of the Little Miami River.

Then as the leaves were almost all gone there was the first snow fall that year. I was on the back patio of the cabin when the screeching animal sound was at the hillside directly behind our cabin in the backyard. At first I was excited, finally I could confirm the two red glowing eyes were a creature hunting and attacking a raccoon. Then the eyes looked directly at me. I thought to myself "no way is it looking at me..." But it was. It was a black dark mass. I spoke in a whisper and "dared it to come at me.." I was completely taken back and petrified when out if nowhere one of the eyes lifted up really high and the other eye joined up to it. This black massive object or thing seemed to be very curious at me and started tracing the hillside headed towards my way. It started a vertical path about 300 yards away. I even remember saying "no way is it really coming my way". But I knew it was. It got louder...it was big and thumped in the rough and got quicker and quicker. I challenged whatever this creature was and stood my ground until it was literally only a few dozen yards trampling towards me. And when it thumped closer it got fast and seemed monstrous and huge. Yes I turned and ran in excited fear for my life. So much fear I jumped over my friend's motorcycle and ran into the house slamming the door behind me. I ran inside and bolted upstairs charging into my friend's room upstairs where they were all playing video games and acting like nothing was happening. My one friend Jim went to the window laughing at me and said yes, there seemed to be a gust of escaped steam in the cold of the Winter night shining against the bright of the back porch security light.

My friends joke at me till this day. They say Frogman says 'Hi,' Said it was Froglady in love with me. I know what I saw. I am not crazy. I hate it that nobody else was with me. And I'll never summon that beast ever again. Jack T.

NOTE: For approximately 5 years, I have received additional sightings from the Loveland, Ohio area - http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2015/04/what-are-people-seeing-in-loveland-ohio.html

These areas in and around the Ohio River Valley have also been subjected to many sightings of Mothman-like creatures. Here are a few of the personal accounts from southern Ohio that were forwarded to me:

Here is a report from Sciotodale, Ohio:

Coming back from the grocery store 12:40am 3/10, me and Veronica got out of the van and were walking to the house.

I looked up in the sky and some movement caught my eye. I pointed to the object and Veronica acknowledge it, and tracked it's movement with me.

We could not make out any details. What we could make out was a wide wing span. There was no movement, no sound. I estimate it was moving approx. 20+ mph. It appeared to be flying about approx 20 ft taller than the tallest treetops - so I'm guessing about 80 ft high. It appeared to me to have a tan color. We followed it over our house, across the road, and then it disappeared in the darkness going a NE direction. I would guess the bulk of the wing span was at least 12/15 ft wide, and possibly much wider given the rough estimate of the height. It appeared that we were only seeing the very bottom of the wing, and there may have been areas on the object that were not visible in the darkness.

After it was gone, I was trying to pull all the information together and form some sort of idea of what it was. At first I thought of the possibility of a UFO/flying saucer etc... but after I thought about it a little bit, it gave me somewhat an impression of being "organic" - if this was a flying creature, it was completely gliding - no wing motion.

So what was it? Never saw anything like that. In the last couple of years I have become a big fan of large birds in the area - Turkey Buzzards, Hawks, occasional Eagles, Owls, etc. It did not travel like an of these birds, and not like a bat either.

These encounters occurred near Middletown, Ohio:

Middletown, Ohio: It was about 8:00 pm and I was driving home after dropping a friend off at her house. I came to an intersection, a red light, and stopped. Nothing out of the normal, just a regular night. The roads were fairly deserted. While waiting for the light to change I saw something that looked like the back end of a deer as it quickly crossed the street. I didn't think much of it except for the fact that when I drive through there I have to be careful because deer apparently like to jump in front of cars. That stretch of road is only a couple hundred feet posted at 40 mph. I slowed to about 30-35 mph to watch and look at the deer.

When I looked to see if the deer was still there I witnessed something quite a bit different. This massive thing was standing back a ways but it was clearly visible. The yard it was standing in has a huge white shed with a light attached to the front though, this didn't help because it cast a big shadow. The figure stood on the ground but its height reached to about the top of the doors to the shed. It had two curved like masses coming from the sides. But the most obvious feature were the deep red, glowing eyes coming from the center of the black mass. It was something I couldn't stop looking at. I continued to drive but all the way home I felt I was being followed. - Liz

A followup from Liz:

Well, both my friend and I live close Middletown, OH. There was another encounter I had shortly after I had sent the email and I kept forgetting that I hadn't sent it. I had walked out of my room to wash my face, try and calm myself down, etc. and my brother's room is directly across the hall from mine. I looked straight ahead and it was looking right through the window of his room (that's the picture I had sent). I stared at it for awhile, feeling kind of cold and then feeling really scared and I finally pulled my eyes away and went about my business. When I came out of my bathroom, I didn't look in the direction of his room. My friend reported that what she saw had more oblique-shaped eyes and looked kind of 'angry' (I wasn't too sure about that hypothesis), while mine had large, round eyes and seemed kind of curious or something.

Sorry I didn't include that in the original message; like I said, this happened after I sent the email and I keep assuming I had included it when I hadn't. Other than the weird sightings, there wasn't any strange activity I can recall.

I received a following email from another witness near Middletown, Ohio:

I'd like to share an experience my friend and I have unfortunately been dragged into. At approximately 10:30 PM tonight, I received an instant message from my friend about a rather disturbing encounter she had. She had reported she saw the Mothman. I sent her several messages back, asking if she was alright, if she was there, etc. She eventually sent me a text message with a picture that she drew of the creature attached. By this point, I was literally getting sick and trembling due to anxiety and fright. We began talking about it and I noticed a tapping at my window; a very light kind of sound. My dogs both jerked their heads upward and stared at the window for a long time. Being in the state I was in, I refused to look.

For awhile, the tapping stopped...she and I continued to discuss the matter at hand. Suddenly, the tapping began again, but this time the dogs ignored it and so did I. About four or five minutes later, I fought the urge to stare at my computer monitor and looked at my window. My blinds were closed, but I could faintly see something red and glowing, like taillights that had somehow made their way into the neighbor's backyard. I quickly looked away, not wanting to see it anymore. I looked again a couple minutes later, unnerved to see the red glow was still there. Again, I looked away and continued discussing this with my friend. Finally, I turned my head one final time and saw that the glow no longer remained.

As I'm typing this email, I'm really worried, as the tapping has begun again and I'm really too afraid to move from this position. Above this, I've included my friend's side of the story, and, should you post this, we would certainly appreciate if you could put them both into one piece. We'd discussed calling the police, but she didn't want to make a big deal about it. Her parents brushed it off and I have yet to tell anyone in my house about this.

I'm not sure what this was; a frightening delusion or a real situation, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to face the facts and find out. Allie

Another encounter in Portland, Ohio:

I guess I'll just jump into this story that I've only revealed to a few people. My extended family mostly live along old River Road (Rt 124) in Portland, OH. I practically grew up there and spent entire summers there as a youth. It was and remains a special place for me as I loved exploring the areas.

My aunt and uncle live on a hill over looking the Ohio River and we have fished that area forever. I take groups of buddies every summer and we camp on their lower land and spend the night fishing. Some of us just go for the drinking and fun. There are all sorts of little gravel roads around that area and I know them all.

One evening, two friends and I decided to go walking. One of my friends hadn't had anything to drink but he chose to come along. We were just being loud and laughing since we were litterally in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly I caught a light out the corner of my eye and off in the distance was what looked like a house with every light on. I was totally confused and my friends had no idea what I was talking about because it's just a house. There is no house there. As we were walking closer to the "house" something appeared 20 feet in front of us. We only looked at it for a moment before we all turned and ran full blast back to the campsite. In the light of day, I drove down the gravel road we were on and there was no house anywhere in sight as I already knew.

Some months later, a different friend brought a Mothman movie (The Mothman Prophecies) to my house to watch. Surprisingly, I had never heard of the Mothman. I was almost panic stricken knowing this was the thing I saw. I immediately called my friend who was with me and told him to go rent that movie. He eventually called me back almost in hysterics after watching that movie. This happened almost 8 years ago and I still think about it at least once a day. I've never shared this account with anyone on-line and I'll assure you this really did happen.

More recently, a sighting near New Miami, Ohio:

On Monday May 9th, 2011 around 5:45am, I was on my way to work headed north bound in to the village of New Miami on Seven Mile Avenue. I left the traffic light at the southern most edge of town in to a dark stretch of road when a large flying creature swooped in over my car and snatched up a small animal in the road ahead of me at the edge of my head lights. As a construction worker, I feel I can judge the size of objects fairly well. This creature had a wing span of at least 12 feet and was jet black. It completely blocked the view out of my windshield and then some and moved at a very high rate of speed. I was traveling between 35-40MPH. It had to have been traveling at around 70-80MPH. Like I stated before is swooped down grabbed the animal and was gone over the trees very quickly. I've researched large predator birds and raptors indigenous to Ohio and there are none that fit the description of what I saw. If you have any other questions about my experience please feel free to email me back. Tex

NOTE: If you have an unusual sighting or encounter, please feel free to forward to lonstrickler@phantomsandmonsters.com. I'd really like other encounter account from the Ohio River Valley...from Pittsburgh to the Mississippi River. Thanks...Lon

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