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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Witness Observes 'Phantom' Airliner

I recently received the following email, referencing an account the witness had read in one of my books:

Dear Mr. Strickler,

I just read about a man who saw a phantom airplane in your book Phantoms & Monsters: Bizarre Encounters I, too, have seen a phantom plane. This is what happened.

The sighting occurred some time in the spring or summer of 2003, 2004, or 2005. I had just retired on Dec. 31, 2002 and early in 2003. I became a volunteer with the Leon County, FL Red Cross. The agency had just received a federal/state grant to test the preparedness of surrounding counties for any terrorist attacks. The Red Cross personnel and the volunteers (a total of 10 to 20 people each time) would ride in a rented Greyhound bus to whatever county we were testing. We would leave Leon County about 8 am.

This particular morning we were headed east along I-10. I was sitting alone slightly back of the middle of the bus on the right (southern) side by the window. I wasn’t reading or listening to anything, nor talking with anyone. Somewhere in eastern Jefferson County or western Madison County, I noticed an airplane overtaking the bus from behind on my side. It was a big jet airliner. I don’t recall any markings on it however. As I watched, the plane slowly was descending as if it were landing. There are NO airports in that location that could handle a plane that size. The plane was behind trees, but there was no underbrush and I could see the plane clearly. I was expecting it to crash. By then the bus was past the plane. I looked back and saw nothing to indicate a crash nor did I hear anything and that plane was close enough to hear an explosion if it had happened. I looked at the other people and no one seemed to have seen anything as they were reading, talking with each other or otherwise occupied. I told no one on the bus what I’d seen. That night I did tell my husband about it and watched the news to see if a plane did crash in that area. My husband had little to anything to say. I guess he didn’t want to offend me by saying he thought I was hallucinating.

Thank you for reading this. JC

I believe this is the account the witness was referring to:

Vanishing Airliner

Regarding the missing Flight 370, I have a story that I’ve never told anyone before because quite frankly, I couldn’t believe my eyes and it left me thinking I’d gone momentarily nuts. However, I’m quite intuitive and so I’m very familiar with that odd sensation, going back some fifty years as a child. I’ve gotten so used to it, very little freaks me out anymore.

Anyway, I was working in the Raleigh/Durham North Carolina area, and I went out back of the building to take a break like I usually do around 4 PM, facing North under a partly cloudy sky. The exact date escapes me but I distinctly remember that it was either the day before or the exact date of the start of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, so it was around August 27, 2012.

So, I’m looking up at the sky at an approximate 45° angle when I noticed a brownish colored airliner with two engines on both wings (I could clearly see that level of detail against a blue sky) at a normal cruising altitude, approaching from NNE to SSW. It was on a path that I was guessing could have potentially been from the New York area towards Western Florida, and I jokingly told myself (a psychic impression?) that it was on its way to the RNC. Anyway, it was approaching a smallish elongated cloud, kind of cigar-shaped and parallel to the horizon (not a chemtrail), about the width of a finger or two when held up at arms length. So, I thought it would be cool to watch it as it either flew through this small cloud or over it, which should have only taken a few seconds, and it never came out!

I mean, I scanned that area of the sky for a solid five minutes and all around that cloud, I never saw that airliner again. There was no mention of any missing plane on the news that night, so I buried what I saw - or what I really thought I’d seen - until this past week. And, I’m now intuiting that someone (or some “thing”) has done humanity a great service in both cases, by abducting an entire airliner (full of who-knows-who or what?) both times. Or..I’d rather not entertain the thought of the opposite.

Call me nuts, I simply don’t care - P

NOTE: I can recall at least one other incident reported to me several years ago, where the witness thought they observed an airliner landing on a freeway near LAX. One can't help but think about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and other aircraft & ships reported missing in 'hot zones', ex. The Bermuda Triangle. Is this an example of a time slip or possible convergence with an alternate reality? Welcome to the multiverse...Lon

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