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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

'Santa said the presents are here!'

No date given – Vallejo, California

The caller never got his name out but he did tell a bizarre story that involved not only an apparent time slip event but an encounter with Santa Claus.

“When I was about seven or eight, I heard somebody singing Christmas carols. It was Christmas Eve. He was singing Christmas carols rather badly so I got up, looked out the window and down on the street... I looked down and the road was dark and I knew it was paved and the cement wall was missing. I thought, that's weird. And here comes this guy stumbling down the street in a Santa suit. He stumbles up the hill, like walking through where the rock wall was. He's stumbling along and there's this old well that's still there to this day and he falls down the well. And me, seven or eight years old, I go 'Santa fell down the well! Santa fell down the well!' So I run outside, down the stairs. I was in an two story that was old, even when Vallejo was new. So, I looked out and the well was still built, just like it was the day before. The road is paved and the rock wall is there. Well, I go, maybe I just dreamt it or something. Now, I said, okay, that's fine. Go back upstairs and go to bed and, you know, at about about 4 o'clock in the morning on Christmas day, I wake up and here's this thing floating over my bed. It's the guy, in the Santa suit, floating over my bed. And he goes, 'Your! presents are here.' And, as a seven or eight year old kid, I go, 'Presents?' I go, 'That's great!' I roll over get my brother and I wake him up. I go, 'Santa said the presents are here! Santa said the presents are here!' So we run downstairs and all the presents are there. And I go, 'The presents are here! The presents are here!' And we wake up our parents and we're screaming and hollering about the presents. My dad comes out and he says, 'What are you kids doing, it's 4 o'clock in the morning?' I go, 'Santa said the presents are here! Santa said the presents are here!' And he looks down at the floor and there's three extra presents that he doesn't know where they came from. My dad tells me to open the one marked for me and it's an old wooden, like, hand-made train.”

Source: Coast To Coast – October 31, 2010

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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