Friday, October 21, 2016

48 Hours in 'Lycan Land'

The following information is an update that references the ongoing northern Minnesota investigation conducted by JC Johnson and the Crypto Four Corners International team:

By Jane Maya Rodriguez - "Hey...wanna learn a spell about gravity? Come here, lemme teach you."

These were the words that Ron Shaw said his long-time residents in the woods said to him, in a sort of honed direct-to-the-mind speak one day. These long term residents (his grandparents also encountered them) happen to be upright walking canids. Did I mention that yet? This type of communication is the upright walking canids' Modus Operandi, as author and investigator Linda Godfrey has said again and again. She's interviewed hundreds of witnesses and people who've had close encounters with them, and it adds to the mystery of these creatures. They obviously do not have the facial structure to form english human words, and since so much about these creatures bleeds the line between physical flesh & blood and incorporeal "paranormal or interdimensional" spirit-world. She's my friend and sometimes in field research partner too, and I asked her about these mind-to-mind communications for this article and here's what she said:

"People who encounter the upright canines very often report that they felt the creatures were sending some sort of message. The messages are not in the words of human speech, most say, but get a general point across to the witness. Most are interpreted as a sort of warning. Examples I've heard from witnesses include: "I could jump on your car if I wanted," and "If you tell anyone, I'll get you." I think this implies that they are not only secretive about their presence but rather territorial about their hunting grounds. And sometimes people say that the dogman just exuded a sense that it felt superior, as it stared with a sneering expression at them." - Linda Godfrey 9/28/2016

The lycans Ron’s grandparents encountered in Northern Minnesota occurred shortly after they bought the property and started trapping for the DNR. This was after the war ended (WW2). Today, Ron encounters what he believes are the grandchildren of the progenitors of yore his grandparents dealt with. All the brief history can be found in our earlier articles and videos at Crypto Four Corners International: Northwood Lycans & Northwoods Lycans It's an ongoing mystery that is reinforced on an almost daily basis with some sort of odd sighting on the property.

Now, to detail my experience as it happened with JC Johnson, JD Johnson (JC’s son) and Ron and the couple other men who were with us. When we first arrived, while driving on the long access road, the September day was unusually warm for the season and I noticed that everything looked still very green and leafy from the Summer. There was a point while driving with JC that I felt an odd sensation that I can only explain as the mood of the atmosphere changed. The ambient energy of the atmosphere shifted and it was a classic eerie feeling.

When we pulled into Ron's long driveway, with JD pulled up right behind us. We all got out of our two vehicles and chatted about the terrain. And all three of us said at the same time..."did you feel that while driving in?"

Ron comes out to greet us and my first impression was "Wow he's huge!" He is a gentle giant however. He greeted us all cheerfully and I hugged him and thanked him for having us. Straight away we got into the reason we came and he pointed out that the alpha lycan female hasn't been around lately. Ron endowed the alpha female with the name Allura, and for the sake of "keeping it real", telling it how it is and how it goes on to this day, I'll refer to this upright walking canid by her name. He said in so many words that he had seen neither hide nor hair of her and wondered what could be up. Regardless, we all had a feeling of excitement for what the coming days would bring for our research. JC, being my mentor and dear friend had earlier in the week given me extensive firearms training which allowed me to get my permit to carry license. For the past year, JC has been coming to Ron's and experiencing first hand the multitudinous cryptid activity.

Ron and JC's mutual friend Bryce had arrived to Ron's sometime earlier before we got there and JD and I made introductions with him as well. We all chatted about guns and shooting and got to know one another while making a plan for the day and evening.
As the night replaced daylight we stood outside and noticed the light of the nearly full harvest moon. JD was excited to use his night vision goggles. He jokingly remarked that it never ceases to amaze people after they had a few beers. He said their reaction to the vision is always so dramatic. When I took a look through them after night completely fell around us, I could see why (we were all sober btw). The whole landscape did indeed light up day-glo green completely illuminating the dark landscape. You'll be able to see for yourself on the footage we took.

So, as soon as it was fully dark, JC immediately said "I'm going to go out there a few hundred yards to the right of the house and introduce ourselves to the furry folk who are around here, because they are here." He looked at Bryce and Bryce eagerly accepted the invitation to accompany him and was given the flashlight. JD had the night vision goggles, and had been experimenting with rolling film through the goggles. Clever huh? JD was looking over his shoulder to see through the night vision and Ron standing to our left as we watched the two men walk the path that led to a small clearing.

JC did his thing. He whooped and said HI and just 'did his thing.' JD and I could see the clearing where the men were calling into, when all of a sudden JD and I saw a humanoid creature, about 8-9 feet tall, standing behind a little pine tree that was no more than a foot taller than he was. I didn't see it walk up to the point it was standing (Ron saw something big and black-moving fast), but there it was. It peering over the pine branches, looking at JC and Bryce with what looked like curiosity. JD shouted "JC you've got someone to your right!" Then Bryce shone the flashlight at the Sasquatch. That's when we saw the Bigfoot change his position from our view from profile to it' full backside. He had huge shoulders that connected to his head, with heavy trapezoid musculature. In other words, he didn't have much of a neck.

What felt like 15 minutes of just rapt awe, while looking at the timid seeming creature, military combat veteran JD, noticed other movement approaching from the right and felt that it was time to call JC and Bryce. He called them in, and they maneuvered back. We all excitedly went over the events that just occurred. I think the phrase "did you see that ?!" must have been repeated at least a couple hundred times by us that night.

The adrenaline was running high, and the night completely set in with the nearly full moon in place. JD and I looked at each other and decided to do a night time reconnaissance of what we had looked at today, to hopefully catch some good footage. JD and I did conduct a day time recon around 4 pm and I had a video camera gifted to me from my mentor and friend JC. I had recorded JD talking about his experience a year prior. He took me to where he had seen footprints the previous year, as well as some structure in the forest that looked manipulated by something with hands...a place we called the OP for observation point. Obviously I don't have to tell you that JD's experience fighting in a war had come into major play here. He showed me these trails that led to a bluff that overlooked Ron's house and a neighbor's house. This area had been matted down. The tall grass that was flattened in this area...approximately 8'x 10' in size. We had also found large canine footprints in that area as well. We did indeed go into the forest, where the structures are in place. These are not made by Bigfoot mind you...these were constructed by Dogmen (the sightings, the footprints, the OP and structures all corroborate).

Click Here For Video - 48 Hours

Searching through the forest for this unusual structure, perhaps a 'lair' or 'hangout spot' as JD put it, was only the beginning of the terror. Several times while we were in the thick woods, it would fall as silent as a tomb. As if every cricket, bird and all animal noises had suddenly been sucked into a vacuum. If you're ever in the woods, and it's a normal active warm pre-autumn day and the sun is shining and all of a sudden it goes DEAD SILENT, it's a terrifying experience. This is when he would whisper to me "Jane, take a knee" and we would silently crouch to take in our surroundings and listen for movement. We would stay crouched until the noises of the woods returned.

This happened 5-6 times. Each time I could feel my heartbeat in my throat. Each time, I was bordering on full scale panic. JD taught me though. He taught me to get a hold of myself and fight my fear. He told me things...the things that only a man who had stared the unspeakable in the eye, and then lived to talk about it.

When we came back from our daytime recon, we were bristling with excitement. "This is real," I marveled to myself. "I'm finally getting a hands on and real living color experience with what has been going on at Ron's." I believed all that JC and Ron had told me. But as you the reader knows, hearing about something and experiencing it are two different animals all together. When we got back to Ron's I remember bringing the camera inside on the table...safely tucked in my TAC vest after it had run out of battery while JD and I were doing recon. So happy with the footage we captured, I gleefully set it down on the central table in Ron's house and poured myself a tall glass of water.

I’d never see that camera again.

Embarrassed that I had lost my camera that I had just been gifted to me by my good friend and mentor JC, but knowing also that I set the thing down inside, I didn't want to mention it to anyone for a little while because I hoped that it would turn up. But as the day wore on and the thing was nowhere to be found, I finally asked the guys "have you seen my brand new video recorder anywhere? I swear I put it on the table and now it's gone."

JC looked at me and said "Jane have I ever told you about my pair of glasses that I lost out in the woods here? Six months go by, until one day Ron comes home from work to find them setting on the table, plain as day."

These are just little tidbits, small examples of the many things that happen all the time in 'Boogeyman Land' as JC calls it (but especially when we get together, which is a whole other article idea, but nonetheless seems to be true). JC seems to attract the attention of cryptids (as I mentioned in the Minnesota Lycans video).

So, after we see the Bigfoot, and night completely washes over us JD and I look at each other and say "let's go back out into the woods". He grabbed an M4, and I had the pistol.. a .40 cal JC lent me to carry on Ron's property holstered. You don't really want to go out there unarmed. Yeah, I know I just wrote about how terrifying it was. But you can't be an explorer, and you can't find and capture info, if you don't go where the action is....right? This is the time where I know my Apache genes are going into overdrive, and I’m literally being driven by my instinct to confront this lurking fear.

We start driving back to the aeas we were before, and instantly activity started to happen. The full harvest moon was lighting up the forest as our eyes adjusted to the night. JD brought along the night vision goggles so we could drive without headlights. We wanted to cut through parts of the thick forest, using these ATV type trails that we had gone through four hours prior. The day had started out clear and sunny...ending clearr with no clouds in sight. When we wanted to take a trail we had just taken four hours before. But then we saw that the trail was at least 4-6 inches of water. How did this happen? There were no hills from which the water could flow onto this trail?

I started to get real scared, asking JD to turn on his headlights. He urged me to be brave and to maintain the course as he looked through the goggles. "This is what you came for Jane." As we were driving along one of the main access trails to the woods, the moon was hanging, pouring light on this open alley of green grass between a grove of trees. In the middle of the tall poplars, I saw a large, wide canine head attached to a tall upright body, with ears that were very straight and perky. Not being able to reconcile what I just saw with any creature I've ever seen, it scared me badly. I couldn't bring myself to look down at the body. It was too much for me. I looked away after looking at it for 5-8 seconds. "JD get us the hell out of here please!" He answered "Jane we are not in any clear mortal danger...let's keep going." It was right around then we heard a loud BANG on the back bumper. At this point I start praying to Jesus out loud, and JD said he could hear something running along with the car and breathing heavily.

Some time after that initial bang on the bumper, we come to the OP point we saw earlier during the day. The same OP point he saw a year to the day ago. He is coaxing me to come out, despite what I just saw, saying that he wouldn't have me get out of the car if it we were in clear mortal danger. I just agreed, "ok, fine. Yes you're right let's go" Then he shone his new flashlight out the window and it immediately flashed out, dead. "Ok, that's not good," he said. We look at each other and that's when we heard another loud BANG. He depresses his foot on the gas pedal, and nothing happens, he taps it again. Nothing. The grass was bone dry and it was like in my mind the electrical systems were failing. It was then he said "Something was lifting up the back of the jeep!" He presses his foot down...thank God it worked and we drove off. Praying with my heart practically beating out of my chest, he continues to drive along with the headlights off and using the goggles. He gets this look on his face, the blood drained from it, but keeping cool he flips on the lights and says, "it's time to get out of here now."

I didn't want to know what he saw. With everything that happened, my brain couldn't handle anything else without going into full-fledged panic. Praying our way out of there, while driving towards Ron's house, we then see JC's jeep. He said we were gone for a while and he got concerned. I was extremely shaken and I ran inside the house not knowing what to do with myself. It would take a couple hours for me to calm down. JD and I started to tell JC what happened. That would just be the beginning of our week at the Northern Minnesota 'Lycan Land.'

JC forwarded a summary written by a Lakota man who spent a week at Ron Shaw's property after the group left:

I am a friend of JC Johnson, am American Indian (Lakota and Metis) and visited the site in question. I was raised traditionally, was trained as a medicine person (via both the Lakota and Metis elders) and am able to communicate with the Tunkashila beings (aka angelic spirits) of my peoples. However, I am not a Wicasa Wakan (holy man/medicine man). I spent one week at the location and excluding a brief tour of the site, did not engage in field work in the woods. During that time I personally experienced the following:

•On the first day, the property owner and I took a tour of the general area. We were walking up a trail in a wooded location several miles from his home when we came across tracks of an animal that was quite large. The gait between tracks was about three feet. The tracks were fresh and had not been there just a few moments before when we first walked this portion of the trail. They appeared to belong to a three toed animal with splayed digits. There was a large pad behind the toes and oddly in the rear (where a heel should have been) was a elongated semi-oval indention. In one of the tracks, a piece of grass had been jammed and folded into the mud by a large toe nail. I personally removed the grass blade myself. The owner said these were tracks of the wolf-man entities being encountered on the property and that he thought the oval indention where the heel should have been was made by the unique construction of their foot/legs called digitigrade. He surmised that the creature had been crouching and was maybe 8 feet tall. This happened during daylight hours. He said he thought that the creature must have been watching us from the forest and then crossed our trail after we passed him.

•On the second night. I was practicing ceremonial songs alone in the house while the owner was at work. At around 10pm, exactly as I finished the last song, I heard something suddenly begin to heavily scratch on the kitchen window. This window is about 9 feet off the ground and there are no tree nearby. The owner's dog lying beside me heard it as well and immediately lifted its head in that direction. About 15 minutes before, the owner's other dog had also begun growling inexplicably at something while lying in the back room. That same dog then came out to kitchen area right after the scratching event, stared intently at the kitchen window and began growling.

•On the fourth night (again while alone at around 11pm) something threw an unknown object against the outside wall of the house. I was on the other side in the living room.

While on site, the spirits of my people came to me via several visions and also directly, informing me that a shape-shifter cult of Ojibwa people, lead by a woman and based on the Red Lake Ojibwa Reservation, was responsible for this activity. They further informed me that this cult took the form of large bipedal wolf-men creatures that had the capacity to take on the appearance of other forms/animals to mask their appearance while as wolf-men people. In addition they told me that no one would be able to film them with video cameras (ie moving film) because of this ability. Finally, they said that this cult should be stopped because what they are doing is evil.

Using this information, I began to do some research and discovered the following. (Source links are provided.) In 1952, and Anthropological study was published about the Red Lake Reservation in which it was shared that some persons in the the town of Ponemah were suspected by other tribal members of engaging in bad medicine (aka dark witchcraft). [Changes in Ojibwa Social Control, by Paula Brown. Pg 65].

In 1997, a student named Michael Angle (working towards a doctorate in Philosophy at the University of Manitoba) wrote a thesis (citing several anthropologists/scholars) in which he stated, “Creatures with great power...and individual Anishanaabe [aka Ojibwa] who received power from a powerful manitou [spirits], are believed to have the power to change the outward manifestation of their bodily shape while retaining their essential being.” [Discordant Voices, Conflicting Visions: Ojibwa and Euro-American Perspectives on the Midewiwin, by Michael R. Angle. pg. 45.] He goes on to note on the same page, a connection between a manifestation of this type of activity/tradition (shape-shifting into a bear by evil shamans) with the Metis shape-shifting tradition of the Rugarou, also known as the Loup-Garrou.

Incidentally both Metis and Ojibwa were settled on the Red Lake Reservation, presently comprising the membership of that tribe.

Lastly in 2014, an anonymous source from the Red Lake Reservation stated on an internet forum, “...THIS again. American Indian skinwalkers are medicine men with the deep spirituality of their tribal religion who are shapeshifters. I should know, I'm an American Indian from Red Lake reservation, I seen this [explicative] done before, I seen a man go into a midiwiwin (Medicine lodge) and a bird come out, with the man nowhere in sight.”

These three references in hand, lend credibility to what the spirits told me. A shape-shifting cult with Ojibwa roots is functioning on the Red Lake Reservation. The anonymous eyewitness cited above, implies that this is done through the power of good. However, in Lakota tradition (at least among those who instructed me) it was implied that all shape-shifting can only be achieved through petitioning evil spirits (demons) to attain such an ability. In doing so, one commits a great evil.

In conclusion it is my firm belief that a shape-shifting cult is most definitely operating on the Red Lake Reservation and on the property in question. This cult is evil in nature, headed by a woman and should be stopped. Please send up your prayers to God requesting that this happen and also share this information with any Ojibwas from Red Lake that you may know. Exposing this evil witchcraft plays a large role in ending it. Thank-you. I am using the pen name Lakota Joe to protect myself from retaliation via witchcraft which often happens to persons either still in training or who might one day become good medicine people. Such acts are intended to kill us before we mature, thus forever negating our ability to combat the evil of bad medicine practitioners.

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High Strangeness & Black Helicopters

Kentucky: First off, it's hard for me to summarize this stuff. My family and I don't have just an event to explain. Strange things have happened for years, so long it isn't uncommon to see something not star like in the night sky. I'd imagine the things unexplained probably correlate to one source, and possibly by explaining myself to people with the right knowledge base I can figure out more information on this issue for my whole family so here's my attempt.

When I was around 7 the first strange thing took place. I was about to lay down for bed. When I laid back, I closed my eyes, but immediately after was bombarded with any memory I've ever had in a third person perspective. The strangest part on this was the speed of the memories flying by my mind's eye and the memories that would be randomly stopped on, as if everything that had ever happened to me was viewed in a flipbook. When I opened my eyes out of the fear of knowing what was going through my mind wasn't what I was truly thinking, I saw the most beautifully white light. Words can't do justice to the brilliance. A silhouette arose from the vastness of white towards me. I tried to rationalize it as a family member being 7 & clueless, but it emerged what looked to be a woman, tall & slender, in a floor-length white gown, and the most compassionate eyes. Eyes kinder than any I've ever seen a human have, true compassion was in them. I immediately feared that was the white light from what church had told me I'd see before death, and being 7, I was not ready so I closed my eyes tight and opened them back up. Everything shot into a tiny ball of light when I reopened them and shot away. I could explain strange things about radio frequency being audible after that, but for lack of wanting to type, we'll slide past that.

For years, until I was 15, I can't recall anything strange. I lived in the woods, but we moved when I was 15 to live with my aunt for a couple months. That's when we started seeing what we refer to as 'nonstar' now.

One night I was lying in bed and felt that sensation of someone looking at you in the same room, but from the up above. You habitually look towards the energy when someone directs it at you so I looked up and saw what was looking I guess, a red, green, yellow, and blue light hovering outside my window. Weird, but I didn't want to admit that I saw it so I kept it to myself for the first couple weeks. Until I had a pretty good idea to when I could get my mother and aunt to see what I was talking about. It would appear around 10 every night and so I felt confident sharing. We watched it with binoculars and decided to call it a weather balloon after a week or so, so it wasn't abnormal to have outside and go on with life.

From then to around a year ago I would have times when I'd see it, but when it's not daily, it doesn't seem as significant to me, but it's getting stranger now.

Around a year ago, I saw a beautiful blue asteroid fall behind my great-grandmother's house across the road from my driveway while coming home one night. I kept looking up when I turned mostly because I wanted to keep my eyes ready to see another of whatever I just saw. When I turned though, I made eye contact with the same thing that was outside my window every night for months, that I was aware of, when I was 15. I woke up my mother to show her, but she said it's been there every night for about a week now. If it was going to hurt us, it would already, go to bed.

I did, but the next night I got her and my sister involved in watching it. We watched it for around 30 minutes out of our kitchen window. It hovered, figure-eighted, floated down and up gracefully while changing its lights. I got my sister's telescope and saw the bottom which looks like a strip of lights going really fast. As we were watching, a pack of coyotes came to our back yard and started howling. At that moment, a bright blue shot out of the bottom for around a two second time, strange. I'm trying to figure out what it is, and in the process read a few things. It sounds like the people in 1976 in Tehran saw a similar object. It pulsates lights quickly, in different patterns. It can have four smaller ones in a diamond shape that appear to do different light patterns around it. What troubles my sister and me most from it is the heaviness that you feel on the top of your head when it's out and the strangest vibration sound that is heard through the house when it's there.

I'm from a small town, you don't declare you are seeing things in the sky in a place like I grew up so we're really in the dark about what this is and it's still affecting us so any information about what that is would be amazing! I know how it sounds, but I really am doing this as a last resort for answers. We've also started seeing a low to the ground yellow orb that looks more like the white light I saw as a little girl when it's higher in the sky. That started last week. Within the week I've seen it with others twice. It moves about, the one we see routinely hovers until mornings. Then it either slowly flies away or dims until its gone.

Now I also saw I could click that black helicopters have been sighted and they honestly have given me the worst experience out of my family's unexplained files as I like to call them. We see them fly over routinely, and that doesn't bother me until they start doing things that I can't believe is by policy.

My sister and I were sitting in our living room watching something on Netflix. Then Boom! It sounded like a bomb, one second, the rumble started. It came closer and closer until it hit the glass of the front house windows. There was a strong, violating vibration that shook every organ of my body, saw it shake the ground, my sister, and hit the back of the house windows. We jump up and hold one another. We both, from what we just felt, thought we must've just been attacked by an enemy of our country. Then here comes the black helicopters. There were at least 8 of the regular black helicopters and then a black double winged helicopter in the middle. Immediately after seeing that coming towards the house, I ran towards the back door so they could watch me watch them doing whatever they were doing because it upset me. My sister came too with her phone out and got a great picture of the big one in the middle's back hatch open. I don't have the file to send now, but can if you'd like to see. We went in to look up what had shaken through us on her computer, with three fire walls. We find what it was, spot on with our picture. Her computer goes black. She immediately started getting expressive because of what had happened. She explained that her computer was hacked and wiped. When it reloaded it loaded to the sites she used the day prior. If violating us with a vibrational frequency or whatever it was wasn't enough, violating computer usage too. That's awful. We got back to the site though and found out what it was. A new model of the line of unmarked helicopters from ft.Campbell that is to be used in military services in battle scenarios. We read the hatch would only be open during battle scenarios so why did we feel and see what we did? If you have any information, any idea as to what happened, especially about the helicopters antics, I'd be forever grateful. I don't like the idea of this happening to my family again without knowing what it is. Thanks for reading a brief summary on the strange happenings I am tired of knowing nothing about! Please let me know what you think is happening if you are educated on these topics! - MUFON CMS


Exorcist priest and soldier arrested for sex abuse in Italy

A Sicilian priest and a soldier have been arrested for sexual abuse, which they carried out under the guise of spiritual 'healing', local media reported on Friday.

The pair, both based in Palermo, used the pretext of liberating victims from demonic possession in order to abuse women and children. The two were named by media as Salvatore Anello, 59, who belonged to the Capuchin order, and Salvatore Muratore, 52, who worked for the Italian army in Palermo.

The men reportedly convinced victims that they were possessed by evil spirits, before carrying out a 'healing prayer' in their homes which involved "repeatedly touching their genitals", Palermo Today reported.

Anello was arrested at dawn on Friday morning and is being held in police custody, following a six-month long investigation into Muratore, who was a member of a local prayer group, and claimed to be able to perform exorcism.

Muratore is thought to have abused at least four women and one girl, while the priest is charged with abusing two women and three minors.

According to La Stampa, prosecutor Giorgia Righi said Muratore "took advantage of victims in a state of psychological fragility", and justified his groping by saying he was freeing the 'demon of lust'.

The army said Muratore would be suspended immediately and that it would co-operate fully with investigations. - Exorcist priest and soldier arrested for sex abuse in Italy


Michigan Camper Encounters Bigfoot

Two men camping out in the Michigan wilderness claim to have possibly encountered Bigfoot.

A self-described avid outdoorsman posted about the experience on Reddit.

Never really was big in the Bigfoot scene until last month out in the middle of the woods in Waterloo-Pinckney for small game/backpacking trip with my buddy. Got there last night around 1130pm. We set up our camp by about 1230. Around 2am we wake up and my buddy mentions to me about how cold it was. We hear footsteps around 20 to 25 feet away from us. We both are just laying still at this point, just to hear what's with us. The most loud, freakiest, inhuman yell/scream/roar is shouted towards us twice before it took off fast from us with heavy two footed running. The only remotely close animal I've heard make this sound are mountain lions and cougars. The way it was running sounded two footed (as opposed to a four legged gallop, and the sound of it crashing through the woods made us realize it was BIG) We joked about it being a Bigfoot... Then we saw how much he's seen in these parts of Michigan. We think it must have seen us in the dark. We moved into the car for the night after this.

Background: both my friend and I are Marine Reserves, and have been raised to be very avid outdoorsman. My father and I are into bushcrafting and backpacking, my mom is into car camping, and my friends parents are avid hunters, backpackers, and his mom was DNR. We're no strangers to the woods and wildlife, and have experienced a lot of nature and different animals and sounds that are part of our natural habitat in Michigan. This is unlike anything either of us have heard.

Some in the comment thread responded, suggesting it was a cougar. But the user insists it was definitely running on two feet.

I'd say that it was running fairly quickly, because it was screaming as it was moving, and the screams moved pretty quickly as well as the sounds of its foot impacting the ground. Which also sounded like longer strides, as the impact wasn't very close together. Probably about the strides I'd take, maybe slightly longer, and I'm 6'2. As for where the screams were when we heard them, I couldn't tell you if they were high or low. They weren't ground level but being between 5-7 feet above the ground, I couldn't give you the specifics. It was so incredibly loud that it just filled the forest. - Man claims to encounter Bigfoot while camping in Michigan



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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hairy Humanoid Body...An Official Cover-Up in Florida

In 1998, a retired forestry official had a strange encounter in the Apalachicola National Forest:

"It was 1998. I was 37 years old. I had been working with the forest department for 12 years. There was a fire in the Apalachicola National Forest that summer. The Bradwell Bay area was on fire when all this happened. The fire was raging pretty bad at this point. We didn't know if we would ever get it out. That morning I had reported to the command center on Helen Guard Station Road to get briefed on what I would be doing that day.

So me and another guy were given the task of driving around looking for animals along the road of the Bradwell Bay area. Animals would make it to the road and usually fall out if they were injured or had real bad smoke inhalation. Our job was to pick them up and take them to the vets at the command center. The vets would treat them and on some occasions euthanize the ones that wouldn't make it. So we were driving around the area heading south doing about 45 mph. Faster than I should have been driving. I was talking to my partner and didn't realize how fast I was going. All of a sudden we saw a black figure run out of the woods on all fours. It ran right up under my driver's side tire. I hit the animal with both the front and back tires. I was driving a 95 Dodge Ram 4X4. So I knew at that speed I had killed it. Immediately we thought it was a bear. We got out to pick the bear up and put it in the truck.

Upon further investigation, we realized what I had hit was not a bear at all. It was a creature that neither one of us had ever seen. It was about 6 feet tall. It had legs, knee caps and feet just like me and you. The arms hung to about the knee. One arm a matter of fact was down by its knee. The other one was up over its head. I had run the creature over under its right underarm, across the shoulder blade and over the back of its neck. The creature was covered in hair. About 3 to 5 inches long on the arms, legs and head. The hair on the back, ribs and chest was much shorter. The muscle definition on the animal was phenomenal. It looked like a prize fighter or one of the guys you would see in the UFC. We flipped the animal over. The jaw was broken from where I had hit it with the truck. I could see though it had a protruding snout much like that of a baboon or what you would think a werewolf looks like. It had eyes just like us. The thing looked a lot like a chimpanzee.

We quickly radioed into the command center and they sent two FWC officials out to our location. Within about 15 minutes, the FWC officials arrived and they told us they had never seen anything like it. So we all picked the animal up and loaded it into the back of their truck. The animal weighed about three to four hundred pounds which dead weight is a lot. They told us they would figure out what it was and let us know. So we had been contacted by the command center at this point and they told us to come on back and make a statement about what we saw.

So we showed up at the command center and immediately we were brought back to a room where we were to fill out an incident report. We were about 10 minutes into the incident report when we were asked to stop and wait and that there were some people coming to see us. Within about 30 to 45 minutes two government officials showed up. They walked us out to the vehicle. They were asking where we ran over the... the thing. We told them where it was and so they examined the area. The truck had no damage. There was a black steel bumper on the front. The animal hit the bottom of that and the tires took care of the rest. There was really nothing on the truck except for on the undercarriage. There was seem blood and hair. The officials collected the blood and hair samples and put them away. Next they asked us if we would get into the vehicle they came in and take them to the location where we had ran the animal over at. So we complied and got into the vehicle and left with the gentlemen.

It was a rather quiet ride back out to the spot. They didn't say much at all except for a couple of exchanges with each other. We showed up at the spot and walked them through what happened. Then all of a sudden one of the guys, I guess the guy in charge turned and looked at us and said congratulations fellas you ran over a bear. I said sir, but this is no bear that we hit. He quickly interrupted me with, you don't understand, you ran over a bear. He then said that every time I tell anybody about this I ran over a bear. I was to never speak a word about what we actually hit. That I could face charges. My whole retirement could go away. They said I could lose my job and that they would slander me and make me look like a fool. So I looked at my partner and we had no other choice but to comply.

On the ride back it kind of struck me as odd that this was an actual government cover-up. They knew what this thing was that we had hit. They had seen them before and now they were in possession of a body. For some reason they didn't want anyone to know and they were going to great lengths to keep this under wraps. The main reason I'm telling my story is, I'm hoping one of the other three people, my partner and the two FWC officials will come forward. I figure it's a lot harder to silence four people than it is just one. People need to know that these things are out there and that they are real.”

Source: Youtube video “Interview with retired forest ranger” posted on 15 September 2013 and “Retired forest ranger interview part 2” posted on 9 October 2013

Transcribed by JLB

NOTE: Could this have been a canid humanoid (dogman)? Very interesting account...Lon

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