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UFO Landing - Barnesville, Minnesota

Early on the morning of May 5, 1964, farmer Alfred Ernst, of Barnesville, Minnesota, drove his truck up to his grain drill. He got out and began loading the drill for the continued wheat seeding of his land, which had begun the day before. He stopped for a moment and surveyed the flat prairie that was his farm, about six miles east of Comstock. Then, at 8 a.m., he saw a UFO on the ground.

"It was a glowing oval object approximately 1,500 feet away," the former Barnesville Mayor told Norman Mess, NICAP Minnesota Subcommittee member. "It appeared to be about three to four feet long and almost as wide."

The witness, in a later telephone conversation with Dr. James E. McDonald, said the object was "like the tub of a washing machine, round-bottomed." There was a bright glow to it and it was "hard to look at."

Ernst saw the object as it was taking off. It rose quickly and disappeared into the clouds in five seconds. The witness said he felt "rather uncomfortable" when the UFO disappeared.

The farmer then drove to the farm of his brother, Leo A. Ernst, and the two men returned to the landing site. There they discovered a crater-like depression about three feet in diameter. At the center of this depression was a hole about three or four inches in diameter. Four other holes approximately one and one-half inches in diameter and two feet apart formed a square around the central hole. The depressed area was unusually dry.

Around the rim of the depression a white substance, later analyzed as alkaline, was found. Ernst said the black soil in that area did not contain alkaline.

WDAY-TV, of Fargo, North Dakota, took an unusual interest in the report and sent a man to investigate and obtain photographs of the area. The results of this investigation were made public on Dewey Berquist's weather program.

"The holes are exactly the type I've seen many times and I'm sure they were caused by lightning," Berquist wrote NICAP. "I believe Mr. Ernst saw an uncommon phenomena called 'ball' or 'globe' lightning."

Ball Lightning Theory Disputed

The witness himself does not agree. Nor does Dr. McDonald.

"While I was quizzing [Ernst] about the state of the weather," Dr. McDonald said in a report to NICAP, "he made reference to the ball lightning explanation and said that was quite unreasonable. He pointed out that he and his father and grandfather had farmed in that area (his grandfather homesteaded there) and nobody in the area had ever seen any fireball or ball lightning or anything like that before... . Having heard directly from Ernst his description of the very precise pattern of the holes, which obviously impressed him greatly, and adding that to his description of the weather, I would say that any type of ball lightning hypothesis will not fit the report. I would say that this is a fairly strong case."

The Arizona atmospheric physicist said thunderstorm activity is needed to produce ball lightning, but "there is no mention of any thunderstorm occurring at the time, nor does any of the material indicate lightning activity."

"The descriptions of the geometric pattern of holes in the blown-out area are quite atypical of ball lightning.. . .," Dr. McDonald continued. "Ernst mentioned that it was hard to look at the object due to its luminosity. I have never heard of ball lightning so luminous that it would be hard to look at at a distance of a quarter of a mile. . . .

"It is true that lightning sometimes makes a hole or tear in the ground and it is also true that when it hits sand it vitrefies the sand, but I would not be satisfied with Berquist's easy explanation of the holes on such a basis, in view of the reported geometric pattern... .

"Ball lightning fairly frequently ends by exploding (occasionally with damaging force, usually just with a loud noise). One might hypothesize that the hole which Ernst reported was due to explosive termination of a lightning ball; however, then one would be left high and dry with respect to accounting for the ascent of the luminous mass. If, alternatively, one argued that the hole was made by an ordinary cloud-to-ground stroke which then generated a lightning ball, it would be unreasonable to think that Ernst could have failed to hear a very loud crash of thunder. No mention of any such thunder is made." - NICAP - Strange Effects From UFOs, A NICAP Special Report - Donald Keyhoe and Gordon Lore

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Daily 2 Cents: Bigfoot Sighted in News Report? -- 1st Human Head Transplant Could Happen -- Experienced Another Alien Encounter

Bigfoot Sighted in News Report?

FOUKE, AR- It's a creature with many names, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and most notably known to people in Fouke, Arkansas, the Fouke Monster. For years, many of you have questioned the ape-like humanoid's existence. Is Bigfoot really out there? FOX16's Susanne Brunner explores just that following a report she covered in November. Her story about an unusual rare doe with antlers killed in the deer woods of Ida in Cleburne County also brought out an unusual sighting. Sasquatch hunters say they've possibly spotted Bigfoot in the news story. So Susanne brought the picture to experts in Fouke.

Fouke, a small town with a big legend, is located in the heart of Southwest Arkansas. Almost everyone you bump into has seen, or heard about the Fouke Monster.

"The size, the cone-shaped of the head, the black eyes," says William Lundsford, Bigfoot Researcher.

"Goooooonnnnnngggg. And that's the way it sounds," says Tom Zorn, Bigfoot Researcher.

Sightings of the ape-like creature around Fouke date back to 1908. Eyewitnesses describe it six to nine feet tall, up to 400 pounds with brownish red or black hair and unusually long arms. We're told there is more than one Bigfoot and they travel in groups. Most sightings occur in the dense woods and along waters that lead to Boggy Creek. This is where William Lundsford would have his first encounter with the hairy beast nearly 40 years ago.

"He began to stand up and he lifted this branch and he kept standing and kept standing and he kept standing. And I immediately just freeze," recalls Lundsford.

A 17-year-old Lundsford was fishing, when he spotted Bigfoot 45 yards away squatting by a tree.

"I can't hardly breathe. There's tears that are streaming down my face and I've actually wet my pants," he says.

The encounter, now a continuous video loop. The emotion from that April day, still fresh.

"I can see everything just as it happened, I can feel everything. It's been so many years ago, but it's so effected my life," says Lundsford.

He's not alone. Many people in Fouke have had similar encounters. Their stories of Bigfoot spread quickly across the U.S. Soon, directors translated those stories on film and in books. Eventually the legendary beast made a name of its own in Fouke. You can find movie posters, books, newspaper clippings and memorabilia inside the town's museum. Another story recorded, was Heather Owen's.

"Right here, I slammed on my breaks and it was probably from me to you," says Heather Owen, had encounter with Bigfoot.

In 2011, Owen was driving down Williams Road in the dead of the night. In an open field behind a bale of hay, Owen says Bigfoot stood up.

"All this was was smashed down, along with the fence!" she recalls.

Whether it's a smashed down fence, or a hand and footprint cast, Wayne Combs isn't buying it, "I'm skeptic. Seeing is believing I guess. The only thing that I can believe in that I don't see is God."

The 78-year-old, born and raised in Fouke, has hunted and fished Boggy Creek for years without finding a trace.

"He must be a magician or he can fly because where's all the tracks?" says Combs.

Even if there were footprints, another skeptic says it's not enough.

"If we could just have one strand of hair or one drop of blood," says Daryl Powell, Skeptic. "You know we found bones from dinosaurs from thousands of years ago, but we can't find one set of bones from Bigfoot."

"He don't like cameras. I haven't found a picture yet and I've got cameras myself," says Combs.

No one in Fouke has been able to capture a photo of the ape-like humanoid, there are only sketches of the beast from memory.

"You're not going to capture one," says Tom Zorn, Bigfoot Researcher.

"Oh they're extremely fast," says Lundsford.

However, FOX16 may have uncovered something. A Bigfoot researcher took this screen shot image of a possible Bigfoot sighted in my news story in November. We asked people what they thought about it.

"That is very much the body shape of the Bigfoot that I saw," says Lundsford.

"Yeah, possibly!" says Owen.

"The possibility is there," Zorn reacts.

And then there's another image, a baby Bigfoot attached to the arm.

I think it's pretty doggone close," says Lundsford.

Those who have seen and believe are now avid researchers, regularly scouting the woods and the creek, tracking prints and hoping to prove its existence. Many now garner a collection, a piece of the puzzle, they hope can eventually solve this peculiar and legendary mystery.

"I feel like I've truly seen quote the 8th wonder of the world and seen something that does exist that isn't supposed to exist," says Lundsford.

For now, its existence will continue to lie in secrecy, among the murky woods and waters in Fouke. - Go to Fox16 for video


Experienced Another Alien Encounter

Burns, Tennessee - 2/12/2015: I was going to go to bed last night and it was 9:00 I had to be up in nine and a half hours so I set my stove timer because my cell phone died. I set the timer for 9:22 and got in bed. As I was laying in the dark with my eyes closed I got the creepiest feeling that there was something in my house. It felt like an evil presence. I kept having bad thoughts that it might be an alien being again. It has happened so many times in the past. But I told myself to be calm and try not to think about it and I will soon fall asleep. Then I heard foot steps, walking around in my room and in the hall way. I tried to tell myself it was the dog but I have wood floors and the dogs nails make a clicking sound as well. I didn't hear her nails, just the creaking of the floor. I was so consumed with fear I didn't dare look. I also heard something messing with the door. Again I tried to just blow it off until I saw through my eye lids a strobing light. It was a quick strobe and I heard a static like pop. I sat up quick in bed and realized my computer, (which was off and not fully charged) turned on by itself. I grabbed my husband at which time he grabbed me and said he was scared and having a bad dream himself. I told him what happened and he said not to worry and go back to sleep. Then my dog jumped up and ran to the door barking like she does when the door bell rings. My husband then got up and I told him to check the yard. So he let our dog out and proceeded to check. Usually when we let our dog out she goes potty and then comes back in right away, especially when it is as cold as it was. This time when we let her out she ran out, sniffed the ground outside, stuck her head up and ran chasing something into the woods and did not return for about ten minutes. I told my husband I wanted to turn the front porch light on, and the back porch light on because I wanted to know if something was out there so he did. We got back in bed and as soon as we did we saw a fluttering light and then the front porch light blew out. I was so scared I told my son to come in our room and sleep with us. I was scared and kept waking up the rest of the night for about a 6 hour span. Each time being terrified there was something in the room with me. When I woke up in the morning I was groggy and my nose felt really stuffy. I blew my nose and a bunch of blood came out. - MUFON CMS


First human head transplant could happen in two years

A radical plan for transplanting a head onto someone else’s body is set to be announced. But is such ethically sensitive surgery even feasible?

The world's first attempt to transplant a human head will be launched this year at a surgical conference in the US. The move is a call to arms to get interested parties together to work towards the surgery.

The idea was first proposed in 2013 by Sergio Canavero of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group in Italy. He wants to use the surgery to extend the lives of people whose muscles and nerves have degenerated or whose organs are riddled with cancer. Now he claims the major hurdles, such as fusing the spinal cord and preventing the body's immune system from rejecting the head, are surmountable, and the surgery could be ready as early as 2017.

Canavero plans to announce the project at the annual conference of the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons (AANOS) in Annapolis, Maryland, in June. Is society ready for such momentous surgery? And does the science even stand up?

The first attempt at a head transplant was carried out on a dog by Soviet surgeon Vladimir Demikhov in 1954. A puppy's head and forelegs were transplanted onto the back of a larger dog. Demikhov conducted several further attempts but the dogs only survived between two and six days. Read more at First human head transplant could happen in two years


Mystery Tunnel Found in Toronto

Police are attempting to find out who built an elaborate tunnel near the venue for the Pan Am Games.

The extensive underground structure was first discovered back in January, but having been unable to solve the mystery of who constructed it and why the police have now revealed all known details of the case in an effort to appeal for more information.

The tunnel, which has now been filled in, is not thought to have posed any danger to the Pan Am Games venue despite being built only a short distance away on York University's Keele Campus.

The bunker measured 1.93m high, 86.4cm across and stretched for 10 meters under the ground. It had been built with some degree of skill by someone who obviously knew what they were doing.

It is believed that several people would have been involved in digging out the tunnel which was supported by wooden beams and even had its own electrical lighting installed.

No evidence has been found so far to suggest that those responsible had criminal intentions however its presence in the area has raised suspicions of possible foul play.

The news conference announcing the tunnel's discovery can be viewed below. - CBC


Too Many Crocodiles...

A young boy has been killed by a crocodile along the Lunsemfwa River in Zambia.

The boy was attacked and killed in Chimika area's Shiyenge village.

A Civic Leader in Luano District's Chief Chembe's area has now called for urgent measures to curb the threat posed by crocodiles to village communities along the river.

Mwalala Ward Councillor Benford Katiti(PF) said residents along the river believe the crocodile population has increased.

He called for the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) to apply measures such as crocodile cropping, reports the Lusaka Times.

He admitted that the department was facing challenges regarding transport, explaining that the route to the valley Chiefdoms of Luano was difficult to pass during the rain season.

Back in August 2014, a 12-year-old boy was eaten by a crocodile while swimming in an Australian river.

The boy was swimming with friends at the Mudginberri Billabong, 20 kilometres west of Jabiru, and 200 kilometres east of Darwin, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

NT Police Acting Commander Michael White told Yahoo News: "It is believed the 12-year-old boy was taken by a crocodile as he and a number of other young boys were swimming in the billabong.

"One other boy, also aged 12, was bitten on the arm by the crocodile and has received medical treatment from attending St John Ambulance members." -



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The Australian Yowie Project Releases Image

The Australian Yowie Project has released the following image and information:

We have finally obtained permission to release this photo sent to us by two witnesses in Far North Queensland. For Cultural and Security reasons they have asked for the precise location and identities to be wit-held. In October 2014, two men observed this 'being' from long range walking towards them. They thought it was workman in overalls and decided to wait for him to get closer. It wasn't until it got closer that they realized what they saw and took this picture on their phone before quickly leaving the area.

The description was 8-9ft tall, covered in jet black hair, large stomach and muscular neck and shoulders walking like a man. They observed it (when this picture was taken) from a distance of 70-80 meters away.

Please note, we did not take this picture and the validity of the witnesses have been checked to the best of our ability and believe their story to be 100% genuine - we would love to know what you think?

NOTE: After studying the image, it seemed to me that the entire photo was 'pulled' vertically in order to make the subject look taller. I'm not saying that this is absolutely the case, but I am somewhat suspicious. Below are reconfigured images...what is your assessment? Lon

The Yowie: In Search of Australia's Bigfoot

Yowie Country

Weird Australia: Real Reports of Uncanny Creatures, Strange Sightings & Extraordinary Encounters

AUSTRALIAN CRYPTOZOOLOGY: The Australian Yowie, New Guinea Mermaid, Big Cats and other WildLife Wonders.

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