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The Devil Was Waiting

Cheyenne from Arizona wrote in to tell of her paranormal experience:

“I was 6 years old when I had my first paranormal experience that I could remember. My parents were out for the evening and my older sister, Mary, was 9 at the time and I had a babysitter. We lived in this tiny two-story apartment in this not-so-great neighborhood that only had one bathroom upstairs. I had to use the toilet and, I didn't know why, but I was really scared. I don't remember having a reason at that time to be frightened to go alone. I begged my sister, 'Please, please, come with me!' So I wouldn’t have to go alone. Every time I asked her, she said no. Finally the babysitter yelled at me to go to the bathroom by myself and to quite asking my sister to go with me.

I started ascending the stairs and reached the bathroom door that was right at the top of the stairs. As I stood in the doorway and flipped the light switch, the lights in the bathroom consisted of only fluorescent light-bulbs, you know, the kind that dimly flicker before they fully turn on. As I stood in the doorway with the light-bulbs dimly flickering, straight ahead of me sat what I can only describe as a typical looking demon with horns, sitting straight up on the rim of the bathtub with his hands on his thighs, just staring straight back at me. We sat there, eye-locked as the fluorescent bulbs continued to flicker for what seemed like an eternity but was probably no more than one or two minutes. I remember the dim flickering lasting longer than usual. I was absolutely terrified. Once the bulbs finally turned on, the Devil was gone. In all honesty, I was so terrified, I didn't even know what happened right after that. Not sure if I peed myself or if I held it and ran back down the stairs. I don't know. My mind right after the encounter just went blank. I do however remember telling my dad later that night after he and my mom were home and he told me in a very serious tone that he believed me. I was comforted that he didn't think I was making it up. I don't think that experience came up ever again and I don't remember telling anyone else about it for many years.

After I got back from filming 'Haunted Hospitals in Canada' I was telling my older sister Mary about my experience filming there and that they were using my 6-year-old Devil encounter for the show. I was rehashing it for her and told her I honestly can't remember what happened right after I saw the Devil. She said that she remembers me coming downstairs and telling her what happened and she booked it upstairs to the bathroom to see if she could find out what scared me. She said she was moving the shower curtain around to see if the Devil was hiding in it and obviously never found nothing. I never saw the devil again, thankfully, and I don't really know or understand what the whole experience meant or was for except to maybe scare the living crap out of me.”

Source: Beyond The Darkness – May 26, 2018

Beyond Creepy

NOTE: Some people are able to sense malevolence; though, I'm not sure if that's the case here. It's not the most unique account, but does underscore the fact that some children do seem to observe or sense unusual activity.

"The eyes and the brain can work in tandem to manifest our fears." - Lon Strickler

The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America

The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology

Defense Against the Dark: A Field Guide to Protecting Yourself from Predatory Spirits, Energy Vampires and Malevolent Magic

The Lesser Key of Solomon: Goetia: The Book of Evil Spirits

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Daily 2 Cents: El Chupacabras Attack in Paraguay -- NASA's New Asteroid Defense Plan -- Kangaroos in Montana

Farmer Claims El Chupacabras Attack in Paraguay

An unknown event altered all the inhabitants of a ranch located in the town of Los Cedrales, in the department of Alto ParanĂ¡. These cold nights forced the inhabitants of the Manuela ranch to shut themselves up early, but the tranquility broke at around 9:30 pm on the Saturday night, when the guardian of the establishment, a little dog, would not stop barking. The administrator, Francisco Molinas, came out to look at him with his rifle and a flashlight.

He went to investigate the reason for the alarm of his pichicho oho towards the place where the sheep sleep. "I went to look behind the shed and I saw one of the largest sheep lying on the ground. There I found out that there was every wound in the neck. I shined my flashlight to a corner and there I saw the bug with its red eyes, it was brownish in color. In total, the "bug" killed six goats.

The man reacted to the initial scare and said: "I got three shots with my rifle. I shouted to my son and he brought my 9mm pistol has hemmed the animal about 70 meters out there. Just when he stayed, I emptied the magazine of my gun, 16 shots ajapi. Then I lit him with the line, there he turned around and came straight to attack me. I reached my son and my partner, who brought a shotgun ".

The bug did not run so hard and they put him again a volley of shots until he got into a little hill of the ranch. "We looked for him everywhere, too much we wanted to hunt him to show people this monster. I did not believe in this before, but now that I've seen, I know there's a chupacabra." Read more at Another attack: "Now I know that the chupacabra exists"


Kangaroos Cause Vehicle Montana

DODSON -Two people were injured in Montana Wednesday morning after swerving to avoid a kangaroo on the road.

Trooper Matt Finley with the Montana Highway Patrol said he thought it was a joke when he responded to the call, but when he arrived at about 4 a.m. he saw the kangaroo.

Trooper Finley said he learned there is a kangaroo farm west of Dodson. He said the two people in the vehicle had minor injuries after their vehicle rolled. He said he did not make an attempt to capture the kangaroo and it was too dark to capture dash cam video.

The accident happened on Highway 2.

Dodson (pop. 124) is located in Phillips County, near the Fort Belknap Reservation. - Two injured in Montana after swerving to avoid a kangaroo -- Really


NASA Announces New Asteroid Defense Plan

NASA has updated its plans to deflect potentially hazardous Earth-bound asteroids — and none of them involve Bruce Willis.

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy released a new report today (June 20) titled the "National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Strategy and Action Plan." The 18-page document outlines the steps that NASA and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will take over the next 10 years to both prevent dangerous asteroids from striking Earth and prepare the country for the potential consequences of such an event.

Officials with NASA, FEMA and the White House discussed the new asteroid-mitigation strategies in a teleconference with the media today. "An asteroid impact is one of the possible scenarios that we must be prepared for," Leviticus Lewis, chief of FEMA's National Response Coordination Branch, told reporters during the teleconference, adding that a catastrophic asteroid strike is "a low-probability but high-consequence event" for which "some degree of preparedness is necessary." Read more at This Is NASA's New Plan to Detect and Destroy Asteroids Before They Hit Earth



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The Secret Token: Myth, Obsession, and the Search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke

Inside the Lightning Ball: Scientific Study of Lifelong UFO Experiencers

The Books of Enoch: The Angels, The Watchers and The Nephilim (With Extensive Commentary on the Three Books of Enoch, the Fallen Angels, the Calendar of Enoch, and Daniel’s Prophecy)

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

What happened to us?

Hi Lon. An incident took place on the night of April 15, 2013 and it has bothered my family and I since. We live in Portland, OR.

That night, my mother had a very bad respiratory illness. She woke in what she described was like a drug induced stupor. She saw blurry images of what appeared to be people in full surgical dress. One of the 'doctors' called her by name, told her everything would be fine. She recalls a needle being inserted in her arm, and blood was taken. She was unable to speak, and was very confused before she passed out.

The next morning she woke up. She saw a needle mark in her arm and became very upset. My stepfather, who was also in the bed with her, noticed that he also had one, which scared him. My stepfather has a serious phobia of needles. When he sees the doctor, he must be sedated before they can insert any sort of needle into him. He literally throws up and passes out on seeing needles. He often must leave the room when blood is taken from my mother. He remembered nothing, but was feeling very drowsy and confused. They both came in and asked me if I had let paramedics in the night before. I was wary of their question, and told them no.

That night, I had been surfing the internet. Since I was working a graveyard shift at the time, I had only woken up at about 8pm. Yet after 2 hours of being awake, I suddenly was overcome with such drowsiness and exhaustion I crawled back into my bed and slept on. I fell asleep within minutes, which was very strange. I woke up feeling sore all over, which was weird, but no puncture or needle marks on my arms at all. I had no recollection of anything the night before. When they both showed me these strange needle marks, I was intrigued. They told me that they had fallen asleep suddenly, probably around the same time I did, judging by what was on TV when they fell asleep.

What was even more bizarre is that my cats were very spooked the next day. This was very interesting, as my largest cat never gets spooked. Vacuum cleaners, dogs, loud sounds...nothing phases him. Yet I found him hiding under a bunch of boxes, and he hissed at me each time I tried to reach in and get him. The other cats were terrified and hiding all through the house. My stepfather also told me the door was unlocked. I remember him locking the door every night. We lived in a bad neighborhood and always made sure it was locked.

We have been puzzled over it for these past five years, and I've done a lot of research. I cannot seem to find any possible explanations. Although I have always been interested in the UFO phenomenon, it seemed that the alien abduction theory was not a serious question.

However, as I conduct more research, I have become a bit more confused. I have been reluctant to submit a report to any of the agencies. I found your name on Google and decided to write you. What happened to us? I'm really interested in getting to the bottom of this "high strangeness" and am looking for an answer. RJ

NOTE: I've read and have heard a variety of strange incidents from ordinary people. I talked to this experiencer by telephone, and believe that he and his family may have been subjected to some type of experimentation. None of them have had any known side effects since this incident, so it's difficult to give them a explanation. The description is very similar to suspected MILAB abduction scenarios. I can't say that this is the case here, but it may need to be considered. Lon

MILABS: Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction

The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control: The Secret History of the Behavioral Sciences

The Pentagon's Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America's Top-Secret Military Research Agency

The Dulce Wars: Underground Alien Bases and the Battle for Planet Earth

Underground Alien Bio Lab At Dulce: The Bennewitz UFO Papers

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