Tuesday, August 22, 2017

'There was something weird about that bridge...'

Serena in Riverdale, New York called to tell of her experience in Point Pleasant:

“You guys were speculating as to whether there might have been negative energy around the Point Pleasant bridge. I can confirm that there definitely was some kind of freaky negative, big negative energy, around there. When I was a kid about four or five years old, I've been a very calm stoic rational person my whole life. We would go, I lived in the region...we would go visit my grandparents and there were two different ways we could go. One would take us over the(Silver Bridge) bridge and one would not. My dad was always in construction so he really liked, you know, big bridges and stuff and I actually liked them too. But something about this bridge. I would freak out, I mean I would plead with my dad. I begged him, do not go over that bridge. You know, this is the words of a five-year-old child. It was to the point where if he took me over that bridge, I would ball up on the floor of the back seat and hold my breath the entire time. There was something weird about that bridge and when that thing came down I had a big, "I told you so" with my father. I think he thought I was kind of a weird. I was not happy to be correct about that but there definitely was some weird energy about that place.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - August 16, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: Serena is not unique in her feelings about the Silver Bridge before it collapsed. I have received several accounts from people who had issues with the Silver Bridge when they were children...one account was from a witness 'DR' who also had a close encounter with a Mothman. Lon

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Daily 2 Cents: Flying Humanoid Reported Along Kentucky/Ohio Border -- Family Abduction Experiences -- Unknown Winged Entity Encounter

Flying Humanoid Reported Along Kentucky/Ohio Border

I received the following account from Pennsylvania UFO / anomalies researcher Stan Gordon:

January 10, 2017- Flying Humanoid Reported in Kentucky/Ohio Area
Reported by Stan Gordon

Lon Strickler at the Phantoms & Monsters website, http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/ has been keeping the public updated on the recent wave of winged humanoid sightings around Chicago. While I focus on the ongoing anomalies in Pennsylvania, I commonly receive other cryptid reports from across the country. Earlier this year I interviewed a witness who had a strange encounter in the Kentucky/Ohio area.

The witness was driving east bound on Route 52 on a desolate area of road, about a ¼ mile from the Ohio River. It is my understanding this took place around the Ohio/Kentucky border in the vicinity of Ashland, Kentucky.

That evening there was a cold, misty rain occurring with few cars on the road. Suddenly only about 35-40 feet off the ground, the driver observed a silhouette in the approaching traffic lights and then from the headlights of his vehicle what appeared to be a large humanoid creature with huge wingspan. The witness described the humanoid body as about 5 to 5½ feet long. The skin color was dark tan, not black or brown. The wings of the creature were estimated to have a wingspan of 12-15 feet and no feathers were observed on the body only what appeared to be skin.

The witness only observed the creature for several seconds as it approached him and passed overhead. The man stated that he never saw the wings flap, and that the wings were spread out. He did notice that the joints of the wings were very pronounced, that the legs were held together and held back, and that the arms were held along the side of the body and extended to around the thighs. The witness heard no sound during the few seconds that he observed the winged creature.


Unknown Winged Entity Encounter

It was in the summer of 2000, probably around August. I was driving home from work with my ex-husband on the 215 freeway from Orange County to San Bernardino, California. Whatever it was, it flew straight at us, going up over the top of the car. We thought we were going to crash. It happened so fast, we didn't see a head or glowing red eyes, just the lower body and wings that were wider than the car. I remember the legs. They were solid black and looked skeletal. The feet also appeared skeletal and had claws. We sat in our car in our driveway for about an hour. Too scared to get out. At the time, we told a few friends who wrote it off as a bat. I've never brought it up since but I think about it every so often. Last night was one of those times, so I Googled the description and ran into your site. AB


Family Abduction Experiences

Lon, my twin boys were about 7 when we got them a Dalmatian puppy for Christmas. One day while walking their puppy the boys disappeared for several hours. I searched the neighborhood, but couldn't find them. Just as we were beginning to panic, they returned home. We scolded them for being late, but they insisted they'd only walked to the corner when a large triangular shaped aircraft had appeared above them, and they decided to return home. They thought they'd been gone 10 minutes.

I had them draw what they'd seen. They both drew an arrowhead shaped craft which they described as the size of a football field. The craft had hovered above them for a moment when the neck began to glow and the craft accelerated, disappearing beyond the horizon. We didn't know what to think. Our boys weren't prone to making up elaborate stories. Where had they been?

Years later we had our first grandson. The first time he spent the night at our place, I had my first and only case of sleep paralysis. I awoke to the throbbing sound of what I thought was a helicopter just outside our bedroom window. Then a bright light shown through the window. From the hall, our dog entered the room and collapsed in the light. I tried to wake my wife, but found myself unable to move or speak. I tried to keep my eyes open, but could not. Upon waking the next morning, I asked my wife if she'd heard the sound. She had not. I told her of my experience, and we both decided it must have been a dream.

My wife got up to make breakfast, and check on our grandson. A minute later she returned with the sheet from our bed which she'd found on the kitchen floor. Somehow the sheet had been stripped off the bed from under the covers which were still on our bed. Neither of us had awakened during what must have been a struggle ... I keep my arms above the sheet, and my wife tucks the corners.



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Monday, August 21, 2017

Insectoid Watching From Across the Street

Greg in Harwood Heights, Illinois called in with his flying humanoid encounter:

“I was coming back from work three years ago...about 1:30 in the morning. I pulled up to the driveway and something caught the side of my eye. I walked up the stairs, went to the window. I live on the second floor. I looked out to the window to across the street and I saw a crypto, if you will, a Mothman-type insectoid; small body, unusually large head normal, no red eyes, and it kept staring.

I went to make tea, fed the cats, came back, rubbed my eyes to see if I was tired and seeing things and, sure enough, it was there. One important thing, there was no foreboding fear. None whatsoever. That I found interesting. I was shocked as many people that had seen similar things. I went several times. I would say about four to five times, just peering outside, looking at the window and it just stood there. I live in a small town near Chicago. I figured police would do their rounds or someone would see it. You could hear a pin drop. It's a very small community, sure enough, no one was around. It did not faze me to take a picture. I did have a smartphone at the time right but overall no fear and absolutely, you're just there in the shock because you just can't believe what you're seeing. You listen to accounts but you never think you will be in that situation. I went back several times. I was listening to your show that night, peering out every now and then. It just kept standing there.

In the morning I went to see any trace of anything. It was gone, so, yeah. Above all, I would say the strangest thing would be I was not afraid at all and it shocks me to even say that now. Thinking back over the several months and years, I talked to friends, they have an interest in it - I kept thinking it was crouching like a runner would be so it could have been taller as many people claim to it being six or seven feet. It was almost as if definitely the body was much smaller and the head came to a point, almost as if, you know the old cartoons from Mad Magazine Spy Vs Spy, with the nose, if you will, comes into like a parrot's or a bird beak, but there's no beak, so it is very kind of pointed protruding face, if you will, but again, there were no eyes and there were no facial features, but again, in that humanoid design that's where the face would be, of course, so yeah, but the head was much bigger than the body. I guess just by seeing this small body and large head as odd as it was, I wasn't going to go outside and even look outside. I felt safe at home hoping that it might not be seeing me look to the window.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - August 16, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy

Strange Intruders and Leprechan Press

The Cryptoterrestrials: A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us

A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts: Encounters with Cryptid Creatures

The Djinn Connection: The Hidden Links Between Djinn, Shadow People, ETs, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians and Other Entities


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