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In Case You Wanted To Know...

The following letter was prepared in the late 1990's by the public affairs staff at the White Sands Missile Range for a weekly column in the Las Cruces Sun-News and the Alamogordo Daily News. This is a humorous explanation for the UFO phenomenon...but surprising that a government / military agency even referenced the UFO / alien topic:

Staffers at the White Sands public affairs office know the truth of what happened at Roswell 50 years ago but few people listen.

Every year the office receives unsolicited letters from people all over the world. They claim to know such things as where gold is hidden on the missile range, what the aliens are really up to and who is running the government conspiracy of the day.

One such letter arrived in early 1991 from Memphis, Tenn. which blew the lid off the typical UFO theories.

The author says that when the earth was formed it ended up being hollow. He says the crust we operate on is only 800 miles thick and the rest of the globe is mostly empty space. Floating in the center of this cavity is a miniature sun.

He goes on to explain that the center of the earth is inhabited and is complete with oceans of water and landmasses.

At the earth's poles are huge openings into this inner world. He says they are more than 1,000 miles in diameter and there is a constant exchange of air between the outer and inner worlds.

He says ordinary people are not aware of these huge openings because they are usually covered with clouds and the governments of the world have conspired to hide the information.

Like most conspiracy theorists, this author says the governments are worried that if people know about this other world everyone will run jabbering into the streets and civilization will crumble.

The writer proposes that the northern lights we see are not caused by solar energy interacting with the upper atmosphere but is light escaping from the center of the earth through the polar openings.

Eventually the author gets around to explaining how all this relates to Roswell. He says that when the surface inhabitants starting exploding atomic weapons on July 16, 1945, the inner inhabitants got concerned. With more testing in the years following the end of World War II they grew worried about radioactive fallout suspended in the air which was ventilating the center of the earth.

So they started flying through the openings at the poles to investigate what was going on here. This explains the supposed appearance of UFOs following the war. Apparently one of these vehicles crashed near Roswell killing the flight crew and leaving proof that these "molemen" really exist.

So, as they say, now you know the rest of the story.

NOTE: The letter was found among a dossier of declassified FBI I have no idea if the letter was ever published. Lon

The FBI-CIA-UFO Connection: The Hidden UFO Activities of USA Intelligence Agencies

UFO The FBI UFO File by D.E. Alexander

UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Coverup, 1941-1973

For Nobody's Eyes Only: Missing Government Files and Hidden Archives That Document the Truth Behind the Most Enduring Conspiracy Theories

Daily 2 Cents: Anomaly in Wedding Photo -- Should Nessie Be Scotland's National Animal? -- Alien at UCLA Medical Center

Bride, groom and ghost? Mystery figure appears in wedding photo

Kevin Matthew Dennis uploaded the photo of he and his wife on their wedding day to reddit. The photo seems to show a ghostly face in between them.

Kevin said in the Reddit post, “Me and my wife’s favorite wedding photo… Until we saw what was between us… We still don’t know who it was.”

Kevin wrote that the couple didn’t notice the ghostly image at first and it wasn’t until his wife made it her Facebook profile picture that a friend pointed it out.

The couple said they have no idea if it was one of their guests.

“Her sister said it might be her but that face look absolutely nothing even close to it. That face looks like a baby face imo [in my opinion,]” Kevin Matthew Dennis wrote.

Reddit users weighed in on the image saying:

“It’s your [sic] unborn baby,” joked one user.

Another Reddit user joked that the infant figure might be the spawn of Satan. - Bride, groom and ghost? Mystery figure appears in wedding photo


Should Nessie be Scotland's national animal?

A Scottish tourism body has launched a new campaign to gain formal recognition for the Loch Ness Monster.

Despite there being considerable doubts over the mere existence of the famous Scottish lake monster, a concerted effort is now underway to have it recognized as Scotland's national animal.

The idea might have sounded preposterous if it weren't for the fact that the current national animal of Scotland is a unicorn - the mythical horned horse that has been used on the royal coat of arms since 1603. It could certainly be argued that in this day and age the Loch Ness Monster is a lot more culturally relevant.

"Nessie is an icon and an asset," said Freda Newton, managing director of Jacobite Cruises.

"There is no doubt she attracts hundreds of tourists to Scotland every year and she deserves recognition. If not as our national animal, then at least she should be awarded the title of Scotland’s national monster. A formal nod to Nessie’s fame is long overdue."

Sightings of the creature have been reported for years and continue to this day but so far there has never been any conclusive evidence to support the notion that it actually exists.

There is little doubt however that as Scotland's national animal it would certainly be well recognized. - Tourism body wants Loch Ness monster to dethrone unicorn as Scotland’s national animal


Alien at UCLA Medical Center?

Lakewood, CA - 11/1963: My husband worked swing shift, he came in the house all excited there was a helicopter and all kinds of lights on the under construction freeway about 5 houses away and a sound fence. Next day he bought the afternoon Long Beach Ledger just to see if there was any news on what happened on the freeway the night before. On the first page of the local section he found the answer there was a strange man picked up walking on the freeway, He spoke no none language, and they noticed his blood was off color. The report went on to say that they took him to the UCLA medical center, they reported that the man had some different organs than humans and some of his organs were the same but in different places.

A few days later he told his friend about it so he offered to bring the paper over but unfortunately I accidentally used it to line the garbage can and they had picked it up all ready so we went to the library to get a copy of the report and the column had been blanked out.

Just wondered if you had ever heard of this one or any info on it? - MUFON CMS


Virginia Man Believes Daughter's Nightmares Hold Clue to Wife's Fatal Accident

A Virginia dad said he believes his 3-year-old daughter's nightmares may be more than just dreams and could be clues to solving the mystery of his wife's death.

Craig Tyler's wife, Natali Castellanos-Tyler, died Feb. 21 after she "lost control" of her 2002 Ford Explorer and "struck a tree," the Chesterfield County Police said in a news release at the time. Her daughter, who was 2 at the time and in the car, survived and was transported to a hospital with "minor injuries," police added.

But while a police spokeswoman told ABC News today the crash investigator believes icy roads and weather were factors in the "single-vehicle" accident, the Mosely, Virginia, man now suspects foul play after listening to his 3-year-old's nightmares, he told ABC News today.

Tyler said his daughter's nightmares began in late February to early March, about a week after his wife was buried.

"For weeks, she's been having nightmares about a white van, and when I ask her what's wrong, she says that the white van hurt her and that it hurt her car," Tyler said. "It's gotten to the point that when there were two white vans parked outside her school, she didn't want to go to school."

Tyler added he's in the process of finding his daughter a counselor because she's so traumatized and terrified of white vans.

This past weekend, Tyler said his mother told him she saw Facebook posts in a private Facebook community page reporting several side-swiping and hit-and-run car incidents involving white trucks. All the accidents happened just blocks from each other in his neighborhood, Tyler added.

One of the community Facebook posters, Subasree Thompson, 42, told ABC News today she was sideswiped by a white van March 30 in the same neighborhood, but she didn't file an official police report.

"I had just picked up my three-year-old daughter from preschool, and I was coming through Otterdale Road when I saw a white truck going fast in the opposite direction," Thompson said. "It swerved at the very last minute, hit my lane and cracked my minivan's mirror."

Thompson said she thought the driver was going to stop to exchange numbers and insurance, but the white truck with no advertisements on the side never braked, and she didn't catch its license. She added she "definitely saw two men, possibly three, sitting across in the front of the van."

The following day, Thompson said she was coming home from picking up her 5-year-old when she saw a neighbor's teenage daughter, Caitlyn Thomas, involved in an accident near the same place she said she was sideswiped.

Thomas, 17, told Subasree a white truck, similar to the one Subasree encountered, sideswiped her car's left side and shattered her window, taking out the car's mirror as well, her mother, Wendy Thomas, told ABC News today.

A Chesterfield County Police Department spokeswoman told ABC News today that a crash report was received that day, March 31, but that the department could not release the name of the victim.

"The incident occurred around 1:50 p.m. in the 6800 block of Otterdale Road," the spokeswoman said. "It was reported that a Honda Accord was struck on the left side by a white work truck, possibly a box truck, which then left the scene. The victim sustained non-life-threatening injuries."

Another incident in which a school bus was sideswiped by a trash truck on April 3 was also reported, the spokeswoman added.

Thompson said she doesn’t know the Tylers, but said a man named Charlie Mitchell contacted her after she posted about the three incidents on their community Facebook page. Mitchell is Craig Tyler's uncle, Tyler said.

The Chesterfield County Police Department said it was aware of new information and that it was looking into the information, but there is still no physical evidence that any other vehicle was involved in the crash that left Tyler's wife dead.

Tyler's wife left behind three kids, two of which are Tyler's and one living in El Salvador with her former husband, he said.

GoFundMe and YouCaring accounts have been set up for the Tylers to help pay off the funeral and medical costs and raise additional money for the kids, whom Tyler is now raising alone, he said.

Tyler and his wife were married in a courthouse in 2012 but were just recently planning a more elaborate wedding and honeymoon for this July.

The wedding invitations arrived the day of the accident, and instead of her wedding he had to plan her funeral, Tyler said.

"We had her in her wedding dress at her viewing and funeral," he said. "Then we cremated her, and we're saving her dress for my daughter when she grows up." - Virginia Man Believes Daughter's Nightmares Hold Clue to Wife's Fatal Accident




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Friday, April 24, 2015

The 'Odds'

I will occasionally receive an interesting 'strange neighbor' account...but the following submission from a reader is one of my favorites:

Hi Lon - what are your thoughts on possible alien habitation among the human population? Please keep an open mind when reading my email.

I live in a moderate sized borough in Pennsylvania. I live in the same house where I grew up. In fact most of the neighborhood has remained the same for the past 20 years or so. This includes the family that lives across the street.

This family, who I refer to as the 'Odds', is not normal by any stretch of the imagination. There is the husband and wife who are in their seventies and their daughter (Carol) who is now my age, 52. They have lived there as long as I can remember. Carol and I went to school together though we barely knew each other. She has always been very attractive though I never recall her ever having a boyfriend (or girlfriend).

Her parents maintain a very nice house and seem to get along quite well together. In fact Carol and her parents are always a trio. They are never seen separate. They do not go to church and are not involved in any civic activities. But this isn't the strange part.

Every Spring since I can recall, they dig up a huge hole in the backyard. It's in the same location every year. The size I estimate is about 15 x 10 foot and about 4 foot deep. As soon as the hole is dug they cover it with a huge tarp that is staked into the ground around the perimeter. It remains like that for two days, then it is quickly filled in and topped with new turf. Every year! It's almost like a harbinger of Spring...the Odds are digging the hole!

The Odds don't talk to anyone. Never. Carol never talks to anyone. I have only heard her voice on a few occasions and that was when we were in class together and she'd be answering the teacher. I attempted to talk to her a few months ago during the holidays and she simply looked at me, smiled and said nothing. I have never heard her parents say anything. That brings up another point, Carol doesn't look anything like her parents. She must be adopted or, as I suspect, something else is going on here.

I remember when I saw the movie 'The Truman Show'. That is the Odds. Everything stays the same. One Summer I took a photograph of a family member in our front lawn. In the background was the Odd's front yard and house. A few years later I was looking at the photograph and was amazed at how similar the house, shrubbery and flowers were at the present time! It looks like the flowers came up the same way a few years later!

They seem to follow a routine for each day of the week, but the one thing they do every morning is really strange. The three of them 'tour' the outside of the house. There are specific places on the perimeter of the house where they stop, hold hands in a circle and look into the sky. It's very strange because each time they perform this ritual I get a static feeling in the hands and feet. It affects my Mother the same way - even when we are not watching them and somewhere else!

There are other oddities as well. None of them has a job, no one ever visits and they get a lot of deliveries (it seems like everyday something comes).

I'm convinced that these 'people' are not entirely human. I know it sounds nutty but I'm not the only person in the town that thinks that something nefarious is going on with the Odds. JJ

Unexplained!: Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences, and Puzzling Physical Phenomena

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True Stories of Strange Events and Odd People: A Memoir

The United States of Strange: 1,001 Frightening, Bizarre, Outrageous Facts About the Land of the Free and the Home of the Frog People, the Cockroach Hall of Fame, and Carhenge

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