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The Crash That Didn't Happen

“I wouldn't normally tell this story as most people would shrug it off, but here it goes. I was staying in El Paso, TX for a few months, and had to smoke my cigarettes outside in the backyard. The backyard of this house was the typical Texas style, with stone walls around the border. Beyond the wall was an open natural desert for a few miles as it overlooked the Mexican border, etc. (Awesome view). I had been there for four months at this point, and was very aware of the border patrol helicopters, the stars, and pretty much all sky related happenings, considering the guy I was with was really into UFOs like I was, so we watched satellites a lot, etc. With that said, I know in the four months I was there, no planes flew over the residential area. Just helicopters over the desert pretty much. Planes stuck to the northern part of where we were.

As I was outside by myself one night around midnight, I saw strange lights coming in low, as if getting ready to land. It was startling enough that I knocked on the sliding glass door and motioned for him to come out to ask him what it was. By the time he got to the door I realized oh, it's definitely a plane, and told him, 'Nevermind, I thought I saw something. It's just a plane lol'. It was clearly a commercial airline, had the blinking lights and everything. He went back inside. I watched as it came closer and closer, getting quite low within a minute or two. Now it's over the houses, about 20 houses away. I'm kinda sh*tting myself, it looks so low it's about to hit these houses! As it flies directly above me in the backyard, I brace for the noise that's about to hit me as I have never been this close to a moving plane before. It passes above me, and it's so low that I can see the landing gear and the seams of welded metal and detail of the plane. Mind you, I wasn't wearing my glasses and could still make out the distinct details. Couldn't be more than 300 feet above me.

I am ready to put my hands up to my ears since there's NO WAY this isn't going to be crazy loud. I stand there waiting and watch it pass, it's so low that the small tree patch in the next yard block it from my sight almost immediately..... NO NOISE. I mean, not a whisper. Not a breeze. Nothing. I waited a few more seconds thinking ok its soooo close that the sonic boom must be lagging. Nope... nothing. At first I wasn't as concerned about the missing noise thing as I was about the fact that the plane was clearly crashing. The engine must have gone out and I'm about to witness a very loud plane crash a few houses down and start to panic. There's no airport or runway in that direction for miles, if not hundreds of miles. The El Paso airport was in the opposite direction. Absolutely no plane crash, no plane gaining altitude, nothing. Just vanished.

I would have just put this out of my mind and figured it to be my imagination or something but 2 nights later the EXACT thing happened again. This time everyone was asleep inside. I watched as it came in from the horizon and slowly followed the same path. Lowering until it was directly above the houses a few hundred feet up. Same path as the last one. Not a damn whisper of noise. I can hear planes 1,000 feet up every day as they pass. These planes did not make noise. I simply can not explain it. There's no way the noise bounced off the small desert hill out in the distance or somehow echoed off and directed the sound to a different place. It was so unbelievably close that again, even though I knew it was the same thing, I again braced for impact. Thinking that this is gonna be so loud 'oh my God.' Nope. Never made noise. I then realized it's not a crashing plane at all. Two planes can't crash in the same ridiculous path. And nothing was in the news following both instances. Believe me, I checked. It's as if I was the only one that saw this giant unmistakable commercial 747 plane fly over my freakin' head. Twice. And didn't cause even a quiver around me. I will never ever forget the eerie silence. It's just not physically possible.”

Source: Youtube comments, pterosauric

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Daily 2 Cents: Extraordinary Being Poking Me -- Buried Union Army Gold in Pennsylvania? -- Strange Object 'Floating' Through Milwaukee

Extraordinary Being Poking Me

Mount Bethel, PA - 2014-12-12 - 11:20PM: Over the past 30 years there have been incidences with viewings of cylinder-like multiple (5-6) objects overhead with Air Force jets then following them upward until they vanished in the NJ area, along with known experiences of being raised off the bed during sleep at various times. These experiences continued when I moved to Pennsylvania, but occurred more often and I became more aware, attempting to remain awake. The encounters always happened at night, especially while the TV was off. My dog would wake me barking frantically, then overhearing what sounded like a train or huge jet overhead. When I calmed her down and returned to sleep, the encounters continued

The most extraordinary and memorable encounter (which I will never forget) occurred late 2014 when I fell asleep on the couch around 11:10 pm (having glanced at the wall clock prior to falling asleep) with the TV off. I awoke or tried to awake when I heard my dog barking frantically, pacing back and forth. I opened my eyes, but my vision appeared as though something placed gel over my eyes b/c even though I could make out what was in front of me, it was not entirely a clear image. I also felt something poking at my face and making noises (medium to high-pitch sounds). It was as if this being was making fun of me somehow...just poking its long brown/grey finger and touching my face..cheeks..forehead. I tried to reach out and touch it, but felt paralyzed...couldn't move at all. I could make out its face, long 4 fingers that were in front of me, eyes, skin texture, and size. I managed to glance upward and could make out the room..the clock on the wall, (then 11:20), the chairs, and table. The dog was quiet then. I had been laying on my left side and this extraordinary being was right next to me...only a couple of inches away. Since I found that I couldn't speak nor move, I attempted to relate mentally to leave me alone and that I needed rest. I felt my eyes close and woke up...then looking at the clock it was 11:30 pm. Before going into such a transient state where you can't move or speak, I have felt the same sensations of diminished hearing, small cylinders or pistols going off within the brain, and hearing a loud jet-like or train-like roar prior to the encounter. This being was amazing! These encounters have also left sores and small indentations on my body over the years...with the latest one on my arms and lower right leg with present scars. - MUFON


Buried Union Army Gold in Pennsylvania?

As a 155-year-old legend goes, a Union Army wagon train left Wheeling, W.Va., before the Battle of Gettysburg, carrying two tons of gold, but never completed its 400-mile mission.

The gold was supposed to be used to pay Union soldiers. But it first had to make it to the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia, according to the Associated Press. It never did.

The wagon train traveled northeast and was last spotted in St. Marys, Pa. Searchers found the wagons and the bodies of dead soldiers — and the gold was gone.

But maybe not forever.

On Friday, dozens of FBI agents, Pennsylvania state officials and members of a treasure-hunting group were buzzing around the state forest at Dents Run, about 27 miles by road southeast of St. Marys and 135 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. It’s the site where the treasure-hunting group, Finders Keepers, says as much as $55 million in lost Union gold could be buried. Read more at Legend says a load of Union gold went missing during the Civil War. Did the FBI just find it?


Strange Object 'Floating' Through Milwaukee

The sighting occurred in February 2010 at about 6:30 PM on a side street in an industrial neighborhood, a few blocks from the intersection of Capital and Palmer in Milwaukee, WI. A friend was in a meeting with a local community organization and I decided to stay in the car to make some work related phone calls. I had just finished up with the phone calls when I decided to step out of the car for a cigarette. I leaned up against the driver-side door of the car facing the South as I smoked. I noticed movement some movement to my right, and looked in that direction. An object anywhere from 4 to 5.5 feet long oriented perpendicular to the ground like so: | was floating about 15 feet off the ground. The object was moving from the West to the East at about 6 - 8 miles per hour with a very shallow guide slope, about 1 degree.

At first I thought that the object might be a kite cut loose from its string with how smoothly and quietly it was gliding along, until it passed underneath some power lines and a few feet later it ascended vertically by about 5 feet to clear the top of a building that it was headed for. It then moved parallel to the top of the building for about 300 feet until my view of the object became obstructed by another taller building to my left. The object was an imperfect cylindrical shape with a few small protrusions here and there.

When I realized that the object was not a wayward kite, I thought about reports of flying humanoids. However, the protrusions didn't seem to fit with what was described in those accounts - additionally there was a brief metallic flash as light from a lamp post reflected off of the object - this does not seem to fit with the description of flying humanoids either. Other than the brief metallic flash the object was entirely black. The closest the object's path took it to me was about 120 feet and I was able to observe the object for about 2 minutes, so I had ample opportunity to try to identify the object and for the life of me I cannot think of anything that this object could have been. Even after going home and doing a Google image search for UAVs nothing I have ever seen can match up with the description of this object. My reaction to this object was initially one of pure curiosity until after I had dropped my friend off at his place, then I became extremely nervous and scared.


My family and I wish to thank all those who expressed their condolences and sentiments in regards to my father's passing. Lon



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No Posts Today

Hey folks...I will not be posting today. My father, Lorn D. Strickler, has passed on.


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