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Fireworks Celebrations From Prior Times

Margaret in Omaha, Nebraska called in to Coast to Coast AM to tell of her bizarre time slip event:

This happened in about the year 2007. It was the second week in September, on a Sunday. I had been visiting a friend of mine who lived on a farm outside of Manwin, Nebraska. The sun had just set and she had just gotten the kids to sleep in bed. She needed cigarettes so we took off on the gravel road for a little drive to go get her cigarettes and we were driving around a little bit and I noticed to the north that there was fireworks going off. I thought, 'oh, great, fireworks!' And let me preface this by saying that it wasn't like somebody shooting off fireworks in their backyard, it was like a professional fireworks show going on and we were like, wait. Sunday night, you know, second week in September? What is going on?

As we looked around, there were professional fireworks shows going on in like every direction. And we went and got her cigarettes. We asked the gal, 'Hey, what's going on, what's up with all these fireworks on a Sunday night?' She was busy and couldn't tell us and we racked our brains, could not think of what was going on. And, I had to work the next day and I said, I'm gonna take off towards the north, back towards Omaha and see if I can't catch up with one of these shows. I mean it just went on for like ever and ever. And as I drove to the north, I reached the outskirts of Omaha where this was still going on and as I reached the area, it stopped and about a block later where the fireworks were going off, you know, there was an empty ballfield. Not a car to be seen. So, the only thing that I could figure was it was like the Fourth of July all around us except where we were at. And she had inquired with people in town after that. She talked to the town busy-bodies and nobody could come up with a solution as to where these fireworks were. Or what the reason. (host Jimmy Church asks the date) The date was probably about the 8th or 9th of September. All the stuff for Labor Day had been over the week before. (Church asks if she noticed if the cars around them were older) No, everything around us was present time that's why it was almost like a bubble.

Source: Coast To Coast AM - June 17, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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Daily 2 Cents: Bizarre Circle of Light -- Upright Bear in NJ Seen Again -- Was Bigfoot Story Fake?

Bizarre Circle of Light

Rusty in Oklahoma told his second paranormal experience. It involved noise and lights:

“At about the same time in my life I lived out in the country about 7 miles outside Little Rock, Arkansas's western limit. So I was like way out in the country about 7 miles outside the city limits. One night, I was laying bed when all of a sudden I heard this sound like and I'm gonna make this sound, and it's gonna sound funny... but the sound was like Wah Wah Wah. And it shook the entire house. Like the entire house was vibrating so I jumped out of bed, I looked out all the windows and through my living room window I saw a circle of lights and it did not look like an airplane. It did not look like an aircraft or anything, it was just a slow circle of lights moving. And by the time I would have gotten to the window the whatever-it-was making the sound would have moved off so I wouldn't hear it. The next morning, I looked around and again I was living out in the country at the time so I just walked around and saw if there was anything like construction equipment or anything like that and there wasn't. So it was just a weird experience. I saw the circle of lights slowly moving off in the distance after a big sound had come and shook my house. So, again, I don't know what happened. It was the only sound I could hear. No birds. No crickets. No nothing.”

Source: Darkness Radio March 21, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Upright Bear in NJ Seen Again

A bear known as Pedals has become something of a celebrity thanks to his habit of walking on two legs.

Last seen back in December, the curious black bear was sighted once again on Monday near the Old Woodland Trail in Oak Ridge, New Jersey.

Relegated primarily to walking on two hind legs due to injuries to his front paws, Pedals hadn't been seen for several months which led to fears that he had not survived the winter.

He has now become so popular online that he even has his own dedicated Facebook page with more than 12,000 followers as well as a series of online videos with many thousands of views.

When and where he will show up next however is anyone's guess.


Was Bigfoot Story Fake?

Officials in Clarke County, Ala., want to know the identity of a man behind the viral online story claiming a Bigfoot creature is harassing his family and hurting his outdoor pets in the community of Gainestown. In its June 9 edition, the weekly Clarke County Democrat featured a story by reporter Jim Cox asking anyone with information about or photos of the creature to contact the newspaper office in Grove Hill.

In the story, Cox quotes Clarke County Sheriff Ray Norris: "We've never had one reported ... Call us, I'd sure like to see one." Norris has not responded to two messages left with his office from

The request came after a story was published on on May 30, with an unnamed man saying he plans to kill the creature if authorities don't capture it. The story was a popular share on social media since its posting.

The May 30 story was a follow-up to a 2015 report on, the Bigfoot Field Research Organization website, in which the unnamed male witness states: "Its [sic] starting to kill the family pets and chase people."

According to, the witness is a Texas native who has family in Gainestown, an unincorporated Clarke County community of about 800 residents. The man reported he is "tired of dealing" with the Bigfoot, which he describes as being 8 feet tall and covered with reddish-brown fur. The witness estimated the creature weighs about 800 pounds and said it smelled like "cheese gone bad."

In the 2015 report on the BFRO site, the same witness (also unnamed on this site) described a sighting categorized by BFRO as "Class A," which means it involved "clear sightings in circumstances where misinterpretation or misidentification of other animals can be ruled out with greater confidence." The witness' 2015 report states: "I am trying to get some of the guys together and try and kill it because no one will do anything to research and capture this thing. We know where it lives and how it travels, all we want is for someone to capture and remove it. I live in Texas but my family lives in Alabama, and they are living in fear of this thing so it has to go one way or another."

That initial report was investigated by Mike Brumfield with BFRO, who wrote: "There is no doubt in my mind this was a real encounter. I know the area and if I were a Sasquatch, that's where I would live."

Brumfield also reported that Sasquatches – Sasqui? – have been previously spotted in the area. He wrote that he explained to the man "That they all have their own personalities and more likely there isn't just one in the area. I suggested that they may not take lightly to one of theirs getting shot. The folks living there who had close encounters realized at how much they look like humans, and they really couldn't kill any of them." - Who is the man who reported Bigfoot in Clarke County?



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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Huge Horned Mountain Monster

The mountains of Madison County, North Carolina may have been home to an unknown howling beast, as reported in the Fairfield (S.C.) Herald on March 12, 1873:

A gentleman recently from the Shelton, Laurel district of North Carolina, some forty miles from this place, informs us that the people in that "densely thicketed" county are greatly excited in regard to the appearance, upon several different places, of a huge mountain monster, the species of which is unknown. Mr. George Anderson, one of the gentlemen residing in the Laurel country, being one of the persons who saw the monster, also furnishes us with the following description of it.

"I was out in the bush hunting up some lost hogs, when all of a sudden there came into my path a beast, the appearance of which, I must confess, caused me to quake for the first time in many years. Aside from its strange and unusual appearance, the unearthly yell it uttered on perceiving me, which reverberated and reverberated through the forest, was enough to shake the senses of the most daring adventurer.

"The animal was some hundred yards distant from me and appeared to be a huge black bear with mane and head like a lion, but had horns like an elk upon it. Its tail was long and bushy, with dark and light rings around it to its extremity. Its eyes gleamed like a panther's and its size was that of an ordinary ox but somewhat longer.

"Just previous to making its appearance I had shot off my gun at a squirrel, and felt little prepared to meet such a ferocious beast without any weapon of defense. I immediately set about reloading my rifle, but had scarcely begun when it darted toward me. I retreated in as good order as possible, and must say I did some good running- not looking back until I found the animal had disappeared in the Laurel thicket.

"This is no story, Mr. Editor, gotten up to scare naughty children. I am not the only one who has seen the monster- several have seen it since I did; and, as sheep and calves are lately missing, it is presumed to be a carnivorous brute. Many have fortified their house to prevent a night attack from the strange monster, the like of which was never seen in these mountains before. Some think it has escaped from some rambling menagerie, while others superstitiously think it is sent to warn people of some great approaching danger.

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