Monday, October 16, 2017

An Alien Harvest

This account was forwarded to me about the same time I started investigating the David Eckhart encounters and abductions. Rosario's scenario is a bit scary and may verify some concerns involving alien intentions. In our conversation, Rosario seemed very sincere and demonstrated spontaneous emotion when certain subjects were discussed:

"I want to thank you for allowing me to tell my story. I have been a subscriber to your site for over a year and it has inspired me to open up so others be made aware of the complications that humans may face after an abduction by alien beings."

"One early morning during the late Summer of 1990, I awoke from a very deep sleep. It was 3:35AM and still dark outside, though I'd be up in an hour or so since it was harvest time on the farm.

I was feeling nervous as my heart pounded heavily. I sensed that there was someone in my bedroom, but all I could see was a spot of light in the corner by the dresser. Suddenly several hands grabbed me from all around the bed. I attempted to scream but could not move or say anything, nothing came out of my mouth."

"Within seconds I found myself lying on a cold hard table completely nude and terribly uncomfortable. I looked around me and there were four small beings in hoods and loose robes standing around me. They were conversing with each other, but I could not understand what they were saying since it sounded like a young child's gibberish. I felt something touching me all over my body but could see nothing. The beings' faces had a weird glow with sagging folds of shining skin."

"After what seemed like forever these beings slowing moved aside and this human-like man walked up to my side. He was tall, bald and had very pale skin. He also had large round eyes and was very slim. He came over to the table and started to talk to me in English. He calmly said that he was perplexed that I was so scared since he made it clear the last time that they had met he would return to ask a favor. He then turned and raised his hand, gesturing to a woman who walked into the room. She seemed to be a normal human female and quite beautiful. She had a small bundle in her arms and walked over to me. It was an infant, but it had pale skin and didn't look quite human."

"The tall man instructed me that he wanted me to take the infant and care for it. It needed the love of a human mother since their race did not understand the emotion of love. I told him that I couldn't because I already had a child and it was hard enough raising my son alone on a farm when times were currently difficult for me. He raised his head up and down as if agreeing with what I said and passed his hands across my eyes. I must have passed out because I awoke to found myself in my bed."

"It was daylight and I figured that I had been 'gone' for about 5 hours. When I tried to get out of bed, my legs and hips were very stiff and sore. I carefully stood up and noticed 2 large spots of wet blood on the bedsheets. The experience with the beings was still fresh on my mind but I had no idea that I had endured any probing or surgery."

"A few days later, I decided to schedule a doctor's appointment just to make sure I was OK. The doctor recommended a full physical since my blood pressure was higher than usual and my ankles were swollen. An appointment was made at my local hospital for x-rays and blood work."

"To make a long story short, I returned to my doctor's office a few days after the tests were performed. When I walked into her office, she asked me to sit down and explained that my right kidney was missing. She said that it was probably missing since birth and was just never noticed. I found this hard to believe since I had given birth to my child and have had other x-rays in the past. I just agreed with her assessment and was instructed that I would need to start taking hypertension medication and would need to be regularly monitored."

"I am positive that the beings removed my kidney and performed other experiments on my body. Though it has been almost 20 years since that encounter, I just know that they will be back."

"Lon, have you ever heard of organs and/or body parts being harvested from abducted humans?"

"I sincerely hope I can eventually get some answers." Rosario - near Cody, WY

NOTE: I did talk to Rosario and assured her that she wasn't the only person that I knew of who had whole or parts of organs removed during an abduction or encounter. It's been about a decade since I last talked to Rosario for an update. I hope she found some solace. Lon

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Daily 2 Cents: When Grandma Called -- Female Ghost Chases Men From Village -- Mysterious Fires Plague Family

When Grandma Called

Felissa in California called in to tell of a weird experience she had:

“I have a nephew. He's 30 and he and I are very close. My mom passed away two years ago and she and I were not close at all. So she passed away and about three weeks later I was doing something important. I turned over my phone and I saw that I missed a call from her which was creepy enough. I was talking to my nephew and he said, 'Hey, guess what happened three weeks after grandma died?' I said, 'What?' He said, 'I turned off my phone and I missed a call from her,' and I said, 'You sure?' He goes, 'Yeah, my phone never rang but when I turned it over, it was there.'

We had the very same experience three weeks after she passed. (George Noory wanted to know if somebody was playing around with her phone) No, actually, her phone was stolen from the facility where she passed away and so the day that I realized they stole her phone, I turned it off, alright, so it shouldn't have been... nobody could use it then.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - September 6, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Female Ghost Chases Men From Village

Men have fled an Indian village after people in the town feared a female ghost was attacking male residents.

It appears as though only women are now living in the tiny village of Kasiguda, in the Nirmal district of Telangana, after reports of the ghost.

Word of the reported ghost spread throughout the town of 60 residents after three people, including two brothers, were killed in the village within a three-month period.

People in the now-abandoned village claimed that a female ghost had strangled the men who were killed.

The village was once inhabited by stone workers, but now doors are locked and windows have been shuttered. Read more at
Men flee Indian village after 'female, man-hating ghost that only attacks males' forces them to abandon their homes


Mysterious Fires Plague Family

KOTA BARU: Six years ago, Zainab Sulaiman and her family claimed to have suffered from “paranormal activity”, including mysterious fires at their home in Kampung Penambang Mas near Pantai Cahaya Bulan.

The phenomena lasted for several months, resulting in the former petty trader and her family suffering huge losses, including the destruction of their wooden house and other valuable properties.

Though still unable to explain the things that were happening to her family, Zainab was glad when the occurrences stopped.

But the 80-year-old and her family are now suffering again, claiming that the paranormal activity began again last month.

Zainab claimed unexplained fires again occurred, damaging her house and another belonging to her sister.

“The latest incident happened on Friday. I was at our rental homestay with my daughter Ropeah Zakaria, 50, and her three children, aged between 17 and 21, when suddenly five unexplained mysterious fires started to burn our clothes and prayer mats.

“Worried the fire would spread to the whole house, we immediately took some water and splashed the fires,” she said.

Zainab said, since the incident, they are having sleepless nights worrying that the fire will occur while everyone was asleep.

“Since last month, we have called all sorts of religious experts and even bomoh to help us but the mischievous spirits continue to disturb my family,” she said.

Making the situation worse, she said, many neighbours seemed to be avoiding coming close to them and some even refused to rent their houses to her family.

“Since last month, we have to rent a homestay in the village because we could not find a house to rent. Many villagers refused to allow us to rent their homes as they are afraid of the mysterious fires might destroy the houses,” said Zainab. - Kelantan family claim 'mischievous spirits' plaguing them with 'mysterious fires'


Introducing Profound History: Repeating the Supernatural - my newest blog dedicated to past paranormal and fortean events. Bookmark it today!



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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Weekend 2 Cents: 'SlenderGumby' Being -- Mystery Cat in Mississippi -- Pope Warns of 'Demonic Seduction'

'SlenderGumby' Being

The following was posted at National Cryptid Society. Honestly, I don't know who runs this was forwarded to me:

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Date: August 14, 15 & 16 2017

“I saw something reminiscent of slender man. Obviously slenderman is a creepy pasta but this isn’t slender man. There’s a farm behind my house, separated by a canal. The farm stretches maybe about 1000 feet back before it hits a tree line. A couple weeks ago, I was eating dinner and was staring out at the farm. It was maybe 20 minutes until nightfall.

I saw what looked like a really tall, gray version of “Gumby” walk out of the tree line, take two really large lunges, then disappear back into the tree line. It was much too tall to be a person.

It was flat but its legs bended in a way that looked like a plank bending. Like how a piece of wood bows when weight is put on it but springs back up when the weight is taken off. Its body, from where I could see it, was rigid. It didn’t look flexible aside from the legs and the limbs were fairly wide

The next night, at the same time, the same exact thing happened except my parents were with me. It walked on two legs but it was more like lunges or arching steps than human walking. I asked them if they saw that and they just said “saw what?”

Then it happened AGAIN the third night. So either my body is giving me random hallucinations in sync with my body’s time clock or there’s some weird Slendergumby demon living on the farm behind my house. I haven’t been home much recently so I haven’t been able to look for it again but if I’m able to. I haven’t seen whatever it was since those three times and was unable to get a photo of it due to how far away it was.

Its movements and stride were consistently the same all three days and it happened at the same time each night. I’ve yet to venture to the farm to look at the area that I saw it, but when I do, I’ll take photos of anything that looks interesting or out of the ordinary. This was in the middle of a very populated city so seeing something this outlandish in a human heavy area was quite strange.


Arcane Radio Update

Update: Having tried multiple venues to do live; that don't seem to work out too well, we will be moving back to Recorded Podcast. We hope this will fix the inconsistencies in audio, and not disappointing our audience.

We haven't been very happy with the quality of our product, and will work hard to bring you NEW Content. We will continue to be as interactive with our audience as possible. Show topics and guests will still be promoted, and you will have the ability to ask questions via email or Facebook.

As always, thank you for your patience with us! -Sean, on behalf of myself, Lon, and Butch.


Pope Warns of 'Demonic Seduction'

(Vatican Radio) Only Christ crucified will save us from the demons that make us "slide slowly into worldliness", saving us also from the "stupidity" that St. Paul talks about to the Galatians, and from seduction. This was central message of the homily of Pope Francis at his Mass, Friday morning, at the Santa Marta residence in the Vatican. He was reflecting on the episode in Luke’s Gospel where Jesus casts out a demon, which some people interpret as through power of the devil.

The Pope said the Lord asks us be watchful in order not to enter into temptation. This is why a Christians have to be awake, watchful and careful like a sentinel. Jesus was not narrating a parable but was stating a truth, i.e when the unclean spirit comes out of a man, he roams about in abandoned places looking for refuge and not finding any, decides to return to where he came from, where the freed man lives. Hence the demon decides to bring in "seven other spirits worse than him.” Pope Francis emphasized the word “worse”, saying it has much force in the passage because the demons enter quietly. Read more at Pope urges Christians to watch out against worldliness


'Catch of the Day' Causes Heart Attack

A British man's heart stopped after he accidentally swallowed a 6-inch long Dover sole on a fishing trip in Boscombe, in southern England.

The man, 28, who was not named, went into cardiac arrest Oct. 5 after the fish jumped in his mouth, blocking his throat. However, paramedics were able to clear his airway after drawing the sole free with forceps.

Matt Harrison, an emergency responder for the South Western Ambulance Service, said he was on the scene in under two minutes. When he arrived on the dimly lit pier where the man was fishing, a friend of the man’s was already performing CPR. Read more at 6-inch fish leaps into man’s mouth, causing cardiac arrest


Mystery Cat in Mississippi

The sighting Wednesday of an enormous cat roaming a field in northern Mississippi has local residents on the lookout – and perhaps a bit on edge.

David Sluder captured video footage of the cat from his vehicle while in a fast-food restaurant line in Hernando. In the footage Sluder posted to Facebook, he says, "Man, I'm 100 yards away from this cat right now. I don't know what kind of cat it is… but this thing is huge."

The video has gone viral (more than 5,000 shares), and the mystery creature has been unofficially identified as everything from an oversized house cat to a mountain lion to a panther.

The latter two seem unlikely given that there have been no confirmed sightings of mountain lions in Mississippi in more than 100 years. There are no known panthers in the state, either. Read more w/ video at Mysterious large cat has Mississippi town wondering what’s in its midst



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10 Messages Your Angels Want You to Know

Ouija Board Nightmares: Terrifying True Tales

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