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Archive: America's First Recorded UFO Encounter

In March 1639, America's first recorded UFO was sighted late one night over the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts. Lights sped back and forth across the Charles River from Back Bay Fens to Charlestown. Governor John Winthrop made an entry in his journal regarding this strange event. This account was later published in The Journal of John Winthrop, 1630-1649 (John Harvard Library) The witness and incident were described as follows:

"One night in March of 1638 or 1639, James Everell ("a sober, discreet man"- Winthrop) and two companions boarded a little boat and set out for a trip on the Muddy River in Boston. They had been moving downstream for about a mile when the night's mysterious events began. The three men were suddenly confronted with the appearance of a huge, bright light hovering in the sky. The light "flamed up" as it hovered and appeared to be about "three yards square." As they watched, the light "contracted into the figure of a swine" and moved "swift as an arrow" in the direction of Charlton [Charlestown]. For two or three hours, the unidentified light moved back and forth in the sky between Everell's location and Charlton. When the light finally disappeared, the men noticed to their dismay that they had somehow been carried against the tide back to the place where they had started their trip! Governor Winthrop noted, "Divers[e] other credible persons saw the same light, after, about the same place."!"

Governor Winthrop appears to have been puzzled by the occurrence, devoting no less than two separate notes about it in the index to his history. The first merely gives a lengthy rendering of the sobriety and piety of the primary witness James Everell (“a good man of reputation, activity and good estate”) and another detailed note speculating whether the sighting was due to “demonic influences” or was ghost lights or will o’ the wisps (an early version of swamp gas).

It's worth noting that the figure in the sky appeared to turn into "the figure of a swine." Everell was a leather dresser, meaning he worked with the hides of animals, tanned them, and turned them into leather goods. The "swine" or pig was the only shape in his mind that he could relate to. A far as legs of the swine, is it possible that these were struts or landing gear of a craft?

Winthrop's account also claims the event lasted two or three hours, which rules out any chance of the object being a meteor. 1638 was almost 150 years before the first balloon flights, so the possibility of the object being man-made is also ruled out. The witness also claims that their small boat was pushed back against the tide about one mile (back to where they first set their boat in the water) while they watched the object in the sky. Could this be a "lost time" phenomena? Were they physically moved by the object in the sky? Could it be they were mistaken as to the tide because they were distracted by the unidentified object in the sky? This UFO close encounter may have been more close than originally thought.

As to Winthrop's trust of the witness, stating that he was "a sober, discreet man" he also included a footnote about Everell: "He was a man of reputation, activity and good estate in Boston many years afterwards. With his wife, Elizabeth, he had been received into Boston church 20 of July, 1634, being Nos. 239, 240. His will, made 11 December, 1682, proved 2 February following, is found in our Probate Registry, vol. VI. 400."

The following footnote about the sighting was added in the 1825 edition of Winthrop's Journal:

"This account of an ignis fatuus [pale light over marshy ground] may easily be believed on testimony less respectable than that which was adduced. Some operation of the devil, or other power beyond the customary agents of nature, was probably imagined by the relaters and hearers of that age, and the wonder of being carried a mile against the tide became important corroboration of the imagination. Perhaps they were wafted [carry lightly], during the two or three hours' astonishment, for so moderate a distance, by the wind; but, if this suggestion be rejected, we might suppose, that the eddy [whirlpool], flowing always, in our rivers, contrary to the tide in the channel, rather than the meteor, carried their lighter back."

The area of Muddy River where the UFO was probably sighted

Muddy River is located at Back Bay Fens, opposite Cambridge, MA, and diagonally across from Charlestown. Back Bay wasn't filled-in at that time, and a large area of open water existed in the river that was then called Broad Bay. The distance to Charlestown would have been more than two miles.

The Charles River, prior to being dammed, had great tidal flow, and would drain much of Back Bay each day, and then replenish it. Muddy River likely had a larger volume of water flowing through it in 1639, but it is unlikely that a great eddy existed near its mouth. Thus, it is unusual for witnesses to assert they were unmoved by tidal flow (in a small boat) for more than two hours.

Muddy River, the hamlet, eventually became the separate town of Brookline. Pigs and other cattle were stored there during summer while corn was growing in Boston. It is safe to deduce that the UFO witnesses had seen or heard swine on the same day they observed the great light. Thus, the lights resembled a common animal, making it probable they saw ignis fatuus mirage phenomena in the darkness.

In any case, the event was observed by divers (many) people, and noteworthy enough for the Puritan Governor to document it in his private journal. It's also interesting that Winthrop, an overtly religious man, would summarily dismiss any supernatural origins to the story he heard. Perhaps a glowing, flying pig didn't fit into his understanding of scripture, so his thoughts didn't go in that direction. Besides the one paragraph and two footnotes, Winthrop writes nothing more on the subject of North America's first UFO sighting and possible alien abduction.

NOTE: John Winthrop, Esquire (1588-1649) has the distinction of being the first elected governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Winthrop was an English Puritan who sought religious refuge in the New World. He was passionate about his faith, and he believed God would punish England for not expunging any remaining traces of Roman Catholicism from the Church of England. It's important to note Winthrop's beliefs because it's possible he may interpret any out-of-the-ordinary event as being religious in nature.

The pilgrims aboard the Mayflower had already blazed the trail in 1620, so when Winthrop arrived in 1629, an English colony was already well established. The smallpox virus that the English carried to America had wiped out many of the indigenous peoples -- and Winthrop viewed the epidemic as God's way of clearing the land for the good Christians from England.

Perhaps the greatest legacy John Winthrop left behind was his chronicles. He knew there were few learned men in America with the time and ability to document the history as it was being written. Winthrop wrote down the events he witnessed and the stories he heard in a giant tome called The History of New England From 1630 to 1649 which was later published in 1790.

Mysteries of the Skies: Ufos in Perspective
U.F.O.'s and extra-terrestrials in history
A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies: Primary Access to Observations of UFOs, Ghosts, and Other Mysterious Phenomena
The Journal of John Winthrop, 1630-1649: Abridged Edition (John Harvard Library)
John Winthrop: America's Forgotten Founding Father

Daily 2 Cents: Hovering UFOs Emitting Fireballs -- Monster Sightings Increase at Loch Ness -- Is the Holy Grail in North America?

Hovering UFOs Emitting Fireballs

November 20, 2014

My sister and I were driving toward Clarksburg WV, on US-19 about 2 miles outside of Shinnston, WV. It was around 19:30 when I saw the lights out in the distance. I noticed two white lights above a hill. They looked like headlights. It was about as high as a cell tower. I thought it might be for a while because the lights were staying in one place. Something didn’t seem quite right with it. I pointed it out to my sister. She agreed it didn’t look right. We became transfixed on this light. It was hard to concentrate on driving.

We rounded a turn and the lights are now on our right. We’re both staring at these lights suspended above the hill. We are now about a mile from where we first saw the lights. Then the object started moving. It flew over the road to our left an unknown distance in front of us. We began to feel uneasy. As it flew over the road something came out of the object. It looked like a fireball. It was attached to the object because any move the object made it did too, but it never returned to the object. The object turned back toward us and flew directly over us.

I had my window down with my head halfway out the window, and I couldn’t make out any shape to the object. The radio was off, and I couldn’t hear any sound coming from the object. I opened the moonroof of the truck and my sister got a very good look at the lights, and she said that she couldn’t make out anything on it either. It was like it was there, but not. It’s something that I can’t quite find the words to describe. I went and turned around at a diner that was right up the road. When we came back it was gone.

We dismissed it as probably an airplane, and we were overreacting. We went into town and got what we needed. On the way back, we used I-79N to Fairmont. There was a small plane that was trying to line up for landing at the North Central West Virginia Airport. It flew over the interstate and made a sharp turn similar to that the object made earlier. This is when the differences in the two became apparent.

One, the plane had a lot more lights than the object had earlier in the night. The plane had red and green lights that were clearly visible. Two, the plane was faster than our object. Finally, the plane’s turn was nothing like our object’s turn. The plane didn’t have the maneuverability the object did. When he plane turned it banked to one side. Whereas, our object stayed on a flat plane the entire time. The plane went a great distance to make a turn. Ours made the turn in an instant. It moved much more gracefully than the plane did.

I don’t know what I saw. I do know that the object was less than 500 feet above us, and neither of us could make out any shape to the object. I also know that whatever came out of the object didn’t appear to go back to the object. I don’t know what it was or if there is physical evidence out there. There is a public trail over there. I plan to go out this weekend to search for anything that might have come down. - MUFON CMS

Google Earth:

1st Sighting


Crucifix and Virgin Mary Statue unscathed in fire that destroyed 100-year-old church

Parishioners of a San Jose Catholic church destroyed by a huge fire last Sunday are calling it a miracle that both the church’s crucifix and Virgin Mary statue both somehow survived the inferno relatively unscathed.

The ornate crucifix of Holy Cross Catholic Church appeared to not even have any soot or singe marks, even as the rest of the church’s interior was in ruins.

The beloved Mary statue, the Virgin of Guadalupe, was also intact.

Devastated parishioners were elated after the discovery, saying it was a sign from above. “It’s like a miracle to give us hope that it’s still there and we can rebuild,” said Cecilia Rodriguez.


Monster Sightings Increase at Loch Ness

A recent increase in Loch Ness Monster reports has been attributed to debris from a nearby forest.

After 18 months of no sightings at all there has been a sudden and unexpected increase in the number of people reporting encounters with the famous lake monster over the last few weeks.

Most of them, including that of Richard Collis who filmed a dark object protruding from the water earlier this month, have described witnessing a long, thin, serpent-like head and neck rising up from the murky depths of the loch.

While these sightings might seem like definitive evidence that something strange is going on, it just so happens that this latest wave of reports coincides exactly with an increase in the amount of logs and other debris being washed in to the loch from nearby Urquhart Bay Wood.

"Large amounts of wood flows out of the woodland through the two winding rivers that flow into Loch Ness each year, peaking when water is high in late autumn and spring," said a spokesman for the Woodland Trust conservation charity.

"I think that some of that debris explains the long thin, sometimes stick-like, shapes seen."

The Urquhart Bay area has in fact been described as a "Nessie spawning ground" due to the sheer number of monster-shaped objects that end up in the water there. Read more at Independent


Is the Holy Grail in North America?

Forensic geologist, Scott Wolter, has put forward a radical new theory concerning a set of three inscribed stones found near Spirit Pond in Phippsburg, Maine, more than 40 years ago. According to Wolter, the controversial stones are evidence that the Knights Templar fled Europe for North America after their persecution in 1307, bringing with them the Holy Grail.

The Spirit Pond rune stones, as they are often called, were found in 1971 by a Walter J. Elliott, Jr., a carpenter born in Bath, Maine. The stones, currently housed at the Maine State Museum, have been dismissed by some scientists as a hoax or a fraud, but others maintain that they are authentic and provide evidence of pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact and Norse colonisation of the Americas.

The mysterious stones measure about six by eleven inches. One stone features a rough map on one side and inscriptions on the other. The second stone bore a dozen letters on one side, and the third contained a long message of sixteen lines neatly inscribed on both sides of the stone. Read more at The Epoch Times



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The Green Children of Woolpit: the 12th century legend of visitors from another world

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Hungry Souls: Supernatural Visits, Messages, and Warnings from Purgatory

Ghosts: A Natural History: 500 Years of Searching for Proof

The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Looking Through the 'Unsolved Mysteries' Archive

I was sitting here in front of my laptop wondering what I was going to post. It does happen occasionally. I suppose it's more 'what am I in the mood?' to write about. Then I noticed an advertisement for DVD's of the old 'Unsolved Mysteries' TV series. Well, I decided to Google the show and found a wiki archive of episodes. The show mostly entertained stories about individual experiences. So I went through several of the listings...then decided to post a brief description of a few I remembered watching. Maybe I'll do the same for 'In Search Of...' in the future, though that show covered subjects that are the mainstay of the paranormal and supernatural world.

Here are a few episodes I felt were worth noting:


A case of "Signs from Heaven" is that of television star Michael Landon and his step-daughter, Cheryl. After his death in 1991, Cheryl was devestated, but soon began hearing the voice of her father. She began writing a book about her father, but was uneasy about publishing it and going on talk shows to talk about it. However, her father's voice said that he will give her a single red rose for her first show.

A year later while in Manhattan, she was preparing for her first talk show when she heard her father's voice again and he said that she needed to find the Central Park fountain. When she got to the bottom of the stairwell, she found a red rose, just like her father had told her. Cheryl is certain that her father contacted her from beyond the grave to help comfort her.


On August 9, 1987, three year old Audrey Santo was playing with her brother Stephen when she fell into the family swimming pool and nearly drowned. She was rushed to a hospital and went under cardiac arrest and she went into a coma for three weeks. Afterwards, she went into a state called Akinetic Mutisim, which is a state of non-speaking and limited movement. Four months after the accident, Audrey was brought home to live with her family while in a hospital bed. Her family later took her to Medjugorje in Yugoslavia, and although the trip nearly killed Audrey, her family believes that she spoke with the Virgin Mary and became a victim soul, which is a person who willingly takes on the suffering of others. After Audrey was brought back home, oil began dripping from several objects in their house, and blood and oil began "weeping" from a painting of Jesus Christ.

The oil from the objects was given to people who were ill, and they claimed that it helped them heal. Sheryle Parolisi claims that she prayed at Audrey's bedside for the recovery of her son Joey, who had been in a car accident and was unable to walk. Sheryle claims that shortly afterwards, Joey was able to walk again. These are some of the many miracles that were believed to have been caused by Audrey. The miracles, along with other elements, some claim promote her for the sainthood, including the fact that she has had no bedsores for twelve years and that she can operate her machines through telekinesis. Audrey's house soon became and still is a pilgrimage site, and a window was placed near her room so people can view Audrey. To this day, Audrey Santo and her miraculous powers remain a mystery.

Audrey passed away on April 14, 2007 due to cardio-respiratory failure. Her mysterious life and the miracles that she made remain a mystery.


In 1988, 17 year old David Elliot died in a snow skiing accident in Rochester, New York. A few weeks later, his father John bought a book by psychic George Anderson called "We Don't Die" about another man who died in 1982 named David Licata. One night, John had a dream that he had a session with George and that he saw his son and David Licata standing next to each other. John then decided to go with his two other sons to a reading with George, and John sat in the back of the room.

George said that John had lost a son, but then lightning struck and he lost his signal. George later said that John had lost a son that was 17, and then went to David's brothers and said that the spirits of their grandparents were with them. He then said that David's brother Mark played soccer, which was correct, and then connected him to David Licata. He finally said that John was the father of the two boys even though they sat on opposite sides of the room, and said that John lost a son named David. John, who was originally a skeptic, was convinced then that George was genuine and he became a believer.


Ron Ortega and his wife had a baby that they named Gus. Gus Ortega. When Gus was about one year old and a half, his father was changing his diapers, then Gus claimed that when he was an adult, he had changed his father's diapers. As he grew up, he made several other references similar to that as he grew up. One day, Ron showed Gus some old family photos, and Gus pointed out his grandfather, August Ortega, in one of the pictures and identified the figure as himself, even though the man had died one year before Gus was born and he had never seen any pictures of him before.

He was also shown a picture of August's family business, which Gus identified as a place he once worked for. Gus also started talking about an Ortega family tragedy, and Gus claimed that he had a sister that died, and in fact, August had a sister who had been murdered by her husband almost half a century earlier. Gus's family is certain that he is the reincarnation of August Ortega.

August Ortega


In the Summer of 1985, a teacher and devout Atheist named Howard Storm was vacationing in Paris, France with his wife when he suddenly became ill and collapsed in the lobby of the hotel they were staying in. While in the hospital awaiting treatment, Howard lost consciousness and had a strange and frightening out of body near-death experience that took him into the depths of what he believed to be Hell; He said he first saw himself lying on a hospital bed unconscious but initially assumed he was seeing a patient that simply resembled him, then described hearing voices calling to him in English which he found somewhat peculiar but nonetheless assumed it was the hospital staff ready to take him in for surgery. He then described how it became more and more apparent to him that he was no longer in Paris or anywhere else that he recognized, and by that time he found himself being forcibly pulled into a dark void by a horde of aggressive humanoid-like figures who then proceeded to punch, kick, bite, and claw at him until he was curled up on the ground desperately praying for mercy; He claimed his prayers seemed to drive his attackers away from him until they retreated into the darkness and that moments later a glowing figure appeared to him and pulled him up from the darkness and forced him to watch the events of his life up to that point including times he was selfish or cruel.

After being forced to review and reflect on his life, Howard said the glowing figure instructed him to return to Earth and live with love in his heart. Moments after regaining consciousness, a surgeon arrived and Howard received treatment, and over the next year gradually made a full recovery. The experience brought him to the brink of insanity because it so strongly contradicted his views on death and the afterlife, but he soon recovered and realized that he needed to change his religious views. A decade later, Howard had become a Methodist minister and he continues to express certainty that he went to Hell.

Source: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki

The Best of Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries : UFO 26 Episode Collection : Ufo's , Government Cover-ups , Alien Encounters , Roswell , Alien Abductions And More : 4 Disc Set - 618 Minutes

Unsolved Mysteries of American History: An Eye-Opening Journey through 500 Years of Discoveries, Disappearances, and Baffling Events

Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century

Daily 2 Cents: Arcane Radio Presents Sharon Day -- Bigfoot...Next 'Endangered Species' -- Humanoid Encounter / Threatened by MIB

The podcast can be found at Arcane Radio

Join Lon & Sean as we welcome our friend and colleague Sharon Day to Arcane Radio.

Sharon Day is the popular blogger of “Ghost Hunting Theories,” paranormal investigator and author of several books including “Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition),” “Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse,” “Zombie Housewives of the 1960s,” “Zombie Housewives of the 1970s,” “Zombie Housewives of the 1980s,” “Paranormal Geeks,” “Was That a Ghost?” “Growing Up With Ghosts,” and “Vacationing With Ghosts.”

Sharon grew up in an actively haunted home that was a Civil War Hospital for both the North and South during the war. That experience fueled her passion for all things unexplained, as well as a keen skill for psychometry (psychically reading objects). She worked her psychic talents over the years to be both intuitive and precog, as well as psychic tracking (following other’s paths and picking up on their memories, thoughts and emotions).

She is well known for her humor and her outside-the-box questioning of the popularly accepted and rarely questioned beliefs in the paranormal realm. Her driving forces are to help demystify the unexplained, to turn magical thinking into scientific thinking, to help clients to reframe their experiences in actively haunted homes, and to make everyone question the old ways and seek theories and concepts that replace fear with wonder.

Sharon's blog can be foud at Ghost Hunting Theories

Sharon's author page

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Bigfoot...Next 'Endangered Species'

A motel operator in New York State is seeking to have Bigfoot added to a local endangered species list.

Despite the controversy surrounding the Bigfoot phenomenon and the fact that Sasquatch has never even been recognized as a real creature, one man has taken it upon himself to fight for the right to have the hairy hominid protected as an endangered species.

Peter Wiemer made the case to Chatauqua County legislators on the basis that such a designation could result in a significant boost to the local tourist industry as well as ensuring that efforts are taken to protect the creature from harm if indeed it does exist.

Wiemer himself is no stranger to cryptozoology having investigated the creature for many years. Among his finds are a plaster cast of an alleged Bigfoot footprint as well as records of at least 17 different sightings in and around the local area over the last few years.

Despite insisting that granting the creature protected status would be the "right thing to do" however there has so far been no indication that local lawmakers will be taking him up on his suggestion. - CBS Local


Humanoid Encounter / Threatened by MIB

Gillette, NJ - It was the early morning of Halloween, when, I got to the observatory early to look at the stars with the telescope. When, I, got to looking at the stars, I swear, I could see a blue-white light in the telescope. This strange blue-white light, I could swear, was going incredibly fast. So fast that it was probably going at phantom speeds of fifty thousand miles per hour. How was that possible, I thought, an object, if it was an object, could go at fifty thousand miles per hour, and, then suddenly make a sudden turn like that with ease? It was not possible for an object that was gold-copper and flashing randomly a blue-white light to go at phantom speeds of fifty thousand miles per hour. Then, all of sudden, the gold-copper object was getting faster than before. My devices, suddenly, told me, that, the gold-copper object was now going at phantom speeds of fifty-seven thousand and five hundred miles per hour. It was fifteen to twenty minutes later, that, suddenly, the object suddenly stopped, for no reasons, said. With the telescope, I swear, I could see the object, it was a gold-copper rectangular object with windows! Windows! How's that possible?! How is it, that, what I'm seeing, is possible?! It couldn't be a "flying saucer"! A "flying saucer"!!! Upon underneath the windows, where, I could also swear, there was some movement, I saw where the blue-white lights came from. The blue-white lights came from exterior circular objects, that, were underneath the square windows. These exterior circular objects that were flashing blue-white lights were part and attached to the gold-copper rectangle with square windows. Suddenly, I, saw another pair of movement, but couldn't see through the windows, but I could swear to myself, that these beings in the gold-copper rectangle were, physically, human, or at least, humanoid. Then, all of sudden, a smaller cube object, came off the gold-copper rectangle's back. The cube was made of some white metallic alloys, and, it was big as the Apollo Lunar Module, though, much smaller than the gold-copper rectangle object itself. The cube was going at phantom speeds of twenty-five thousand miles per hour, which shocked me. Suddenly, the cube, by my calculations, was going to land in the small town of Gillette, here in New Jersey. I, suddenly, got into my car and drove to Gillette, but then something popped in my mind. How's this also possible that no one else, but, me is hearing and seeing this?! How, and, why, not others?! When, I, got to Gillette, there were some cars driving pass me, and, one person honked me in his car. I waved backed, but he'd drove away, normally. Then, suddenly, the white cube was now above me. Upon, my closer examinations, the white cube was hovering above me, then, suddenly, beams of blue-white lights appeared, and, then, to my shocked face, a humanoid appeared. The humanoid was wearing a silver-chrome skin-tight jumpsuit-like spacesuit with a white metallic space helmet. The face of the humanoid couldn't be seen through the space helmet, because, it look like a one-way or a two-way mirror circular glass upon the space helmet. Also, upon the back of the space helmet-spacesuit was, what to me, appeared to be two white rectangular tanks. I asked the humanoid about them, it told me that, in an almost strange language, that it was argon and nitrogen tanks. Then, I looked at the belt of the humanoid's spacesuit, and, also about it, because, the belt of the humanoid's spacesuit was odd. For example, the middle of the belt was in the shape of a cube and the rest was written in a strange language around it. The humanoid, then, put its left hand around my face, touching my face, for no reasons. The humanoid said, "What are you"? I, being professional, said that I'm a astrophysicist. The humanoid then, again, for reasons unknown, showed me its hands. The humanoid's hands had six, perfectly formed and functioning, fingers on each of the humanoid's hands. The humanoid, then, pulled out a small spherical device from the belt. The humanoid then said something to the sphere, which glowed a glowing and pulsating red color when the humanoid talked to it. The humanoid said, this device, captures and transmits tachyons. Then, suddenly, the humanoid returned to its cube and blasted off, knocking me off my feet. Suddenly, I blacked out. Then, what appeared to be a few hours later, I stand up, and I saw no trace of evidence of what had happened, so I got to my car and droved home. A few days later, someone, was knocking on my door. When, I, answered it, three men in black clothing came upon me with their black sunglasses. The middle of the three men spoke to me and said that nothing happened in the early morning of Halloween. I was confused. Why, and how?! Suddenly, the right man pulled out a black gun and pointed at my face, while, the left man pulled out a small pocketknife and pointed at my throat. The middle man said that they can make me disappear, don't talk anyone about Halloween morning. I said, sure, then the three man got angry at me and, in a union, promise to NOT tell. I, scared, said sure. Then, the three men said, again, in a union, that they know where I live and where I work at. Then they droved off in a black van with windows completely covered up. That's why I'am here. - MUFON CMS


A Magic Spell Book from Ancient Egypt

A mysterious ancient Egyptian parchment codex that has been in the collection of Macquarie University in Australia for more than three decades has finally been deciphered and found to contain a series of invocations and spells. The book, which likely dates to the seventh or eighth century A.D. and is written in the Egyptian language called Coptic contains a variety of spells—some love spells, some to exorcise evil spirits, and others to treat infections. As to who would have used these spells, lead researcher Malcolm Choat told Livescience, "It is my sense that there were ritual practitioners outside the ranks of the clergy and monks, but exactly who they were is shielded from us by the fact that people didn't really want to belabeled as a "magician.” To read about all kinds of ancient magic, see ARCHAEOLOGY’S “When Spells Worked Magic.”



Were Ancient Martians Murdered by Nuclear Bomb-Dropping Aliens? An Investigation

Deadwood Bigfoot Expedition: Ghost Town Bigfoot Sightings

The Curious Case of Jesus’s Wife

What is Lake–Effect Snow?

This 2000-Year-Old Pigment Can Eliminate The Third Dimension

Passing Strange: True Tales of New England Hauntings and Horrors

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The President's Vampire: Strange-but-True Tales of the United States of America

Mrs. Wakeman vs. the Antichrist: And Other Strange-but-True Tales from American History

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