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Phantoms & Monsters: Strange Encounters
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Damaged UFO Lands For Repairs

On March 30, 1995 in Transvaal, South Africa, a local farmer from Groot Marico in the western Transvaal plains region observed a saucer-shaped object on Thursday morning, with a distinctly visible hole in its hull. The farmer, Mr. Jan Pienaar (45), is of the opinion that this "vehicle" landed on a remote country road between Coligny and Brakspruit to have its damaged hull repaired. However, his arrival probably prompted the craft's hasty retreat and rapid ascent into the sky.


An alien flying object that had the entire region in turmoil this week with its colorful capers in the sky above the northern provinces could easily perform its maneuvers, it seems, even though it was dented and required a major repair job.

Mr. Pienaar stated that his near head-on collision with the alien flying craft from space was something very extraordinary for him, and that he would not forget this event for the rest of his life. He had difficulty describing the sensation of complete perplexity during his 3-4 minute encounter.

Pienaar explained: "It was about 8:30 a.m. when I came around a curve in the road and saw a black man shielding his face with his arm as though he wanted to ward off something. At that exact moment the engine of my brand new, small truck stopped. I looked up and saw the most incredible sight: Roughly 80 meters [240 feet] on the road in front of me stood the huge craft that rested on three landing pods. It extended over the entire width of the road and was about 8-9 meters [24-36'] high. The entire unit was translucent and lustrous as though it had been fabricated from a type of stainless steel. It had the form of two inverted soup plates with a pudding bowl on top. It appeared as though this upper level had seven windows or portholes. A red-violet-green-yellow glow emanated from somewhere and illuminated the hull. In the sheen of the light I was able to recognize that the flying craft had problems because there was a dent with a hole of a little less than 2 feet on the seam around the edge.

I could not see any beings in the vicinity, only the strange ‘craft’ which buzzed like a gigantic electric beater. I got out of my small truck but suddenly I could not make another step. It was as though a magnet held me on the same spot. I stood like this for three to four minutes when the craft suddenly rose into the air. First it lifted up like a helicopter high into the sky, then it sped like lightening on a course toward heaven."

Mr. Pienaar told us that it took some time before he regained his senses, and when he got into his truck and turned on the ignition, the engine immediately started up again. After this incident he continued to look for the black man whom he had noticed previously because he wondered what had become of him. All he could see were the old man's tailcoats flapping in the wind as he hastily peddled his bicycle down the dusty road.

From a nearby farm, Pienaar called the police and was told that the alien flying object apparently had been observed previously the night before in various locations above the northern provinces. Thirty minutes after the phone call, Mr. Pienaar drove back to the spot where he had experienced his incident with the flying craft. This time he was accompanied by Mr. Chap Smit, a farmer from the region. They stopped the truck on the spot where Pienaar had seen the flying object and exited the car. The ground on the landing site was scorching hot to the touch and could have easily burned a person's hand. There was a strange lingering odor in the air -- almost like chloroform. The old, black man had disappeared in the meantime and there was no sign of him anywhere. - Afrikaanse Sonntagzeitung Rapport (South Africa), Apr. 2, 1995



A flying saucer as wide as the road and between 6 and 9 m high landed in the road in front of him, according to a Coligny farmer. "I know people will dismiss it as rubbish and will think I'm crazy, but I definitely did see it. I had to report it to the police", Mr Jan Pienaar said to our Bloemfontein office. Several people from Bloemfontein alleged that they also saw a UFO yesterday - one even captured it on videotape. Mr Pienaar was travelling at 7.30am on the road between Coligny and Brakspruit when he encountered the flying saucer.

"It suddenly stood right in front of me in the middle of the road. My truck stalled and when I got out something like a magnetic field prevented me from moving. The UFO was about 90 m from me. It stood on three legs and hummed softly, like an electric motor.

"It was beautiful - metallic like stainless steel, but also in a strange way transparent. It also had red, green and purple lights. The shape was like an upside-down bowl with two ridges on top.

"After about three minutes the legs on which it stood slowly lifted from the ground and folded away. I could see a row of small windows on the top ridge, before it rose as fast as a lightning bolt" A police spokesman said the Bloemfontein flying squad was notified about 2.20am yesterday of the UFO. Members of the service saw a bright light and a member of the public captured it onn videotape. According to Mr Matie Hoffmann, physicist and amateur astronomer, it could be a weather balloon, kite or anything with a sharp light." - Die Burger, Cape Town, Friday 31 March 1995

Ufos Over Africa

UFOs, Area 51, and Government Informants: A Report on Government Involvement in UFO Crash Retrievals

Open Skies, Closed Minds

Daily 2 Cents: Slain Wife Haunts Killer Husband -- Unexplained Experiences in Hospital Lab -- OKC Thunder's Spooky '6th' Man

Slain wife haunts killer husband

An elderly man who said he had been haunted in his dreams by his wife since he killed her in a fit of anger and dumped her body in a pond has been arrested by police and charged with murder.

He told police he was so bothered by the dreams that he was about to turn himself in.

Phu Wiang police said the body of Orn Donkanha, 67, was found in a pond near Wat Santikaram in tambon Song Peuy of Phu Wiang district on April 15. She had been bashed on the left temple with hard object and had been dead around three days when she was found.

The police initially had no clue who was responsible, but suspicion later focussed on Sombot Samuk, 68, her new husband.

Mr Sombot and Orn had both been widowed and had been seeing each other for a few months. Although they each had their own home they frequenlty stayed together and were regarded as husband and wife.

He had disappeared from the area and police found out he was staying at a relative’s house in Chum Phae district in Khon Kaen.

The police sought an arrest warrant from the court on April 17 on a murder charge, and later arrested Mr Sombot.

Pol Maj Gen Churat Panngeo, superintendent of Provincial Police Region 4, said on Sunday that Mr Sombot admitted to killing his wife on April 11.

He said Mr Sombot and Orn were both widowed and had been together for some months.

Mr Sombot said Orn had frequenlty scolded him, but claimed he had been patient with her.

Mr Sombot said at Orn's invitation he accompanied her to a shadow puppet show in the village on April 11. On the way back home she scolded him severely about his family and his children, and expelled him from her house.

He became angry and hit her twice with a wooden plank he saw beside the road. She fell to the ground and died shortly after. So he dumped her body in the pond.

He then returned to his home, changed and burned the clothes he had been wearing, and fled to Phu Kradung district of Loei. He later moved to stay with relatives in Chum Phae district.

The accused told police that while he was in hiding he dreamed about the dead woman every night, and she told him to surrender to police or she would continue to haunt him in his dreams.

Mr Sombot said he had been so upset by the dreams he contacted a relative in order to turn himself in, but he was arrested before he could go to the police station. - Bangkok Post


Mythical beasts and voodoo worship: photographing pagan rituals in China

A young girl dressed like an angel, her face painted deathly white save for her red lips and the bright pink crescents around her eyes, is led on horseback through a curious crowd. A man wearing a demonic mask smokes a cigarette while cradling a sleeping baby. White-faced figures in bright robes emerge from the twilight mist like ghosts from ancient times. These are just three of the mysterious images in Shanxi, a hauntingly beautiful photobook by the Chinese photographer Zhang Xiao, which captures the age-old rituals of the annual lunar new year festival in the country's Shanxi province.

"These photographs document ancient customs originating [in] pagan beliefs – voodooesque forms of totem worship," he writes in his afterword. "A number of these old rites still survive and remain central to cultural practices throughout the region." Read more at The Guardian


Haunted Hospital Lab

I've tried talking to them and asking them to leave. Have prayed for them to leave. Have gone around the work area with salt and they still approach the workers.

There is one female in particular who comes from a culture that believes in spirits and is deathly afraid of them. It doesn't help that she has her own experiences in her culture where spirits were blamed for a child choking and pinching out of thin air. She is ready to quit because of them and I would like to find a way to get the spirits to leave so she doesn't.

Several other people on different shifts have had unexplainable experiences. Things like having their hair or scrubs pulled on. Another person was minding her own business and had what sounded like a ton of glass breaking right next to her. I have seen a grey shadow moving across the floor and sensed spirits myself.
This amount of activity is relatively new and seems to correspond to the new worker who is scared of them.

Are there any other techniques short of an exorcism to get rid of the spirits or at least get them to stop bothering this one female worker? -


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Haunted Skirvin Hilton Hotel...OKC Thunder's Spooky '6th' Man

OKLAHOMA CITY — The roster of the Oklahoma City Thunder has championship-caliber talent, but the team’s playoff hopes may rest — though not in peace — with one bit player who remains largely unseen.

She is an apparitional sixth man, of sorts, who may or may not exist at all, in this world or any other. But Effie the housekeeper has been known to play wicked defense and haunt Thunder opponents, most of whom stay at the 103-year-old Skirvin Hilton Hotel.

Large men unafraid of attacking the lane, diving headfirst into the seats or lobbing pressure-packed shots shudder at the mere thought of Effie. More important, perhaps, they lie awake the night before a game, their prescribed rest undone by phantom pains.

Is it any wonder that the Thunder had the league’s second-best home record?

In the past few seasons, the Knicks blamed creaks and groans for a sleepless night before a loss. A Bulls player could not explain why his bathroom door slammed shut. A member of the Phoenix Suns woke to find his bathtub filled with water. Read more at NY Times



UFOs & NATO: The Mainbrace Affair

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The Saint Carried His Decapitated Head To Where This Cornish Church Was Built

The Dawn of the Graphene Age

I-Team: New theory of a bigger, badder ancient sea predator

Memoirs of a Monster Hunter: A Five-Year Journey in Search of the Unknown

The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Unknown Canines Across the U.S.A. (Unexplained Presents)

Encounter in Rendlesham Forest: The Inside Story of the World's Best-Documented UFO Incident

Huge Flying Ray-Shaped Object Chased Fighter

I just found the following report at NUFORC. For several years I have been reporting on ray-shaped objects (possibly cryptids) being seen throughout the United States. This report is very different...because of size and speed:

Occurred : 4/11/2014 22:45 (Entered as: 04/11/14 22:45)
Reported: 4/15/2014 6:55:34 PM 18:55
Posted: 4/18/2014
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Shape: Changing
Duration:20 seconds
Large gray stingray shaped object chases fighter plane.

I was on the grocery store parking lot placing my groceries in the trunk. I heard a fighter plane type sound approaching us but didn't see anything. About 3 seconds later I see a fighter plane coming from the west heading northeast. The fighter plane was traveling very low and very slow. If I had to guess I would say 2,000 feet in altitude. I told my son and my friend "look it's a fighter plane". We watched it for about 8 seconds as it flied by directly above us. Then a large gray object approached the fighter plane from the rear at a very fast speed. The object had no navigation lights like the fighter jet had. It only had 4 very dim bar lights between the main body and the wings. I thought it was going to crash into the fighter plane. It slowed down suddenly about 3 plane lengths away behind the fighter plane. It followed the plane for about 5 seconds. Then the object gained speed, made a hard right, and then a hard left, cutting off the fighter plane.

The object could be seen more clearly when it turned because it banked left. Then you could tell that the object was shaped like a stingray without a tail. It was gray and about 12 times larger than the fighter plane. 4 dim bar lights on each side where the wings joined the main body. The wings were not fixed. The wings rippled at opposite rhythm like a stingray. The object took off heading northwest very fast. The fighter plane gained speed and continued northeast. 2 seconds later another fighter plane coming from the west followed the path as the first plane but traveled at a faster speed.

NOTE: I'm not sure that this sighting is related to those objects I have been investigating...but it is surely an odd incident that needs to be noted. Lon

The Van Meter Visitor: A True and Mysterious Encounter with the Unknown

The Field Guide To UFOs: A Classification Of Various Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Based On Eyewitness Accounts (Field Guides to the Unknown)

Strange Secrets: Real Government Files on the Unknown

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