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Alien Interaction: The Maringa Abduction

The Jardim Alvorada Affair is the study of a UFO abduction involving sexual relations and dialogue with the crew of a UFO. The case was investigated by the Center for Flying Saucer Research. The investigation included a number of interviews with the two main witnesses, who are brothers, and then hypnotic regression sessions, which were carried out by Dr. Oswaldo Alves, an MD.

There were a number of other people who saw the UFO in the vicinity and one couple took three photos of it with a Nikon Camera.

The incident occurred on the night of April 13, 1979, in Jardim Alvorada, a suburb of the city of Maringa in the state of Parana in southern Brazil.* The principal witnesses are Jocelino de Mattos, then 21, an electrician or linesman, and his brother, Roberto Carlos, then 13.

The incident began about 11:30 PM and continued until about 1:30 AM. The brothers had gone to a sister's house to watch a religious program on TV (April 13 being a religious date in Brazil), but because the ceremony was not going to begin until about midnight, they decided to go home:

Jocelino's Narrative: "My brother drew my attention to a strange star. He was astonished by its presence and I said to him it was only a star and he need not be afraid of it. As we continued walking down the street, the star looked as if it was following us, and it astonished me too.

"When we arrived at the corner where we normally turn right to go home, we felt a strange sensation. My blood started to run wildly in my veins and I began to walk towards a tree in the middle of a plowed field. I didn't want to go in that direction but something compelled me and my brother to walk towards it. It was difficult for us to walk because it was plowed and already prepared for planting.

"When we were immediately below the big tree, we both fell down to the ground. The strange object was about 10 to 15 meters away from us and about two or three meters above the ground. It was floating silently, and that's all I can remember except that I heard a kind of voice that said something like, "The job is not ended, we will be back." I do not know how I heard that voice but I remember it as in a dream.

"Sometime later we woke up with difficulty. Neither of us could walk by ourselves and I helped my brother up and he helped me up. We held each other and walked towards our house. We took a long time to reach the house. It seemed so far. We were dirty with mud and I was feeling a strange and sudden hunger. I've never felt like that before. Our legs were so weak. We were trembling. Some minutes later we reached home and as we were about to open the door our legs became weaker and we fell down suddenly, breaking the door open.

"My mother and brothers were waiting for us. They ran towards us and helped us up. We explained to them what had happened. At first they doubted us but later they went outside with me and I pointed out the star, which was still there. As we stood looking at the star, silently hovering almost over the trees, about 300 to 350 meters away from us, I began to tell my family what had happened to me and my brother.

"When I started telling them this, the object seemed to observe us from that distance and suddenly my brother and I received some kind of a shock, so strong it hurled us to the ground.

"My mother, another brother and my sister were not touched. My mother told me later that when they touched me or Roberto, we felt electrified, or something like that. We did not feel electrified, but we couldn't move even a finger.

"Then the star went away and we could stand again."

Some time later, after a number of interviews, Jocelino agreed to undergo hypnotic regression. "... the moment we turned the corner, something started pulling us, attracting us to the star. We fought against it, but couldn't. Suddenly, we started to walk, and walk... It seems as if we were walking very slowly and then we were walking very fast.

"My heartbeat started to accelerate, rapidly. I felt my body chilling, something bad. It was the same with my legs, in all my body, a bad sensation.

"We continued walking. It seemed that it was impossible for us to think of anything else. The only objective was to reach the place where the star was. When we arrived, we fell down to the ground. We stayed in that position for about two minutes, and after this time somebody came and caught us and took us up to a height. We were taken floating to that height.

"I was astonished to see something so incredible in front of me. Then a door was opened, at the side, and I went in. Then there were two men in the doorway. One of them came in front of me and looked at me very attentively.

"He took up an object which I didn't recognize, touched the object to my left arm, and gestured to me to get inside. From that point, we walked a little bit and we arrived in another room full of computers and there was some kind of command display on a table. It had different lights that I did not recognize and cannot explain.

"After that, they took me to another room full of motors, things I had never seen before. They were not hot and there was no noise. The motors were conic or something like that. "Then they took me to another room where there were some photographs similar to those of earth. I could see that the photographs were fixed on the wall in a kind of videotape, a TV screen or something like that. I could not distinguish it very well.

"Then we arrived in another room full of equipment like hospital equipment. It was a medical room. They asked me to lie down and as I did so, they examined me. Then, after this examination, they collected sperm, a small amount.

"Then they made me sit down on a kind of table. They put some instruments on my head and they spoke among themselves in a language that I did not understand. Then... (Jocelino stopped for some minutes and the hypnotist tried to make him less concerned)... but it scares me so much... After some minutes a woman arrived in the room. She touched me. She caressed me and it excited me. Then we started to make love. After (the relations), she stopped and told me: "Perhaps the seed will come alive." I did not understand anything.

She went out of the room and they spoke between themselves and they told me in thought that they were for peace and that their objective was to study, to understand, the earth. They spoke to me about life, the fights and the wars and I really thought they were for peace, that they were peaceful people, friends.

"Then they told me: 'We think it's time to leave you.' They took me by my arm and we went the same way we had walked to go to that place until we arrived at the door. I jumped to the ground together with them and they went floating ahead to where they could catch me. I felt myself paralyzed, totally unable to move.

"They made me lie down on the ground, exactly the way I was before they caught me. Then I came to my senses."

Jocelino and Roberto have for a long time been ashamed to live among their friends and family. They live silently, talk little and don't participate in communal life. When we first talked to them, almost a year after the incident, Jocelino was still disturbed and looking for help. - excerts from UFO Abduction at Maringa: The AGRIPO Experiment - A. J. Gevaerd and Wendelle Stevens


Excerpts from the 1st hypnotic regression (SOMEWHAT SEXUAL GRAPHIC):

OA (Dr. Osvaldo Alves, hypnotist)- It is 11:05 (23:05), where are you?

JM (Jocelino de Mattos)- Descending down… remember…

OA - Follow the route. Describe what you see.

JM - We go up by the route above the house of my sister, that is easier and better illuminated. Then we continue to descend directly, until near the Rua Dona Sofia Loren. From there we enter the rua - this residence is in front and the other on the other side. We are going by way of the Colegmyio Ariovaldo Moreno, a little before. My brother is a little disturbed. A little further he says:

"Look There!". Ah, my.. I saw a "star". I looked and already felt uncomfortable. Finally I comenced to feel unwell. I was not afraid, because I have never been afraid of things. Then we descend and the "star" continues to descend in a direct line with us - parallel. When my get to the end of this rua, there is the ravine, We go Up the ravine to get to our house... it seems that something commences to pull us, there towards the "star". Then my struggle... I myself cannot resist... we commence to walk.. ....... seems like we are walking very slow, but my are walking very fast. The heart commences to beat, rapidly - accelerating. The body commences to feel ill, an unpleasant thing; the legs, the whole body in general.

We are walking there. We cannot think of anything. Seems like the only objective is to get there, my force; struggle. They are in that direction. We arrive there, and we fall to the ground. We remain about 2 minutes fallen. Then I see someone and he touches me (only JM is involved at this point). We rise up above and are floating softly. He takes me to the enormous "star". I see that there and I don't know if I am afraid but more surprised. I don't know how I feel, terrified to see such an incredible thing in front of me. Then they open a door, there below, and I enter, and then there are two humanoids in the door. They come up and give me a look, touched an object that I don't know, against my arm and gave me a signal to follow. From there we walk a little and come out into a room "full of computers", and a "commend table with, some different lights" that I do not recognize nor can I explain. Then they take my me to another room where there are "photographs" similar to on Earth, only these photographs are localized, it seems, a kind of video tape or television, was there...

OA- How did they place the aparatus on your head?

JM- Like a helmet.

OA- Did it have many wires?

JM- Sincerely, I did not get to see.

OA- You are conscious at this moment?

JM- Yes.

OA- Is the helmet connected to the chair, or loose?

JM- It is movable. It has nothing to move (on it).

OA- They did not explain why they put you in the chair?

JM- No, they didn't say anything.

OA- Was it in this room that you talked to them?

JM- Was where I conversed with the woman.

OA- Only with the woman did you converse?

JM- -Yes.

QA- Then you are going to tell us when she arrives, no!

Where is your brother at this moment?

JM- I don't know.

OA- In this 'Machine, to where are they taking you?

JM- They have left (gone away).

OA- Gone? What is happening? What else?

JM- A woman is coming through that door!

OA- Which of the doors? Show us which door (on the drawing they have made).

JM- This here (indicating on sketch).

QA..., this one here?

JM- Yes, well, I sat do....

OA- Sat on the table?

JM- Yes, I sat there also, she commenced to make ....

OA- Sat on the table?

JM- Yes, I sat there also and she commenced to caress me lovingly...

OA- In what manner did she caress you?

JM- Passing her hand on my face, hair, chest, even to my sexual member, and I was then...

OA- Became excited?

JM- I was, and later she laid down and opened below…

OA- How did she open? Was there a kind of zipper, or buttons?

JM- I didn't see. She did not let me see, and I got on top of her and made…

OA- Made you "hot"?

JM- Soon made me "hot", but it was without grace. She did not show sensation, did not show anything. It was a cold pleasure. I felt myself come to orgasm...

OA- You came to orgasm?

JM- Yes, I believe I did, because a little later she pushed me and I got up. Following that, she wiped with a piece (of material) identical to (the material of) her clothes. She wiped my member and we began to talk. She said, "I take it that you came" (to orgasm).

OA- Did she say who she was?

JM- No, She said that she was a traveller but not specifically what type of person she was.

OA- How did you communicate with her?

JM- I found that it was by thought.

OA- You never saw her open her mouth?

JM- No.

OA- Her clothes?

JM- A black coverall...

OA- Was it different from the two men's?

JM- Yes, a black coverall.

OA- What was her hair like?

JM- Black and long.

OA- To where did her hair fall?

JM- It came down to her shoulders.

OA- Was it wavy or straight?

JM- Straight with turns at the bottom, gave a turn below there, like a little turn.

OA- Did you see her body below?

JM- Yes.

OA- Did it have fringe (pubic hair)?

JM- No.

OA- Was it slippery below or behind, was it divided to the sides?

JM- It was slippery to the back.

OA- Forehead large or small?

JM- Similar to ours.

OA- How tall was she?

JM- 1.70 to 1.80 meters. I can not be more specifically exact.

OA- Was she taller than you?

JM- Yes.

OA- And her eyes?

JM- black.

OA- Were not brown?

JM- No. they were black.

OA- How are you seeing her eyebrows?

JM- Full.

OA- Are they black?

JM- Very black.

OA- and the color of her skin?

JM- Light brown, darker than the men.

OA- And the color of her eyelashes?

JM- Like the women here.

OA- She was similar to our mulattos?

JM- Yes.

OA- And her nose?

JM- Like ours.

OA- And her eyes were horizontal, or oblique like the Japanese?

JM- Like ours.

OA- Are you seeing the skin on her face?

JM- No.

OA- Of what kind is her nose?

JM- my Pug nose, or similar.

OA- And the lips?

JM- They are medium.

OA- And the teeth, gums?

JM- I can not see...

OA- And her chin?

JM- Medium fine.

OA- Did she have a cleft below the lips?

JM- Here (demonstrating on his own face).

OA- did you see her breasts?

JM- No…

OA- But is there a volume there?

JM- Medium.

OA- When you had relations with her, did you feel her breasts?

JM- She did not let me.

OA- Did not let you, or didn't you want to?

JM- wouldn't let me.

OA- Did you try?

JN- Also no...

OA- then how do you know that she would not let you? If your did not try?

JM- Because she made a gesture.

OA- She didn't let you?

JM- No.

OA- Did the jaw protrude? More or less. did you see any kind of jewelry?

JM- No jewelry.

OA- What was her coverall like? Close fitted. Closed at the neck, or did it have decolage?

JM- Closed at the neck.

OA -Did you see her breasts?

JM- No.

OA- And the ears?

JM- Common.

OA- Was she ugly in comparison with our women?

JM- Pretty.

OA- Prettier than average?

JM- About the same, was medium, of Brazilian women.

OA- What was her shoulder like? Smooth. Did she open her legs for you to have relations (sex) with Her?

JM- No.

OA- Without opening her legs?

JM- Yes.

OA- How then could you have relations with her?

JM- She laid there with her legs between-opening like this. I got on top of her.

OA- Her vagina was located a little more to the front?

JM- No, not that I could see. I was there and had to make like that (demonstrating).

QA- And did anyone speak in a friendly way or like that? How was it?

JM- She said... "Perhaps the seed will grow".

We talked about the earth, the neurotic way that people live, and later, after the conversation, she retired through the same door that she came in, and then the two men reentered.

OA- Good, but some more details. What else did she say with respect to Earth?

JM- Yes, she found that our life, she said,.. The life here was a life of neuroses, of conflicts, wars, hunger, and nobody is concerned for the coming effects. Then, still thinking on the same (line of thought), I asked her about the life, the difference economically and financially between their life and ours... She did not say much - she said that it was our selfishness that provoked the wars, hunger and death...

OA- Did anyone speak of friendship or anything thus?

JM- Yes.

OA- How was that?

JM- She said that they are (our) friends. They would like to cultivate a friendship with us, and they are judging us, or something similar...

OA- did they give you any message or mission to be completed?

JM- No.

OA- Did you ask anything of them?

JM- Yes, and they said that I would have to understand better. They would have to see our compartment, reappraise, of talk and acceptance of things, then that it was for this that they had taken me aboard.

OA- With respect to where they came from, did you get to ask them?

JM- Yes. I asked from where they had come. they answered with, "Much beyond the stars". Then they didn't say any more.

OA- Did you get to ask them how fast they travel?

JM- No.

OA- Did they say if they would come back?

JM- No.

OA- Did they prohibit you anything?

JM- No.

OA- Did you perceive the presence of any more than the three persons?

JM- No.

OA- At the time that you were about to leave, in what manner did they conduct you outside?

JM- On foot (walking), the same way as we entered.

OA- Are you tired?

JM- No.

OA- The door is closed, or open?

JM- It is open.

OA- Did you see it open?

JM- Yes.

OA- Did you see any movement that they made?

JM- Yes.

OA- Are there three laminations (layers of wall)?

JM- One layer in the middle.

OA- You are going out floating, or walking?

JM- Floating, to the site where my brother, Roberto Carlos is laying.

OA- At what distance do you see the ship from the place where your brother is laying?

JM- More or less 800 meters…. - Archives

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Daily 2 Cents: Murdered Child Haunts Midland Mansion -- Time Jump / Odd Night -- Liquid Mercury Found Under Mexican Pyramid

Murdered Child Haunts Midland Mansion

Tycoon John Caudwell has revealed that a ghost is haunting his Midland mansion.

Mr Caudwell lives in 50-roomed Broughton Hall, near Eccleshall, Staffordshire.

Now, the billionaire who founded the mobile phones empire Phones 4u, has disclosed that his Jacobean pile has a ghost – of a terrified child killed during the Civil War.

John, 62, reveals: “The little boy was alone in the house. All the men had gone out hunting and the Cromwellians came down the drive.

“He shouted: ‘We are for the king’ – and one of the soldiers lifted a musket and shot him dead.

“He fell in the Long Gallery, crawled into one of the bedrooms and bled to death.

“Legend has it that, every so often, those blood stains come oozing through.

“I’ve never seen that, but there’s a strange thing: several women who have slept in the room have felt the bed vibrate – and I was not there at the time.

“There are also stories about this ghost brushing past people on the stairs.

“People who think they are in tune with the spirit world always say they can feel something – but it’s warm, not malevolent.”

John bought Broughton Hall 20 years ago for £800,000. It is now worth more than £10 million.

The entrepreneur sold off Phones 4u in 2006 for a cool £1.4 billion and is ranked as the 42nd richest person in Britain.

His rise to wealth came after he started work at the age of 17 on the production line at the Michelin factory in his home city of Stoke-on-Trent, earning just £3 a week.

He succinctly sums up those early days: “I became very well versed in the art of living on beans on toast.”

But he has never forgotten his humble roots and says: “When I die, half of my wealth will go to charity – and that objective motivates me to make as much money as I can.”

He already funds his own charity, Caudwell Children, which helps disabled youngsters.

Meanwhile, John is on track to achieve his big boy’s toys dream, having just been given planning permission to build his own steam railway in the grounds of Broughton Hall, which run to 28 acres. A half-sized locomotive will haul a fleet of fully furnished carriages, the whole project costing £500,000.

“It’s a mad idea; crackpot really,” he admits.

“I’ll probably only use the railway two or three times a year but I’ve had a fascination with steam trains since I was a boy.”

He reveals that – wealthy as he is – Broughton Hall poses a cash headache because of the heating bills.

“The secret is to create a nucleus of cosy rooms and for other members of the family to do the same,” he says.

“You then walk long distances through cold spaces to get to the next.”

There are several family suites in the mansion as Mr Caudwell has five children by three women.

He and his partner-of-15-years, Claire Johnson, separated last year, although they remain friends.

John is also still pals with his former wife, Kate, to whom he was married for 25 years.

When he tires of country life in Staffordshire, he has a £80 million mansion in Mayfair, London – and luxurious ski chalets in Vail, in the USA and Whistler in Canada. - Billionaire John Caudwell says mansion home haunted by Civil War ghost of murdered child


Time Jump / Odd Night

Fairfield, OH - It was a number of years ago so I can not remember the date exactly (or the month or the year,) sometime between 10-6 years ago, and it was a school weekend with no snow. We have a dog, but for some reason she wasn't there that night, nor were my parents, I cannot recall why.

I was laying on the bottom-most floor of our house, (Small, common tri-level.) I don't remember what I was doing exactly, just that it was dark with no lights or tv on, only the cable box clock for light. I very vividly remember the next part:

I was looking up at our ceiling, admiring the swirls of plaster in the dark and I glanced to the clock. It read 11:04. I looked back up to the ceiling, then glanced back to the clock. It read 04:11.

I jumped to my feet, instantly in fight-or-flight mode, goose-bumps across my entire body as listened for any sounds. Or any sights. I KNEW something was wrong.

I can not understand why, but at that point I decided that I should go to sleep in my room on the top story. I remember that as I went up, everything was oddly "peaceful" and surreal, my footsteps didn't really seem to make any noise, and although there were no lights on, I could clearly see everything. Also, it was almost like I had instantly left the adrenaline filled mode I was in, just sorta going-with-it.

I do not know if the next part happened that same night, but it was some time around then, my parents not home and neither was my dog. In my memory I remember it as the same night, but with the time on the clock, it wouldn't make sense, cause it definitely took place at night, and I had just woken up.

I woke up because of a lack of sound. I slept in a noisy room, many clocks and watches constantly making tick-ticks, and when all the sudden they all stopped, it was odd enough to wake me up. Nothing made sound though, analog clocks were all still ticking, just no noise. I wasn't tired at all however. I don't know what time it was, jsut that some how I "know" it was night.

I got the same surreal go-with-it feeling as before, however, I didn't feel like sleeping again so I got up, and then I noticed my window. I have quite the fear of windows at night, so all the blinds in the house are always closed at night. Every edge of the window though, it seemed to be "bleeding" in a white-blue light into the house, there weren't rays though, it was like only the walls around the edges of the window were being affected. Even so, just like before even though it was completely dark in the house, I could clearly see everything.

I didn't get scared though, it was more a curiosity than anything, but I wasn't ALLOWED to open the blinds, I thought about it, and I just couldn't. I knew there was something above my house, I don't know if it was directly, but I just knew.

I exited my room and went downstairs at this point. Our stairs exit out into the kitchen, where we have 3 Digital clocks, one on the oven, one on the Microwave, and one on the cable-box that you can see in the downstairs (where I was before).

I don't know how, but I knew that if I looked at the clocks, I would see something, so I did. At one point I had written down what they said, but I can't remember and have lost the paper, but it was NOT the time. They all said something that I could clearly identify as a word(s), but I remember not being able to understand it.

Next I noticed that all the windows facing the South (The direction the window on my room faces) had the same blue light bleeding through the edges.

We have double glass doors that lead onto our back porch in our kitchen, I some how had managed to not even think of them this entire time, but I then suddenly remembered them, and looked out them.

The same white-blue glowing light was bleeding around the edges of the doors, however, I remember not being able to see out them, it was definitely black and dark out, however, it was also bright. It was so bright that I had to squint, and then looked away.

The only example I can even think of is when it is cloudy outside, yet you still squint your eyes because some light from the sun outside of the visible spectrum still goes through the clouds and hurts your eyes.

I don't know how much longer I was awake, I just know I couldn't look outside, that I walked around the downstairs of our house inspecting things, the light was constant and unwavering, and everything was surreal-ly quiet and calm during the entire thing.

I eventually went back upstairs, but on my way up the stairs I stopped. I reached my arm over to the wall, and dug my fingers into it, and ripped out a bit of plaster.

I woke up normally the next day, went to the bathroom, and had almost forgotten about the whole thing, like it was a dream. But I looked over on my way down the stairs, there is still a hunk of plaster missing from that wall. - MUFON CMS


Liquid mercury found under Mexican pyramid

Significant quantities of the metal have been found inside the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent.

Discovered by Mexican researcher Sergio Gómez, the mercury was found within a chamber inside one of the pyramids of Teotihuacan, the world famous pre-Columbian ruins located in Central Mexico.

For years Gómez and his team had been working their way down through the bowels of the pyramid after its tunnels were unsealed in 2003. Dating back over 1,800 years, the ancient structure could still contain an undiscovered king’s tomb or ritual chamber that would help shed some light on how the ancient city was ruled.

Last year the team uncovered three chambers located 60ft below the pyramid and now with the discovery of liquid mercury they are hoping that a significant discovery could be close at hand.

While this dangerous metal would have had no practical application for the ancient Mesoamericans its reflective properties may have seen it used for symbolic or ritualistic purposes.

"Mirrors were considered a way to look into the supernatural world, they were a way to divine what might happen in the future," said Prof Annabeth Headreck of the University of Denver.

In this case the mercury may have represented an underworld river - a gateway to the afterlife.

If these indications of a burial chamber prove correct then it might not be long before Gómez and his team locate the ultimate prize buried deep down within the ancient tunnels of the pyramid. Read more at Liquid mercury found under Mexican pyramid could lead to king's tomb




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Continued Appeals For Government Disclosure

Former Canadian defense minister and author Paul Hellyer is once again urging governments to disclose information on UFOs and alien beings. Though I respect Mr. Hellyer's tenacity, I'm not sure if his approach has been effective...especially since he has also latched onto other conspiracy theories that don't involve UFOs and extraterrestrials:

A former Canadian defense minister, Paul T. Hellyer, 91, has accused the world governments and leaders of concealing vital information about the presence of aliens on Earth. He called on governments to release classified documents containing information about UFOs.

Hellyer, who served as Canadian defense minister from 1963 to 1967, first talked about his belief in aliens and alien UFOs in 2005, when he alleged alien presence on Earth, saying that “UFOs are as common as airplanes in our skies” and that “they’ve been visiting our planet for thousands of years.”

He restated his belief in aliens and alien UFOs, calling on world leaders to release classified documents relating to UFOs during a keynote address delivered to a crowd of about 400 ET and UFO believers at the University of Calgary as part of the ongoing Disclosure Canada Tour organized to call on governments to release classified UFO files.

The Disclosure Canada Tour, organized by a Canadian group known as Modern Knowledge, also took Hellyer and other speakers to other Canadian cities, such as Toronto and Montreal.

According to CTV Calgary, he said that the people have to demand disclosure from their governments because “much of the media won’t touch it [the documents].”

“So you just have to keep working away and hope that someday you get a critical mass, and they will say, in one way or another, ‘Mr. President or Mr. Prime Minister we want the truth and we want it now because it affects our lives.'”

While skeptics dismiss Hellyer’s claims as outlandish, he is highly regarded among alien and UFO enthusiasts as a primary witness or “insider,” having been Member of Parliament for many years and former defense minister. Being a former high-ranking defense official, his pronouncements about ETs and alien UFOs are taken very seriously by enthusiasts and help to fuel online conspiracy theories.

He is probably the highest ranking official of a western country to openly state that ETs and alien UFOs are real and are present on Earth. He once accused the U.S. government of planning to start a space war and has repeatedly called for public hearings on ETs and UFOs.

He appears to believe sincerely that aliens are living on Earth among us and that governments are aware of it but concealing the truth.

Hellyer and others of the ET/UFO community who share his beliefs say that some of the aliens living among humanity on Earth are similar to humans in appearance and thus are able to hide their presence.

He once said that aliens “look just like us and they could walk down the street and you wouldn’t know if you walked past one. They are able to get away with that; they had a couple of their ladies dressed as nuns go into Las Vegas to shop and they weren’t detected.”

According to Hellyer, at least four alien species have established presence on Earth. But he once told Russia Today that at least 80 species of ETs have visited Earth.

He believes that most of the alien species have good intentions toward humanity, although a few have questionable motives. His list of alien species does not add new information to beliefs about aliens already held by members of the ET/UFO community.

The species include the oft-mentioned “Tall Whites,” who allegedly work for the U.S. military, especially the Air Force, on advanced aeronautical projects, such as those conducted at Area 51 in Nevada during the 1950s.

In some ET conspiracy theory circles, President Barack Obama is a “Tall White” disguised as a human.

Other species are the “Nordic Blondes,” who we could mistake for Danes, and finally the “Short Grays,” who conform to popular stereotypes about alien, having large heads, spindly arms and legs, and stand at about five feet.

According to Hellyer, aliens have preferred not to reveal their presence on Earth to the public mostly because they are dismayed about mankind’s destructive and war mongering culture. Aliens became very worried about the propensities of the human race after the first atom bomb was detonated in 1945.

Although aliens have made a few contributions to human technology, they are withholding more advanced knowledge because they fear that humans will use the knowledge for destructive purposes.

“We spend too much time fighting each other, we spend too much money on military expenditures and not enough on feeding the poor and looking after the homeless and sick.

“We have a long history of UFOs and of course there has been a lot more activity in the last few decades since we invented the atomic bomb. They are very concerned about that and that we might use it again, because the whole cosmos as a unity, and it affects not just us but other people in the cosmos. They are very much afraid that we might be stupid enough to start using atomic weapons again.”

Hellyer’s claim that aliens are benevolent and altruistic sounds too good to be true to most skeptics.

According to New York Daily News, he served during World War II and earned a degree in aeronautical engineering from the Curtiss-Wright Technical Institute in California.

The group known as Modern Knowledge, which organized the tour, describes its goals on its website as “creating awareness about important and though provoking subject matter that is not normally discussed in the mainstream.” - Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Defense Minister, Accuses Governments Of Hiding The Truth About Aliens, Urges Disclosure

NOTE: Though I believe that there is some failure of disclosure by world governments, Mr. Hellyer seems to have gone somewhat peripheral with many of his statements...which include:

- Most aliens come from other star systems, although there are some living on Venus, Mars and Saturn’s moon.

- There have been four species of aliens visiting our planet for thousands of years.

- There are between two and twelve total species of aliens (although some place the number closer to 80).

- Some look just like humans, while others appear more like the creatures portrayed in popular culture.

- Most alien species have benevolent intentions toward humanity, although a handful have ulterior motives.

- One alien species, known as the 'Tall Whites' is working with the U.S. Air Force in Nevada and has been known to pass for humans in public.

- The 'federation' of alien species has vowed not to intervene in human affairs unless they are invited to.

- The federation is disappointed in the way humans have treated the planet.

- Alien technology is far more advanced, but has given us LED lights, microchips and Kevlar vests.

Some of these statements may very well be fact...including reverse engineering and the possibility of ancient aliens. But I do question the 'Federation' statements, habitation of moons in our solar system and that most aliens have benevolent intentions towards humans. In other words, the nexus is just not as cut and dry as Mr. Hellyer and others have described. Lon

Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species

The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis

A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact

Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon: How World Governments Have Conspired to Conceal Humanity's Biggest Secret

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