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Mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel

According to Christian belief, the Holy Grail was the dish, plate, or cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper...supposedly possessing miraculous powers. Joseph of Arimathea, according to 12th century legend, receives the Grail from an apparition of Jesus and sends it with his followers to Great Britain. Ownership has been attributed to various groups, including the Knights Templar. There are cups claimed to be the Grail in several churches, for instance the Saint Mary of Valencia Cathedral, which contains an artifact, the Holy Chalice, supposedly taken by Saint Peter to Rome in the first century, and then to Huesca in Spain by Saint Lawrence in the 3rd century. Other stories claim that the Grail is buried beneath Rosslyn Chapel or lies deep in the spring at Glastonbury Tor. Still other stories claim that a secret line of hereditary protectors keep the Grail, or that it was hidden by the Templars in Oak Island, Nova Scotia’s famous “Money Pit”.

I believe the Holy Grail was a metaphor associated with the medieval period's fascination with Christian relics. The myths originated in Europe during the Middle Ages and promoted the theological link between Christ's blood and the communion wine. These beliefs culminated into the Holy ideal of reclaiming the Holy Lands and their treasures.

But there lies the mystery. If a Holy Grail does exist, either as a physical object or a metaphoric legend, where would it be?

Rosslyn Chapel, located at the village of Roslin in Midlothian, Scotland, has many mysteries surrounding it. Beyond it's secret association with the Knight's Templar and the Holy Grail, there has been a more recent conundrum involving the discovery of human bones buried in the chapel floor.


As with many other aspects of this mystery, the importance of Rosslyn Chapel is unclear and seems to have been obfuscated, unfortunately. Its owners, the Sinclairs, claim to be the hereditary patrons of Scottish Freemasonry, to have explored the New World (particularly Nova Scotia and Oak Island) a century before Colombus, and to be connected to the Templars through marriage and descent. Some of this appears to be in doubt, because it's based on the work of Jacobite historian Father Hay, who used documents that were lost in a fire... in any case, we do know William Sinclair did build Rosslyn in the 1400s, it does contain very unusual carvings (particularly people who look like Templars engaging in things that seem like Masonic rituals), and it does incorporate unusual geometry (some say that this geometry replicates the Temple of Solomon). Pierre Plantard seems to have changed his name to "de St-Clair" in order to claim affiliation with the Sinclairs of Scotland.



In early 2010, workers discovered what were thought to be human remains at Rosslyn Chapel...the world-renowned religious site made famous by The Da Vinci Code. The bones were discovered at the chapel in Midlothian by workers carrying out conservation work.

A spokesperson for Lothian and Borders Police confirmed the discovery, but said it was not being treated as a crime.

The famous building, built in 1446, has long been linked with a role in the history of the Freemasons and the Knights Templar. Most notably, it has also suggested as the burial place of the Holy Grail...the cup used by Christ at The Last Supper or even the resting place of the mummified head of Jesus Christ.

Following the release of Dan Brown’s hit book The Da Vinci Code in 2003, the chapel was thrown into the worldwide spotlight. The work was then made into a film starring Tom Hanks, who filmed at the chapel for some scenes in the film. The Hollywood legend subsequently made a cash donation to the restoration and conservation of the chapel.

The bones, which were found on February 19, have now been removed from the site to be examined by archaeologists to discover their age, type and if they are human or animal. They were discovered under a slab while a new heating system was being installed inside the chapel. There is no record of a burial site in this particular area of the chapel.

Rosslyn Chapel declined to comment on the discovery.

A few years ago, researcher Jeff Nisbet offered the following article for publication in 'Phantoms & Monsters':

By Jeff Nisbet - Photographic pioneer and artist Louis Daguerre’s 1824 painting, The Interior of Rosslyn Chapel, shows two workmen crouching by the base of a pillar, with three Templar Knights nearby. One workman is staring intently at some bones they have found beneath the flagstones.

For a bizarre example of life imitating art, let’s fast-forward 186 years.

On March 1, 2010, Scottish Television reported that workmen at Rosslyn, the chapel made famous by The Da Vinci Code had discovered remains in an area with no recorded burials. The remains, continued the STV report, had been “removed from the site to be examined by archaeologists to discover their age, type and if they are human or animal.”

The local police confirmed the find but said “it was not being treated as a crime.” Rosslyn Chapel declined comment.

Two things aroused my interest.

First, I was sure that even an untrained eye would be able to distinguish between animal and human remains and wondered why the archaeologists could not do the same. Second, I wondered exactly where the remains had been discovered. The idea they might have been found in the spot Daguerre showed in his painting made me chuckle.

It would take me a year to get some answers.

During that time, I searched for news updates. There were none. I also broached the subject with two St. Clair/ Sinclair clan online forums. Since a William St. Clair had built the chapel in the mid-fifteenth century, these groups share an abiding interest in its history. No one knew anything.

Finally, on Feb. 21, I wrote to a Rosslyn Chapel executive. There was no reply.

Someone knew more, but no one was talking.

Two weeks later, however, my inquiries finally bore some fruit—an Email containing four remarkable photos of the excavation, before the remains had been moved.

One showed leg bones that were undoubtedly human, confirming that one of the stated reasons for their removal was, as I suspected, clearly bogus.

Two showed the exact location of the remains, but it was not the area shown in Daguerre’s painting. Instead, they had been found at the threshold of the west door.

The fourth showed a skull, face down, with a ragged-looking wound just a short distance above the foramen magnum, the natural aperture that allows the spinal cord to connect with the brain.

Taking just a small leap of the imagination, what might this tell us?

There’s a long-lived legend that Rosslyn’s master mason, returning from Rome after studying the design of an exquisite pillar in person, found an apprentice had carved the pillar in his absence. Flying into a rage, he slew the apprentice with a blow to the head, a legend that resonates with the eponymous murder of Hiram Abiff, chief architect of Solomon’s Temple, absolutely central to the Freemasonic ritual of the Third Degree.

Could the skull belong to the apprentice? The teeth were in remarkably youthful condition, and the shape of the head wound appeared consistent with the stone-trimming end of a mason’s hammer.

Researchers skeptical of the chapel’s claimed Masonic roots scoff at the legend, protesting that it’s not exclusive to Rosslyn. While there are indeed similar tales told about other ecclesiastical buildings of the day, I’m not so quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater. As a speculative researcher, and in the absence of the forensic evidence already more than a year in coming, I’m happy to present some speculative thoughts about the Rosslyn bones.

Above the area of discovery are three carved heads. Rosslyn tradition describes the one in the southwest, gazing northeast, as the head of the apprentice; the one in the northwest, gazing southeast, as the head of the master mason; and, on an adjacent wall, the apprentice’s mother, weeping for her son. The chapel’s website describes the master’s gaze as his punishment, forever condemned to look southeast towards the now-famous Apprentice Pillar. Not much of a punishment for murder, certainly.

I have since received, however, another dispatch that suggests a stiffer sentence: There were two skeletons found at Rosslyn, in a single grave. Could one be the master?

That they were found at the threshold of the chapel conjures up a plump scenario of darkly poetic justice.

History records many examples of human remains being buried in the foundations of buildings, and at their thresh­olds, but the reasons are varied. Legend has it that Saint Dunstan ordered his own burial to be under the threshold of Winchester Cathedral as a testament to his humility; Scotland’s St. Columba, by contrast, is said to have buried a man alive at the foundations of a cathedral in order to ensure the building’s structural stability with blood sacrifice; and I will give a third example, later on, where the practice was meant as an insult to the deceased.

Another robust legend that may connect Rosslyn with threshold sacrifice is the widespread belief that the chapel’s ground plan is based on that of Solomon’s Temple, although skeptics point out that Rosslyn’s is identical to that of Glasgow Cathedral, which, except for the enormous difference in scale, is true.

But what if the similarities between Rosslyn and Solomon’s Temple, at least for Freemasons, were meant to be more symbolic than actual and that both skeptics and true believers have been looking at things the wrong way?

In Albert Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry is the following entry: “Over the Sacred Lodge presided Solomon, the greatest of kings, and the wisest of men; Hiram, the great and learned King of Tyre; and Hiram Abiff, the widow’s son, of the tribe of Naphtali. It was held in the bowels of the sacred Mount Moriah, under the part whereon was erected the Holy of Holies. On this mount it was where Abraham confirmed his faith by his readiness to offer up his only son, Isaac. Here it was where David offered that acceptable sacrifice on the threshing-floor of Araunah by which the anger of the Lord was appeased, and the plague stayed from his people. Here it was where the Lord delivered to David, in a dream, the plan of the glorious Temple, afterward erected by our noble Grand Master, King Solomon. And lastly, here it was where he declared he would establish his sacred name and word, which should never pass away—and for these reasons this was justly styled the Sacred Lodge.”

Might not the floor of Rosslyn Chapel be symbolic, then, of a place that predates Solomon’s Temple—the threshing floor of Araunah and a place of great Biblical sacrifice, which in many ways it still is? Claimed as a holy place by Christians, Jews, and Muslims, the rock over which now stands Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock has become, over millennia, a most costly piece of real estate.

Also revered as “The Foundation Stone,” the rock from which the world was made, it was the place where Biblical patriarch Jacob is said to have dreamt of a ladder reaching to Heaven, with angels ascending and descending—which brings us to Scotland’s unique connection with the place. Whether or not the block of stone now safely enshrined in Edinburgh Castle is Scotland’s fabled Stone of Destiny, one of its popular monikers is “Jacob’s Pillow.” And then there is the theory that the Scots are, in fact, a “lost tribe of Israel.” When historians, Biblical scholars, and adherents to British Israelism debate that theory, things get noisy.

But let’s return to the Rosslyn bones, continuing to suppose that the remains belong to the jealous master and the slain apprentice. What better place for the apprentice to be buried than beneath the carved head of his grieving mother? And what greater insult to the master than to be condemned, forever, to be trod underfoot by God-fearing Scots?

As it happens, though, the head of the apprentice is also gazing at an exquisitely carved pillar—one attributed to the master’s hands. Curiously, there is evidence that the Master’s Pillar, as it is now known, had been concealed under a plain exterior for over 400 years and had been rediscovered by architect David Bryce during his 1860’s restoration efforts. Might it not have been concealed because it was, after all, the work of an arch sinner? The Scots have historically done much more about a lot less, particularly over matters of morality.

Whether or not there is any truth to the slain apprentice legend, it is the height of coincidence that Rosslyn’s most enduring legend involves the murder of one man by another, by a blow to the head, and that the murder has been memorialized by the carved heads of the murderer and the victim, on the wall above the unmarked grave of two recently discovered bodies, one of which shows indications of having been killed by a blow to the head.

But until the forensic experts release their findings, we must consider the possibility that the bones were put there more recently.

In 1846, during a lecture at London’s Institute of British Architects, antiquary John Britton criticized the lines in Walter Scott’s Lay of the Last Minstrel that suggest ten Rosslyn barons were buried, in full armor, below the chapel. Also in attendance was William Burn, architect in charge of the chapel’s 1830’s restoration. Burn supported Britton by claiming he had dug trenches up all three of the chapel’s aisles, finding only one vault with a wooden coffin (presumably the vault long known to be accessed under flagstones in the north aisle, towards the rear of the chapel).

Burn makes no mention of having found human remains in the center aisle. But since his work was mainly concerned with the exterior of the chapel, there remains the possibility that Burn lied to support Britton’s skeptical opinions, because the restoration of the chapel was the subject of a heated and ongoing debate. Thirty-four years later, in 1880, architect Andrew Kerr, under the direction of Robert St. Clair-Erskine, the 4th Earl of Rosslyn, added the bap-tistery to the chapel’s west end. If, as I suspect, the recently discovered bones stretched beneath the common threshold of both buildings, then there remains the interesting possibility that the bones were deposited there at that time, to be conveniently “discovered” at a later date. Kerr and the Earl have a well-documented conversa­tion about the Slain Apprentice legend that appears on page 6 of the official Rosslyn Chapel guidebook, and it should be noted that both men were high-ranking Scottish Freemasons. The Earl, in fact, was the fraternity’s 63rd Grand Master.

While this article has been hampered by the lack of more available evidence, further revelations may soon be made public.

At the time of this writing, I have learned that Ashley Cowie, “resident historian” for STV’s The Hour Show, was recently seen at the chapel, shooting a new documentary series titled Legend Quest. Aired in July, the show is described as “an action-adventure series that follows real-life symbologist Ashley Cowie as he travels the world in search of hidden, mystical artifacts. Each episode is designed to combine Indiana Jones-style adventure and Da Vinci Code-type connections as theories are explored.” While that description hints the show will do for archaeology what The Deadliest Warrior has done for the history of military warfare, perhaps Cowie will surprise us. Stranger things, as we will now see, have happened.

Late in my research for this article, I stumbled upon a curious tale connecting the 4th Earl of Rosslyn with yet a third skeleton. This one, though, was the property of his widow.

On March 15, 2002, Sotheby’s auctioned the contents of Ken Paul’s London theatrical-prop company. One paragraph of the Sotheby announcement reads as follows: “The ultimate conversation piece has to be the mystery clock in a full-sized inlaid mahogany coffin, dated c. 1900—complete with real skeleton—used in the opening scenes of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The skeleton is rumoured to be the remains of the young Italian lover and secretary of the Countess of Rosslyn. After his death she couldn’t bear to be separated from him, so she immortalized him in the clock and took him everywhere with her!” Acquired by Ken Paul from an unnamed music-hall escape artist, the clock was won by an anonymous bidder for £35,000.

The Countess of Rosslyn at the time of the skeleton clock’s manufacture had been married to the 4th Earl from 1866 until his death in 1890. Her own death, in 1933, would have provided the perfect opportunity for the rest of the family to offload Grandma’s Italian paramour to the escapologist—at an eminently negotiable price, I’m sure.

Interestingly, besides appearing in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the clock had most recently been hired to appear in a then-unreleased film about Jack the Ripper, From Hell, which presented the theory that Jack was a Freemason.

But the story of the clock’s connection to the Countess of Rosslyn seemed suspect. I knew of only one Scottish luminary who was intimately involved with an Italian secretary—none other than Mary, Queen of Scots. On March 9, 1566, secretary David Rizzio was stabbed to death in Holyrood Palace for being the queen’s confidant and lover and for being a Catholic. It has also been bandied about that he was the father of Mary’s son, the future king of both Scotland and England.

Although a plaque in Edinburgh’s Canongate Kirkyard reads “Tradition says that this is the grave of David Rizzio,” who really knows? Could the countess and the queen have traded places in the telling of the tale over the years? Might not the bones in the clock be the bones of David Rizzio? Moreover, in a macabre concordance with the Rosslyn bones, there is an Edinburgh tradition that Rizzio’s body was first buried at the threshold of Holyrood Abbey as a sign of disrespect.

My speculation that the clock’s skeleton is David Rizzio’s is not that outrageous.

It is well known that the Freemasons have made ritualistic use of skeletal remains. One short sentence in the 1896 minutes of Edinburgh’s Mary’s Chapel Lodge reads that “Brother Hay’s presentation of a skull was accepted with thanks,” and in the 1851 minutes we find an even more bizarre entry: “The Lodge was upon this occasion presented with two Thigh Bones of a Nun by Dr. McCowan.”

Just two years later, in 1853, the 4th Earl of Rosslyn is listed as Deputy Master of the Canongate Killwinning Lodge, still located on Edinburgh’s St. John Street, just a hundred yards or so from Rizzio’s Canongate Kirk grave. That’s 1,750 miles closer than Prescott Bush, President George W’s grandfather, trekked to bring the skull of Geronimo back to Yale University’s most storied secret society, Skull & Bones.

Or could the escapologist have made the whole tale up?

Until the unnamed buyer steps forward and allows the bones to be studied, we can only speculate about the skeleton clock. - from The Rosslyn Bones - Jeff Nisbet

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Revealed: The UFO files of the German Secret Service

For several decades, German government officials have claimed there was never an official interest in investigating or studying the topic of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). But now, the editor of the German news-blog on frontier sciences and the paranormal “” (, Andreas Muller, was able to access formerly secret UFO-files compiled by the German foreign secret intelligence agency “Bundesnachrichtendienst” (BND), which tells a complete different story.


It was in 2008 that the German Federal Minister of the Interior of that time, Dr. Wolfgang Schaeuble, repeated what other officials said several times before over the last decades, when they were asked about an official interest of German governments and the military’s interest into the topic of UFOs and its investigation, by saying:

… I have no knowledge of any official agency, institution or body that deals with or investigates sightings of unknown flying objects, so-called UFOs. Furthermore I have no knowledge of any such official projects whatsoever.

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Hot 'Haunted' Real Estate Market

If you think haunted houses are impossible to sell, then you’re in for the fright of your life.

"There are buyers out there that think it’s cool to own a home that may have ghosts,” real estate agent Cindi Hagley told ABC News’ “20/20.”

Based in California, Hagley runs Past Life Homes, specializing in the selling of so-called “stigmatized properties,” and that includes haunted houses.

“Right now we are in a seller’s market in almost all of northern California,” Hagley said. “You can have a dead body swinging from the chandelier, and I’m still going to have ten offers on the phone.”

Hagley said plenty of houses for sale come with supposed tenants of the supernatural type, who have allegedly lived there for hundreds of years. In some states including California, realtors are required by law to tell buyers if a home purportedly has ghostly inhabitants.

Even after telling potential buyers that the house is haunted, Hagley said many are still interested.

“Some don’t care. Some expect a huge discount,” said Hagley.

A survey found that 62 percent of Americans would consider buying a haunted house, while 35 percent think they’ve lived in a haunted house.

John Gochá told “20/20” that his home is haunted.

“I know it’s haunted,” Gochá said. “I see ghosts here on a pretty much weekly basis.”

His Los Angeles house, which was featured in the Emmy-winning TV show, “American Horror Story,” is currently for sale.

“Every time I go by the laundry room with the washing machine on I hear conversations, people having conversations clear as day,” said Gochá.

While Gochá finds the ghosts in his home friendly, Hagley said she has a team of paranormal investigators for when a house she is selling is haunted.

“It’s not like on TV where you see, you know, these alleged Ghostbusters calling these ghosts out,” Hagley said. “We’re gentle in our approach.”

When the home buyers want the spirits to leave, Hagley has her medium, Mark Christopher Nelson, ask the paranormal presence to go elsewhere.

“We’re not evicting them. We’re helping them,” said Hagley.

While most people shy away from buying haunted homes, Hagley said there are those who are excited about the prospect.

“I usually call a security guard to protect me because they’re usually nuts,” said Hagley. - ABC News


Bears Face Being Shot For Grave Robbery

Terrified mourners were chased out of a cemetery in Russia after local bears discovered the graveyard was filled with sweets and other food left as tributes for the dearly departed by Orthodox Christian believers.

Members of the Orthodox Russian church believe that leaving an offering of food can help ease their loved ones journey to the afterlife but the bears have also discovered that it eases their job of looking for something to eat.

As a result the bears have been heading to the local cemetery and chasing off the mourners so that they can eat their fill in peace.

Local resident Alexander Koltsov, 48, said: "I was always told if you see a bear you should raise your hands in the air to make yourself seem bigger and hope it leaves you alone. When I saw this bear though I just ran for it, and luckily it didn't seem interested in chasing me further as it began munching honey cakes."

The parish priest, Spiridon Bezrukov, at the cemetery in Apatity, a town in Murmansk Oblast in north-west Russia, said: "I have not even been able to stage funeral services recently because of the bears. Although most of the food seems to have been eaten, there is a mother bear there with two cubs that seems to have taken up residence and won't leave."

The local council however said that as the hunting season on bears had now started, they had hired hunters to shoot the mother bear and cubs. They defended themselves against critics who said that the bears should be anaesthetised and moved to a new location by claiming that they could not afford the cost.

Council spokesman Prokhor Abramov said: "Putting a bounty on the head of the bear is the easiest way to solve the problem, because almost anybody with a gun will be able to carry it out. To have to anaesthetise them we would need special guns and vehicles and it's dangerous and risky – and far more expensive."

Hungry bears have been a particular problem in Russia this year with the animals increasingly heading into built-up areas in search of food, causing conflict with the people living there. - Austrian Times

NOTE: when I first read this story, I thought the bears may be digging up corpses. Ugh...Lon


Man killed boy because he ‘changed into a tiger’

Durban, SA - A man claims he acted in self-defence when he killed a 7-year-old Chatsworth boy because the child and his friends had transformed into tigers before his eyes.

Sibusiso Madiya, 26, of Savannah Park, pleaded not guilty to a charge of murder in the Durban Regional Court on Thursday.

Madiya told the court through his Legal Aid attorney, Hycenth Mlotshwa, he saw the “tiger” – Grade 1 pupil Lindokuhle Mabhena – approach him at a Shallcross park in June last year and thought he was going to attack him.

He had stabbed the boy with a knife he had found on the ground earlier.

It was only after a group of people arrived that he realised it was not a tiger but a human being, he said.

Madiya made this admission at the start of his murder trial yesterday before magistrate Trevor Levitt.

Mlotshwa told the court his client believed in supernatural powers and even in the prison where is being held during the trial he saw fellow inmates transform into animals.

Prosecutor Krishen Shah said the accused had been referred for mental observation and was deemed mentally fit to stand trial.

Mlotshwa said at around midday on June 15 last year, Madiya was skateboarding at a park in Peak Street, Shallcross, when seven young children, who had been following him, approached him. He said they all suddenly transformed into tigers.

Lindokuhle’s friend, who is now 10 years old and cannot be named because he is a minor, testified in camera on Thursday.

Sitting with his back to Madiya and facing the magistrate, the boy bravely recalled the day he tried to help save his friend.

In Grade 3 at the time, he was the oldest in the group of friends who went to play in the park that day. The others were all in Grade 1.

He said they had played on the swings and were on their way out of the park when they noticed Madiya, who they did not know, sitting on the ground with his skateboard. He said the accused asked them to find him a container for water and they had obliged.

Madiya told them to fill it with water for him, so they walked to a nearby garage to do so. When they returned, the accused took them to nearby bushes, saying he could not eat in front of people.

The boy said the boys followed him and Madiya shared his bread and chips with them.

He told them to look for more empty containers and promised them more food but they refused.

The boy said Madiya lent them his skateboard and the friends, except for Lindokuhle, played with it on the steep road near the bush. Lindokuhle sat on the verge of the road and Madiya went further into the bushes as if he was looking for something.

“We were going up and down the road on the skateboard. While we were playing, we had our back to Lindokuhle and (Madiya). We then saw the uncle (Madiya) running towards us and he took the skateboard, saying he was going. When we looked back, I saw Lindokuhle lying on the ground and we ran to him,” he recalled.

“He was bleeding from a hole in his neck. I carried him to the lawn nearby and I lay him down. He was crying softly. I asked him what happened and he pointed out to the uncle (Madiya). We could still see him. I called to another uncle for help and he said he’ll call the police,” he testified.

The police arrived and the man who had called for help questioned the little boy about what had happened and he described a young man wearing different coloured shoes.

The man said he knew who the child was talking about and informed the police, who went in search of the suspect.

Under cross-examination, Mlotshwa argued that Madiya said “something strange happened” at the park when the boys transformed into tigers and that Lindokuhle had threatened injury to his client.

The child witness said he and his friends were just playing and had not done anything wrong to Madiya.

The trial is set to resume next month. -


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Photo: Big Cat Sighting - Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania

I recently received the following information:

"2014 MOUNTAIN LION PIC - SOUTH GIBSON, PA".... I sent you one last year, this is the most recent one from my neighbor's webcam. Still lots of "non-believers" that the Mountain Lions exist up here. Please see attached. I put in the measurement details of the big rock just to give you an idea how big this animal is. It ain't no bobcat!!! The only thing is the tail doesn't show, but it must be between its' legs.

Thanks, Rose in South Gibson, PA......

NOTE: Rose had forwarded a trail cam photo last year (posted below). This recent photo is very does resemble a bobcat, other than the size. Is it possible that there are hybrids roaming Pennsylvania's northeast mountains? What is your opinion? Lon

Pennsylvania Lion or Panther & Felis Catus in Pennsylvania?

The Nittany Lion

Monsters of Pennsylvania: Mysterious Creatures in the Keystone State

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Monsters Are Real

By Greg May - Monsters are real. They exist and share our world. But where do they come from and what is their purpose as they simultaneously fascinate and frighten us? To find these answers we go to the Bible. Patrick Heron (The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse) and other Creationist authors point to Scriptures in the Bible (Genesis 6:7; Jude 1:7) and the Book of Enoch (VII:14) that suggest the Nephilim were involved in genetic interference – mixing bird, reptile and bovine DNA to create lizard men, fish men, goat men and dinosaurs – all of which were destroyed in the Flood. 1

The Nephilim – a race of half-human, half-demonic giants – were created when fallen angels bred with the women of earth. (Genesis 6:4) According to the Book of Enoch these fallen angels were 200 in number and gathered on Mount Hermon to set their plan in motion.2 Mount Hermon lies on the border of Syria and Lebanon in the Middle East – on the same 33.33 degree latitude line as does the site of the alleged 1947 UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico - halfway around the globe. Remember when Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden? God told Satan: “Her seed shall bruise your head and you shall bruise His heel”. (Genesis 3:15) This was the first mention – or prophecy – of the Messiah. Satan knew the promised Messiah would come from the line of Abraham so he created a race of giants to prevent the Israelites from occupying the Promised Land – but his plans were thwarted by the Flood. According to the Bible, God found favor with Noah and his family; these eight individuals were spared in order to repopulate the earth since their blood wasn’t contaminated by the DNA of the Nephilim.

After the Flood, Satan had another band of fallen angels breed with the women of earth resulting in another race of giants (the Anakim); these were killed off by the Israelites under the leadership of Joshua. (Joshua 11:21) Satan – who mocks and mimics God – created another menagerie of monsters by mixing DNA from God’s living creatures – humans and animals. Because God promised to never again destroy the earth by water, these creatures are still with us today. They include the hairy bipeds we call ‘Bigfoot’ and bipedal reptoids such as ‘Lizard Man’. Sightings of these entities almost always yield the same description: ‘red glowing eyes’ and the ‘smell of sulphur’. This is a sign of demonic presence – explaining how these elusive creatures can disappear and why they haven’t left a fossil record. Dr. Melba Ketchum - a Texas veterinarian - has researched Bigfoot DNA and concludes Bigfoot contains mitochondrial DNA from a human female and nuclear DNA from a male angelic entity. (Remember, there are good AND bad angels). Dr. Ketchum is describing modern-day Nephilim. In “Bigfoot: Exploring The Myth & Discovering The Truth” co-author Tom Burnette describes how Bigfoot imitate his dogs by making barking sounds to make their presence known in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. In Psalm 59:6 in the Bible David describes how the Nephilim outside the walls of the city ‘growl like a dog’. Now, before you run to your Bibles the word ‘Nephilim’ is not in the Scripture; but according to Elizabeth Clare Prophet – in her “Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil” - the term ‘workers of iniquity’ refers to the Nephilim. The late John Keel suggested man has frequently crossbred with these hairy beings throughout history, pointing to Genesis 25: 19-34 in the Bible which describes Esau as being ‘red, all over like a hairy garment’ and also from Pacific Northwest Native American lore.3

Christopher Davis’ 1988 encounter with ‘Lizard Man’ at Scape Ore Swamp in Lee County, South Carolina is one of the classics of modern-day monster lore. Although this wasn’t the first recorded encounter with a bipedal reptoid it is significant because of the longstanding tradition of the ‘fish men’ of Inzignanin near Chicora, an area located between North and South Carolina. These entities were covered with scales and had webbed feet. They supposedly died off when the fish supply on which they existed was exhausted. Did Satan create fish men post-Flood as he did in the days of Noah?

John Keel once mused, “Are we ufologists or demonologists?” He might have considered ‘cryptozoologists’. Nessie, Morag, Champ and other lake monsters have spawned a wake of theories ranging from surviving plesiosaurs to ‘ghosts’ of prehistoric creatures haunting their former habitats. Merfolk have cavorted throughout mythology and fairy tales for centuries and – believe it or not – there have been almost as many modern-day sightings of mermaids and mermen as Nessie herself, the most recent coming from a beach at Kiryat Yam, Israel in 2009. 4 These elusive aquatic cryptids could have been created either pre- or post-Flood by Satan as he played at ‘Jurassic Park’. As for merfolk, what better way to mock God than to join the torso of a human with the tail of a fish?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, in her “Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil” champions Enoch as a true prophet and explains how the Book of Enoch – long-suppressed by the Church – claims that fallen angels corrupted the people of earth and continue to embody on earth today. Prophet cites one of the early Church Fathers, the apologist Tatian (110-172) who believed fallen angels have bodies of ‘fire and air’ – not material flesh ‘as the bodies of men.’ 5 A ‘fiery man’ that appeared in Germany in 1125 was described in the old book ‘Deutsche Sagen’ as he ‘dashed hither and thither in all directions’ as he ‘belched fire through his nose and mouth’.6 This description brings to mind ‘Springheeled Jack’ who terrorized 19th century London. A LONDON TIMES article from that era reported he ‘vomited forth flames from his mouth’ and his eyes resembled ‘red balls of fire’. 7 Could Springheeled Jack have been a fallen angel? This entity is always described wearing a helmet – curiously, Enoch wore a helmet for 64 years. 8 One of the theories regarding Springheeled Jack suggests he was a displaced time traveller; Enoch was the first space traveller – having been shown the heavens by God. 9 Could this be another example of Satan’s mockery?

Augustine of Hippo wrote in the 5th century AD: “They are called monsters, because they demonstrate or signify something . . . these things which happen contrary to nature . . . ought to demonstrate, portend, predict that God will bring to pass what He has fortold regarding the bodies of men . . . .” This passage from ‘City of God’ suggests St. Augustine held the same theory – although centuries apart – as did John Keel when he wrote “The Mothman Prophecies”.10 John Keel believed that many monster sightings were ‘senseless manifestations’ designed to frighten and confuse people – this is Satan’s agenda. Ironically, St. Augustine was instrumental in suppressing the Book of Enoch – arguing that it was impossible for angels to have intercourse with women. 11

Jesus made a most profound – and prophetic- statement when He said, “And as it was in the days of Noah so shall it also be in the days of the Son of Man”. (Luke 17:26) Was Jesus referring to genetic interference? What do alien abductions, cattle mutilations and the nefarious underground activities at Dulce, New Mexico have in common? Genetic experiments. While investigating a cattle mutilation outside Santa Fe in the 1980’s retired New Mexico State Police officer Gabe Valdez discovered the victim to be pregnant. When the veterinarian opened the womb, the stillborn foetus had the body of a cow and the head of a human! This startling discovery prompted U.S. Senators Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and Charles Grassley to introduce a bill in the U.S. Senate making it illegal to interbreed humans and animals. 12 It is interesting to note that the materials taken in cattle mutilations (blood, internal organs, genitals) have long been considered taboo by religious traditions. 13 In the Old Testament, these materials were considered ‘unclean’. (Leviticus 17:14)

The New Age Movement – one of the false doctrine that Jesus warned against in the Last Days – teaches of the ‘Intergalactic Belief’: that extraterrestrials will save mankind from the Apocalypse. Christian evangelicals believe Satan launched his ‘Great Deception’ in 1947 with pilot Kenneth Arnold observing flying saucers near Mt. Rainier and with the alleged crash of a UFO near Roswell, New Mexico. The following year – in 1948 – Israel became a nation. This is the single, most significant prophecy to be fulfilled pertaining to the return of Christ (Scriptures teach Jesus couldn’t return until Israel was reborn). Just as Satan had created the Nephilim in an attempt to thwart the birth of Jesus, he launched his ‘Big Lie’ the year before this prophecy was fulfilled since humanity is more apt to believe in something tangible – like a shiny, metallic flying saucer – than something spiritual.

In the Last Days, “the paranormal becomes the new normal” – to quote the late Colin Wilson.

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