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Bigfoot: Searching For Answers

As many of you know, my views on Bigfoot (or whatever you want to call it) are that this is a real being that is capable of moving between realities. That being said, I also believe it is not a 'cut & dry' phenomenon. There must be certain (unknown) variables involved in order for these events to occur. I've been discussing this subject for quite some time and have offered a multitude of theories. One aspect of the argument has irked me more than others...are there terrestrial Bigfoot as well as ultra-terrestrial Bigfoot co-existing on our earth plane? Maybe it is time to bring these questions more front & center in the debate?

Can we say that just because we don't understand how a Bigfoot would travel between realities (or what their purpose is), it shouldn't rule out this possibility. Indigenous people worldwide will verify this phenomenon with a variety of supernatural beings as they have attempted to maintain their connection to earth and the natural beings while the 'civilized' world has nearly completely lost touch. For the most part, only young children and intuitive adults are able to sense these beings as they move in and out of our Earth plane. It's time for us to wake up and seriously discuss this possibility regardless of what conventional wisdom and science has to say about the matter. The evidence is there and it's time to become more open to a broader perspective.

I usually go back to Jon-Eric Beckjord's theories which sum up much of the argument. He believed that Bigfoot and similar cryptids may be interdimensional beings that can occasionally take physical form for brief periods of time, but have the ability to 'fade out' and pass through 'wormholes', possibly to other dimensions or parallel universes. He reported to have had one of the creatures speak to him using telepathy, communicating the words 'We're here, but we're not real, like what you think is real'. Beckjord claimed that such entities may be able to actually disappear into thin air, or even shapeshift.

Beckjord maintained that the interdimensional hypothesis may possibly, if proven, explain why there are thousands of alleged Bigfoot creature sightings each year, yet no dead zoological physical body is ever found. To evidence these ideas, Beckjord accumulated a large collection of enlarged photographs that he says show, among other things, 'half-Bigfoots' and 'invisible Bigfoots', or possible aliens. The forms are often found in situations where the camera picked up images not seen by the witnesses, often due to distance. According to Beckjord, the images show primates, carnivores and beings not readily identified within known zoological classifications that resemble descriptions of aliens submitted to investigators.

Beckjord's strong beliefs about Bigfoot and similar entities brought him into conflict not only with skeptics, who consider Bigfoot sightings to be a cultural phenomena purely resulting from wishful thinking or hoaxes, but also with those who believe Bigfoot to be an actual physical creature. Though the prevailing attitudes remain the same, there has been some progress over the years.

Researcher and author Kewaunee Lapseritis maintains that the Bigfoot race was brought to Earth by the 'Star People', long before human civilization. His evidence is the creature's use of telepathic communications, alleged hundreds of joint Bigfoot-UFO sightings going back over a hundred years and theoretical physics. He also stated that conventional Bigfoot investigators have not found the creature because they are limited in their belief that Bigfoot is "simply a relic hominid that never became extinct." "That really may be true," Lapseritis said in an interview. "But in addition to that, (Bigfoot) may literally be, as I've discovered, a paraphysical, interdimensional native people that have told me and other people telepathically that they were brought here millions of years ago by their friends, the 'Star People.'

There are various theories, including those proposed by Dr. Matthew Johnson after his initial encounter described in BFRO Report #678 He has subsequently investigated the Bigfoot phenomenon and has given many lectures and interviews since then. His mission statement stresses sharing all information, experiences, theories, and opinions with one another regarding the Bigfoot/Forest People phenomena...and that we all hold important pieces of the Bigfoot puzzle. In other words, no theory should take precedent over others...real answers rely on real cooperation and respect.

I usually like to quote crypto-researcher James R. Harnock:

"While many cryptozoologists and cryptozoology supporters find such theories ridiculous, and often laugh them off, we would all do well to remember that the so-called "mainstream" of science has much the same reaction when presented with the possibility of Sasquatch existing at all. If we hope for mainstream scientists to keep an open mind, we must lead by example and not waste time and energy, that would be better spent searching for evidence, fighting amongst ourselves."

NOTE: I'd like your opinion...if presenting a series of discussions on this subject on Arcane Radio would be feasible and of interest. Lon

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Daily 2 Cents: Kecksburg UFO Festival Conference -- Mass Encounter in Wisconsin / MIB -- More MoD X-Files Coming

50th Anniversary of Kecksburg, PA UFO Incident / UFO Festival Conference

July, 2015

For Immediate Release

Press Release from: Kecksburg VFD, 5128 Water Street, Mount Pleasant, Pa 15666

Fire Department Contact: Ron Struble- 724-423-9540 or 724-423-2580

Incident Researcher: Stan Gordon-724-838-7768 (

50th Anniversary of Kecksburg UFO Incident to be Celebrated at UFO Festival Conference

Late on the afternoon of December 9, 1965, a mysterious object fell from the sky into a wooded area near the community of Kecksburg in Westmoreland County, PA. Hundreds of people, including reporters, descended on that rural community that evening trying to catch a glimpse of what had crash-landed into the woods. What was down in the woods that caused the military to quickly respond to that location and keep civilians away from the impact site? Fifty years later, the mystery of the Kecksburg UFO remains.

The upcoming anniversary of this Pennsylvania UFO case which has received worldwide attention will be celebrated during the annual Kecksburg VFD UFO Festival Conference that is being held on Sunday, July 26, 2015, at 1:30 PM. The UFO Conference will feature a special event focusing on the 50th Anniversary of the UFO incident. This will include a reunion of some Kecksburg witnesses with a discussion of their experiences and Q&A session. Stan Gordon will present an illustrated lecture discussing his fifty years of investigation of the case. He will also show excerpts from his award winning video documentary, "Kecksburg: The Untold Story" focusing on interviews with area witnesses. Stan will also give an update on more recent UFO, Bigfoot, and strange encounters reported from around the area.

The Kecksburg UFO Festival will take place July 24-26, 2015, and is a free family fun event. On Friday the hours are 6-11 PM. It is half price night on food in the kitchen. On Saturday the hours are 12-11 PM. The parade starts at 2 PM with awards for the best UFO costume and UFO float. There will be ongoing events such as their famous Bed Race and “Smoke in the Valley Burn Out” as well as children’s activities. Fireworks will light up the sky at 10 PM. On Sunday the hours are 10AM-5 PM. Be sure to attend the “UFO Hot Dog Eating Competition” at 1 PM just before the UFO Conference. There will also be entertainment, an inside and outside craft show, food venders, and ongoing events all weekend long.

There will also be displays from area UFO, Bigfoot, and Paranormal groups. Scheduled to have displays this year are Stan Gordon researcher and author, John Ventre, PA MUFON Director and author, Fred Saluga, W. Va. MUFON Director, Jim Brown of Jim’s Destinations, Brian & Terrie Seech of the Center for Cryptozoological Studies, Dave Dragosin, Associate Director Western PA of the PA Bigfoot Society, Ryan Cavalline and Dave Rupert of The Legend Hunters, Cheryl Alsippi and Darlene Koedel of AKLKO PSI, and Diane and Jim Trick, of the Goosebumps Paranormal Society.

For more information go to The Kecksburg V.F.D. website: or Stan Gordon’s website: For information call 724-423-9540 or 724-423-2580. The festival grounds are located at the intersection of Claypike & Route 982.


More MoD X-Files to be Released

The British government has confirmed that several more UFO documents are still on track to be released.
The secretive files have remained a subject of controversy and debate in recent years due to the fact that their release date has been repeatedly pushed back for no discernible reason.

The documents are of particular interest to UFO investigators as they are believed to include new information about the 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO case in which several US Air Force personnel witnessed a strange object in the woods near RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk.

There is still light at the end of the tunnel however as last week Defence Minister Earl Howe maintained that the files would be getting released to the National Archives within eight months.

"The latest estimate of when the 18 files will be delivered to the National Archives is before March 2016," he said in response to a query about the issue from Lord Black of Brentwood. "The National Archives will make the necessary judgement about when they release these files to the public."

His statement happened to come just in time for World UFO Day on July 2nd.

"This massive delay will have conspiracy theorists up in arms. It looks like the MoD is stalling," former MoD UFO researcher Nick Pope had previously stated in response to the issue. "The suspicion will be that there's a bombshell in these files and that the Ministry does not know how to handle it."

"I can understand why conspiracy theorists will be angry and suspicious." - MOD to release UK's top secret UFO 'X-Files' that 'could prove aliens exist


Man killed after trying to launch firework from top of his head

Maine state police say a man celebrating the Fourth of July died when he tried to launch a firework off the top of his head.

Stephen McCausland, a spokesman for the Maine department of public safety, says 22-year-old Devon Staples of Calais had been setting off fireworks with friends on Saturday night in the backyard of a friend’s home.

He says Staples placed a fireworks mortar tube on his head and set it off, injuring his head. He died instantly. Police say the friends had been drinking.

McCausland says Staples’ death marks Maine’s first fireworks fatality since the state legalised fireworks several years ago. Calais is in eastern Maine, on the Canadian border near New Brunswick.


Mass Encounter in Wisconsin / MIB

Wisconsin - 6/1968: Friends and I were having a sleepover. Big brother babysitting inside. Parents on vacation. Sighting of strange erratic, controlled movements of a bright "star" looking out 17 miles away over the Lake toward the east....just star-gazing. Over 150 people reported this sighting and phoned that night and next morning to the local radio station. All KINDS of erratic flight under direct control of SOMEONE.....very weird!

Also saw small whitish figure in parents' bushes - which we interpreted as a ghost...7th or 8th graders we were. We went inside. Not long after the sightings of both things, we had two "FBI Agents" at our parents' door, asking if they could do surveillance from our parents house.

Brother explained he didn't have authority to do that....they were definitely like descriptions of the Men in Black. My girlfriends and I had noticed their car sitting down the road a bit in the dark. When it came down the street towards us, we immediately went into the house. Their visit was shortly after that.

My parents home was one block away from the EXACT dividing line for the watershed here - one side of the road, the water goes west. East side of the road flows east. The geological location - the multiple sightings and reports of others seeing the craft over the lake - the significance of the watershed lends credence to the idea that it really was someone checking us out or checking out the water situation or both.

I've had multiple sightings of many kinds of aircraft in my life - aviation background owing to parents - and some sightings I had, I came to recognize as close-up views of new technology being shown somehow...probably testing equipment over snow-covered flat farmlands near where I was taking an early morning drive once ...again near the lake to the East. Different sighting entirely. Already reported to UFO researchers in my state. Other diverse experiences with this kind of contact throughout my life, really - many forms. - MUFON CMS


Paul McCartney Still Haunted by the Ghost of John Lennon

The Beatles split up and we were sort of all equal. George did his record, John did his, I did mine, Ringo did his. It was as we were during the Beatles’ times. We were equal. When John got shot, aside from the pure horror of it, the lingering thing was, OK, well now John’s a martyr. A JFK. So what happened was, I started to get frustrated because people started to say, “Well, he was The Beatles.” And me, George and Ringo would go, “Er, hang on. It’s only a year ago we were all equal-ish.” Yeah, John was the witty one, sure. John did a lot of great work, yeah. And post-Beatles he did more great work, but he also did a lot of not-great work. Now the fact that he’s now martyred has elevated him to a James Dean, and beyond. So whilst I didn’t mind that – I agreed with it – I understood that now there was going to be revisionism. It was going to be: John was the one. That was basically the thing.

And don’t even get him started on the songwriting credits, man. Oh no, you got him started. BOOOOooOooOoOOoo LENNON-MCCARTNEY WEEE OOO WEEE OOO, John’s ghost shouts in Paul’s ear. He feels a little tickle, and Paul slaps himself in the face. He continues:

What happened, when we were kids we were looking for what to call our songs. We had a meeting with Brian Epstein, John and me. I arrived late. John and Brian had been talking. “We were thinking we ought to call the songs, Lennon and McCartney.” I said, “That’s OK, but what about McCartney and Lennon? If I write it, what about that? It sounds good, too.” They said, “OK, what we’ll do is we’ll alternate it: Lennon and McCartney, McCartney and Lennon.” ... So, in particular cases like ‘Yesterday’, which John actually had nothing to do with, none of the other Beatles had anything to do with – I wrote it on my own, sang it on my own, they’re not on the record, nobody is even involved with it, and they didn’t mind that and I didn’t mind, nobody minded, but that’s very much mine – so I said, “Could we have ‘By Paul McCartney and John Lennon’, wouldn’t that be a good idea? And then on ‘Strawberry Fields’ we’ll have, ‘By John Lennon and Paul McCartney’. ‘Nowhere Man’, ‘John Lennon and Paul McCartney’. ‘Penny Lane’, ‘Paul McCartney and John Lennon’. Seeing as we’re breaking it up, can we do that?” And at first Yoko said yeah. And then she rang back a few days later and she had this guy Sam Havadtoy who she was living with – she was co-Havadtoying – and she said she’d decided it wasn’t a good idea and no, no, no, no. And it became a bit of an issue for me.

It became a bit of an issue for him, Paul McCartney, one of the most beloved men on the planet, a 73-year-old who, if I might just point out again has a full, luscious head of hair, a loving wife, and an impressive collection of cars.

Well, what happened was there was a backlash from people who didn’t see where I was coming from. “Dancing on a dead man’s grave” was one of the phrases that came up. “What a bighead!” “Why does he want his name in front of John’s?” But it was nothing to do with bighead. It’s just to do with identifying who wrote what. John did a really good Playboy interview where he did that: “This is mine, this is Paul’s.” So I thought, “Just use that! John said it!” I thought that was perfectly reasonable and I still do, by the way. But I don’t think it’s achievable for some reason. The arguments I used was these days I’ll get a cinema ticket and I will go to a film called “Miss Congeni-”. The “-ality” is missed off. What starts to happen is, “A song by John Lennon and-”. You know how on your iPad there’s never enough room? So it’s kind of important who comes first. Late at night I was in a hotel room looking online and I happened to see this music book, which has got all the songs in it, and it was ‘Hey Jude’ by John Lennon and…” and the space ran out. There’s a poetry book, Blackbird by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.” No! He didn’t write those lyrics! So, at the risk of seeming like… I tell you what, if John was here he would definitely say that’s OK. Because he didn’t give a damn. It wasn’t anything that worried him. But I’ve given up on it. Suffice to say. In case it seems like I’m trying to do something to John.

I’ve given up on it, McCartney protests wearily. The breeze shifts, the curtain flutters. Is it the wind or a ghostly hand? I can’t say for sure, but I’ve heard if you play Hey Jude backwards, you can hear John’s voice claiming credit for Dance Tonight. - Paul McCartney Still Haunted by the Ghost of John Lennon



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History’s Most Outstanding Case of Levitation

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Live... Die... and Live Again - Part 3

By Stephen Ellis - For those of you who read parts 1 & 2 and commented on them, “Thank you”.

As stated in parts 1 & 2, the most irrefutable proof of living again is a study of reincarnation. Of course there are no scientific experiments to prove reincarnation, but it is extremely difficult to ignore the empirical evidence supported by millions of claims. One of the world’s largest religions (Hindu) is predicated on reincarnation. Perhaps Hinduism’s religious thoughts on the subject are not digestible in a modern world, but facts are facts.

I mentioned the reincarnation of Shanti Devi in an earlier part. Here is a brief summary of the recorded facts...and you can judge it for yourself:

On January 18, 1902, a daughter was born to a family named Chaturbhuj, residents of Mathura, India. Her name was Lugdi. When Lugdi reached the age of 10, she was married to Kedarnath Chaube, a shopkeeper of the same locality; a practice often followed in India in the early 1900s.

When Lugdi became pregnant for the first time, her child was stillborn following a Cesarean section. For her second pregnancy, the worried husband took her to the government hospital at Agra, where a son was born, again through a Cesarean on September 25, 1925. Nine days later, however, Lugdi’s condition deteriorated and she died on October 4, 1925 at 10 A.M.

On December 11,1926, (one year, ten months and seven days after Lugdi’s death), a daughter was born to Babu Rang Bahadur Mathur of Chirawala Mohulla, a small locality of Delhi, India. The girl was named Shanti Devi.

Shanti Devi spoke very little until she was four years old. When she did start talking, she alarmed everyone in her family by telling them, "This is not my real home! I have a husband and a son in Mathura! I must return to them!"

This was India in the 1930s. Psychological treatments were rare and very expensive, so her parents told her, "Forget your past life. You're with us now." But Shanti Devi wouldn't give up. She talked about her former family to anyone who would listen including her teachers at school.

One of her teachers, out of curiosity, sent a letter to the address Shanti Devi had given to her teacher as her "real home" in Mathura, inquiring if there had been a young woman who had died there not too many years ago. To his astonishment, the teacher soon received a reply from the shopkeeper, Kedarnath Chaube, in Mathura admitting that his young wife, Lugdi, had passed away some years previously, after giving birth to their son. The details Shanti Devi had given to her teacher about her old house and members of her previous family were all confirmed to the teacher in intricate detail. The teacher felt it was important enough to contact a newspaper.

This launched the most thoroughly researched investigation of a case of reincarnation in modern history. Everyone got into the act, including Mahatma Gandhi, several prominent members of the Indian government, and a team of skeptical scientific researchers.

The team of scientific researchers wanted to be certain that Shanti Devi couldn't possibly be getting her information from any other source. They decided to accompany the little girl to Mathura. The team was determined to find whether or not there was merit to the girl’s claims or whether her claims were childish imagination or even, possibly, trickery or a publicity stunt.

First, they stopped at a place other than Mathura and told Shanti that it was Mathura. Shanti had never been outside of her small community in the Delhi area but when she looked around, Shanti told the group that she did not believe this was Mathura; that their driver had made a mistake.

They all then continued on to Mathura where the researchers again tried to mislead Shanti to the wrong part of Mathura, but she would not be fooled. She led the group directly to what she said was her former home and even noted recent changes to it that had been made only a few years earlier. The team had hired an actor to pretend he was Shanti’s “former husband”. Shanti was not fooled.

Shanti instantly picked her “former husband” out of a group of men in which he had been hiding…and whispered some very intimate facts to him such as the description of scars on the private parts his body and described extramarital affairs of family members that no one, outside the family, could possibly have known.

Every newspaper in Asia, Europe and the Middle East carried the story. The Shanti Devi story was not given much credibility by the Western press who felt that nothing really newsworthy could come out of India. The award-winning Swedish journalist, Sture Lonnerstrand, spent several weeks with Shanti Devi later in her life, recording her story and verifying information about the famous government investigation.

As I said earlier, these are the recorded facts. Interpret them in any way you feel is correct. The story of Shanti Devi does present some very strong evidence in favor of the fact that we continue to live even after we die. More evidence in the future.

If you are interested in the subject, I suggest you read my book, “Explaining the Unexplained”. You can download a Kindle of it for about $3.00. Hard and soft-cover copies are available at Barnes & Nobel and at Amazon.

Explaining the Unexplained

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