Wednesday, February 22, 2017

'Cloaked' Entity Encounter?

I recently received the following account:

Hi Lon,

I've been an avid follower of 'Phantoms and Monsters' for years, but have never bothered to submit any of the strange encounters that I've had during my life. However, the reports of "cloaked" entities reminded me of one of the strangest.

During the fall of 2010, I don't remember the exact date, my friend Jeffrey and I decided to go to our local 'Game Stop' late in the evening. We left the mall shortly before they closed at 9:00PM, and the weather outside had decided the rain. This is important, as it led to me deciding to take back roads home instead of using the interstate, and it also allowed us to see what we did. The area is quite rural, and in seconds you go from city to countryside.

After crossing one of the bridges over Interstate 55, the road has a small depression, and then has a long hillside. As we neared the bottom of the depression, there was another car headed towards us at the top of the hill about 500 feet away, and then SOMETHING ran across the road just a few feet in front of my vehicle. The reason I say something is because there was nothing there, almost as if there was a hole in the rain. Imagine an animal about the size of a large cat or a dog the size of a Cocker Spaniel running through the rain, and then take away the animal. I could see the raindrops hitting its back, roughly 18 inches above the pavement, and the rain drops hitting the pavement around it on all sides. From the pattern it left in the rain I had the impression that it was a four-legged creature, due to the raindrop pattern being about 2.5 feet long and about 1 foot wide and 1.5 foot in height. It only took it about two seconds to cross in front of us, from right to left. After it disappeared, I asked Jeffrey "Did you see that?" His reply was "I did, but I wasn't going to say anything because I didn't want you to think I was crazy!" I have seen many things in my life, some of which I may share later, but this incident has to be the oddest one of all. I would really appreciate any insight you or any of your other readers would have about such creatures.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, but I really have no other way to describe what we saw that night. Thank you for taking the time to read my account, and thank you for all you do to help people understand the things we see and experience that cannot be explained. SO

I contacted the witness for some additional information and received the following:

Hi Lon,

My sighting occurred in McComb, Mississippi, within about 50 feet of this location 31.235673, -90.485245

The most striking part of the encounter to me was that even though this thing was only feet away from us, I could clearly see the rain hitting something above the ground, but I could also see the raindrops hitting the ground on the other side. Thinking back, the center of the mass seemed to be somewhat darker than the surroundings, but still invisible. There didn't seem to be a head to the creature, because the drops that were hitting in midair were pretty much level to the ground. Also, I don't recall seeing splashes from feet hitting the ground. I'm quite sure that if it had been an animal crossing our path, it would have been well illuminated by me headlights and the ones from the approaching vehicle. But whatever this was did not so much as cast a shadow from the lights. Out of the many paranormal/UFO encounters I've had in my life, this is the main one that keeps me scratching me head.

Thank you so much for your interest in this strangeness, and I hope you have a good outcome in your current investigation. SO

NOTE: I'm interested in the readers' thoughts on this anomaly. I have my own theories, and expressed these to the witness. What do you think? Lon

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Ghostly Premonition?

Nevasoba wrote in to tell of a weird experience he had one night involving his wife:

“Around 2005, not long after Katrina. I live in the south. My wife and I were in the bed sleeping. Well, I woke up to get something to drink and use the restroom. When I went in the kitchen - there is a sort of long hallway that opens into three kitchen and dining area - so I'm in the kitchen in the fridge getting some orange juice, there is my wife in the hallway. So I'm like 'What's wrong, did I wake you?' and she says nothing, so I look at her kinda sleepy eyed and go use the bathroom.

Later, when I went to bed, there she is laying in the bed. I asked her if she had to use the restroom and she had no idea what I was talking about. I kinda freak out. I'm telling her, 'Yeah right.' So now she is awake and kinda crabby. I woke her up. She says, 'I've been sleeping the entire time. I have been right here in the bed. I never got up.'

I have no idea what that was that night. I gets chills thinking about it. She passed away in 2012 from cancer. I always wonder if it was a premonition or I don't know what.”

Source: Youtube comment from my 'Arrival Apparition' video

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: Something similar happened to well as several others who have written to me. Lon


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However, the species is alive and well, scientists recently discovered. One of the slippery serpents was captured in January — the second living specimen ever seen, and the first glimpsed in 64 years.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

'IT' Stood in the Confessional

M Uebershall wrote in to tell her story of encountering a weird entity in a church:

NOTE: This comment was made in reference to an entity with a 'camel-like head'

“Yep! Head of a camel. Sort of... I thought more of a sheep, but one could say camel. Seen that. Long ago. It was in a small town in Germany where I lived with my granddad and grandmother. I don't think I was going school at the time but still old enough to remember. Must have been 1973/74, I reckon.

There were two (still have now) churches, both Roman Catholic. The one on the main road used to be unlocked during daytime. My Nan went in (no other people in at that time) to say a prayer or to light a candle or both. I asked whether I could have a wander around to look at the wall paintings and figures of Saints in detail (that were everywhere). As long as I wouldn't "run" or make noise she said I could look around. So I did for maybe 5 to 10 min.

My Nan was now chatting to a lady in a corner close to the altar. I was down the other end. On one side were all the confessionals. All empty of course at the time (or so I thought). Being a nosy little devil, I had to peep through one of the windows of each one...maybe 3 or 5 of these were there. Just before the last one, I peep in and there IT stood at the place where usually the "confessor" would be seated. It kind of looked up at me... it looked dark, it wore a suit or something. I turned and ran. I was scolded for running (sh*tting myself I did, really scared). I told Nan to look into each confessional on way out. She did. She told me to look too to make me see there is nothing unusual. I looked. The "one" was empty too. But I could see the empty little bench in there (but IT stood. It never sat on anything). Clearly I could see the grey velvet seat cushion and on the cushion was a small book, like a prayer book. No book in the other alcoves. Of course, I didn't sleep for the entire week as we lived right next to the other Roman Catholic church. Still puzzled. To this day, I know I had seen something."

Source: Youtube comments

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: Was it a child's imagination...or an actually entity? Lon

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