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UFO Eyewitness Reports & Accounts

UFOs Over the Valley

“Late one night, I was helping bring horses into into the barn at a ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley. It was fall, the air was crisp, and the sky was crystal clear. My mother had told me previously of seeing strange lights in the night sky, and on this night, she called to me excitedly saying “There! Look up!!” It took a moment, but there was a light moving at a steady speed very high in the sky. The trajectory was perfectly straight, and it was of such altitude that I called back to her, saying “That is a satellite, mom. Nothing to worry about.” “No no...” she said. “Keep watching!” I stopped the two thoroughbreds I was leading and watched. To humor her, if anything. As I watched, two tiny points of light broke way from ether side of the object, moved out a slight distance, grew in brightness, and flew formation with the object for a short while. Suddenly, both objects accelerated instantly to a speed I cannot describe, and shot away at 45 degree angles from the main object and perpendicular to one another, traversing the visible sky in less than a second. “Did you see that?” my mother asked. “What was that?” “Nothing we built.” I said after a long pause. We have never spoken of it since. That was 1982.” - Sean Connors


Some are Good...Some are Evil

“I have had two separate incidents with UFOs. The first was in 2011. This V-shaped UFO entered the atmosphere above my home and sat silent for about 2 minutes then traversed the sky. I was frightened by it but it wasn't, or at least it didn't, come off evil. The second about 8 months later was a disc and when I saw it, I was ready with a powerful light and I pointed it at the craft and the damn thing stopped and slowly made its way to me. I was panicked and very terrified. It was almost on top of me when I shut the light off and ran for my shed, which I shut the door and locked from the inside using a bike lock. My entire yard was lit up with bright light and it was shining into the cracks of my shed and lit up the inside like I had a spotlight on inside. There was a vibration I felt slowly increase in intensity and then everything went dark. It was gone. I felt this one was evil very evil. Haven't seen any UFOs since but I know they are real and some are good and some are evil." - Sir Wulf


It Wasn't a Dream

“Here's a story from 2002. My Brother and I shared a bedroom in the attic of our house in Hereford, UK. We were up playing video games one night after we were told to go to bed and we both heard a low humming and the house was vibrating. The hum and vibration got louder over the following 10 minutes. We paused the game and went to look out of our bedroom window. What we both saw was a large aircraft flying overhead; we opened the windows and leaned out to get a better look as our house had tall trees out the back. The craft was flying at an unbelievably slow speed and had large round lights underneath and along the wings. The craft had 5 large lights from memory and was wide and triangular. We were very confused that nothing outside was affected by this large craft, trees remained still and there was no cars or wildlife noise. We continued to watch the craft for 10 minutes until it slowly disappeared over the tree line. We decided that in the morning we would go up to the quarry (a large park with football fields) to see whether the craft had perhaps crashed. Once the craft had gone and the vibrations had stopped we went downstairs to ask our parents whether they had heard or felt the humming and vibrations but they just looked at us confused and told us to go to bed (there is no way they would not have heard it). Just recently at a family BBQ my brother mentioned what he had seen 16 years earlier and my jaw just dropped. I thought it was a dream or hallucination. I cannot understand what we saw but whatever it was it was huge, slow moving and had 5 round lights underneath.” - The Vapor Room


No Government Disclosure Needed...They're Real

“I saw a UFO in 2003 or 2004. I was traveling along the freeway near Phoenix, Arizona. The craft was flying about 30-40 feet above the freeway light posts and was oval in shape and flew silent. It was flat on top and bottom with a convex middle underbelly. No propulsion. No gear, no markings and was a medium-dark gray, matte smooth metal, with no windows or seams. It appeared to be molded or created into presence by thought and not by manufacturing. It flew in broad daylight in a smooth, even slow speed as if it was watching along the freeway. The craft didn't seem to be affected by wind currents or it's environment. I saw it from the front and underneath and the back. It was not man-made. I felt no fear. My observation skills kicked in so I was observing every detail of what I was seeing and took mental notes. Yes, UFO's are real. I don't need the government to disclose the fact.” - Royal Navarre


Hood River Airport Encounter

Patrick in Washington State called in to tell of his UFO sighting:

“Going back about eight years, James (Gilliland – the guest of the evening) was practically my neighbor. I lived in Trout Lake. I lived there for a year and I can't say that anything paranormal or extra-terrestrial happened to me, but I wasn't really looking for those experiences. It was during that year that I learned to fly, just south, in Hood River, and that's when something happened. It took about a year to get my pilot license and once I had completed that training, I would fly around a lot. I'd fly over Trout Lake. I'd fly over, you know, the Hood River Valley, the peak. There's Mount Adams, going to the south about 50 miles, is Hood and then between the two, between the two peaks, is the Columbia River, and I spent most of my time flying over the Hood River Valley, which is just to the south of the Columbia River, and it was during that very uneventful flight, I was coming in for a landing at 33,000 feet above... I was just to the east of the mountain and there was something in my way, some kind of... as I was approaching, it was like a spherical object. I didn't know exactly what it was. I thought it might be a helicopter or something else, an airplane, but it's too far out. I didn't hear any radio call so I wasn't exactly sure. I approached a little bit more. It's coming into view and it appears to be football-shaped and metallic. There was light glinting off of it. It was in my way. I was 3,000 feet descending into 4S2 which is the Hood River Airport and I actually had to roll to the left to get out of this thing's way. (Church asks how big it was) You know, that's a good question. So you can't really tell just looking directly at it but I was able to fly just to the left of it and I think it was about the same size as my airplane. I was flying a Cessna 172 which isn't exactly a big aircraft. Probably about that size or smaller. (Church asks if it was moving) I don't know because, keep in mind, it's really difficult to tell relative motion. I'm traveling about a hundred miles per hour about a hundred knots or so, I'm coming, I'm descending, I believe. It was definitely in front of me. It might have been moving toward me when I rolled to the left and I looked at it to try to get an idea of what it was. The Sun, which was setting, it was sort of, I guess, it was about 6 PM, again, this is going back eight years but the Sun hit it and it glinted off of it. It blinded me at that point. I couldn't see what it was but I couldn't see any rotors, I couldn't see any wings. It certainly didn't look like a like any kind of a weather balloon. There was no, I don't think it was a drone, I'm not sure what it was and it's been eight years. I have no idea what I saw. So it passed me on the right and my right wing would have been, you know, up, as I roll to the right but it was there, as I passed it, the setting Sun glinted off of it and it was just a reflection of the Sun. I couldn't see it well. It was a moment in time and it passed very quickly. I did have to roll to miss it or I think I would have hit it but I don't know what it was. The airport is an untowered airport, so no radar. It's incumbent upon the pilot's visiting that airport to make a radio contact essentially to announce their intentions to let other aircrafts know what they're doing, where they're going. There was no radio broadcast when I encountered this thing. It's funny, I landed at the airport. Right next to the airport, one of my co-workers actually had a house there. I got out of my plane. They all saw me land. They all knew I was there. It was basically an after work party and so I walked up and I grabbed a beer and I just started telling a few people. I told a few people what I saw and they started making fun of me, you know, and it's like, 'How many beers have you had?' So, yeah, I haven't told that many people because I honestly don't know what it was.” Source: Coast to Coast Radio - April 27, 2018

Source for comments: Beyond Creepy


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Daily 2 Cents: Tall Alien by the Road -- White Owl & UFO -- 'Zombie' Warning Issued in Florida City

Tall Alien by the Road

I recently received the following account:


I have been wanting to tell someone who cares about what I seen for a very long time, someone that will believe me and not judge. It's been many years ago but I remember it as if it was yesterday. I was at work one day in Greensboro, NC. lunch time rolled around and I left for my friend's house in Allen Jay (High Point).

Anyway it was the early spring, a beautiful day approx 12:15 pm. As I remember is was 1992. As I turned down a road called Nance Ave on the way to my friend's house. Actually I was almost there. As I drove everything was fine. All of a sudden there was a 8- 9 ft alien (maybe even taller) standing on the left side of my car on the side of the road. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I slowed down to look up at it and it was very tall. The eyes were kinda large and shaped like the normal cat's eyes that we see a lot for aliens. He was so black and dark...his cloak (as it looked to me) came up and it looked like he had on a toboggan type cap, but again it was so black that it kind of melted in together with the cloak. It was terribly skinny. And his eyes were very shiny. Very thin and very tall. No hands were visible or feet, he was just standing there looking straight at something. As I drove by slowly I kept watching in my mirror at what I was seeing and all of a sudden it turned and was looking at me.

Now the road I was on is somewhat hilly with up and down small hills. I was so fascinated with what I was seeing I wanted to go back. I never took my eyes off of the alien as I could see just a little bit of him. Still as I went to turn around, I still had a visual on the alien. As I whipped my car around, maybe 3-4 seconds with my eyes not on the alien, well he was gone. I was scared, but also fascinated.

I think the only one who believed me was my friend as I told her and took several shots of tequila at her house, that never phased me. She said when I came flying threw her door my face was very white and she knew something was wrong. I was trying to calm down before I went back to work. I have never seen another one, but have seen mysterious thing at the NC coast where I go.

Thank You. DB


White Owl & UFO

Mendota, California: At approximately 10:15pm as my kids & I were driving through a dark, lonely road through fields (outside of Mendota, CA) we saw an object in the sky with white and red lights moving through the sky super fast! It caught our eyes, because we’ve never seen anything like this. (Just a minute or so prior to noticing the flying object a white owl flew right in front of our car windshield, so close that it was almost touching the glass. it looked at us and flew away fast. We all froze and had chills).

We watched as the flying object moved super fast from one end to another & closer.

Then it suddenly slowed down, hovered & lowered. We saw a clear disk shape going in circles with white and red flashing lights! There was no question as to what we were clearly looking at. Then all of a sudden it was gone. Right after we lost sight of it, two bunnies appear on the road in plain darkness in front of our car. Then, another. We were so scared, we couldn’t understand what the heck was going on.

It was the scariest thing ever! My body froze so bad that I was having difficulty moving & driving. I was super stiff until I got home! The scariest part was that we were stuck on that road with no one and nothing around and we had to drive toward our last sighting of this thing, because it was the only way out of there to reach the highway.

Found a picture of a UFO sighting from 2010 which most closely resembles what we saw (except for the blue light). We did not take any pictures ourselves as we were in shock.

I'm still am having trouble sleeping! - MUFON


'Zombie' Warning Issued in Florida City

LAKE WORTH, Fla. (AP) - Residents of a Florida city who received alerts about a power outage were also warned to look out for zombies. That's right - zombies.

Lake Worth residents received the message during a power outage Sunday.

The alert warned that more than 7,000 customers lost power "due to extreme zombie activity."

City spokesman Ben Kerr later posted a Facebook message saying officials were investigating the bogus alert and that he wanted to "reiterate that Lake Worth does not have any zombie activity currently." Read more at Florida city warns residents of power outage, zombies


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Monday, May 21, 2018

'I think it's finally time to talk'

Phoenix, Arizona - 7/5/2011 23:11: I've reported here before, but I never followed up because I was scared. I think it's finally time to talk...

I was in my backyard, and my dog was barking like crazy. I was trying to get her to be quiet, she kept running back and fourth in the yard, jumping up the fence, like as if chasing a cat. She was barking and she then sat in the middle of the yard. I finally got up one last time to bring her inside, but as soon as I got next to her she stopped barking. It was so silent. At night, you can see the stars but, for the most part, there weren't any. It was pitch black. I mean, NOTHING. Then, the stars I mean, were in the shape of a ellipse, but I don't know for sure. My phone broke, like, literally broke. The battery was dripping. I don't know what happened next. I woke up in my room and I haven't talked to anyone except for one person.

The second encounter I had, which I've sent before, was in my living room. In the morning, but the sun was barely rising. It was around 4 or 5 am in the summer. I looked out the window, and there it was. Clear as day. A being. Its face was bony, very skinny, sucked in to the bone. It had no eyes. No nose. It had holes on the sides of its head, which, I thought were like a reptile's ears. But it was fleshy. It looked human. But it had the slightest pale green in it; blue in some spots. It was tall, but hunched over, with four arms and very small legs. It had a very large spine, like, it was long, and it was very prominent. Also very easy to see through its flesh. It had something else, where our ribs would be. It looked like gills. They were bright pink. No tail. I dropped my glass of milk and he/it turned to look at me. It stared; for what felt like hours. I know exactly what it looks like. I could almost feel the creature through the glass. I blacked out. I woke up later around 12 noon.

Then lastly, the reason why I reported all this to you. I was in Page, AZ with a friend, who is Navajo. He took me to meet his family on the reservation. That first night, we went out at about midnight. We walked up on top of this huge sandstone ridge, and his father told us never to leave at night. (blah blah blah right?) I didn't listen. Mind you, I'm a very intelligent 14 year old boy. I should have listened. There was a bright light. Illuminated the valley. It was a bright as day, it grew brighter and brighter. And then it kind of coned into a small area, like a stage light, but really bright. We could feel the heat. The cone of light grew so small you could barely see it, yet it grew hotter and hotter. It was like a laser. Then a loud buzzing sound started, it was a low hum, then a loud ring. Then complete silence, but it was bright. The light sketched across the sand like lighting or a crack in the ice. We ran faster then I've run before.

We later decided to walk back to the sands the next night. We walked out there, and it was overcast and raining; but the rain was caught and wouldn't sink into the sand. We dug in. For a radius of thirty feet, there was glass. It looked like a spider web on the top, with a plate under it. We later dug it up and, it looked random to me. But who knows? His father said to leave it and its God's work. It's not for the media, so we buried it. Shortly after the man's cattle and sheep started to disappear. - NUFORC

NOTE: I came across this report by sheer accident today. After reading the account, it reminded me of a similar series of incidents told to me by Jc Johnson several years ago. He described an area in the high desert on the Dine Navajo reservation in New Mexico where strange lights had been seen. It was also an area where the large 'Furry One' males would congregate, according to a few locals. One of the sheepherder's livestock had suddenly disappear without a trace, but Jc was sure that it wasn't the Bigfoot stealing sheep. He believed that there was an otherworldly explanation for the disappearances, but he wasn't able (as far as I know) to prove it. Lon


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