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Talking 'Shadow Man'

Matthew in Monroe, Louisiana called in to tell of his 'shadow man' experience:

“It first starts in 1999. The years 1999 through 2000, that time frame. I was 16 years old in high-school. One night I woke and I was doing what I do on a regular basis – woke up and used the restroom. The hallway leads straight across, parallel to where I'm at is my parent's room. When I opened the door, I noticed there was a figure at my parent's door, right outside. What was unique about it was that it was darker than the dark. We didn't keep the lights on. My stepdad didn't leave the lights on at night but it was darker than dark.

At first I wasn't thinking anything paranormal. I was thinking it was one of them. I said, Is that you? I said my stepdad's name. I didn't hear anything. I said, Is that you mom? And it talked to me. It wasn't their voice. It said, go back to sleep. I said, I have to use the restroom. It said, Go back to sleep. It was leaning up against the wall. I went back to sleep and didn't think anything of it.

The next morning I went to get something to eat before school. I told my mom. I said, Were one of the you all outside the door last night? She said, No. I said, Well, ask dad if he was outside the door last night. She called. I told him there was someone outside the door. It wasn't my brother because he was not that tall. I told him about it and he kind of laughed me off. My mom kind of gave me a serious look but didn't say anything else.

Anyway, about a month or so passed and I woke up in the morning and my brother said he'd been up a couple of hours. He told me he saw the same thing. Well then my mom, I went back to her. She told me in confidence about when we lived in our former house that something similar happened to both her and my stepdad. They never told us. She saw something coming back from the laundry room – totally different house. And my stepdad had seen a figure pass through the dining room area. They didn't want to tell us. She went further back and said that when she was young, her and my aunt, who had just passed away...but at the time they had played with a Ouija board. This was back... they were young, I'm just making a guess, maybe 60s or early 70s. It had to be the 60s. Anyway, they did this at her parent's house and at the time her grandparents were staying there with them in their last days. They started hearing crashes around the house. There was loud noises. They said they could hear footsteps and they would get up in the morning and their grandfather would say, You making all that racket at night and what not?

Source: Coast To Coast AM - October 7, 2016

Transcribed by JLB

NOTE: I suppose the Ouija board could have had some bearing in this incident...but there needs to be a bit of explanation given. Actual 'shadow beings' are drawn to specific people or households...normally where there is sickness, young children, dysfunction or depression. They are seekers of opportunity...and if the conditions for securing life-force and energy are available, they will stay at the same location. Prolonged infestation can be dangerous...and deadly. These entities are very difficult to remove...but if successful, they simply move on to another location. I believe that this particular shadow was the manifestation of an earthbound entity that is attached to one or both of the parents. I am unsure if I have ever heard of a 'talking' shadow being...which is why I believe that this was another type of energy. Lon

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Daily 2 Cents: Bigfoot Ruined Our Camping Trip -- NYC Woman Attacked & Eaten by Dogs -- Bloodsucker Bites Teen in Graveyard

Bigfoot Ruined Our Camping Trip

Two young Marine reservists on an overnight camping and hunting trip last month claim they got the scare of a lifetime: a possible Bigfoot sighting.

Tyler Kroetsch, 20, and Wil Neill, 23, were in the southwest corner of the Waterloo State Recreation Area in Michigan in the early morning hours of Sept. 16 when they heard footsteps about 20 feet away from them. The seasoned outdoorsmen then froze to listen to what came next: two distinct, four-second-long screams that didn’t sound like anything they’ve previously heard in the woods.

“You could hear each step,” Neill told The Post on Wednesday. “It stopped almost directly in front of me, about 20 feet away, off to my right, and then it screamed two times. After that, we freaked out.”

Neill, of Livonia, Mich., said he was so spooked by the sighting that he and Kroetsch ended up sleeping in their car. They never reported the incident to officials at the state’s Department of Natural Resources, but Neill insists he’s a believer.

“I went from zero belief that night to 100 percent believing in Bigfoot,” Neill said. “It’s ridiculous to say, but, after that night, we don’t know how else to explain it or what to say.” Read more at Bigfoot wouldn’t shut up during our camping trip


Americans say they're more afraid of clowns than climate change

The US is in the middle of a so-called 'clown attack' epidemic right now, and a new survey by the good folks at Vox has just revealed that it's not just media hype - people are actually really, really freaked out about it.

In fact, the poll showed that Americans admit to being more scared of clowns than they are of climate change, terrorism, and even death.

That's despite the fact that we currently just lived through the 12th hottest month on record in a row - an entire year of record-breaking temperatures - and our melting glaciers are now ticking time bombs threatening to wash entire villages away.

But, we get it, clowns are creepy. Since August, there have been more than 100 'suspicious' clown sightings reported across the US, with many of those not leading to arrests. But apparently just the sight of these clowns is enough to terrify people. Read more at Americans say they're more afraid of clowns than climate change


NYC woman may have been eaten by dogs

NEW YORK (INSIDE EDITION) - A 68-year-old woman was found dead in the basement of her New York home by her devastated daughter, who told authorities her dogs may have eaten her mother, a police source told Inside Edition.

Officers responding to a 911 call for an unconscious and unresponsive woman found the body of Daisie Bradshaw in her Staten Island home at about 9:40 a.m. Tuesday, the NYPD said.

The victim, who was found beaten and bruised, was pronounced dead at the scene, officials said.

Two dogs were in the basement with Bradshaw when she was found, a law enforcement source said, noting they may have attacked the woman, who was found with defensive wounds.

Bradshaw’s daughter told a 911 operator that mother had been eaten by her two German shepherds, which she needed to have removed from the home, a police source said.

The NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit removed the dogs after sedating them, the source said.

The city medical examiner will determine the official cause of death and the investigation into the woman's death is ongoing, authorities said.


Bloodsucker Bites Teen in Graveyard

The youngster has claimed the vampire-like beast launched itself at him on Sunday (October 25) evening, at a cemetery in Westbury, Tasmania.

One teen says: “We’ve just got back from the graveyard and Tim’s been bitten by some weird bug, or something.”

Tim looks dazed as the camera zooms in on a deep-looking red gash on the side of his neck.

The cameraman then moves to a laptop screen, where a video has been loaded appearing to show the attack.

In the footage, Tim can be seen waving his hands around his head – clearly attempting to bat away whatever has bit him.

The woman operating the laptop then pauses the clip with a strange white figure in the centre of the screen.

“What kind of bug is that,” she says as the creature appears.

It is impossible to accurately make out what the creature is but some viewers speculated it could have been an evil spirit. Photos / video can be found at Proof VAMPIRES exist? ‘Blood-sucking beast’ leaves huge bite on teen’s neck in graveyard



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Humanoid Encounters: The 'Wicomico Catman', 'Toadman' Encounter & the Bloodsucker

The following reports are from Albert Rosales' Humanoid Encounters Series:


Wicomico County, Maryland - Autumn 1980 - Late night

This particular area around Maryland's eastern shore is reputed to be the home of a bizarre entity dubbed the "Cat Man".

Four people parked near a landfill witnessed two yellow eyes looking in the car window. Extremely frightened, they quickly left the area but got curious and decided to return. They returned in two cars this time and parked at angles so they could direct the headlights and be able to see more area.

After an hour or so they noticed something crouched down and moving towards them. The creature slowly moved over to them on all fours. It was black with coarse hair, and had very long claws or nails on each hand. The face was human-like but with feline features and covered in hair. There was a long thin tail that whipped back and forth slowly.

After remaining motionless for a few seconds, it moved to one car and hooked it's claws into the driver side door. It's yellow eyes glowed in the dark as it peered inside. Again terrified, the witnesses started the car causing the creature to fall away from the car as it cried out a high-pitched scream as it ran away. Deep scratch marks were on the car according to the owner.

The witnesses reported the sighting to the local authorities who conducted an investigation. Nothing was reportedly found though this was not the first or last time this creature was seen in the area.

Source: local county authorities

NOTE: similar sightings have be reported since the area was inhabited by native people. Several half-eaten sika deer carcasses with large claw and teeth marks have been found in the past, usually in areas near the Wicomico River and other waterways.



San Luis Potosi, Mexico - October 1965 - Afternoon

Francisco Estrada Acosta had gone out on a small game hunting expedition near a local mining area. He followed the Santiago River and arrived at the San Jose dam. There while bending down collecting rocks for his slingshot he felt the presence of someone standing next to him. Standing up he was startled to see a tall figure with a large oval-shaped head, huge reddish phosphorescent eyes and a large toad-like mouth. The strange humanoid extended a 'flipper-like' hand to Acosta and touched one of Acosta’s hands on his palm. The touch felt cold and scaly like that of a reptile or an amphibian. Terrified, Acosta stepped back and ran from the area. Glancing back he noticed that the creature had membrane wing-like protrusions on its back and was apparently preparing to leave also.

Source: Contacto Mexico



Silver Spring, Maryland - February, 22, 2003 - Near midnight

The witness (a teacher) was at home grading some papers when all of the sudden she noticed a bright light outside her apartment. She stepped outside to see what it could be when she suddenly felt a warm sensation come over her body. Her next memory was being alone, lying on a cold hard table with figures wearing doctor-like masks standing around her. The figures were at least 8 ft tall. They appeared to be "slimy" since the witness was touched in several private places by the humanoids. They stuck a needle in the witness, but she felt no pain. In the background there were more figures that appeared to be the female version of the other ones. The humanoids spoke in an unknown language that could not be understood. The speech resembled a series of clicks and mumbled speech. The room grew cold and she felt "something" being pulled out of her. (She believes it was her appendix). She lost consciousness again at this point. She woke up later and found a scar on her side.

Source: NUFORC

NOTE: This location is the site of the Madelaine Rodeiffer UFO film taken in 1965. Well-known 'experiencer' George Adamski was supposedly staying with her at the time.



Columbia, Missouri - November 2000 - 10:30 PM

A local bow-hunter had recently found 3 deer carcasses completely drained of blood and was out on another night hunting expedition when he again found a dead deer with two bleeding wounds abut 2 inches apart in the neck area. As he began his trek back to the truck he heard a sound in the brush behind him. As he continued to walk, he soon realized that whatever it was it was following him. He turned around to see the brush move on the hillside and he was able to make out a dark shape moving quickly against the snow. The witness turned the flashlight and witnessed a creature about 3 ft tall with dark thick and matted hair. It's face was baboon-like and the eyes were a little larger than those of a human being. The creature ran up the hill as the witness moved rapidly towards his truck. He could make out its shape about 15 yards away from him. The witness fired his bow and thought he had it, but the creature continued to run away. He found no arrow or blood.

Source: Unknown

Humanoid Encounters Series - Albert S. Rosales

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