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The Nurses and the Spacemen

It was turning five in the morning on New Year's Day 1970, when Miss Doreen Kendall, a practical nurse at the Cowichan District Hospital on Vancouver Island, noticed that one of the elderly patients in her ward was restless. Deciding the patient was too warm, she went to a window and parted the drapes to let in a little air.

"Just as I pulled the drapes a brilliant light hit me in the eyes," she said. "It was still dark outside, but about 60 feet away right above the children's ward to my left there was this object so big and bright I could see everything clearly."

"The object was circular and had what I guess you would call a top and bottom. The bottom was silvery, like metal, and was shaped like a bowl. There was a string of bright lights around it like a necklace. The top was a dome made of something like glass. It was lit up from inside and I could see right into it."

Continuing her account in question-and-answer form, Miss Kendall told me there were two male-like figures in the craft, one behind the other, facing to her right away from the hospital. The one in front appeared taller, or perhaps was positioned higher, than the other. Their heads were encased in close-fitting dark material.

As she watched with intense curiosity, yet completely unfrightened - "I never felt so peaceful in all my life. I wish I could have talked to them" - she became aware of seeing more of the interior of the craft and realized it was tilting. In a moment she could see to a point just below their knees and noticed they were standing in front of what looked like stools.

"They looked like fine, tall, well-built men," she said. "They were dressed in tight-fitting suits of the same material that covered their heads but their hands were bare and I noticed how human they looked. Their flesh seemed just like ours."

Intrigued as she was by the appearance of the two figures, Miss Kendall found her interest centered on what looked like an instrument panel facing the one in front.

"The man in front was staring at the panel as if something very important was going on, and I wondered if they might have had mechanical trouble. I even thought they might have landed on the roof of the hospital and then had trouble taking off."

She described the panel as a very large one, taking up almost half the interior of the object and reaching nearly to the top of the dome. The instruments, if that is what they were, seemed to be inset in the chrome-like metal of the panel and there was a variety of sizes.

The total sight was so absorbing that at first Miss Kendall's thoughts were lost to everything else, and for a moment she forgot Mrs. Frieda Wilson, a registered nurse, was in the same room.

"Then when I did think of it, I guess I hesitated. I felt I mustn't make a noise or do anything that would break the trend of what was happening."

At this point, almost as if her thoughts were being read, she saw the figure in the rear turn slowly and face squarely in her direction.

"He seemed to look right at me but I couldn't see his face. It was covered by a darkish material that looked softer than the rest of his suit. I'm sure he saw me because then he touched the other man on the back. When he did this, the man in front reached down and took hold of something like a lever beside him. I'll never forget how deliberately he did it. He pushed it back and forth and the saucer, or whatever you'd call it, started to circle slowly, still close to the building, in an anticlockwise direction."

The motion seemed to break the spell for Miss Kendall, for then she remembered Mrs. Wilson was there and called her over.

Later I spoke separately to Mrs. Wilson, who said, "I noticed Miss Kendall standing at the window and wondered what she was looking at. In fact, I was just going to see when she beckoned to me, and then I saw this great big light over the patio outside the children's ward. I'd say it was quite a bit larger than a car. (By the estimate of both witnesses, the object spanned a width of about five windows of the children's ward. This gave it a diameter of at least 50 feet.) It looked circular in shape and the far side seemed to be higher than the side near us. It was moving around slowly and then it started to move away. I didn't really see any top or bottom to it. It was all just tremendously bright." - John Magor - UFOBC


Doreen Kendall's statement to 'The Cowichan Leader':

"There was a brilliantly lighted dome, occupied by two human-like men, which was stationary in the air about 60 feet away from CDH, above the second floor where I was working in the extended care unit. I was so taken with the flying saucer that I didn't call anyone. I felt mummified and fascinated and stood there for about five minutes watching before I called another nurse, Mrs. Freda Wilson.

The craft, which was slightly tipped downwards toward her was about 50 feet in diameter, or about the width of five hospital windows. While the craft hovered above her, she could see only the upper half of the figures, but when the vehicle tilted she saw their full profile. They had nice physiques, more than six-feet tall, and their hands were the same color and shape as ours. Their faces were covered and they wore dark suits, like a pilot's uniform, of soft-looking material.

Maybe because I'm so mechanically minded, but I suspect they were having mechanical trouble and had stopped to make repairs. She said one man stood over an instrument panel made of chrome, and the other stood behind him. There were stools for them to sit on. She described the saucer-shaped craft as silvery, metallic with a necklace of lights around the middle. It made no sound while it hovered above her or even later when it took off southward. While watching, one man turned and looked directly and put his hand on the back of the man sitting down.

The other man then pulled back 'a joystick' similar to those in a big airplane and the object tilted sideways giving her an even better view of the instrument panel and interior. She noticed that the dome seemed to be lit from below rather than from above. When it started to pull away, I realized no one would believe me and I ran and called Mrs. Wilson to come and look.

She asked 'What on earth it that?' and I said "It's a flying saucer."

By this time five other nurses ran to the window and watched as the craft circled about five times and then slowly disappeared in a southeasterly direction. I was completely oblivious to anything else and felt no fear. In fact I would have loved to have gone for a ride and, if the men had spoken to me, I would have answered quite naturally. The reason I was so terrifically interested was because I always believed there were unidentified flying objects but now I am absolutely convinced." - The Cowichan Leader - 1/7/1970

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Daily 2 Cents: Possible Proof of David & Solomon Unearthed -- Abominable Snowman Mystery -- Million-Mummy Cemetery Found

Possible Proof of David & Solomon Unearthed

Six clay seals unearthed in Israel could prove that Kings David and Solomon actually existed.

For years scholars have dismissed these two biblical figures and their kingdoms as mythological, but now the discovery of six clay bullae, which were unearthed during a dig at Khirbet Summeily in Israel, has offered the first direct evidence that there was a ruler in the region during the 9th and 10th centuries BC.

Although the seals do not reference David or Solomon directly, their presence adds weight to the idea that there was a government and political system active at that time.

"Our preliminary results indicated that this site is integrated into a political entity that is typified by elite activities, suggesting that a state was already being formed in the 10th century BC," said Professor Jimmy Hardin who has been excavating the area for several years.

"We are very positive that these bullae are associated with the Iron Age IIA, which we date to the 10th century BC, and which lends general support to the historical veracity of David and Solomon as recorded in the Hebrew biblical texts." Read more at Do these clay seals prove that biblical accounts of King David and Solomon are correct? Bullae found in Israel hint at political activity in 10th century BC


Abominable Snowman mystery continues

It's a mystery that has fascinated scientists and the public for decades: just what IS the ape-like creature - known as the Yeti - said to be stalking the Himalayan mountains?

Last year, a geneticist claimed to have solved the mystery when he said the Yeti was a distant relative of the polar bear, thought to have died out more than 40,000 years ago.

But new DNA analysis has thrown doubts on this theory.

Researchers have shown that the two hair samples analysed actually originate from a modern polar bear, and a type of rare bear native to the high mountain ranges.

The analysis suggests that the Yeti is not a previously unseen primate, nor is it a polar or brown bear hybrid as previously thought, but instead a sub-species of the Himalayan bear.

The original analysis was carried out by Bryan Sykes, professor of human genetics at the University of Oxford.

He set out to collect and test Yeti hair samples to find out which species they came from.

In particular, he analysed hairs from two unknown animals, one found in the Western Himalayan region of Ladakh and the other from Bhutan, 800 miles (1,287 km) to the east. Read more at Abominable Snowman mystery continues: DNA analysis reveals that the Himalayan 'Yeti' is NOT a polar bear's ancient cousin


Million-Mummy Cemetery Found

Archaeologists have been excavating a gigantic burial site containing up to one million mummies.

The cemetery, which is known as Fag el-Gamous (Way of the Water Buffalo), has been a site of great interest for over 30 years.

To date the remains of more than 1,700 individuals have been unearthed however archaeologists believe that in total the site is likely to be home to upwards of one million bodies.

The cemetery dates back at least 2,000 years with most of the remains dating to between the 1st and 7th centuries AD.

Some of the deceased had been buried with items such as linen, glass and jewelry while others seemed to have been buried together with other members of the same family.

One recent excavation uncovered an abnormally tall individual around 7ft in height while another found the remains of an 18-month-old child with remarkably well preserved features.

The origins of the site however remain something of a mystery. None of the people buried there appear to have come from royal backgrounds and their remains exhibit varying degrees of mummification, most having been only loosely mummified by the dryness of the surrounding dirt.

It is hoped that, given enough time, the excavations will eventually be able to shed some light on the significance of this particular location and where the people buried there originally came from. - Egypt cemetery is home to a million 'mummies'


Student murdered, skinned and dumped

A nurse student, Kassandra Bravo was reported missing earlier this month after she failed to turn up to a baby-sitting job at a family friend's house.

Her mother raised the alarm after which the police issued a missing person notice.

Her body was discovered three days later lying in a ditch beside a road near the village of Las Cocinas in Mexico.

It was impossible to identify the body because her face had been stripped of her skin, detectives investigating the case said.

A post-mortem later revealed that she had been strangled.

The 19-year-old was murdered and then skinned by her stepfather whom she was planning to accuse of sexually assaulting her.

A friend reportedly told police that Miss Bravo had been planning to tell her mother Angeles Bravo, 41, that her stepfather Daniel Murrieta Sainz, 42, had been sexually abusing her since the age of 15.

The stepfather admitted strangling her and dumping the body but denied skinning her. - Emirates247



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'Big Joe'...Alabama Bigfoot

For the past week or so I've been following a story of a supposed 9 ft Bigfoot, referred to as 'Big Joe,' in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. I've been very suspicious of this information since it was reported by Cryptozoology News. The Alabama Bigfoot Society has recently posted a YouTube video...though, I'm not sure if this lends much credibility to the story - Alabama Adventures - Getting Close To Bigfoot, Big Joe The 9 ft. Sasquatch (

I started digging into my archives to see if I had any information on Bigfoot sightings in the same general area. I did come across a whimsical account from the Alabama Appalachians of a Bigfoot that went by the name of 'Joe,' who had a habit of visiting the local small-town diner each morning for a cup of coffee. It seems that Joe wasn't much of a conversationalist...but who simply sat at the counter in order to receive his 'cup of joe.''s the article on 'Big Joe':

ZANA, Ala.– Four people claim to have seen a “very large black Bigfoot” along Alabama State Route 22 in the Tallapoosa County area.

The sightings, documented by Bigfoot researcher Jim Smith, took place within a 4-mile radius around mile marker 135.

“‘Big Joe’ was spotted twice within about a 4 week time,” said Smith, 58 and founder of the Alabama Bigfoot Society.

According to the investigator, the first report was submitted by a woman who claimed to have been driving on the night of Halloween when they spotted the creature last year.

“There is a hunting trail that goes into the woods,” he said. ” When they came upon the curve, they looked out to the woods and saw the black Bigfoot walking down through the woods.”

And when Smith went to the area to investigate the report about a month later, he became a second witness.

“It was around thanksgiving week when I first saw him. When I came around the curve, that’s when I saw him. He wasn’t that far from the road, but he was walking down through the woods.”

“He was very muscular, he was very large, he was very wide, and he was also black,” he said about the animal.

Another man, who was reportedly traveling east on the same highway, said it was “almost dark” when he came across the creature.

“He only got about somewhere around 70 to 80 yards from this sign,” said Smith. “The sign is reflective, like all road signs are, and he said that when his lights hit it, he could see this Bigfoot, very tall Bigfoot.”

The man claimed that as he approached the beast, it strode across the road and that it “took only three steps to cross it” before vanishing into the woods.

“It takes about 9 steps to cross this road,” Smith said.

The alleged Sasquatch was described by the man as having “flowing hair” on the neck and head.

“The height of the Bigfoot… we took a ruler and we measured. The Bigfoot’s head was on this yellow sign, so we measured that and that would have made this particular Bigfoot, that I believe it was ‘Big Joe’ also, about 9 feet tall.”

An additional witness said it was Christmas Eve of the same year and that he and his family were driving west when they saw the “large black Bigfoot walking through a patch of woods” in the foggy afternoon.

It is not the first time that Smith has an encounter with this creature. He claims to have seen it many times throughout the years. The founder of the Alabaman research organization is a “no-kill” Sasquatch advocate aiming to protect the purported creature’s habitat.

“Only, when this first sighting occurred in Alabama, I didn’t know what a Bigfoot was. In those days we called it a ‘Giant Monkey’,” he told Cryptozoology News.

“I don’t intend to kill or try to kill one,” he says. “I know this feeling comes from my Indian blood. I know it exists and I don’t need a body to prove it.”

They believe “Bigfoot” is “another human species” or “a cross between human and something else”.

Reports of drivers spotting the creature on busy roads is not unusual. Many of these type of sightings end up being animal misidentifications.

Bigfoot: Exploring the Myth & Discovering the Truth

Beginner's Guide to Bigfoot Research

UFO and Bigfoot Sightings in ALABAMA: A listing and examination of selected sightings

The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Musconetcong River 'Mantis Man' Coming To Your TV

As some of my readers know, I'm going to be part of another segment on 'Monsters and Mysteries in America' this upcoming 3rd season. The subject this time will be 'Mantis Man & Insectoids'...specifically, the encounters on the Musconetcong River near Hackettstown, NJ. I have reported the past two years. The first two encounter descriptions can be found at The Musconetcong River 'Mantis Man' Returns. The night before filming, I was made aware of other sighting that will be included in the segment. The following information describes those sightings and comes from the production notes. The names will not be disclosed until the TV segment is presented:

In 2003, while staying in her mother’s home in Hackettstown, SM and her husband experienced a series of bizarre events – events that she claims have now begun to finally make sense with more recently reported sightings of the Mantis Man, which were posted on a local internet message board.

SM is a Hackettstown native: This is really weird. We were staying at my Mom’s house from May 2003 to August 2003. Behind her backyard is a big fish hatchery for the Musconetcong River. There’s a fence at the end of the yard, then the hatchery. We have a clear view of it. The river is only 1 block away.

SM: We had been noticing weird noises and strange lights from back there. There are no lights on at night back there in the hatchery normally so it’s very dark. We’d see red lights – like beams from a laser pointer. They’d be there and then they’d be gone. Sometimes we’d see them like a pair of red eyes, and sometimes those eyes would be looking into this one window in the back of the house. You’d have to be at least 6 or 7 feet tall to see in that window. And the noises were really strange – they were like bursts of walkie-talkie static. It was like some kind of military-esque garbled talk, in short bursts. We’d hear that often too but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, other than the hatchery. My sister had stayed there before and said she had heard the same thing. It was really strange.

Then came the night of August 3, where the weirdness ramped up to a level that led to SM and her husband moving out of the house altogether.

SM: On the night of August 3, just me and my husband were in the house. We started seeing what looked like people running through the backyard, but the people were very tall. We would see something running away towards the fish hatchery and another time you’d see something running back away from the windows after seeing those red lights like eyes shining in. There were lots of the red lights and those noises that sounded like they were coming from a radio. Whatever we saw was very tall.

Terrified and confused by what was going on behind their home, SM called the police.

SM: About midnight, we called the police and they came out. They looked around with flashlights. They didn't see anything. There were 1 or 2 cars, about 4 officers but they didn't take it seriously. My son remembers how upset I was. After they left it continued on like before.

Frustrated and scared, SM decided to bravely take a look for herself.

SM: It was momentarily quiet and I went out to look with my husband. I approached the perimeter of the yard by the fish hatchery and it sounded like…well, we started hearing actual voices – weird voices - saying “thank you, thank you”, coming from back in the fish hatchery but we didn't see anyone saying it. I was so scared that I started running back to the house. But I got this weird feeling like it, whatever it was, was thanking me for acknowledging it existed. We stayed up all night, scared to death. When the morning came on August 4, we went back outside to look around. We saw actual footprints in the soft mud in the backyard. They weren’t human footprints but they weren’t animal either – one or two tracks leading up to the window where we would see the lights. They were deep prints, almost like if you had a very thick woman’s high-heeled shoe that would stick into the ground while you were walking. The outlines were almost like a fork, they were deep like it was heavy, and there were a lot of them in an area. We were so freaked out by the experience that we packed up and moved out that day, and moved to Florida shortly after for a few years.

The footprints she described seem very mantis-like. Then there are the weird high frequency radio-like sounds – was that the way the human brain is interpreting the oral communication of a 7-foot tall insect – like the song of a giant cicada?

NOTE: This is going to be a continuing subject for research. Butch Witkowski (UFORCOP) has showed interest in this case as well. Your encounter reports and sightings related to the paranormal & cryptids are always welcomed. Thanks...Lon

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