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Patrol Car Disabled By UFO

On August 13, 1970, Danish senior police officer Evald Maarup was driving back to his home in Knud, using the patrol vehicle at about 10:30 P.M., on a country road connecting Kabdrup and Flestrup, not far from the border enters Denmark and Germany, when something out of the ordinary happened to him.

At about ten kilometers in the north of the town of Hadersley, the car became bathed in a very powerful bluish light, and the car engine stopped suddenly. The officer tried to communicate with his police station by means of the car's radio, but it did not function at all. It was if if all the electricity had disappeared of the patrol car.

Officer Maarup then realized that the temperature inside the vehicle had increased, and that it continued to increase quickly. In his report, he stated that he had the feeling that one would have during a hot summer sun when it hits a car's windshield.

A short moment later, it was obvious to him that the bluish light seemed to be withdrawing. Maarup realized that the light actually surrounded a flying machine of elliptical shape, metallic appearance, and of a diameter of approximately 10 meters, which was now rising in the sky.

Maarup noticed that actually, the rise of the craft was not the only cause of the withdrawal of the light which surrounded it. He realized that the extent of the light around the craft decreased as if the craft was swallowing the light into its body, from a defined point located at the center of the bottom side of the craft, in which the light was engulfed as if it had been sucked into there. This part of the craft appeared clearly delimited to him, by a dark part of a diameter he estimated at one meter. He also saw some protrusion on the underside of the objects.

At this time, he remembered that he had a Fujaxa camera at disposal, as he is the rule, in the police car. He used it, and managed to take three snapshots of the object. Those, developed the following day, did not show much more than a gleam of light, without revealing any details.

After the series of events which Maarup estimated the duration of about five minutes, the craft then flew away at high speed in the sky. During all the events, the craft was totally noiseless.

As soon as the object flew away, the car's engine started again spontaneously, the power went back, so that the lights went back, and the radio functioned again.

Maarup then went out of the patrol car, to look for clues or evidence of the event in the surroundings. He found none, but when he touched the car, he noticed that it had become heated.

Very remarkably, Maarup had a second sighting almost three years to the day after this first encounter. On July 14, 1973, in the same area and at roughly the same time, he saw a similar shaped UFO above the countryside as it passed over the landscape. Once again he was able to take pictures of the object but once again, all the six pictures were disappointing, showing only an indistinct spot of light. He also saw several dome like protrusions on the underside of the object. -


Follow-up Investigation

Maarup did not want the first observation to be known by the press. He told his colleagues not to say a word. But the day after the observation, the journalist Bent Zachariassen of the newspaper Jydske Tidende went to the police station for his routine visit, hoping to get some information for the newspaper. When the journalist was about to leave, Maarup's brother couldn't resist to call him back, shouting "Sure, there is some news, as a matter of fact Maarup saw a flying saucer!"

This is how the sighting became publicly know. It made the news in Jydske Tidende, then in Tv-Aktuelt, other magazines, Denmark radio and TV news, German TV. Maarup found that funny at the beginning, but he found out that he was often ridiculed, so he gave the pictures. The story became worldwide, even an newspaper of Ghana told the story. And although Maarup has been very careful not to use the words UFO or flying saucers at any time, headlines did headline on UFO and flying saucer.

Hassled by the press, mocked in the media, he said that he understood how only the fact that he was a police officer made the story interesting, that he would not have considered that anyone could believe the story at all if he didn't wear a uniform, and that he regretted to have spoken about it at all.

Maarup, following his official report at the police station, was sent to a psychiatrist, who did not find any reason to consider him mentally disturbed. When several newspapers of Denmark and other countries published articles presenting him as a crackpot and a liar, all his colleagues Maarup protested, explaining that they know Maarup well and that it is a shame to calumniate him, and that they are all sure that what he told is the truth.

The official investigation of his first encounter was lead by major Helden of the tactical command of the Danish Air Forces. The silliest explanation ever was then issued: the conclusion was that Maarup had witnessed the landing of a T-33 jet fighter/trainer.

Maarup's report came to the attention of Erling Jensen, who lead the Danish ufology association S.U.F.O.I, and the case became further known through his mail exchanges with people from the French GEPA, a civilian ufology group - but whose members were often from the military - a sort of French equivalent of the American NICAP in these years.

There were no "hard evidence" for the claims of officer Maarup. The photographs are only photographs, the car naturally cooled down to normal temperature, and he did not suffer any particular after-effect. There were no other witnesses.

After the official explanation for his 1970 sighting was published, Maarup was further ridiculed in the Press. When his second sighting occurred, having had his lesson on the consequences of exposing oneself as UFO witness, so he chose not to make any formal report. He told ufologists, however: "I cannot doubt what I saw. But why at exactly the same time? Why not any other day of the year? Why was it exactly the same craft?" -


The Maarup Sightings

Summary: The 1970 sighting by police officer Evald Hansen Maarup near Hadersley, Denmark, during which he was able to take three photographs of the object, was widely reported in the Danish press and in the journals of foreign UFO organisations. His second sighting, almost precisely three years later, is less known but is of interest in view of its almost a duplication of the earlier incident.


The 1970 sighting by police officer Evald Hansen Maarup near Hadersley, Denmark, during which he was able to take three photographs of the object, was widely reported in the Danish press and in the journals of foreign UFO organisations. His second sighting, almost precisely three years later, is less known but is of interest in view of its almost a duplication of the earlier incident


At 10.50 pm on Thursday 13 August Maampvil driving home in his police car, and had just turned east off the main road onto a secondary road. 'I had been driving about 10 km when suddenly the car was surrounded by a bright bluish-white light, and at the same time the car engine stopped. The lights of the car also went out, even the dashboard lights. I drove to the side of the road and stopped. The bright neon-like light outside was so dazzling that I could see nothing. With my arm shielding my eyes - to protect them against the light - I succeeded in groping my way to the radio. When I got the microphone and tried to call the station, it appeared that the radio was just as dead as any of the other electrical parts of the car.

The temperature inside the car was increasing and it became pleasantly hot. How hot 1 cannot tell, but it could be compared to the heat you fee! when you drive against the sun on a summer day. After a while the light was rising. It was a conical light with a diameter at the bottom of about 4-5 metres. When I was bending forward and looking up I could see that the light cone ended at the bottom of the big grey thing. Not a sound was heard.

After a few seconds the light was 'drawn' into the thing. It is difficult to explain how: the light was not extinguished, but the bottom of the light was rising so that it became dark beneath the cone. It took about 5 minutes for the light to be drawn up. 1 stepped out of the car and saw how the last remnant of the light cone disappeared into the bottom of the thing in a hole with a diameter of almost a metre.

When the light had disappeared into the thing, this started moving. In a few seconds it vanished vertically into the air. It accelerated swiftly - still without sound. When the object moved away, all lights in the car's system returned. It started quite normally, and 1 was able to get in touch with the station. I reported to them what I had experienced.

Before I stepped out of the car I had taken three pictures with the fastened camera of the patrol car. Now I took three more photographs of the highway, which was lit up by my headlights.' (The automatic-focus FGJAXA camera has automatic wind-on and can take about one picture per second; it was loaded with Neopan SS film.)

Having talked to the station I once more stepped out of the car to see if there was any residue or evidence left by the thing in the area around the car, but 1 found nothing. While 1 was collecting myself a little, I laid my hand on the front mudguard and could feel that it was still hot

If I should describe the thing,! can only say that it was circular and about 10 m in diameter seen from my position below it. It had a luminous hole in the bottom from which the cone of light erupted. This hole was about 1 metre wide, consequently about 1/10 of the total diameter. The object had two extensions or domes on the underside, about 1.5 m in diameter. When I saw the thing through the windshield 1 will estimate it was about 20 m from me. When he reported back by radio to the police station, some wag replied, 'Should we come with a red hospital-admission note?' - the kind used when committing someone to mental hospital. This was the only occasion when Maarup was not taken seriously. When journalists questioned his colleagues on the force, all without exception said they believed his story.

When Maarup arrived home, his wife thought he looked pale, so he told her of his experience though he had no intention of making it public. Next day, when his film had been developed and he saw that he had captured an image, he took it to Skrydstrup Air Force base.

One of his colleagues - the one who had made the joke about the red note - informed the press, otherwise the story might not have got out. By the following evening he was being questioned both by the military and by journalists not only from Denmark but the world over, even from Ghana!


As soon as Maarup's film was received at Skrydstrup AFB on the Friday evening, analysis began, and on Saturday a statement to the press said that the preliminary study indicated a spot of light in the first three pictures, while three more showed the road with the crash fence illuminated by headlights. There was no doubt they were consistent with Maarup's account.

On Sunday it was announced that the photographs had been passed to Defence Command at Vedbaek, who were questioning radar operators and pilots who might have been on duty on the Thursday evening. That evening, Maarup heard the television news report that, according to Major Hellden of Flyvertaktisk Kommando ( = Air Tactical Command), what Maarup had seen was the landing light of a T-33 jet trainer.

On this Maarup commented that 10 minutes after the sighting he had indeed seen an aircraft, and he could not have mistaken one for the other: the plane's light was nothing like what he had photographed. And indeed Major Hellden was himself displeased that the TV news had taken his explanation so literally. 'I merely told them about the theoretical possibilities, nothing concrete. It is conceivable that the police officer might have seen the exhaust of a jet aircraft or an aeroplane's anti-collision light, which might look more intense in a layer of clouds.'

The following day Major Brons-Hansen, press officer of the Air Force, stated: 'The Air Force does not recognise the existence of unidentified flying objects. But on the other hand it cannot be denied that over the years we have received a number of observation reports in which we were not able to say what was seen. We have the greatest confidence in the police officer. He is a trained observer, and we do not seek in any way to dismiss this kind of observation. We look for an explanation, and already we can say for sure that no Air Force aircraft w responsible."

Six pilots on the day of the sighting had flown over the location in T-33 trainers. Hone had seen or done anything unusual, though one recalled seeing a comet or shooting star, but could not specify the time and place. The landing lights can be switched on only when the aircraft were flying with their undercarriage down, so, normally, only when landing; on that Thursday evening landing approaches were being made from quite a different direction, so if there was an aircraft in Maarup's vicinity with its landing light accidentally switched on, it must have been after take-off rather than landing. This would mean it would be very noisy, whereas Maarup had heard no sound.

Having rejected the aircraft hypothesis, the Air Force considered alternative natural explanations. A series of coincidences was proposed, involving a light reflected in a window and distorted by the hazy atmospheric conditions, or a static electricity phenomenon.

The newspapers were full of accounts from other people who claimed to have seen something remarkable on the night of 13 August. Many had seen a very bright comet or shooting star at the same time as Maarup's sighting - some accounts suggested il was 3 to 6 times as bright as such phenomena normally are, with a long tail. The Air Force's last suggestion was that this was the basis of Maarup's observation.

The Air Force investigation was finally closed on 6 November, in inconclusive fashion. Though it accepted that the light which Maarup photographed did not originate from his car, and though it could not explain what it was, it was confident it had nothing to do with CJFOs! Rather, a series of independent natural events had accidentally coincided. Questioned by SQFOI in 1972, the Air Force suggested that the power failure had been caused by a periodic or temporary technical failure, such as a slack cable terminal; though, because no such suggestion was; made at the time, the car was not investigated for [ such damage.

The Air Force did not specify what it meant by a series of independent events accidentally coinciding, but by studying their reports and press releases, one can reconstruct the following scenario:

Police Officer Maarup comes driving in his new patrol car. Suddenly the car is flooded by glaring light coming from an unusually bright comet; or alternatively from a T-33 jet trainer from Skrydstrup AFB. These normally fly at 2000 m minimum altitude, so either the landing or anti-collision light is extremely powerful, or the pilot has come down to a very low altitude in silence. Simultaneously the accumulate)! terminal cable in Maarup's car falls off, and power disappears. The jet plane hovers silently over the car for nearly two minutes with the full blaze of its light, then vanishes, at which point Maarup perhaps see another shooting star or something of the sort. The cable then jumps back into place and he is able to drive home.

The contradictions and illogicalities of the Air Force investigation as reported by the press gave many people the idea that they were trying to mislead the public or to ridicule Maarup. The cover-up myth was fuelled when a newspaper reported that about a month after the sighting, a young woman told a GFO meeting that her husband, an Air Force radar operator, had been on duty the night of the sighting, and that a GFO had been tracked that night over a very long period.

Nothing more is known of this claim; but SUFOI's investigation leads to the conclusion that the Air Force was telling all it knew and honestly seeking an explanation. Their final report shows that they failed to do so: yet though the object photographed by Maarup remains unidentified, the Air Force will not describe it as an unidentified flying object - doubtless because, for them, (JFO is synonymous with alien spaceship!

So far as SGFOI is concerned, however, the Maarup case remains unsolved.


'One thing my sighting taught me; to keep my mouth shut. No way would 1 want to go through that 'brainwashing' again. Can you imagine what it's like, telling the same story over and over again, answering questions from journalists and military investigators who then change your story to suit their book. In addition I've had letters from most parts of the world, with religious fanatics wanting me to send them an account of my story...'

But in 1974 Maarup did admit to a second inexplicable experience, and once again he was able to secure a series of photographs. Here is his account:

'On Tuesday 14 August 1973, at about 10.50 pm, I was driving in a patrol car. About 6 km north of Haderley 1 turned east along a secondary road, and soon afterwards became aware of an intense light over the field north of the road I was driving on. The light appeared from the air, lighting up a herd of cattle, and a couple of horses were rushing about bewildered in the beam. The light moved swiftly to the road where 1 was bringing my car to a stop: just as I stopped, my car was caught in the light and the car lights went out. The beam approached slanting from the north, after which the object tilted about 45 degrees and stayed in front of the car in this slanting position; then it returned to the horizontal, then tilted 45 degrees to the opposite side.

While the object was within range 1 took four photos with my automatic camera; unfortunately they show only a spot of light, but you can see how the object approaches from the left of the car, then rises to the right. When the object tilted, the outline and the lower surface of a huge object about 15 m in diameter, with three large domes protruding from the bottom, could be seen.

After the object had moved in front of the car and again tilted to the opposite side, the light beam swept over the field south of the road, but soon after it began to retract As the object tilted 1 saw a low domed superstructure with windows all the way around. The windows were rectangular with rounded corners, as in a passenger plane. All of the windows were lit up, as if by daylight. The object was steel-grey in colour, but of a velvet-like texture.

After the object had retracted the beam, it climbed towards the east, appearing as a huge disc. It gave a whistling sound like a strong gust of wind in trees as it disappeared at enormous speed. The entire sighting had lasted about 5 minutes.

Apart from that, I can only refer to my previous experience, 3 years and 1 day earlier. To me the most important question still is, Why? 1 have no doubt of what I've seen, but why at almost exactly the same time? Why on no other day in the year, why in almost exactly the same place?' -Kim Hansen, 'UFO Casebook' in Evans and Spencer (1987)

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Daily 2 Cents: Spielberg May Have Sabotaged E.T. Sequel -- What Did I Encounter? -- 'Haunted House'...Really Haunted

Spielberg May Have Sabotaged E.T. Sequel

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was the 1982 feel-good film about an unlikely friendship between a boy and an alien. It touched almost everyone who saw it. Not only that, but it also held the position of highest-grossing film of all time for a decade. So, why was there never a sequel? It's because the sequel's story treatment (the several-page outline that serves as a springboard for a rough draft) was terrible ... perhaps deliberately so.

According to, Steven Spielberg once said, "Sequels can be very dangerous because they compromise your truth as an artist. I think a sequel to E.T. would do nothing but rob the original of its virginity." This might explain why the treatment to the sequel to E.T. is so appallingly bad: Spielberg didn't actually want it produced.

So, how bad is it?

You can read the treatment in its entirety here. But for a taste, check out this:

The aliens onboard are EVIL. They have landed on Earth in response to distress signals designating its present coordinates. These aliens are searching for a stranded extraterrestrial named Zrek, who is sending a call for "Help."

The evil creatures are carnivorous. Their leader, Korel, commands his crew to disperse into the forest to acquire food. As the squat aliens leave the gangplank, each one emits a hypnotic hum which has a paralyzing effect on the surrounding wildlife. These creatures are an albino faction (mutation) of the same civilization E.T. belongs to. The two separate groups have been at war for decades!

There have been numerous reports of unexplained cattle mutilations in the surrounding countryside.

In awe, everyone gazes upon the dark contours of the massive space machine. Suddenly the figure of Korel appears in an illuminated porthole. Telepathically Korel speaks to the children asking the whereabouts of the fugitive alien, Zrek. The children reply honestly that… "He's gone home!" Korel becomes angry, believing that they are lying.

When the children regain their senses, they are surrounded by the evil alien creatures who were hiding in the forest. The creatures are carrying some kind of dagger. Elliott advances in a friendly gesture but barely escapes being bitten, or even killed, by the alien's razor-sharp teeth! Several of the aliens bare their fangs from time to time to show they mean business.

In the hours that follow, Elliott and his companions are questioned extensively. But the aliens will not accept the truth in their responses. While one child is interrogated, another is being examined.

There you have it: Cattle mutilations. Child torture. Mutated aliens at war. And it all wraps up with a happy ending. - A look at the E.T. sequel we mercifully never saw


What Did I Encounter?

Bridgeport, CT - 5/5/1975: I was 5 years old. My mom had just put me to bed for the night. I was laying in my bed, facing the wall when I had felt a sensation of being watched. I rolled over onto my back to see a "being" standing at the foot of my bed just watching me. It was standing there unmoving. It was very tall, about 7 feet. When I saw it, I didn't feel fear. I laid there staring back at it and studying it. To me it was massive but emanated no reason for me to fear it. It felt like forever that we were watching each other. Then I heard a "voice" say "roll onto your side and sleep". I followed the orders the voice had said to me. I laid that way for only about 1 minute. I then looked over to where I had seen the creature. It was gone. I got out of my bed to see where it had gone. All my windows were closed and locked. I walked out into the living room where my parents were watching TV. They asked me what I was doing up, I had stated I was thirsty. While my mom walked me back to my room and gave me a drink, I was looking for this creature and found nothing. For many years after this sighting I thought it was the Boogeyman. Until I was 15 years old and was watching a show about alien encounters and it was showing different aliens that had been seen throughout the world. On this program, I saw, for the first time since my encounter, this alien being that I had seen that night. I was in complete shock and excited that I had finally discovered what I had seen that night when I was 5 years old. I have been searching for this picture since that day I saw it on TV and I can't find it yet again. I REALLY want to find out more about this being I had seen. - MUFON CMS


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'Haunted House'...Really Haunted

The haunted house business is filled with ghost stories. Tales of the supernatural are as easy to come by as spider webs, fake blood, skulls, squeaky doors and blood curdling screams. But the 13th Floor Haunted House in San Antonio admits they've been keeping a secret about their property: It's really haunted.

"We own locations around the whole country but this is the only one that we'll acknowledge that the building is haunted," said Greg Saylers.

Saylers is the the general manager for the 13th Floor. He says this is not a publicity stunt to drum up business.

"We've had multiple paranormal investigators come through the building and they said the same thing," he said. "There's definitely a presence in the building."

According to Saylers, the spirit isn't mean or one that tries harm. Trece, as she is now called, is a little girl that roams in the basement of the 13th Floor. She has been seen wearing a white dress and has long curly hair pulled to the back. In Spanish, Trece is the number 13.

13th Floor employee Niko Barrett recalls seeing Trece on a slow night during the haunted house's Halloween season. In fact, he thought his co-workers were playing a joke on him when he saw the silhouette of a little girl standing in the fog generated from their terror layered performance to scare customers.

"I think to myself 'naw Nikoyou're going crazy,'" says Barrett. "'You're fine. No big deal.'"

Saylers says some of his horror house actors say the ghost girl pops up as they incite fear in customers. The customers, however, receive Trece as a part of the show.

"I have customers who will come out and say the best actor in the whole play is the little girl who jumped out at me," he says. "She like participates with the actors in

Not all employees have been able to handle co-starring with Trece. Saylers says he had six actors quit in one season because the ghostly encounters were too much.scaring customers sometimes."

""These are actors who scare people for a living that were so scared that they quit their job and left," he said.

Other employees remain even as unsettling things spook them on the job. Employee Isa Rubio hasn't seen Trece but the spirit has made herself known.

"It's creepy. It's like a little girl laughing loud," she says. "It's very clear too."

Joden Lumbreras says he's heard the same playful laughter. Even more spine tingling for him was turning around to see the ghost girl standing in his work area. He, too, thought it was a co-worker prank until one of his peers walked into the room.

"The actor from the other scene comes (she) disappears," says Lumbreras."I'm like was that a human or a ghost?"

Saylers says they've even had a reality show crew that used their production facility that ran into Trece. The crew wrapped shooting, took a tour of the haunted house's basement and thanked him for the little actress in the white dress.

So much had been spoken of the apparition, of pictures flying off walls, the frolicsome laughter of a ghost child and the little girl who likes to engage actors as well as customers that KENS 5 took its own tour.

We walked in the dark hot basement of the 13th floor in search of Trece. In fact, employees took us to several spots where the ghost girl reportedly materializes. After walking from room-to-room calling out "Trece" something interesting happened.

In a dark corridor in the bowels of the haunted house, two pieces of crime tape hanging from the ceiling started to move. The spaghetti of other moss like materials stood still. The room became slightly cool. It's a 110 year-old building built in 1905. Surely, this place gets a draft. Again, nothing but the tape moved.

Suddenly, a can hanging from the ceiling started to spin back and forth. It was the only object hanging from the ceiling moving. We checked the ceiling to see if this was a haunted house gimmick. We found no one. The subtle movement of the can continued. We moved closer. It was hanging from fish line on a hook in the ceiling. There was no explanation for what we saw.

We left with no physical sighting of Trece. Her existence is based on employee and customer accounts. Surveillance video from the 13th Floor has not captured her energy.

A public record search of San Antonio Police records show no murders, fatalities or death investigations involving a child at 1203 E. Commerce, the 13th Floor. So, the ghost girl Trece remains a spirit that haunts our fact checklist. - San Antonio haunted house discloses 'Trece' haunting



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Various Strange Encounters - Part II

I recently received a few interesting and lengthy accounts from a witness in Australia. I've decided to present the incidents in 3 separate posts. The previous post - Various Strange Encounters - Part I:

Dear 'Phantoms and Monsters'

Our second camping expedition in the Bush took place further away, one hundred miles out from Melbourne at the Otway Ranges where Den was kind enough to run us in his car, a Holden. He then drove the long journey back home intending to pick us up 'one week later' as he had done with the 'You Yang camping trip'. We camped close by a large lake or reservoir as we would require water. Our first task as always was to build a camp fire with which to boil the 'brown' coloured water from the lake as well as to cook our rations. My immediate regret on arriving was in not bringing my fishing-rod and tackle along with me because that lake was brimming with fish. A solitary guy was fishing there and I had earlier bought a brilliant book on fishing in Australian waters, both sea and fresh-water. In fact that book cost me the last of my dollars to buy it in Coles (a similar shop to England's Woolworth) before we were to fly back to the UK. That reservoir was large and stocked with many fish, the varieties of which has long since escaped my memory. It was after Den had taken his leave of us and the vital camp-fire was roaring away, that darkness had fallen and knowing we had twelve hours of darkness ahead of us I decided to make my way into the jungle-like scrub to collect armfuls of dead firewood. Shouldering my trusty .22 'Vostok Voyere', Russian bolt-action rifle and with a machete in my hand I made my way to the fringe of that tree covered forest. I carried a torch but there was ample light from the blazing fire close-by our tent and all about us lay broken-off branches of dried-out timber that I gathered to lay beside the fire, ready to replenish the flames. This fire was very important, for one thing it was vital for boiling the water we collected from the lake and too it was our only source of light aside from the torches. We were alone and dependent on Den to return to pick us up a week or so hence. With the fire burning brightly and our last meal eaten and our reminiscing over, we later 'turned in' having zipped-up the entrance to the tent.

The week passed without incident and seemingly all too quickly. We trekked and hunted and undertook the many chores that were necessary to our camping out in the bush lands of beautiful Australia. We'd pass the time at night, chatting and/or reading. Twelve hours was a rather long night of darkness in July and always somewhat eerie with the sounds of bush animals and the night birds. The otherwise quiet and stillness was nice if at times a little creepy when one had to leave the tent to answer a 'call of nature' or to put wood on the fire. With darkness then falling suddenly at 1800hrs it always made the night seem long. The week however passed without incident and all too soon it was our last night under canvas. The day had in fact begun rather strangely, that last day before Den was due to arrive and collect us. For one thing, the birds all fell silent that morning. Most unusual as their melodious songs often signalled the new morn. A strange eerie feeling of ominous unease made itself felt and Trevor remained 'in his sack' all of that day virtually. He was reading a rather thick paperback - about (of all things) UFO's. Definitely not the kind of reading to appeal to me in the atmosphere of that 'day before' we were to be picked up. "Hey Bri?" Trevor's voice broke in upon my thoughts as I lay on my sleeping-bag, casually reading something myself. I turned to look at him and he said "listen to this" He proceeded to relate a rather disturbing account of a UFO abduction so far as I can remember. He then added "guess where?" He then said "one hundred miles from Melbourne!" And how far were we from Melbourne? Why, 'one hundred miles!' I admonished him half jokingly for reading such a book considering where we were. However, we took solace in that a circle of one hundred miles from Melbourne which could mean just about anywhere on that circle and not necessarily where we were camping. I closed my eyes to sleep, eagerly awaiting the dawn of the following day.

My eyes flickered open suddenly as I lay in my sleeping-bag. Something, had awoken me. I looked across at Trevor - he too was wide awake and staring questioningly back at me. I knew only too well that sixth-sense that always served to awaken me when 'danger' threatened. I would awaken with all my senses alert and not as from a sleep drowsily but all senses alive. I looked at my watch, the time was 0130hrs as I recall. I strained my ears as a sound reached me. I could see that Trevor likewise had heard what I had. Something, or 'someone' was moving through the densely covered bush where I had collected the firewood from earlier that evening. But what could it be? The noise 'it' made sounded enormously heavy and ponderous as the loud snapping sounds of branches breaking beneath the feet of 'whatever it was' that was alarmingly making its way towards our tent. My heart was racing and I hurriedly got out of my sleeping-bag and seizing my rifle and my knife I crouched at the rear end of our tent at the ready. The sheath-knife was to cut my way out of the rear of the tent if 'whatever it was' attempted to enter the tent. What the hell could it be? It was so heavy that the very ground shook under it's colossal weight. That ground consisting of compacted earth and leaves had made no sound whatsoever under my commando 'SV' boots. Trevor likewise had now gotten out of his sleeping-bag and we both crouched, too scared to discover what was outside our flimsy, canvas tent. Whatever had approached our tent was enormously heavy. It walked slowly and ponderously circling around the tent three complete times after first approaching the zipped-up entrance in front of which, a safe distance away was our camp-fire, burning brightly and stoked-up in order to last throughout the night. Thus in the morning we would simply put dead wood in the red ashes to get the fire going in order to boil the water for our much needed coffee. Three times this huge 'thing on two legs' walked slowly and ponderously around our tent. My feelings were an intense mixture of fear, disbelief and yet profound curiosity to know what this 'thing' could be. It sounded like an 'elephant walking on two legs' that was my thought of our yet unseen 'visitor'. At any moment I expected the tent to be pulled from around us or the zipped-up entrance to be rudely torn open hence my knife to cut a way out of the back of that tent. Then, those ponderous heavy footfalls slowly retreated back the way that 'it' had come. I did not have the courage to unzip that entrance to look out even though I was desperately curious to know just what that 'monstrous' two-legged 'thing' could possibly have been. It was not a kangaroo for sure. They don't walk they bounce and they don't wear boots. Neither are they the 'weight of an elephant' even though they 'travel on two legs'. The ground had literally trembled beneath it's incredible weight on that relatively soft ground. BB

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