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Humanoid Sighting Reports Archive: Insectoids

In light of the strange activity along the Musconetcong River, I asked my friend and colleague Albert Rosales if he could offer my readers some Insectoid encounters from his amazing Humanoid Sighting Reports archive:

Location. Suwannee, Georgia
Date: June 15 2007 Time: 02:00 a.m.
A six year old girl told her mother that she had had a nightmare during the night. She told her mother that she had been in a room with a giant “hornet”, but it wasn’t a hornet but more like a mixture of a cricket and hornet. “Like a praying mantis thing, but taller.” She also said that there were other creatures “shorter, like three and a half feet tall.” These didn’t look like insects but didn’t look like people either. She described them as having very black eyes. She also noticed that the shorter creatures were wearing shoes/boots “like the kind a basketball player wears.” She recalls lying down while they put some sort of tube or instrument in her ears, she also said that it was the reason for the “bad taste in her mouth.” At this point she started to resist and she said she fought off two of them, and then woke up on her bed.

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC Type: G
Comments: Unexplored abduction event

Location. Catalina Island, California
Date: 1967 Time: evening
12-year old Paul Nelson (pseudonym) was visiting the island with his parents. Also along was Paul’s best friend, Michael. The two boys decided to go inside their boat and read some new comic books. Suddenly, however, they both experienced an episode of missing time. Their next memory was of waking up the next morning. While Paul was unable to convince his parents that anything unusual had happened, both Paul and his friend knew that the event was strange. Two weeks later, Paul was alone in his Reseda California home when he had another strange experience. He was alone in his room when the door began to rattle. He jumped up and threw it open. To his shock, he saw the shadow of a small figure running down the hallway. He chased after it, but found nothing. Paul didn’t know how to explain these experiences and didn’t connect it to the UFO phenomenon. Many years later now married and a doctor Paul underwent hypnosis to recover his lost memories. As Paul underwent regression, his first surprise was that he was not aboard a UFO, but instead appeared to be in underground base. Paul says he was taken to a round walled room. It seemed to him that it was more of an underground facility than onboard a ship. The walls had kind of rock-like facet to them. And he was lying on a rock-like table. It gave the impression that he was in a cavern rather than in a ship. Under hypnosis Paul recalled his friend Michael nearby, also being examined. His next surprise was that the beings were not what he expected. The beings were not the “typical” grays; they were more like the “Praying Mantis” type. They were slightly bigger than the grays and a little more Insectoid-like. They wore tight-fitting uniforms. There was even a color to them but he couldn’t recall what the color of the tight-fitting jump-suit like things. He thinks that there was one in the group that wore a tunic-like outfit, more loosely fitting over it. He couldn’t tell how tall they were since he was lying on his back. But they didn’t look particularly tall.

HC addendum
Source: Underground UFOs,

Location. Wielkopolska province, Poland
Date: 2001 Time: evening
A 23-year old woman was camping in the area and one evening was walking along a forest on a long meadow on her way to her tent when she noticed a bizarre creature standing by a nearby lake. The creature made a movement as if picking something up from the ground. It then apparently heard the witness approach and quickly disappeared from sight. The witness stood literally petrified as she watched the creature standing only 8 meters from her. She feels that the creature was also frightened. She described the creature as resembling a large insect (mantis?). Its face was long and thin, its body very thin and subtle and it was about 1.6m tall. Its skin was gray or beige in color. It also had something resembling long and narrow insect wings. Its eyes were large and dark, insect-like. The eyes terrified the witness. “It gazed at me and I knew that it did not know what it would do. Our encounter had no meaning or aim; it appears to have been a total surprise for both of us.” The witness stated. The witness states that she has witnesses numerous other strange phenomena since that particular encounter. (No details on that yet).

HC addendum
Source: Marcin Mizera, Poland,

Location. Near Medford New Jersey
Date: 1962 Time: 1815
The pregnant witness was on her way to see her doctor and was on a well-traveled road when she happened to glance up at the sky and saw a huge purple moon like object. She pulled over to get a better look. The object then seemed to fade out and became another color. It turned from purple to blue, green, orange, and silver. It kept spinning and fading out. Next thing she knew she was at her doctor’s office at 1930. Her face had acquired a suntan like burn. Years later under hypnosis she was able to remember more of what had happened. Apparently she was taken inside a craft in what looked like a large eye that opened up under the craft. Inside she was in a small white room, where she was pushed against a wall by a creature resembling a “praying mantis.” There was a metallic slab behind her. Two short white pale creatures with large black eyes then dressed her. She was told that she would not be harmed, apparently by telepathy. A reptilian like creature now entered the room. She was then led through the craft when she passed a black room, she felt that it was not a comfortable place to be, she also passed a gold room, she wanted to go there but was told she was not ready. The next room was small and pale pink in color; the room contained 20 incubators, 10 on top, and 10 on the bottom. She was shown what appeared to be Petrie dishes with embryos. In the 20th incubator she saw a baby with a very large head with aqua colored slanted eyes. His hair was very sparse. The witness felt an immense love towards the apparently hybrid baby. She was then led into a pale blue room. There she saw 20 more incubators, there appeared to be creatures resembling tadpoles in these Petrie dishes. Each incubator had a fetus in a more developed state and when she looked into the 20th incubator she saw a baby reptilian like creature. The whole time two short pale creatures and a tall reptilian accompanied her. Later she was led to a pale yellow large room resembling a courtroom. It was very misty inside. At that point the reptilian creature left her side. She was then led to the front of the room by the two short pale creatures. She then saw seven beings all wearing cloaks. One looked human, one alien, and one was tall, good looking of Nordic appearance that seemed to be the leader. He told her that she was judged, tested, and passed. She had no idea what he alluded to. At one point she looked at the Nordic humanoid at an angle, and he looked like a hologram. Then she noticed what appeared to be a small thin wire going into her arm. She heard strange sounds and the tall blond humanoid told her that they had given her knowledge and she would know what to do when the time was right.

HC addition # 3808
Source: CAUS Type: G

Location. Chicago, Illinois
Date: August 1999 Time: late night
A man visiting a friend’s house and sleeping on the sofa in the bedroom suddenly woke up feeling very panicky and totally unable to move. Looking towards the front door he saw a huge humanoid figure over 7 ft tall standing by the door. The figure resembled a large “praying mantis” and was wearing something resembling a black and purple cloak. Its skin was dark gray in color. It slowly approached the witness and reached out to him with a large hand with long thin fingers and grabbed his shoulder. At this point the witness lost consciousness and does not recall anything else of the incident. He remembered also feeling very cold during the encounter.

HC addendum
Source: Direct from witness

NOTE: My sincere thanks to Albert for all his efforts! Lon

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Daily 2 Cents: Bizarre and Unpredictable -- Hunt For MH370 Could End in May -- Rare Rock With 30000 Diamonds Discovered in Russia

Bizarre and Unpredictable

It's been three years since the former "supreme leader" of North Korea, Kim Jong-il, died.

Since his youngest son Kim Jong-un succeeded him in late 2011, numerous occasions have seen Kim Jong-un assume a bizarre leadership.

In January this year, less than one month after the execution of his uncle, Jang Song Thaek, US basketball star Dennis Rodman flew into Pyongyang to sing Happy Birthday to his host.

Kim Jong-un disappeared from the public eye in September. Rumors circulated that the country's "supreme leader" had been deposed, or that he was seriously ill. His sister, Kim Yo-jong, became Senior Party Official in his absence.

A Hollywood comedy film called The Interview, which details a CIA plot to kill the leader, offended North Korean media in the summer. Hackers attacked Sony in November, but North Korea has denied responsibility.

Kim Jong-un continues the craziness of the hermit regime. What else can we expect?


Missing MH370: Underwater Hunt for Malaysia Airlines Jet Could End by May

The underwater hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 may be finished by May, authorities said Wednesday. More than 4,247 square miles of the floor of the southern Indian Ocean — an area half the size of Lake Erie — have now been searched, the Australia Transportation Safety Bureau (ATSB) announced in an update. It represents about one fifth of the total search area that marine experts are trawling in the hope of finding clues to the whereabouts of the Boeing 777, which disappeared on March 8 with 239 people on board.

The ATSB said that one of the vessels involved in the search, Fugro Discovery, "experienced a system issue with a component of the search equipment" on Saturday. "Search activities have been suspended while the issue is remedied." However, the statement said: "Assuming no significant delays with vessels, equipment or from the weather, the current underwater search area may be largely completed around May 2015." One other vessel, GO Phoenix, was still in the area on Wednesday but a third ship, Fugro Equator, was scheduled to return to shore in Australia. - NBC News


Scientists challenge Yeti DNA results

DNA thought to be from an extinct polar bear in the Himalayas might actually belong to something else.

Professor Bryan Sykes made headlines last year when he DNA tested suspected Yeti hair samples from Ladakh and Bhutan and found that they were actually a match for a jawbone belonging to an extinct species of polar bear that lived 120,000 years ago.

The find opened up the possibility that sightings of the mysterious Abominable Snowman in and around the Himalayan region might actually be explained by the presence of this ancient bear.

Now however two other scientists, Ceiridwen Edwards and Ross Barnett, have repeated the same DNA tests and believe that the hair samples are not from an extinct species of polar bear at all but are in fact from a rare sub-species of the common brown bear.

"The Himalayan bear is a sub-species of the brown bear that lives in the higher reaches of the Himalayas, in remote, mountainous areas of Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India," they wrote.

"The common name for these bears in the region is Dzu-teh, a Nepalese term meaning 'cattle bear', and they have long been associated with the myth of the yeti." Read more at BBC


Rare Rock with 30000 Diamonds Discovered in Russia

Here's the perfect Christmas gift for the person who has everything: A red and green rock, ornament-sized, stuffed with 30,000 teeny-tiny diamonds.

The sparkly chunk was pulled from Russia's huge Udachnaya diamond mine and donated to science (the diamonds' tiny size means they're worthless as gems). It was a lucky break for researchers, because the diamond-rich rock is a rare find in many ways, scientists reported Monday (Dec. 15) at the American Geophysical Union's annual meeting.

"The exciting thing for me is there are 30,000 itty-bitty, perfect octahedrons, and not one big diamond," said Larry Taylor, a geologist at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, who presented the findings. "It's like they formed instantaneously."

The concentration of diamonds in the rock is millions of times greater than that in typical diamond ore, which averages 1 to 6 carats per ton, Taylor said. A carat is a unit of weight (not size), and is roughly equal to one-fifth of a gram, or 0.007 ounces.

The astonishing amount of diamonds, and the rock's unusual coloring, will provide important clues to Earth's geologic history as well as the origin of these prized gemstones, Taylor said. "The associations of minerals will tell us something about the genesis of this rock, which is a strange one indeed," he said.

Although diamonds have been desired for centuries, and are now understood well enough to be recreated in a lab, their natural origins are still a mystery. Read more at Yahoo



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Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Nurses and the Spacemen

It was turning five in the morning on New Year's Day 1970, when Miss Doreen Kendall, a practical nurse at the Cowichan District Hospital on Vancouver Island, noticed that one of the elderly patients in her ward was restless. Deciding the patient was too warm, she went to a window and parted the drapes to let in a little air.

"Just as I pulled the drapes a brilliant light hit me in the eyes," she said. "It was still dark outside, but about 60 feet away right above the children's ward to my left there was this object so big and bright I could see everything clearly."

"The object was circular and had what I guess you would call a top and bottom. The bottom was silvery, like metal, and was shaped like a bowl. There was a string of bright lights around it like a necklace. The top was a dome made of something like glass. It was lit up from inside and I could see right into it."

Continuing her account in question-and-answer form, Miss Kendall told me there were two male-like figures in the craft, one behind the other, facing to her right away from the hospital. The one in front appeared taller, or perhaps was positioned higher, than the other. Their heads were encased in close-fitting dark material.

As she watched with intense curiosity, yet completely unfrightened - "I never felt so peaceful in all my life. I wish I could have talked to them" - she became aware of seeing more of the interior of the craft and realized it was tilting. In a moment she could see to a point just below their knees and noticed they were standing in front of what looked like stools.

"They looked like fine, tall, well-built men," she said. "They were dressed in tight-fitting suits of the same material that covered their heads but their hands were bare and I noticed how human they looked. Their flesh seemed just like ours."

Intrigued as she was by the appearance of the two figures, Miss Kendall found her interest centered on what looked like an instrument panel facing the one in front.

"The man in front was staring at the panel as if something very important was going on, and I wondered if they might have had mechanical trouble. I even thought they might have landed on the roof of the hospital and then had trouble taking off."

She described the panel as a very large one, taking up almost half the interior of the object and reaching nearly to the top of the dome. The instruments, if that is what they were, seemed to be inset in the chrome-like metal of the panel and there was a variety of sizes.

The total sight was so absorbing that at first Miss Kendall's thoughts were lost to everything else, and for a moment she forgot Mrs. Frieda Wilson, a registered nurse, was in the same room.

"Then when I did think of it, I guess I hesitated. I felt I mustn't make a noise or do anything that would break the trend of what was happening."

At this point, almost as if her thoughts were being read, she saw the figure in the rear turn slowly and face squarely in her direction.

"He seemed to look right at me but I couldn't see his face. It was covered by a darkish material that looked softer than the rest of his suit. I'm sure he saw me because then he touched the other man on the back. When he did this, the man in front reached down and took hold of something like a lever beside him. I'll never forget how deliberately he did it. He pushed it back and forth and the saucer, or whatever you'd call it, started to circle slowly, still close to the building, in an anticlockwise direction."

The motion seemed to break the spell for Miss Kendall, for then she remembered Mrs. Wilson was there and called her over.

Later I spoke separately to Mrs. Wilson, who said, "I noticed Miss Kendall standing at the window and wondered what she was looking at. In fact, I was just going to see when she beckoned to me, and then I saw this great big light over the patio outside the children's ward. I'd say it was quite a bit larger than a car. (By the estimate of both witnesses, the object spanned a width of about five windows of the children's ward. This gave it a diameter of at least 50 feet.) It looked circular in shape and the far side seemed to be higher than the side near us. It was moving around slowly and then it started to move away. I didn't really see any top or bottom to it. It was all just tremendously bright." - John Magor - UFOBC


Doreen Kendall's statement to 'The Cowichan Leader':

"There was a brilliantly lighted dome, occupied by two human-like men, which was stationary in the air about 60 feet away from CDH, above the second floor where I was working in the extended care unit. I was so taken with the flying saucer that I didn't call anyone. I felt mummified and fascinated and stood there for about five minutes watching before I called another nurse, Mrs. Freda Wilson.

The craft, which was slightly tipped downwards toward her was about 50 feet in diameter, or about the width of five hospital windows. While the craft hovered above her, she could see only the upper half of the figures, but when the vehicle tilted she saw their full profile. They had nice physiques, more than six-feet tall, and their hands were the same color and shape as ours. Their faces were covered and they wore dark suits, like a pilot's uniform, of soft-looking material.

Maybe because I'm so mechanically minded, but I suspect they were having mechanical trouble and had stopped to make repairs. She said one man stood over an instrument panel made of chrome, and the other stood behind him. There were stools for them to sit on. She described the saucer-shaped craft as silvery, metallic with a necklace of lights around the middle. It made no sound while it hovered above her or even later when it took off southward. While watching, one man turned and looked directly and put his hand on the back of the man sitting down.

The other man then pulled back 'a joystick' similar to those in a big airplane and the object tilted sideways giving her an even better view of the instrument panel and interior. She noticed that the dome seemed to be lit from below rather than from above. When it started to pull away, I realized no one would believe me and I ran and called Mrs. Wilson to come and look.

She asked 'What on earth it that?' and I said "It's a flying saucer."

By this time five other nurses ran to the window and watched as the craft circled about five times and then slowly disappeared in a southeasterly direction. I was completely oblivious to anything else and felt no fear. In fact I would have loved to have gone for a ride and, if the men had spoken to me, I would have answered quite naturally. The reason I was so terrifically interested was because I always believed there were unidentified flying objects but now I am absolutely convinced." - The Cowichan Leader - 1/7/1970

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