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Daily 2 Cents: Release the Kraken! -- Craft Landing in Ohio Field? -- The London Mermaid

Release the Kraken!

It was a calm morning in Antarctica’s remote Ross Sea, during the season when the sun never sets, when Capt. John Bennett and his crew hauled up a creature with tentacles like fire hoses and eyes like dinner plates from a mile (1.6 km) below the surface.

The monster from the deeps was a colossal squid, one of the sea’s most elusive species, weighing 350 kilograms (770 pounds) and as long as a minibus. The maximum estimated length of colossal squid is 14 meters (46 feet), a meter longer than even the giant squid, which is rarely found in polar waters.

They froze the squid, and it stayed on ice for eight months until Tuesday, when scientists in New Zealand got a long-anticipated chance to thaw out the animal and inspect it — once they maneuvered it with a forklift into a tank.

The squid is a female. Its eight arms are each well over a meter (3.3 feet) long. Its two tentacles would have been perhaps double that length if they had not been damaged.

Kat Bolstad, a squid scientist from the Auckland University of Technology who was leading a team examining the creature, described it as “very big, very beautiful.”

“This is essentially an intact specimen, which is almost an unparalleled opportunity for us to examine,” she said. “This is a spectacular opportunity.”

Many people around the world agreed. About 142,000 people from 180 countries watched streaming footage of the squid examination on the Internet.

Colossal squid sometimes inhabit the world of fiction and imagination but have rarely been seen in daylight. Remarkably, Bennett and his crew on the toothfish boat San Aspiring have caught two of them. Their first, hauled in seven years ago, is on display in New Zealand’s national museum, Te Papa.

Bennett said there was so much excitement about his previous catch, he thought he had better save the latest one for research.

“It was partly alive; it was still hanging onto the fish,” Bennett recalled, “just a big bulk in the water. They’re huge, and the mantle’s all filled with water. It’s quite an awesome sight.”

Susan Waugh, a senior curator at Te Papa, said scientists hope to find out more about where the creature fits in the food chain, how much genetic variation there is among different squid types, and basic facts about how the colossal squid lives and dies.

She said scientists plan to further assess the condition of the squid before determining whether to preserve it for public display.

Bolstad said it is possible that ancient sightings of the species gave rise to tales of the kraken, or giant sea-monster squid. She said sperm whales often eat colossal squid and are known to play with their food, and sailors may have mistaken that for epic battles.

“On the other hand, we don’t really know what the grog rations were like at that time at sea, either,” she said. “So it may be that we’ve got a bit of a fisherman’s story going on there, too.” - Japan Times


Craft Landing in Ohio Field?

2/28/2014 - I was driving to Ohio from Va. and was less then 10min from home when I noticed to my left "south" in a field a red turned white light ascending @2:00 and went out. This is an open corn field with Nothing around. I drove another half mile then turned south and then noticed an emensely bright white light going same direction a quater mile to my left then I turned West and looked back and it was still visible. I drove another two miles before turning left "south" again and seen the light heading south west. I continue driving a quarter before turning into my driveway and as I backed up to my garage "facing south" I noticed the light "floating" as it seemed to slowly come my direction. I watched it for 2-3 min before remembering I'd purchased a camcorder that arrived while I was in Va. and went and grabbed it and recorded it for quite somd time. This was thee Brightest white light I'd Ever seen in the sky and was amazed when I zoomed in and started to record. I've attached 4 stills off the flip out screen from my phone cam, so a pic from a pic. I apologize on not uploading the video as Im in transistion of moving and havent transferred the video. - MUFON CMS


USS Hornet Experience

The USS Hornet is a real aircraft carrier that was used in WWII. The following experiences are entirely true, and are still creepy as I think about them.

When I was about 9 years old, 7 years ago, I was in Boy Scouts. We went on a small, say field trip, to go see the USS Hornet, which as they said was haunted, I found out later they weren't just trying to scare us. Anyway, we went around the ship with a guide learning about it, hearing there had been deaths on the ship after it was hit with a torpedo. After the whole tour, our group was going to stay the night and live out the next day exactly how the crew did back during the war. The cafeteria etc.

That night I went to sleep in a top bunk in the barracks. During the middle of the night, I woke up to go to the bathrooms, Now the ship is almost completely dark, being that the only lights on are the red emergency lights, so people can find their way to the bathrooms. So as I'm walking down the hall I hear stomping above me (now I was tired and didn't think about the fact that you wouldn't even be able to hear a gunshot from the floor above, being that the floors are 3 layers of titanium.) and I thought it was a few kids running around, so I turn around and go towards the stairs as I'm still hearing the stomping. So as I get up to the next floor I walk down the hall, I couldn't see all the way down because of the lighting, I still hear stomping in the darkness. I walk all the way to the end, which is a dead end and the sound stops. I was tired, so I wasn't alarmed, I returned to go to the bathroom, and I hear the noise again. I check another time, same thing happened again, and I started to worry. I ignore the noise the third time and go straight to the bathroom, as I'm walking to the bathroom I pass the prison cells they have in the ship, and the pillows that are meant to be on the beds are all on the middle of the floor. I run into the bathroom and every sink and toilet are just rushing water, so I think forget this if I piss myself it's better than going in here. I go back into the barracks and climb into the bunk.

I wake up the next morning before everyone else and I'm laying on the cold floor under the other bunks, and there's no way I could have fell, they were like hammocks, and if it were a prank, I'm a very light sleeper and it wouldn't have worked. To this day, I still don't understand the events that occurred that night. Look at this through a 9 year old's eyes. -


The London Mermaid

The case of the London mermaid is classic folklore. Here was an alleged creature, brought to the capital by a Captain Eades, who purchased the specimen in 1822 from fisherman in Holland, who claimed they’d obtained it from Japanese anglers. Eades illegally sold his one-eighth ownership of a vessel to fund his purchase. At the time the mermaid certainly looked real, a leathery chimera with a head like a baboon, the lower half of a large fish, the nose, breasts, fingers, nails and eyes of a human, and a body measuring over three feet in length.

Eades decided to take his mermaid on tour after docking at several harbours and making a quick profit from locals eager to observe the monstrosity. From here, the devious captain would take to London and see his creature exhibited at the Turf Coffeehouse in St James Street, where he rented a room from a Mr Watson.

Many naturalists and the like who saw the creature all agreed it was in fact a real mermaid.

A MERMAID!! – A wonder of the world, the admiration of all ages, the theme of the Philosopher, the Historian, the Poet…may be seen at number 59 St James Street, every day, Sundays excepted from ten in the morning until five in the afternoon. Admittance one shilling. read the sign which attracted thousands of curious people.

Despite making a lot of money from the specimen, the bubble would soon burst. A Mr Pickering who owned a majority of the ship that Eades sold was on the rampage, and soon showed the captain up for what he was, a fraud. Meanwhile, a Mr Clift, expert anatomist, was quick to pour cold water on the authenticity of the beast. The mermaid was simply a clever construction of fish, human bone, artificial material, and monkey!

The public had been ripped off. Chaos ensued. Eades attempted to flog a dead horse for the next few months until the coffeehouse shut down in 1823. No-one really knows what happened to the fraudulent creature but London had never seen anything quite like it. - Londonist



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New Megalithic Site Could Steal Title for Oldest Stone Monument

The Mysterious Unsolved Murders of Hinterkaifeck Farm

TIME-LIFE Mysteries of the Unknown: Inside the World of the Strange and Unexplained

DMT: The Spirit Molecule: A Doctor's Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences

Ripley's Special Edition 2014 (Ripley's Believe It Or Not Special Edition)

The Anunnaki of Nibiru: Mankind's Forgotten Creators, Enslavers, Saviors, and Hidden Architects of the New World Order


This crocodile farm is said to one of top tourist attractions in Thailand. BTW...this is the 3rd known suicide-by-crocodile at this facility. Because of the lax safety rules, I wonder how many people have been injured at this park?

BANGKOK (AFP) - A 65-year-old Thai woman has committed suicide by leaping into a pond of crocodiles at a farm popular with tourists on Bangkok's outskirts, the police told AFP on Tuesday.

The incident occurred during opening hours at the farm, which doubles as a zoo and draws visitors who can feed the deadly reptiles from a walkway. The farm is an hour outside Bangkok.

The woman jumped on Friday from a resting point on the walkway into the middle of the pond - which contains hundreds of adult crocodiles, Mr Preecha Iam-nui of the Samut Prakan police told AFP. "Her sister said the victim was suffering from stress and depression," Mr Preecha added.

Safety rules are often lax at Thai tourist attractions, which include tiger and crocodile farms. The Samut Prakan farm fences are just a few feet high to allow visitors - including children - to feed the reptiles.

Trainers also perform with the creatures, lying on top of them or thrusting their heads and arms into the reptiles' open jaws.- Straits Times


Thai Woman Commits Suicide-by-Crocodile

Wanpen Inyai, a 65-year-old Thai woman, jumped into a crocodile pit to commit suicide, according to reports.

The Bangkok Post reported that Wanpen, who was from Bangkok, jumped into the pit in a reptile farm near the capital city.

Family members said Wanpen was depressed and in bad health.

The elderly woman reportedly took off her shoes before she jumped into the middle of a pond, which contains hundreds of adult crocodiles.

Staff attempted to use long stings to prevent the crocodiles from attacking.

The Samut Prakarn Crocodile Farm & Zoo has a website, which claims the facility has about 100,000 crocodiles. It has been open since 1950 and was founded “by the famous Crocodile King, Mr. Utai Youngprapakom. Mr. Utai has been the pioneer not only to preserve the endangered flow of crocodile skins and related also to provide a continuous flow of crocodile skins and related products to the world market (sic).”

“There are more than 100,000 crocodiles together with various kinds of wild animals in this 300 acre edutainment (sic).”

The suicide-by-crocodile incident took place on Friday. Her family filed a missing person report earlier in the day. - The Epoch Times

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Thailand

Thailand: The Golden Kingdom

Chasing the Dragon's Tail: The Struggle to Save Thailand's Wild Cats

National Geographic Tales of the Weird: Unbelievable True Stories

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In The Shadows

The following narrative was provided by a reader. I believe these incidents took place in Hillsborough County, Florida:

Around 1991, my mother, one of my cousins and I were coming back from a school concert. At the time, we lived in rural part of the county. We were three miles from our home when my mother hit the brakes real hard. I was in the backseat sleeping and my cousin was sleeping in front passenger side. I heard a hard thump and then mom hit the gas. I asked what happen. She screamed out "I just hit a werewolf!" My cousin's eyes were wide open and she wouldn't talk at all. My mother told me more details when we got home.

Before she hit it, she noticed a car on the side of the road up ahead. When she came up to it, the creature jumped right in front of our car. She was going about 45 when she hit the brakes. It landed on the hood of the car. Its' face landed on the windshield. It had black fur and red eyes, a long mouth open to reveal a large set of teeth. Definitely not a guy in a suit. It pushed itself off the car leaving claw marks. My mother told me that the last time there was one in the area was over twenty years ago.

I believe it was in 2001, I worked maintenance between 10pm and 4 am. For about a week I heard weird sounds coming from back of the building which has thick brush. Not the typical animal sounds. One night I heard a loud crash coming from the side entrance. I investigated to find a large garbage can was thrown on top of the roof and rolled off. I was thinking "kids" until I got a strong whiff of something nasty. It wasn't the trash. Then I was thinking "skunk ape". I quickly picked up all the trash and went back into the building.

The next night I was traveling between the two buildings when the thick bushes started shaking. I heard an animal make a horrible sound, like it was being choked. I ran into the lighted parking lot and turned around. I saw a large humanoid shape appear out of the brush and it went back in. A couple nights later, my mother was waiting to pick me up when she saw a large shape come in under a light by a side entrance. It suddenly notice her and went back into the shadows.

A week passed without incident. Again my mother was waiting to pick me up when she heard a couple of dogs barking close by. She turned to see a large hooded man walking behind the car. He was across the parking lot on the side of the road. The dogs belonged to couple of trailer folks nearby. These dogs travel in a pack of 4-5 and weight between 60-90 lbs. They were running around the man barking and snapping at him. One of the large dogs got hold of his arm. Then my mother saw the man's wasn't a man under that hood. A head of a black wolf became visible. The unearthly being shook and then threw that dog like a doll. The rest of the dogs ran for their lives. The hooded creature walked into the nearby woods. The next night was a full moon and I heard its unearthly howl. We never heard and saw it again. Now a housing project occupies the land where it once lived.

NOTE: I have received previous wolfman / dogman sighting reports from Hillsborough County, including the Tampa suburbs. Surrounding counties in southwest Florida are notorious for bizarre cryptid sightings...skunk ape, cat people, dragons, thunder birds, reptilians, etc. Lon

American Monsters: A History of Monster Lore, Legends, and Sightings in America

Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America

Fearsome Creatures of Florida

The Cryptid Creatures of Florida

Daily 2 Cents: $1 Million to Cure Aging? -- Shapeshifting Orbs -- Investigating a 'Haunted' Microwave

$1 Million to Cure Aging?

A hedge fund manager is the latest to embark on one of the most ancient of human quests: immortality.

Joon Yun, president of $1 billion health care-focused Palo Alto Investors, announced a new prize last week that will award $1 million to researchers who can "hack the code of life and cure aging."

"The current health care system is doing a remarkable job addressing the diseases of aging," Yun, also a trained doctor, said in a statement. "However, doing so without solving the underlying process of aging produces escalating effects on health care spending. We need a paradigmatic revolution. The aim of the prize is to catalyze that revolution."

Yun, 46, doesn't lack pedigree. He's board-certified in radiology and served on the clinical staff at Stanford Hospital from 2000 to 2006. Yun received his bachelor of arts in biology from Harvard University and his doctorate from Duke University School of Medicine.

The $1 million "Palo Alto Longevity Prize" will be split in two, but teams can try for both. One $500,000 award will go to the first team to show, using a mammal for testing, that it can restore a youthful heart rate to an aging adult. The second $500,000 pot will be awarded to the first group that can extend lifespan by 50 percent.

Eleven teams have already signed up to compete and more can apply. They include researchers from Stanford, George Washington University and Washington University in St. Louis who will experiment with gene modification and the hormone oxytocin.

"Now is the time to launch this prize because we have reached the point in science where we really do have the opportunity to solve aging," Dr. Doris Taylor, director of the regenerative medicine research at Texas Heart Institute, said in a statement. Taylor is a leader of an initial team competing for the prize using a stem cell approach.

Prize organizers are also working with private investors and foundations to provide access to additional money to the teams. The effort's advisory board includes Eric Weinstein of Thiel Capital, Graham Spencer of Google Ventures and Steve Jurvetson of Draper Fisher Jurvetson. - CNBC


Shapeshifting Orbs

Gresham, OR - March 6th is when I saw these things coming through my front door. They've been doing this since 3/6/14. I was woke up from white noise cranked through my stereo, which was on an odd am station, which I never use. all my electronics were on the blink so I reset it all. then out of the corner of my eye I saw the first one flying about 4 ft off the ground and cruising up the walkway straight into my front door and into my house. I have it on video, outside and inside as they come and go. they're very strange behaving entities.

I have hours of video. Its freaked me out. these things are real. - MUFON CMS

MP4 - 1
MP4 - 2
MP4 - 3
MP4 - 4
MP4 - 5


NOTE: Very similar to Paul Cochrane's case, which I investigated in 2009 in Perth, Western Australia. Here is a brief synopsis of that case:

In June 2009, I received an email from Paul Cochrane of Perth, Western Australia in reference to persistent paranormal activity in his home. The content of the letter exhibited frustration and a plea to help find an individual or group in his general area to investigate. He explained that the entities have been present for 14 years and have followed him to each new home, a total of three different locations. Paul had started to document the events on videotape then placing these on YouTube.

At the time, I was involved in a few other projects so I didn’t initially get started until a few days had passed. To be honest, I receive a multitude of emails daily from my readers and Paul’s email was in the queue. Eventually, I went to his YouTube channel and started to watch the clips. Well, I shot off an email to Paul within a few minutes and offered my help.

Immediately, I posted a notice on the Phantoms and Monsters wiki and the IPAA site asking for assistance. I knew that this would require the effort of several people who had experience in different facets of the paranormal. The response was slow at first, but as time went on and Paul started to post more videos of the activity, my friends and associates came to the call.

For approximately three weeks, there was a steady discussion on our wiki threads. It seemed that each day, Paul would post a more compelling video and state that the entities had faces and animate shapes, as well as making a rudimentary effort to communicate with him. To bolster his claim, his young son also acknowledged the activity. Each new video displayed orbs of various shapes and sizes. Occasionally, hundreds of these orbs would move in and out of walls and furniture in all directions and speeds within minutes. I and others tried to enhance screen captures on a daily basis hoping something tangible would appear. Then it happened.

I received a hurried email from Paul titled ‘got a face’. I had just awakened and hadn’t had a chance to start the coffee maker, so I was still a bit groggy. I went over to his YouTube channel and looked at one of the two new videos. Early on in the first video I brought up (#70 at 0.11 as a matter of fact) was an orb traveling across the screen that had visible structure to it. Paul had inscribed on the screen ‘this is the face orb now she’s posing 4 me’. I took a screen capture, enlarged the image and enhanced the contrast. My God! It’s a face! Right away, I uploaded the image to the wiki and directly to several associates as well as posting it on Phantoms and Monsters.

As you can imagine, I have conversed with many people in the paranormal field since the beginning of my involvement in this sojourn. Let me state that my theory does not directly reflect the opinion of anybody connected to this incident. This includes Paul, my associates and others who have helped in this matter. I make these statements solely as my personal assessment. we go. I believe this entity, in particular 'The Face in the Orb', to be a spirit of a young female hybrid being. As to other entities, apparitions, etc. that are present at this location...I cannot state or determine what these are until further study is done. When I refer to 'hybrid', I mean a mixing of DNA of an alien or non-human species and humans. As to where this hybrid came from, I have no solid evidence. The reference ‘spirit’ simply means that this being died at some point and released some type of life force or energy that presents itself on our plane of existence. The fact that the orbs in the videos seem to effortlessly move in and out of sight tends to reinforce a theory that these spirits can crossover to other dimensions. I am convinced that these entities are attracted to Paul for a specific reason, if only to collect energy, and have no intention of moving least for the time being.

Perth Orbs Case - 10/2009


Scary Experiences Needed!

Sean 'The Forkchop' Forker has asked me to post the following message:

Folks, I am looking for some pretty frightening tales for an upcoming episode of The ForkCAST. Looking for some genuinely scary moments! These will be shared on air, so use discretion when indulging information. Email submissions to - Thanks All! /SF


Investigating a 'Haunted' Microwave

Homeowner Bill Michaud says, “It started with random beeping. One time it went off like the food was done, and when I looked over, the damn thing was still going and said 6:66.” Unfortunately for Michaud and his family, this spooky occurrence was just the beginning of a long, kitchen-appliance nightmare.

“We found [the microwave] in the attic when we moved in a few months back. Didn’t have one, so figured, ‘what the hell,’ might as well try it,” says Michaud. “I tell you, the thing heats up the food real nice. Sometimes it beeped or turned itself off in the middle of cooking, though. Then really weird things started happening. It zapped at food as if we were putting shards of metal in it. I couldn’t figure it out.”

His wife Betty adds, “It turns on by itself. It turns off by itself, too. It’s like it’s messing with me. No matter how many times I popped the door shut, the minute I leave the room it pops open again. One night, really late, I walk into the kitchen and I’m about to open the fridge, and the microwave door flies open, lighting the whole kitchen up in a horrible, scary lightning-blue color. It’s like it wanted to electrocute me.”

The Michauds contacted the Kansas Ghost Hunter group right away. Founder Kevin Young was eager to study both the microwave and the entire home in general.

“The Michauds didn’t want to go without a microwave, or risk upsetting the spirit by taking it out of the house. We obtained permission to stay the night and study the phenomena in its natural environment,” said Young. “My wife, who is also on my squad, is highly empathic. As we warmed up TV dinners in the microwave, she sensed a presence. As soon as she mentioned it, the microwave started beeping repeatedly. The door flung open, and my Hungry Man dinner went flying across the room. We pressed the off button. We unplugged it. It beeped several times after we cut off the power. Of course our digital recording became corrupted, which often happens when there is such strong energy.”

Young called in paranormal investigator, and self-proclaimed authority on mechanical-possession, Carl Richards. He believes it is not a ghost, but a poltergeist that takes possession of the microwave.

“I followed the situation that the Michauds were facing from the beginning, as they posted their disturbances on Facebook. I keep an eye on all local ghost-hunter hobbyists and groups,” said Richards. “The EMF readings confirmed this supernatural manifestation is a poltergeist. I have seen poltergeists occupy washers, TVs, electric heaters, but this is the first time I have seen microwave possession first-hand.”

When Richards was asked if the Michauds should get a new microwave , he advised, “It is important to remember, the malevolent presence does not strictly ‘live in’ the microwave. Getting rid of the machine will not solve the problem. It has the ability to travel throughout the electrical wiring in the house.”

“It is best not to engage the being,” continued Young. “Try not to be fearful. Always remain calm. If you’re facing a poltergeist in your kitchen devices, just ignore its outbursts, and it will not be able to feed off your energies.”

Betty Michaud agrees with Young’s advice. “I think he knows what he’s talking about. It didn’t start getting really bad until we paid attention to it. Now we just ignore it like we would ignore a child’s temper-tantrum, and it still randomly shuts off or zaps from time to time, but nothing really serious. It still heats up our leftovers like a champ, too.” - Empire News


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