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Skinwalker Encounters - Part III

Several years ago, I posted a series of first-hand 'skinwalker' accounts. I've recently received requests for information on this I've decided to post some of the original series and add a few more experiences along the way:

Skinwalker Encounters - Part I

Skinwalker Encounters - Part II

" grandpa was asked by "the old woman" to go with her to Snake Butte. She had a gunny sack full of dog pups with her. They're walking along a while until they get to the butte. There's a rock there that when you go around it you come to the butte. She tells him to wait there for her no matter how long she takes and not to go look at what she's doing. He sits for over an hour and starts to get bored so he goes around the corner. As he does he sees 2 huge snakes eating those poor pups with the woman standing there laughing with an evil tone when suddenly she herself turns into a snake and starts eating the pups! He was so freaked out he hauled ass out of there and headed straight to his house 5 miles away. Later on he sees "the old woman' and she gets mad at him for watching her and not waiting for her at the rock. Since that time, everyone in our family stayed clear of her until the day she left. That's another story"


"I've seen a skinwalker ONCE! I have never seen one since. My older brother, older sister and I were going home for the weekend. We were coming in from Phoenix. We had to leave pretty late. It usually takes us 5 hours to get home which is in Low Mountain near Pinon, AZ. We drove toward Keams Canyon highway and took a certain dirt road that would take us straight to Low Mountain. Before we reached the dirt road we noticed a very old lady walking on the side of the highway with a cane at 2 o'clock in the morning! She had her scarf around her head, a long black jacket and wearing a green dress. We did not think anything of it but thought it was weird that she was walking late at night on a highway. The reservation is really dark at night and there are hardly anyone driving on the roads. We eventually turned on the dirt road.

A mile away from the highway we noticed the same old lady walking on the side of the dirt road with her cane. I freaked out! I started crying because we knew that it was the same lady 15 miles back. My brother stepped on the gas and started driving faster. He gave us some medicine to protect us from harm. We eventually got to a highway that takes us to Chinle, Low Mountain, or Pinon. We passed the first bridge and we noticed that the old lady was sitting on the highway with her head down waving the cane in the air. Before we could pass her the car just shut down and wouldn't start. The old lady stood up facing the opposite way from us so we wouldn't see her face and walked across the other side of the road. She turned her head to face us and her face was painted all black. She kept walking and eventually disappeared in the distance. My brother turned the ignition and the car started!! It scared the hell outta me!!! I was crying so bad that I never wanted to drive through the road again.

When we got home we told my parents about it. My dad said that there was an old couple that lived between the two highways that did bad medicine on people. He also said that her husband had passed on not long ago and that she walks that road every now and then. They had two kids; one of them passed away at a very young age with an unknown cause of death and the other one drinks and huffs. We ended up driving back the longer way which was taking the highway to the junction road and going toward Ganado. It was very real and very scary."


" first encounter was when I was about 13 years old. My family always has a peyote meeting on New Years Eve and into New Years Day. On this particular New Years Eve my family was blessing the new year, all my cousins and I were sleeping in my Mom's hogan while most of our parents and guests were in the tepee praying. They said that a man saw something outside the tepee and he told the fire chief, and he told my uncle. My uncle woke up my older brothers and they got out the guns and our spotlight to look for whatever was creeping around our houses.

We live in a small valley in the highest part of our part of the reservation, near Pinon. All of a sudden I heard a loud gunshot, my brother's 30-30. It scared the hell out of me since I was fast asleep, but my sister was the only one in the house with us and she already had burned some cedar and had said a protection prayer for us. My brothers and one of my cousins were outide shooting at some sort of creature that was running around in an arroyo about half a mile from our house. My niece and I had gotten out of our beds and were watching from the window. They were sure that they had shot it a few times but it would just get and run off again.

When my mother and father smeared white ash on the bullets they started shooting again the creature left our valley. It is a very taboo to do any sort of hunting or shooting during blessing ceremonies but something had to done that time. That is as close as I have ever come to a skinwalker, as far as I know."


"...the only reason I know about skinwalkers is because of my boyfriend and my Mom told me abut lie, it's is scary and you shouldnt mess around with it at all. But you shouldn't say its fake case odds are you wouldnt even know. I have a lot of shapeshifters, skinwalkers, staginies or whatever you would perfer to call them living or staying by my house. They follow my boyfriend around and sometimes I see them watching me...standing outside my window. About 3 months ago there was a skinwalker outside my house watching my Mom as she came home from work...he was outside for a long time. No one has the right to say what is fiction or fact because you wouldn't even know. A skinwalker told me when my dad was going to die. It was broad daylight and I was in the car with my family. I saw a white owl and it looked right back at me. A week later my dad passed don't say anything unless you know for a fact!"


"There are too many weird encounters that went on the year my husband and I started dating. It was as though 'someone or something' did everything they could to keep us apart....for instance.

It was a summer evening and the sun had started to go down and we took a short stroll just outside my house. As soon as we started walking, I saw a shadow quickly appear and walk behind a huge cedar tree. Once I noticed this I told my boyfriend and he threw a big rock at it. As soon the rock hit the tree, a huge bird or owl flew out of the cedar tree. I have never in my life seen anything this big! The wings on this thing had to have stretched out at least 7-8 feet across. It was dusk, but still enough sun out to see in front of me and I know for a fact I saw something. I believe whatever hid behind that tree turned into a bird and flew off. It was so weird. After that, we had a very unsettling summer of this strange "shadow visitor" making it's appearance every now and then."


" want me to describe the witch who is a 'skinwalker'? My father told me a story about how they initiate themselves to become one of these bad medicine men/women. They have to kill their own child or sibling; and also they have sex with their siblings. They become this weird looking animal that can run faster than a car. They do wear very old animal skins and they do not allow to expose themselves. We'd be so damn lucky to catch them red-handed but they have powers to paralyze you so that you cannot see them. If you do happen to see who the person is they eventually die in four days so that is why they are very secretive. It does have a lot to do with jealousy. They want what you have even if it is nothing to's huge for them. You cannot kill them with a white man's gun powder, or anything of that nature. It all has to be traditional weapons we use to use a long time ago such as an arrowhead, traditional prayers, or a certain type of ceremony.

Most medicine man/woman would never admit who it is but they'll hint it to you which can be frustrating. My father also said that they can be the sweetest person in the world to you and you'd never know that they're witching you. They use dead people's bones to make you go crazy and you don't even realize how much you lose self-respect. They are very scary and wicked people.

Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah

Lost on Skinwalker Ranch: The True Story of a Property Guard and His Encounter with the Paranormal

Skinwalker Ranch: No Trespassing

Desert Wasteland

Daily 2 Cents: Apollo 7 Crew Accused of UFO Cover-Up -- Haunted Wooden Chest Sold on Craigslist -- Man Cooked to Death in Sauna

Did NASA hide UFO with DUCT TAPE? Apollo astronauts accused of cover up

Footage from Apollo mission shows astronauts using duct tape to block view of strange object

Astronauts then whack a piece of sticky tape over camera lens, neatly blocking our view of the strange object.

A UFO hunter found the images in footage from the Apollo 7 mission, which featured the first ever live broadcast from space.

The spaced-out blogger claimed the image showed "aliens viewing human history being made".

What on earth - or in space - could this weird object be?What on earth - or in space - could this weird object be?

"Look at the detail of the ship," the space cadet wrote. "It's made by a species far more advanced than us and its design looks nothing like most of us would imagine it to be. It is beautiful."

Some oddballs claimed the UFO could even be an angel, whilst others were certain the images showed NASA trying to prevent humanity from knowing about alien life.

"There's def something being covered up here," one UFO enthusiast wrote. "No pun intended."

However, in the comment beneath the UFO bloggers' piece, one killjoy clever-clogs ruined everyone's fun.

"The tape is nothing sinister," wrote an anonymous commentor. "It is just the usual tape which holds the end of the film reel to the spool. I used to process film back in the 70's and many brands used adhesive tape in this way."

We have asked NASA for comment and will update you if they provide an explanation. - Mirror


Man Sells Ghost In A Wooden Chest On Craigslist

Adventurous consumers can purchase just about anything on Craigslist these days, including possibly “p**sed off” ghosts residing inside ordinary wooden chests.

The folks over at the Huffington Post caught wind of a guy who attempted to purchase some kind of supernatural entity residing inside a cramped wooden container from a seller on Craigslist. Unfortunately for the would-be ghost owner, the man sold it to another prospective buyer before he could close the deal.

The story of the Craigslist ghost first appeared over at Barstool Sports. According to a guy named Dan, he stumbled across someone selling the spectral being for $300. This included the aforementioned wooden container, which the ghost apparently called home.

Check out the listing’s description below.

“I have a male Ghost for sale. He came into my house when I purchased a old wooden chest. He is attached to the Chest. The chest comes along with the Ghost. He is attached to it. What ever room I put the chest in, he hangings around it. If I try to hide the Chest, he searches for it and even gets mad if he can’t find it for awhile. You get the chest and the Ghost for $300.00.”

After emailing the seller some questions — including if the ghost was a Green Bay Packers fan — Dan began a curious conversation with the seller. Unfortunately, the price of the ghost jumped from $300 to around $1,000, much to the would-be owner’s dismay.

Here’s what the ghost’s handler had to say about the entity in question.

“Hi there. I cant answer any of your questions, and if you showed up with $1000. I would not and could not sell to you. This is serious. I p**sed it off once and it hurt me. I have pics. I have also played around with it and had a little fun. I have a video of that. If I try to send it off with just anyone, it will hurt me. I am not a quack and this is real.”

Unfortunately, according to the seller, the Craigslist ghost ended up going to another individual. You can read the entire exchange by heading over to Barstool Sports.

This isn’t the first ghost-related ad to pop up on Craigslist. Total Sorority Move recently spotted a listing for a possibly haunted college house.

“The ad in question presented a relatively normal college house: old and slightly decrepit with low rent and a crushed red Solo cup on the front lawn. Nothing strange there. Upon further inspection, I noticed the title of the ad read ‘1 Bedroom / House / West Campus / Pool / Possibly Haunted.'”



Man Cooked To Death In Sauna When Timer Malfunctions

NORTH MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – A South Florida family is grieving following the sudden death of their loved one.

Dennis Antiporek, 68, left a note Sunday night saying he was going to the sauna. Hours later, when he hadn’t returned, his daughter went to look for him.

“When I opened the door, I looked and there was a black man in the sauna. It wasn’t my dad so I shut the door and I looked, the clothes hanging it was his clothes,” said Lara Antiporek, Dennis’s daughter.

Ronnie Antiporek, Dennis Antiporek’s wife, can’t get the image out of her mind.

“I close my eyes and I just see his face charred,” said Ronnie Antiporek. “And this sounds horrible, but there was skin on the floor and on the bench and we shouldn’t have had to see that.”

She says Dennis was her high school sweetheart. He died just shy of his 69 birthday and their 50 wedding anniversary.

The family has hired a lawyer who plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the management company and the condo’s homeowner’s association, Eden Isles Condominiums.

The family’s lawyer believes the timer in the sauna failed to shut off the heat.

“First and foremost, we want to make sure that this community maintains a level of safety for all residents,” said Attorney Joseph Madalon.

CBS4 reached out to Elite Management—in charge of care for the sauna. The company had no comment.

The association did not answer when CBS4 called for comment.

All though Dennis Antiporek’s death was first classified as a natural, his body has been turned over to the medical examiner’s office for an autopsy. - Miami.CBS Local


Monsters & Mysteries in America

Hi Lon, I wanted to personally let you know that MONSTERS & MYSTERIES IN AMERICA is back on the air. We’ve moved to Saturday nights channel at 9pm [8c]… so hopefully our audience will find us.

Hoping you can let your network of contacts and fans know that MMA is back on the air on Destination America tonight and Saturdays in January, February and March.

And thanks again for the great help you've provided with commentary and contacts this season. Ron

Ron Bowman
Co-Executive Producer
Monsters & Mysteries In America
M2 Pictures / Destination America


Man who admits killing mom wants cats' names on murder indictment

WOBURN, Mass. —A man who confessed to killing his mother and her two cats has been ordered to undergo a mental evaluation before a judge will consider a request to change his plea to guilty.

Matthew McAveeney, 46, of Winchester, has pleaded not guilty to murder in the beating death of his mother, Barbara, and to animal cruelty charges.

McAveeney fled Massachusetts after her slaying and was arrested in North Carolina in October. He later confessed to the crime on camera.

"To my mother Barbara McAveeney and to her cats, Pumpkin and Puffy McAveeney, I apologize deeply," he said to news cameras in October as he got out of a police van.

McAveeney also requested to amend the indictment to include the names of the cats.

"(The indictment) does not name animals that were killed. The animals were living beings; they had lives; they had personalities; they had identities. If I am going to be convicted of killing them, I would like them to be known for what they were and who they were by their names," he said.

The judge allowed the change.

McAveeney will return to court after a mental evaluation. The judge will decide then whether to accept the plea change request. - WCVB



Stands like a human, seven feet tall, large hairy head, four tusks

A Mind-Altering Mysterious Woman

Demons and UFOs: Final Events Update

Aliens vs Fairies

2 Sheep Farmers Shoot and Bury a Bigfoot Body in PA


The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind

Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100

The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Arcane Radio Presents 'Government Encounters With Sasquatch'

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Bipedal Canine: Gillam, Manitoba

I received this sighting report over the span of a month or more. Much of it needed to be removed in order to publish (by request of the witness). The content is a bit general, though I sense that the witness really did observe something unusual:

I saw something that put a big scare into me. I'm going describe it - not sure you'll believe it, but I'm certain about what I saw that day.

This happened in August 2009 as I was driving to my husband's place of employment. We live in Gillam, Manitoba and he is an electrician for one of the generating stations on the river. It was close to 3 PM.

I had just turned off one of the residential roads near my home heading east on PR280. About a 1/2 mile after my turn, I caught a glimpse of something tall moving through the trees to my right. Then suddenly, it jumped onto the shoulder of the road and stood there as I drove by. I looked in the mirror and saw it quickly cross to the other side of the road. I picked up speed and didn't stop until I reached the station. I had chills all over.

I got a decent look at it. It had a large wolf head, but it was standing upright on legs which looked man-like. I didn't see arms as I passed by, but I did see arms swaying back and forth when I looked in the mirror as it crossed the road. The coloring of the head and body hair was charcoal with darker patches. If it was an actual gray wolf, then it was the largest one I had ever heard of. I thought that someone was playing tricks, but that wouldn't make sense since (I think) it was during the hunting season.

I did tell my husband, who later checked the area where I saw it. He said that there were reports of a very large wolf along the river a year or two before, but he had not heard anything beyond that. I still don't know if he believes me.

I also said something to my uncle (through marriage) who is Chippewa. My uncle told me that it was not a ma'iingan (wolf) and that I must forget about it. He then recited some words under his breath and told me not to mention it again. That kind of freaked me out.

Since it was 5 years ago, I haven't thought much of it - until I read a newspaper article about the dogman and sightings people had in other locations. That's how I found you online. I have a few questions, if you'd consider emailing me. Thank you - SB

NOTE: I contacted SB by email in mid-December and just received a response on Wednesday...then another response on Thursday. She wanted to know what I thought of the sightings in the newspaper and internet. I referred her to several of Linda Godfrey's books and mentioned that I would forward her information to Linda as well. SB agreed to having her experience published...though personal information was removed. She stated that the being was about 8 ft tall with a huge, wide head.

I tend to be a bit more cautious with bipedal canine reports. To be frank, there have been several narratives I've received over the years that didn't quite pass the 'smell test.' This can happen with any unexplained phenomena submission...but it seems more prevalent when the subject is cryptid canine.

That being said, I truly think SB believes she witnessed some form of supernatural creature. Lon

American Monsters: A History of Monster Lore, Legends, and Sightings in America

Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America

The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Unknown Canines Across the U.S.A. (Unexplained Presents)

You can find all of Linda Godfrey's titles listed on

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