Saturday, October 18, 2014

The House Haunts My Dreams

The following account was forwarded to me by a reader named 'Travis':

Lon - I would like to share with you my personal encounters with the paranormal, things which have haunted me since childhood, and things which still haunt me today.

When I was a little kid my parents and I moved out of our apartment and into a new large house with my aunt and uncle. My aunt and uncle lived on the upper floor, while my parents and I lived on the ground floor.

The first paranormal memory that I had in that house was during one afternoon when I was around six years old. I was sitting in my room, on my bed, reading a book. I remember hearing a very distinct sneezing sound, which sounded like it was made by a little girl. Without giving it a second thought I quickly said "gesundheit", and got a courteous reply back of "thank you".

My head instantly perked up, realizing what just happened. I quickly got up from my sitting position, and darted out of my room to see if it was my mom. I ended up having to travel to the other side of the house to find her, where she was sitting in the living room watching TV.

Perhaps not the most paranormal incident in the world, and it's entirely possible that I had imagined someone sneezing and saying thank you, but the following was not imagined.

Several months after that event a second paranormal experience occurred. It was a Saturday afternoon, and I was sitting in the living room with my Dad, watching TV. The commercial breaks came on, and my father asked me if I could get him a beer. I once again had no second thought about this, and instantly got up to retrieve him a beer. However, as soon as I stood up I realized where exactly I would have to go. You see, my father kept his beer in a mini-fridge, at the bottom of the steps of the basement. The basement, had always scared me. Besides the fact that it was unfinished, always dark, and old, there was a "feeling" down there. It's almost indescribable. Like, as if something were extremely angry at you, and wanted to pull you in, and at the same time push you away.

At any rate, I couldn't turn back, I knew my Dad would be angry at me if I refused, and at the moment his wrath seemed more real. So I walked out of the living room, down the hallway, and towards the basement. I stood at the top of the steps, and for some reason, today seemed different. There was more fear as I approached the steps, the feeling that the basement carried was far more intense this time than it had ever been before. I grabbed the wooden railing, which looked as if it were already covered in blood, and slowly made my way down the steps. With each step that I took deeper into the basement, the more fear arose in me. The sensation grew stronger and stronger, to the point where I was nearly paralyzed with fear.

As I reached the bottom, I felt the urge to turn my head towards the left. There was a section in the wall there, which looked like the previous owner had cut out in order to add more space to the basement. With my head facing that direction I desperately wanted to scream at whatever was down there, but all I could get out was a weak "Hello?". At that very moment I saw two red eyes appear from that hole. Fight or flight instantly kicked in, and I flew. I ran up the steps, made the turn as my father caught me halfway down the hallway, asking what was wrong.

I told him what I saw, and he instantly ran down the stairs to investigate, saying to stay back, that it might be a wild animal. He came back up, saying he didn't find any thing.

Shortly after that, maybe a week or so passed, we had an outdoor BBQ at my house. It was the usual people, me, my parents, and my aunt & uncle. Every one was outside, and I had decided to go in to get myself a drink. I entered through the front door, as the back door lead directly to the basement which, at this point, I desperately wanted to avoid it at all costs.

As I was leaving the kitchen I decided that today I was going to be brave, that I was going to face my fears head on. I walked towards the back door, and sat at the top of the steps. As I sat down, I once again had that feeling wash over me, but I stood my ground, wanting to face whatever was inhabiting my basement. The longer I stayed, the more the fear grew, but what seemed like an instant, I saw it. It was a shadow of a person, the sex I couldn't make out, nor any distinct features. I saw the shadow instantly hit the wall to the right of the stairs, and begin to move closer to them. I once again panicked, running outside.

I told my dad that I saw something down in the basement again, but this time it looked like a person's shadow. He wasn't hesitant in running into the house, trying to find out whoever was in our house. Once more though, he would return saying he didn't find anything.

That's the end of the basement, or at least, what I can remember, but it isn't the end of my paranormal experiences.

The hardest incident to remember, and the one that brings out my emotions and tears, happened upstairs. I really struggle with remembering the upstairs, but I know something did happen, I just can't recall what. There was something definitely up there, and I could feel something happened, but it's not coming to me. There was a sensation, fear, pain. A door closed on me, she was there, it's how I got my burn mark. That's all that is coming to me, I really don't know.

When I was 10 we moved out of the house. I wish I could tell you that was the end of my experiences, but unfortunately it wasn't. They continue to haunt me today, but not in a physical manner. Instead, they return to me in the form of nightmares. The nightmares are always the same, and either take place in one of two areas of the house. The upstairs, or the basement.

If I find myself in a nightmare in the basement, it acts as a progression. With each nightmare, I go deeper into the basement. Each time I begin to go down the steps, and most recently I've been able to reach the bottom. I want to scream, and yell so desperately at it but I can't, nothing comes out. I've only seen what's down there once, and even than it was a vague glimpse. I remember darkness, frantic wild hair, it floating. I've always called her a witch, but I don't know if she is or not.

Finally, there is the upstairs. This one always plays out the same too, where I find myself in the upstairs kitchen. I walk towards the room where my aunt & uncle used to sleep. It was in the back of the house. Every time I enter that room, is notice a bed, but the rest of the room is empty. The bed is covered in that frilly Victorian-era stuff, and each time I move it away, to find a corpse of a woman laying in the bed. Sometimes she's in a coffin, sometimes she isn't. Her eyes are closed, but than open, and that's where it ends. Normally this nightmare comes first, followed by the one in the basement the next night.

Before I end this post, I want to add one more thing that I just remembered. My Mom told me a couple off-hand times, that when I was little and living in that house, she would often find me upstairs at night. From the time we first moved in (when I was 4) to when we moved out (when I was 10). She told me one night she decided to stay up to see what was happening. Apparently, I was sleep walking, but she never told me much more than that.

I know it's long, and I apologize for that. I'm writing all this mostly because I'd like your help, or perhaps your opinion on all of this. Have you ever heard of a haunting taking place in some one's nightmares after they have left the place? What do you think it could be?

Thanks, Travis

NOTE: There are times when traumatic events manifest in our dreams. Since Travis had trouble recalling the details of an incident in the upstairs there is a good chance that he was actually 'sleepwalking' or conducting activity while in a state of sleep. I witnessed the phenomenon with my daughter when she was young...when awake, she was never able to recall any events that took place while she was 'sleepwalking'.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley and I discussed her dream research in our recent interview at Arcan Radio Episode #6: Rosemary Ellen Guiley. She conducts a workshop on dreams...and provides other information that can be found at Visionary Living: Dreams. Rosemary has just published a practical guide to pro-active dreaming, using your dreams in targeted ways to improve every facet of your life. This book can be purchased at Dreamwork for Visionary Living. Lon

The Unauthorized Story of Walt Disney's Haunted Mansion

TIME-LIFE Mysteries of the Unknown: Inside the World of the Strange and Unexplained

The Amityville Horror

Poe-Land: The Hallowed Haunts of Edgar Allan Poe

Daily 2 Cents: Artist Claims He Lost His Virginity To Alien -- School Shut Down Over Demons -- USAF Mystery Shuttle Completes 2-Year Mission

Artist claims he lost his virginity to alien called ‘Crescent’

An artist has claimed that he lost his virginity to an alien woman called ‘Crescent’ – sparking a lifetime of unbridled extraterrestrial intercourse.

David Huggins says he has fathered several half-human, half-alien children – and has shown off a painting with alien women holding up weird hybrid babies he claims are his.

‘I just lay down on the ground and she got on top of me. I have no idea why me. I just don’t know,’ he says of his first encounter with the voluptuous Crescent, who resembles Gene Simmons of Kiss, but with breasts.

‘I don’t know much, but I do know for sure I lost my virginity to an extra terrestrial woman.’

Huggins has chronicled his often X-rated alien experiences as part of an exhibition of paintings, which depict no-holds-barred alien-on-human sex with merciless realism. Read more at Metro - (Warning: Graphic)


Thousands of bees perished after being attracted to massive honey spill

Thousands of bees were crushed by traffic on Thursday morning after they swarmed to a honey spill in North Fort Myers, Florida. The spill at the Del Prado Boulevard intersection also created a sticky mess on the road and backed up traffic for about an hour. Neslan Torralvo of Torralvo's Honey & Pollination Service said his flatbed truck hit a bump as he drove east on Del Prado and a barrel in the back of his truck spilled over 100 gallons of honey, about 2,400 pounds, as he turned.

He was hauling the honey to a processor in Haines City. "My wife's gonna be sad, that was her money," he said, laughing. He said the load was worth around $5,000, and he was left with about 20 gallons. He goes to the processor near Lakeland about every two months. Torralvo said cars driving through the intersection after the spill created a bigger mess by spreading the honey.

North Fort Myers Fire Control District Battalion Chief Evan Totter said the department used water pressure to help wash away the honey. The department called a Florida Department of Transportation dump truck to pour sand on the honey. "Everyone fared pretty well," Totter said. "Except the traffic ... and the bees." The spill caused thousands of bees to flock to the intersection to get a sweet taste. Torralvo, also a beekeeper, said the bees were drawn by the smell.

Emergency workers and police from Cape Coral, Lee County Sheriff's Office, the Florida Department of Transportation and the Florida Highway Patrol swatted the swarming insects as they tried directing traffic and cleaning up the honey. With the bees landing on the honey residue, thousands were crushed by traffic or sprayed away by firefighters. Hours after the crash, police radio traffic reported businesses in the area calling for beekeepers as the insects continued being drawn to the remnants of the spill. - News-Press


Strange lights reported on St. George Island, Florida

Well, we have a mystery on our hands.

Lots of people were looking at the sky, on Wednesday, October 8, hoping to witness the total eclipse of the “Blood Moon.” Many of them witnessed the event but a couple of visitors say they witnessed something else.

Could it be the Grays were on the island trying to get a tan?

MUFON, The Mutual UFO Network, published the following account of mysterious lights witnessed by a visitor to St. George Island from a location near West Pelican Court. The report came in at 11:25 p.m. on October 8.

“While staying in rented house in Plantation on St. George Island, I first observed an orange sphere at airplane altitudes moving in from the gulf horizontally across the island from south to north. As I watched it, the orange glow faded but I could still see the faint outline of the object in the full moon. It reminded me of the lighted Chinese New Year balloons except that it appeared to be traveling on a course and was a sphere and much higher in the air.

“I took a short clip of this object and really had no ideal what it was,” the visitor continued. “I then walked to the beach as the moon was full and very bright. As I looked towards the west end of the island out about 20 degrees from the coastline past the Government Cut, a much larger orange sphere, closer to me than the first one, suddenly appeared by blinking on then off twice. This one was also at a much lower elevation closer to the water. This one definitely got my attention. I hung around a few minutes more but saw nothing else.

“I have seen maritime flares and these were not flares. The second sighting blinked on and off very quickly from full light to darkness like flipping a switch. First sighting about 8:20 p.m. the second around 8:40 p.m.”

Interestingly, somebody commented on this sighting online, a Brenda M, another island visitor who wrote: “I've seen orange lights for the past three nights during the full moon! I'm staying on St George Island one-mile east of the entrance to the island.”

If you want to view these sightings online, visit and check out case number 60480.

According to its website, “MUFON officially began on May 31, 1969. At that time it was known as the Midwest UFO Network. As it outgrew the Midwestern state boundaries to become a world class UFO organization, the name was changed to Mutual UFO Network. That allowed the acronym MUFON to remain as the organization matured.”

MUFON’s stated mission is to investigate UFO sightings and collect the data in the MUFON database for use by researchers worldwide; to promote research on UFOs to discover the true nature of the phenomenon, with an eye towards scientific breakthroughs, and improving life on our planet and educate the public on the UFO phenomenon and its potential impact on society.

By the way, according to MUFON saucer sightings are on the upswing, having risen steadily from 4,540 in 2008 to 7,290 in 2012. - Apalach Times


Mystery Shuttle Lands After Two-Year Flight

The US military's top-secret version of the space shuttle has completed a nearly two-year-long classified mission.

The space plane, known as the X-37B, landed at Vandenberg Air Force Base on the Southern California coast on Friday after circling the Earth for 674 days.

What the shuttle was doing during that time remains a mystery.

The Air Force says the space planes, also known as Orbital Test Vehicles, "perform risk reduction, experimentation and concept-of-operations development for reusable space vehicle technologies".

Others, including the Secure World Foundation, a nonprofit group that promotes the peaceful exploration of space, speculate that the secrecy is almost certainly tied to the presence of national intelligence-related hardware being tested or evaluated.

Costs associated with the programme are also classified.

Upon landing of the latest mission, the Air Force simply said the aircraft had been conducting "on-orbit experiments".

It was the second flight for this X-37B. The same plane circled the planet for more than seven months in 2010. A second X-37B spacecraft blasted off in March 2011 and spent more than a year in orbit.

At 29ft (8 metres) long, the Boeing-built planes are about one-quarter the size of NASA's old space shuttles.

They are equipped with solar panels that unfurl to charge its batteries once in orbit.

The Air Force said it plans to launch the fourth X-37B mission from Cape Canaveral, Florida, next year. - Sky


Kenya: Parents Shut Down School Over Demons

A primary school in Kandara constituency, Murang'a county has been closed by parents after allegations that pupils are being invaded by demons.

The Kihuru-ini primary school parents said the problem started in second term when one girl was allegedly recruited to a cult by her aunt in Nairobi. The girl is said to have recruited other girls who are said to crawl like snakes when they are possessed by the evil spirits.

The parents said they had organised prayers, but the Anglican Church, which is the school sponsor, declined to allow the inter-denomination prayers in the school. The parents have now threatened to withdraw their children from all Anglican-sponsored schools until those spirit are exorcised.

They accused the ACK Murang'a Diocese of being insensitive to the plight of their children. Parents urged the government to intervene before they take the law into their own hands. - All Africa



The Treasure of Urquhart Castle

The Dangerous Lives of Necromancers: Dead Men Telling Tales About Henry VI

No Explanation For Boom And Debris Field Over Louisiana

Travis Walton holding sky watch at UFO abduction site

A Time Slip Helped Him Glimpse The London Body Snatchers

Underground Alien Bio Lab At Dulce: The Bennewitz UFO Papers

Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon: How World Governments Have Conspired to Conceal Humanity's Biggest Secret

The Dulce Wars: Underground Alien Bases and the Battle for Planet Earth

The Dulce Protocol

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Alien Healing Claims

Over the years, there have been many stories of extraterrestrials / alien beings healing afflicted humans. Many of these accounts are hard to fathom, but there are a few that make one wonder on the authenticity of the claim. I suppose it is a matter of 'faith.' Religious people would believe that divine spirit interceded and performed a miracle. Folks who reject traditional organized religion, including many who refer to themselves as spiritual, would state that divine healing is actually extraterrestrial intervention. I realize that the examples posted are just a small sample of the claims you may want to utilize other data available online.

In 2008, I corresponded with a woman name Maria M. Rivera who lived, with her family, in Aguada, Puerto Rico. For many years, Maria and her family had been dealing with unknown humanoids in and around their property...which was surrounded by rain forest. She had documented many of their experiences and sightings, including the following claim:

"It is important to be noted here that I've had ovarian cancer, and have had several operations to remove parts of my intestine. I also received several operations for breast cancer. I flew occasionally to New York City to see my private doctors since here on the island private doctors are reluctant to accept Blue Cross and Blue Shield or GHI which I got from my husband's retirement.

I was informed by my doctors in New York that the cancer had returned and that I urgently needed another operation. I used to be in constant stomach pain and noticed blood in my stool and urine when I went to the bathroom. It was not the first time, the cancer has recurred before and they operated on me after each recurrences. But after the encounter with those creatures on April 28, 2006, I returned to New York, several tests were performed and no cancer was detected. The pain and the bleeding had stopped.

I truly feel that those creatures had cured me. What is my opinion of the creatures? I sincerely believe that they're benevolent and compassionate creatures, but I'm afraid of them. They do not have my permission to do with my body whatever they please. Although I believe they had cured me, I am not their guinea pig."


"Alien Energy"

Thirteen years ago, on a freezing winter evening in December, a middle-aged man surnamed Cao from Beijing claimed he had been abducted by aliens and to have cured a Chinese girl using "alien energy" in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province. His account was met with both skepticism and trust, but Zhang Jingping was one of the only people who devoted time and energy to investigating the matter.

Zhang, 43, director of the investigation department of the World Chinese UFO Association and owner of a private advertising company, launched an independent investigation into the case in 2000.

Zhang, a firm believer in UFOs, believes Cao's case is the most reliable of all the cases he investigated.

"The prevailing opinion among scientists is that UFOs do not exist because they can't explain these strange phenomena, but as more and more people show interest in studying aliens, I believe our efforts will eventually pay off."

As part of the investigation, Zhang hired professionals to hypnotize Cao and give him a lie-detector test, a previously unused method of questioning UFO witnesses in China. Cao passed the test. He also brought Cao to the police station and made a computer-generated image of the girl he claimed to have cured. In 2002, he led a group of students to search for the mysterious girl in the county of Qinhuangdao, home to a population of 400,000.

They eventually found the girl, who was then 15 years old. However, she was not a reliable witness as she was mentally unstable. The case was left unsolved, like many other cases Zhang has investigated because there was no "hard evidence" like forensic traces and photos.


Child Cured of Cancer?

“A family from Kirkland, Ohio got a supernatural shock in May 2013 when they were looking over photos of their young daughter and noticed a figure hovering near her.”

The father of the cured child believed that the ghost was Virgin Mary. Others believed that this may have been an alien being.

“My reaction immediately, it's Mary, they hear us, she's there. I didn't necessarily see it as a sign that Erin is fine and is going to walk out of this, but it's a sign that we're watching over her."

The report describes how the child was diagnosed with cancer.

“Erin was diagnosed with leukemia in February 2007 and since gone through numerous bone marrow transplants. When the miraculous photo was taken, she was about to undergo her second transplant.”

When asked to provide his opinion about those who were skeptical of the incident, Erin’s father provided a different opinion and remained firm on his belief.

“I know she's not alone, I know we are not alone and people who don't want to believe it, that's OK. Whatever happened, you know something powerful and special was there with us I definitely have my moments when I'm falling apart and I'm terrified and I literally grab my phone and I stare at that picture."


'Space Syrup'

Laviaia Ritkess, a healer in Los Angeles, has been given a recipe for what seems to be a miracle cure. The health says her amazing "space syrup" was a gift from the aliens to humankind and that anyone can prepare it from common ingredients.

"This syrup is truly amazing," said Mrs. Ritkiss, who used the medicine to cure her arthritis. "It costs just pennies to make, yet after a few weeks of taking it, your whole physical and mental conditions change for the better. It contains many ingredients that humans use to improve health, but the formula the aliens' advanced sciense has produced, combines these ingredients in a new and different way, and it has a remarkable impact on the body."

"The aliens told me that it affects the electrical energy of the body, reversing negative impulses that bring about diseases and unhealthy emotions. I take a teaspoon every day and I know that it has worked wonders for me. Now the aliens want me to spread the word so that the maximum number of humans will learn about it and use it."

Mrs. Ritkiss, who runs a healing center that offers natural products and New Age cures, says she encountered the aliens last fall while she was working in her office behind the store.

"Seven small green creatures appeared out of the thin air," she said, "and they used their huge, glowing eyes to immobilize me. They appeared in the corner of my office and they seemed very loving and concerned," she recalled. "They told me they had a great affection and respect for humans and wanted to help us with this gift. I couldn't move or speak. I felt like I was dreaming. When I woke up, the spacemen were gone and the recipe was sitting on the desk in front of me."

Mrs Ritkiss says she mixed up a batch of the syrup the next day and because it contained nothing she felt would harm her, she took a teaspoon every day for a month to see what would happen.

"I couldn't believe what it did for me!" she says. "My arthritis is gone, my skin glows, even my teeth and hair are different. I feel like a teenager again. Since then, I have shared the recipe with hundreds of people and it has cured everything - acne, heart disease, depression and even cancer. The syrup is so wonderful, I know I have to tell everybody about it. It's a miracle gift, a token of love from outer space."

Mrs. Ritkiss says she plans to distribute a pamphlet about the space syrup sometime later this year. In the meantime, however, she has provided the formula so people can start enjoying good health right away.

Space Syrup

2 tsp. diced fresh garlic
3 Tbs. olive oil
5 Tbs. pure clover honey
1 Tbs. apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp. cayenne
1/4 ts asafoetida (optional)
1/4 cup strong green tea, freshly made

Saute garlic in olive oil for 1 minute, then add other ingredients. Simmer and cook over low flame for 5 minutes. Let cool. Strain into glass jar. Cover and refrigerate. (Makes enough for a week with one teaspoon a day)


Pregnant Woman Cured of Leukemia

An overjoyed mother-to-be from Berlin, Germany says aliens took her aboard a spaceship – and cured her of leukemia!

“They saved my life and the life of my child,” says Greta Brandt, who was 34 at the time.

“My own doctors said we were doomed and there was nothing they could do for us.

“But those strange men knew exactly what to do. They used all sorts of strange lights and instruments to cure me of the killer leukemia.”

Dr. Frans Wenderoth, the woman’s obstetrician, confirmed that she developed leukemia, but miraculously she no longer shows any signs of having the terminal disease.

The doctor refused to discuss her alleged encounter with extraterrestrials but conceded, “that something miraculous must have happened to have given her this cure.”

Mrs. Brandt herself insists that she was abducted by four aliens who subjected her to terrifying but painless medical procedures before releasing her. She was unharmed.

“I found out that I was pregnant and had leukemia on the same day in December,” said Mrs. Brandt.

“In fact, I had just about made up my mind to take my own life when two men with long pointed noses and ears approached me as I was getting into my car.

“When I turned toward them they looked at me with piercing black eyes and motioned me to follow.

“I wanted to resist but couldn’t. They seemed to have a strange power over me that I couldn’t shake off.”

She followed the strangers into a vacant lot several miles from her home. Then she was taken aboard a saucer-shaped UFO that was “a pulsating bluish color, about the size of a school bus.”

Once inside the aliens ushered her into a dark circular room, where she was placed on a padded table and strapped down.

“One of them pulled a large instrument and light down from the ceiling and pointed it in my face.

“I didn’t feel any pain but the men were so frightening I must have passed out.”

When an astonished Mrs. Brandt woke up she was sitting in her own backyard!

Five hours had passed. And the only evidence that anything had ever happened to her was a very small needle mark in her right temple, newspapers reported.

“Whoever or whatever those men were I want to thank them with all my heart,” said Mrs. Brandt.


Gator Bite

On September 3, 1965, two police officers, Patrol Deputy Robert W. Goode and Chief Deputy Billy McCoy were driving along Highway 36 South in Damon, Texas. The two officers were returning from a high school football game.

Deputy Goode was suffering from a painful although minor injury. He had been bitten on the left index finger by his son’s pet baby alligator. The finger was red and swollen.

Suddenly, Chief Deputy McCoy saw strange lights rising from the right side of the road. He pulled the patrol car off the road and pointed out the lights to Deputy Goode. When Goode looked, he too saw the lights. At this point, the lights moved towards the police officers. They weren’t able to see any detail until the lights were very close. The object approached closer and shone down a beam of light on the officers. As McCoy says, “The inside of the car was lit up by the bright light.”

Goode’s left arm with his injured finger was hanging outside of the window when the beam struck. As Goode says, “I could feel the heat from the light. We got out of there.”

It was shortly after they left the area that Goode noticed that his finger was no longer throbbing with pain. As he says, “I suddenly realized it was no bothering me and I pulled off the bandage. Hell, you couldn’t tell I had ever been bit.”

McCoy verified Goode’s story, saying, “The swelling had disappeared and the finger looked a lot better.”


Heart Repair

On August 7, 1989, real-estate broker Katharina Wilson or Portland, Oregon was injured by a nearby lighting strike while staying in Pensacola, Florida. She knew she had been injured by the strike, but decided to wait until morning in the hopes that her condition would improve.

That night, Katharina was taken aboard a UFO. She woke up to find herself lying on a table, suffering from excruciating chest pains. As Katharina watched from a dissociated state, gray-type aliens cut a square into her chest and attached a black mechanism with several extensions to the hole in her chest.

When the pain became particularly intense, the aliens telepathically told her, “We are repairing your heart. You will be okay now.”

The next morning, Katharina woke up with a sore chest, but was otherwise healthy. As she says, “The first thing I did when I got out of bed was to look for a scar of a square cut into my chest. I found nothing. No blood on my sheets and no scar. My chest was sore throughout the day, but it was not as sore as I would have expected it to feel after such a radical operation. I believe this machine they had over my heard was realigning the electrochemical impulses in my heart because they had been altered by the lightning...somehow I believed the aliens were repairing the damage the high voltage of the lightning had done to my heart.”

Katharina reports that she has undergone a large number of operations at the hands of aliens. As she says, “The have performed surgery on me many, many times!...It was shocking to remember the different times the aliens had performed surgery on me...What could the aliens be doing to me that would require my having surgery so often? It was not the first time I felt I may be a part of a huge experiment.”

Maria M. Rivera
Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods
Ufo Healings: True Accounts of People Healed by Extraterrestrials
UFO Abductions
The Myth and Mystery of UFOs
Ufos And Extraterrestrials Are As Real As The Nose On Your Face

Daily 2 Cents: Queensland Town on Yowie Alert -- Mysterious Fires in Sicilian Village -- Beings in My Bedroom

Queensland Town on Yowie Alert

Port Douglas is on yowie watch after a man reported a terrifying run-in with an unknown creature last week.

Sightings of yowies – or bunyips and quinkans, as they are known by Aboriginal people – have been reported since early European settlement and appear in ancient Australian cave paintings.

But Wonga Beach man Brad Brown is still shaken after his encounter last week with something resembling an ape.

“I was driving home from work about 10.30pm and I was on the Rocky Point range going around a bend when suddenly something ran in front of my car,” he said.

“I didn’t know what I saw, it was big and really hairy with an oblong-shaped head.

“Its arms were hanging behind it as it ran.”

In another incident just over a year ago, a Port Douglas man, who did not want to be named, said he and a mate still can’t explain what they saw.

“We were fishing at Mowbray (7km south of Port Douglas) about 2am,” he said.

“It was all quiet when suddenly we heard this noise. It was a noise I had never heard in my life – like a growl but not like any animal I know.

“I freaked out. I went to cut the line and actually cut my rod in half. I started the ute before my friend even moved.

“We reversed out as quick as we could onto the road and I had the spotlight on.

“Then suddenly it was on the bridge going very fast.

“It had dark brown hair, coarse and thick like a dog’s, its arms were flying behind it.

“When I got home, I locked the door and the made sure the kids were safe and locked in their rooms. My partner at the time didn’t quite believe me, but she could see something had rattled me.”

Kuku Yalanji traditional owner and elder Linda Burchill said quinkans had been known to appear because something had disturbed them or sacred sites, and it could be anything from land development to the recent lunar eclipse. - Cairn Post

NOTE: I have received Yowie / Bunyip reports from the Mowbray area over the years. Most were witnesses hearing unknown sounds. Lon


The Earth's Magnetic Field Could Flip Within Our Lifetime

Earth's magnetic field is constantly shifting, and roughly every 200,000 to 300,000 years it flips north and south completely. We're currently overdue for a switcheroo—and scientists now say it could happen in a time as short as 100 years, potentially altering life in unexpected ways.

It was long thought that these reversals took as many as 7,000 years to completely switch, according to a 2004 study funded by the National Science Foundation. But over the past few years, other scientists have suggested that the shifts have occurred at speeds previously unimagined. And a brand-new study published in the Geophysical Journal International by a team of scientists from Europe and the U.S. sheds even more light on these speedy changes—suggesting that the last 180-degree flip only took about 100 years.

How did they discern changes in the magnetic field that date back hundreds of thousands of years? By testing layers of ash deposited by volcanic eruptions over the course of 10,000 years, found in a lakebed near Rome. According to a release from Berkeley, the magnetic field directions are "frozen" into these layers of ash, which could be reliably dated to find out when the reversals occurred and how long they took to complete. "We don't know whether the next reversal will occur as suddenly as this one did, but we also don't know that it won't," said Berkely's Paul Renne, one of the study's authors. Read more at Gizmodo


Beings in My Bedroom

Starr, SC - 10/13/2014: I was in my bedroom sleeping and awoke. I looked up and saw an 5ft being on my wife's side of the bed. Greenish gray skin like a prune in texture with dark wrinkles, large white eyes with large black pupils. The head shape reminded me of a prune it had only molars and a dark colored robe.

I wasn't frightened for some reason. I kept opening and closing my eyes to make sure of what I saw. On my side of the bed on the top of the wall and ceiling there was an spider like robot about 2 feet in diameter. I felt like it was some type of observation device. I wasn't frightened of this ether. The being looked at me and moved its lower jaw and that is when i saw its teeth then they both slowly vanished away in a few seconds. Oddly i felt like i was sedated and fell back to sleep.

I have drawn an image of both. (not provided with report)

Has this happened to anyone in my area?

Please Help - MUFON CMS


Italian Village Plagued by Mysterious Fires Has Been Puzzling Scientists for Years

For 10 years, the residents of the Sicilian village of Canneto di Caronia have been utterly spooked by hundreds of mysterious, unexplained fires that seem to erupt out of nowhere. The bizarre phenomenon, which has seen a sudden surge this year, includes spontaneous combustion of mattresses, beds, cars, and devices like fridges and mobile phones, even when switched off.

The episodes have attracted the attention of geologists, physicists and volcanologists for several years, but no one has been able to provide an accurate scientific explanation so far. Naturally, the villagers are blaming supernatural entities like UFOs, poltergeists, or other demonic forces. And with no other logical reason in sight, one tends to wonder if they actually might be right.

It all began in January 2004, when, without any apparent cause, appliances (including a cooker and a vacuum cleaner) in several houses began to catch fire. Wedding presents, random pieces of furniture, and even a water pipe erupted into flames. In response, the local electric company tried cutting off the power supply to Canneto, but that made no difference. The village was evacuated and a through investigation was conducted, but the experts and authorities simply failed to locate the problem.

Even with the arrival of volcanologists from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, and a team of experts from the Italian Navy, no viable solution was found. Understandably, the villagers were terrified, and a few of them even suggested calling in a priest to conduct an exorcism. Months went by, and a period of calm followed, when most of the villagers returned to their homes.

Unexplained fires still occur from time to time, and the villagers have pretty much learned to live with them. Other bizarre events have taken place as well - there were unexplained leaks from water pipes of three different houses, a vanity mirror in a bathroom caught fire three times in 35 hours, and an entire plantation of eggplants developed rainbow-like colors, making them unfit to be sold.

Air conditioners have spontaneously melted, car glasses have imploded, hard drives have been erased, automatic gates started opening and closing randomly, and animals have died mysteriously. Without any science to explain these events, it’s easy to see why the whole affair appears sinister. I’d be pretty terrified too if I were living in Canneto.

In April 2005, the Italian government created a special Task Force (of high-ranking army officers, engineers, architects, geologists and physicists) to investigate the situation in the sleepy little village. The group conducted an extensively thorough analysis – aerial photo-remote sensing, assessment of geophysical and geochemical data, detection of magnetometric and electromagnetic fields, radio-electric spectrum monitoring, and more. The results, however, were inconclusive.

In 2007, an Italian newspaper published a leaked interim report from the Civil Protection Department, concluding that the only plausible explanation was ‘aliens’, because the fires were ‘caused by high power electromagnetic emissions which were not man-made and reached a power of between 12 and 15 gigawatts’. A year later, the case was dismissed following further investigation – they just attributed it to an ‘unknown electromagnetic radiation’.

But in the absence of tangible evidence, people have returned to supernatural theories. Sicily’s council member for health and safety, Vittorio Alfieri, said in an interview that the fires were caused by ‘an entity’ that ‘transfers from one house to another’. “A house on the ground floor caught fire then it was the turn of objects on the first floor,” he said. “Consequently, the fire moved to a nearby house. It was like moving.”

Now, after a period of respite, the inexplicable fires have returned to plague the citizens of Canneto. On September 30th, a series of fires were reported throughout the otherwise peaceful settlement. First, a chair covered in cellophane caught fire for no apparent reason. Hours later, someone else called the fire department to report a stack of folded clothes had burst into flames, and then an entrepreneur who was getting ready to drive away in his car but returned to get something he had forgotten from the house, found his vehicle burning. A book and a sofa were also found scorched for no apparent reason in different areas of the town.

According to media reports, the locals have once again been evacuated, while a small team of fire fighters have been assigned to control the small fires.

Several fantastical theories exist – some have even gone as far as claiming that this could all be the work of a single individual who suffered strong emotional distress at a young age (a lot like Stephen King’s Carrie), and is now attracting the curiosity of UFOs. Well, there’s no limit to human imagination, and unless a real scientific explanation emerges, each theory is just going to be wilder than the next. - Several sources, including IB Times, Veterans Today, Blasting News, Oddity Central


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