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Daily 2 Cents: Declassified CIA Report Claims Russian Soldiers 'Petrified' in Alien Attack -- Witches Plan to 'Bind' Trump -- Growing Human Organs in Animals

Declassified CIA Report Claims Russian Soldiers 'Petrified' in Alien Attack

Russian military shot down a UFO before they were attacked and killed by the surviving aliens, it is sensationally claimed in a declassified CIA report.

The shocking report, which includes claims that 23 soldiers were turned into stone by the aliens in the UFO after they transformed into a ball of light, was buried among thousands of declassified files published online by the US intelligence agency.

The report in question, created on March 27 1993, is a translation by the CIA of a report from the Ukrainian newspaper Ternopil vechirniy.

The newspaper report said that after Mikhail Gorbachev lost power in 1991, many KGB files made their way to the CIA, including an alleged 250-page dossier on the bizarre UFO attack, which included pictures and witness testimonies.

The report suggested that a low flying flying saucer had appeared over a military unit in training in Siberia, before one of the soldiers fired a surface to air missile, bringing it down. Read more at Russian soldiers zapped by aliens after shooting down UFO, declassified CIA report claims


Witches Plan to 'Bind' Trump

Donald Trump’s presidency has cast a pall over the nation, so now witches are casting a spell against him.

A document making its rounds among the witch community is asking people who practice the craft to perform a monthly binding ritual until the president is removed from office.

In order to work, the mass spell must be performed at midnight EST on every waning crescent moon.

The first one is happening on Friday and will be followed by similar spell cast events on March 26, April 24 and May 23 and beyond.

Unless, of course, Trump is cast out of office before then.

Michael M. Hughes, who writes about the paranormal, posted the spell at ExtraNewsFeed last week.

He stressed that a binding spell is different than a curse or hex.

“It’s a restraint, not harm,” Hughes told The Huffington Post. “I see it as self-defense.”

Hughes said he heard that two separate witch groups were planning the spells and asked if he could take it to a wider audience.

The spell instructions have gone viral, and there is a group on Facebook dedicated to answering all the questions people may have.

Performing the spell takes a good deal of dedication, including amassing the following:

Unflattering photo of Trump
Tower tarot card
Tiny stub of an orange candle or orange carrot
A pin or small nail (to inscribe candle)
White candle (any size), representing the element of Fire
Small bowl of water, representing elemental Water
Small bowl of salt, representing elemental Earth
Feather (any), representing the element of Air
Matches or lighter
Ashtray or dish of sand

Practitioners are supposed to prepare for by writing “Donald J. Trump” on the orange candle stub with a pin or nail. They then arrange the other items in a circle and lean the Tower card against something so that it’s standing up.

Hughes suggests reading the 23rd Psalm aloud before beginning the spell by lighting a white candle.

The complete spell can be read here, but some of the lines include:

“Hear me, oh spirits
Of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air
Heavenly hosts
Demons of the infernal realms
And spirits of the ancestors
(Light inscribed orange candle stub)
I call upon you
To bind
Donald J. Trump
So that he may fail utterly
That he may do no harm
To any human soul
Nor any tree
or Sea”

Next, practitioners are supposed to burn the photo with the orange candle, chanting “So mote it be.” But if that sounds a little too “witchy,” Hughes says a simple “You’re fired!” will also work. The spell is completed by burying the candle stub or carrot, or discarding it in running water.

When the ceremony is over, Hughes says it’s crucial to ground yourself by laughing loud and hearty since, “Trump hates people laughing at him.”

He admits the spell has a satirical element, but insists that “doesn’t invalidate it.”

“I’m OK with people calling it a stunt,” he said. “The spell can still be effective. I think it’s already working. Some Christian groups are calling for a day of prayer to counteract the spell. That’s magic, right there. When people do a ritual, that’s changing consciousness.”

Kevin Ambrose, a writer at Christian Nationalism, suggests people protesting the spell recite the 23rd Psalm, coincidentally the same biblical passage recommended by Hughes.

As satisfying as a mass spell might seem for Trump detractors, proving it has an effect is another thing altogether.

After all, any bad luck Trump experiences after the spell can be attributed to the spell without being disproven.

Hughes concedes that but think the actual ritual is therapeutic in and of itself.

“If people feel more empowered and less beaten down, that’s valid,” he said. - / AOL News

NOTE: According to my copy of 'Grimore For The Green Witch,' that spell may do the trick! Sorry Donald. Lon


Uneasiness Over Growing Human Organs in Animals

In Greek mythology, the Chimera is a monstrous fire-breathing creature, typically described as having the head of a lion, with a snake as a tail and the head of a goat emerging from its back.

Just as it terrorised the minds of the Greeks, this vision is also the cause of much consternation regarding the successful creation of the first human-pig hybrid embryos at the Salk Institute in California. In fact, such human-animal hybrids are often referred to as “chimeras”.

While this scientific advance offers the prospect of growing human organs inside animals for use in transplants, it can also leave some people with a queasy feeling. It was precisely this queasiness that led to the moratorium on funding for this programme of research.

People, it seems, just can’t stomach the idea of growing human kidneys in pigs.

Given the potential advances that this research offers, our objections should probably be based on more than a mild case of nausea. Yet there are a few enduring aspects to the way we perceive human-animal hybrids that makes it difficult to think about them clearly. Read more at The uneasy truth about human-animal hybrids


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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Rock Throwing Encounter - Patapsco Valley State Park, MD

I recently received another possible Bigfoot encounter along the Patapsco River (Patapsco Valley State Park). This is the 2nd encounter in the general area around Daniels, Maryland:

Hello Mr. Strickler

Just wanted to tell you of an incident that happened to my daughter and I in Patapsco State Park (Daniels Area). It was Aug 26th 2015, time was 6:45 pm, the evening before school started. We Had walked about 35 minutes down the trail along the river. We have walked this many times, but not this late in the day. We were coming upon the third culvert when we saw deer on the hillside. They were midway up the approx 70 foot hill. They were completely still. I heard heavy footfalls, but didn't want to alarm my daughter. (We both have high anxiety)!!!

So we walked about 40 more feet and were looking at the river. I turned and walked off trail to go look at the culvert. As I walked toward it my daughter told me to come back cause she didn't "feel good". (This means she is beginning an anxiety attack).

I immediately turned to her and that is when I heard an object hit the ground about 10 to 15 feet away. We both froze and she said let's go...I wanted to find out what it was. I said "hold on a minute"...that's when another larger "rock" or object landed only 8 to 10 feet away from me. My daughter got really upset and that's when I decided we should go.

We left very quickly. I noticed the deer still only midway up the hill.

We have been interested in the subject of Sasquatch for many years and knew immediately that it could be them. But, in Patapsco? I am still unsure if this could have been a Sasquatch, however, reading accounts of others, it could have been. There was only one other person we saw on the trail and he was running. Foliage was so thick, Very quiet!

I did report to the BFRO but after the gentleman came out to the site, we never heard anything else from him.

Thank you for what you do!! CS

NOTE: Because of the time of day, there is a very good possibility that the witness and her daughter disrupted a 'hunt.' I called the witness and we talked, in detail, of the activity along the river and throughout the state park. Though the witness has knowledge of Sasquatch lore in Maryland, they were not aware of other sightings besides the flap near Sykesville in the early 1970s and the well-known encounter in Arundel Mills, MD. Lon

Here is another encounter I posted last year:

My son and I had an experience with Bigfoot. We were walking in a unpopular part of Patapsco Valley State Park in Maryland. At first we were searching for ruins of a town washed out in the seventies. He was fifteen at the time and we were not having luck. Right from the beginning I got the creeps. We are in the middle of Nowhere Forest and we come across an empty ball field with metal bleachers and a shack that was open with dated equipment in there. As we were walking through the field I felt scared, like there were eyes on us all around. I said nothing.

About thirty minutes in we realize were in the wrong area. I was thinking 'Oh good I failed my angry teenager again. He is going to forever think I can't do anything right.' We see a burned-up pine tree and I stop to take a picture. My son says "This is lame lets go" This is where things get real fast.

We turn around, walk twenty steps. He picks up a stick and bangs a tree. I look down and see deep footprints in the semi-dry mud. Those tracks were not there when we walked up. We take pictures. I jump up and down to try to recreate the indentation and I cant do it. I then realize that we are being followed. Panic sets in. I declare a swift departure. I think to myself is my child safer in front of me or behind me? That is a shitty thing to have to think. I push him in front of me. He has a machete and I have a stupid stick. We start to run walk back. This is what we hear.

Rustling along the side of the path, my son sees an arm. We hear the sound of a jug. You know the sound you hear when someone is blowing on a jug top. We see two different sized prints, small ones and large ones. We run by what looks like bedding in thick cool grass. We start to feel safe getting closer to the car. My son beats a stick against a tree. At that point a giant roar scream erupts behind us. So I grab the stick and scream at him "Stop hitting the effing tree we know it works RUN!"

We make it back. I'm repeating the words I wish that never happened to us. He's repeating 'that's the best thing that ever happened to me.' We get home and I am virtually retarded with stress. My son said we have to tell someone. Oh man I think. I cant deny it, my son was with me. Thus began my contact with a Bigfoot specialist and a cryptozoologist. I would say to my husband "If the Bigfoot person calls, tell him I'll be back by seven thirty." It was 2 years ago. I have thought about it a lot. I believe them to be real and not real at the same time. Somehow I think they are spirits of the forest. I also no longer care if people believe me or not. It happened and I have nothing to gain from the story. Also I told the Bigfoot people to stop telling people to bang on trees. They hate it.

NOTE: This is in the same park where I had my encounter in 1981. The Daniels, MD location is about 6 miles downstream from my encounter on the south branch of the river. The mill town was washed away in 1972 during the floods from Tropical Storm much of the location is in ruins. Lon

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Daily 2 Cents: Massive 'Hairy Blob' Washes Up in the Philippines -- UFO Sightings At All-Time High -- UFO Scares Couple on Cornish Beach

Massive 'Hairy Blob' Washes Up in the Philippines

Pictures of a massive white monster-like creature which washed up in the Philippines have as gone viral on social media.

Locals can be seen posing for selfies next to the mystery sea creatures in Cagdainao, Dinagat Islands.

Several unusual sea creatures have been washing up on the islands following a deadly earthquake last week.

It prompted speculation that the sea creatures are able to “predict” or detect early tremors.

In this case, a massive white creature that appeared to be bleeding appeared on the coast.


UFO Sightings At All-Time High

UFO sightings have reached an all-time high, according to statistician Sam Monfort.

Monfort collated sightings recorded by the National UFO Reporting Centre, a US organisation that records sightings worldwide, from the beginning of the 20th century.

And there's been a bit of an upward trend...

Interestingly though, Sam has observed that spotting of flying saucers have been on the downturn, despite the rise in sightings over all.

Maybe extraterrestrials have just upgraded?

In terms of geography, Sam says that the US seems to be the most prone to UFO sightings all year round.

The States actually report 300 times as many sightings than the the global average, according to his calculations. - UFO sightings are at an all-time high


UFO Scares Couple on Cornish Beach

A couple enjoying an evening stroll along Portreath Beach were left 'mesmerised' and had to flee to 'run home and lock the doors' after spotting a UFO floating above them in the sky.

It is the second reported UFO sighting in just a few weeks, as two women claim to have been left 'shocked' and 'in awe' of a huge UFO they saw in Penzance.

Speaking to UK UFOs about the sighting in Portreath, a woman who gave only her last name, Miss Couzens, said that she was walking along the beach with her partner when events started to take an eerie turn.

Miss Couzens said that she and her partner were watching the ocean, but soon noticed that they could not hear it.

She said that she was walking along the beach with her partner, as it was peaceful.

She continued: "We sat down on the bench by the cafe; as soon we looked at the ocean, we noticed everything went silent - it was an eerie feeling, we felt like we were in a different time zone."

The couple reportedly looked up and realised that hovering over their heads was a huge UFO.

Miss Couzens said: "We looked up and saw this black-shaped boomerang object (that) looked so big that we were sat frozen just staring at this thing. We both were so mesmerised by this. All of a sudden we heard a humming sound and we looked at each other and then all of sudden it disappeared." Read more at Couple 'ran home and locked doors' after spotting a UFO in the skies above a popular Cornish beach


Heavy Anomalous Activity Over North Central Maryland

Bel Air, MD - 2/17/2017: It is becoming a daily occurrence to look up in the sky and see something I can't explain. Day by day the air activity is increasing. While I was being drawn to the now familiar hum of a military aircraft I noticed a streak in the sky. At first glance I thought it was a meteor, because of the angle and the regularity of planes now I knew it didn't match up with their paths. On closer inspection while photographing the area, "it" still held a solid line and that exact angle so much I did not think it was any kind of smoke or gases. My best guess would be something was causing the sun and clouds to reflect off of itself. I've seen plenty of triangular craft throughout the years in the area and I believe this could have been connected. I recently watched a video on another site where a person living about 45 min from where I witnessed this posted a video of it. I have included some pictures one of which I edited to bring out the sharpness off lines. - MUFON



February 2017 BEK Update

Police in UK Respond to UFO Sightings and Alien Abductions

Hasta la vista, MUFON!

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