Monday, September 29, 2014

A Few Cached Oddities...

Here are a few odd reports that are no longer on the blog...enjoy:

'I may have had a visitor last night....'

Something weird happened last night. Something I can't explain, yet. I wasn't sure I was going to post about it. But, then I decided to just in case someone else has had a similar episode.

Cutting to the chase, I went to bed as usual last night, and when I woke up I found a bunch of green slime-like material all over my house. Several large drops of the stuff was on my kitchen floor, living room floor, bedroom rug, and get this, on the outer knob of my front door. Weird.

All I remember about the night was that I had a particularly satisfying dream. You know, one where you just feel really good afterwards. In the dream, I was camping with my family, in a time that would have been about 30 years ago. Those were happy times for me and this dream just brought all that back really strongly, and I woke up refreshed and feeling good.

Then, when I went in the kitchen I noticed this green goop. Just a few drops. I wiped it up and tossed the paper towel. A little later I found the living room spots, then I checked my bedroom and found some there. It wasn't until later, when I went out for a bit, that I noticed the front door knob. I cleaned this off and took pics of it, since I now started to wonder what is going on.

The slime has the viscosity of cold maple syrup, in that it didn't drip off the door knob, just sort of sat on top and the sides of it. It was quite thick, and a bit sticky, but it did not smear on my hand. I could peel it off of me, sort of like silly putty, if you know what I mean. It had the smell of ozone, and I didn't taste it,

Anyways, I'm not saying I was visited by ETs last night, but this is definitely weird. I am usually skeptical of these kinds of things, so I'm looking for a reasonable explanation, if there is one out there. - Lv


Attacked by a Vanishing Hominid

About three years ago, I had a strange encounter in the length of woods that borders my house. It was winter and I was on one of my routine hikes with my brother. We would periodically stop and rest, listening to the sounds of the forest. We were climbing a steep hill and having a hell of a time with it. Our march was halted when I stepped in a pothole and when I finally dragged my foot out we decided to take a breather. That's when I saw it. We were just standing there, making small talk, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure. I turned and saw a large, lanky creature watching us from atop a hill. The very instant my gaze fixed on it, it began to barrel down the hill at us. I tried to run or even alert my brother, but I couldn't move. I was paralyzed with fear.

I heard my brother asked "what's the matter?"...but I couldn't tell him because I didn't know. I didn't know what I was looking at. I was finally able to break my paralysis and was about to tell him what was happening and then it was gone. Just POOF! Like smoke in the wind. Needless to say I hauled ass out of there. If I was to describe the thing I would say that it was at least 6'1 with some of the longest hair I've ever seen. It had a slim build and was completely nude. It's body was pale with a large patch of hair on it's chest. I never caught sight of it's face or any reproductive parts, but I have the feeling it was male.

Every time I look back on it and try to analyze what it might have been I always come up short. I can't come up with a believable or concrete explanation. I sometimes doubt I saw anything at all. Granted this is not the first strange experience I've had in those woods. The disembodied baby's cry comes to mind.

Cody B.
Goodlettsville, Tennessee

NOTE: this is an interesting anecdote. Was it a hominid spirit or a interdimensional being...or something completely different? I once received another interesting, but very brief account from a reader in Pennsylvania. She stated that she witnessed what looked like a feral human while in vicinity of Tiadaghton State Forest in Lycoming County during the late 1970's. This being was described as only 4 ft. tall with reddish hair all over the body, though sparse on the chest where she noticed what she thought were breasts. The facial features were human in all respects. This hominid stood for a few seconds, made no sound, turned to it's left, took a step and faded if it was walking through a wall of water. The email didn't go into much more detail but she did state that the area did have 'old ghost towns' in it...Lon


A Peculiar Encounter

I received the following anecdote from a British reader:

One day, in the the eighties, I boarded a bus in Freshbrook with the intention of going to Swindon town centre. It was early evening and the bus was a single-decker. Sitting in the seat opposite the driver was a very odd looking person with his head down. He was dressed in dark, untidy clothing, disheveled in appearance. He did not look at me at all but there was something of a vibe emanating from him that made the hairs on my neck and arms stand up. I sat on the same side of the bus as him at least ten seats behind him. There were several other people between us and others also to the right hand side.

As I sat down in my seat I noticed a new pound note on the floor, I had placed my shoe inadvertently on it. Looking around I could tell that the other passengers nearby were ignoring me and not about to lay claim to it. I placed it in my pocket. No sooner had I done so than the strange looking man at the front of the bus sat upright and then stood up. He turned and made his way slowly up the bus, focusing on me. The other passengers ignored him as if he was not there. Stopping alongside me, he held out his hand..."I will have my pound note back now", he said. My hairs stood on end once more as I looked at him. He seemed dark in complexion and almost sub normal. How could he know I just found a pound note...he wasn't anywhere near...he was at the front of the bus and curled up...his head didn't add up and felt eerie. Was he testing me in some way?

"What pound note is that, mate?" I found myself replying. He laughed to himself and returned to his seat at the front of the bus where he sat down again and lowered his head as if had all been a draining effort for him. He got off the bus in town and vanished, leaving me perplexed and confused at the silliness of it all.

The next day I was in the town centre once again and decided to go into the Paperback Parade bookshop, near the townhall to find an interesting book to read. As I worked around the shelves, taking my time (Thatcher's Britain...we were all unemployed). I was drawn to look out the window facing toward the College. There crossing the road and coming down toward the precinct was the same dark stranger dressed as he was the night before. Looking as if he was bypassing the bookshop, he made a sudden right turn and entered the Paperback Parade. My hairs stood on end once more as I watched him from the corner of my eye. He copied my movements around the shop until he was stood close to me on my left hand side. I pretended to ignore him,difficult as I felt cold and all my hairs on end. He leaned forward and spoke into my ear...telling me what was in my thoughts and in my mind. He laughed again and left the shop.

I never saw him again or told a soul what he spoke into my ear that moment. Certainly I was left in no doubt that this was an otherworldy encounter of the strangest kind. Later I was to come across stories of Men in Black and Trickster spirits who confuse their victims in this manner. Certainly the strangest of bus rides ever. - K

Weird Encounters: True Tales of Haunted Places

Trucker Ghost Stories: And Other True Tales of Haunted Highways, Weird Encounters, and Legends of the Road

Weird Life: The Search for Life That Is Very, Very Different from Our Own

The World's Weirdest Places

Daily 2 Cents: Vlad the Impaler's Dungeon Discovered -- 'The Black Eyed Child' Returns - Andy Kaufman Did Not Die In 1984

Vlad the Impaler's dungeon discovered

The dungeon in which Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned by the Turks has been found at Tokat Castle.

Back at the beginning of the 15th century Wallachian Prince Vlad III, the real-life inspiration behind Bram Stoker's character Dracula, was held captive by the Ottoman Turks for twelve years.

Now archaeologists believe that they have discovered the very prison in which he had been held captive deep beneath Tokat Castle in northern Turkey. The dungeons were found following the discovery of a secret tunnel that was unearthed while restoration works were being carried out on the building.

"The castle is completely surrounded by secret tunnels. It is very mysterious," said archaeologist Ibrahim Çetin. "It is hard to estimate in which room Dracula was kept, but he was around here."

Despite his extended incarceration it is believed that Vlad went on to reclaim the Wallachian throne before eventually dying during a battle with the Ottomons in 1476. Read more at Yahoo


Andy Kaufman didn't die in 1984...but died a few years later

A friend of Andy Kaufman claims the iconic comedian is still alive. Kaufman's writing partner, Bob Zmuda says 35-year-old Kaufman faked his own death in 1984 and will be returning sometime in the near future. In his new book Andy Kaufman: The Truth, Finally Zmuda and Kaufman's former girlfriend, Lynne Margulies, detail the comedian's long-time obsession with the idea of faking his own death.

In the book, Zmuda recounts one night in particular when he received a call at four in the morning from Kaufman, asking him to meet at a Los Angeles diner. It was there Kaufman admitted he thought faking his death would be the ultimate joke, however, it was a joke Zmuda wanted no part of.

Zmuda believes that Kaufman found a body-double who was actually dying of cancer, shaved his own head and lost weight, then switched places with the man after he died.

The only reason he's breaking his "longtime code of secrecy" is because Kaufman hasn't held his end of the deal. In the book's final pages he writes, "The only reason I'm giving it up now is that Andy set a time limit on this one. Thirty years. So I've kept my part of the bargain and kept my mouth shut. But no more. The prank's over. I want him back and he's coming back."

Only the book's co-author doesn't think he'll be coming back. Margulies writes that a friend told her Kaufman moved to San Francisco after faking his death, only to die of AIDS a few years later.

Regardless, Kaufman's prank (whether it happened or not) continues to fool with fans. Andy Kaufman: The Truth, Finally goes on sale October 7th.


Girl dies of burn injuries under mysterious circumstances

Kanpur: An 18-year-old girl died after suffering burn injuries under mysterious circumstances in Auraiya district on Saturday. Police have started a probe. According to police the victim, a resident of Mada Ka Purwa under Achalda police station, had gone to answer nature's call at a nearby field in the village on Saturday morning. The locals of the area were working in their farms when they heard her loud shrieks. They rushed to the spot and found herin flames. They tried to douse the fire by wrapping a quilt around her. She was immediately taken to a health centre and then to the district hospital. Later, the doctors referred her to Regional Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (RIMS), Saifai but she died on way to the institute. Doctors said that she had sustained major burn injuries.

Station officer Achalda said that the police are probing all angles. The victim's body was later shifted to mortuary for post-mortem examination. - Times of India


'The Black Eyed Child' Returns

A leading paranormal investigator has scoured a Staffordshire beauty spot following chilling sightings of a spectre known locally as The Black Eyed Child.

Lee Brickley launched an in-depth investigation of Cannock Chase after reports that the ghoulish apparition has returned to the sprawling heathland.

The child was last spotted 30 years ago, sparking worldwide interest – and is today a cult internet sensation.

Latest descriptions of the girl, who has coal-black pits for eye sockets, are identical to those chronicled in the early 1980s.

Lee, author of books about the paranormal, was stunned recently when he received a new eye-witness account of the Black Eyed Child.

Alerted by what sounded like screams, a shocked woman came across the wandering, sightless spectre while walking Birches Valley.

“We instantly started running towards the noise,” she said. “We couldn’t find the child anywhere and so stopped to catch our breath.

“That’s when I turned round and saw a girl stood behind me, no more than 10 years old, with her hands over her eyes.

“It was as if she was waiting for a birthday cake.

“I asked if she was OK and if she had been the one screaming. She put her arms down by her side and opened her eyes.

“That’s when I saw they were completely black, no iris, no white, nothing.

“I jumped back and grabbed my daughter. When I looked again, the child was gone. It was so strange.”

On his paranormal website, Lee, 28 and himself from Cannock, said the woman’s experience mirrors the earlier sighting.

“In the summer of 1982, my aunt was 18 years old, and she and her friends would often meet on Cannock Chase in the evening time, probably in much the same way many teenagers still do today.

“One evening, just before dark, she heard a little girl frantically shouting for help. Rushing to locate the sound, she stumbled upon a dirt track and caught sight of the girl, about six years old running in the opposite direction.

“When my aunt caught up, the girl turned around and looked her in the eyes, and then ran off into the dark woodland. Her eyes had been completely black with no trace of white.

“There was a police search but to no avail. At the time, no-one had any reason to believe anything paranormal was going on. The girl certainly appeared to be of flesh and blood.”

There have been similar sightings of Black Eyed Children around the world.

“Some people believe them to be extra-terrestrials, vampires or ghosts,” said Lee. “But there is one big difference between the sightings around the world and the stories coming out of Cannock Chase.

“Only on Cannock Chase do the sightings consistently happen during the daytime.

“In the US many reports suggest that black-eyed children often appear in groups, regularly knocking at the door of unknowing victims and asking quietly if they may come inside.” - Birmingham Mail



Does Washington’s Eagle Still Cruise the Mississippi?

Did Ancient People Really Have Lifespans Longer Than 200 Years?

New England’s Stone-Throwing Devils

Kuldhara, India is a cursed ‘village of death’

Press Release: Scientists discover an on/off switch for aging cells

So You Created a Wormhole: The Time Traveler's Guide to Time Travel

The Old Farmer's Almanac 2015

What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

How to Build a Time Machine: The Real Science of Time Travel

Oops! Greek Woman Possibly 'Buried Alive'

Panicked cemetery workers said they heard the 45-year-old woman desperately trying to get out of her casket roughly an hour after she had been buried. When she was finally pulled to the surface she was found dead, prompting an investigation into the cause of her death:

A cemetery worker got the fright of his life when he heard a woman screaming from inside her buried coffin.

The man told police he could hear muffled shouts and banging coming from the plot of a 49-year-old woman who had been pronounced dead and buried that day.

Workers and cemetery visitors frantically dug up the coffin and smashed it open, however they were too late and the woman had died.

Police visited the Peraia cemetery near Thessaloniki in Greece, however a doctor who examined her body at the scene claimed she had been dead for hours and could not have possibly been buried alive due to her advanced state of rigor mortis.

The doctor, Chrissi Matsikoudi told Greek television channel MEGA: ‘We did several tests including one for heart failure on the body.’

A coroner will be carrying out a separate examination on the body.

Police say the woman, a mother of two who suffered from cancer, cannot be named until the post mortem is carried out.

Relatives of the woman say they are considering filing a complaint against the doctors who first pronounced her dead. - KFOR


Greek woman heard screaming, banging from inside coffin after allegedly buried alive

Muffled screaming and banging coming from inside a freshly buried coffin sent Greek cemetery workers in a panic to unearth a 45-year-old woman, according to local reports.

Workers desperately ploughed through the recently packed soil to get to the woman on Thursday, but by the time they got inside — an hour after her funeral — she was found dead.

An investigation into the initial cancer-victim's death is now underway with some claiming she died from suffocation while nightmarishly entombed, the BBC reported.

Others say she had never awakened in the first place.

"I just don't believe it. We did several tests including one for heart failure on the body," Dr. Chrissi Matsikoudi told MEGA.

A doctor who happened to be at the scene of her coffin's removal in the town of Peraia, south of Thssaloniki, reportedly examined her body and determined that she had been dead for hours.

"It would have been impossible for someone in a state of rigor mortis to have been shouting and hitting the coffin like that," said Matsikoudi.

Fortunately the woman's relatives had already left the cemetery by the time the terrifying chaos ensued.

But neighbors and children playing outside allegedly heard the woman's cries as well.

The victim's family is reportedly mulling a complaint against the doctors who treated her at a cancer clinic. - NY Daily News

NOTE: It's interesting to note, that 'live burials' were not uncommon before the advent of modern medicine. Lon

Death: The Scientific Facts to Help Us Understand It Better

Diagnoses from the Dead: The Book of Autopsy

The Big Book of Celebrity Autopsies

Encyclopedia of the End: Mysterious Death in Fact, Fancy, Folklore, and More

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Celestial Care...Sect Scorn

I received the following email a few days ago. Some of the content is similar to other accounts from witnesses who I have talked to in the past. I wanted to discuss the content with the experiencer before it was offered to the readers. I was finally able to reach her by telephone today (Saturday 9/27).

To begin, this particular experiencer has been an extremely devout Christian. This encounter and the subsequent events have shaken her beliefs to the point where she had stark questions as to what she actually confronted.

I was a bit reluctant posting this correspondence because it involved religion, but I'm not going to express judgement as to what she was told and the reaction received when addressing people she had trusted. But I will say that many people should consider employing more of an open-minded approach in similar circumstances. If anyone is offended by this post, then I am sorry...that was never my intention:

Hello Mr. Strickler, I hope this email finds you well. I would like to discuss this incident with you at your earliest convenience. I will offer some details in order for you to understand some of what I have endured over the past two years.

In July 2012 I was involved in a serious automobile accident, in which I sustained several injuries. The worst injury involved severe rupture of three lumbar discs. I had two surgeries to stabilize the injury, but the pain was unbearable. In February 2013 I contemplated taking my own life, but I was conflicted because of my devotion to life and deep commitment to my faith.

The date was February 22nd and I had a particularly frustrating day that included extensive pain and the inability to move around my home. That night I said to myself that I had finally had enough. I lay on my bed praying to my savior not to forsake me and to give me strength to continue living. In the meantime, I thought about that full bottle of Oxycodone on my night stand. It would be so simple to end the suffering.

As I prayed, I was abruptly surprised by a radiating blue light that began to emanate from my bedroom window. As I watched it I felt peaceful and sedate. I was so relaxed that I must have fallen asleep.

I remember opening my eyes while lying down in a bright room with several white lights shining down on me. On each side of me stood two distinct 'people.' One of these people was a woman who wore a light blue coverall uniform. She had close-cut blonde hair and a beautiful face with very pale skin. Her eyes were deep orange in color and larger than human eyes. She smile at me but never spoke. She was assisting the person on my right side, a rather tall ugly man who wore a yellow smock. He had no hair and his face had several disgusting lesions that looked infected. He never looked at me, but continued to concentrate on something and would occasionally mumble to the woman on my left side.

I could not see what he was doing to me. I could sense pressure on my side and back, though I never felt pain. Then the woman leaned over me and placed something dark over face. That's the last thing I remembered.

When I woke, I was sitting in my recliner in the living room. I looked at the wall clock which showed it to be 2:35. Since there was daylight, I must have been mid-afternoon. I sat there disoriented, vaguely remembering what had happened to me. How did I get into the living room? I looked for my cane but it was no where around me. Why was I not feeling pain when I moved? I slowly lifted myself out of the recliner. There was no pain. I walked around the house, then climbed the stairs. No pain whatsoever! So what had happened to me?

I will briefly describe what occurred afterwards, which includes much of what I wish to discuss with you.

When I went to my next orthopedic appointment, the doctor thoroughly examined me. He then ordered that new x-rays be taken. I walked back into the examination room and sat down. The doctor soon walked in, sat in front of me with a scowling look and said 'what did you do?' I told him what I had experienced. He got up from his chair and walked to the door, then said 'I want you out of my office. What happened to you is the result of association with Satan. I want you to leave immediately.' I was so shocked that I began to cry. The receptionist walked over to me to see what was wrong. The doctor saw this and he screamed 'Stay away from Satan's associate.' I hurried out of the office and quickly drove home.

The same day, I called my pastor at church. I briefly explained what had occurred and asked if he had any idea what happened to me. He then told me that it was obvious that I had allowed a demon into my life and that it now possessed me. I asked if something could be done for me. He responded that a deliverance may be possible, but he was not capable of conducting it. He then said 'until you resume the faith, God refuses you to enter this church.' Again, I was absolutely stunned!

Not long afterwards, I had an independent medical examination performed. I was told that my lumbar discs and general health were normal. I asked the physician to write a letter explaining that my physical condition was normal. I wanted to present it to my pastor. Since that time, the pastor has refused to see me and has had all mail returned.

This is the reason I would like to discuss the incident with you. I just want my life to be back to normal. Cindy C.

NOTE: I had a lengthy conversation with Cindy this morning. This is not the first time I have heard of such closed-minded reactions to experiencers. I did suggest that she change her residence to another area. The community where she now lives is rather fundamental conservative...though she has lived there for her entire life and reluctant to the prospect of moving. She is also a private business owner and stated that rumors about her have affected her livelihood.

I referred several alien abduction and encounter scenarios to her, including those instances where people have apparently been healed. There is usually a 'push back' by people who refuse to consider any possibility that we may not be the only 'intelligent beings on the celestial block.' Lon

Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial?: . . . and Other Questions from the Astronomers' In-box at the Vatican Observatory

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