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Observing Unexplained Events

I received following correspondence from Dale in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada:

Around 1961, I was living in Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada with my parents. Oromocto is the town that is connected to Base Gagetown (The biggest military camp in Canada). I was around 14 at the time.

Many years before, when I was around 3 years old to around 9 years old, and lived in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada I had an uncle - believe his name was Dickie. He did many things and among other things he was an inventor. He either invented things from scratch or improved other things. He would make things from electric shock devices to hold in your hand to temporarily shock people if they shook your hand to devices that would stretch and you could take things down or clean things at a distance. Anyway he passed away and his ashes were put in an urn box that eventually made its way to Oromocto, New Brunswick. My Mother was supposed to send it somewhere for a burial in a cemetery. The box was kept in a closet in a living room of a house we were living at the PMQ living site in Oromocto.

Several nights when the sun was starting to go down (Autumn) I thought I saw a repair man in a trench coat in the living room, checking the window for drafts or checking something else. He was tall and well dressed (just like Uncle Dickie). I thought it strange that for several days he would come back and check the same thing every night - always "after hours" and at twilight. So one night I got quite close to the man and asked him what he was doing. In a very faint voice he asked me "what is my box doing in the closet?" I didn't know what he was talking about. He had a very faint voice and, again, he told me the same thing. I kept asking him about the box and he said it should have been sent on to the proper place a long time ago. I was going to look for the box, but I guess he didn't want me to touch it. I went to get my mother and when she arrived he was gone.

We proceeded to look up an old picture album and in there, we found Uncle Dickie wearing the same trench coat, just as neat and well dressed as the apparition I had SPOKEN TO!

Around 15 to 20 years ago during a Leonid Meteor shower, myself and my children (then quite young) went to a small town nearby called Blackfaulds near a small turnoff next to a stream or small river that goes through the town. The sky was clear and there was no breeze. We observed a few meteorites - it was around 11 p.m. or so in the Summer. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, an partially transparent craft, though black in color, that looked a bit like a Vulcan bomber from a James Bond movie suddenly appeared, making no noise and very close by, approx. 1/4 to 1/2 mile away. There was a slight breeze on my face as it turned around. It was not an apparition and it disappeared around 5 or 6 seconds after it appeared.

While attending an Inner Circle Meeting of the NICUFO Organization in Las Vegas, when Dr. Frank Stranges was alive, I witnessed something else. After the days of meeting were over, I took a stroll on Tropicana Avenue. I wanted to go somewhere to get presents for my wife and children. I noticed there was a strange hum in the air and there was no traffic on Tropicana Avenue - no people walking and no road detour signs. I came across an electronics van parked near the sidewalk with one older man sitting on a chair and another middle aged man getting out of the van. Next to the van was a multi-story tower with a satellite dish on the top and another antenna of a sort below that. They didn't want me taking any pictures of the van and wanted to know what I was doing there. I asked what they were doing and they said it was classified.

I asked about the strange hum in the air and the lack of traffic on a street thoroughfare that normally had 3 or 4 lanes of traffic going in each direction and lots of people walking. They refused to discuss the matter and reminded me NOT to take any pictures.

After another Inner Circle Meeting of NICUFO in Las Vegas a few years later, I took a walk near the Venetian Resort. There was a labor union strike in progress. I am used to labor matters, because I have been a member of unions or had various positions with them for years, so I read their handout and talked to the workers. The workers had grievances and complaints such as bad storage places for foods and other labor worries but one thing caught my eye. There was a reference that several people were taken to the hospital because of strange sounds and smells coming from the basement area. When I talked to the workers they said the sounds and smells were not normal and not earthly. In UFO circles for years we have had reports of underground tunnels under Las Vegas and perhaps going to secret government installations.

Anyway...too many stories to tell.

May all your good dreams come true. Dale

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ET Communication Tones?

Uden, Netherlands - 12/8/2001: I used to live close to a military air base and at night (not every night, but when I did hear it, it was always around 2-3am) I would hear these sounds. They would last about 15-20 minutes and I can only described them as 'Close Encounter' sounds... you know like the 'communication tones' they have in the film?

The first night I didn't think much of it, as I thought I had just had one of those 'you dream you are awake, but you're not'-dreams. But then I heard it more often. It really freaked me out as I lived on my own at the time and I really started to doubt my own sanity as far as that I really started to think it might be UFOs, because I could ONLY hear the tones, but no 'air plane engine' sound to go with it.

I told my boyfriend (now husband) about it, and when he spend the night we agreed I would wake him up if I heard it again. I am sure he thought that when he heard it he would be able to reassure me easily and explain what it was... but, when I did wake him up, even he seemed a bit freaked, although I could tell he was trying not to let on. So... we got up and got dressed and went outside to see where it was coming from (I hadn't had the courage to do anything more than look out of my bedroom window before). We walked around for quite some time, and both agreed the sound was coming from the sky, but he also couldn't hear engine noises... The noise went away almost as soon as we started walking around outside (which was odd as it normally lasted much longer on other nights, so I was a bit disappointed as it kept us from finding where the sound came from) after about 10-15 minutes we decided to go back home and to bed.

It crossed my mind that one of my neighbours could be pranking... but realistically the sounds were too loud and clear (i.e. not muffled by walls, unless they had a huge open window or where outside themselves) for it, and my partner also agreed the sounds seemed to be coming from the sky rather than a nearby building.

The airbase I lived close to is Volkel Airbase. This is a Dutch airbase, BUT it has Americans stationed there to look after the nukes. (This is not publicly admitted to by the government but common knowledge among locals AND former Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers recently publicly admitted to this - possibly by accident).

I also know they have/had AWACS there. So in the end we decided that it must have been the AWACS radar making the sound when it's flying at night.
(don't know how it can 'hover' over the same 2-block area that long though)

Still, after all this time I am not 100% convinced this is true though. Is it? Does an AWACS make 'close encounter' tone noises when engaging it's radar at night? Or maybe even another 'silent' military airplane we haven't heard about yet?

BTW, I do know what an owl sounds like, and a fox or whatever... but this was definitely not an 'natural' sound. If you would have said my neighbour was playing his keyboard very loudly in the middle of night you would be closer... (but not quite).

You might also want to know that there were no high rise buildings for miles, but there are some electricity pylons only about 500 yards away...

All this happened at the end of 2001/beginning of 2002 (I heard it on at least 3 separate occasions, probably more but I know it was at least twice before I mentioned it to my boyfriend.) I have been trying to find out what it was off and on ever since. Since 2010-11 more weird sounds seem to have been heard by people around the world, but going through the videos on YouTube, none of them really seem to hit the mark, as most of those seem to be a hum or metallic sound.

I thought that if it was military experimental planes I would have heard about it by now, but... nothing so far. But maybe you might know something that the general public don't know yet. If so, I'd love to hear your take on this.

Thanks very much in advance - MUFON CMS


Genetic 'Adam' lived 239,000 years ago

By sequencing the genomes of 2,636 Icelanders — the largest set ever obtained from a single population — researchers were able to identify that genetic mutations play a role in everything from Alzheimer’s disease to liver disease. The Icelandic data also suggest that humanity’s most recent common male ancestor, the "father" of us all, would have lived between 174,000 and 321,000 years ago.

"What we have is a fairly detailed insight into the sequence of the genome of an entire nation," says Kari Stefansson, a neurologist and co-author of four studies published in Nature Genetics today. He's also the CEO of biopharmaceutical company deCode, which partly funded the work. "This is a reasonably large step toward understanding how human diversity is dictated by diversity in the sequence of DNA."

The estimate for the most recent common male ancestor contradicts some past findings. A 2013 study from the University of Arizona estimated that the age of the father of all humans is about 340,000 years old. But the Icelandic analysis indicates he probably lived about 239,000 years ago — a number that’s much closer to the estimate for humanity’s most recent common female ancestor, who lived about 200,000 years ago. "[Humans] are curious about where we came from, and how we became the way we are," says Agnar Helgason, a genetic anthropologist at the University of Iceland and a co-author of the common ancestor study published today. "And this gives us a bit more information about when."

From an evolutionary standpoint, older species have more time to develop mutations that differentiate individuals, or populations, from one another. That means the age of the human species is also related to how diverse humans are as a whole.

Scientists also used the Icelandic data to identify 8,000 Icelanders who have a least one gene that’s completely mute, meaning that it doesn’t function at all. Genes associated with people's sense of smell were muted most often, but the researchers found 1,171 silenced genes overall. "We now have an insight into [human silenced genes] — how frequently do you encounter individuals who have all variants of a gene knocked out." That number is about 7.7 percent of Icelanders, Stefansson says.

The size of these studies is impressive. But that doesn’t mean that they were perfectly designed. The people whose genomes were used in the muted gene paper, for instance, were taken from past disease studies, says Andrew Allen, a geneticist at Duke University who didn’t take part in the studies. This means that the "sample studied is not exactly healthy, is somewhat opportunistic, and probably doesn’t correspond to any ‘real’ population."

Moreover, the "Icelandic population has a rather unusual demographic history," Allen says. The country is relatively isolated, with just 320,000 inhabitants. Their ancestors had little contact with outsiders until recently. This makes it hard to evaluate whether the findings are related to some kind of selection process for genes that enhanced human survival over time, or something else, like the size of the Icelandic population.

Stefansson says that the results should still be representative of people in other areas, however. "The Icelandic population doesn’t meet any of the criteria for inbreeding," he says. "The 7.7 percent is likely to be similar in other populations."

Still, the study could yield helpful information about the location of genes that might be less susceptible to this loss of function, Allen says. And even larger studies of this type will go a long way toward figuring out the genetic patterns at finer scales and validating the findings.

Now that the studies have been published, the scientists must decide whether they will provide the study participants with information about their genomes and their genetic risk for various diseases. "When we started our work, the whole world was convinced that these results should not be returned to the participants." Stefansson says. But "in Iceland, just like everywhere else, people have been developing ideas about what is right and what is wrong." Those views have been changing, even though the goal of making discoveries for science haven't. "I’m convinced that the Icelandic society will begin to use our data, together with the health care system," he says. "I think it is the view of most people that it is the only ethical thing to do." - The father of all humans lived 239,000 years ago


On this episode, Sean and Lon discuss recent sightings of the "Lakeview Lycan" sighting from Denver, Co. They also touch on recent Bigfoot activity reported in Northern Pennsylvania. Author and Cryptozoologist Matt Bille stops by for a chat discussing his new work of fiction, "The Dolman".

About Matt Bille:

Matt Bille is an author in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

He is also a naturalist, historian, science writer, and defense consultant. A former Air Force officer, he is the author of over 20 technical publications and articles on space-related topics. He is the lead author of the NASA-published history The First Space Race: Launching the World’s First Satellites (2004), a groundbreaking account of the early Space Age. He wrote two books on the world’s rarest and least-known animals, Rumors of Existence (1995) and Shadows of Existence (2004), and is working on his third, tentatively titled Seas, Sharks, and Serpents. He has been a freelance contributor to reference books including Grzimek’s Animal Life Encyclopedia and the Nature Yearbook of Science & Technology. He is a member of the National Association of Science Writers and is a member of the History Committee of the American Astronautical Society. He appeared on two television programs on mystery animals and blogs on the latest science and technology news at Matt's Sci/Tech Blog.

New Arcane Radio podcast is now available - Arcane Radio at Stitcher and Arcane Radio at Podbean

Matt's new novel is available at The Dolmen



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Friday, March 27, 2015

Elvis & the Extraterrestrials

Elvis Presley reportedly had a lifelong belief in extraterrestrials and witnessed a number of UFOs during his life.

The 'King of Rock and Roll' is said to have had several sightings of UFOs during his life, with his interest sparked by an unusual sighting made by his father, Vernon, on the day he was born, January 8, 1935.

The singer's hairstylist and friend, Larry Geller, explained:

"His father told us he'd gone out to have a cigarette at 2am during the delivery and when he looked up into the skies above their little shack, he saw the strangest blue light. He knew right then and there that something special was happening."

Renowned Elvis historian Cory Cooper, who's been researching the life and times of the rock 'n' roll icon for nearly 30 years, also verified the legend of the blue UFOs in Tupelo that night. He said he's personally heard that same story told multiple times by Geller and other insiders who were close to Elvis.

Author Michael C. Luckman - who wrote a book, Alien Rock: The Rock 'n' Roll Extraterrestrial Connection about musicians who have had contact with otherworldly beings - believes Elvis was later visited by aliens when he was a child.

Luckman's story is that the extraterrestrials allegedly showed Elvis a hazy image of a man in a white jumpsuit singing to a crowd, but the young boy "had no idea what it all meant at the time."

Gellar, who eventually became Elvis' 'spiritual mentor', confirmed he had extraterrestrial experiences while he was with the singer.

Recounting a time they had been driving through the desert and saw unusual lights, he stated:

"They were moving far too quickly to be airplanes, so we just chalked it up to UFOs.

"Another time, we were walking through his Graceland home and noticed odd lights in a field moving back and forth.

"Elvis was a deeply spiritual person and was very interested in the metaphysical. He had an eclectic outlook on things. Although he never had any major alien experiences, he was certainly a believer.

"He had his feet on the ground, but his head in the heavens."

NOTE: Many people don't know that Elvis Presley was an identical twin. His twin brother was delivered 35 minutes before Elvis, stillborn. Although Elvis is considered an only child, he kept his deceased twin in his mind, mentioning him occasionally.

The loss of his brother may be one of the factors which kept Elvis interested in the paranormal. Over the course of his life, Presley amassed a sizeable collection of 350 books on the paranormal, occult, spiritualism, and UFOs. The collection bothered Presley's manager Colonel Tom, who at one point suggested that they burn all the books in a bonfire. (Elvis refused.)

In 2005, I was contacted by Margo Blu (Bluma Margaret Morrison - 1926-2009) who was a psychic channeler and claimed to have intimate knowledge of Elvis in the afterlife. She wrote an unusual book titled Herrre's Elvis..Broadcasting from the Stars that detailed Elvis' thoughts and drawings sent to her from beyond. You can read some of Margo's recollections at Elvis, God and Me...Lon

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