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Abduction Attempt: The Mundrabilla UFO Incident

The Mundrabilla, Australia UFO incident of January 21, 1988 received a huge amount of media publicity. The Knowles family described how the UFO shot over their car and lifted it off the road. Their voices changed in pitch, the family dog in the car went crazy, and the car started shaking. The news media described the incident as a 'UFO attack' and reported that the car was covered by strange dust:

The Knowles Family Incident

January 20 1988 was the day that the Knowles family and their two dogs had an unexplainable experience whilst travelling across the Nullarbor Plain in the early hours of the morning.

At about 4.00am, Faye Knowles and her sons Patrick, 24, Sean, 21, and Wayne 18 were between Madura and Mundrabilla with Sean driving and Patrick next to him in the front seat when a bright light was seen ahead of them. Sean thought the light strange and asked his brother if he thought it was a spaceship. This idea was rejected by his brother, but Sean’s interest was piqued and he sped the car up in order to catch up to the object and get a closer look. At about 20 metres from the object the family say they were confronted with a white blinding light that moved along in front of their moving vehicle. It was about 1 metre wide and described as a slightly angular egg in an egg-cup shape with a yellow centre. The object, which at first appeared to be either on the ground or immediately above it then began to move back and forth. Sean swerved the car to the opposite side of the road to avoid a collision with the object, but then nearly collided with a station wagon towing a caravan coming in the other direction. (The occupants of this second car have never come forward) The object then circled around to the right side of their car and appeared to give chase to the second vehicle towing the caravan. The Knowles made at 2 u-turns at this point, the first to give chase to the object, and the second to abandon this idea as they had grown frightened. They had at this point gained the idea that the object was after them.

At some point the family felt that the UFO had returned and had landed on their vehicle. They heard a clunking sound and felt that the car was being pushed down by a weight that rested on top of it.

By now the family was understandably frightened, and the following events are difficult to unravel in retrospect. The family believed that the car was lifted above the road, though none of them were able to estimate for how long or how high. Mrs Knowles wound down a rear window and reached for the roof. She felt something soft and rubbery that was hot but did not burn her hand, and when she brought her hand back into the car she found it covered in a blackish dust. This event caused a panic in the rest of the family. Patrick wound down his window, only to be covered in the fine dust, which was accompanied by a foul smell that was likened to dead bodies. A high-pitched sound was then heard, which sent the dogs into a frenzy. The family became disoriented and felt that their voices had become slower, and lower in pitch. They believed at this point that they were going to die. Patrick said that he felt that his ‘brain was being sucked out’, and Mrs Knowles likened it to having something ‘going into our heads’.

A while later, the family felt the car forced back down onto the road, bursting the rear right tyre. Sean brought the car to a sudden stop and then blacked out. The family left the car hurriedly and hid in some bushes by the side of the road. They remained there for 15 minutes before changing the tyre and continuing on to the nearest town.

Unknown to the Knowles’, a truck driver, Mr Graham Henley also saw, at the same time and in the same area, a strange light in his rear view mirror. He described as being like a strong spotlight and like a ‘big fried egg hung upside down”. He kept the object in view for 5 minutes and did not see any car headlights beneath it. Shortly after Henley pulled into Mundrabilla, he saw the Knowles’ car arrive, and was confronted by the frightened family all trying to describe their experience. He looked over their car and confirmed the presence of black ash in various areas, both inside and on the exterior of the vehicle, and likened it to fine silicon sand with a burnt odour to it. He also noted four indents in the roof of the car and the damaged tyre. Henley and two of his friends also surveyed the scene of the incident, finding skid marks, footprints and tread tracks that they felt confirmed the Knowles account of their incident.

The family had by this time arrived at Ceduna and been interviewed by the police there, who confirmed that the family were visibly shaken. They also reconfirmed the presence of the four dents and the fine dust. UFO Research South Australia was contacted and arrangements were made for the Knowles’ to continue to Adelaide for further investigation. Keith Basterfield was at this stage brought into the investigation, and he stated that it “appeared to be an extraordinary example of a close encounter that had left physical traces.” However, owing to the story reaching the media, serious investigation became obstructed by chequebook journalism, with investigators needing to mediate with a television station to be able to talk to the Knowles’. The TV station did, however, commission a laboratory investigation of the vehicle, which concluded that ‘no significant dust was observed on the vehicle as presented for inspection’. Ufo researchers did manage to obtain samples themselves, which they forwarded to Dr Richard Haines, a NASA scientist at the time, who concluded that the dust taken from the interior of the car was different to the dust sampled from the exterior. Further tests by different analysts have provided no evidence of it being alien or unusual.

Unfortunately none of this is conclusive. There were other UFO reports in the same area at the same time, which tends to imply that something unusual occurred. The only conclusion we can safely come to though, is that something happened, and that the family witnessed an unusual light and were extremely frightened by its effects. All we have is an interesting story, and still no clear idea of exactly what happened. - UFO Research Queensland (Australia)

Click for video - Knowles Family UFO Encounter - 20th January 1988 or cut / paste

Click for video - UFO ATTACK KNOWLES FAMILY NULLARBOR 20/1/1988 or cut / paste


Mrs Knowles and her there sons were driving form Perth to wards Mundrabilla when they saw lights ahead of them on the road. As they approached they realized that they were hovering above the ground just off the main road and indeed hovering over another vehicle.

They turned of the main road and chased back towards where the sighting had occurred; unfortunately, the light changed its course and came back to meet them. They met when something making an audible noise landed on the roof of their car.

The car was apparently dragged upwards and there was some consternation and agitation amongst the witness. Suddenly the vehicle was dropped back to the ground where it burst one of its tyres; where the object had been attached there was damage on the roof. Once the car was back on the ground their family leapt out and hid in the bushes until the UFO had gone. From their observation they described the object as a white light about the size as their car, making a sound like electrical humming.

Thoughout the incident the radio of the car had been malfunctioning though subsequent investigations by Paul Norman of VUFORS indicated that it was undamaged. Examination of the tyre indicated that it was ripped in the most extraordinary way all around its edge.

Subsequent investigations revealed a great many more UFO reports on the Nallarbour Plain on that night. - The New UFO Encyclopedia


Nullarbor Is A Black Hole For Tracking UFOs

SCIENCE may be able to give us satellites which can read a newspaper in Red Square from outer space, but the Nullarbor Plain is a veritable black hole for bright, shiny UFOs.

Not one of the sophisticated satellites or radars which dot Australia is pointed at the poor old empty Nullarbor.

* The RAAF air defence radar tracking stations at Williamtown near Darwin and at Brisbane did not pick up anything unusual last week, but the Nullarbor is way beyond their range. The new over-the-horizon Jindalee tracking system is not yet in operation, but it looks north anyway.

* The civil air traffic controls at Adelaide and Perth airports have a range of 150 nautical miles and do not stretch to the Nullarbor. They would pick up a flying metal object within their range, but do not have the capacity to identify non-metal flying objects.

* Willem Bouma of the CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research said its satellite pictures of Australia had a resolution of one square kilometre so a UFO would have to be very big to be seen.

* Telecom monitors lightning strikes through directional antennae in most areas of Australia. Unfortunately it does not monitor the Nullarbor Plain.

* Spokesman Ian Prime at the hush-hush top secret Pine Gap joint defence facility near Alice Springs said the first they heard of the UFO was when they read about it in the papers. Asked if Pine Gap were capable of picking up UFOs on the Nullarbor, Mr Prime said he could not comment.

* Tidbinbilla deep space communications complex near Canberra tracks orbiting satellites and looks into deep space, but it couldn't spot a UFO if it was hovering over Sydney Opera House.

* Mt Stromlo observatory can see thousands of millions of miles into space, but astronomers saw nothing unusual on Wednesday. Astronomer Paul Hardy has been looking into space for 32 years and says he has never seen a UFO.

* THEORY 1: THE crew of a tuna boat off Port Lincoln also reported seeing a strange light , but it is not clear whether they reported this before or after the Knowles' story was reported on radio. The case is peculiar for the number of witnesses - four in the car, and reported sightings by other people on the road and the fishermen off Port Lincoln, who also reported seeing strange lights. Evidence includes the black dust on the car and dents on the roof, where the Knowles family claim the UFO picked up their car. But sceptics note the shape of UFOs has changed. Twenty years ago, they had portholes and usually rotated. Funnily enough, they looked just like the saucers Hollywood was churning out in its cheap special effects science fiction films. These days people report seeing bright shiny lights that move around in the air, indistinct things that hover and zip around. Funnily enough, they look just like the UFOs Hollywood is churning out with its expensive special effects science fiction films.

* THEORY 2: THE Knowles family was driving towards the early morning sun. It is possible in certain conditions for light to be refracted vast distances so the sun or car headlights appear to be hovering spaceships. The dust, the banging on the roof and the feeling they were being lifted off the ground could have been the car tipping over, out of control, and landing back on its wheels as the driver tried to out-race the mirage. In their panic, the family confused the events. It is understood they had been driving all night from Perth and were tired.

* THEORY 3: IT IS possible for a small, highly-charged pocket of air to turn into a mini-electrical storm. The air becomes an electrical field and the effects can be startling - engines cutting out, strange lights, shaking of the car and even the ash could be explained by such natural phenomena. Ball lightning, bright electrical balls that race around, are a recognised natural phenomena, but little understood.

* THEORY 4: IT MIGHT have been a meteorite which broke up above them. A piece of it hit their car along with a shock wave which forced the car hard down on the road. This would explain the sighting reported by the fishermen and the strange dust. Strange smells could have been caused by the burning up of the meteorite. - Sun Herald - Melbourne - Sunday, January 24, 1988


Similar Event on the Same Night

On January 20th, 1988, the same night as the Knowles family experience examined in Part 1 and Part 2 of this article, a Tasmanian man and his girlfriend travelled along the Eyre Highway. At a point somewhere between Penong and Ceduna, the man heard a loud thump directly above their vehicle.

"At first I thought it was the gas bottle on top of the car, but there's no way it could come off because it's screwed down", the witness stated. For the next fifteen minutes, he saw numerous bright white lights shooting earthwards from the sky. Amazingly, his girlfriend remained asleep as their car was battered by violent winds which blew items off the roof and bent the aerial over completely. The witness stated that the winds continued for approximately one hour, blowing their vehicle all over the highway."It frightened the living daylights out of me," he stated. It is unteresting that this incident happened less than three hours before the Knowles family incident, and less than 400 kilometres away. Excerpt from UFOs on the Nullarbor Plain - Part 3

The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991 (UFOs and the National Security State, Vol. 2)
The Myth and Mystery of UFOs
The UFO Evidence - Volume 2 : A Thirty Year Report
Sun Herald - Melbourne - Sunday, January 24, 1988
The Glasgow Herald - January 22, 1988
UFO Universe, Winter 1998 issue, "In Australia, Strange Things Are Happening" by Tim Swartz, page 33

Daily 2 Cent: My Experience at a Japanese WWII Prison -- Haunted Psychic Shop -- People Seem to Turn Off Streetlights With Their Bodies

My Experience at a Japanese WWII Prison

In 2012 I visited an old building called Lawang Sewu (built in 1919 I think) in Indonesia. It was first used as a Dutch railway company but was taken over by the Japanese in 1942. The Japanese converted the basement into a prison/torture chamber by submerging them under hot water. After the war it became an office for a railway company and as of now it is a landmarked building.

It was nighttime when I went there, and the vibe was pretty eerie. There was a tour guide leading us around the place who was a native (they are kinda known for believing in paranormal things) and ensured us that it is all normal. We went around the first and second floor and everything was fine. That is, up until the basement. The guide and I put on our boots (the floor was puddled in water) and went down with our flashlights.

For some reason I immediately became afraid but I didn't let it bother me. As the guide explained the background story behind the basement, I took some pictures which I intended to post on Facebook. I began hearing muffled noises. It sounded like low murmurs/whispers, and I distinctly remember a woman sobbing. I thought it came from upstairs or something but when I asked the guide, he said, "you are not hearing anything. Those must be the spirits" Of course, after I heard that I sprinted back upstairs for my own good. I'm not the best storyteller, but my heart has never raced faster than in that moment.

When I returned to the hotel, I started editing the pictures to post on Facebook. The pictures from the basement were too dark, so I used iPhoto to edit them. I noticed some sort of silhouette in the background that freaked me out (link below). Needless to say, I did not get a lot of sleep that night. -- Picture was taken with a Canon G10 camera and edited using the Enhance button on iPhoto.

It's your choice to believe it or not, just know that I don't have the photoshop skills to make that. If some of you can't see it, it's the womanly silhouette by the passage door. The guy on the right was my tour guide. It's a really famous spot for people to go ghost-hunting and there are multiple videos on YouTube that documented the sightings.

Edit: If anyone is interested in reading about the place further, you can watch this clip: . Just skip to 4:28-4:40. Honestly I'm a bit skeptic of this part but what really matters is what occurs later on in the video. There was a figure in the background on top of the staircase that the editors didn't even notice (7:07). What's interesting is that the show was cancelled after this episode was shot. - reddit


Psychic shop claims it is haunted

The owner of The Psychic Shop in Kilmarnock believes the place is haunted. Sharon Short, claims that paranormal activity has been taking place and she’s now looking into having paranormal investigations carried out over the next few weeks.

She said when she went in on Monday morning stock was found lying on the floor. As this had never happened before Sharon thought it was “weird” so she had her colleague check the CCTV footage, which shows an ornament slide off the shelf and fall on to the floor.

Sharon, who only opened the shop earlier this year, said that this strange activity had only begin to take place after a woman came into her shop to enquire about paranormal investigations.

The woman also accused Sharon of carrying out the devils work by doing readings for people. Since then, stock has apparently been flying off shelves and also there are also claims that there are cold spots in the reception area of the shop. Read more at Psychic shop claims it is haunted

Click for video


Bizarre Phenomenon: People Seem to Turn Off Streetlights With Their Bodies

People all over the world have noticed that streetlights turn off when they get near them and turn back on when they’ve passed.

A 53-year-old American housewife told Hilary Evans, a lead researcher of this phenomenon: “I couldn’t believe this was a phenomenon that others shared with me. I just thought I was nuts and so did those I told. … I first noticed street lights going off when I began taking college classes at [night] … Several times when I would turn into my street to come home, the streetlight outside our home went out. I didn’t say anything thinking something was wrong with it.

“Then it began going off when I would step out onto the porch. For a while, I thought it was coincidence, then I began noticing lights turning off in other places.” For example, one night when she was walking with a friend, four lights went off as they passed and turned back on after she was clear of them.

“It continues to happen to me, and I continue to try to make others believe me,” she wrote. Evans received many such testimonies from people of all walks of life. Evans also noted in her book “The SLI Effect,” that unlike some other paranormal phenomena, this one does not relate to any greater belief systems or carry with it the benefits or merit of other supernormal abilities. People thus have less reason to make it up.

Electrical engineer Bill Beaty explained his theory about streetlight interference (SLI), as the phenomenon is called, in an episode of William Shatner’s “Weird or What?”

Beaty thinks people who experience SLI, dubbed SLIders, may be walking electric generators. He spoke of the static electricity we conduct when we scuff our feet on carpet, for example. He said we could conduct electricity by stealing electrons from the air each time we inhale.

If inhaling makes us electrically charged, why doesn’t everyone have the same effect on streetlights? Beaty said there may be an as-of-yet undiscovered virus that could alter some people’s lungs, making them more likely to carry a charge.

He recognizes that his theory is weird.

“The vast, unstudied collection of weird things—some of those are real, and those are Nobel-Prize discoveries,” he said.

Gary M. Rowe, who has studied the phenomenon in the UK for 25 years, provides “a practical guide to investigating apparent Street Light Interference (SLI).”

He notes that an investigator must rule out causes for streetlights flickering or going out, such as faulty lights and lowered temperature (which can affect the lights’ operation). - The Epoch Times



Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai: Tales of the Weird and the Strange

Werewolf Census Results!

The Paranormal Titanic

Animals in the Afterlife: Your Pets Talk From the Other Side

Are We Surrounded by Alien Earths?

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Humanoid Incursion Reports 4

Here are a few more selected reports that detail real-life incursions / encounters by humanoid beings:


Location/Date: Sizabantu South Africa - 1972 - night

A woman was lying in her bed one night when she heard a sound of a helicopter overhead and felt like a whirlwind was surrounding her. Somehow she was taken out of the house and soon found herself inside an object where several robot-like beings examined her with numerous types of instruments. She felt no pain during the procedure and the "robots" communicated with her via telepathy. Among other things they told her that she was not fully developed.

Before returning her back to the house the humanoids told her that she could wish for anything she wanted it and they would grant her the wish. She told them that she wanted to marry. They thought it was a small wish and told her she should wish for bigger things, but she declined. The instruments were removed from her body and she was brought back home.

Later one of the robots returned explaining that they had 'forgotten' an instrument. He soon dismantled a machine that was still on her leg and left. A large blue mark remained in that area of the leg for several weeks.

Source: Witness' physician / Albert Rosales



Location/Date: San Francisco, California - May 16 1988 - evening

The witness was instructed via telepathy to go back to her hotel room. Inside she felt strongly that she was being watched, and then she suddenly became extremely emotional and curled on the bed crying.

White beams of light suddenly began emanating from her mouth, nose, eyes, and ears. A female being suddenly appeared, she was described as having pleasant facial features, a very angular face with large dark eyes and whitish gray glowing skin. This being comforted the witness and told her that "they" were our "creators." The being communicated by using telepathy. The witness was also able to see two men dressed in white "biblical" robes. These appeared to be monitoring her vital signs. All throughout the incident the female being calmed the witness by explaining to her the purpose of the contacts.

Source: Brad Steiger "Starborn"



Location/Date: Between Kinyara & Kitanosie, Uganda -1995 - night

The anonymous witness was walking home on a road through the sugar cane fields. He abruptly stopped by the side of the road which was near an unfinished air strip and turned to his left. There stood a huge red colored winged creature with glowing blond curly hair and what seemed to be a halo effect surrounding his head.

The sugarcane at the time had been left uncut for many years and stood about 16 ft tall. The "angel" was about 12 ft tall and the most beautiful creature that he had ever seen. The being appeared to have an additional set of ribs that were below his normal ribs unlike a human being. At waist level his legs were fur like and it stood upon hooves instead of feet. They stood about 60 ft apart and just looked at each other for about 5 minutes. The being exuded a very bright light from its body and his head, which gave a halo effect.

The witness thrust his hand towards the being as a gesture of contact and at this point heard a message of a religious nature and of future warning for humanity, all in his mind. After the message the "Red Angel" turned and his wings unfurled and trailed behind his body as he returned back into the sugar cane. The witness continued to walk towards home.

About 150 yards further up the road the "Red Angel" appeared again standing amongst the cane. The witness turned and faced him again, this time standing about 30 ft away. The being's face, although white, was glistening black as if in a shadow. Soon the bizarre humanoid disappeared into the sugarcane field again.

Source: The witness was interviewed by local officials



Location/Date Near Ceballos, Chihuahua, Mexico - Winter 1974 - dusk

A clergyman camping in an isolated and mysterious area called "La Zona Del Silencio" was preparing his tent when he heard a buzzing and saw a bright glowing object descending from the sky. The witness wanted to run but could not move as the object drew closer and hovered briefly above the desert floor. The object's light changed from a whitish blue to a red orange. Moments later the object dimmed and the outline of a metallic disc shaped object came into view.

The witness stood paralyzed as three tripod legs extracted out of the lower part of the object, the object then landed. Seconds later a door appeared in the side of the craft and a stairway descended to the ground. Four figures then stepped out. They were described as humanoid about five-foot tall. Their bodies were encased in a shiny metallic suit totally seamless. They were of stocky build with almond shaped eyes, a sharp nose, leathery skin, and a tanned complexion. The beings approached the witness in very quick movements and communicated with the witness in English asking him several questions mostly about his business in the area. They also mentioned a "God."

The witness was then invited onboard the object and shown a large interior with several control panels and a device was placed on his head. Later he was released and the object retracted its tripod, started glowing, and then took off emitting a loud humming sound.

Source: Warren Smith, Ancient Mysteries of The Mexican And Mayan Pyramids / Albert Rosales



Location/Date: North Wales (no exact location) - May 1998 - after midnight

The witness remembers waking up on a black dentist-like chair with a woman standing over him. She looked very human and if he were to describe her she looked like a “perfect human”. She had jet-black hair in what the witness described as a “bun”. She was wearing an all in one black suit and she also seemed to have a black collar as well. The material was similar to PVC and shiny. He doesn’t remember if there were any markings or patterns on the suit but the witness does remember that she had black lipstick on.

The woman disappeared into a room that was behind the “dentist’s chair” to the right of the witness. The chair seemed to be situated away from the front part of the room in an open but separate part of the room. The room seemed to have carpet, brown in color. His next memory was of being sat next to 4 or 5 people, they were all men. The men were different from the women and they had blond hair and were wearing light blue suits. There were about 4 or 5 of them and four of the men looked identical, again very human like in appearance. But one of the men looked different but he like the others was wearing the same clothing and had the same hair color. Again their clothing seemed to be one-piece. However the witness seems to recall that they had a yellow V-shape on the front going from one shoulder down to the chest and back up to the other shoulder. The line seemed to be an inch thick.

These men sat in front of what appeared to be machinery with orange flashing lights. Only one of the men spoke to him, the others seemed to be busy. The one that spoke to the witness was the one that was different from the others. The controls seemed to be in front of what appeared to be windows and he remembered the room being a half circle. There were windows next to each other right across the room outside was black. One of the blond men spoke to the witness orally, but he could not reply, the man appeared to be able to read the witness thoughts. He could not recall most of the conversation but remembered thinking about Australia for some unknown reason. His next memory was of looking through the windows at a coastline, but he was viewing it from the sea.

Then the woman that he had previously met seemed to appear again from another room, and said that the men should not talk to him and that it was time for him to leave. His next memory was of sitting on his bed looking out the window for some strange reason. After a week after this experience he developed an infection in the roof of his mouth, it finally developed into a cyst that’s still there today.

Source: UFO Casebook



Location.Date: Harsby, Ostergotland, Sweden - June 12 1956 - 7:00 pm

Mrs Brita Raninger sat beneath an oak meditating when she heard a monotonous buzzing sound and saw an object which looked like a flat plate resting on a glade about 150-200 meters away. It had a cupola and was shimmering with a blue green color. The diameter was about 4.5 m and it was 120-130 cm in height.

Then she saw a couple of Mongol-like “beautiful and slender” creatures running around the object. They were about 150 cm tall and dressed in shining green, tight fitting coveralls, uniform like and made out of a material similar to leather. They had no hoods, but their long, black, and curly hair fell on their shoulders. They moved swiftly around the object and when one of them turned around and stared at the witness, she felt as though hypnotized. She got the impression, maybe by telepathy that they had landed to repair the vehicle. The witness was not afraid but was somewhat shaken and felt stiff.

10-12 minutes later the creatures ran into the object where their faces were seen in the cupola, smiling. A strong buzzing sound was heard and the object took off circling slowly at first, then shot away like a rocket. The object left an acrid smell of phosphorus in the glade. A few weeks later a friend found a round circle in the glade where the grass was scorched and burnt.

Source: Sven Olof Svensson

Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds

The Ancient Alien Question: A New Inquiry Into the Existence, Evidence, and Influence of Ancient Visitors

Real Encounters, Different Dimensions and Otherworldy Beings

Daily 2 Cents: Zeriod / Bioform UFOs -- 'I'm terrified' -- 300 Meter Cylinder UFO Witnessed Over Ukraine

Zeriod / Bioform UFOs

UFO field researcher Gary Mansfield of Nashville, TN recently forwarded these images of zeriod / bioform UFOs. For several years he has been attempting to get help from organizations with the means to further his research. MUFON's response to Gary has been less than helpful...of course, they would want the lion's share of credit for their cursory aid. Each time I present Gary's photo captures, I receive inquiries...but so far no one as come forward with serious intentions.

Some UFOs seem to be living organisms...possibly actual alien life-forms. I have been interested in this phenomenon since I started my investigation of the 'flying rays'. Could alien craft be 'alive'...beings that can convert their bodies into a flying craft? I believe further study is needed.

UFOs for the 21st Century Mind: A Fresh Guide to an Ancient Mystery

The UFO Phenomenon: Fact, Fantasy and Disinformation

UFOs: How Does One Speak to a Ball of Light?


Did group make contact with King Richard III?

Amateur ghost hunters claim to have made contact with the spirit of someone called Richard during a séance at a house with connections to Richard III.

The 12 members of Haunted Heritage recorded the spooky encounter at Donington le Heath Manor House last year, but said they did not want to publicise it at the time due to the furore surrounding the discovery of the remains of the king.

Medium Gill Hibbert, 56, from Coalville, said the name Richard was especially significant because the group was standing next to the bed in which the Plantagenet monarch was reported to have spent his last night before riding out to meet his end at Bosworth in 1485.

The audio clip clearly captures a man's voice saying "Richard" in response to the question, "what is your name?"

Gill, who works at a leisure centre during the day, said: "It was in the main room upstairs in the manor house – it was coming up to the witching hour.

"We had been there since 8pm. At about 11.45pm, we started the call-out session.

"We were standing in the dark, but there was a bit of light coming in through the window."

Gill asked whether anyone was there, and for them to "come forward".

She switched on the ghost box – a modified radio which allows spirits to "speak" through white noise – and called out again.

She said: "Then we heard the name, 'Richard' – it was so clear. We were blown away.

"The night was quite uneventful up until then – we had a few knocks and bangs – but when that came through it was the icing on the cake."

The part-time paranormal investigators were at the manor house, near Coalville, in October.

Gill said it was one of the best examples of paranormal contact they had experienced. He said the recording was so clear it was graded A (the top level) in the electronic voice phenomenon chart.

The group has now contacted professional paranormal investigators to have the recording analysed further.

However, Gill said the group was not jumping to conclusions.

She said: "We're not saying it's Richard III.

"We're trying to get a historian from Donington Le Heath to look into other Richards who have lived there. But no one has found anything yet. We are being careful about saying it's Richard III because we can't prove it." - Leicester Mercury


'I'm terrified'

So I've had, what I consider to be, paranormal experiences before. I see things, I've been growled at, and I feel presences. I'm pretty good at ignoring everything. I also like to rationalize what I experience, but sometimes there is nothing I can think of.

So here is what happened last night. I was trying to fall asleep. I was almost there when I heard a deep voice in my ear. I wish I knew that it said, but I couldnt understand it. I have heard it before, and last time it said 'die.' I closed my eyes and started saying my prayers (Hail Mary, Our Father, etc). Suddenly my bed began to shake. Thinking it was a dream, I opened my eyes. That was not the case. I tried to scream, but I don't have much of a voice currently, so I could only let out a small shrill. I just closed my eyes until it was over. I then got up to walk around and tried to convince myself it was a dream. I just so happened to look at the clock and it was 2:40am. Almost 3. I didn't like that. There's nothing I could do so I said my prayers again and went to sleep.

During my shower this morning, I felt a burning on my left calf. The water was not hot at all, but rather lukewarm. I look down and I had 3 scratches where I felt the burn. I had not touched that area at all. To try to debunk it, I scratched myself as hard as I could, but nothing I did could even come close to replicating that. I have a picture of he scratches if anybody wants to see.

I also had a difficult time breathing in my room today, but when I go elsewhere, I'm fine. I've also been nauseous. I'm trying to discount this as just being scared, but no matter how scared I've been, for whatever reason, I've never been nauseous.

Please note that I don't believe I have ever done anything to draw spirits to myself. I am a devout Catholic and always have been, if that makes any difference to you. I currently live at school, so there could be something there already, and I might be more sensitive to it than others. - reddit


300 Meter Cylinder UFO Witnessed Over Ukraine

This is on the outskirts of Kramatorsk, Ukraine. About 10 am in the morning. Filmed at 4-17-2014, but actual may be 4-16-2014, considering the context. Author says it's 4-17-2014.

Ukrainian tanks. Russian activists. Gunfire. And if you look above them, there is a 300 meter long cylinder hovering above them. No cloudcover.

It's the same object that ran through Korosten, Ukraine on 4-6-2014.

Make a backup of this video. The Korosten video's are being pulled. I've included a Korosten photo in case you don't recall.

The fact that you aren't using SSL/Tor for submissions garners alot of trust with people, I imagine. Might want to correct that. Take care. - MUFON CMS


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Hi Folks...I hope everyone enjoys the weekend. For those readers who use mobile to read the blog, have there been any changes to the format? I switched to a custom format it better or worst? Thanks for your feedback. Lon


Join Eric, Lon & Sean as we welcome our friends & colleagues, cryptozoologist JC Johnson & Navajo Elder Chief Leonard Dan to 'Beyond The Edge' Radio

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JC Johnson founded and leads Crypto Four Corners a group of enthusiastic and determined researchers investigating a variety of strange creatures in the Four Corners area of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. The group's research includes Bigfoot, giant snakes, werewolves, living dinosaurs, dragons, centaurs, giant birds, Native American 'Skin Walkers', 'The Night Stalker', and other strange cryptids reported in this remote and wild region. In addition to eyewitness accounts, they investigate mysterious livestock deaths, and other suspicious incidents. JC has been a professional river and outdoor guide for more than 20 years. His knowledge, attunement to nature, and underlying faith make him a driving force in the field of Cryptozoology and paranormal research. JC also serves as President of the North American Forean Society. His amazing experiences will make you rethink the unexplained, and leave you wondering whether you should check under your bed tonight before you dare close your eyes.

Chief Leonard Dan is an elder of the Diné (Navajo) Nation and an original member of Crypto Four Corners. He offers his knowledge of the wildlife, traditions & history of the area...including an encounter with what he believes to be a legendary 'Skinwalker' on his ranch, several years ago.

This event is listed at 'Beyond The Edge Radio' Facebook Events and 'Beyond The Edge Radio' Google+ Community & Hangout - Click the links and become part of the 'New BTE!'



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