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Update: Lakewood Lycan Investigation

These are the sketches provided by the witness

In mid-March 2015, I received an email forwarded to me by my friend and colleague Pennsylvania UFO / anomalies investigator Stan Gordon. The witness was seeking help after they encountered an unknown being or cryptid in the Denver, CO metro area. I have included the original email.

After I received the email, I talked to the witness and put them in contact with Jc Johnson and Jack Cary, who both were in the area at the time. I have also consulted with another fortean investigator familiar with the area. The witness was fearful that this cryptid may hurt someone and was eager to find someone who would take them seriously. The investigation soon got underway.

I never expected to have a conversation like this but I don't know where to go to. I've always believed there is more to the world than what we know but late at night this Saturday 3/14/15 I had a terrifying encounter with something completely unexplained. I'm writing this to you because after researching for something comparable, the only close reference I could find was on your website. It sounds similar to the Nov. 20 2011 Mud Creek Road Creature.

I really wish I had seen a Bigfoot or an alien. At least those are more well known. I told my parents and my closest friend about this so far because I had to talk to somebody but it sounds completely crazy even to myself as I tell it. I work in a professional field and I feel like I can't tell anyone around me without sounding like I'm going off the deep end but I need to talk to somebody and I'm also concerned that this this thing is still around Denver as we speak.

The details:

I was at a friend's house in the Lakewood suburb of Denver on Saturday 3/14/15. This house is surrounded by typical Denver suburbs but does butt up right next to an area of open space. She lives on a very large lot (acre and a half possibly) with an 8 ft solid stone type fence along the back of the property and a shorter 5 ft iron fence that divides the front yard from the back. She had explained that she has coyote problems there so she's very careful when letting her dog out at night. He's a very old pug. A bit deaf and can't see to well either. I can hear the coyotes when I'm there and there are rabbits everywhere. We regularly find evidence of rabbit kills around the yard. So when she takes her dog out at night she takes a very large flashlight (twice the size of a large maglite) and shines it around the yard first and then lets him out but stays right next to him the whole time with the flashlight on. She also insisted I do the same. I grew up in the desert and have seen plenty of coyotes and they are pretty small and typically cowards. I thought she was being overly paranoid about it but it may have saved my life on Saturday night.

The encounter:

I went out, explored the yard and shined the flashlight around the yard all over the area we would be. We don't take them all that far from the back door to use the bathroom since her dog is fairly disabled these days. I saw nothing and let the dogs out with me. I kept very close to them because I promised I would. A small but important detail here and one that I feel may have saved me. Part of the iron fence between the front and back yard butts up to the driveway.

I was standing around 20 yards from the back door and around 10 yards from the iron fence. I had my back to the iron fence and the dogs close. This is where I feel like I sound weird but here goes. I heard what to me sounded like hoof beats running extremely fast up from behind me. In my head I had just enough time to think why am I hearing hooves??? I knew a horse made no sense but I know the sound of hooves. I knew an animal was coming straight at me. I turned expecting a coyote even though the sound made no sense. As I turned around to the fence, something I can hardly describe had just launched off the ground from the driveway. It was moving extremely fast and cleared the fence easily. I was more like it had jumped from farther back in the driveway so it's trajectory would land it closer to us at that speed. As i said, we were only 10 yards from the fence but this thing was just moving so fast.

I would guess I had about 1 second tops to register the sound I heard (thanks to the concrete on the driveway) and realize something was happening. Since I expected a coyote as I turned around all I could think of was to stick out my arms and make myself look bigger as well as kind of shield the dogs near me. I screamed "NO" as loud as I could an caught this thing in the flashlight beam as I turned around. It was coming straight at me and I had a split second to step aside slightly as it landed just a few feet from me. It was still going full speed when it hit the ground. Like fast predator speed. It touched down quickly on all fours but immediately rose back up to two legs and continued running at full speed toward the back fence. My dog gave a very short chase (just a few steps really) but could never keep up at that speed. This thing continued running straight at the back stone fence very fast. The back fence is around 30 yards from where I was standing when this took place and 8 ft tall. I heard it's steps moving away and followed it with the flashlight. I did not actually see it jump the back fence but I lost it in the confusion heading that direction almost too quickly to have stopped. Also, I didn't hear any steps through the wide gravel border surrounding the fence. I can only assume it cleared the back fence as easily as it cleared the front even though it is much higher.

The creature:

I'll start by saying that I have been into the outdoors all my life. I grew up in a smallish desert town and my family has 2 cabins in the mountains. Most of my free time revolves around the outdoors and I have seen all types of wildlife. Bears, cougars, wolves, coyote, etc.. I mention those because they are predators. This was a predator also but nothing like these animals. This was so unlike anything I have ever seen it's actually very hard to describe but I'll do my best.

I was expecting a coyote as I turned around. The combination of expecting a coyote but seeing something so completely alien, and the fact that it was moving so fast and coming straight at me made it very hard to take in as it flew towards me. It was very large and pitch black. It was not long haired but I would say a thin layer of hair over black skin or possibly a full layer of short black hair? I thought I heard hoof beats but I never did get a clear look at the feet. I would assume it was actually claws on concrete.

As it was coming over the fence it also seemed bigger than when it landed. I would not say it had wings but it felt like extra skin?

It hit he ground right behind us and exactly behind where I had just been. That's where I got good light on it. It was still moving so fast. It touched down and immediately stood back up while running. It's head was lower than mine but still quite tall. Over 5 feet. It was not standing totally erect like a person so it was probably even taller and it was also still running.I barely looked down on its face and I'm 5'10. It hit the ground with enough weight that I felt it's weight vibrate through my feet as well as the first couple of heavy steps it took as it passed me. The extra skin (wings possible?) made it very hard to judge weight but the body was large.

It was almost coal black. To the point that the main body almost seemed to absorb my flashlight beam as it ran off. Like a matte black. As it stood up the legs seemed to be backwards jointed like a dog. Some of the only color I saw on it was a bit of brown running down the legs. Picture Doberman coloring.It was very very close (I'm still surprised we didn't touch) and the legs seemed very strong. I could see muscle definition almost like a mans legs. The main body was thick but because of the skin thing which I'm still having hard time describing. A close comparison would be like a cape almost. There was very little definition around the front. I saw the arms sticking out but there was nowhere close to the definition in the legs.The arms were much smaller and again, I did not get a good look at the hands.

The back was broad but the anatomy was very hard to process with the skin.

The head looked like a combination of things. Much like a wolf but thicker and less elongated like a bear scull. Canine teeth were visible. It was already passing me as it continued running and was looking over at me. Teeth were definitely bared. It did seem to have a lighter (grey) colored streak along its jaw. Really the only other color I saw on its body. The eyes looked yellow in my flashlight. I don't know if they were reflecting of if it was the true color since we were so close. I feel like they were reflecting but I can't be positive.

I had a dog within a few feet on either side of me. It landed and ran between myself and one of the dogs but did not try at all to snatch it nor did it reach out to grab me. The dog would have been easy pickings at that speed. I have the distinct impression that it was coming for me and I just happened to move out of the way and it was already passing too fast to grab.

This thing made no sound at all except for the hoof type sound of feet on the concrete and the steps through the yard. On the grass it was almost silent except for the first few steps closest to me.

I called my parents in the morning and the best way I could describe it with normal animals was wolf, bear, bat, and possibly monkey but mostly monkey because it was on 2 legs.

This whole thing has me feeling pretty shaken. Once this thing disappeared, I was alone in the dark with just the flashlight but I had already lost site of it. I wasn't sure if it had even left the yard and might be circling around. I have worked in clubs in my life and have been stabbed and also shot at but I have never been more scared in my life than in the silence after this thing passed me. I was absolutely terrified as I tried to wrangle the two dogs to the house. I slowly backed up and ran the flashlight all around me. I wanted to run but I couldn't leave the dogs out there. I'm not a religious person and never have been but to be totally honest, as I backed towards the house that scared, the first thought that came to mind was that I had seen a demon. It sounded crazy to me but I just couldn't process what had just happened on any rational level. I still can't. I don't believe in demons and I don't think it was one, but a couple days ago I didn't believe I might have an encounter with an unknown creature like this either.

It scared me so bad that I can't even open a door at night without getting full body goosebumps and even looking out windows in the dark has me uncomfortable. It's strange to say and irrational but I'm currently scared of the dark. My body is physically reacting uncontrollably.

I would appreciate a response from you ASAP. I really need to talk to somebody about this and I don't know who to talk to without being judged as crazy. Also, this thing is still in Denver or possibly coming from the nearby foothills into town. That house is not all that far from open mountain terrain but still several miles. If nothing else, could you put me in touch with somebody local to speak with?

Thanks for any advice you may be able to give. I don't know where to start here. Something like this is way out of my wheelhouse.

Sincere Regards, E

Jc Johnson - Crypto Four Corners - Bear Creek Lake Park
near Lakewood, Colorado

Jack Cary - Crypto Four Corners - Bear Creek Lake Park
near Lakewood, Colorado

Here is a video produced by Crypto Four update to the Lakewood Lycan investigation

Soon after I posted the 'Lakewood Lycan' report, I started to receive information and experiences from the readers. My friend and colleague Linda Godfrey forwarded the following information:

I came across an old report I had from 1999 from Arizona from a woman my husband and I met on vacation who saw what she called a "chupacabra" on the highway (US 90) between Bisbee and Tucson. It made me think of the recent Denver sightings because it had a canine head with a "dog nose" but it also had wings and a long tail that forked at the end. She had another person in the car who also saw it - they were on their way home from a real estate conference. She said its legs were tucked under its body as it sat.

Crypto investigators JC Johnson and Jack Cary have been investigating the
sighting. Jack Cary (photo above) on location at Bear Creek Lake Park

 near Lakewood, Colorado

NOTE: Other evidence has recently surfaced from the Lost Creek Wilderness area, approximately 15 miles southwest of Bear Creek Lake Park. An update is forthcoming after that new evidence is investigated. I am told that there have been other witnesses and some video may be available. Stay tuned. Lon

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Daily 2 Cents: WTF? Insectoid in Tux, Top Hat & Cane -- There Must Be ETs Who Resemble Us -- Alien Captured on Phone

WTF? Insectoid in Tux, Top Hat & Cane

Amsterdam, NY - 6/9/1980: It was a hot summer afternoon. I was living with my mom in a house trailer, right off the main rout, and the first trailer in the park. The front door and the back door were almost across from one another and I had both main wood doors open and screen doors shut. There's a small deck off the back door and the front door. (trailer). I was alone, my mom had gone out for some errands. I was making coffee at the counter. This counter jutted out into the kitchen leaving the front door easily in my sight to the right and the back door just slightly pass my peripheral vision on the left. No TV, no music, no neighbors. Out of the corner of my left eye, I saw movement at the back door. I looked and saw a 6' grasshopperish being with a tuxedo with tails, a top hat, and a black cane with a carved bone-like top. He knocked on the back screen door. I looked back at my coffee cup in disbelief, then I looked again and it was still there, cocked his head. I looked away again in fear. Looked one final time, saw it was still there and that's the last I remember. the whole event took only moments.

I moved to L.A. in Jan. of 1981. I had no memory of this event. I didn't tell my mom anything when she came home that day, I don't remember anything more from that day.

It wasn't until I was in college that I remembered it. It came back as clear as it was that day not over time but all at once. I began telling the story to my close friends but there was always part of me that questioned weather it happened or not. I am an artist, maybe I made it up. But the detail was too clear and then I rented the video "Communion". I'm sure you know the premise of that movie as well as it's location. When I saw the Alien wearing the tux, tophat and cane, I damn near fell off my chair. It was like being hit with a brick. what are the odds of that. there's no way we both dreamed up the same being with those odd details. this is NOT your standard grey. I think it's important to note that the movie came out AFTER my encounter. This was proof to me that I really saw it that day. I even made a painting of it that's a virtual photograph of the event. I would be glad to provide you with a copy of that painting. My purpose in writing you is to add my story to your records but more importantly I would REALLY like to know if anyone else has seen this and if they remember anything more about the encounter. I would really like to know what happened that afternoon after my 3rd and final glance. my rebooted memory stops at the third glance. But I got a feeling that was not the end of the story. Please let me know if you have heard of anything like this and thank you for all you do to inform and facilitate. sincerely, [name removed/CMS/jpg] - MUFON CMS

NOTE: Jiminy Cricket's alien cousin? Too bad the witness' painting wasn't included. Lon


Officials in Central Russia Have Banned Yoga Because They Think It’s an Evil Cult

They fear it could "spread new religious cults and movements"

Officials in the central Russian city of Nizhnevartovsk have called off all yoga classes held in both private and municipal facilities as part of a crackdown on “religious cults.”

According to the Moscow Times, which cited a report in the Russian Kommersant daily, the owners of two of the city’s main hatha-yoga studios received letters from government officials telling them to immediately cease their classes because the practice of yoga could “spread new religious cults and movements.”

Yoga classes have also been taking place at a stadium and public meeting hall in Nizhnevartovsk. However, the heads of the local departments for physical culture and education received letters as well, the Moscow Times says, describing yoga as “inextricably linked to religious practices” and having a distinct “occult character.”

Hatha yoga is based in Hindu tradition, but is mostly practiced as a physical exercise that promotes flexibility and deep breathing.

Suspicion of yoga is not shared among all Russian apparatchiks, however. Last year, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told Interfax news agency that Americans upset about the annexation of Crimea should “spend more time in the open,” and “practice yoga.” - Officials in Central Russia Have Banned Yoga Because They Think It’s an Evil Cult


Alien Captured on Phone

Colorado - 6/25/2015: I was going though my Phone's Camera Gallery after work the other day and noticed I had a 17 second video that I had must recorded when my phone was in my back pocket. Nothing strange about that. I usually keep my phone in my back pocket when I'm at work in the Construction yard. Before I was going to delete the video I thought I'd check it out to see what I recorded. At first, it looked like to video recorder button had gotten pushed and was recording what was behind me but after a few seconds into the video I see what appears to be a small light figure that appears in the top left of the video for just a few seconds. I wasn't sure what I was seeing at first so I paused and re-watched the video about 20 more times. Take a look and tell me what you think. It definitely looks clear enough to tell what this thing could be. - MUFON CMS

Click for video - witness captured image of alien

NOTE: this may be a fake...but who knows. Lon


Expert: There must be ETs who resemble us

Aliens resembling humans must have evolved on other planets, a leading biologist has claimed.

Evolutionary biologist Simon Conway Morris says it is surprising we have not already discovered extra-terrestrials that look like us - given the growing number of Earth-like planets now discovered by astronomers.

He based his claim on evidence that different species will independently develop similar features which means that life similar to that on Earth would also develop on equivalent planets.

The theory, known as convergence, says evolution is a predictable process which follows a rigid set of rules.

'I would argue that in any habitable zone that doesn't boil or freeze, intelligent life is going to emerge, because intelligence is convergent,' he said.

'One can say with reasonable confidence that the likelihood of something analogous to a human evolving is really pretty high.

'And given the number of potential planets that we now have good reason to think exist, even if the dice only come up the right way every one in 100 throws, that still leads to a very large number of intelligences scattered around, that are likely to be similar to us.'

The argument is put forward in his new book The Runes Of Evolution.

He has previously claimed that aliens would resemble earthlings with limbs, heads, and bodies.

And he goes further in the new book, claiming any Earth-like planet should also evolve predators like sharks as well as mangroves, and mushrooms, among many other things. - Expert: There must be aliens who resemble us



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Unknown Creature Washes Ashore On Sakhalin Island

With fur on its tail and twice the size of a human being, no one yet knows what the animal is.

The remains of an unidentified sea animal with fur on its tail have been washed ashore in the Far East. Found near the airport at Shakhtersk, on Sakhalin Island, its appearance is unlike anything ever found in Russia.

Judging from the remains the creature was giant and about twice the length of a human, and it had a huge nose like a bird’s beak.

Pictures of the carcass have created a stir on social media after being taken by local people and posted online.

Some have claim the remains belong to a Ganges River dolphin from India, because of the long body and narrow beak nose. But the presence of fur on the tail and also its size – twice that of the Indian dolphin species – has created a mystery.

But one expert insisted it simply is not possible for a fresh water Ganges dolphin to make it to the Far East, and survive in the salty ocean.

Nikolay Kim, Deputy Head of the Forecasting department of the Sakhalin Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography, said: 'Judging by the appearance of the head, this is clearly some big dolphin. According to a characteristic of the skin, it is a rare species.

'I doubt that it lived in our waters. Most likely, the animal was brought by the warm current. Here often appear tropical and subtropical species. On cooling, they stay here and then die.

'I can confidently say that this is some kind of a dolphin. However, it has fur. It's unusual. Dolphins do not have any fur.' - Remains of sea creature washed up in Far East

Citizens of the Sea: Wondrous Creatures From the Census of Marine Life

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