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Musconetcong River 'Mantis Man' Coming To Your TV

As some of my readers know, I'm going to be part of another segment on 'Monsters and Mysteries in America' this upcoming 3rd season. The subject this time will be 'Mantis Man & Insectoids'...specifically, the encounters on the Musconetcong River near Hackettstown, NJ. I have reported the past two years. The first two encounter descriptions can be found at The Musconetcong River 'Mantis Man' Returns. The night before filming, I was made aware of other sighting that will be included in the segment. The following information describes those sightings and comes from the production notes. The names will not be disclosed until the TV segment is presented:

In 2003, while staying in her mother’s home in Hackettstown, SM and her husband experienced a series of bizarre events – events that she claims have now begun to finally make sense with more recently reported sightings of the Mantis Man, which were posted on a local internet message board.

SM is a Hackettstown native: This is really weird. We were staying at my Mom’s house from May 2003 to August 2003. Behind her backyard is a big fish hatchery for the Musconetcong River. There’s a fence at the end of the yard, then the hatchery. We have a clear view of it. The river is only 1 block away.

SM: We had been noticing weird noises and strange lights from back there. There are no lights on at night back there in the hatchery normally so it’s very dark. We’d see red lights – like beams from a laser pointer. They’d be there and then they’d be gone. Sometimes we’d see them like a pair of red eyes, and sometimes those eyes would be looking into this one window in the back of the house. You’d have to be at least 6 or 7 feet tall to see in that window. And the noises were really strange – they were like bursts of walkie-talkie static. It was like some kind of military-esque garbled talk, in short bursts. We’d hear that often too but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, other than the hatchery. My sister had stayed there before and said she had heard the same thing. It was really strange.

Then came the night of August 3, where the weirdness ramped up to a level that led to SM and her husband moving out of the house altogether.

SM: On the night of August 3, just me and my husband were in the house. We started seeing what looked like people running through the backyard, but the people were very tall. We would see something running away towards the fish hatchery and another time you’d see something running back away from the windows after seeing those red lights like eyes shining in. There were lots of the red lights and those noises that sounded like they were coming from a radio. Whatever we saw was very tall.

Terrified and confused by what was going on behind their home, SM called the police.

SM: About midnight, we called the police and they came out. They looked around with flashlights. They didn't see anything. There were 1 or 2 cars, about 4 officers but they didn't take it seriously. My son remembers how upset I was. After they left it continued on like before.

Frustrated and scared, SM decided to bravely take a look for herself.

SM: It was momentarily quiet and I went out to look with my husband. I approached the perimeter of the yard by the fish hatchery and it sounded like…well, we started hearing actual voices – weird voices - saying “thank you, thank you”, coming from back in the fish hatchery but we didn't see anyone saying it. I was so scared that I started running back to the house. But I got this weird feeling like it, whatever it was, was thanking me for acknowledging it existed. We stayed up all night, scared to death. When the morning came on August 4, we went back outside to look around. We saw actual footprints in the soft mud in the backyard. They weren’t human footprints but they weren’t animal either – one or two tracks leading up to the window where we would see the lights. They were deep prints, almost like if you had a very thick woman’s high-heeled shoe that would stick into the ground while you were walking. The outlines were almost like a fork, they were deep like it was heavy, and there were a lot of them in an area. We were so freaked out by the experience that we packed up and moved out that day, and moved to Florida shortly after for a few years.

The footprints she described seem very mantis-like. Then there are the weird high frequency radio-like sounds – was that the way the human brain is interpreting the oral communication of a 7-foot tall insect – like the song of a giant cicada?

NOTE: This is going to be a continuing subject for research. Butch Witkowski (UFORCOP) has showed interest in this case as well. Your encounter reports and sightings related to the paranormal & cryptids are always welcomed. Thanks...Lon

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Daily 2 Cents: The Devil's Hoofprints -- Great White Shark in Aussie Lake -- Methane Found On Mars

The Devil's Hoofprints

On Feb. 9, 1855, in the county of Devon, England, residents were mystified when they awoke to find strange tracks in the snow—tracks unlike any animal tracks they’d seen before. As groups of people across multiple villages spanning some 40 to 100 miles followed the tracks, curiosity turned to a mounting sense of horror and dread.

Some 4–5 inches long and in the shape of cloven hooves, they went up walls, across rooftops, from one side of objects inexplicably through to the other side. They seemed to sink so low in the snow, it’s almost as though they were hot and seared their way through. At spots, the tracks seemed to disappear, only to reappear some ways off, as though the being that made them had flown for a short stretch. The single-file prints suggested a biped.

In some villages, it seemed the maker of the tracks had visited nearly every home. Read more about the mystery at The Epoch Times


Great White Shark in Aussie Lake

A video taken by two Cessnock-area locals featuring a 2.5-metre great white shark has gone viral across the internet and social media.

Nulkaba’s Warren Sternbeck and his brother-in-law Rodney Collins were fishing off Pulbah Island in Lake Macquarie on December 3 when the shark jumped out of the water.

“We followed it for a bit and saw it breach again,” he said.

“I said to Rodney to keep the video going and we might capture it leaping out of the water.’’

After sending the footage to the Newcastle Herald, the video has since become one of the publication’s most- watched videos in history with over 39,000 views.

“It’s gone viral,” Warren said.

“I spoke to a friend in Japan and even he’s seen it.”

The video has also appeared on several national websites including the Sydney Morning Herald, as well as regional publications such as Murray Valley Standard and Wagin Argus.

The great white shark video made headlines after the increasingly high figures of sharks in the Hunter region. - Cessnock Advertiser


Methane Found On Mars

NASA's exploratory rover has discovered mysterious 'belches' of methane gas on the surface of Mars.

Methane is a particularly important find because on Earth more than 90% of all methane gas is produced by living organisms.

Its confirmed discovery on Mars has been hailed as "very exciting" by scientists and suggests that there must be some unknown active process on the planet responsible for producing it.

The readings were picked up over a two-month period by the rover's Tunable Laser Spectrometer (TAS) instrument.

"I'm going to go out on a limb here and say flat-out, I consider this to be the first truly credible detection of methane in the atmosphere," said Bruce Jakosky of the University of Colorado.

"A lot of questions have been raised about Earth-based telescopic measurements. This is incontrovertible. That makes it a very profound measurement."

The way in which the methane seemed to spike and then dissipate suggests that its source must have been small and close to the rover as oppose to being large and further away.

There is in fact a chance, albeit a small one, that Curiosity may have picked up the first direct evidence of extraterrestrial organisms living on the surface of Mars.


Mystery Sleep Epidemic Continues

Villagers in a remote Kazakhstan village are still inexplicably falling asleep for days at a time.

The peculiar malady, which has afflicted as many as 100 people over the last two years, has now become so notorious that the people of Kalachi have taken to calling the place "Sleepy Hollow".

The ailment sees people suddenly falling asleep out of the blue and sometimes remaining that way for several days.

In one of the most recent cases eight children fell asleep within the space of an hour on the first day of school in September.

In another a total of 20 people fell unconscious at around the same time and couldn't be roused for several days. One ambulance driver even reported encountering as many as 60 people who were suffering from the condition during his visit to the village to investigate the phenomenon.

Whole groups of doctors, virologists, radiologists and toxicologists have all been to the village at various times but to date nobody has been able to find a conclusive explanation.



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Washington & Pennsylvania...Top States For Credible Bigfoot Reports

Two states led the nation in Sasquatch sightings, which have been on the decline since surging in the '00s.

Late on a dark night in May 2014, two hunters slowly traced I-90 back to their homes in eastern Washington state. It had been an unsuccessful turkey hunt in Kittatas County, and now the men kept their tired eyes fixed to the forested roadside for capricious elk and deer.

Click this link for graphs & stats - City Lab

That's why they saw it—and slammed on the brakes. According to an investigative report, "the subject" exited the trees, approached their truck, and shuffled across the road in "what appeared to be a calculated execution... to avoid being hit." Shuddering, the men attempted to make eye contact with the rangy creature, but its face was so covered in fur that it was impossible. "It was not a person or a bear, absolutely not," one of the men wrote. "I have never feared going into the woods but will no longer do my 3:30 a.m. hunting trips for turkey by myself ever again."

It was the only Bigfoot sighting to come out of Kittatas County this year, or at least the only one officially described to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), a website that's tracked and investigated reports in the U.S. and Canada back to 1921. But with at least four total sightings in 2014, Washington tied with Pennsylvania as the year's leading state in Bigfoot sightings, according to CityLab's count of BFRO reports.

The Pacific Northwest has historically led the nation in cryptozoology, but the number in Pennsylvania marks a recent rise in Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch, Yeti, or Skookum) reports throughout the Ohio River Valley, central Florida, the Sierra Nevada mountains, and the Mississippi River Valley. Overall sightings are on the decline, however, especially compared to 2000-2009, when spottings spiked. Cartographer Joshua Stevens' remarkable 2013 map traces the century in Sasquatch, with a helpful inset that compares densities of population and sightings (the two are not always directly correlated).

Why the wild uptick between 2000 and 2009, and then the drop-off? The quick climb could have come from increased access to GPS, smartphones, and...Photoshop. But that's not substantiated, and the BFRO has not responded to a request for comment. Perhaps it's not their prerogative to explain, but merely document and investigate. Someone needs to, after all.

Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook

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Phantoms & Monsters: Strange Encounters

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gargantuan Cryptid Bird Encounter

I received the following report today:

Sir - this is my written statement that you requested after our telephone conversation today.

On Monday Dec 15th at 6:45 PM (dark) I is was traveling on the Airport Rd near the New Kent Co. Airport. This section of road went by the New Kent trash collection center. The road is bordered by woods on both sides.

As I approached this location, I noticed something large and dark on the road very near the trash collection lot. I hit my brakes and came within 50 ft of what appeared to be a huge bird. Like I told you on the telephone, when I say huge, I mean something of unbelievable size. First of all, it had the overall shape of an eagle. It definitely had talons which were lighter in color. It also had beak which seemed too large and long for it's face. The overall color was dark, I'd say black. The height was at least 8 ft, probably more as it bobbed up and down. It may have been eating something when I approached it.

It's head moved toward the direction of my car and made a grunting sound. It turned away from me and the long tail with feathers swung around in my direction. The wings, which extended across the road, unfurled as it lifted off the surface. The wings were massive, but like I said reached past the width of the road. I told you 25 ft on the telephone, I still believe that is a correct estimate.

I searched 'monster birds' and found your telephone number and email. I looked at different images of eagles and hawks online but there was nothing that closely resembled this bird. Thanks for talking to me. JD

NOTE: I received the phone call from JD early this afternoon, then I requested he write a report and forward. After I finished talking to JD I went to Google in order to find the location. I then realized that the location was within a few miles of a large bird sighting in May 2013 - Huge Bird Sighting - New Kent Co., Virginia. The descriptions were different in most respects...but both were of birds of enormous size. The entire area seems to have a lot of wetlands & swamps.

During our phone conversation, JD mentioned that the bird had something in it's talons. He said he got a brief look as it started to fly away, but mentioned that 'legs were dangling from one side.' He didn't say human and didn't want to include it in the written report. I'm only mentioning it since it was in his original statement.

I brought up the subject of Pterosaurs to JD, but he said it definitely had feathers. Could this have been a Thunderbird? I was somewhat taken aback by the size description...8+ ft high and wingspan of 25 ft. This is bigger than any other Thunderbird-type sighting I've ever received. What are your thoughts? Lon

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