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Shadowed by the 'Bunny Man'

I recently received the following account:

Hey Lon,

I recently became interested in reading about strange creatures and others paranormal experiences and found your site after watching a couple of videos from 'Beyond Creepy.' I saw something strange a couple of times recently. I am not crazy or making this up, I was wondering if you have heard of anything similar and I have been reading and researching others' experiences.

Not sure this story is of a paranormal nature. But in the past 6 months I have seen this "person" on 2 occasions. I've never experienced hallucinations, I am of sound mind and I do not do drugs. The first occasion was around October. I go to my weekend job pretty early at 4am. I wake up around 3 and usually take my dog outside to do his business. My dog is hyper aware of anything and everything and barks at any noise including a door shutting or a bird landing near him. I was standing on my back deck and I see a figure moving down the dark alley. This was a chilly morning in October and it was raining heavily, hardly ever see anyone else out in my neighborhood at this time (small town) especially walking in such heavy rain.

I look over and the "man" walking is wearing what looks to be a full body bunny costume. Kind of like the kid in a 'Christmas Story', giant bunny feet and ears and everything, but it sort of also reminded me more of the character in 'Donnie Darko.' Now he's probably 200-300 feet away. He is walking in a manner that was just unsettling and unnatural looking to me. Sort of stomping and swaying from side to side very mechanically with an arched back. Then after I am observing him for about 5 seconds it was like he sensed that I was looking at him.

He turned around, and I could not make out if he had a mask on or what but it was not a normal human face. I know I was far away, but I became terrified. I have an above ground pool in my yard, my dog was to the left of it so he wasn't seeing this bunny man or reacting at all. I start to pull his leash to get him to come back up on the deck to go back in the house. This was all within the same 10 second or so span of the bunny man turning around.

I look over in his (its'?) direction again and he is behind a tree staring at me in my next door neighbor's yard. The tree is a pine or some kind of evergreen, I could see most of his body and even could sense his face still peaking through the needles. Now this is about 50 ft from me right behind my fence. And it didnt make any sense that he could move that fast in a matter of just a few seconds. I would have seen him running over there. At this point I didn't even want to go outside and get in my car to go to work, but I had to.

I was pretty scared the rest of the morning, but later just convinced myself it was a hallucination maybe I didn't get enough sleep or maybe it was just a weird guy on drugs or something trying to scare people. Tried to forget about it.

Then just last weekend I was walking my dog at a nearby state park. It was in the afternoon. It's in the bluffs along the Mississippi River in Southern Illinois, probably about 30 minutes from my house. There is an old wooden cabin style building on the property grounds near the parking lot, I'm not sure it's original purpose or if it's still in use. We had been there for about an hour and a half and my dog was panting pretty heavily, he has a thick fur coat and I forgot to bring water and a bowl for him, so I decided to turn back. When we were almost back to my jeep I look up at the cabin and sure enough, there is this same bunny man walking in the same unsettling manner. He is walking away from us towards a trail that runs along the left side of the cabin, if you're facing it.

This time. My dog barked at him. So I know I wasn't the only one seeing him. It was crazy I couldn't believe I saw him again. My dog is very big and strong (Great Pyrenees) so I'm pulling him as hard as I can and sort of sprinting to the car which is just about 100 meters away. I turned around for one brief second and the bunnyman was on the other side of the cabin now, peaking his head around the corner. I didn't get a great look at his "face" but it looked sinister. I saw no recognizable features besides a terrifying grin and large dark eyes, but it was obscured by the shadows of the roof and the nearby trees.

I still don't know what this experience means, if it's a weird person that is trying to scare people and just happened to be at the same place as me twice or if there truly is some time of dark entity that looks like a giant bunny monster making himself known to me for some reason.

I tried to tell a few close friends about my experiences and nobody believes me. I also have no proof, the first time was raining and my phone was inside, this time I didn't even think about pulling my phone out and snapping a picture when both my hands are occupied pulling on my dog's leash and running.

Anyway thanks for reading my email. Any insight or if you have heard of a similar entity let me know.

Thanks, FP

NOTE: This is quite bizarre, but not unusual as far as an unknown entity shadowing someone. This entity may be taking the form of the Bunny Man just to throw the witness off for some reason...but I believe it is a supernatural being that both witness and their dog can sense. I asked the witness to keep me updated. Lon

The Donnie Darko Book

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Daily 2 Cents: Very Bizarre 'Man?' -- Flying Squid -- Mechanical 'Daddy Long Legs'

Very Bizarre 'Man?'

“Once in Arizona, a man walked into a hotel where I worked. He had a coat on (a pea green military type coat) and butcher paper (Yes he had butcher paper around himself like some kind of tube top!) under his coat like a shirt. Further, one of his legs was giant like twice the size of the other. He asked to use the pay phone in the lobby. I told him, 'Sure' not yet realizing how weird he looked (he was kind of obscured by the desk and the entry door). We started out with a weird vibe the moment he actually crossed the lobby to the phone. When we finally got a good look at him. He walked a bit slow but this made sense as his leg looked swollen. He then made a call and turned slightly to keep me and my coworker in his vision staring sort of out of his peripheral vision.

Very soon we could tell he wasn’t listening to anyone and the phone was making noises like it was off the hook. I decided that was enough and demanded he leave which he did abruptly by our side door. Now the really weird part, my coworker took a picture of him on that payphone with an old flip phone. In the digital pixelation he was moving or something which made him kinda blurrier than the rest of the picture and he looked like his face was a oversized grinning skull. Black eyed and hole where his nose should be. I still have that picture it still creeps me out. It reminds me of the story about the man made of parts in the mirrored sunglasses (a story from Victoria England in which a man encountered a man he thought was made of 'parts').”

Source: YT Comments, S Boloshis

Beyond Creepy


Flying Squid

I was driving southbound on 23 to pick up my son who works at White Castle. I glanced at the sky, and saw what appeared to be a giant squid type object that had legs dropping from it. Like I said, it looked like a squid. My hubby thinks it could have been a weather balloon.

This occurred in between the hours of 3:30 pm - 4 pm. I got across the street to Wal-Mart to see if I could photograph it, and could not locate it. I need confirmation if anyone else perhaps saw this. It was flying above the shopping center district, North point in Powell, Ohio. I'm positive that it was some type of weather balloon. But, I want to make sure. I am huge into everything paranormal including UFO'S. Please confirm if this was indeed a weather balloon. I've tried to google weather balloons, and nothing pulled up in our county. I swear on a stack of bibles, I saw something squid-like going upwards into the sky, hence the reason that I searched for a weather balloon. Anonymous


Mechanical 'Daddy Long Legs'

Cle Elum, WA - 4/4/2018 01:13: Strange mechanical like 10-12” “daddy long legs” appears on ceiling, scampers quickly towards wall and disappears

I also reported to MUFON, and email to This wasn’t a UFO, but a strange “daddy long legs” type of non organic or mechanical spider entity that I awoke to and saw above me, but 2-3 ft from directly above me. It was approximately 10-12” in diameter but with no distinguishing thorax or center body, multiple non-jointed legs that were thin and translucent greyish(?) with small 1-2cm. disks on the ends of each one.

I was sleeping and suddenly woke up and turned my head upwards towards it. It was stationary perhaps a second, but then when it sensed that I saw it, it scampered across the ceiling (about 10-12ft.) in a straight line and disappeared at the wall. It made no noise, nor had lights. My chihuahua who was in the room did not react to it.

The weird thing is that several weeks ago I had a dream about the same entity. I didn’t recall the dream until a couple days after the incident. I usually forget and write off all my dreams, as I had that one, but on 4/6 it popped ino my head while driving.

Naturally, I am curious if you have received similar reports.

I was fully awake when I saw this “spider” and of sound mind and body, that is no alcohol or drugs or anything like that. I gather from this experience that most of us are visited or checked out, but majority of people are purposely made unaware. - NUFORC


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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Monster Down the Trail

Scott told of his encounter in Everett, Washington in the mid 90s:

“I was younger, about 14 years old and we all decided to go for a little ride on our dirt bikes. I think there was Jason, Chad... there was probably about five of us, me being the youngest. Well, Chad was same age as me and there's another guy, Jason, he was about 18 years old. My brother is three years older than me. He was there too and Trevor, Eric, yeah, there's quite a few of us. So we're out riding dirt bikes, you know, and, of course, we want to find a place where we can smoke cigarettes because we're young and we want to hide. Jason bought the cigarettes because, you know, he's of age. So I was on my mom's four-wheeler and my brother and them they were on their dirt bikes.

We lived out in a long road, farm fields, out in the middle of the woods, pretty far out of town - our house was on the river. So we find this trail back behind this old abandoned barn and we go down it and then we come to this big clearing. There's like a big open area, it looks like a pit kind-of - a perfect spot! So, you know, we all jump off our motorcycles and we're chilling, talking, bullshitting and walking around smoking cigarettes and we see a little trail. Well, it wasn't too little, I mean, it was probably, I don't know, three people could stand side-by-side, you know, next to each other and walk down this trail. It was pretty beaten down. We didn't think about that it was obviously way too big for like a deer or like that. So we get walking down this trail and Chad's like, 'Oh dude, what the hell, look at this sh*t!' So we all walk over there you know and we look and there's a cow, a dead cow, and it's off in the bushes and it's got the head ripped off and some of the stomach, it wasn't all ripped open but some of the stomach was. It had been there awhile. We walk down a little bit farther and we found a deer head. We didn't find the body. It had antlers on it and that was a weird thing and then Jason's like, 'Holy sh*t, you know, I wonder if a bears been back here or something.' But, you know, all the years of living out there, I seen one bear. It was across the river in there, a black bear and I've never seen a bear or heard of a bear ripping a deer's head off. I haven't. But we thought, 'Oh yeah, it's a bear, right' and now that I'm older I think that was stupid.

So we're walking down this trail, thinking, 'Wow, this is crazy' and all of a sudden we hear these big thuds like BOOM BOOM. Now that was weird. We're like, 'Whoa, what was that?' I mean the trees are probably about that big around – 15 inches - you know, they weren't huge trees, but they're about that big around, you know, tall skinny ones. I forget what kind of trees they are, maybe old cotton or rather little baby cottonwoods. I don't know, but they're pretty tall and we're standing there we heard these big thuds. We're looking, of course, you'll be looking around if you're in the middle of the woods. All of a sudden just BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. I mean, it's loud. It's big bangs coming through the woods and then all of a sudden you could see the trees coming from a distance they're moving over like, you know, they're not falling down but they're moving out of the way like something's like running through the woods and all we see coming through the bushes was this big black thing and I'm gonna tell you my friends, this was no bear. This sumbitch was tall, huge and the running it was making, I mean, these were goddamn thuds BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM and you could hear trees crashing, pushing over and we hightailed it. We ran so fast, we ran past the motorcycles and left them in the woods.

Yeah, it was ridiculous. So we ran home. We tell my dad, you know, there's something in the woods. It's huge, you know, we didn't tell them it was Bigfoot or whatever. We were thinking, 'Oh my god this thing's huge!' and my dad's like, 'I can't believe you idiots left your dirt bikes in the woods. I don't know what the hell you guys are dreaming or smoking.' So anyway, we tell him, you know, we are not going back into those woods and, you know, we got Jason and he's way older than us and he's telling him, 'Hey man,' he's on my dad, 'There's something in them woods! Something huge is back there!' There's dead sh*t everywhere!' I mean, it was ridiculous, and the way these trees were moving to the side BOOM BOOM BOOM what else would it have been? I mean this thing was huge. It was big, black, we didn't, you know, get to see the face, obviously.

We're not going back into the woods by ourselves, you know, we were scared. So my dad gets his rifle and we go down there and we show my dad the trail and he was like, 'Wow, this is weird!' Nothing came back out. We didn't see anything else. We walked my dad down the trail and, yeah, the trees were pushed to the side. There was this log about the same size as the trees, it was falling down in between the stump and the riverbed, broken. It was broken in half, like something ran right through it because there's a tree it was just like laying across the ground. It's probably about three or four feet in the air how it came across and landed on the stump. So it must have been a tree that fell or whatever. It just ran right through that son-of-a-bitch. I mean it ran right through it and the trees were kind of bent like, you know, like they got bent over a little bit and you can see that the dirt was a little bit up. It was pretty bizarre. My dad did say 'I wonder if it was a Bigfoot.' Then, you know, we thought, Hmm, oh yeah, you know, being kids, Bigfoot, but we did here at my dad's house, even the neighbors had said sh*t about it, about you could hear this screaming. It wasn't a cougar. It was the weirdest noise and now that I'm older, I guess, that was probably Bigfoot screams.

I haven't been back there in years and it's right next to my dad's house. I've often thought, hey, maybe it lives back there... maybe it's still there. It's an old abandoned barn right there deep in the middle of the woods. So obviously this Bigfoot has killed people's cows in their fields and ate them. I mean, I don't know what the whole head ripping off thing is. I don't know if that's a thing or if anybody else is witnessed this, but it's pretty bizarre.”

Source: Youtuber scollardmaniac from a video titled 'Story time / bigfoot encounter' published on 3 Jul 2017

Beyond Creepy


The Bigfoot Book: The Encyclopedia of Sasquatch, Yeti and Cryptid Primates

Bigfoot: West Coast Wild Men: A History of Wild Men, Gorillas, and Other Hairy Monsters in California, Oregon, and Washington state.

Living Among Bigfoot: Unexpected Visitors

Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide

Purchase your copy at Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

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