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Daily 2 Cents: Creepy & Odd Images -- I AM TERRIFIED! -- Science Update on Kennewick Man

"Laurello, the Only Man With a Revolving Head" (yes, he was real) appeared in Sam Wagner's freak show on Coney Island, 1938

8 Foot Human Giant's Mummified Remains from California is Purchased by the Smithsonian

Facial composite of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, circa 1777, created by the German Federal Criminal Police Office from four contemporary portrait paintings

This one is up to you to explain....



I was sleeping in my room when my dog started growling and barking! My window was open and I heard what sounded like a person outside my house walking in the gravel. I very quietly got out of bed and snuck into a area in my house to where I noticed something pass in front of a outside light casting a child size shadow. I then tried to sneak to the window and peer out and I couldn't see anything! I then went into the garage open the garage door thinking that there was someone outside my house trying to steal or do something that they shouldn't be doing around 330am. As I was standing in the door way after the garage door opened something peaked out from behind a tree looking at me. I was then frozen with absolute fear and panic! I am writing you to try to find out if I am having multiple encounters, because I always feel watched at night and am terrified to be at home after dark.I have vivid nightmares about abduction and often awaken from a dream because I feel I am falling I try not to sleep at night and only sleep during the day! I want answers because I am a 28yo male that is 6'5 and I am TERRIFIED of whatever I saw and is going on! I have only told 2 people about what's been going on with me and a total of 4 about what I saw that night. I don't want to be labeled crazy and I really don't want any kind of exposure, I just want help! - MUFON CMS


Maine blue lobster find could be 1 in 2 million

Teenager Meghan LaPlante discovered the crustacean while checking lobster traps at the weekend.

The bright blue lobster, which scientists say is a 1 in 2 million specimen, demonstrates a vivid shade of blue due to a genetic defect that leads to the excessive production of a certain protein.

14-year-old Meghan, who helps her parents out during the summer at Miss Meghan’s Lobster Catch in Old Orchard Beach, is no stranger to finding unusual catches in her traps but admits that she has never seen anything like this one before.

The blue lobster has since gained the attention of marine experts across the United States and will be donated to the Maine State Aquarium for further study.

Despite its rarity however there have been some even more unusual shades of lobster hauled up from the depths of the ocean over the years. The odds of finding a bright red lobster for instance are 1 in 10 million whereas a yellow one is even rarer at 1 in 30 million.

Rarest of all however is an albino lobster with no coloring at all with odds of 1 in 100 million. - Boston Globe


Scientists: Mysterious Kennewick Man looked Polynesian and came from far away

The mysterious Kennewick Man, who died 9,000 years ago in the Columbia River Valley, was a seal hunter who rambled far and wide with a projectile point lodged in his hip, five broken ribs that never healed properly, two small dents in his skull and a bum shoulder from the repetitive stress of throwing spears.

He came from somewhere far away, far up the Pacific Northwest coast, possibly Alaska or the Aleutian Islands. He might even have come to North America all the way from Asia.

That’s the argument of the editors of a new, 688-page, peer-reviewed book, Kennewick Man: The Scientific Investigation of an Ancient American Skeleton (Peopling of the Americas Publications) that will be published this fall by Texas A&M University Press.

Scientists have told their story of Kennewick Man before in lectures and interviews, but the new book represents the most detailed account of research that came about only after scientists sued for access to the bones. The Army of Corps of Engineers, which has custody of the bones, had pressed the scientists to publish their research. Now it has finally arrived, in a volume as thick and heavy as a textbook. Read more at Washington Post



What Caused This Red Glow Over The Pacific Ocean?

Meet 10 People Who Say They Have Been Abducted By Aliens

FBI Interrogates NBC Cameraman For Filming UFO - NBC News Report

Mind the Gap. The Great British Spaceport

This New Invention Helps Prevent Sexual Assault… With Nail Polish

Haunted Objects: Stories of Ghosts on Your Shelf

Haunted By The Things You Love

Haunted Stuff: Demonic Dolls, Screaming Skulls & Other Creepy Collectibles

Supernatural: John Winchester's Journal

The Legend of Ghost Hollow

The original newspaper article from 1985 can be found at Legend of Ghost Hollow. The following is a recent article in The Gazette in Cedar Rapids, Iowa:

Was it haunted or not? The house, whose address was “End of Skip Level Road,” stood three miles west of Millville in Clayton County.

Bill Meyer was born on the property. He was 15 when he helped build the house that seemed to be haunted when he and his wife, Annie, moved out in December 1959.

Strange events began to occur around Thanksgiving that year.

Bill, bedridden with a broken hip at age 83, and Annie, 77, weren't particularly superstitious and they didn't believe in ghosts.

But when the ambulance came to take Bill away from the house on Dec. 17, he and Annie said they'd had enough.

“I don't think it's safe to go in there,” he said. “I don't know whether there's going to be anything left or not. It's hard to tell. The whole house might fall down.”

Upset icebox is on enclosed porch of Bill Meyer home. The Meyers moved out after the icebox and a separator bowl crashed to the floor on the porch. The photo was taken Dec. 31, 1959.

“I'll say I was scared,” Annie added. “Anybody would be scared.” But she still vowed, “There isn't such a thing as a ghost.”

Just before Thanksgiving, black soot-like dirt started falling through the ceiling, coating everything. It started at about 11 p.m. and kept going until about 3 a.m. In the morning, the coverlet on Bill's bed in the parlor was covered.

They looked for cracks or disturbances in the plaster. Nothing.

On Dec. 15, another incident: “I was sitting there in the dark by the heater,” Annie said, “when a flower pedestal at the side of the room fell over with a big fern crashing over. You know how that would sound. The house didn't shake or anything either.”

For the next two days, strange things continued to happen.

“Once I was sitting there in the dark when a glass on the stand by his bed across the room came down on my head and broke in a thousand pieces,” Annie said.

And there were noises. A sound like a crew of men hammering started in the kitchen, moved up the stairs, then back down to the porch.

Pills from a bottle behind a closed cupboard door were found in a pile on the kitchen floor.

Bill and Annie Meyer, aged 83 and 77, stayed with relatives in Guttenberg. They eventually got a two-bedroom apartment in Guttenberg because they were afraid to go back to the house at the end of Skip Level Road. Photo was taken on Dec. 31, 1959

Annie and Bill decide to try an experiment. They put an egg in the neck of a milk bottle on a stand at one end of the living room. They found the egg broken against the door on the opposite side of the room.

The frightened pair reached their last straw when on the night of Dec. 17, a separator bowl on the porch crashed to the floor, breaking several jars. An icebox on the porch fell over, too. They called their son, Elmer, who told his parents they needed to get out of the house.

An ambulance was sent to pick up Bill and the couple went to stay with Annie's sister and brother-in-law. They left Annie's two cats at the house.

The night they left, a couple of men checked the house at about 10:30 and everything looked fine. The next morning, the sheriff decided to check and found the bed upside down. He straightened it. Later, he sent someone to check the place again and again the bed was upside down.

That night, the sheriff sealed the doors of the house and placed eggs around the house. An egg in the living room broke, but the sheriff blamed that on the cats.

The Meyers' son, Elmer, and his wife lived in a smaller house up the road with their 16-year-old son, Gene. Elmer went back to the house with a divining rod and reported to his father that it behaved very strangely when it was close to the house.

Pat Livingston, a riverboat captain, was not a small man — he weighed 260 pounds — and he wasn't afraid of much. He volunteered to stay at the house. As he was beginning to fall asleep in the bedroom he saw a chair glide across the room. He ignored it and went to sleep. “ ... the next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor. I'll take a lie detector test or anything,” he said. “I woke up kind of groggy. I wouldn't have believed it for love or money.”

News of the haunted house spread across the nation, drawing scientists and other researchers to investigate, but their tests proved nothing. There were no faults detected, no unusual electrical activity, no radiation.

No other unusual things happened after the house was sealed until a photographer went to take pictures of the house. “He was in the basement when a brick fell from the cellar wall and broke a crock on the floor,” The Gazette reported.

The Meyers never returned to the house, selling it to their neighbors, the Finnegans, in May 1960. They moved into a two-room apartment in Millville. Fifty acres of the Meyers' farm were added to the Finnegans' 240 acres. Elmer retained eight acres.

By then hundreds of curiousity seekers had passed by, some even stopping to explore.

General consensus seemed to be that the spooky occurrences were the work of pranksters.

When asked about the house they now owned, Mrs. Finnegan said, “We don't believe in spooks. We just laugh it off as a joke when anyone inquires about us living in the house. It will remain empty, unless someone wants to rent it.”

No one ever rented it, though. It became a target for vandals and trespassers, until finally the Finnegans filled the house with hay, turning it into a barn.

A quarter of a century later, it still stood empty with broken windows and a sagging roof. It had acquired the name “Ghost Hollow” along with a batch of theories about the so-called ghost that drove an elderly couple from their home. - The Gazette

NOTE: There have been a few references to this haunting over the years, including The Millville Poltergeist and the Haunted House of Millville...Lon

The Iowa Road Guide to Haunted Locations

Haunted Iowa

Haunted Too: Incredible True Stories of Ghostly Encounters

Haunted States Of America: Haunted Houses and Spooky Places in All 50 States and Canada, Too!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Giant Humanoid Pursues Witnesses

Researcher and colleague Albert Rosales forwarded a recent amazing encounter report from central Spain...specifically, multiple witnesses chased by a giant humanoid:

Location: Talavera de la Reina, Toledo, Spain
Date: August 21, 2014
Time: late night

The main witness, F. L. and two friends had gone to perform some meditation exercises in a field near a local extension bridge. After sometime of silent meditation a luminous sphere 1/3 the size of the moon descended to hover over the men. At first F. L. attempted to ignore the object but was suddenly struck by a powerful “electrical current”. A minute later the large sphere vanished but not before a smaller luminous sphere was seen to detach itself from the larger one. Curious the three friends looked around and walked alongside a wall about 2.5m in length which connected two posts, this went on along the field for about 1km.

As they searched the area they began to notice a very strong sulfuric odor around them and the temperature seemed to rise also. F. L. decided to run ahead of his two friends to reach the end of the wall. As he ran he suddenly heard his friends yelling at him, “Stop, Stop! Please come back, come back!” F. L. then stopped and turned around, running back to his friends, who stood about 100 meters away. His two friends then told F. L. that, while he ran, they had seen on the other side of the wall a strange figure at least 3-4 meters in height which seemed to slide at high speed right above the ground in his direction. As his friends began to scream the figure seemed to hide behind a tree only about 5 meters away from F. L. (on the other side of the wall).

At that very same moment F. L. turns around and sees standing behind the tree a gigantic figure, 3-4 meters tall with eyes that shone a bright golden-yellow light. He stared in disbelief at the figure’s eyes as it stared back at him. At that moment only he could think was that the creature was going to “grab him” and yells at his friends to run. All three took off running for their life (at least that was the feeling among the witness) as they ran they looked behind them and could see the huge figure sliding on top of the wall apparently following the men. They ran until the road ended and then they ran across a wooded field near the bridge. Upon reaching the main road the strange figure had thankfully disappeared.

The next day the main witness returned to the scene and was stunned to see that the tree which the creature had briefly hidden behind was about 8 meters in height, and he is now convinced that the creature was almost as tall as the tree itself, making much taller than 4 meters(!). He searched around and found an area of flattened and scorched grass. The odor was no longer present. According to his two friends, as they ran their legs felt numb as if being pricked but sharp needles which impeded their progress (F. L. did not feel this). All three men reported that as they entered the field running away from the gigantic figure they were enveloped in some sort of “spider web” which covered their faces making visibility almost impossible. They eventually freed themselves from the strange web-like substance and left the area. According to F. L. the trees in the area were mostly dried up with little vegetation and he has never seen spiders or webs in the area.

Source: Direct from witness

Alien Invasion: How to Defend Earth

The Alien Invasion Survival Handbook: A Defense Manual for the Coming Extraterrestrial Apocalypse

The Other Roswell: Ufo Crash On The Texas-Mexico Border

War of the Worlds: From Wells to Spielberg

Daily 2 Cents: Vintage Odd & Macabre Photos -- Granny Visits My Sister -- Missing Time Episodes

Actual recovered photo of P.T. Barnum's "The Real Mermaid" before the evidence was destroyed by a fire that took place before the public appearance. This is the only known photo to exist. This is the mermaid in the tank.

Owner of the photo found it while digging through family heirlooms

Vera Renczi, a stunningly beautiful woman, was also one of the most prolific female serial killers in history. Born in 1903 in Bucharest, Romania into wealth and privilege, by the age of 15 she had engaged in numerous affairs .If she suspected they were being unfaithful, the men were given a dose of arsenic. Vera confessed to killing both husbands and her son. Lorenzo discovered her secret and attempted to blackmail her. Vera Renczi was convicted on 35 counts of murder.

The Primwaddle Twins, Mort and Harvey, circa 1929. Their mother, Discordia's husband left after seeing the homely pair. Embittered to men, left alone to raise boys, she insisted they were girls, and got away with it home-schooling them for 17 years; until Mort learned otherwise. The teenagers murdered her in her sleep, strangled in chiffon, her eyes gouged out and replaced with doll eyes.

This is the Buckley Family. The children’s names were Susan and John. As a Halloween joke, all the kids in the neighborhood were going to get a dummy and pretend to chop its head off. The Buckley children thought it would be hilarious to actually murder their mother, so when the kids walked up the the door, they got an axe and slaughtered her. Once everyone figured out what they had really done, they called the police, but the kids were long gone. The only picture of them was this photo...


Granny Visits My Sister

My little sister is 8 years younger then me. I am 23 years old and she is 16 at the end of the year.

Anyway my story goes back a few years ago (about 2006) when we lived in this one house, it always gave me the creeps but anyway it started one morning we were all getting ready for school and my sister says to my mum "granny visited me last night" I just kept eating my toast and my mum looked at her and said oh that's nice. (she seemed a little freaked out but figured it was just a silly dream making up stuff as any young child does)

A few days passed and my sister went into my mums room and put her hand on my mums arm and said "granny told me to tell you everything will be okay" and my mum burst into tears and held my sister not 100% believing her but a slight belief.

During this time I had left school as I was diagnosed with Follicular Thyroid Cancer (I was 15 at the time) so for my mum to hear that made it really hit home, as my sister was only 7 years old at the time not really understanding what was happening.

A week later my sister told my mother "granny visited me again last night" so my mother decided to ask her questions to see if she was being a normal child making up stuff. She asked her "what did she say?" my mother never told me 100% what my sister told her but must of been crazy true for my own mother to not share that information.

But I did find out later on that almost every week my sister would have our granny come visit her and lay with her, she could describe her scent, the way she spoke (like her slang in a way), how she dressed, and stories she would tell her. Scariest - is how she looked!

The crazy part is, is that my granny died when I was 9 months old! so for my sister who is 8 years younger then me to know this stuff that I don't even know about or of even met her!

My Oma (grandmother) only had one photo of her mother which I remember seeing when I was really young but the photo was put into storage and my sister has never seen the picture.

So anyway not a scary well written story but just a nice creepy true story. -


Missing Time Episodes

Baton Rouge, LA - On the first Monday night in May, 1991, I was watching the news with my dog. The ABC World News had just begun on TV when my dog began to growl. I had never seen her like that. She had a good nature and was playful. Her hair suddenly stood up in a ridge along her back and she was crying and growling at the same time.

She jumped off the bed and went to the french door, with windows, that led from the bedroom to the backyard. She didn't paw to go out. Instead she sat down and kept growling and crying with her fur raised. She kept shaking her head. I got up to see what what was frightening her.

When I got to the door I noticed a screeching, buzzing, sound. It was similar to static. The TV blinked and so did the lights. It was actually hurting the dog.

When I looked in the backyard it was just beginning to get dark, but there was still some light out. In the distance, just above the tree tops of the woods behind my house, I saw a circular light. It was hovering. I could tell it wasn't the moon, or anything natural, because it wobbled as it hovered. My dog was staring straight at it and growling viciously. I thought it was odd. I began to stare at it too.

As I watched, it was as if I couldn't take my eyes away. Then I realized we were both unable to move. The static sound got louder but my dog couldn't shake her head. We were frozen in place. I was terrified. I wanted to run only I couldn't.

The light changed direction. It fell down through the trees and took a path through the woods toward my house. It wove through the trees and got bigger and brighter. It hurt my eyes. It wasn't stopping it came straight for my door, about six feet off the ground. The light got so bright I thought my eyes would burn. Then it was just gone.

I looked down at my dog. She was in exactly the same spot, drooling, and growling, but softer now. I was dizzy and disoriented. I was as if the light passed straight through us. I sat down on the floor to check my dog and she fell over and laid still, panting as if she'd been running.

The whole event seemed a few seconds long. When I looked up at the TV, Wheel Of Fortune was ending. An hour and a half had passed. The World News, the Local News, and Wheel Of Fortune had aired. I can't remember one thing during that time.

What is truly strange is that exactly one month later my dog vanished out of my backyard. I had to go out for a while. I left her outside. I had a five foot wooden fence around the yard. It was locked with a padlock. She wasn't a digger. I got home about nine PM and she was gone. The fence was locked. There was no fur on the ground. There were no holes in the yard. No one could have gotten over the fence, with a thirty-five pound dog, without a ladder. She was just gone.

I miss my dog, but mostly, it bothers me that I have no idea what happened during that time frame. I have severe headaches and strange dreams. I don't like to sleep at night. I have a strange rash all over my body and radiation has been found in the woods behind my house. What happened to me?? - MUFON CMS


Lake Monster Does Exist

Lagarfljótsormurinn, the giant serpent rumored to inhabit the lake Lagarfljót near Egilsstaðir in East Iceland truly exists, as announced on Saturday by the majority of a 13-person truth commission established in 2012 by the Fljótsdalshérað municipal council.

The commission was given the task of determining whether a video of the alleged monster shot by Hjörtur E. Kjerúlf, which went viral, was authentic and whether he was entitled to a prize of ISK 500,000 (USD 4,300, EUR 3,300).

“I was told about the commission’s conclusion and I’d like to say that I’m extremely pleased to confirm that the majority of the commission was right,” Hjörtur told

While concluding that Hjörtur’s video was authentic, the commission determined that a photo shot by Sigurður Aðalsteinsson, who had also made claim to the prize money, did not show the actual serpent.

Hjörtur shot the footage through his kitchen window at farm Hrafnkelsstaðir in Fljótsdalur early one morning in February 2012.

The video was originally posted on the website of national broadcaster RÚV and, after Iceland Review reported on it, reposted multiple times.

The video has now been watched approximately 8 million times and has prompted film crews from abroad to come to the lake in search of the serpent.

Former mayor of Austur-Hérað promised the prize in 1997 to the person presenting evidence of Lagarfljótsormurinn’s existence.

After Hjörtur and Sigurður made claim to the prize, the truth commission was established.

“I’ve long since lost sight of whether its establishment was serious or a joke but we were given the task of taking a position and finish this project,” the commission’s chair Stefán Bogi Sveinsson commented.

The commission also recommended further studies of Lagarfjótsormurinn. - Iceland Review



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