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Appeasing the Spirits

In June 2014, I received an email from a property owner in Cullman County, Alabama concerning odd activity in the woods behind their house. I soon contacted an investigator (Blaine Grant - Huntsville, AL) who was able to interview the witness and explore the location. I received their final report this week:

At the time I was contacted, the family had noticed bright white lights intermittently flashing from deep in the woods.

The house and property was developed and built in 1970 and located in Cullman County, Alabama. The nearest post office is Crane Hill. The witness' family has resided there since 1999. The property is 3.2 acres in size which includes a large yard and woods that surround the house. The property is within 1/2 mile of Lewis Smith Lake.

The activity had started in the Winter of 2011 and was occurring year round. They attempted to capture the light on camera for almost 2 years, but were unsuccessful. Then by chance one of the witness' daughters captured a partial light flash while taking photos in the backyard with a cellphone. The image was unremarkable other than it came from the area of the woods where all the other flashes had emanated. The witness walked throughout the woods several times, but never found the source of the light.

A neighbor who lived approximately 600 ft on the other side of the woods, was asked if they ever noticed any activity. They couldn't recall seeing any lights. After the inquiry, the neighbor started to concentrate on the wooded area. To this date, they have not reported anything unusual.

In early April 2014, while working in the yard one late afternoon, the witness heard "drumming" sounds emanating from the woods. Other members of the family confirmed hearing the same sounds. This continued for almost two weeks. There was also an occasional smell of burning wood, similar to a campfire. No smoke was ever seen.

I have visited the location on 3 occasions, attempting to find evidence for the light flashes and "drumming" sounds. Many digital photos where taken throughout the woods. There were no remarkable artifacts found on the images.

I conducted historical research of the area and concluded that the activity may be connected to Native American spirit energy. In December 2014 I received a reply to a request I made to the Echota Cherokee Tribe. I was told that they believed that the activity was related to the spirits of their ancestors and that they would be willing to investigated.

I was contacted on April 12, 2015 by the property owner who informed me that he met with two members of the Echota Cherokee Tribe at the location. A ritual was conducted at an area where the tribal members thought the activity was emerging.

The witness states that, as of May 15th, all activity in the woods has ceased.

I promise to keep you updated. Blaine Grant

NOTE: I was glad to see that this situation may have been resolved. The names and specific location of the witness and their family (including photos of the property) has been withheld at their request. If I do receive any indication that the activity has resumed, I will revise the post. Lon

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Daily 2 Cents: Top 10 New Species -- Kim Jong-un Rant Scares Staff -- Dentist From Hell

Top 10 New Species: Cartwheeling Spider, Psychedelic Sea Slug

For 20 years, divers off the Japanese coast had wondered what was making mysterious "crop circles" on the ocean floor. In 2014, scientists discovered the culprit behind the intricate patterns—a new species of pufferfish, Torquigener albomaculosus.

Now, this marine artist is being honored as one of the Top 10 New Species for 2015. Since 2008, the State University of New York's International Institute for Species Exploration has recognized the weirdest and most fascinating plants and animals found in the past year.

In addition to the pufferfish, this year's lineup features a cartwheeling spider, a frog that gives birth to live tadpoles, and a sea slug with crazy colors.

The list highlights a small fraction of the approximately 18,000 new species found annually. Almost two million plant and animal species have been named so far, and it's estimated that ten million more await discovery, says Quentin Wheeler, founding director of the institute for species exploration.

However, threats such as habitat loss, pollution, and poaching mean that many species are disappearing before we can identify them.
"I'm concerned that with the biodiversity crisis happening, we are losing species at least as fast as we are discovering them," says Wheeler.

"The importance of this list is that it draws attention to discoveries that are made even as species are going extinct at an alarming rate."

Go to the gallery - Top 10 New Species: Cartwheeling Spider, Psychedelic Sea Slug


Kim Jong-un Rant Scares Staff

His verbal onslaught came just days after the execution by anti-aircraft gun of a defence boss who nodded off in a meeting

North Korean despot Kim Jong-un had a furious rant at staff during a visit to a terrapin farm - leaving them in fear for their lives.

The country's Supreme Leader was pictured wagging his finger at officials in a building full of the terrapin-breeding tanks.

His verbal onslaught came just days after the execution by anti-aircraft gun of a defence boss who nodded off in a meeting.

Kim's latest public appearance was a far cry from the usual smiles and photo-calls of official engagements which have inspired entire web sites devoted to his various official visits.

This time, the dictator featured on a large photo on the front page of state newspaper Rodong Sinmun in the midst of an angry rebuke aimed at farm staff.

He "strongly criticised the shortcoming of its officials as a manifestation of incompetence, outmoded way of thinking and irresponsible work style," the North's official KCNA news agency said.

Kim was very upset as the farm was set up by his late father Kim Jong-Il to "provide the people with tasty and nutritious terrapin widely known as a precious tonic from olden times".

"The employees who failed to bear deep in their minds Kim Jong-Il's leadership exploits could hardly perform their role as masters in production," a furious Mr Kim was quoted as saying.

If all officials were as incompetent as those at Taedonggang Terrapin Farm, then North Korea would never achieve his father's visionary goals, he added.

Terrapin, usually served as a soup, is an expensive delicacy in North Korea. The farm was also set up to breed freshwater lobsters, but failed because of its managers' "irresponsible work style," KCNA said.

The country is about to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Korean Workers' Party (WPK) and there is speculation Kim wanted the terrapins and lobsters for feast days.

KCNA gave no reasons for his displeasure at the farm, located on the outskirts of Pyongyang. But public dressing-downs are rare during his field trips, and will be deeply worrying for those on the receiving end.

Last year, he complained there were "too many incorrect" weather forecasts during a tour of a meteorological station. In 2013, he was pictured berating officials after spotting broken pavements and weeds at an amusement park.

Kim has ordered the execution of 16 officials this year, apparently for questioning his authority, according to South Korean intelligence chiefs.

Last week, defence minister Hyon Yong Chol was executed by anti-aircraft fire as punishment for falling asleep at a military event.

The 66-year-old was not accepted by the younger generation of technocrats who are the core of Kim's regime, according to experts. Former US State Department official John Merrill said there was probably conflict between Kim and the military over funding.

He pointed out that several senior military leaders have been purged while the technocrats seem secure.

This week, Ban Ki-Moon will become the first UN Secretary General to set foot in North Korea for more than 20 years at the Kaesong joint industrial complex.

Mr Ban confirmed his visit to a plant jointly operated by the two Koreas. The last UN chief to go to North Korea was Boutros Boutros-Ghali in 1993. - Kim Jong-Un snaps at turtle farm staff in bizarre rant that left workers fearing for their lives


Horrifying Dentist Allegedly Choked Kids, Took Out Teeth for No Reason

A Florida pediatric dentist and possible demon from your nightmares made flesh is being sued by nearly 50 patients for allegedly performing unnecessary surgery on kids—pulling out their teeth for no reason, and in some cases hitting or choking them.

Parents have been protesting outside Dr. Howard Schneider’s office for three weeks, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 brought national attention to the case on Wednesday, showing cell phone video of a child screaming in Schneider’s chair and interviewing a little girl who ended up with seven teeth pulled instead of just one.

“She was hyperventilating and had blood all over her, marks all over her,” the girl’s mom, Brandi Motley, said. “In the parking lot, she takes her gauze out, and all of her teeth are gone. What happened to all of her teeth?”

The six-year-old said the dentist also hit and choked her.

After Motley put photos of her daughter’s dental horror on Facebook, the parents of the alleged victims started coming forward with their own horror stories, resulting in a class action for assault and battery. (Motley and her daughter dropped out from that suit, but are pursuing a separate medical malpractice case against Schneider).

The families claim Schneider makes parents stay in the waiting room instead of coming back with their kids, possibly so the adults can’t stop him from removing extra teeth.

What would be Schneider’s incentive to do these unnecessary extractions, though? CNN points out that Medicaid pays dental benefits on a per tooth basis, and Medicaid has been very good to Schneider: He’s collected nearly $4 million in reimbursements over the past five years.

“The Florida Attorney General’s office has launched a criminal Medicaid fraud investigation,” CNN reports, “and the claims stretch back decades.”

In 1995, Schneider was sued for malpractice after allegedly putting 16 crowns (sixteen!) in a three-year-old’s mouth. He settled the case for $7,500.

John Phillips, attorney for the class-action plaintiffs, also told WJAX-TV the Justice Department has launched an investigation into Schneider, and plans to meet with him about it in July.

Meanwhile, Schneider’s wife—who was apparently also his longtime office manager—has filed for divorce, his treatment staff has left, and his office isn’t accepting new patients. - Horrifying Dentist Allegedly Choked Kids, Took Out Teeth for No Reason


Hi folks...I have been asked to once again appear on Coast to Coast AM on Sunday (Monday) May 31st. (Midnight - 2AM PT) - The subject will be 'Reptoids in Caves'. Should be interesting...Lon



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The Alien Mummy: The Oldest Hoax In UFO history

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10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

The creepy thing Google knows about you

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The Power of Positive Thinking

Knee Deep in Paradise

Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small

Various Strange Encounters - Part III

I recently received a few interesting and lengthy accounts from a witness in Australia. I've decided to present the incidents in 3 separate posts. The previous post - Various Strange Encounters - Part II:

Dear 'Phantoms and Monsters'

I was reminded of my encounter in the forest in Kent when as a Royal Marine I had stood guard and encountered a similar experience of 'something' on two legs yet so enormously heavy that the very ground shook beneath it's obviously enormous weight.

That night, back in 1959, I was standing guard as a Royal Marine and patrolling the perimeter of the 'bivvy site' (bivouac site) along with a fellow Marine who I had not long previously 'knocked flying' into a ditch when he had got onto the 'wrong side' of me, out in that Kent countryside. We had been returning from a previous 40 mile route-march and I was eager to arrive back at my billet a.s.a.p. for two reasons. We had each put a quid (one pound) into the the kitty which was to be shared between the members of the first 'four man' team to arrive back at our barracks I was in dire need of a share of that kitty. My £7 weekly pay was cut by £3 every week due to an allowance I made to Mum (typical of her she never used the money but would save it for me for when I was home on leave). I was also having to pay a weekly court fine for an 'assault and battery' charge after a fight on the platform of Kingston Railway Station around 'twelve o'clock' one night when on leave and I'd severely 'beaten-up' a 'mouthy' railway porter. This guy was about my own age of 'nineteen', a large, tall fellow who towered over me. I had crossed the railway-line at the railway station to check out a chocolate-machine on another platform and he had yelled at me in an insulting manner that I took exception to. After taking several of his punches due to his infinitely longer reach, I went down under his bull like rush and greater weight. He sat astride my chest and proceeded to punch into my face with his fists. My brother, also a Royal Marine yelled out "let me have him Bri?" I shouted "no!" I'd never been beaten by one bloke before and I wasn't going to be beaten now in spite of my present predicament in that I was pinned down beneath him. His knees pinning my arms to the platform. I then feigned a move in one direction then threw him in another and succeeded in throwing him off me and in landing a vicious blow that sent him sprawling backwards, flat on the platform-floor. I got to my feet and made certain he stayed there by planting a vicious kicks upon his body. I then walked away leaving this mouthy porter lying prone and not moving.

In due course I returned to my barracks and life resumed as normal when we were ushered into a lecture-room by our squad officer a 'second lieutenant' by the name of 'Cross' (by name and by nature). We were lectured about how we should behave when wearing the Queen's uniform in a public place and that they had the task of having to give up their valuable time to attend court on behalf of the Royal Marine in question . My mate sitting next to me gave me a dig with his elbow and suddenly 'the penny dropped'. Following that court hearing in which I was told by an angry judge that he wouldn't hesitate to send me to prison (I had a record for fighting) but for the fact that I was in Her Majesty's forces and an assurance from my accompanying officer that I would be 'dealt with' accordingly on my return to barracks from my 'forty eight hour' leave to appear in court. I duly appeared at the Guildhall criminal court. In the circular corridor that surrounded the numerous courts I espied that officer, his Royal Marine uniform like my own, standing out starkly in that crowded court building. He saw me and came up to me and shouted out loudly that I salute an officer. He did this in front of a large number of men and women assembled in that waiting area. I saluted him seething with anger longing to have him in the boxing-ring but without gloves. Then, ushered into the court-room I faced the judge himself. Preliminary questions were asked of 'officer Cross' and then, in hobbled the porter guy. With dropped jaw I noted he was on crutches and 'bandaged like a mummy'. I gulped in apprehension, suddenly the whole hearing had become very serious. He gave his testimony after which the Judge asked if I had anything I wished to say to the porter? I turned to him and I spoke saying 'firstly, would you say that you were a bigger man than I?" (I was about to add that he was large enough to look after himself and how could I have done that to him. The judge went potty, he banged his gavel down loudly and shouted at me saying that if I wasn't in her Majesty's Forces he wouldn't hesitate to give me a custodial sentence. He then asked my officer if I would be summarily dealt with back at my unit? The officer answered in the affirmative and I was given a hefty fine. Second lieutenant Cross was true to his promise and he made my life 'hell' over the ensuing months. Every Wednesday was 'Officer's Parade' in which we were inspected by our squad officer and every time he would sarcastically 'dress me down' saying my brasses were dirty, my uniform a disgrace and with an evil look on his face and in a sarcastic voice he would order me 'on the flank' and I would incur punishment like an 'extra parade' or 'extra drill' I had to prepare for , polish again my brasses, press my uniform, whiten my belt, 'bull' my AP (army pattern) boots etc in order to attend that 'extra parade' or 'extra drill' and then do the whole 'bulling up' all over again for the next morning's parade. The porter had showed-up at the subsequent court appearance, bandaged like a mummy and hobbling on crutches and I'd come a 'hairs breadth' from incurring a prison sentence but for the fact that I was in the Royal Marines. I had to try to 'keep my nose clean' after that, I didn't of course but that is (again) another story.

But, back to the night of the bivvy in that forest in Kent. I'd had reason to knock one of my Royal Marine 'companions' into a ditch earlier when he had angered me by 'dragging his heels' when we were, or should have been 'speed marching' on our way back to camp after an bivvy. That entailed marching at a fast pace 'uphill' and then jogging on the 'downhills.' Considering the elite corp that the Royal Marines was, some personnel were far from enthusiastic about exerting themselves in a manner appropriate to a Royal Marine and this guy had a 'white tab' on his lapel that labelled him a candidate to be classed as a 'section leader'. What a joke that was. He was a 'crawl arse' who curried favour by giving 'smokes' to the 'battle training' NCO in order to curry favour and who were 'recommended' for their 'white lapel strip' that identified them as a potential 'section leader'. Sadly this seemed to work, currying favours from this particular sergeant and that resulted in this guy being made a 'section leader'. What a bloody joke. I disliked him immensely and he must have felt the same way about me (though he wisely kept that to himself) after I'd knocked him flying into a ditch following fruitless attempt to get the four of us 'speed marching' the twenty-odd miles back to camp had failed. That was the modus operandi that we were supposed to follow. It brought protests from the other three men of my group also and this section leader had 'pulled rank' on me by saying "I'm the section leader here and we'll do as I say!" So I had 'answered' him with my all too ready fists then continued on my own. I had a girlfriend to meet that Saturday afternoon and I wanted to get back to shower and shave and that twit really upset me. As a Royal Marine boxing tournament finalist I had a very effective punch and he ought to have known better than to have upset me :)

On the night of the bivvy I was 'teamed up' to share a bivvy with this same guy of all people. Out of forty men I could have been teamed up with it had to be that idiot. I chose not patrol with him, flouting company orders to do so. I patrolled a different area to be on my own. We carried .303 Lee Enfield' rifles with 'fixed-bayonets' as the area had known previous IRA attacks on military personnel to acquire rifles. The track we were to patrol was one-mile-long with water and petrol carriers at one end and the latrines at the other. I was thus 'elected' to patrol the latrine area as my 'buddy' had already set off to patrol in the opposite direction to the petrol and water carrying vehicles in spite of our being expected to patrol in pairs in case of an IRA attack. The path I was patrolling was well away from the 'bivvy area' and was bordered by a long stretch of high bushes, on the other side of which were extremely large open fields. I was wearing 'battle order' which included SV boots (commando boots) with thick, hard rubber soles and which were 'noiseless' to aid 'stealth'. As I stood at the latrines - a six feet deep trench dug out of the ground and with a plank of wood spanning it and the area lit by a brilliant hissing pressure' lantern. A latrine that demanded a good sound sense of balance :) As I walked slowly along the narrow track I suddenly became aware of an 'electric field' that caused my skin to crawl and my whole body became aware of something 'spirit like' in nature and decidedly malevolent! That 'feeling' was similar to that imparted at the haunted property that we first 'moved into' when I was a boy of nine years, back in 1948, a malevolent feeling, a haunted or danger feeling and it was so intense in the area by the latrines that I hurriedly left the area altogether. I could feel 'unseen eyes' riveted on me and certainly not human ones. I headed off into the darkness to continue my patrol along the track alongside the fields well away from the latrines but which I couldn't see into because of the dense, tall bushes bordering the track along which I patrolled.

As I slowly patrolled this track, perhaps half a mile or more distant from where my 'buddy' was patrolling, I suddenly became aware of the sound of 'something' on the unseen 'other side' of those bushes. Slow, ponderous and unbelievably heavy footfalls as 'something' walked' noisily if casually along on the other side of those tall bushes. Strangely I was much later to experience a similar occurrence whilst 'under canvas' with my nephew Trevor in the bush area of the Otway Ranges in 1993. I was puzzled. How could anyone be so enormously heavy as to make that sound on what was a well trodden earthen trail? The line of scrub ran for some distance, obscuring whatever it was walking so ponderously on the other side. I hesitated to investigate. My skin crawled. I vividly recall that my initial inclination was to get out of there and make for the opposite direction, back towards the bivvy area but I resolutely took a grip of myself and decided to overcome my fear, 'to do my duty' and to 'investigate'. Was I not after all a Royal Marine? Thus did I remind myself as I began to quietly follow, pacing quietly those clearly discernible footfalls that could be felt underfoot. Along that length of track alongside the scrub I patrolled, separated from 'whatever it was' on the other side. I knew that some hundred yards (meters) or so further along there was a break in those dense bushes and that was where I would come 'face to face' with whatever it was. I had to make a conscious effort to 'steel' myself for whatever I would encounter. Whatever it was must have 'weighed a ton' to make the ground tremble like it did. An elephant? A dinosaur? On two legs? What in Heavens name could it be? Those thoughts assailed my mind as I prepared to challenge this potential adversary.

Shortly, I could just discern the 'opening' in the scrub ahead of and to the 'left' of me and gripping my Mark 3 Lee Enfield rifle with fixed bayonet tightly in both hands in 'attack' position, my heart pounding, I quietly walked in time with those elephant-like 'footfalls' and very soon I was approaching that opening in the bushes, very cautiously. As I came to that opening I sprang forward through it to the other side to confront whatever was behind those 'elephant like' footfalls and breaking that 'past midnight' hour of silence I barked loudly in a voice that should have alerted my sleeping Marine companions 'buried' in their bivvies. "Halt, who goes there?" I was met with an ominous silence and by nothing whatsoever was visible. Bright moonlight lit-up that side of the tall scrub and revealed an immense sized and empty field of formally ploughed but now flattened, solid under-foot earth and sparse short grass along the opposite side those bushes. Puzzled, I now walked alongside those bushes on that 'other side', retracing my direction and searching the ground close alongside those bushes with the 'twenty-twenty vision' that I had back in those days. For about fifty yards or so I retraced my steps on that opposite side to that which I had been patrolling. To my surprise and admittedly some relief there was nothing visible whatsoever to be seen. Yet my scalp and flesh crawled with the awareness of an unseen and almost malevolent 'presence'. Greatly disturbed I hastily retreated, retracing my steps, unnerved by the experience and with my hair and skin 'crawling' I made my way quietly back towards the bivvy area and waited out my remaining time beneath a tree to await my relief. The time was about 1AM and I had an hour of my two-hour stag to go. I told no one of my experience and back in my 'hole in the ground' on the leaves and bracket and with bugs and spiders for company, still in full battle order including boots as was the order, I allowed the blissfully, long awaited 'arms of oblivion' to overcome me before the hours of daylight all too quickly brought me back to the sobering, strenuous reality of Royal Marine training.

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