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Daily 2 Cents: Amelia Earhart Plane Fragment Identified -- Time Travel Possible by 2100 -- Sasquatch Watching a Passing Train?

Amelia Earhart Plane Fragment Identified

A fragment of Amelia Earhart's lost aircraft has been identified to a high degree of certainty for the first time ever since her plane vanished over the Pacific Ocean on July 2, 1937, in a record attempt to fly around the world at the equator.

New research strongly suggests that a piece of aluminum aircraft debris recovered in 1991 from Nikumaroro, an uninhabited atoll in the southwestern Pacific republic of Kiribati, does belong to Earhart’s twin-engined Lockheed Electra. The search for Amelia Earhart is about to continue in the pristine waters of a tiny uninhabited island, Nikumaroro, between Hawaii and Australia.

According to researchers at The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR), which has long been investigating the last, fateful flight taken by Earhart 77 years ago, the aluminum sheet is a patch of metal installed on the Electra during the aviator’s eight-day stay in Miami, which was the fourth stop on her attempt to circumnavigate the globe.

The patch replaced a navigational window: A Miami Herald photo shows the Electra departing for San Juan, Puerto Rico on the morning of Tuesday, June 1, 1937 with a shiny patch of metal where the window had been. Continue reading at Discovery


Clown Terror in France

Another teenager in the southern city of Montpellier was sentenced to four months in prison for hitting a passer-by 30 times with an iron bar overnight Saturday. The teen was also kitted out as a clown.

Complaints have poured in recently over "armed clowns" wreaking havoc in various parts of the country -- some carrying pistols, knives or baseball bats -- and police have detained several people over the violent trend.

The phenomenon has even prompted anti-clown vigilantism, forcing police to step in to try and quell the hysteria by saying there have only been a few sightings of the grotesque pranksters.

On Monday, a woman who had just got out of her car in Chelles near Paris called the police, saying two clowns -- one of whom was armed with a fake axe -- had attacked her, a source said.

They escaped when a passer-by armed with a baseball bat tried to stop them, and one of the pranksters was subsequently detained when police spotted him, white make-up still all over his face.

In a separate incident just half an hour afterwards, a dozen people wearing the smiling, white masks associated with the Anonymous hacktivist collective attacked three youths at a station in Melun, also in the Paris suburbs, stealing their mobile phones, the police source added.

Trend seen in the US and Britain

The phenomenon of dressing up as an evil clown and terrifying passers-by -- a trend which has also been seen in the United States and Britain -- cropped up in the north of France in early October.

In the town of Bethune, a 19-year-old received a six-month suspended jail term last week for threatening passers-by while dressed as a clown.

These "clowns" have been "mostly spotted outside schools, but also on public roads, in bushes, in a square. Their targets are often young children or teenagers, but also adults," a police source in northern France told AFP.

And the phenomenon has spread to the south of the country.

Police on Saturday night arrested 14 teenagers dressed as clowns and carrying weapons in the Mediterranean port town of Agde.

In Montpellier, meanwhile, the victim of the fake clown told the court that the costumed assailant had chased him, yelling "give me everything, your telephone, your money, your briefcase," and added he had trouble sleeping and had nightmares since the assault.

The attacker, meanwhile, admitted he was drunk.

Theories abound as to the origin of this trend of violence in a country where Halloween has barely made any inroads.

The suggestions include a challenge launched on social networks, popular videos on YouTube showing a terrifying clown pranking people, or even a recent episode of the popular TV series American Horror Story featuring Twisty the killer clown. - The Local FR


Time travel will be a thing in the year 2100, apparently

Well this is exciting mid-week news if ever we heard it: time travel is going to be an actual thing by the year 2100 (maybe). That's if a bunch of UK scientists are to be believed, anyway.

A number of physicists from Imperial College London and the University of Glasgow have predicted that time machines could actually be a legitimately possible thing within about 85 years, and that teleportation could be just another mode of transport by the year 2080. So we can all look forward to telling Ryanair to do one in 70 years time, then.

And in the most exciting part of the research, which comes from The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair - or maybe just the part that tells us this might all be a great big elaborate joke *checks calendar to make sure it's not April 1st* - an invisibility cloak a la the wonderful Harry Potter himself could be ready and available to use within 15 years. FIFTEEN YEARS. Which is basically nothing.

But - and this'll shut the doubting Thomas' amongst us RIGHT up - apparently prototypes of invisibility cloaks are already in existence, with the science behind them seeming to be pretty sorted.

Imperial College physicist, Professor Chris Phillips, explained. "One way to create an 'invisibility cloak' is to use adaptive camouflage, which involves taking a film of the background of an object or person and projecting it onto the front to give the illusion of vanishing," he said. Which is basically what we would have said if someone asked us how we thought it would work, too. Ahem.

Excitingly, he revealed: "We're actually not that far away from this becoming a reality – rudimentary technology versions of this have already been created. It's entirely feasible that we could see a 'Harry Potter'-like invisibility cloak within the next 10 to 20 years."

Well butter my beer and call me a mudblood, this is TOO MUCH excitement for one evening.

And Dr. Mary Jacquiline Romero, from the University of Glasgow's School of Physics and Astronomy also had the presence of mind to explain how teleportation would work for those of us who aren't quite of the same scientific brain-power that she is.

"Teleporting a person, atom by atom, will be very difficult and is of course a physicist's way, but perhaps developments in chemistry or molecular biology will allow us to do it more quickly," she said. But promisingly, she added: "The good thing about teleportation is that there is no fundamental law telling us that it cannot be done."

It's just time travel that'll be the real tough cookie to crack, but according to Colin Stuart, author of The Big Questions in Science, it's already been achieved. "But only in tiny amounts," he hastened to add. "I would say we are looking at 2100 as a very optimistic timescale for travelling weeks into the future."

Well that's as good a word to take as any. Now we've just got to work out a way to stay alive and make sure we see it. - Cosmopolitan


Click image for larger version

Sasquatch Watching a Passing Train?

Picture was taken on a cell phone from a moving train near Hayden Lake, Idaho. 8-19-2014. (The creature is enlarged in the square on the right)

--Ricky B.


Zombie Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver

NUNICA, MI — A Muskegon man was hospitalized late Saturday night after being struck by a hit-and-run driver while he was walking away from a party to smoke.

Ottawa County Sgt. Matt Wilfong said Jeffrey Alan Stiles, 45, of Muskegon suffered non-life threatening injuries after being struck by a car on Main Street near Cass Street in Nunica about 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 25.

Stiles was walking in the traffic lane of Main Street smoking a cigarette when he was struck. The driver fled north in an unknown vehicle.

Wilfong said Stiles, who had been at a party, was in costume at the time.

“While he was outside, he decided to walk along the roadway to scare cars, as he was dressed like a zombie for the Halloween party,” he said.

Stiles was listed in good condition at Hackley Hospital on Sunday morning.



Priest performs exorcism in family home after boy shares bath with a ghost

My grandma, the poisoner

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Space agency attempted to steal evidence of extraterrestrial life, claims Sri Lankan politician

Phenomenology of Spirit

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Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records: The Book of Life

Adding to the List

I recently received the following narrative from a longtime reader:

Lon - Since the Hinsdale House mentioned in your blog is about a 1/2 hour ride from me, I thought I'd share my ghostly experiences with you.

For most of my life I lived in my father's home in Lancaster NY (Buffalo area). The house was 8,700 sq feet. A huge rambling place located about a mile from the main road. It was torn down in the late 1990's to make way for a new modern club house. That property is now an 18 hole golf course and country club.

When I was perhaps 6 or 7 years old my parents would go out to dinner and I'd lock myself in my bedroom until their return. One night I was reading when from the corner of my eye I noticed movement. Looking up I saw a spectre travel through the room and pass through the locked door. This happened with some regularity and being a tough little kid I was only curious. (It was in that same house that I experienced out of body travel.)

Some years later I was caring for my aged mother. That home is located in Akron NY. She was dying. Finally one evening she did pass on and being exhausted I went to bed after the undertaker picked her up. I fell instantly to sleep but then I was having a nightmare.

Suddenly I was shaken on the shoulder and heard mom say "Wake up, your dreaming." It has always been my nature to wake up instantly and put my feet to the floor. It was then that I saw my mothers shadow pass out of the room through the locked door. I thanked her and went back to sleep.

I never liked the house in Akron so sold it and went on a search for an old home in rural America. Found my present home in Hunt NY.(14846) An early 1800's house with an 1800's addition and a 1900's garage. Located on a large farm it offered a beautiful view of a valley and only one neighbor.

My friend Dan went with me to look at the house, the realtor gave me the lock code to look at it. Dan and I walked through the empty house taking it in. I liked the place, and when we went into the garage I told him I was going to buy it. The garage is very large and at the time empty. After walking inside the garage I noticed some cash laying on the floor. $20.00 which was definitely not there when we first walked in. I asked Dan if he had lost the money, but he is the type who only carries credit cards. So I picked up the cash and said to the house "Thank you, we'll have lunch on this."

I bought the house, and my very first night sleeping there I awoke smelling cigar smoke. Thinking someone was outside, I said to myself 'now who is outside my house smoking?" and then said "Who is outside my house?" realizing that the house is so far from others. Then it hit me, it was a spirit of someone who had previously lived there.

A few days after moving in a lady came to the house and introduced herself as the previous owner. She had sold the place when her sons had married and she no longer needed a large house. It was sold to another party who lost it to the bank. I bought it from the bank.

I asked her if anyone in her family had smoked a cigar. She looked at me quizzically and said that yes her husband's brother had come to stay some years back. He was dying. Since she didn't allow smoking in the house he would go outside to enjoy his cigar. I believe his name was Harry. (Uncle Harry)

Uncle Harry's cigar smoke is a fairly regular night-time treat.

Some months later I smelled the perfume/cologne of a woman. This odor was quite pleasant and smelled of fresh flowers. I don't know of any products that are now made with a similar odor. I figure she was a past resident from the 1800's.

Another lady has also appeared, wearing a much more modern cologne. Maybe 1970's. Turns out she was a regular summer guest of the family. She stayed through each summer until her death. Don't know if she died in the house.

Finally my mother occasionally visits. She enjoyed Channel #5. However she interacts physically as well. She always disliked me spending time on the computer. I was compiling a book on mythology at the time and she didn't understand my need to be at the computer for long hours. She lets me know she still dislikes my computer time by stroking the back of my hand with a finger when I'm working.

Here in Hunt I've not seen any spectre, just smelled their particular odors and of course my mother's finger.

On rare occasions I still receive money from the other inhabitants of the house. Money that I know I didn't drop. Usually cent pieces but occasionally small bills as well. Always older money.

I've no intention but to remain in this home until I die and add to the list of ethereal residents. I truly enjoy living here.

Cheers, BF

Living With Ghosts Understanding and Managing Paranormal Activity Within Your Home

Ghosts Among Us: Uncovering the Truth About the Other Side

Ghosts: True Encounters with the World Beyond

Seneca Possessed: Indians, Witchcraft, and Power in the Early American Republic (Early American Studies)

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

North Georgia Mothman

In December 2010 I received an email from a woman (who I will refer to as 'EW') from north Georgia who thought she had encountered a Mothman. After many months of correspondence, the witness agreed to allow me to post the event in July 2011, but only under strict circumstances. She reviewed this post and agreed to the following content being published:

Hello - I am hoping you can shed some light on an incident I had a few years ago. I was twenty-five at the time and was driving to my friend CW's house. It was quiet at 11:30 pm as I drove south on an old country road off of (redacted) highway near (redacted) in north Georgia. Very few people pass this way because it leads to nothing but a small group of houses. I turned on the radio but nothing came on. I figured it was a blown fuse but then I started to hear weird scratching sounds coming through the speakers. It sounded like a distant voice but I couldn't understand what it was saying.

Suddenly, something flew in front of the car and hit the windshield with enough size and force that it totally mangled the grill and hood. I immediately stopped the car. I heard what sounded like wings flapping on the roof, but then something rolled down the back window onto the trunk then eventually on to the road. I thought I killed whatever it was. A woman in a truck had pulled up from behind and said she saw the thing hit the road. She said that it's eyes were glaring bright red. As we looked more closely at this thing it resembled a man with large bat-like wings. The woman walked back to her truck and pulled a shotgun from the back and pointed it at this bat-like creature.

It was starting to move and we backed off. It slowly stood up on two large raptor-like claws, turned and stared directly at us with those terrible bright red eyes. The woman pumped the shotgun. It slowly levitated off the ground with wings spread until it was about 10 foot up then instantly, it let out a deafening screech as it just disappeared with a loud 'swoosh'. The woman (who I found out later was CW's aunt) and I just looked at each other.

This thing had the body of a well-built man. It had no feathers but charcoal gray skin like that of a bat with some hair on the shoulders and around the eyes and legs. When it spread its wings, it had the span of 12 foot or more. I estimate it was about 8 foot tall. It had no head however, just the eyes embedded on the shoulders that had brows. I didn't notice a mouth or nose. There is no way I was going to report this and CW's aunt totally agreed. We both drove off to CW's house. I was so shook up I stayed the night.

The next morning, I went outside to inspect the car. There was a huge crack in the windshield and the grill was mangled beyond repair. The hood also had a deep 25 inch dent. I started to walk back to the house when I noticed something lying in the grass beside the garage. It was CW's Golden Retriever lying dead from massive lacerations up and down its back. I just knew that thing did it.

That was 3 years ago and I constantly dream of this creature. I was told by a friend that I had encountered a Mothman. It looked more like a Batman to be honest. I decided to look up a few of the sightings by others and saw your name and blog. Many of the images on Google were very similar to what I saw. I wrote to someone else about a year ago but they never got back to me. I have included 2 of the images I think look the most like the creature I hit with my car that night. Could you contact me at this email? Thank you for your time. EW

NOTE: I contacted EW and tried to answer her questions. I have no doubt she witnessed a winged humanoid and most likely a Mothman. She agreed to let me post the incident provided I leave out several of the more personal points from the original email. I will say that EW has experienced many of the same anomalous events claimed by a few of the original Point Pleasant, WV witnesses...including some I discovered myself through research and witness interviews. Since the time I originally posted this account, several media sources in north Georgia have requested permission to re-publish...which I have allowed. Lon

The Mothman Prophecies: A True Story

Mothman: The Facts Behind the Legend

Return of the Prophecies of Mothman

Encounters with Flying Humanoids: Mothman, Manbirds, Gargoyles & Other Winged Beasts

Daily 2 Cents: 'Hinsdale House' Property & Environs -- Zoo Haunted by Former Keeper -- Ghosts, ‘Annabelle’ and Ouija Boards

'Hinsdale House' Property & Environs

Yesterday I posted information in reference to the Hinsdale House haunting. Over the past few days, and for unknown reasons, my attention has been directed to this location. Honestly, I did not have much knowledge of the circumstances, other than what I was told by Rev. Tim Shaw...who has investigated the property on several occasions. But during this past weekend, I received constant references to the events surrounding the hauntings. There is no doubt, in my mind, that I'm acquiring celestial & ethereal directives.

So...what's this mean? Well, I suppose I'm going to make an effort to examine the activity...through research, intuitive investigation and astral perception. Stay tuned...Lon


Houston Zoo Haunted by Former Keeper

The Houston Zoo has a rich and colorful past, and most native Houstonians have their own anecdote of growing up visiting the elephants, chimps, and lions.

Most Houstonians though probably aren't aware that the Houston Zoo could still be haunted by its former first zookeeper and lion tamer who was shot and killed on premises under questionable circumstances. This week as Halloween festivities hit a fever pitch, we look back at one of the city's most popular hauntings.

Hans Nagel was a German who was employed by the city of Houston in 1922 to work at the zoo and act as the face of the park, wowing visitors young and old with his ability to tame wild beasts on site. These days his animal training style, which was more circus than respectful, can be seen as off-putting to animal lovers.

"He was of Dutch ancestry and born in Germany although he allegedly reported to immigration authorities in 1932 that his birthplace was Tobin, Texas. He trained at the Hagenbeck Animal Company in Germany," according to the Houston Public Library's archives.

He was a media sensation, the Houston Zoo's official blog notes, and was popular fodder for newsreels. His weekly lion taming shows were recommended entertainment. Nagel also saddled and rode and a zebra, winning a bet amongst friends.

His exploits earned him permanent citizenship even while his entry into the United States was disputed.

Nagel carried a pistol at his side at all times and was known to have to use it to scare off intruders from the zoo.

According to the Texas Archive of the Moving Image, by 1925 the zoo would house some 400 animals, and Nagel would be named its director soon after.

"Nagel was awarded a gold medal by the city of Houston for his heroics in saving a visitor from being mauled by the zoo's Bengal Tiger," according to the archive. It's still not clear if it was a zoo visitor or an employee that was saved from the tiger's jaws by a shot from Nagel's trusty pistol.

Given his stature in the community and role at park, he was given a commission as a "special police officer" by the Houston Police Department, according to the zoo.

It was taken from him in 1929 after a dispute with officials and what some called several abuses of power.

As the Houston Zoo’s former press agent Brian Hill wrote in October 2012, the story of how Nagel met his end is shady at best, but par the course for Houston over 70 years ago.

"Whether the revocation of the commission was the source of his conflict with the park patrol officers, the dispute festered for years and finally boiled over on a quiet Monday afternoon in November 1941 when Nagel confronted a park police officer who had spotted him behind a hedge in the park observing three teenagers in a parked car.

According to witness statements, the officer asked the teens if they knew they were being watched. As Nagel emerged from the bushes, the officer directed Nagel to his patrol car for a trip downtown to discuss "whose business it was policing the park."

When he attempted to handcuff the zoo manager, Nagel resisted and reached for his holstered side arm, a 9mm Luger. But the officer drew first and Nagel was felled by six shots. A grand jury later acquitted the officer, citing self-defense.

At the time it was called a "jurisdictional dispute," though the concept of a grown man peeking in on teens possibly necking in the park is creepy enough.

"These days we are much more conscious of the animals' well-being, and Nagel's style is obviously not how things are at the zoo now," says zoo spokesperson Jackie Wallace. You also won't find zoo staff carrying a 9mm Luger at their side either.

If you are one to believe in ghosts, it would make sense that his restless spirit was doomed to roam his earthly stomping grounds. Some say that at night the ghost of Nagel haunts the Houston Zoo's commissary where employees have reported eerie happenings and strange shadows.

Houstonians that visit the zoo's upcoming Zoo Lights holiday exhibit should probably keep an eye out for the zoo's ghostly keeper too. That creaky door could be Hans saying hello. - Chron


Former residents of Brentwood 'demon' house dispute book's claims

In his recently released book The Demon of Brownsville Road: A Pittsburgh Family’s Battle with Evil in Their Home former Allegheny County Commissioner Bob Cranmer said he and his family lived for 18 years in a haunted house in Brentwood before an exorcism chased out the demonic infestation in 2006.

They said they’ve seen blood running down the walls and heard pounding on the walls and mysterious footsteps in the hallways. Family members have awakened with mysterious scratches on their legs or said they’ve been tripped or pushed by the demon.

The book has become popular with people of faith — who see it as a testament to Mr. Cranmer’s devotion to Christianity — and those who are intrigued by the paranormal, boosted by a 2011 Discovery Channel documentary detailing the exorcism.

The publisher Berkley Books, part of the multinational Penguin Group, says the book is a “true and accurate report of the events.” Mr. Cranmer said it has sold out of its first printing of 10,000 copies, and he has done dozens of television and radio interviews across the country, and his book signings at local libraries and bookstores have drawn droves of people.

But is it true? Members of two families who owned the house prior to the Cranmers, and a third family whose ancestor Mr. Cranmer says fueled the evil in the home, say the events involving their families are not true or accurate.

“I can imagine they would be” upset by the negative depiction of their relatives in the book, Mr. Cranmer, 58, said in an interview. “But the last thing I want is to get into a he-said-she-said with people who weren’t there when I heard what I wrote.”

The families who lived in the house at 3406 Brownsville Road before him point out that much of what Mr. Cranmer says he knows about their experiences there came from conversations he had with their parents, who are now all deceased.

Members of the families, who lived in the home for a combined 47 years before Mr. Cranmer bought it in 1988, have a common objection to the book: The author asserts that they had paranormal experiences similar to what he and his family experienced there.

“Other than squirrels in the walls, I never experienced anything there,” said Karen Dwyer, 59, who lived in the house for seven years in the 1950s and 1960s, after her mother, Barbara Paisley, got divorced and moved in with her parents. Ms. Paisley’s parents, Walter and Margaret Wagner, owned the home from 1941 to 1979. “My mother never said anything about the house being haunted. My grandmother never said anything about the house being haunted. And my grandfather never said anything about the house being haunted.”

“If he wants to go and write it from 1988 and go forward, do it; I don’t care,” said Ms. Dwyer, who still lives in Brentwood. “But if you want to lie about other people and things that happened before that, well no, that’s not right.”

Her brother, Ken Wilock, 58, and their uncle, Walter Wagner Jr., 79, both said they never had any experiences either.

Mr. Cranmer writes at one point that Ms. Dwyer and Mr. Wilock’s mother, Mrs. Paisley — whom he never names directly — told him before she died in 2009 that the Wagners had a family dog that seemed “to sense the presence of a ‘spirit’ and would go from room to room apparently looking for it.”

“That’s interesting,” said Mr. Wagner, who was 6 when his parents bought the home in 1941, and visited regularly as an adult, “because we never had a dog, and my parents didn’t like to have pets.”

As for the family who bought the home from the Wagners in 1979, “We have no evidence of anything like [Mr. Cranmer describes in his book] ever happening in the house,” said Michael Joyce, 40, who lives in Baldwin now and lived in the Brentwood home from age 5 to 14 until his parents sold the home to the Cranmers. Both his parents died in the past 13 months.

Mr. Cranmer, who still lives in the home, said he knew the families would not be happy with the book: “I was waiting for this [reaction from the families] to happen. But I thought after the Joyces died, it might not.”

Mr. Cranmer asserts that the house has had this demonic infestation since it was built in 1910. He writes that the Wagners — who bought the home from the original owners, the Malicks — and the Joyces knew about the evil there. Despite that, Mr. Cranmer maintains that the Wagners sold the home to the Joyces without telling them about what they experienced, and the Joyces — whom Mr. Cranmer renames the “McHenrys” in the book — then sold it to the Cranmers without telling them.

The result, Mr. Cranmer writes, is that he, his wife, Lesa, and their three sons and one daughter, unwittingly moved into a home filled with an evil presence that physically and emotionally attacked them, nearly destroying the family.

He writes that the land itself was cursed after some settlers were murdered there by Native Americans in the 1700s, and that evil grew when one of the workmen building the house in 1909 and 1910 put a curse on the home.

That evil was then inflamed, he writes, in the 1920s and 1930s when a local doctor, James C. Mahan Sr. — whom Mr. Cranmer names only as “Dr. M” — began renting out space in the home from the Malicks to perform illegal abortions that killed “a lot” of children, and at least one of the mothers.

As a child, Mr. Cranmer, who grew up in Brentwood, always had an interest in the stately house. He was told in 2012 by a Catholic “intuitive,” Connie Valenti of Aspinwall, that the reason he was long “drawn” to the home was so that he would be the one to fight the evil.

In 2005 and 2006, when Mr. Cranmer says the demonic infestation reached its peak, Ms. Valenti worked with the Rev. Ronald Lengwin, spokesman for the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, in trying to find the source of evil.

Father Lengwin had been assigned to work with Mr. Cranmer then, he says, after a friend — former Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy — asked then-Pittsburgh Bishop Donald Wuerl to help.

In the book’s epilogue, Mr. Cranmer says Ms. Valenti told him he was chosen to fight the evil because she believed from her visions that he was a reincarnated child who died in the home after an illegal abortion, a procedure that also ended in the death of his mother.

“I’m still puzzled by it, can’t say that I fully believe it,” he writes, “but it is intriguing.”

Most of the allegations against Dr. Mahan Sr. are based on Ms. Valenti’s visions, which were passed on to Mr. Cranmer by Father Lengwin. He describes those visions as well as a series of rumors and old stories Mr. Cranmer says he was told by Brentwood residents over the years that Dr. Mahan Sr. was a limping, profane drunk who was also not a very good doctor, and his wife was often drunk, too.

Neither Ms. Valenti, nor Father Lengwin, nor Mr. Cranmer said they had any documentation to these claims against Dr. Mahan Sr., or the claim of the worker putting a curse on the house.

“I don’t need to verify it in order to tell the story,” Father Lengwin said in an interview.

Ms. Valenti said in an interview that what is in the book “is all true” and “I can only tell you what I saw” in her visions.

Father Lengwin said he had no problem with those stories being printed in the book because Dr. Mahan Sr. is never directly named and “we didn’t accuse anyone of anything.”

Though he concedes “Dr. M” is Dr. Mahan Sr., when initially asked about him, Mr. Cranmer said: “Well, I didn’t identify him in the book, so I’m not going to discuss him.”

Two of Dr. Mahan Sr.’s grandchildren were upset by the description of their grandparents.

“Wow. Wow,” said Anita Mucha, 60, when told by a reporter what the book says, since she hadn’t read it. “I’ve never heard anything about” such allegations.

Ms. Mucha, who lived in Brentwood for much of her life before moving to Upper St. Clair, is the daughter of the late James C. Mahan Jr., one of Dr. Mahan Sr.’s two sons. She was 4 when Dr. Mahan Sr. died in 1958, and has few memories of her grandfather.

Her brother Dean Mahan, 58, said he knew enough of his family’s history to know that part of the allegation against his grandfather — that he performed illegal abortions in the 1920s and 1930s in the home — did not fit the timeline.

“My grandfather wasn’t even there on Brownsville Road [in Brentwood] then,” he said in an interview.

Dr. Mahan Sr. did not move into a home down the street from Mr. Cranmer’s home until sometime in the 1940s after he filed for divorce with his wife.

The local press covered a weeklong hearing in the divorce case in 1942 because of some scandalous allegations the doctor lodged against his wife and the prominence of the family. The doctor later retracted the allegations and they never divorced.

Dean Mahan said the general description in the book of when and where Dr. Mahan Sr. practiced “is definitely correct.”

“But part of that, about the character he’s describing, he’s writing his character to enhance his book or to entice his audience,” he said. “It’s just not true.” - Post-Gazette


The truth about ghosts, ‘Annabelle’ and Ouija boards

“People just instinctually feel that there are other beings around them during this time.” Psychic Cari Roy says this is the time of year when the veil between the living and dead is the thinnest. “If you are usually having a busy signal throughout the rest of the year, this is the time when your call is going to go through.”

If you think you’ve encountered a spirit or form of paranormal activity, Roy says the best tools aren’t ghost-hunting gadgets, they’re your own instincts and rationality.

“If there’s a knock on the door, hey, it might just be the postman, it’s not necessarily going to be some ghoul trying to work their way into your life. So you eliminate those things that could possibly be the explanations and if there are no other explanations, then chances are there is something paranormal,” says Roy.

But separating reality from fantasy can be tricky. Is there any truth behind the Hollywood horror stories?

“Annabelle, it’s a doll, it’s innocent… By infusing that with something nefarious, something evil, it makes us all scared because if a doll isn’t sacred and just the sign of childhood innocence then it feels like no place is safe. I’ve never experienced that, although, in New Orleans we have our tradition with voodoo dolls and in that respect sometimes dolls can be used for bad purposes.”

“ Ouija boards, spirit boards of themselves are just a piece of particle board. That by itself, it’s an inanimate object it’s not evil, but what happens I think is that people unprepared go in and mess around and you don’t want to open doors that you don’t know how to close. The departed, really ghosts, hauntings all of those things, those are human beings that just don’t have bodies anymore. There are going to be a certain amount of people in the spirit population that are up to no good the way the same way there are a sector of people in the living world up to no good,” says Roy.

Given New Orleans history, if it’s spirits that you seek, you’re in the right place.

“New Orleans is without question, America’s most haunted city. There’s drinking, there’s drama and those are the ingredients to a haunting.” - WGNO



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