Saturday, August 01, 2015

Sustained UFO Activity Over Fort Detrick, MD

I received the following account last evening. Is Fort Detrick, a United States Army Medical Command installation and an integral part of the United States biological defense program, being monitored by otherworldly factions?:

I work at a government facility so I'd like to remain anonymous. I have to report what I see though. I recently moved to Frederick, MD. About a month or so ago I started noticing an unusual light in night sky. At first glance one may think it to be a star, but when compared against other stars in the night sky it is very prominent. It gives off the same glow, color wise, as fire. An orange hue with red hues.

My girlfriend gets off at night and we travel practically the same route every time we're going home. I have seen this anomaly almost every night and it always appears in pretty much the same spot every time I see it. The first time that I really began paying attention it was after midnight and there were no cars on the road with me. I stopped my car in the middle of the road and watched this thing.

You can tell that while it is staying in one spot, it is hovering in place, as if the wind is affecting its stability. I've been watching this for weeks now and the fact that there are nights when it is not there strikes me as odd.

Last night struck me as even more odd because at some point during my drive it vanished. Usually it will remain in the spot until I go in the house, but last night by the time I turned on to my street it was gone.

I live across the street from Ft. Detrick and this light is positioned as if it is monitoring the base.

NOTE: Frederick, MD has had a history of anomalous activity, including odd UFO activity. I live about 30 minutes from this location (and near many other government installations). The Baltimore/Washington DC area has had an increase in the number of UFO sightings in recent years. What does it mean? Lon

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Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Germ Laboratory

Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America

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Daily 2 Cents: An Astral Perception Perspective -- Giant Land Snail Invasion! -- Live Television Exorcism

An Astral Perception Perspective

"The body is our general medium for having a world." - Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Let's get a bit 'metaphysical' for a minute. Frequently, someone will inquire about astral perception and the procedure used to gather information.

Over the past few years, I commenced in energizing my life-long intuitive and clairvoyant abilities. During this period, I attained techniques for gathering information on spiritual targets by using my subspace mind. In other words, I shift my awareness from one place to another through astral perception.

There is a wide belief that all humans are composite beings, meaning that we have two fundamental sides...a body and a soul. In the language of astral perception the soul is known as the ‘subspace aspect’ of a person...basically the non-physical component of a human being. When death occurs the physical body is no longer a composite being but continues to exist as a subspace entity. The physical realm of solid matter is both separate from and connected to subspace.

The subspace mind recognizes and processes data differently from the physical mind. You are not inducing an altered state of consciousness. Instead, you are following a set of procedures that allows you to shift your attention from one area of your perception to another.

Science, for the most part, does not accept astral perception. Those who do believe and study perception protocols want to converse with scientists, but often do not want to talk with the public. Scientists do not want to converse with those who study perception protocols, but the general public does want to learn. Is it a paradox or a failure of perception?

The question, "Is the glass half empty or half full?” demonstrates the way beliefs can be perceived in different ways. In the case of visual perception, some people can actually see the form of external stimuli in their mind's eye. Those who are not picture thinkers may not necessarily perceive changes in the same manner. Each person’s knowledge creates their own reality as much as the truth, because the human mind can only contemplate that to which it has been exposed...Lon

"Every exit is an entry somewhere." - Tom Stoppard

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Giant Land Snail Invasion!

Authorities in Florida have been attempting to curb the recent influx of the world's largest gastropod.

With shells measuring up to 18cm in length this huge species of snail was first discovered in the state four years ago when a specimen turned up in Miami. Ever since then however their population has been spiraling out of control and authorities have struggled to keep them in check.

As an invasive species the snails have been creating havoc, not only due to their penchant for eating through numerous types of local plant life but for their tendency to carry infectious diseases.

"The fact is they're a human and animal health threat and they're a threat to Florida's agriculture," said state agriculture department spokesman Mark Fagan. "We can't let the population continue."

The snails have also proven particular resilient to extermination with organic pesticides failing to work and attempts to use metaldehyde pellets thwarted by their tendency to climb up trees.

The problem has become so bad that local officials have even set up a special 'snail hotline' so that workers can be quickly dispatched to a location when one of the creatures is sighted.

In total more than 158,000 of the snails have been removed over the last four years. Read more at Florida invaded by giant African land snails


Live Television Exorcism

Discovery's Destination America network will be broadcasting an exorcism live on television this year.

The program, which will be called 'Exorcism: Live!', is set to revisit the house that inspired author William Peter Blatty's novel The Exorcist as well as William Friedkin's 1973 adaptation of it.

Both were based on the real-life exorcism of a young boy from Cottage City, Maryland in 1949.

"The live event will take place at the original Exorcist House in the suburbs of St. Louis where the infamous ritual was performed on Roland Doe in 1949," the show's promotional material reads.

"No one has ever attempted to rid the lurking spirits and demons that inhabit this home, until now.."

The broadcast is set to feature a detailed paranormal investigation of the house as well live coverage of the exorcism that will seek to banish evil spirits from the building.

The program is set to coincide with the 66th anniversary of the original Maryland exorcism.

"As we step into one of the most haunted and well-known spirit destinations in America, Exorcism: Live! will show exactly what is inside this infamous, highly dangerous and possessed home," said Destination America's General Manager Marc Etkind.

Whether anything paranormal will happen during the broadcast however remains to be seen.

Exorcism Live! airs on Destination America on Friday, Oct. 30 at 9/8c.


Animal Psychic Claims Cecil the Lion Has Shared a Very Profound Message

'Let not the actions of these few men defeat us or allow darkness to enter our hearts'

The Internet pretty much exploded over the news that American dentist Walter James Palmer had killed Zimbabwe’s beloved lion, Cecil. Some people responded by signing a petition to extradite Palmer. Others flooded his Yelp page with negative reviews. (PETA simply called for his death.)

But Karen Anderson, who calls herself an “animal communicator,” responded to all this by getting in touch with the departed lion himself. She said on Facebook that she was able to communicate with him and received a “profound message.” Here’s her post, complete with Cecil’s message:

So, according to Cecil, it is now time for us all to move on.


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The Stargate Conspiracy: The Truth about Extraterrestrial life and the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Cuba Humanoid Reports

If you listened to the most recent Arcane Radio presentation, our guest Albert Rosales and I were discussing sightings in Cuba and the possibility that new reports will surface when more political restrictions are lifted. You can listen to the podcast at --> Arcane Radio Live Show Archive: 7.27.2015 with Albert Rosales In the meantime, Albert has forwarded several humanoid reports from Cuba:

Location. Near Guines Cuba
Date: 1930 Time: midnight
Medical Doctor and Cuban naval captain, Dr. M.T. Alvarez was driving over a bridge on the road between Guines and La Habana when the car headlights illuminated a short figure less than 2ft tall standing on the road ahead. The naval captain thinking that it was a “lost child” stopped his car and approached the figure, grabbing it under its arms and attempting to lift it. But he was stunned as he realized that the figure was extremely heavy and he could not budge it. Somewhat afraid the witness left the small entity alone and went back into his vehicle, immediately leaving the area.

HC addition # 261
Source: quoting Patricio Bosch, Editora Corripio
Republica Dominicana 2001 also Dr. Sergio Cervera


Location. Meller, Escambray, Cuba
Date: March 1933 Time: evening
On holly Friday 12-year old Onelia Fernandez was collecting mangos next to a river located close to her house. She had been warned to come back home early due to the local superstition dealing with holy Friday. Suddenly her mother notices a strange figure carrying Onelia and dragging her towards the river. Armed with sticks and knives several family members immediately ran to her aid. The bizarre figure accosted by sticks and rocks dropped Onelia, who was now unconscious and flew away across the river. The creature was described as tall, black with large claws and huge wings; it emitted loud screeching noises as it fled the scene.

HC addendum
Source: Hugo Franco Parrados “Bestiario Tropical” Type: E
Comments: Early report of Mothman type creature


Location. La Habana, Cuba
Date: 1944 Time: 09:00 a.m.
Living in the neighborhood of Manrique & Campanario the 5-year old witness was in his bedroom when he saw what appeared to be pinkish smoke forming in the street just outside his window, the pinkish smoke took the form of what appeared to be a television screen about 30” in width. Within the screen he then saw a square-shaped room where he saw several of what appeared to be cushions on the floor, the figure of a man then began to materialize. He could not judge the height of the individual, which then seemed to approach the witness. The witness described the figure as having Asiatic features, shoulder length silvery-white hair. The eyes were slanted, and without pupils. The figure wore a long light gray robe, and his skin was pale. He wore a silvery belt strap around his neck and three silvery stripes on his forearms. The being spoke to the witness in Spanish admonishing like the child that he was, pointing out that he should behave with his parents and respect them always. At this point the witness heard something fall behind him; looking back he noticed that his mother had apparently passed out upon walking into the room and seeing the witness and the humanoid. The figure then faded away while the witness and the housemaid, Isolina Diaz helped his mother recuperate.

HC addendum
Source: Enrique Arias, Contactados Cubanos, Ovnis Cubanos Type: E
High Strangeness Index: 7
Reliability of Source: 7
Comments: Rare report of early “bedroom visitation” from Cuba.


Location. Near Camajuani, Santa Clara, Cuba
Date: March 3 1952 Time: 11:00 a.m.
Juan Gonzalez was on his way to visit his girlfriend and to buy some plantains when suddenly he was covered in a bright light that seemed to pull him up into the sky. He tried to resist but he kept rising up into the sky, all he could see above him was a very bright light, nothing else. Moments later he found himself in a very large and clean room, which was lit up by bright blue lights. Gonzalez remained suspended in mid-air. He then heard a door shut behind him and assumed it was the same one he used to enter the room. Very afraid, he thought he was going to die. Suddenly his clothing and shoes were suddenly removed by unseen hands. Ashamed of being totally naked he tried to cover himself but could not move his hands. He then heard some voices that seemed to approach his location but could not see anything, only bright blue lights. He then fell asleep and later woke up in the same location where he had been originally ‘picked up’ he was now lying on the grass and was fully clothed, including shoes. He then walked to a nearby house and was approached by numerous locals screaming, “He is back, he is back!” Confused, he was stunned when they told him that he had been missing for almost a month, the date was already April 3. However no one believed Gonzalez when he told them what had happened to him.

HC addendum
Source: Rene Batista Moreno, Revista SIGNOS Cuba Type: G


Location. General Carrillo, near Remedios, Cuba
Date: 1955 Time: early morning
Estela Caso was washing some clothing on a field near her home when she suddenly heard a voice from behind her shouting “Tierra, Tierra, Tierra!” (Means Earth!), when she turned around she saw a ‘man’ wearing a strange suit and a helmet on his head. She began to scream and this apparently also startled the tall stranger, who looked down on her intently. Suddenly the stranger pulled a lever on his suit and he rose up into the air at very high speed, a strong gaseous cloud enveloped the witness causing her to have trouble breathing. She was taking to the nearby hospital of “Emma Cabrera” where she was treated by doctors.

HC addendum
Source: Rene Batista Moreno, Revista SIGNOS Cuba Type: E
Comments: Early report describing a flying humanoid, apparently using some type of apparatus. Translated by Albert S Rosales


Location. Near Remedios, Las Villas Province (now Villaclara), Cuba
Date: April 14 1948 Time: midnight
On all Friday all Saints Days, Jose Espinoza got up early in order to arrange some sugar cane carts, which he had left in the fields in order to work on them later. Ignoring his mother’s his mother’s pleas not to go out on such a Holy day because the “Devil himself was out doing his work on this day” Jose headed out to the carts. Soon after climbing on the first cart he began his labors, suddenly he noticed standing on the last cart (there were four carts) a little man, only about one foot and a half in height, fiery red in color, emitting sparks from “horn like protrusions and a tail”. The little man noticed the stunned Jose and produced a small ball of fire which he flung at Jose, he repeated this several times; rolling several balls of fire at Jose, each ball was bigger than the last. Jose barely managed to avoid the fiery spheres, and could not further react to the situation. Finally he reacted and screamed with all his might, “this is the devil!”, and quickly jumped from the cart, running towards his house without stopping.

HC addendum
Source: quoting Samuel Feijo “Mitologia Cubana” Type: E
Comments: Whatever entity Jose encountered he associated it with the devil and this probably caused a deviation on the description of the humanoid.

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