Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Paranormal Siege in Mumbai

I recently received the following interesting account:

This is my retelling of an experience two close friends of mine had in Mumbai, India in the mid '70s during a riot against our spiritual, philanthropic organization there, whom I'll keep confidential for the anonymity of the members involved. This event included false accusations against our members, and the conjuring by ‘tantriks’ (black-hearted 'witches') of curses and ghost attacks on our compound there.

This is a bit of a long story, partly because I side-track a couple times to other similar strange experiences we've had that help to understand what happened in Mumbai. I'm only able to repeat the events experienced by my two close friends B.D. and J.D. (ah... no relation), who were there in the midst of this paranormal siege. Some of these events may have involved more than one type of ghost, possibly including pisachas, bhutas or pretas over of the course of a week or more.

To start with, I had just gotten out of 3 years in the Marines (drafted, 1970) and wanted a very explicitly peacefully spiritual life. So I joined up with a philanthropic, traveling, progressive-Hindu based monastic group whose members were celibate, vegetarian, and didn't allow any type intoxication. We traveled around in the U.S., India and many other parts of the world putting on presentations of the Vedic (ancient Indian) literature and sciences in colleges and other cultural settings. Spiritual life or not, I still wound up being a sort of bodyguard back then. (I've since become a California P.I. and found some of what I learned in these experiences quite helpful.)

My security role was needed because there were always folks we ran into that didn’t like our spiritual point of view. According to them we were either not Hindu enough, not Christian enough, or not communist enough, depending on what part of the world we were in. For the Hindus, we were a little too progressive: for instance, female members could become fully initiated Brahman priests, not just the males. This was a first back then. Also, at that time in India, westerners were often kidnapped and brutally interrogated by communist folks suspecting them of being CIA and sometimes never seen again.

Back then, you could still see Russian made trucks everywhere, moving at crazy speeds right down the middle of the dusty, sun-beaten highways scaring bullock carts and rickshaw drivers out of the way. They always had festoons and colored ribbons flapping in the wind with corny slogan printed on the front of the trucks in big letters saying things like, “India – Moving into The Age of Progress....” The adobe-like residential compounds along the roadways would often have barbed wire along the tops of the walls and communist slogans tagged on the walls like graffiti.

I wasn’t in Mumbai when these things happened, I was in West Bengal with other members of the group – mostly busying myself with fighting off a serious bout of amoebic dysentery. But apparently there were several different horrific events in Mumbai that seemed to overlap, causing some to also believe it was curse related.

For starters, according to J. D., he left the Mumbai compound with three other members of our group to head out for some shopping in the local Juhu Beach markets for food that would be used for our daily functions. It was our practice to provide meals to the public including a lot of hungry people, along with presentations on Vedic sciences and literature. We were trying to help the indigenous youth there to understand their spiritual and cultural heritage in the face of the cultural onslaught of communism.

When the four of them were returning from their errands they were, much to their horror, stopped by an angry crowd now seething outside the compound. J.D. told me that “our already-beat up little Datsun 4 door we were driving got turned over,” but only after some “friendlies in the crowd helped us get clear of it first.” When they made it on foot back inside the compound, they learned that the unhappy gathering in the street out front was because of the following.

As with most places in India at the time, people would leave their shoes either on the porch, front steps or in shoe slots before entering a building. Well, apparently, a few minutes before my friends tried to return, a shoe thief had stepped up from the crowded boulevard onto the entrance-veranda and grabbed a really nice pair of shoes just as their owner was egressing the facility to reclaim them. The owner of the shoes in question saw the “dacoit” (in this case, “shoe bandit”), sneaking off with his nicer-than-normal shoes. He then shouted, pointing at the thief to two or three nearby constables. A struggle ensued.

The police at the time carried long sticks. Somehow in the melee one constable’s stick came crashing down on the thief’s head making a very graphically loud, messy and lethal impact.

The normally peacefully crowded street began to seethe. The police involved were helpless to deal with the growing disorder and simply left, taking the victim’s body with them, presumably for an inquest. In the meantime, according to my other friend B.D., the thief had friends in the crowd who didn’t like westerners (communist hang-ups about westerners...), even though many if not most of our members there were local people. They went to the police and somehow got them thinking that our organization was the real cause of the thief’s demise. The police were of course happy to take this version of events, in-spite of what they knew actually happened involving themselves. They even arrested some of our groups members, though they were released shortly afterwards.

Right around this time other troubles also started up. Our property lease rather suddenly ran into legal trouble, one or more small fires broke out here or there in the facility. And seemingly fresh food would spoil rapidly. And then there were the ghost attacks at night. (Much more on that in a second)

However, also according to B. D., the first of the troubles, involving at least one invoked entity, actually started a day or two before this time, when a 18 or 19 year old local man joined our group as a full monastic celibate member. And, in B.D.'s words, “his parents had become very upset [most likely wanting him to get married and probably to someone of their choosing]. They sought out a ‘tantrik’ who could give us troubles and thus cause their son to come back home.”

For at least the following week or more, disruptive crowds lingering outside shouted curses and tossed rocks at the building, some of them getting in through some of the un-shuttered, open-air windows. When this sort of thing happens, the thrown objects are sometimes wrapped in cloth with Hindi curses written on them though I’m not sure if that was also happening here. But at night in the compound, strange things and very troubled sleep overtook the members.

One by one, just about all of the members’ dreams while sleeping began to be invaded: they would for instance dream of seeing one of their good friends or co-workers there in normal happy ways working around the facility with them. Then suddenly that good friend would stab them in the back with a kitchen knife with a painful realness to it. Then upon seeing each other the next day they would be ill-at-ease with each other. That was just one specific type of ghost attack and it happened frequently. Another type were the 'sex ghosts.’ They would cause semen loss during some of my friend’s dreams, an experience which is disappointing to celibates who may be trying to ‘raise their prana or chi up the spine’ (a type of revitalizing yoga). When failing in this, these types of ghosts also tried to experience the victim's sexuality by inducing sleep paralysis, where the victim wakes up but can’t move. And thus there is a fight for control of the body for that ghost’s purposes. This seldom works against normal healthy people but the ghosts would keep trying when the dreaming tactic didn't work because they were hungry for that type of experience.

Then there is the worst type of attack: they begin by mesmerizing the dreamer. You may dream you are in a beautiful forest. Then you get the feeling that the trees around you are also dreaming, and that they are dreaming of being able to walk like you – it's a strange, fetching thought. And while you are caught up more in the dream, you are 'less in your body.' The trees may then start to take on a gloomy or haunted look – then ka-bamm – your chest feels gripped painfully and you're struggling to breath!

Another more common their ploy I had experienced at our places in the U.S. was when the ghost would cause them to be fascinated in their dream by the idea of, 'it’s just a dream – why not fly, or just float away’ (hence more out of your body). Then suddenly the suffocation-struggle ensued. It can be particularly dangerous for heart failure in unhealthy people when it involves an invoked entity. I give an example in a sec that happened during the Mumbai siege.

There were daytime apparitions too. One of them would put people on edge in the kitchen. Several times, when someone would open a pantry or cupboard door there would appear a laughing, disembodied floating head that JD. described: “It looked like the Zig Zag man with the Robin Hood hat and goatee that looked like the logo-picture on packs of rolling papers used by beedies and ganja smokers...” back then. For all these attacks the members used a pretty simple spiritual remedy which I'll describe in a sec when I relate a more horrific experience of one the the besieged members below.

These people (my friends) are tough about this kind of stuff. They deal with all kinds of incorporeal intrusive phenomena everywhere they go in the world, Russia, South America, Indonesia, etc. It’s like ‘just another day on the ranch’ for them, like wildlife management here and there. In fact, we would normally rent the old Victorian homes (including in New Orleans) in every city we traveled to that were once used as city morgues, because the leases were always a bargain. Of course the nightly ghostly botherations would start up in those places, and then we'd just fix it - described below.

Back to Mumbai: In the one example referred to above, J.D. himself described waking up one night around 3:30 am during, to a knocking on the door. It was the entrance to a large dormitory room where he and many others slept. (We always slept on floors in sleeping bags.) But he felt uneasy about answering it. The building is locked after hours from the outside, and everybody inside knows this inside dormitory door is unlocked for them to come and go on their own different sleeping schedules. Why then, would somebody be just knocking on it?

So with an uneasy feeling, he got up to get the door. As he pulled the old-wooden door open he saw a dark, faceless hooded figure standing there. It rushed him and he suddenly felt painful chest-clenching suffocation. Blacking out for an instant he then suddenly found himself waking up again in the sleeping bag. He realized he did not wake up and go to the door in the first place though he was fully conscious of doing it! (He was out of his body....) Now he was paralyzed on his back with his chest feeling painfully compressed and suffocating by a non-descript darkness over him. Reflexively, he employed our usual remedy. He did what we all had learned to do instinctively.

J.D, said he reflexively started meditating on a single word 'mantra,' (ah...well, it was more like a sudden, panicky mental 'invocation' actually). He fixed his mind on one of the many known 'holy names' of the supreme which are found in many different scriptures around the world. He also needed to be more persistent than usual in this case since this was, after all, a more powerful, 'invoked entity' attacking him. But doing this enabled him to brake it's hold.

As soon as he could move and speak he said the the mantra out loud a few times. This has a more far reaching effect in a given location than persisting with it in silence. Soon the attack was over, although, so was his sleep for a good while. He still felt the pain in the chest a bit.

In J.D.'s case, the mantra-name he used was Nrishingha. Rama, Narayana or Krishna are also some of the more common ones used throughout India and many other areas of Asia. They are thought to be particularly powerful in shaking off demonic attack as well as for clearing locations.

It's said that the sound of the “ancient seed syllables” (or “psycho-active sounds”) that form many of the known 'holy names' of God, puts 'dark or evil' entities into a state of mind we think of as grave, mortal fear, and they are forced away by it. It's also well known to the people who practice this type of defense, that correct pronunciation of these mantra-names, or even particular faith in them are not necessary. Only sincerity is needed, and of course sincerity pretty easy to muster in yourself when under fire. But its a good thing to practice it and bad dreams are a good place to start. You can actually see how the negative nature of a bad dream always changes in a sedating, pleasant way once your intention to use this kind of defense works its way into your dreams.

As mentioned above, because of the kinds of locations we stayed in, we did this all the time.

(Back to the siege in a minute): We once rented one of those old Victorians in New Orleans that was previously used in the early 1900s as a city morgue, right across the street from the famous St. Louis Cemetery that has all the crypts raised above the ground. This became my own 'boot camp' for this sort of experience.

I was sleeping on the basement floor (yep – in an old New Orleans morgue...) with maybe ten or twelve other members nearby. Suddenly I woke up in a sitting position except that I was above my body and I couldn't re-enter it. I knew 'something' kicked me out. I could even see other friends sleeping nearby who weren't there when I went to sleep. I was in a strange state of panic and grogginess at the same time as though the entity was trying to keep me unconscious or non-lucid. So I meditated on “Nrishingha” (my usual) and was able to drop back into my body and back to sleep pretty quickly. Suddenly I woke up again, in my body now, due to hearing other members being disturbed in their sleep. This entity was some kind of a classic 'sex-hungry ghost,' as opposed to the 'crush your chest while you can't move' type. We were told that the sex-hungry types are especially drawn to to celibates.

And just as I would experience in so many other similar places in other cities since then, this entity moved through us one by one. I heard one person suddenly gasp for air two sleeping bags over from me, then in a flash that ended, presumably with that person's silent mantra meditation upon their waking up. Then a few seconds later somebody else a little farther away from me went through it. Then when it had enough frustrated attempts in this group, I started hearing these little disturbances from people sleeping on the floor above me, one at a time until someone just woke up and chanted some of these mantra-names for a few minute out loud and then it was all over for the night.

But in the Mumbai case these events were obviously more involved because it (well... ah, it was India...) but it also involved a specific invocation against us of one or more summoned beings. It was likely either one or more of the bhutas (human ghosts under the control of the tantrik, typically including the ghosts of dead black-hearted brahmin priests). A classic pisachas may have been involved though too, though they didn't present in their natural form in this case, but they don't need to. They are a non-human entity sharing some of the description and characteristics of the kinds of flying beings that have been reported in the Midwest U.S. In recently: big with dark skin in their own natural form, but they shape shift and can be either physical or not. They are able to suck life-energy from a human through their big red eyes without physical attack (that might be why similar beings with wings in America just fly around and shockingly stare at people a lot, without actually attacking...). They are known to live in areas where high mortality from disease or battles are anticipated so they can draw on the life-force (prana or chi) that is released by violence or unexpected loss.

In what I recall described as the final peak of the attack, one night there were multiple nerve-shattering manifestations. Sometime around 2:00 am every alarm clock in the building suddenly sounded off at the same time. This was even though they were old fashion mechanical wind-up alarm clocks, most set at different times. At the same time all the internally latched window shutters in the building began to fly open and slam repeatedly with horrific noise.

Instinctively, various mantras were then heard from the mouths of startled sleepers. The horrendous cacophony stopped. A few of them were assigned to begin a bhajan, singing sweet melodies with these name-mantras as they strolled through the building, while the main crew went back to sleep. They had to do this a couple more times as the trouble waned, and things gradually got back to normal again. Our daytime struggles described above also subsided in as if in unison.

B.D. told me that within a few days afterwords the mother of the the young man who joined us against her will, the one who had engaged the tantrik to summon the malefic being(s) against us, came to the us asking for help! The normally stately looking woman now looked really ragged. Apparently the entity(s) was now attacking her and her family. However, since our members don't specialize in that particular “Vedic science,” they patiently explained how they themselves had overcome it. We never heard back what the outcome of was for her.

When we got back to our usual leased old flats in Mid-town Manhattan, NY, I didn’t know this stuff had happened yet. I was busy trying to discontinue looking like a skeletal prisoner-of-war victim due to continuous fasting due deal with my amoebic dysentery in Bengal at the time. My main activity now that we were back in NY was eating stacks of four or five plantain pancakes as big as the plates they were on along with other wholesome things until I started looking recognizable again. It was around that time that I heard from my friends about the Mumbai siege. In fact, we were always hearing reports of these types of misadventures coming into our NY office from our members around the world. But this one seemed kinda up there to me, and it also involved my good friends. J.D. had repeated it a couple different times to me over the years including in front of others who were there, and the details were always the same. I had only heard B.D.'s story of his experience there once. Their stories showed me that they were just different experiencers of the same strange ordeal, and didn't show any inconsistencies. - G. Hooper

The Science of the Rishis: The Spiritual and Material Discoveries of the Ancient Sages of India

Mystic Universe: An Introduction to Vedic Cosmology

Sadhus: Holy Men of India

Occult Science in India and Among the Ancients: With An Account of Their Mystic Initiations and the History of Spiritism (Forgotten Books)

Daily 2 Cents: Yowie Watching Me -- Abducted by Tall 'Greys' -- Woman Tells EMTs She's Possessed by Ghost

Yowie Watching Me

“I've seen a Yowie sitting in the bushes on the opposite side of the road to me. I pulled over next to a road kill that I think was going to be his dinner. As soon as I opened my car door, it snapped a huge branch off a tree and it was thrown at the edge of the road. I almost sh*t my pants and jumped back in the car. I then got out on the passenger side and waited for 40 minutes even throwing rocks into the area where I thought he was and the whole time he didn't make a noise. Then, holy crap, the bushes just exploded as he stormed off. I left shortly after. A truly thrilling experience. I hope the poor bugger came back to get his meal.”

Source: Youtube comments, popdog75

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Abducted by Tall 'Greys'

It all started Monday, October 16, 2017 at around 10:00pm when I went to sleep. I woke up (presumably sometime around 12:00-2:00am) in a cold, brightly lit room. I was paralyzed from the neck down and my ears were ringing. Above me was a bright, white light. It was so bright I could barely keep my eyes open all the way. All of a sudden, surrounding me on all sides, were these tall (about 7'), slender, gray figures. There where about 5-6 of these figures leaning over me. I tried to scream, but I was so terrified that I couldn't make a sound. I was more focused on the figure nearest to my head on the right of me. I felt it staring right into my eyes. I was only able to see from the waist up. Its eyes were hard to make out because its head was directly under the light, thus making its face hard to describe (oddly enough I could see its small, toothless mouth that seemed to be talking, but, on account of the relentless ringing in my ears, I couldn't hear anything). One thing that stood out to me was their skin. It was a light, grey color that was smooth and hairless. It stood out to me because it looked exactly like human skin, but it was gray, which really freaked me out.

I couldn't really figure out how long this lasted, but it felt like forever. Then that is where the memory stops, it just goes fuzzy. The next thing I know I wake up around 3:00am and slowly start to remember everything that went on. My right side hurt pretty bad. As time passed I remembered more and more details of the abduction. I knew it wasn't a dream because I can clearly remember the sensations and the sound of the ringing in my ear as well as what I saw. - MUFON


Woman Tells EMTs She's Possessed by Ghost

Cambridge, Ohio Emergency responders arriving at a N. 11th Street home early Sunday learned a woman who collapsed on the porch was allegedly possessed by a ghost and not suffering a medical ailment as originally reported to authorities.

The resident refused medical treatment, including transportation to Southeastern Med, after collapsing because her malady was “spiritual, not medical.”

The woman reportedly advised she was possessed by a ghost who lives in her attic.

According to police reports, emergency responders from United Ambulance, the Cambridge Fire Department and police department were dispatched to the residence at 2:45 a.m. Sunday after the woman collapsed on her porch.

On arrival, police officers located the victim lying on the porch with her daughter standing over her mother.

The mother and daughter advised police a ghost named Angelica, who lives in their attic, had taken over the mother’s body. When United Ambulance personnel and firefighters arrived, the mother reportedly refused transport to the hospital.

She told responders that a ghost, named George, lives in the basement of the North 11th Street home and the family had blocked both the door to the attic and the door to the basement to keep the spirits contained.

At some point, the spirit from the attic had escaped and taken over the mother’s body.

A daughter reportedly told police she would need to contact a priest, but she didn’t know any in the area.

With the mother refusing medical treatment, emergency responders cleared the scene.

Prior to officers leaving, the mother reportedly said she had consumed several shots of alcohol at a Wheeling Avenue business earlier in the night. - Woman claims possession by the ghost from the attic


Bizarre Encounter & Missing Time

I was born in Traverse City, MI and lived there until 1993. It was the fall of 1991 and I had been at a friend’s house. I was coming back to my house and as I walked up toward my house I saw the curtains in my living room window pulled aside and someone look out at me. As I walked through the front door I came to realize no one was home. I was confused because I had clearly seen the curtain pulled back and a face look out at me. I looked around the house and started down the hall toward my bedroom. The whole time I was thinking one of my brothers was playing with me and I was expecting them to hop out. My mother’s room was at the end of the hall. Near the lower right edge of her door I saw what I thought was our cat peering around the corner at me. A dark face low to the ground. I called to the cat and then stood frozen as the face rose about 4 feet. I still get chills from the image in my mind. It wasn’t the cat. It was something else. I remember this feeling in my legs that they wouldn’t move. They were cemented to the floor like in nightmares. I felt chills run down my spine to my feet and I bolted through the front door as fast as I could. I ran to the dirt driveway and stood still unsure what to do or where to go. Suddenly I saw my mom and brothers and our car in the driveway. I had to shake off the feeling that I wasn’t alone anymore but also that the daylight was suddenly gone. Somehow it had gone from day to night and I had no memory of it. I don’t remember my family pulling into the drive. Some call this missing time. Mine wasn’t just missing, it was nonexistent. Through the years I have had a recurring dream about this event and it comes clearer as I get older.

I remember my room and my bed. I remember staring out the window at night as I fell asleep and often seeing strange lights. I would mention these to my family and faced constant ridicule for it. This also occurred when I was much younger and my mother would try to explain them as simple tricks of the eyes. Light from cars or something in my peripheral vision seeming brighter than they really were.

Many nights during my summer vacations, from the years 1994-1996, I would lay out after our bonfires and look at the stars. I had a fascination with counting satellites and seeing shooting stars. There were times I can remember seeing what I thought were satellites and following them in their heading only to see them waver and change direction. I can also recall seeing what I thought were multiple satellites in formation.

This all sounds ridiculous I know but I’m almost 40 now and this is still with me. I carry it with me like a dark secret.

I guess I’m looking for advice on this. I’ve heard there are therapy options or even hypnosis (although i’m a huge skeptic of hypnosis) being used to remember events. - MUFON



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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Russian Ufology: Smoke and Mirrors

There have certainly been a high number of dubious UFO / alien claims from Russia, it's former republics and satellite countries since the fall of the Soviet Union. Many of the 'news agencies' in these countries (which includes China) seem quite willing to advance the agendas of hoaxers, as well as questionable assertions made by governments. I have gathered a few supposed alien / humanoid incidents, including a well-known abduction case, which I believe were exaggerated or simple acts of deception. Read the post and tell me what you think:

The first case would be the 1969 Yekaterinburg, USSR UFO crash and photos, released after the fall of the USSR. Here are a few links with the details of the incident. In my opinion, it's simply another case of deception by the Russian government:

1969 Yekaterinburg, USSR UFO Crash and Alien Body Recovery

The Secret KGB UFO Files, The Russian Crash of 1969 & an interview with the former Deputy Commander of the KGB Nikolay Alekseyevich Sham


Alleged 'Alien' Body / Mystery Surfaces In Russia

from Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The image above was forwarded to me approx. 6 years ago - the images below were posted in a Russian government-controlled blog about a week later

An old lady from Petrozavodsk city reported that she had been keeping a frozen alien body in a refrigerator for a couple of years. The alien was found next to the woman’s summer house. The body was said to be 'very hot' and that metal fragments were lying beside it. Before finding the body the lady heard a terrible noise. The creature was 40-50 cm long, had a big head, mouth and orbits. It was also wearing a one-piece garment. Two days ago the lady was visited by some people who confiscated the body for the purpose of its investigation and, according to their words, took it to the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. However, employees of the Research Center who were interviewed later said that they had never heard of the discovery. Where was the body taken?

NOTE: I saw one of these images (top photo) approximately 3 years was forwarded by email from a lady who lived near St.Petersburg who then stated to me that it was given to her by a friend. I attempted to gather further information but hit a dead end. About a week later, these photos were published in a Russian government-controlled blog with the narrative posted. What do you think? Lon


The Voronezhsky Abduction

from Monday, January 06, 2014

In December 2009 I came across an abduction incident that occurred in Dubno, Rovno Region, Ukraine in January 2008. Subsequently, the abductee passed a polygraph test. Here is the entire scenario:

34-year old Vladimir Voronezhsky and his wife 29-year old Olga, at the time on maternity leave, were at home with their one and a half year old son Arthur and their daughters 9-year old Vanessa and 8-year old Angelica. Olga asked their daughters to go to a nearby shop. While returning home, both saw an unusual object in the sky, rushed home and told their family that they had seen a “flying star”. Olga told them that most likely it had been a satellite or a plane, but the girls objected and explained that the object had been round with strange white, yellow and red flashing lights around its perimeter. Both girls then drew a picture of what they had seen and despite the fact that they went to different rooms to sketch both drawings were quite similar. The girls then insisted that their parents go outside to look at the sky. Olga and Vladimir saw was a distant hovering object which was very high in the sky over the nearby river. It seemed to move and change shapes. Olga managed to take a photo of the object with her cell phone. The photo only shows a yellow spot or elongated strip with a black background. They finally went back inside, had supper and went to bed.

Around 0200am, Vladimir suddenly awoke and saw that the whole room was lit by a whitish-violet light. He began to wake his wife Olga, telling her that something was illuminating the house but she mumbled something, half asleep and told him that he was just dreaming, so both then continued sleeping. However, the strange light had not only woke Vladimir but their youngest daughter Angelica. A strong orange colored light shone on her face irritating her eyes, the light penetrated the room through a space between the blinds, illuminating the room like daylight. Scared, she ran to wake her mother. Olga woke up and pushed her sleeping husband and in a panic voice told him to look up. He was amazed to see that the ceiling of the room had apparently disappeared or had become totally transparent. Right over them, instead of the ceiling they could see open sky and a huge disk-shaped craft hovering right above.

Vladimir and his wife Olga ran outside their house wearing only their nightgowns. At about 100 meters from the house both could see the hovering disc shaped craft which emitted a strong white-violet luminosity. Terrified, both Olga and Vladimir were unable to move. Everything around them was reflecting the weird light from the UFO. Then Vladimir saw Olga ascending into the air, zooming up in a spiral motion, suddenly able to move he tried to grab her legs, but felt that he had no control over his body. Meanwhile Olga sensed being taken upwards and during that time she couldn’t move her arms or legs and she was nauseous. She was terrified and in apparent shock of what was happening to her. Suddenly both Olga and Vladimir appeared inside a white room without any furniture. The walls of the room were transparent, like glass.

Moments later, both witnessed 12 “living entities”. The humanoids were short---not taller than their oldest daughter Vanessa---all about 1.20m in height. They had three fingers on each hand, large heads with smooth gray skin. Vladimir didn’t notice any mouths, noses or ears on the entities. They wore a kind of completely sealed tight fitting coverall with masks and hoods that covered their bodies. The only detail visible on their faces were large black pupil-less eyes. The shape of their eyes was unusual “unlike the popular image often shown in the films about aliens from space” remarked Vladimir. The entities had no visible legs, and were moving around like “caterpillars”. The impression was that instead of legs, the humanoids had numerous tiny suckers under their long tight fitting suit and gave the impression that they floated. Only one of the aliens was taller from the rest, more than 2 meters in height and stood behind the other small humanoids. He wore a long loose fitting overall and his face was not visible at all.

The short entities approached Olga first, grabbed her moving her to another section of the room, placing her in a deep armchair which remotely resembled a gynecologist’s chair. Once Vladimir saw the aliens taking his wife, he was suddenly able to move and rushed towards Olga, in an attempt to free and defend her, but he suddenly stumbled upon what appeared to be an “invisible wall” or force field. Soon two of the small humanoids approached him. Terrified he asked them, “What’s going on guys?” They answered him telepathically, “Nothing terrible, soon you will be back home” “I am not satisfied with that” answered Vladimir angrily and began pushing the humanoids back, but at that moment two other entities came floating grabbed his arms and legs. However, being a professional wrestler and martial arts expert, Vladimir used several methods of Ushu wrestling to free himself. Incredibly he would kick off the entities from him and they would immediately return at him like a boomerang grabbing him again. The aliens asked him why he resisted, their words sounding straight inside his mind. The aliens would stare straight into his eyes each time they “spoke” to Vladimir; they were neither aggressive nor irritated. The voice inside his head according to Vladimir had no accent or timbre and apparently the aliens spoke in the Ukrainian language and sometimes used the so-called “surzhik” (a mixture of Ukrainian and Russian). Soon the aliens inserted four metallic rods into his chest area apparently paralyzing him completely. From that moment on he was not able to move at all. He could only stand there helplessly and watch the aliens “experiment” on his wife Olga.

The humanoids gestured to Olga to lie down. Looking around she didn’t see or noticed any surgical instrument of any kind around her, but somehow the entities without her noticing had cut performed an incision on her stomach. She sensed the smell of her inner organs, it was an unpleasant feeling. The shocked Olga could see her internal organs, but incredibly felt no pain, quite the contrary only tranquility and relaxation. The aliens seemed to be taking samples from her body and organs and apparently were now using different instruments to study the organs inside her abdomen. Olga had never seen such strange instruments before, she was only able to describe one that looked like a pair of pincers and had three clamps. The alien “doctors” also had three fingers on their hands. After the strange procedures the aliens closed and sewed up her stomach. How have they done this, Olga could not understand, apparently they had used some type of advanced bio-molecular technology, not even a scar remained. Before the abduction Olga had been bothered by stomach pains, and after the abduction she never suffered them again. During the “operation” the aliens talked to her, their voices sounding straight inside her head, they lacked mouths. The humanoids attempted to calm her, asking her how she felt and if she felt any pain. They told her, “We wouldn’t do you any harm; we just want to look”. Olga noticed that they always communicated in a very polite manner.

Apparently the aliens were more interested in communicating with Olga’s husband Vladimir. They explained to him, “The female is the entity in a stage less developed than the male entity”. According to Vladimir the aliens also subjected him to some medical experiments. They pushed an object resembling a pistol inside his head. While they did this he felt no pain. When the medical “tests” were over the aliens accompanied Vladimir, alone, to another separate room to talk to the 2 meter tall humanoid. The smaller humanoids respectfully called the taller humanoid by a word that Vladimir loosely translated as the “Professor”. While communicating with Vladimir if the aliens could not make him understand by the use of words they would in turn use symbols or images that would appear in Vladimir’s mind. For example they explained to Vladimir that their society was like a huge ant colony with everyone of the collective with a strictly defined social role. After Vladimir was brought in front of the “Professor” he asked the entity why they have taken him and his wife. “Why do you need us?” asked Vladimir. The tall humanoid answered “It has to be done” and promised an “excursion” throughout the galaxy as a compensation for the “medical suffering”.

Vladimir remembered that both Olga and he were then placed on large armchairs and that everything around them was transparent. They could easily see the stars and planets around them. For example, the sun looked like a diffused bright spot of light and Earth seemed like a tennis ball. Then he saw a bright blinding flash of light and experienced the feeling of nausea. In the next moment he saw that the spacecraft was now hovering above an unknown planet. After arriving there they stood up and were accompanied to another room, a kind of air lock or dock where the aliens placed them inside smaller craft---sort of cigar shaped “space boats” or modules to travel to the planet. They then separated from the mothership, entered the atmosphere and flew for a short period of time above the surface of the planet. Vladimir noticed what appeared to be holes or open pits on the surface of the planet. It appeared that the dwellers of this planet lived underground, like moles (or ants?), and their strict subsurface society reminded him of a giant hive. The “Professor” told Vladimir that this place was called by humans “Andromeda Nebula” (not clear). From what the tall alien told Vladimir, he understood that the aliens didn’t eat or drink in the usual manner that humans did, but absorb the necessary elements by a more sophisticated universal way. Their mode of life is totally underground. The humans or earthlings were a subject of interest to them because terrestrial people have feelings and emotions that the aliens do not possess. The tall alien also said that humans and cows were brought to earth from another planet.

After returning to the mothership there was another flash of light and more feeling of nausea and they then appeared at another location. Again, over another unknown and different planet. At this point, Vladimir asked how were they able to travel so fast, the tall alien answered that they could not overpass the speed of light so they traveled by tearing space (?) (Worm holes?). Vladimir admitted he wasn’t able to comprehend the concept. After this, one of the smaller humanoids said, “now this human knows too much”, that they couldn’t let him return home, that he was must stay with them or be eliminated. After hearing that telepathically Vladimir became angry and told them that he was not afraid of them that if they would try to kill him he will resist. After that the aliens communicated in a more respectful manner (?).

According to Vladimir, the alien abductors proposed that entered into sexual contact with a female humanoid of their species which had now appeared in the room. This alien woman had an awful appearance. She had a bald head, covered with tight fitting gray greenish skin. The aliens then asked Vladimir, “Where must they place her sexual organs?” (!) “How comfortable would you feel to have sex with her, in such or other position?” This situation became amusing to Vladimir who said, “Sorry guys I cannot have sexual relations with such an alien looking female” The aliens then accompanied their woman to a small round platform, where a column of light unexpectedly appeared. The next moment the alien woman walked out of the platform, now with a quite different shape, she now looked like a very beautiful human woman. However Vladimir couldn’t see her body, something like a white bed sheet had been place over her body area. But her face was very attractive with beautiful dark hair, exactly to Vladimir’s taste. Vladimir realized that the aliens had penetrated deep into his thoughts and had materialized the ideal image of a woman for him. Vladimir enjoyed his new sexual partner’s company, however upon seeing this Olga reacted with extreme jealousy and became hysterical, screaming for the aliens to stop the procedure immediately. The aliens apparently became confused and said, “You humans always mate together sexually, just like what’s the matter?" Olga answered, “No! We don’t just mate. We have feelings and emotions!” Upon seeing his wife’s reactions, Vladimir restrained himself from additional contact.

Both witnesses understood that having such feelings was the central interest of the aliens. The 2 meter tall aliens said, “We do not understand you, why haven’t you, intelligent animals, destroyed yourselves yet? How can you survive with your emotions?” The tall alien then added that their principal task was to teach earthlings about extraterrestrial technology. He said that there was a “space war” going on at this time in the Universe” and he said, “The entity that you call God, has implanted much information into Earth and into the waters of it. Those who are against God want that information destroyed. If the Earth is going to be destroyed, the son of God would arrive to Earth again and will restore everything living it”. This is literally what the tall alien told Vladimir. Vladimir also asked the “Professor” about death, and according to the professor the aliens didn’t fear death because it does not exist, that it was only a transition into a different form of existence.

Vladimir states that during the whole contact experience “nothing amazed him” since he had not time to think about it at the time. Through the transparent surface of the cabin the witnesses could see planet Earth approaching and felt that their spacecraft was slowing down. The couple was then returned back to Earth the very same way they were abducted, first in the smaller module and then the large disc-shaped craft and then through the roof of their home inside a beam of light. Before returning the witnesses the humanoids promised to return in two years (2010).

At 1100 am the next morning Vladimir and his wife Olga awoke not speaking about what had occurred. Olga decided that she was probably going crazy or that it had just been a wild dream or nightmare. Incredibly, Vladimir had exactly the same thoughts in his head. Finally they talked about what had occurred and after analyzing the mutual identical memories they understood, that what had happened had not been a dream but reality. Vladimir phoned his friend in Kiev and was put in contact with researcher Yuriy Stepanov who hypnotically regressed Vladimir in February 2008. Vladimir remembered additional details of his captivity with the aliens. He drew a picture of the disk-shaped craft which had abducted them, with multicolored lights around its circumference with a dome on top and emitting a large column of violet white light which projected from its center. He also drew sketches of the humanoids. He remembered that while in space the object (spacecraft) had been surrounded by a field (layer) of plasma, he understood that this field was able to make the object invisible to the human eye and prevented it from being detected by radars.

The whole family requested extensive medical tests on them to see if the aliens had left behind any implants and to try to find any traces of surgery. Both feel well and by some mysterious manner Vladimir lost his gray hairs and his physical powers of endurance increased after the abduction. Olga was also cured of her chronic colitis and she also gained the ability to make a drunken man sober by placing the palm of her hand on the man’s forehead for 2-3 minutes. However the family soon became the subject of mockeries and sneers by neighbors and strangers and some accused the family of being “drunks”.

According to researcher Stepanov, quoting the Department of Inner Affairs of Ukraine, about 4,000 people go missing in the Ukraine every year and according to his opinion some of these have been taken by UFOs and more than likely willingly.

Notably, in 2009, as part of the documentary film "Caution: UFO" (Studio "07 Production" channel "Іnter", Ukraine), Vladimir Voronezhsky and his wife did not pass a polygraph test. Andrew Volyk, speaking expert polygraph examiner, the survey concluded:

In this case, I'm no surprised as nothing special, extraterrestrial, say, ESP, or extra-human perception I saw. I only saw a few ordinary people wound up, tired of the psyche, and with some its some complexes that exist in every individual...

"According to the polygraph examiner, Olga and Vladimir Voronezh had never been on board a UFO, and their story about their alien abduction — is nothing but a fiction," — is summarized in the documentary Ukrainian TV journalists.


Russian Naval Official Claims 'Humanoids' Observed Underwater

from Thursday, August 06, 2009

The objects were moving through water at over 420km/h, and divers 50 meters deep in a lake saw humanoids in silver suits.

After the British Ministry of Defence published documentation about UFO research a few months ago, the Russia navy followed, writes Russia Today.

I think about underwater bases and say: "Why not? Nothing should be discarded. Skepticism is the easiest way: believe nothing, do nothing. People rarely visit great depths. So it’s very important to analyze what they encounter there."

"The documents have existed since the time of the Soviet Union, and the former navy official responsible for researching UFOs, Vladimir Azhazha, said for Svobodnaya Press that the materials they found are of great value.

"Fifty percent of UFO encounters are connected with oceans. Fifteen more – with lakes. So UFOs tend to stick to the water," said Vladimir Azhazha for RT.

The group which was led by the commander of the Russian navy, Nikolay Smirnov, gathered lots of evidence about unidentified flying objects, which they encountered numerous times.

On one occasion a Russian nuclear submarine, which was on a mission in the Pacific, ran into six unknown objects. After some time, the objects simply took off and disappeared into the air.

The retired Russian submarine commander Admiral Yury Beketov said that he had many encounters with UFOs in the Bermuda Triangle. UFOs most often seen in Caribbean and Bermuda Triangle.

Beketov says that they noticed objects travelling at an incredible 426km/h on radar. This speed is even too fast for travelling on land, and when we take into account the pressure of the water, it seems these objects defy all the laws of physics.

"There is one explanation: the beings that made them have certainly surpassed us," he says. The former Russian intelligence official Igor Barklay says that UFOs were often seen in the Caribbean, in the deepest parts of the ocean.

Besides that, they appeared in the Russian Baikal Lake, known for its great depths. A fisherman witnessed such an object, who says that a strong light came out of the depths, and then the object came out of the water.

During an exercise in 1982, military divers at the Baikal Lake noticed humanoid beings in silver suits at a depth of around fifty metres. They tried to catch them, but did not manage to. - Javno News

Russia's USO Secrets: Unidentified Submersible Objects in Russian and International Waters

UFO Case Files of Russia

The Custodians: Beyond Abduction

Abductions and Aliens: What's Really Going On


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