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Update: Cloaked 'Predator-Like' Humanoid Encounter

Last week (Weds. March 22, 2017), I posted an eyewitness report titled Cloaked 'Predator-Like' Humanoid Encounter...and I added a request for a follow-up investigation. My friend and colleague, paranormal researcher and author Rosemary Ellen Guiley, contacted me in order to interview the eyewitness. Rosemary wrote the following article, Does A Djinn Lurk in Western Washington State? on her website. Please follow the link for additional information, including image descriptions:

Does A Djinn Lurk in Western Washington State?

MARCH 27, 2017
By Rosemary Ellen Guiley

I am investigating an entity contact case in rural Western Washington State that has characteristics of Djinn. The experiencer, whom I shall call “Ben” to keep his identity private, provided an account to Lon Strickler’s Phantoms & Monsters blog, published on March 22, 2017. This is a followup with additional information and discussion of explanations.


Since 2010, Ben has lived in a house in a remote, rural area in Western Washington State. For privacy reasons, the exact location is withheld. The house sits on 3.74 acres, and is on sloping land. At the top of the hill is a trail; the house sits in the middle; and at the bottom are a creek and swampy areas where “all the weirdness happens,” Ben said. They are not far from salt water.

The house was previously occupied by drug users, who left the rooms covered with graffiti of swastikas, pentagrams, a four-foot spider web, and “Rest in Peace Mom.” There were holes in the walls and spent cases of ammunition littering the floor. Ben said there has been no paranormal activity in the house, which has been repaired and renovated.

The area has had a long history of sightings of humanoid and Sasquatch-like forms. “Everybody out here, if they say they haven’t seen something in the woods, they’re lying,” he said. “There’s all kinds of weirdness.”

Ben is a native of the area and was in high school when he had his first sighting of a mystery figure. He and a friend saw a humanoid form about six feet three inches tall. It turned and looked and them and ran into the woods. It did not seem to be as big and hairy as other descriptions of Sasquatch, but was slighter and wiry, as though it hadn’t eaten in a while, Ben said.

Ben also once saw a dozen mystery lights in the sky on a clear night. He was wrapping up work outside and looked up, where he saw about dozen lights in a triangular formation moving slowly across the sky.

He has no particular beliefs about the paranormal or UFOs.


The property has been subject to trespassing and squatting by drug addicts, some of whom are violent, and in late July of 2016, Ben armed himself with his rifle and began making patrols through the heavy woods. In early August, he was on patrol and had the sudden urge to sit down beneath a large, ancient cedar tree. He set down his rifle and daypack and relaxed, closing his eyes. He entered into a pleasant, zen-like state, feeling that everything would be okay.

After a while, he opened his eyes and glanced to his right toward an alder tree grove, and saw a humanoid shape about 15 feet up in the air. It was not solid, but looked like rippled air, similar to the cloak of invisibility portrayed by the alien entity in the Predator films. Its head, neck, and shoulders were outlined, but the rest of it fell away into nothingness.

As he stared at this shape, an overwhelming dread seized him, penetrating to the core of his being. He was deathly afraid to move in the slightest way. At last he took off his glasses, wiped them on his shirt, and put them back on. The shape was still there.

Ben counted down in his mind from five to zero, and at zero grabbed his belongings and dashed for home. Nothing pursued him, or showed up at the house.

He researched for an explanation. One of his friends, a Heathen, told him he had encountered a “forest wight,” a guardian type of being. He also received suggestions that he should make an offering of food to the spirit or being.

Ben avoided the area for a while, and in September 2016 returned to the spot to take photographs. He took along an offering of food and water. A feeling of dread built up in him as he approached the site, but it was not as intense as the first time. He did not see the rippled-air shape but felt its presence. When he put out the offering, he did not have any ill or bad feeling. He talked aloud, explaining that he was trying to protect the property, and nothing was allowed to follow him back home.

Around this time, Ben found a mysterious, L-shaped hole about 75 feet from the cedar tree. It was cleanly made and did not appear to have been caused by the digging of an animal. He took photos of it.

When he returned to the area again, he found two long gashes in the earth by the hole. They were about two feet long and about as wide as man’s foot, as though someone had dug his boot heel deep into the earth and dragged it. They, too, did not appear to have been made by an animal.

Ben continued his patrols of the property, and was in states of heightened awareness whenever he was near the tree and gouged earth. A rising anxiety especially occurred every time he passed the cedar tree. He put his bayonet on his rifle to discourage anything that might jump out of the bushes. He talked aloud to reassure whatever was there that he meant no harm, and it was not to follow him home. He did so even though the being or presence seemed tied to the spot, in an area he roughly estimated was about 300 feet in circumference.

In January 2017, Ben decided to return to the site to take more photographs of the gouges and hole. This time, the anxiety hit as soon as he stood on his porch with his camera in hand. The dread increased with every step, mounting to the intensity of his first experience.

He noted the temperature as he left, and recalled that it was between 55-57 degrees F. As he got closer to the hole, the temperature steadily dropped to an estimated 42-44 degrees.

Ben wasted no time snapping his photos, feeling a great urge to clear out as quickly as possible. While he was there, a strong wind arose and whipped through the site. This was strange, because the site was at the bottom of a ravine, surrounded by wind-blocking, old-growth trees. Yet, wind that felt like 30-40 miles per hour in strength—storm wind—surged around him.

When he finished taking photographs, Ben high-tailed it home, again instructing that whatever was there did not have permission to follow him back.

The new photographs from that day were destroyed due to a mysterious file corruption. Before they were lost, Ben was able to send one to a friend in Florida. The photo showed the woods on a gray, overcast day. There were no anomalies in it, but his friend commented that just looking at it filled him with a weird feeling and an unexplained dread.

As of the end of March 2017, Ben continues to patrol the property, and plans to take additional photos. The only change that has occurred to the hole and gashes is a filling in with leaves and dirt debris. He continues to sense a presence, but has not seen the rippled-air shape since his first experience.

Ben notes that he has taken a friend to the site, but nothing unusual happened.


Ben’s experiences correlate with other documented cases of encounters with unknown beings, spirits, and presences in remote, wooded areas. Some of the phenomena he describes are common to many experiences, and other phenomena are not.

The salient characteristics here are:

*Attachment of a being or presence to a piece of forested ground
*A sentient, intelligent awareness
*A semi-cloaking that shows in ripples in the air with a vague outline
*A humanoid head, neck, and shoulders and less clear torso, with no lower extremities visible
*The appearance of a hole and gashes in the ground
*A marked temperature drop
*An unexplained, strong wind
*Corrupted photo files that result in loss
*Feelings of intense dread experienced by the witness
*There are various possible explanations, but only one that I believe to be on target.

Wights and other guardian spirits

Folklore is replete with spirits and beings who are specific to places and do not roam. Some of them are perceived as guardians of the land, protecting against interlopers, trespassers, and those who deface or damage the land. Among the beings that fall into those categories are co-walkers, striders, genii, and faeries that go by many names. The genii (singular genius) were Roman spirit guardians of places and individuals.

“Wight” is term that has become greatly altered by the fantasy fiction and live-action role-playing genres. In old English usage, it referred to a living person. In Norse mythology, “wight” refers to the Vættr, guardian spirits who are divided into clans and look after water, land, and households. Heathenism, a modern revival of Germanic paganism that has many offshoots, is oriented around Norse and Germanic mythologies, so a “forest wight” interpretation by Ben’s Heathen friend fits this viewpoint.

In fiction, “wight” has become a term for the undead, marauding corpses, vampires, and monstrous beings.

Guardian spirits are known to act out in hostile ways against humans. The faeries are famous for bringing rack and ruin to people who misuse the land. We cannot rule out wights and other guardians; however, they are not the best fit.


The rippled-air entity had a humanoid shape, and was high up against the trees. Sasquatch have humanoid shapes, and are usually seen in forested areas. They are associated with a cloaking ability that renders them invisible or partially visible. Some encounters with them are accompanied by sensations of intense dread. They are often described as being between 6.5 and 10 feet tall, though smaller ones are seen. Fifteen feet up in the trees exceeds that; however, Sasquatch are also associated with a host of supernormal abilities, such as teleportation. Might levitation be possible as well?

Ben states that other people see “things” including Sasquatch-like beings in the woods, as he and his friend did on the one occasion described above, thus establishing the presence of such beings in the area.

While Sasquatch leave footprints, they are not commonly associated with holes and gashes in the ground, according to Eric Altman, with whom I consulted. Eric is a longtime Sasquatch researcher, former director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, and founding director of the Pennsylvania Cryptozoology Society.

Sasquatch is a partial fit, but not the best.

Unknown cryptids

Remote areas are home to sightings of many mysterious creatures, who appear and suddenly disappear. Ben was not aware of specific cryptid sightings in the area (in addition to Sasquatch).

I also consulted Linda Godfrey, author, researcher, and a leading expert on dogmen and Sasquatch sightings. She speculated that if not made by a small animal, the marks may have been made by something looking for hidden objects.

For the time being, we can rule out cryptids and animals. Ben is familiar with animal evidence in the woods, and did not feel the gashes and hole were made by animals. Nor would animals account for the rippled-air shape in the trees, the dread, and other phenomena.


The Djinn are, in my opinion, the best fit. They can account for all the phenomena experienced by Ben.

The Djinn (Arabic for “Hidden Ones”) are intelligent, shape-shifting beings who are everywhere on the planet. I stress “everywhere” because many people erroneously think that they are a “Middle Eastern thing.” They are not limited by culture, race, ethnicity, country, geography, politics, or any other boundary by which humans define themselves.

Djinn have no known corporeal form—their essence is “smokeless fire”—and they can assume the guises of cryptids, animals, people, alien beings, spirits, and light manifestations. They share the planet with us, exist in a parallel realm, and find their way into our reality via interdimensional openings, many of which are in remote areas. With the frequent sightings of unknown creatures in the woods, and a moderate amount of UFO activity, we can consider this area as a possible “portal” or “doorway.”

I have encountered cases in which Djinn are attached to certain places, which they guard jealously against human interference. Some of them of are especially fond of, or attached to, trees, and become enraged if anything happens to the trees. I have a number of “Tree Djinn” cases in my own files.

As shape-shifters, they can make themselves visible, partially visible, or invisible, depending on what suits them. I have used the term “the Predator effect” for years to describe the rippled-air forms they manifest, and I have seen them flit around in trees in that manner. Being 15 feet off the ground is in keeping with their characteristics. The forms they manifest are often partial, and the lower portions fade into nothingness.

They generate feelings of great dread and fear in people. This probably has several purposes: to keep people away; to vampirize adrenalin energy from the living; and to toy with people in trickster-like ways.

The Djinn are not known for making holes and gashes; however, they will often do things to upset, puzzle, and rattle people. They will shift forms and tactics, so that witnesses might think they are dealing with a host of things rather than one. In early lore, they lived in remote areas and underground, perhaps ways of describing a parallel reality. Faeries, too, were said to reside underground. I have witnessed Djinn in air, smoke, and light-ball forms disappear by seeming to drop into the earth.

The Djinn have a significant connection to wind. In their earliest mythology, they were wind beings—literally the winds and storms that rode the planet, bringing disease and destruction. Today, they often manifest in swirls and mini-tornadoes of a dark, smoke-like substance, or whirling forms that look like liquid black ink.

The sudden, strong wind in an area where wind is unlikely could be a manifestation of Djinn.

The Djinn excel at making their displeasure known. Researchers who pry too deeply into their dark secrets get a push-back of unpleasant phenomena that escalate. In this case, it seems that the resident being did not want more photographs taken. There may have been some unknown significance of the hole and gashes.

The Djinn are well-known for corrupting files, stealing and relocating objects, and disrupting communications. These sorts of things plague paranormal researchers in general, but they increase dramatically when attention turns to the Djinn. They disrupt and corrupt emails, telephone calls, text messages, and radio broadcasts. Files of text and images pertaining to them are “lost” in transmission, disappear from devices and laptops, or become inexplicably corrupted.

The Djinn in remote areas are not likely to bother people unless they are discovered. Such seems to be the case with Ben. The place where he has had his experiences was not accessible for a long time due to storm damage that blew down some large trees in the surrounding area. In his effort to search for human interlopers, he found a way around the blockages.

The reason why nothing unusual happened when his friend was present with him may have to do with individual psychic sensitivity. Some people naturally “tune in” to a presence more easily than others. And, there are individuals I call “phenomena killers,” because their presence seems to dampen activity.

This situation may never resolve with clear-cut answers, but settle into something quite familiar to our ancestors, who understood that there are places on the planet that belong to “Them” and not humans, and they are best left alone.

For more information on the Djinn, see my site Djinn Universe and my book The Djinn Connection: The Hidden Links Between Djinn, Shadow People, ETs, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians and Other Entities available in print and e-book formats on Amazon.

Ben’s original account can be found on the Phantoms & Monsters blog. Photos are courtesy of Ben, and appeared with his original account.

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Images from the original post:

The following images were also forwarded by the witness. One has an outline of the anomaly they witnessed:

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Daily 2 Cents: Glowing Entity / Jungle Bedroom -- Man in Dark Clothing Suddenly Appears -- Found on Deceased Abductee's Laptop

Glowing Entity / Jungle Bedroom

Nick Walker from Missouri wrote to tell of a weird experience he had as a child:

“When I was young, about six or seven, I had a very weird experience in a house I grew up in. Actually two but they happened the same night. My mom told me later in life that the house that my sister and I grew up in was haunted. She would tell me about doors slamming in the middle of the night when nobody was home and seeing shadow figures moving by themselves. When she was telling me this, I knew what I saw was no hallucination.

One night I woke up from a dead sleep and felt very afraid. For some reason, I don't know if I woke up from a bad dream or something but all I know, all I could remember, was the crazy fear I had. The first thing I did was to get up and go into my parent's room. To get in their bedroom from my room, you had to walk through the kitchen and down a long hallway which at night was super dark and you could not see the other end, so when I got to the other end of the kitchen, where I could see the hallway, I saw a glowing figure standing in the hallway. It was so bright, it illuminated the entire hallway. I stood there for a moment in total shock of what I was seeing. You could tell it was a human form but I could not see any features and it just hovered there looking at me. About this time I snapped out of my daze, it began to glide towards me. Oh my god, I never ran so fast in my life. Getting back to my bedroom, shut the door and under the covers I went.

All was quiet for awhile so I started to fall back asleep until I opened my eyes and my room was, no joke, turned into a tropical rain forest. It sounds ridiculous, I know, but my room came to life. I could see trees and animals all over the walls. I could hear all the noises that you would hear if you were in the forest. I even remember it smelling like I was outside. It was the weirdest thing. The creepiest thing was when a little jungle boy appeared on the wall. It looked like he was hanging from a tree branch that magically appeared in my room. To this day I can still hear him say, Hey, Nick, want to play? No crap, just like Chucky says in the movie 'Child's Play.'

I didn't stay and talk. I got up and went to my parent's room completely forgetting about the glowing figure I had saw earlier. My parents got up and investigated the room. All was back to normal at that point. For years I had always assumed that what I saw I imagined or maybe I was on some medicine that made me hallucinate but it just seemed to be too real for that to be the case. After hearing my mom talk about all the experiences she had with us, I think that what happened to me that night was paranormal in nature. The only experience I ever had but it started a love of the field that makes me itch to find more.”

Source: Beyond The Darkness - March 27, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Found on Deceased Abductee's Laptop

Richland, WA - 2015-09-04 - 2:00AM: My wife was an abductee she was tormented by what she described as foreign thoughts being implanted in her mind. This lead to her suicide last may. I found this image on her lap top after her passing. I am not sure what it is but it was shot on our patio as I can see part of one of our patio chair. - MUFON


Man in Dark Clothing Suddenly Appears

California - 2016-08-00 - 2:30AM: I was driving attempting to locate a specific area in Imperial County, it was very early approx. 0230 hrs. in an extremely rural area. I pulled to the side of a two lane paved road to check my g.p.s. mapping, I observed two white lights traveling in a slow and seemingly aimless manor to my west between 10 and 30 degrees above the ground, the distance was hard to judge due to the darkness and terrain however my best estimate would be less than a mile.

I exited my vehicle and leaned against the front fender, had a cigarette, and watched curiously as the lights drifted and floated silently in the sky. I got back into my car and drove up the road approx. 100 yards in order to see if I might get a better perspective. Upon exiting my vehicle the lights appeared a little closer however I still heard no sound coming from the direction of the lights. Approx. 30 seconds later the lights simply disappeared, no bright flashes, no speeding off into the distance, they just vanished from my view. Puzzled but not concerned I stamped out my cigarette and got back into my car, before I had a chance to start the engine a man seemingly appeared out of nowhere behind drivers left rear of my car. I was quite startled by his sudden appearance but for some reason I was't frightened. He was dressed in dark clothing and I remember his shoes were noisy, like hard soles on gravel. Being startled as I was, I quickly said to him "holy @#$% dude, you just scared the crap out of me". He didn't bend down to my window he just stood there, then he asked in a very casual manor if I needed directions, I told him that I was good and that I was just watching the lights. He didn't say anything else he just turned around and walked away as if he was returning his car. I tried to watch in my mirror to see where he had pulled off the road but there wasn't anything like a vehicle that I could see, and he was no longer in sight. I started my car and drove off very confused about what had just happened.

I have purposely omitted some details that I feel may seem like the ramblings of a crazy u.f.o. nut or may put me in peril. - MUFON


Rarest and Most Ancient Dog Re-Discovered

After decades of fearing that the New Guinea highland wild dog had gone extinct in its native habitat, researchers have finally confirmed the existence of a healthy, viable population, hidden in one of the most remote and inhospitable regions on Earth.

According to DNA analysis, these are the most ancient and primitive canids in existence, and a recent expedition to New Guinea's remote central mountain spine has resulted in more than 100 photographs of at least 15 wild individuals, including males, females, and pups, thriving in isolation and far from human contact.

"The discovery and confirmation of the highland wild dog for the first time in over half a century is not only exciting, but an incredible opportunity for science," says the group behind the discovery, the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation (NGHWDF).

"The 2016 Expedition was able to locate, observe, gather documentation and biological samples, and confirm through DNA testing that at least some specimens still exist and thrive in the highlands of New Guinea." Read more at The World's Rarest and Most Ancient Dog Has Just Been Re-Discovered in the Wild



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Monday, March 27, 2017

Dominican Humanoid Encounter

Location: La Caleta, near Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Date: 1974
Time: night

Victor Grimaldi, (who is currently the Dominican Ambassador to the Holy See) at the time lived in an area close to the Las Americas Airport. One night he noticed an object that was obviously not a normal aircraft traveling at very low altitude over the area, it seemed to be in a descending trajectory, apparently landing in an a wooded area. Curious and accompanied by a neighbor both went into the heavy brush in an attempt a possible landing area of the strange object. They made their advance through the tangle of brush and shrubs but making sure they remained quiet so not to give away their approach. Soon in the distance they noticed a weak glow. They quickly approached the location and hiding behind some bushes both men saw sitting within a nearby clearing what appeared to be a small disc-shaped object, about 5 meters in diameter.

Moments later they saw two short humanoid figures, similar to humans that appeared to be crouched down next to the disc, apparently busy performing some type of “repairs” or possibly “recharging” its energy source. They both held in their hands an object that gave off flashes of light and sparks, they seemed to be applying this implement on the bottom section of the craft. In awe, Grimaldi and his friend watched the spectacle for about 30 minutes, until suddenly becoming afraid of being found out they quickly retreated from the area.

Two days later, Grimaldi, alone, returned to the site, during the day of course, and at the landing site he found an area of pressed down brush and areas of scorched grass. He never spoke about it until years later.

HC addendum

Source: http://www.diariolibre.com/opinion/lecturas/ovnis-y-extraterrestres-a-la-vista-avistamientos-y-experiencias

Translated by Albert S. Rosales

Humanoid Encounters Series - Albert S. Rosales

Phantoms & Monsters: Unexplained Encounters

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