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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Unexplained Intense Incident -- Remote Viewing IS REAL! -- Close Encounter While Pregnant

Unexplained Intense Incident

Howe Caverns, NY - 1967-09-02 - 12:00AM: My best friend and I were returning to Long Island from Expo 67 in Montreal, Canada. It was late and we knew we would never make it so we decided to stop along the way. We saw a billboard advertising Howe Caverns and we decided to go there for the night and then visit the caves in the morning. It was Labor Day weekend and it was Saturday night. We followed the signs into the parking lot of the caverns. It was about 11-11:15 at night. We were young foolish kids and didn't have much money so we decided to sleep in the car. It was a white 1961 Chevy Impala. We were the only car in the lot and I remember saying, "let's park in a corner so if we oversleep I don't want people looking in the windows."

I parked the car in such a way that I backed against a hill declining away from the car. The trunk overhung the start of the decline. You basically couldn't stand behind the car. I parked with the passenger doors also at the edge of the lot. I remember saying, "at least the car is protected from passer-byes on 2 sides...the rear and passenger side." I was in the front seat and my friend Bill was in the rear seat, ready to go to sleep. We locked the doors. I laid down with my head where the passenger would sit and Bill was the same way in the rear. Since it was pitch black, I had my eyes closed. Bill, then calmly said "look at the lights in the trees". I said, "s**t, it's probably the sheriff, he saw our car lights come up here and we are going to be caught". That was the last rational comment made for several hours.

Now, first you must know the dynamics between Bill and I. Best friends from 7th grade, we were now juniors in college. He went to N Y Maritime College, and I went to Hofstra University. He was always better than me in every sport we tried, from skiing to tennis. He could run faster, swim better and do more pushups than me. I always felt "safe" around him. I knew I could count on a stronger, more rational guy to protect me.

Well, he suddenly started screaming, almost berserk like, at me to "get away, drive away". He kept shouting, "THEY'RE BEHIND US, THEY'RE OVER THE CAR". For a few seconds I didn't respond in a scared manner. I remember thinking that its just the cops. In seconds I slowly started to react. An intense light was shining in my eyes. Even though they were still closed, I could see the reds and harsh whites of light....and at the same time, Bill was sitting up and pounding on the seat and me to get up and go. I never saw him like this, and I was now reacting to his fear. I opened my eyes and he was climbing into the front seat..I told him calm down, I'll drive away. The car's interior was lit up like day, yet it was pitch black outside. I realized the light was coming in from the rearview window. I thought that strange, since nothing could be behind us. I saw the keys on the dashboard, I put them in the ignition, he was next to me, and I calmly drove away. When we reached the main road, there were no signs of any cops. I stopped, and remember saying, "let's get a motel". I turned left and drove not more than a mile and we came across an old motel. I pulled into the lot and saw that it was almost 3:30 and said "it's crazy to pay for a room for a few hours, let's sleep in the car. Bill calmly said 'OK', and I remember saying, "let's put up something to block the windows so the lights don't get us" We calmly went to sleep, not discussing what just happened or even realizing 3 hours went by.

We awoke around 8, and took the maps out of the windows, that we used to block the "lights" and went up to the caverns. I went back to that parking spot and we looked around and couldn't understand anything that happened. We shrugged it off, toured the caverns, and around noon headed to Long Island. Nothing about last night was discussed..it was like we couldn't rationalize it. It was a blur. An aside about me...I am the hysterical one, I react to things, I can get out of control in a flash...and yet that night I was the calm one and Bill was the screamer. Anyway, I dropped him home and then went to my house. We both still lived with our parents.

When I walked in the house, my father was watching T V and on the coffee table was Newsday, Long Islands newspaper. The headlines screamed at me..."UFO'S sighted over upstate New York....I rushed to the phone to call Bill...He answered, and I said "did you see the paper?" He was shaken and said ,"yes"...I said, "what happened, what did we see?" He refused to talk about it..He wouldn't answer me.

For 35 years we lost contact. When we finally did reconnect, he was married and living in Oceanside, California. I was living in the Hudson Valley. I asked him about that night in 1967, and his voiced changed and wouldn't even acknowledge what I was asking. He died in 2005. I am still left with untold answers of what happened that night.

Now for the real "crazy" stuff. I am almost afraid to write this because it is so bizarre...I had incidents like this in 1977, 1987, 1997, and 2007. I often thought, what happened in 1957, when I was 9 years old? Well, I remember waking up one morning, we lived in Flushing NY, and I had an object embedded under my skin on my right thigh. I showed my mother. It was clearly under the skin, yet there was no mark, cut or pain. She looked at it and said, "you must have stuck a pencil point into your leg. Don't worry, it will go away". I remember thinking I didn't do that, besides that would hurt. It took about 6-8 months to "disappear" into my thigh. If I coughed, my mother had the doctor there, yet she was absolutely unconcerned about this object in my leg. It resembled a lead pencil point, with a dull tip. In 1977, in California, in 1987, in the Hudson Valley, in 1997, in NYC and in 2007, in the Hudson Valley, other "incidents" occurred. I am now 66, I have seen all the shows about abductions, missing time implants, etc...and would like an answer. I am not seeking publicity and am quite embarrassed about all this. People laugh when I tell them, they ridicule and tease. Let me tell you, the fear is overwhelming, like I have never felt. Thank you for reading this. And yes, I saw the "greys"....How sick does that sound? - MUFON CMS


Remote Viewing: A Real Phenomena and the Risk of Cosmic Brinkmanship

Project Stargate Briefing Document

STARpod.org, the public website presence for STARstream Research, posted a 72-page Defense Intelligence Agency SECRET briefing in 2010.

The DIA STAR GATE briefing document reports that paranormal "psychic vision," referred to as "remote viewing" by the Department of Defense, is, to quote from the document, "a real phenomenon."

According to the DIA SECRET document, which was declassified by the CIA a few years ago, investigations of paranormal phenomena led researchers to conclude that "an unusual mechanism may have been observed" with "significant application implications." In addition, the detection of a mechanism behind psychic vision was thought to "shed light on some foreign activities," suggesting that the Intelligence Community was monitoring progress being made in paranormal research elsewhere in the world.

Other STAR GATE documents prove that paranormal activities had been conducted across a vast swath of the government, including CIA, DIA, the US Navy, the US Air Force, the US Army, and at least one agency that was redacted from the document.

Recently, confidential sources have come forward suggesting the redacted agency may have been the National Security Agency (NSA). According to the sources, following the attacks of 9/11, American intelligence sought the use of psychics to locate Saddam's hideout in Iraq and to locate hidden nuclear locations in Iran.

According to the historical record found in the STAR GATE files, the Former Soviet Union (FSU) was involved with their own paranormal activities: US intelligence monitored their work, and, in some cases, attempted to reproduce their experiments.

The Missile Intelligence Agency of the U.S. Army was concerned that psychokinesis might be used by an enemy to affect sensitive electronic systems.

INSCOM, the Army's Intelligence and Security Command, used psychics to "remote view" and collect intelligence against enemy targets.

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) conducted threat assessments about foreign paranormal operations, looked into counter-psychic methods, and trained psychics to collection intelligence.

The U.S. Army Surgeon General funded research at SRI International to "document that psychoenergetic [paranormal] phenomena are real and reproducible, to determine the underlying mechanisms, and to bring psychoenergetics research into the mainstream of human performance research."

Magnetoencephalograph (MEG) brain-wave measurement research was conducted by Los Alamos National Laboratory in support of the 1990's era STAR GATE paranormal research.

Psychic spy clients included Joint Interagency Forces against suspected drug smuggling operations.

Research was eventually moved to Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a major defense contractor.

According to the report's technical analysis:

Noting that "approximately 1 percent of the general population appears to meet strict statistical criteria for exhibiting a robust AC [psychic] ability," the report then notes that SAIC "may have discovered the source of an AC [psychic] signal."

"Recent experimental data from the former Soviet Union and similar experiments conducted in this country suggest that the peripheral nervous system may be susceptible to AMP [psychic] influence."

"The evidence for a valid information transmission anomaly (anomalous mental phenomena (AC)) [psychic functioning] meets all recognized statistical and methodological criteria. This means the anomaly cannot be explained by poor experimental design, incorrect protocols, faulty analysis, or fraud. The magnitude of this anomaly is considered to be medium- to-large when compared to other known human behaviors."

The next paragraph has been blacked out....Gary S. Bekkum - American Chronicle


The Psychic Warriors & the CIA

Metaphysical and psychic phenomena have long existed on the fringes of conventional science and academia. ESP, clairvoyance, telekinesis and astral traveling have all been relegated to the back seat of mainstream, accepted belief systems in spite of an extensive mention of these practices down the ages, across myriad cultures. It has always been challenging for practitioners of the science to be validated by the prevailing status quo.

That however changed in 1995 when the CIA declassified a top secret program that had been training individuals in the esoteric science of 'Remote Viewing' in which, it was claimed, people were able to envision ongoing activities in distant places and future events.

Remote viewing was tested and deployed under rigorous scientific conditions to obtain data about foreign espionage activities, counter terrorism efforts, secret military bases abroad and hidden missiles. It recognized the inherent psychic potential in humans and attempted to harness these special faculties or 'powers' for the purposes of intelligence gathering, often of a vital nature.

The initial testing was done at the Stanford Research Institute where extensive investigations were carried out into the human mind's capacity to transcend all bounds of time and space. The research was supported by the CIA and other government agencies for over two decades.

Russell Targ, Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann were the original founders of this once-secret program. Their task was to learn to understand psychic abilities, and to use these abilities to gather information about the Soviet Union during the Cold War. They found from years of experience that people can quickly learn to do remote viewing, and can frequently incorporate this direct knowing of the world (both present and future) into their lives.

The project produced some remarkable results. Among them were detailed renderings of secret Soviet bases, the whereabouts of Red Brigade terrorism hostages in Italy, location of victims in the Israeli hostage crisis, locations of Scud missiles during the first Gulf War, etc. The program eventually came to be called 'Operation Stargate'.

The names that surfaced after the declassification of the program in 1995 were Ingo Swann, who initially helmed the project, Dr. Russell Targ, Pat Price, Dr. Hal Puthoff, Joseph McMoneagle and others. This was an interesting group comprised of respected senior military personnel, path breaking scientists and academic luminaries.

Remote viewers can often contact, experience and describe a hidden object, or a remote natural or architectural site, based on the presence of a cooperative person at the distant location, or when given geographical coordinates, or some other target demarcation. Shape, form and color are described much more reliably than the target's name, function, or other analytical information. In addition to vivid visual imagery, viewers sometimes describe associated feelings, sounds, smells and even electrical or magnetic fields. Blueprint accuracy has occasionally been achieved in these double-blind experiments, and reliability in a series can be as high as 80 per cent.

In 1984 Targ organized a pair of successful 10,000-mile remote viewing experiments between Moscow and San Francisco with famed Russian healer Djuna Davitashvili. Djuna's task was to describe where a colleague would be hiding in San Francisco. She had to focus her attention ten thousand miles to the west and two hours into the future to correctly describe his location. These experiments were performed under the auspices and control of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Djuna hit the mark on all counts and the experiment was declared a resounding success.

Ten years earlier, in 1974, Russell Targ and his colleague Hal Puthoff carried out a demonstration of psychic abilities for the CIA. Pat Price, a retired police commissioner, described the inside and outside of a secret Soviet weapons laboratory in the far reaches of Siberia -- given only the geographical coordinates of latitude and longitude for a reference. This trial was such a stunning success that they were forced to undergo a formal Congressional investigation to determine if there had been a breach in National Security. Of course, none was ever found, and the government supported them for another fifteen years.

Data from these formal and controlled investigations were highly statistically significant (thousands of times greater than chance expectation). The twenty years of remote viewing research conducted for the CIA is outlined in ‘Miracles of Mind: Exploring Nonlocal Consciousness and Spritual Healing

Recent research in areas as different as distant healing and quantum physics are in agreement with the oldest spiritual teachings of the sages of India, who taught that "separation is an illusion." The powers we are discovering now are described by Rishis as Siddhis, or fruits of deep penance and arcane Yogic techniques, verbally transmitted, only known to inner circles.

What is remarkable however, is the fact that the cat is finally out of the bag with regard to parapsychology, metaphysics and the occult. The so-called 'mainstream' has not only recognized the stunning potential of psychic energy but has gone so far as to harness it for territorial one-upmanship. The human race only needs to realize the vast reserves of raw power that it has at its disposal to effect profound and genuine transformation of the human condition on a global scale.

NOTE: The government, military and institutional exploitation of this phenomenon is troubling. In my mind, there is little doubt that a similar program continues to this day. It is being utilized by world governments in a game of cosmic brinkmanship. How can anyone comprehend the complete ramifications of unleashing such potential devastating forces without first understanding the holistic nature of the universe and all that lives within it...Lon

Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing and Transformation of Consciousness

Tell Me What You See: Remote Viewing Cases from the World's Premier Psychic Spy

Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing

The Seventh Sense: The Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told by a "Psychic Spy" for the U.S. Military


Hi folks...just a quick update on Vanessa's medical progress. She's going to require other tests and treatment according to her oncologist...there are some recent issues with her kidneys and she's still on injections for the pulmonary embolism. The chemotherapy and electrolytes infusion continues for another 5 weeks. We'll scrape together whatever we can...we have reached 1/2 our needed goal, so the campaign will continue. Your support is truly appreciated. Vanessa & Lon

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Close Encounter While Pregnant

Ocala, FL - 2004-04-20 - 2:00AM: I kept waking up around two or three am and was unable to move. This continued for a couple of weeks. I was about three months pregnant and when I went to the doctor she said it might be poor circulation. I also had a problem bleeding so she recommended I stay in bed. One night I woke up and just like all the rest of the nights this happened I couldn't move again. This time I saw a three foot tall old man looking being, crossing in front of me slowly from left to right in front of my bed. He even walked like an old man and scooted slowly from foot to foot. I was terrified and my first thought was not alien. He did not look like anything I had seen before. I do not recall the rest of the night. After the experience I stopped bleeding and I am now super interested in physics and science. I feel as if I were woken up. My Son whom I was pregnant with is 9 now and he has experiences and so does my daughter. After the experience I have had many more. I have also started to remember past events that are similar in nature. I get the feeling that what ever I have dealt with is positive in nature although it scares me to death to think of seeing one again. - MUFON CMS


This is going to be my only post today...been a bit under the weather since Friday. Thanks...Lon



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