Friday, August 21, 2015

Undisclosed UFO Photo: Puerto Rico 1985

My friend and colleague David Garrison forward this image and description:

Just got this photo from a member. It's his wife's grandmother & was taken in 1985, Puerto Rico. Never been published before. What do you think?

There were no details on the camera of the film stock, though it doesn't to be Polaroid. I've offered a few versions beyond the original. Any thoughts?

The Island of Paradise - Chupacabra, UFO Crash Retrievals, and Accelerated Evolution on the Island of Puerto Rico

UFOs: The Unsolved Puerto Rico Medical Case

Unearthly Disclosure

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  1. It appears to me as though the lady was lit from the right, but the UFO from the left.

  2. reminds me of the mexico "Ufo releases spheres" video!
    The incident were two seperate witnesses records the out shooting of the a "against the sun", Ufo dark grey. film b "with the sun "Ufo glows shiny"!
    We see here same shape and many spheres attached!!
    so i guess it's genuine and maybe same species.
    But interesting because now we see how it works! the ship is spinning and releases the remote controlled spheres just by unlocking and rotation do rest !!
    Great photo ...

  3. Looks believable to me. And the UFO looks quite big in comparison with the lady.

  4. I agree about the lighting problem. The object is lit from the left and the lady is lit from the right.

  5. At first sight, I actually saw a chandelier. The woman is standing in front of a window, so I see it as entirely possible that the inside of her house is reflecting off of the glass. You can also see a light spot to the left of the object, which could be a window casting light onto the chandelier.-solves the lighting problem. At second glance, you can look at the weird light spots and see a whole room on top of the nature scene. Could have the picture been taken accidentally on used film and consequentially, giving the superimposed effect?

    BTW not trying to slam anyone's belief in UFOs. I can't say I do or do not, but nothing surprises me anymore after we found paranormal activity in my house. Just some things to think about.


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