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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: UFO Circled USS Anchor ARS-13 (1946) -- Fear of Cattle Mutilations in Chile -- Spirits of Haskell Park

UFO Circled USS Anchor ARS-13 (1946)

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii & Guam: I am filing this report for my father who will be 90 years old in October 2015. My father served in the United States Navy in WW2 and was deployed on the USS Anchor ARS13 in 1946 as quarter master third class. My Father filled out and file a complete and specific report in the ships log about this incident. Here is my Fathers recollection as if he were speaking...

Approximately the end of May or first part of June 1946, I was on watch on the USS Anchor ARS13 from 16:00 to 24:00. We were in route from Guam to Pearl Harbor Hawaii. Approximately half way through my watch I saw a bluish/greenish streak traveling at a tremendous speed on the port side above the horizon. The streak was about 30 degrees above the horizon, traveling from north east to north west. The streak had NO arch, it was straight as an arrow. At first I thought it was a ship in distress, but I ruled that out because flares are red and they HAVE an arch and the same as for meteorites, they Have an arch also. This streak was parallel to the horizon and NO arch. I immediately reported it to the Captain. The Captain came right away with the First Lieutenant. When the Captain arrived he ordered to check the radar. The radar showed a blip circling the ship about a mile out and it would circle the ship about every 10 seconds. We were all astonished at the speed this thing was going. The captain then ordered a sailor to go onto the mast to check the radar to see if a bird or something else was obstructing the radar. All was clear. After this had been going on for about 10 minutes, all of the sudden the blip changed direction and just streaked off the screen. My whole report was filed in the ships log on the USS Anchor ARS13, approximately May or June of 1946. Total witnesses that were there... Myself, Captain, First Lieutenant, Executive officer, Engineering Officer, Radio man and Radar man. No recurrence of this incident.

My Father said back in 1946, nobody would ever think of this being a UFO sighting, since there was no UFO sighting back in those days. The first UFO publicly reported was June 24, 1947 by Kenneth Arnold a private pilot. - MUFON CMS


Fear of Cattle Mutilations in Chile

If you are one of the persons that believe in aliens, then you have probably met a lot of people who have treated you with scepticism. The idea of extraterrestrials has been discussed for many years now by a lot of different individuals. There are a lot of researchers who explore the existence of ancient aliens. They also find out if whether these aliens have already visited our planet or not. Some scientists say they have and that their presence can be explained by taking a look at old works of art describing figures of aliens or the ancient architectural wonders such as Stonehenge or the pyramids. They claim that the humans could not have built such majestic masterpieces because they did not have the possibility. Read more at Strange Object Spotted Farm in Chile – The Fear of Cattle Mutilation by Aliens


Driver blames crash on dog, wants it arrested

A 33-year-old Florida woman who allegedly struck an apartment complex with her car blamed the accident on her dog and said it was the canine that police should have arrested.

According to Wildwood police, witnesses said the woman left after hitting the building, then entered her apartment. Officers found Christina Anne Marie Lamoreaux of Wildwood, who admitted she was driving when her vehicle struck the building, but she blamed the crash on her dog.

She said police should arrest the dog and added that she drove away because she had planned to pay for the damage. Police added Lamoreaux smelled of alcohol and appeared confused.

When they tried to get her to take a sobriety test, she refused, became hostile and resisted officers’ attempts to arrest her. Lamoreaux was charged with DUI, hit and run involving property damage and resisting arrest. - Driver blames crash on dog, wants it arrested


Spirits of Haskell Park

Haskell Park has been a part of Rockford almost from the beginning. It was originally platted as the West Side Public Square in the 1830s. The land was given to the city by Dr. George Haskell and his brother-in-law, John Edwards. George Haskell and his family settled in Rockford in 1838. He remained here for 28 years, helping the new city grow. He found a passion in growing fruit trees and was successful for many years.

Haskell Park still remains though it has seen many changes over the years. Postcards from the late 1800s and early 1900s show a beautiful place with an elaborate fountain located toward the center. Children used the park as a playground and couples would use the benches as a courting place.

The fountain itself became quite newsworthy in June of 1902. The newspapers from June 13 tell the story of a man who was passing through the park late one evening. Just as he was passing the fountain a strange noise caused him to look at the water. There in the moonlight he saw a sight that nearly paralyzed him with fright. A shadowy, shimmering form seemed to rise from the water. At first it was a dark mist but then the man was horrified to see it take on a human shape. Though it had no distinguishing features, he saw what he imagined to be a skeletal hand as the specter reached its arms toward him.

This broke the man’s paralysis and he bellowed in fear while he began to run through the park as if the very devil himself was chasing him. He stated in the interview that he didn’t slow down until he reached his house.

The man’s friends all teased him viciously about the story until others started to experience the same ghostly shape that emerged from the fountain always reaching out for whoever braved the park late in the evening. Later stories claimed that the spirit eventually freed itself from the fountain and would follow them to the boundaries of the park.

Though no one could identify the spirit there are several possibilities for the haunting. One is the tragic tale of James and Kate French. They were a couple who lived in Rockford in 1896. It was in this park that James waited for his estranged wife to return from assisting a family friend who was ill. Witnesses later testified that he waited there for hours, pacing and watching. Though at first no one knew the reason why he appeared so agitated, his motive soon became all too clear. James chased his wife down and shot her inside a house that she ran into for safety. James was later hung for his crime. Maybe it was his spirit that wandered the place where he waited for wife to appear.

Another possibility comes from the suggestion that Haskell Park lies over a Native American burial ground and the spirits of those buried there can find no rest. Sara Bowker and Paul Smith, psychics who are a part of the Haunted Rockford Paranormal Events first came in contact with these lost souls on a recent bus tour. They both sensed the spirits who wander the area looking desperately for the place where their bodies once rested.

Sara Bowker and Paul Smith will be sharing their experiences of connecting with the dead at the Illinois Paranormal Conference on August 15, 2015. This event will be held at the Veterans Memorial Hall at 211 N. Main Street. The doors will open at 11 a.m and speakers will begin at 12:10 p.m. There will be a variety of speakers and vendors from all aspects of the paranormal including Headline Speaker Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Her presentation “Solutions for a Problem Haunting” will offer help to those who may be dealing with this topic. - Voices from the Grave: The spirits of Haskell Park


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