Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bigfoot Captured on Dog's GoPro

BigfootEvidence.com posted this video recently:

Dog Captures Bigfoot on GoPro

Here's the description:

Wow! With so many GoPro cameras out there, this sort of stuff is bound to happen. The dog doesn't appear to be shaken up by the encounter -- perhaps he wasn't aware of the thing. The thing walking pass the camera seems huge! Here's what the uploader wrote: "I was with a group of people scouting exchange 30 for the hood to coast race. One of the other volunteers had strapped a gopro to their dog. We found Sasquatch!!"

Official website of the Hood to Coast Race

NOTE: though the dog did not react to the supposed Bigfoot, I feel that this doesn't take anything away from this video. Is it authentic? I'm not going to commit either way...but it is interesting because the being does seem to have considerable size. Lon

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