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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Astronaut Claims Aliens Stopped Earth Nuclear War -- WWII 'Ghost Plane' -- Advanced Insectoid Encounter

Astronaut Claims Aliens Stopped Earth Nuclear War

The sixth man to walk on the surface of the moon has made the astonishing claim that aliens came to Earth to stop a nuclear war between America and Russia.

Edgar Mitchell, a veteran of the Apollo 14 mission in 1971, told Mirror Online that top-ranking military sources spotted UFOs during weapons tests.

The astronaut has been outspoken about his belief in aliens ever since he landed on the surface of the moon, becoming one of the most prominent figures in the worldwide UFO community.

He told us military insiders had seen strange crafts flying over missile bases and the famous White Sands facility, where the world's first ever nuclear bomb was detonated in 1945.

Mitchell grew up in New Mexico near both the bomb testing zone and Roswell, where believers think one of the world's most famous UFO encounters took place. Continue reading at 'Peace-loving aliens tried to save America from nuclear war,' claims moon mission astronaut Edgar Mitchell


Mysterious 'ghost plane' spotted over UK

Several people have reported seeing an old World War II era bomber aircraft flying low over Derbyshire.

The large prop-driven airplane had been spotted by multiple witnesses and was described as "completely silent" as it flew low over the English countryside.

Richard and Helen Jephson had been driving their car in Rowsley on the afternoon of August 3rd when they saw the plane flying so near to the ground that they thought it was going to crash.

"My car window was open and this plane was so low that you could touch it – but it was completely silent," said Richard. "We sort of braced ourselves for a crash but nothing happened."

The strange aircraft was later seen again by witnesses on the A52 from Derby.

"It was flying very, very low but there are quite a lot of trees at the point, so I couldn't get a very good look at it," said Richard Burley. "It was definitely not a Lancaster, it was much smaller than that, but I couldn't be sure. I couldn't believe that nobody else had seen it !".

Authorities have confirmed that there were no scheduled air displays or flyovers at these times.


Advanced Insectoid Encounter

Pinecrest, FL - 1990: Alien in bedroom.

I was not scared or frightened.

I was in a light-sleep-state, not really asleep.

I felt another presence and touching while in bed.

The creature was "invisible" at the time.

As the encounter continued, the "being" communicated thru thoughts to me, I asked to creature to "let me see what you look like, I will not be afraid".

The creature, I sensed was as "scared" of we humans as we are of them.

The creature was more "advanced" insect-like than human, I would say.

It's "skin" was a leathery-medium-brown color.

The being/creature had a smallish torso, very thin neck, very thin arms and legs and large head with large eyes and small mouth in a hunched over fashion in bed... about 4ft. tall if standing up....I asked the creature to show me its "teeth" (for some reason) and it had pointy-triangle-teeth like a fish or shark and pointy chin.

I believe the creature to be male.

The creature was human-like in some respects in that it had two arms, toros, two legs, large head but definitely more insect-like-looking.

The only other communication "he" gave me was to say..."We/he does not understand human "feelings" and they were not to interfere" with we humans. - MUFON CMS


Monster-Sized Tiger Shark

A HUGE Tiger shark believed to be caught off Lennox Head was hauled in off the coast from Pottsville, according to Byron Bay-based group Positive Change for Marine Life.

Spokesman Karl Goodsell said enquiries this morning through several sources revealed the shark was caught off Nine Mile Beach, on the Tweed Coast.

"It looks to be a licensed commercial shark fishing boat from the ID of the boat," he said.

Despite rumours on social media claiming the shark was a Great White, Mr Goodsell said the shark was definitely a Tiger, a species which can grow up to seven metres long.

"From our perspective, after advice from Southern Cross University, it looks to be three-and-a-half to four metres long, which would be a sexually mature shark" he said.

Mr Goodsell said the commercial fisherman who hauled in the massive shark would have been operating under Ocean Trap and Line Fishery regulations.

He said sharks caught by commercial fishermen were sold for fish and chips in Australia, and the fins were exported to Asia to make shark-fin soup.

"Off the Tweed Coast there is a place called Windarra which has targeted shark drum lines out there," he said.

Meanwhile, a man has contacted the Northern Star claiming to have taken the photos. Continue reading at Fisherman's 'souvenir': The jaws of a giant tiger shark


Mysterious Lawn Creatures Are Plaguing a California Woman's Yard

Since the end of July, 54 lawn statues have mysteriously appeared in the front yard of a Victorville, California woman. According to NBC Los Angeles, the woman, Robyn Yearout, claims she has no idea why someone might place lawn statues in her yard, but that many of them had been positioned to face her front door, "as if they were plotting against us."

This is one of those local news stories that's so quirky and strange it almost feels like a work of folk art, or a podcast episode. It's got weirdness (see above), needless alarmism (also above), and over-explanation what, on the surface at least, seems simple—"I assumed that instead of being TP'd (toilet-papered) I got yard-creatured," Yearout told NBC.

Is someone targeting Yearout and her family a la the Watcher? Is she the target of an unruly, but particularly creative pack of wild teens? No one seems quite sure.

Through NBC Los Angeles, Yearout noted that she has been in contact with the local sheriff's department, and would like to return the statues to their rightful owner. - Mysterious Lawn Creatures Are Plaguing a California Woman's Yard


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