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Monday, August 17, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Huge Pulsating Manta Ray Shaped UFO -- Iceland's Volcano Problem...Going To Get Worse -- I Believe ET Placed Image On My Computer

Huge Pulsating Manta Ray Shaped UFO

Burnside, KY - 2014-11-22 - 12:00AM: My daughter called me around 1:20 a.m. to inform me that she was in the ER with a kidney stone. She requested that I come to the hospital to take her home as she had finally passed a stone but had been given pain medication and was advised not to drive.

I picked her up from the hospital and took her home. She assured me that she would be fine and just wanted to sleep as she needed to go to work the next morning.

I drove the 6-7 miles home and pulled into my driveway and got out of my car. It was 3 a.m. and I looked up at all the stars in the sky, noting their beauty when suddenly above me I heard a swish.

Directly above me about 50-100 ft. off the ground, I looked up to see something that was both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. There was a large stingray shaped entity slowly pulsating as it flew above me. It was as large as my house which is 2500 square feet. I noted that I could see the stars through its body, although its outline was clearly visible. It did not fly as birds fly but rather seemed to undulate its body along in a perfect synchronized manner.

My house sits about 150 ft. from my neighbors and its shape covered the space between out houses so it was quite wide. As it undulated, I could see that hanging down from its back was something that looked like a tail or legs held together. I could not be sure as it continued to move as I watched it transfixed. It made no other sound except that initial swish when I looked up. I think it wanted me to see it, I felt that; as I watched it until it disappeared across a farm field in the back of my neighbors home. There was no odor of light associated with my sighting except the stars. At no time did I feel that it intended to harm me but even after it disappeared from sight, I felt frozen in amazement. I could not sleep after I went to bed and even now I gaze at the sky looking for it.

Has anyone else reported this entity?


Doctor Talks ‘Miracle’ Recoveries, Using Intuition

Larry Krantz, M.D., has seen patients recover from incurable diseases without any known medical explanation.

For example, while grocery shopping he ran into an old patient of his who he thought would have died long before. This patient had metastatic cancer. Krantz had recommended an oncologist to treat it, but the patient decided not to receive treatment. He didn’t think she would be around much longer, but there she was years later in good health.

“Cases like that boggle the mind, and I think all doctors have seen them. People get better from all kinds of conditions; [their recoveries] are surprising and defy explanation,” Krantz said. He’s noticed that patients with a cheery or positive attitude tend to recover better than those with a negative attitude. Read more at Doctor Talks ‘Miracle’ Recoveries, Using Intuition


Iceland's got a volcano problem — and it's only going to get worse

Iceland's longest volcanic eruption ever finally came to an end in February after erupting for six straight months.

Iceland has always been a volcanically active island, but global climate change and the resulting melting ice will make things worse.

One of the best-known eruptions lately was the country's famously hard-to-pronounce volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, which erupted for three weeks straight in 2010, disrupting international air travel throughout Europe, stranding travelers and disrupting the economy there.

Volcanoes erupt when rocks melt and form magma deep underground. Because magma is lighter than solid rock it rises up through nooks and crannies to pool in magma chambers below the Earth's surface. An eruption occurs once a chamber fills, and the magma has nowhere else to go but up.

These kinds of eruptions could become way more common according to two new studies from the Geophysical Research Letters and the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. As greenhouse gasses warm the Earth, water frozen in glaciers and ice fields melts and flows off land and into the sea.

But the melting ice does more than raise sea levels. The movement of all that ice off of land also makes it easier for volcanoes to erupt — which Iceland is experiencing first hand.

Volcanoes erupt when magma escapes a full magma chamber and bursts through the Earth's crust.

Iceland loses about 11 billion tons of ice each year. That loss causes the island's surface to decompress and expand upward — it's currently rising 1.4 inches every year, much faster than scientists predicted.

The faster the land rises, the less pressure there is holding magma in chambers, making it easier for magma to rise to the surface and for new eruptions to occur.

"It's very true that if you take pressure off a magmatic system that can activate eruptions. There's solid evidence of that in Iceland," Professor Roland Burgmann of the University of California at Berkeley told Newsweek, referring to three Icelandic eruptions in the last five years.

"You can't say that's statistical proof but … it makes you think," Bill McGuire of the University College London told Newsweek. He also supports the idea that melting ice causes more volcanic eruptions.

The melting ice can be dangerous in other ways, too. The changes in pressure on the ground can also cause the Earth's tectonic plates to shift slightly and allow their fault lines to rub against one another differently. This can squeeze pockets of magma together and cause even more eruptions. - Iceland's got a volcano problem — and it's only going to get worse


I Believe ET Placed Image On My Computer

1. I was clearing out my computer of useless folders and files.
2. I found a folder that I did not create within my computer, and noticed an image inside of the folder I had never seen before..
3. I did not know why the folder existed at all.
4. N/A
5. When I viewed the image I was surprised and intrigued. I had been watching the stars most nights and getting quite a few sighting of crafts around the time of the implanted image. So it felt like a sort of communication responding to my interest in ETs. I have run the photo through a few tests , such as checking the internet for matches of the image to verify it's uniqueness. As well as running it through photoshop checking programs to confirm that it has not been tampered with.
6 .N/A



Man armed with gun drawn on piece of paper tried to rob bank

A 33-year-old British man has pleaded guilty to attempted robbery after threatening a bank cashier in Poland with a gun that was drawn on a piece of paper.

The unnamed man attempted to carry out the heist on 11 August in the Polish capital Warsaw. He entered the bank on the central Jerozilimskie Avenue at 9:00am and marched straight up to one of the cashiers.

The man then pulled a piece of paper from his pocket, revealing a drawing of a gun to the female employee. He then brandished a second sheet of paper, on which he had written a warning in broken Polish saying: “This is a robbery I have a gun give me all the money.” The woman calmly told the man to wait at the back of the queue, and the Briton duly obliged.

In the meantime, the cashier called the police and the would be assailant was arrested shortly after. Polish police have provided few details on the Briton, only saying he had lived in Germany for a year and had only been in Poland for a few hours before trying to rob the bank. The failed robber now faces up to 12 years behind bars.



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