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Monday, August 03, 2015

Live... Die... and Live Again - Part 7

By Stephen Ellis - The thing that separates the human mind from all others is the ability to “think”: to come to a rational decision (often the wrong one) based on the facts (or suggestions) with which we have been presented.

Every day we make choices: Should I brush my teeth today? What shall I wear? Shall I say my prayers today, etc? In more primitive areas the decisions may concern getting food to eat, getting medicine for sick children, or survival itself. No matter where our lives take us: at school, at our jobs and even in prison, we all have to make choices every single day. This is the nature of the human mind…or if you prefer...human “consciousness”.

It follows that if our consciousness or mind survives the death of our body, in order to remain the consciousness with which we are familiar, there will likely still be choices and decisions to be made.

In the course of interviewing and reading about people who have memories of a previous life, I have reached the conclusion that when our bodies die, our consciousness does not. Further, there is very strong empirical evidence that the process of “making choices” continues well into our afterlives.

One of the more common decisions to be made is: We can choose to stick-around and observe what other, living people, are doing. Some people call this being a “ghost”. There is significant evidence that some ghosts stick-around because they cannot seem to “let go” of things acquired during their lifetime. Numerous houses seem to be haunted by the ghosts of the people who built them and lived there while alive. Evidence is there that some ghosts have great difficulty in “letting go” of things they created or people who were very meaningful to them before they died.

Another seemingly common decision is to go to the “waiting place” to be re-born again as humans. (I’m not exactly certain as to “what” or “where” the “waiting place” is, but many people who recall past lives remember watching their own funeral and then going to the “waiting place” to be re-born.) This is a choice, I believe, that is made by some whose “physical aspects” of life were so pleasurable that they want to re-live them or because they felt that a project they worked on during their lifetime was still to be completed. Not surprisingly, people whose lives were cut unexpectedly short by violence or illness represent a significant percentage of those who choose to be re-born. Some religions believe that if you are re-born, you are re-born as an animal; Hindus believe that being re-born as a cow is reaching the ultimate stage of “Nirvana”.

Probably, the most important decision to be made is whether or not to move on (perhaps “towards the light”) and live again on a higher plane. It would seem to me that before you can select this option you would have to fully recognize the mistakes made during your lifetime here on Earth and acknowledge that you have learned from them so you will not make them again in a better world.

We can choose to reflect on the mistakes we made during our lifetime and seek an understanding of them and correct them. The problem here is that, even in an afterlife, we may not recognize that many of the things we did while alive were “wrong” or ”mistakes”. A simple example of this might be that, in some fundamentalist religions, the killing or brutality of others of a different faith may not be deemed “wrong” by the surviving consciousness. In this case, I believe that a greater power will not deem them as “ready” to move to a higher plane. In fact, I believe they are “sentenced” to be re-born. Perhaps that’s why the birth rate within fundamentalist religions continues to increase at a pace far beyond more educated groups of people.

This planet we call “home…the planet “Earth” is populated by several different levels of people. No one on Earth lives a “perfect” life. Every life, whether rich, poor, healthy or infirmed, is fraught with problems and uncertainties. Clearly, there is an unmarked line that separates those with a good education and those that are taught they “must” accept unexplained facts as given to them. There is an unmarked line separating those who help others and those who think only about personal gain at the expense of others. Please don’t misunderstand me: there are many educated people who are “bad” and many uneducated who are “good”. The difference is that, in the afterlife, most educated people can reflect back on their lives and recognize that their actions were bad while many uneducated may recognize this only through repeated chances of living again.

As we enter the afterlife, there are probably several other options, with which I am not familiar, that may be available to us. The only thing I can say with any certainty is that our consciousness does not die. And, if our consciousness does not die…we will live again. Perhaps here on Earth…perhaps in a far better place. The Earth is far from an ideal place. In fact, the Earth is a very war-like planet. There has not been one single recorded day on Earth when there were not some wars going on. Perhaps this is why we don’t get too many visitors from other worlds. Who wants to go to a place where people kill other people all the time?

In future articles, I will discuss the evidence that exists concerning our “aura” and experiences we have with it while living here on Earth.

If you are interested in the subject, I suggest you read my book, “Explaining the Unexplained”. You can download a Kindle of it for about $5.00. Hard and soft-cover copies are available at Barnes & Nobel and at Amazon. - stebrel@aol.com

Explaining the Unexplained

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