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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: My Close Encounter...Thanks For Believing -- Neon Green Pike Caught -- Multiple Mass Alien Abductions

My Close Encounter...Thanks For Believing

Apple Creek, OH - 1976-07-14: Was the night of guitar lessons, I was 14 mom and me left around 9:30 pm she said we'd take the back way home main to high and on Millborne Rd we went north we got right behind the state inst. at blossom Rd and there it was as wide as two football fields going from house to house just sitting there over the road the lights went from lt to rt large rect. shape looking like to smaller rect. at each side rotating and pulsing white red yellow blue over and over the craft was a disk shape round at top and bottom funneling down to bottom a bit to lower area, mom pulled in a turn around on blossom we stopped and watched this thing , I got out on the windows edge not a sound coming from it we were less then a quarter of a mile away it was so huge, mom asked again what should we do,i said we're not going under it! go back to Apple Creek and up Rt44 so she did and soon as we started turning out of blossom and back on Millborne it shot straight up and looked like a small Red Ball you heard me right a small little red ball and stayed there until we got all the way over on 44 straight across from it and then seamed as if it moved with us straight north untill we got home as soon as we did that small red ball zipped like nothing I have ever seen to the North east and in a flash it was gone, oh their out there all right, we made a report with sheriff they laughed and said we probably saw a combine or tractor , and thats as far as it ever got. And thats my close encounter and I'm sticking to it, still to this very day ask my mom and she'll start shaking and say "I don't know what the hell it was but it was there!" Thanks for Believing - MUFON CMS


Neon Green Pike Caught in Great Slave Lake

It's not the Loch Ness monster, but a Yellowknife angler has ignited debate of his own after landing, and then releasing, a fluorescent green pike while fishing in Great Slave Lake.

"The whole top of the fish had a different green," said Randy Straker. "If you look at the mouth, it looked like green lipstick. It was so bright."

Straker was fishing with his friend Craig Thomas on Sunday in the lake's North Arm when he made the catch.

After pulling the pike into the boat — Straker estimated it at 38 to 40 inches and 12 to 14 pounds — the two men snapped a few photos and released their catch. Afterward, though, they realized that they'd caught something quite unique.

"In hindsight, after looking at the pictures, we should have taken a whole lot more," he said. "But we compared some pictures that we'd taken previously of a fish. And when you put it up against another pike, it's way lighter. The fins were kind of a translucent green as opposed to the darker colours of a regular pike.

Avid fishermen, Thomas and Straker had worked their way around the lake for the past five years, and had "just started ... exploring in that area," said Straker.

The two were finishing up their day when Straker landed the fish. Pike, also known as jackfish, are common in Great Slave Lake, but when the catch passed by the boat, both men realized something was different.

"I was wearing polarized lenses, and I thought maybe that was causing some different coloration in the fish," he said. "I was just about to pull my glasses off to take another look... and then my buddy made a comment about how strange the fish looked.

"Reeled it in a little tighter, and then just as it got close to the boat it kind of flared its gills and its mouth came wide open. And you could see right down its throat, and it was very fluorescent green."

Asked if he'd seen anything like the pike before, Straker's response was emphatic: "Nothing even close.

"We've seen kind of the albino look, where you might get a 50/50 split, where half the fish is lacking pigment, or we've seen some irregular spots, but this fish was totally, head to tail, like nothing we'd ever seen."

Straker posted the photos of his catch on social media, igniting a debate about what could have caught the coloration. There are "lots of theories," he said, but so far, nothing definitive.

"We thought maybe diet... maybe whatever it got into eating, but nothing concrete. The biologists that have given any feedback have suggested that they have no clue really what's caused it."

No biologists will be able to examine the fish itself: it's now back in Great Slave, the deepest lake in North America, "to be caught another day.

"We hope to get out this weekend," Straker said. "Maybe we can find some more of those." - Neon jackfish leaves Yellowknife fisherman stumped


Multiple Mass Alien Abductions

When: during the summer of 1977 (my best guess as to the year), during the day (probably between 10am and 2pm) as it was only a day camp.

Where: at Pena Adobe historical site, abutting Interstate 80, north of Fairfield, CA, and just before Vacaville on Pena Adobe Road, on the East side of the highway.

These accounts have been delved from my memory and subconscious years following the events.

My search for understanding started when I began to self analyze why I had had recurring nightmares, for years after that summer, of a large, bleach white, cow's thigh bone chasing me. A bizarre, and somewhat ridiculous thing to be scared of. Even after the dreams stopped I had a persistent fear of the image in my mind. I was never scared of an actual cow's thighbone though. I discovered that the large white thigh bone was actually an alien, humanoid in shape, white, and somewhere about my size.

Throughout the weeks I was at camp I had a number of instances of missing time leaden with fear.

The most detailed experience is of the counselors taking a large group of us kids on a walk; then waking up on the ground (with a gap in my memory of how I'd gotten there). Everyone on the hike awoke on the ground in a clearing. I have an image of numerous aliens some taller and brilliantly white, and other shorter ones, in some way interacting with people. I recall someone noticing something weird with their watch. I'm not sure what. There seemed to be a transition between the time when people who were awake and were alright with the aliens' presence and when people started to return to 'normal' awareness and be bothered by what had happened and was going on. Eventually we all continued with our normal camp activities, but a number of kids were sent home early (or the entire camp?) due to a sudden illness that was going around. I know many people were out of sorts and upset the rest of that day.

I also have images of being amongst the trees there and a small alien there - and I have a terrible fear of being taken.

Another time I remember an image of a large glowing thing hovering over part of the camp. It is luminous, possibly ovoid, primarily glowing white with multiple other colors mixed in. I remember feeling something from it, as if it made a sound, but it didn't. - MUFON CMS


NASA claims sea level rise is 'inevitable'

Scientists have warned that sea levels are going to rise by at least 3ft by the end of the century.

Despite concerted international efforts to curb the effects of global warming, new satellite data has indicated that a rise in sea levels around the world is still an unfortunate inevitability.

Scientists at NASA have this week revealed that with the ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica melting at a faster rate than ever before sea levels will rise by at least 3ft over the next 100 years.

"More than 150 million people, most of them in Asia, live within one meter of present sea level," said Michael Freilich, director of NASA's Earth Science Division.

"It may entirely eliminate some Pacific island nations."

The world's oceans have risen by around 7.6cm since 1992 with most of it being attributed to melt water from countries such as Greenland where 303,000 tons of ice are being lost each year.

"Sea level rise is one of the most visible signatures of our changing climate, and rising seas have profound impacts on our nation, our economy and all of humanity," said Freilich.

"By combining space-borne direct measurements of sea level with a host of other measurements from satellites and sensors in the oceans themselves, NASA scientists are not only tracking changes in ocean heights but are also determining the reasons for those changes." - NASA claims sea level rise is 'inevitable'


Dubious Orange UFO Visits -- And Revisits -- Ohio House

It's one thing when someone posts a UFO picture or video on YouTube for all the world to see and wonder if it's real or not. But it's another thing when that same person posts several such images, stretched out over a period of time, from the exact same location.

These repeaters, as they're often referred to, always run the risk of credibility issues when they claim to see and videotape UFOs over and over again -- and that seems to be the case here.

The individual who posted the YouTube video -- using the handle variation of Punky Doodle and Punkadodle Doodle -- has not responded to our request for comment, but the expert we spoke to thinks the only ones being punked were the people who were watching this. Find more information and videos at Dubious Orange UFO Visits -- And Revisits -- Ohio House



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