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Friday, August 21, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Mystery Squash -- Constantly Harassed by Alien Entities -- Grandad Claims UFO Tried to Abduct Him

Mystery Squash

Reader AP said he cut into an acorn squash and noticed the strange impression on one of the slices

I was cutting into it and when the two half’s fell apart I noticed the left half had these letters and what looks to be a triangle? I don’t know how it could have gotten in there. I thought maybe it had somehow bled through the skin but that’s impossible, it wouldn’t be facing horizontally like it is.

I work at a national lab and have shown it to several PhDs in the environmental dept. and they have no idea either. They all say “that’s weird, or “I have no idea”.

What do you think?


Constantly Harassed by Alien Entities

Louisville, KY - 2015-04-08 - 2:04PM: I first noticed the object at my previous home.The entity or entities aimed beams, rays and lasers. The entities aimed something at my entire home that caused burning sensations in my body as well as my children's bodies. I noticed laser lights shining through Windows. Telepathy was used along with the lights. Invisible rays of energy and pressure was being applied to my body and head. I thought it was coming through the Windows so I moved away from them. No matter where I went inside my house to get away, the rays followed. They even followed me into the basement. So the entity came into the house through walls, closed doors and windows. The substance being aimed at me was rapidly dehydrating my body. The entity led me out of my house by using telepathy and making me afraid to be in my home. I went to a hotel with my children but it followed me there. This time it beamed massive amounts of energy into my body and aimed lasers at my head non-stop causing severe pain to the point I almost went unconscious. The energy being aimed at me affect ed the microwave causing it to spark. It also affected the lights causing them to flicker. The entity beamed something into my heart.Afterward I experienced pain and burning inside my heart. Something was also implanted inside my back without any surgical procedure. This object causes burning sensations and tremors around my back and heart area. This entity seemed to absorb or extract something from my body that caused me to have immediate and intense cramping all over my body. I was taken to a hospital and a mysterious fluid was injected into me that caused my heart to burn intensely and my heart rate decreased. My 7 year old son told me he felt as if a ghost was watching him. I felt the same. As if being watched inside my home. The entity appeared to be peering from behind my head or had directly got inside my head. However, it seemed to be attaching itself to my head.

Where ever I go it follows as if it has a tracking device on me. No one can see it but I could feel and sense it's presence. It circulated in and around my body as if it was making a copy of me or downloading something from every part of my body. I could feel it go inside my body. This was not painful.

I have moved to a different address and the entity has followed me. Since the injected medicine I have been experiencing pain and sickness. A substance such as electromagnetic radiation, electricity, microwave currents or some other substance is almost always being aimed at me, even while I sleep. I can feel my brain being altered and my body seems to be being damaged.

I have witnessed the entity take possession of certain people around me causing them to act in strange ways. - MUFON CMS


Grandad Claims UFO Tried to Abduct Him

Francisco Acosta Tostado, 68, told authorities he was riding his bike on a highway in the city of Paso de Ovejas in Veracruz, Mexico, when "an unidentifiable craft" flew so close it knocked him off his bike.

He told police, who found him with a deep gash to his head, he believed "aliens in the craft had been trying to kidnap" him.

But the Mexican pensioner seemingly avoided being taken off in the UFO after landing in bushes nearby, local reports said.

Car mechanic Policarpio Carvajal said he was driving along the road when he spotted Mr Tostado lying at in bushes at the roadside, before he alerted emergency services.

Police attended and found Mr Tostado with blood on his head and apparently "out of his mind" when he reportedly made the bizarre allegations.

Mr Tostado was taken to a hospital in nearby La Antigua for treatment.

He said he is now afraid to venture outdoors in case it comes back.

Police have found no trace of the alleged "UFO" or its occupants.

Paso de Ovejas is better known for its drug cartel violence than UFOs, and has been described as one of the most dangerous places in the world.

Around 58 people have been murdered this year in the small area of only 7,000 residents.

However, UFO sightings, that coincided with attacks on cattle in the area over a few days, were made in early 2002.

The authorities blamed the attacks on coyotes, but local farmers said the wounds could not have been caused by wild animals. - PICTURED: Grandad just moments after 'a UFO tried to abduct him' while cycling


Brothers behead their sister over love affair with a cousin

Two brothers beheaded their 17-year-old sister on Monday for having a love affair with their cousin. The girl, Jehan, was dragged out of her house in the village of Bahmani in India and brutally beaten by her two brothers before they murdered her.

Despite dozens of people watching the horrifying event, residents did not inform the police of the incident. It was reported hours later by a local security guard.

Now, police are searching for Jehan's two brothers, Nanhe and Gul Hussain. Neither brother has been seen since the attack. While we do not know how old the boys are, they are said to be older than their sister.

After the boys beheaded their sister, they left the body in the street and walked around Bahmani holding the girl's head. They shouted that they were against their sister's relationship with a cousin as they paraded her head around the village. They yelled:
"This is what happens as punishment for having an affair."

While honour killings may be common in India, it is rare for people to use such brutality as this. India is considered one of the harshest places for women to live as there is often female infanticide and child marriage. - Brothers behead their sister over love affair with a cousin


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