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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Early Cuba Humanoids -- Squirrels In Yosemite Test Positive For Plague -- The 'Grey' Sat Next To Me In My Car

Early Cuba Humanoids

Here are 2 early humanoid encounter reports from Cuba...courtesy of Albert Rosales:

Location. Jicotea Las Villas Cuba
Date: 1915 Time: late evening
Two men were patrolling the edge of a sugarcane field on horseback when suddenly as they neared a bend on the trail the horses stopped and would not move, snorting as if in a panic. The men then noticed what appeared to be a small white sack like “bundle” on the ground near the trail. Both men had the impression that whatever it was, it was a “living” thing. The bundle now began approaching the now terrified horses. One of the men that was armed with a pistol fired several shots at the thing. Both men were then astonished to see that the “bundle” seemed to become larger every time it was shot at. When it almost as large as the horse the men panicked and fled the area on foot leaving the horses behind. The next day both horses were found wandering the fields apparently unharmed.

HC addition # 2082
Source: Story told to me by my grandmother Aurora on several occasions Type: E

Location. El Santo, Las Villas Province, Cuba
Date: 1918 Time: afternoon
A young boy playing along the backs of a local river heard a noise and saw over a nearby field a large object resembling a “Mexican Sombrero” coming down for a landing. After the object landed a large ‘door’ opened and several tall man-like figures wear dark diver’s outfits emerged and briefly walked around the surroundings they then gathered at the entrance of the craft and then boarded the craft. After a few minutes he heard a loud buzzing and the object took off disappearing at high speed towards the ocean side (North). The boy reported that at the site of the landing he found some strange ‘papers’ which resembled ‘the wax paper currently used to wrap the Ritz crackers” (at least that was the witness was able to compare it to, when he was interviewed in 1998 at age 90). It is not known what he did with the alleged ‘wax paper’.

HC addendum
Source: Direct from researcher Hugo Parrado Francos Type: B


Squirrels in Yosemite campground test positive for plague

A popular campground at Yosemite National Park in California will be temporarily closed after several dead squirrels were found to be carrying the plague, officials said Friday.

The move comes about a week after a girl who visited the park tested positive for the plague. She was treated and has recovered.

"As an extremely precautionary public health measure, flea treatment will be applied to rodent burrows in Tuolumne Meadows Campground because several dead animals were tested and found to be carrying plague," park officials said in a statement.

The campground will be closed from August 17-21. The park itself will remain open, including all the other campgrounds.

Plague is carried by squirrels, chipmunks and other wild rodents and their fleas.

"By eliminating the fleas, we reduce the risk of human exposure and break the cycle of plague in rodents at the sites," said Karen Smith, the director and state health officer for the California Department of Public Health.

Separately on Friday, two young campers died when a huge tree branch fell on their tent, officials said.

The youths had been staying at the centrally located Upper Pines Campground in Yosemite Valley.

The names, ages and hometowns of the campers were not released.

Yosemite National Park, located in northern California's Sierra Nevada mountains, is the third-most visited of the US's national parks and one of the oldest.

The website of nearby Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park warns, that "trees and branches have been falling more frequently, possibly due to the drought and beetle damage. Watch for falling trees!" - Squirrels in Yosemite campground test positive for plague



The 'Grey' Sat Next To Me In My Car

Deptford Township, NJ - 1963-06-15 - 7:15PM: i was 17 years old at the time. on my way to pick up my gorgeous little Italian date. when i arrived at her house, out in the orchard area of south jersey, a cousin of hers came to the door and said she would take a rain check on the date because her relatives came in and she would be spending some time with them. so , i left there and drove towards the local diner, in my neck of the woods, { a local hangout }.the road was long and straight with not to many houses on it for miles. im cruising along in my 1956 Chevy convertible when it started to miss.it quickly shut off completely. the radio., and parking lights , and dash lights all went off. i put my tyranny in neutral, and coasted to a stop. i just stayed in my lane because there was no traffic at all. never was any cars on that road. i checked my gas gauge cause i thought i could be out of gas, then i remembered i had just put 3 dollars worth of gas in it and, to this day before heading out to pick up my date.that was around 9 gallons of gas in them days. that's when i experienced the worst case of fear that i have ever had, to this day.i was looking straight ahead , with both hands on the steering wheel, and i felt that someplace to facing was sitting next to me in the front seat. i was frozen with fear, all i could do was slowly turn my head to look.i was shaking so bad, but could not move. with my head turned to face the little entity sitting next to me, i saw a small little , what looked to be a chilave an understanding, looking right at me. and at that moment the fear was replaced with a calmness , that was unlike i had ever known. it was an off white, almost gaseous looking little thing.its head was barely as high as the back of the seat, and its legs stuck straight out just over the end of the seat. it was very small.by this time , i am completely calm. it then spoke to me without saying a word. in my mind i heard, don't be afraid . at that time i noticed an expression on its face of a mother looking at her child.we stared at each other for a few minutes, and my mind was on fire with information on many different levels.to fast for me to separate, and focus on any one thing.and then it started to fade , the more transparent it got, the feaat i shouldn't started to settle in on me again. suddenly i was able to move.just as it was almost completely gone, my dash lights came back on. i looked again and it was gone. scared again, i hit the starter and the car came to life. i put it in gear, and peeled the tires off of it and flew out to the diner. took about 15 more minutes .a couple of my friends were there, but i didn't mention the experience to them.that was over 50 years ago and ive not told anybody, except for my wife of 48 years, who wouldn't believe even if it had happened to her.since then i seemed to have an understanding of things that i shouldn't. - MUFON CMS


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