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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Possible Skinwalker Chases Vehicle Near Monticello, Utah

A couple had just left Monticello, Utah along US 491 when they noticed an unknown being quickly approaching them. It eventually caught up to the car and incited terror in the witnesses.

I recently received the following account:

"In the summer of 2010, we were driving along US 491 near Monticello, Utah.

We had pulled on the shoulder in order to find something in the backseat. As I was just about finished, I took a quick glance at the road behind us and noticed in the distance, a little less than a mile, a figure on the side of the road 'hobbling' as it walked toward our vehicle. This surprised me in that we hadn't seen or passed a person since we left Monticello. As I stood there, I realized it grew in size, meaning that it was approaching at incredible speed.

I yelled at my wife, "Get ready to leave, fast!" I jumped into the passenger's side, only to find myself screaming at the top of his lungs to my wife, instructing her to, 'Go! Go! Go!" Slamming my door, I took one glance back outside the window as the car peeled off, and saw what I said can only be described as the most mangy looking human/animal I'd ever seen.

I couldn't tell if it was in rags or just a heavy-coated black animal running/hobbling very fast, as it did quickly catch up to the side of the car. The way the eyes looked struck me with terror. They were very large, almost bulging out as would a praying mantis' eyeballs, but with pinpoint pupils.

Too afraid, I looked away at his wife, who was starting to shake uncontrollably. I took the steering wheel realizing she also took a glance at this thing, her foot still flooring the accelerator.

Fortunately, we outran this thing. I always wonder if this was a skinwalker or something worse!" RV

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