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Monday, October 19, 2020

Terrifying Cryptid Canine Close Encounters in Quebec, Canada

2 terrifying incidents with cryptid canines in Quebec, Canada. Both very close encounters in which each witness got a clear view of the beasts.

I recently came across the following encounter reports:

"An old friend and I saw a dogman in the Centre écologique Fernand-Seguin in Chateauguay in Quebec, Canada. It was the summer of 2008, if my memory is correct.

During a late evening hike with my friend in the park, like around 9-10 pm, we begin to be followed by an animal who acted very weird, emitting dog-like sound. When we returned to the entrance of the park, this thing cleverly followed us at the edge of the wood to avoid the light at the entrance of the park so we couldn't see it. Like it knew we can't see anything at night and the light will reveal it.

When we were running back to the parking area, my friend and I entered the car in a hurry. When he started the car, my friend saw the face of the beast 2-3 meters from the window, standing on 2 feet, staring at him with a creepy grin. My friend is a very tough guy normally and he knows the forest very well. He has seen lots of predators in the past. It was the first time I saw him terrified like that.

A couple of days ago, his father saw a muscular and massive black dog in Lery, a small town near Chateauguay, around their little cabin in the wood, close to a marsh. The creature had large shoulders and it confronted the father of my friend by staring at him from a distance of 5-6 meters. The moment the father of my friend tried to reach a kind of spear weapon to confront it, the creature ran away into the marsh very fast to never come back.

His father never told us about his story until we talked about our encounter. So maybe it was the same beast living in the area or a another one living in the same area. We will never truly know." Name withheld 


"One of my uncles has a farm and one of his many pastures is located between La Montée Benoit and Le Rang Saint-Charles, Quebec. This is about 3 kilometers north of the border with New York state. My dad and I were chopping wood for the following winter.

We were at the edge of the pasture where the wooded area started. It must have been a little after lunch when my uncle stops by to speak with my dad. He said that one of his calves was missing and he couldn't find it. So we stop what we were doing to help find the missing animal. I was happy to get a break because my father had a habit of pushing me hard and I hated not being allowed to play with my friends during the weekend. Anyway, I dart off in the woods heading south through the thicket. I was running, ducking down and jumping through the branches just having a good time. I must have run 2 or 3 minutes at the most. Then as I'm running I hear a low gurgling growl. I put on the brakes.

It hard to put into words. This thing moved sideways from behind a thick bush. I could make out half of its face. It looked like it was on all four ''legs.' It was very large. I was standing up and it was as high as I. Maybe 1.2 meters off the ground. I looked like a black wolf with very pointy ears on the top of its head. I only made out its shoulder and left arm. I didn't see if it had 'hands' because the grass/brush was high. Its forearm was not proportioned right. It was way to long.

I just froze and felt like my heart was going to pop out of my mouth. I saw a grin from the half of the face that I could see. I must have stood there for maybe 5 seconds. But that's the longest five seconds of my life. I turned around without thinking and ran as fast as I could!

I got back to the pasture looking for my dad and uncle. When they finally got back I tried telling them what happened but they just said that I saw a big coyote. I've never seen a coyote or any dog smile before or since.

A week later my dad tells me that one of my uncle's employees found the calf dead, cut in pieces not too far from where I saw the huge canine. I still have nightmare's to this day." Name withheld