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Thursday, October 08, 2020

Strange Incident on Pinnacle Trail at Table Rock State Park, SC

A hiker on Pinnacle Trail at Table Rock State Park, SC is alarmed by the quiet 'vacuum effect', sensing that a Bigfoot may be nearby.

I came across this incident from 2010:

"Back in 2010, I hiked the Pinnacle Trail at Table Rock State Park in South Carolina. I was the only one on the mountain as it was early April and it was early in the day. The trail goes all the way to the top. It took me two hours to ascend to the peak. It was beautiful. I rested and had a snack and water, then headed back down.

I was about 30 minutes from the entrance when I noticed that I didn't hear anything. It actually caused me to stopped dead in my tracks. No wind, bugs, birds, water...nothing. It was like I was in a vacuum or something.

I actually tapped my ear with my finger to see if I could still hear. I could. Then I smell what to me, having raised many hunting dogs and pets when I was younger, like a a dog house bed that hasn't been cleaned in a long while...except it is 10 times more pungent. I look around like WTH? There was something there. There was no doubt in my mind, but it was staying hidden. I looked around everywhere. Nothing, but the odor was all around me. I finally booked it. Something was wrong.

About 30 yards down, I see a doe that is just eating grass or something. She looks at me and is not scared in the least... which i think is very odd. Most deer haul ass when they see you. I continued down the trail like a bat out of hell. The natural sounds came back at some point.

There was a couple coming into the park when I was exiting the trail. They looked at me like I had three heads with one coming out of my butt. I don't know, I guess I looked like I saw something serious. I left and went home.

I was listening to a few encounter stories on YouTube one day. I was immediately alerted when I heard a very similar instance being told. It was the 'being in a vacuum' someone said they experienced. I think it was a park ranger story.

I have had four paranormal encounters in my life, this being one of them.The others had nothing to do with Bigfoot, or whatever was on that mountain. One frightened me so bad, i barely slept for three days. I am curious. Has anyone else experienced this?" ED

NOTE: These 'being in a vacuum' experiences are someone common with unknown encounters. Table Rock State Park in South Carolina has a history of strange activity. Was it a Bigfoot? Maybe...but, like I said, it's an unusual location. Lon

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