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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Flying 'Jeepers Creepers' Humanoid Strikes Windshield in South Dakota

A woman, driving late at night in South Dakota, observes an unknown being in the road. It suddenly unfurls it wings and jettisons into her windshield, leaving a glitter-like substance.

The following account was recently sent to me:

"Back in 2013, my friend Brad lived in rural South Dakota and I would go see him anytime of the day or night. It was late and I was headed to his place, no traffic on the highway and just had the light of my headlights to see. I came upon a curve and up ahead was something black crouched over in the middle of the road, like it was looking at something or maybe eating it. I like to drive fast and love animals and didn't want to hurt whatever it was, so I hit my brakes to slow down. When all of a sudden this thing spread out its wings, which looked like a black cape (I think, it all happened so fast) and I thought it would have lifted up and away, when it took off backwards towards my car and it hit the top center of my windshield,. 

It was so hard I ducked and instantly looked in the rear view mirror to see if it was still alive. It was way too dark to see, plus there was a row of bushes. I knew it had to have smashed my windshield. I couldn't tell how bad but I could see this glitter splatter, so I just kept driving to my friend's place, which was about another 10 minutes away. When I pulled up and he came out to greet me, I was so shook up on what I just hit and was telling him the story and how we had to take his truck and go see if it was still alive. He kept telling me to wait for morning but I wouldn't stop begging him. He finally agreed to ease my mind and we started to walk to his truck and stopped to look at my windshield. 

The windshield was not cracked at all but the splatter it left behind was a huge gray glitter splatter and felt all silky and soft, like when you kill a moth, only bigger, way bigger! We got in the truck and drove to where I had hit it, and nothing was in the road or ditches. I felt better about not seeing anything still alive and suffering but was baffled at what just happened and the glitter splatter. About a week later, my friend died of a massive heart attack. This happened in 2013 and I moved away for a couple years and now I'm back home. I haven't told a lot of people my story. I did research Mothman and it makes me wonder. It happened so fast and I'm very observant and it kind of reminded me of the 'Jeepers Creepers' guy, all crouched in the road eating something." RC


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