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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Possible Pterodactyl Witnessed Near Kalamazoo, Michigan Cemetery

The witness in Kalamazoo, Michigan was walking around his neighborhood when he hear a loud disturbing screech. He is able to see the shape of a large winged cryptid in the waning twilight, that reminds him of a Pterodactyl.

I recently received the following account:

"Hello Lon,

I hadn't thought about this one in many years, but I was just sitting around flitting about the internet when I came upon a page purporting that there have been a huge number of "mothman" sightings around Lake Michigan since 2017, and a not insignificant number prior.

Anyway, I've never actually SEEN the thing. Not a good look at least, but once back in 2009 I was out on an angry walk. You know the kind, struggling with your S/O, definitely not gonna last between you and they royally pissed you off, so you go walk it off. Well I'm hooking left around the corner and just coming up on Mt. Ever Rest Memorial Park North at 1717 N Drake Rd, Kalamazoo, MI 49006 when I hear what I at the time immediately took as like a Pterodactyl scream. Since reading these other accounts, I would certainly also describe it as similar to brakes screeching, but like if brakes could feel vast amounts of pain, loneliness, and anger. 

It was like it reached into me with that screech and scooped up all the feelings it recognized and relayed that back to me. But I also, in hearing that sound, it was like the resonance of it gave me a picture of the size of the thing. It was absolutely at least twice my size, and I'm a big person. I searched the graveyard with my eyes but it was late and the treeline behind it made it hard to tell what I was looking at. Still, I did make out a rough size of an outline that matched about what I had been thinking before the thing screeched again, this time as if anxious and upset that I was trying to better see it. 

I say that because that second screech put in me the instant reaction to not only look away, but I threw my hands up in the air and shouted "Okay! Okay! I'll keep going." Before I heard what I can only describe as enormous wings lifting a large body into the sky. I was far enough away that I wouldn't have felt it and certainly didn't, and it's not like I can definitively say I know what a 400-500 lb winged creature would sound like taking off, but I definitely pieced that information together in an instant.

It felt like it had come to connect and left disappointed yet again that a person tried to investigate it rather than just communicate on its terms? The two screeches were two distinctly emotional cries as I recall. It was as plain as if I found someone in a field shouting at the sky and then they huffed off in frustration after my response was not to their liking. That was what always struck me about it. I love animals and I love people, I love listening to both, but it generally takes me some time with any particular animal before I can understand them in THAT kind of way, where their voice betrays emotion. People can't hide it at all. I am shook just remembering back to those screeches and the CLARITY with which I felt the emotions behind them.

I'm struggling with a way to end this email so I'll just leave it here. Thank you for taking the time." PS

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