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Possible Methods of UFO Propulsion Examined - Part XI

Possible Methods of UFO Propulsion Examined - Part XI

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books:

Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet

Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus

Cosmic Ray's Excellent Venus Adventure

The Vast Venus Conspiracy

Lady Columba Venus Revelations

Besides the Bell, Convair, Martin and United Aircraft-Sikorsky Helicopter Division, in late 1955, we discover that Lear, Inc. of Santa Monica, one of the world’s largest builders of automatic pilots  for airplanes; Clarke Electronics of Palm Springs, California, a pioneer in its field, and the Sperry-Rand Corporation of Great Neck, Long Island, which was then doing important work in the development of guided missiles and Earth satellites for the Department of Defense, also had scientists investigating the problem of an developing an anti-gravity propulsion device.

European Expertise Brought Onboard

In the 20 November 1955 issue of the European edition of the New York Herald Tribune newspaper, Ansel E. Talbert, its Military and Aviation Editor, informed us that Martin Aircraft had recently put under contract two of Europe’s leading authorities on theories of gravitation and electromagnetic fields:  Dr. Burkhard Heim of Goettingen University in Germany and Dr Pascual Jordan of Hamburg University, also in Germany.  At the time, Goettingen University was perceived as being on the cutting edge of aerodynamics and physics with its faculty scientists making many outstanding discoveries in these areas, all of which Dr. Heim played a leading role.  Dr. Heim worked for Germany’s Bureau of Standards during World War II and firmly believed that gravity can be overcome.  Although he lost his eyesight and hearing, and even had both arms blown off at the elbows during the war as the result of a rocket explosion, he dictated his theories and mathematical calculations to his wife.  As for the accomplishments of Dr. Jordan, he was the Max Planck Medal winner for his important paper, “Gravity and the Universe,” which had excited scientists and researchers around the world as to the emerging possibilities from new breakthroughs in the study of anti-gravity.

From Keller Venus Files:  Anti-Gravitation and Aviation

At meeting in Maryland, November 1955, George S. Trimble, Jr., vice-president in charge of advanced planning of Martin Aircraft Company, left, discussing the application of anti-gravitational research to aviation with two Martin aerospace scientists, J. D. Pierson, center, and William B. Yates, right.  Be sure to check out Part XII of this series to see the actual flying saucer they were developing behind the scenes, in concert with the government, aircraft and electronic companies, and millions of investment dollars.


George S. Trimble, Jr., the vice-president in charge of advanced design planning at Martin, was then building in Maryland, just to the north of Washington, D.C., a new laboratory for the Research Institute for Advanced Study, where Dr. Heim and Dr. Jordan could supervise the conduct of a theoretical investigation into the implications for future gravity research in the “unified field theory” of the late Dr. Albert Einstein.  

The general manager of the new facility, Welcome Bender, told the journalist Talbert that, “This new facility would have no connection with the day-to-day business of building airplanes.”  At the time, early pioneers of UFO investigation found that hard to believe.

Carol A. Honey (1928-2007)

Space Research Engineer at Hughes Aircraft and editor of George Adamski’s books and newsletters

In September 1961, at his Pasadena, California, home, Honey revealed that, “I had been present with Adamski when various representatives of the government or the military were at his residence asking for information.  I still back up his original contact claims and was with him on one of them.”


The well-known California contactee George Adamski pondered the question of, “Why would the government and a consortium of wealthy industrialists finance the construction of such a scientific institute with such lofty aims and expect nothing in return for their investment?”  Adamski frequently told audiences that came to his Venus presentations that he knew of the debris from three crashed saucers, two that went down in New Mexico and the other one in Sonora, Mexico, that were retrieved by reconnaissance teams from the Air Force Office of Scientific Investigations (AFOSI).  The crashed saucers were supposedly being back-engineered and rebuilt in a hangar at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.  Perhaps these German specialists could fill AFOSI in some of the details of the propulsion systems onboard the recovered extraterrestrial scout ships.

Perhaps to dispel such speculation, Talbert made it a point in his groundbreaking article to state that, “Up to now, no scientist or engineer- so far as is known in scientific circles- has produced the slightest alternation in the magnitude or direction of gravitational ‘force,’ although many cranks and crackpots have claimed to be able to do this with ‘perpetual motion machines.’

“There is no scientific knowledge or generally accepted theory about the speed with which it travels across interplanetary space, making any two material particles or bodies, if free to move, accelerate toward each other.”

Intensive Efforts Behind the Scenes

Something really amazing and wonderful was going on behind the scenes.  By the start of 1956, it was apparent that the efforts of the business, defense and scientific community in the United States to understand gravity and universal gravitation at both the subatomic and universal levels, were starting to yield results.  The enthusiastic backing of the nation’s physicists, as well as those imported from Europe to work on these projects, provides ample evidence of tremendous developments already afoot.  

Keep in mind that Dr. Edward Teller of the University of California, the scientist who was primarily credited with developing the hydrogen bomb; Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, director of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University; Dr. Freeman J. Dyson, theoretical physicist at the same institute, and Dr. John Wheeler, professor of physics at Princeton, gentlemen who also worked on the Manhattan Project and the equations of nuclear fission, felt very sure that if then current team of scientists working on gravitational research could take the same cooperative approach that they did in uncovering the secrets of the atom, then it was a surety that their pure research into the secrets of gravity would be highly successful, far exceeding the broadening of human knowledge.  Perhaps their investigations might even propel humankind to the stars!


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