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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Upright Canine Encounter in Managua, Nicaragua Barrios

A girl, living in the Managua, Nicaragua barrios, encounters an upright canine while walking through the dark passages in the area.

I recently came across the older account from 1987 in Nicaragua:

"My mom used to take me to stay with my Grandma who lived about 3 1/2 miles away, close to Lake Nicaragua which is infested with bull sharks. The area where Grandma lived was under constant construction and the city was deforesting the area to make more houses. Light posts were spread throughout the area where no homes where yet built

There were creeks that went under bridges and one could walk to other barrios, or parts of the neighborhood that were closer to the lake and the mountains. A lot of native people lived there. They cooked rice and beans on the stove and by hand on a comal hand made tortillas. My mother had a knack of sending me to those neighborhoods to buy beans and tortillas which is what I did that afternoon. I had never believed in werewolves or witches or anything supernatural or unknown, but this shocked me to understand the importance of keeping an open mind and to know and respect others who have seen the paranormal.

I was heading with 2 plastic containers to buy the beans and tortillas that afternoon by my grandma's house. I had to go through an area where a creek went all the way to lake Nicaragua, and still had a lot of forested areas there and had encroaching buildings that were being built but not finished yet. The road I walked on was in between the forest and creek alongside. As one got closer to my Grandma's neighborhood the unfinished buildings were apparent with few trees about and the creek became part of a water way. To get across, you had to walk on a bridge to get to the road that lead to the outskirts of the city of Managua, which is where my grandma's house was, in an area called America's # 2.

Anyway, on the way to buy mom's beans and tortillas I had no ill feelings on the road. The sun was still up, it was about 6:30 pm. Since we are near the equator there is still sunlight at that time. It took me approximately one hour to do this. I had no worries since the people around the area knew me. On the way back to grandma's, as I got close to where the new buildings were being constructed it was already dark, and there was a full moon that night. It was around 7:45 pm since I always had a watch with me since I like watches a lot as a matter of fact I still wear a watch today.

Anyway, as I had finished crossing the bridge I came up to a building which had not been finished and had no roof or doors, and it was about 150 yards from the creek and wood line. The moon happened to light the building and leave places dark on the ground and light up the mid level places around 5 feet and up as the moonlight hit the building at an angle. As I walked in front of a door by the road suddenly I heard a growling sound, like a dog growl. I was never fond of dogs since they always seem to chase me, and had one bit me when I was 6. But now I'm grown up and actually like dogs and cats.

Anyway, as I heard this sound, I don't know if it was curiosity or stupidity, I decided to investigate by backtracking and seeing if in fact it was a wild dog with rabies, since rabies at that time was rampant in our country. This way I knew weather to expect an attack or just to get a rock in one of my hands in case it decided to mess with me.

Well, to my horrific surprise, I come up to the door of the building only to be 10 feet from a thing that I only saw in the movies like 'The Howling.' I couldn't believe what I was seeing!

This thing slowly began to rise from a hunched position to where the moonlight hit its face, and mind you, this was a one story building with no roof. This building was at least 8 1/2 feet tall, yet this things head was maybe 5 inches above it! I was having trouble speaking. I was in a state of awe and disbelief.

This thing had pointy black ears and a mid-size snout like a German Shepherd, and it had a yellow glow to its eyes. It had hands like a raccoons, but with a curve to them.

Suddenly my reaction came, and I spoke out loud and said 'NO!' At this point this creature  heard me and immediately turned its head to see me I realized.

At this point I had 2 choices; stay, and hope it didn't eat me, or run the mile left to my Grandma's house. I can tell you the second option was better. I immediately turned and ran in the direction of Grandma's house. I felt the thing behind me but I dared not look. I ran, and the funny thing is I didn't even drop my mom's containers that were with me!

I ran all the way to my Grandma's house and I ran into the house. The good thing was that in those days Grandma always left the door open. I ran inside and ran past my mom and my Grandma. I then rushed to the kitchen and put mom's containers on the counter I took the steak knives that Grandma had and told my mom and grandma it's after me and I'm ready.

At this point my mom and Grandma tried to convince me that I was ok and to put the knives down. I did not put the knives down until I was sure that the monster was not showing up to attack Grandma's house.

I had nightmares and horrible dreams for about 2 years after that.

But this was not the last time I would see something like this creature." Name withheld

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