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Saturday, October 24, 2020

2 'Transformed' Upright Canines Frighten Hunter in Hamilton County, New York

A hunter in upstate New York encounters 2 large-headed quadruped coyote-like dogs that literally transform into 8 foot tall upright canines with green eyes.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

I was staying with my brother and father at cabin on a hunting retreat in the upper part of New York state near Speculator. We had gone out there to hunt deer during the 2016 black powder season.

I was up late, sharpening knives for the dressing and cooking of anything we managed to take. It was about 2 am and I was getting ready to go to sleep once I finished the last knife. I saw the security light outside flick on, and got up to go look at what it was. You’re not allowed to take deer at night, but I figured there was no harm in just looking at one, seeing which way it went, so we could track it tomorrow. And if it wasn’t a deer, it would still be nice to see the local wildlife before I retired for the night.

So I look out the window, and I see these two big, coyote looking dogs with HUGE heads outside, on all fours. I initially thought they were Coy Wolves, a hybrid between a coyote and a large dog, happens sometimes in this area. So I watch these things sniff around. We had grilled some hot dogs earlier. They must have come looking for the smell. I watch them for a few minutes, and then one of them does this weird, jittering motion. It sort of stretched its hind legs out one at a time, and even through the glass, I could hear a popping sound. A really horrible noise.

This thing did one leg, then the other, and then it sort of rolled it’s shoulders, made another popping sound, and stood up on its hind legs! We had put our bags of deer scent and stuff into the tree. Like you would to keep bears out of it, tied up into the tree. It reaches up, grabs at the bag, and pulls it down.

The thing rips it open and tears through it. It finds the deer urine in there and sniffs it, then seemed almost angry, and throw it into the wall of the cabin. At this point, it spots me. This thing looks at me, locks eyes, and the second one stands up on its hind legs! They look at me for a few seconds, staring me down. I literally thought I was going to die.

They seemed angry I had seem them, or upset about it. They turned and ran off, still on their hind legs.

I broke down crying, locked myself in the bathroom, and refused to leave the cabin the rest of the trip. I stayed there, and dressed and cooked the deer, I wouldn’t go outside and actually covered the window in my bedroom because I was convinced I was going to wake up to one of them staring in at me.

I estimate both creatures at about 8 to 8 and a half feet tall. I couldn’t see genitals on either of them. They had green luminous eyes and were colored like coyotes, tan with grey on the back and white or cream bellies. They had tufts on the end of the ears, like a bobcat. Long tails, like a wolf’s tail, fluffy like that" Name withheld