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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

'O'Hare Mothman' Close Encounter Witness Interviewed

The following information was received by Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research investigator Manuel Navarette on UFO Clearinghouse. A USPS sorting facility employee at O'Hare International Airport recalls her scary encounter with a tall red-eyed winged humanoid in the parking lot. The following interview was later obtained after the original report was posted at Tall Red-Eyed 'O'Hare Mothman' Close Encounter at USPS Sorting Facility

The witness was at first reluctant to discuss the issues after the initial report, but did finally agree to meet with the UFOCH investigator and recount her encounter on the night of September 24, 2020.

The witness is a 17-year veteran of the USPS and has worked at the O’Hare sorting facility for the last 15 years. She advised that on the night in question, she was walking toward her car after her shift had ended and was checking her text messages on her phone as she made the familiar walk to her vehicle. I asked her if there were other people around to which she answered no, as most of the other employees leave right at shift change and she usually sticks around to take care of the transition.

As the witness walked to the car, she noticed what looked like a very tall man at the far end of the parking lot that she reasonably thought was one of her fellow co-workers. As she walked toward the car, she deactivated the car alarm which automatically turned on the car headlights. The headlights illuminated the person at the other end of the parking lot and it turned toward her revealing a pair of bright red eyes and it spread what looked like a giant pair of wings. When asked how big the wings were, she could not give me a definitive answer but guesstimated that they must have been between 10-12 feet across. The being then began making a series of clicking noises which she described as a cross between a click and a chirping sound. The being then let out a loud metallic screech that she described to the investigator sounded like the brakes on a large truck or train.

The witness then described that it began running toward her in these very long strides at which it took off into the air. When I asked her to describe the being and how it looked or flew she said she did not look up at it as she was too busy flinging the car door open and diving into her car while screaming. The witness stated that she started her car and turned on the interior lights all while trying to keep her wits about her. When the investigator asked her if she saw which way the creature flew away to she advised that, “I didn’t care where it flew off to and I was not gonna stick around to find out.” The witness advised that she left the area in a hurry and did not slow down until she had left the area and had joined the main road and traffic.

The witness was hesitant to elaborate any further and the investigator decided to close the interview and thanked the witness for her time.

It is the investigators opinion that this sighting merits further investigation and that an attempt to reach out to employees of this USPS facility be made to see if any other sightings can be obtained.


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