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Friday, October 02, 2020

6 Foot Hairy Cryptid Roaming Rural Haralson County, Georgia

A rural Haralson County, Georgia resident has encountered an unknown hairy being around their property. There have been reports of animal attacks in the area as well. Is it a Bigfoot, or something else?

I following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I live in rural Haralson County in northwest Georgia. One night as I was taking the dogs out, I was standing on the edge of the patio. And while my senior dog was pulling to go back inside and I was trying to coax him onto the grass, my pup suddenly lunged forwards and was really freaking out. When I looked up, I saw 'IT', or at least I’m 99% certain that what I saw was it. It was standing by one of the big trees at the edge of the woods, sort of half hidden behind it.

It didn’t really remind me of a Bigfoot all that much, at least from what I imagine they look like (sort of like a gorilla/person, right?). I tried looking further into it and stumbled upon the 'Alabama White Thing,' since I live just a few miles from the Alabama border.

It stood about 6 ft tall when I compared it to the branches on the trees (I tend to do a lot of work at those two trees it was standing at). It seemed to have light colored fur or hair. It was bipedal but the ‘legs’ were more like an animal’s anatomically. It had fairly long arms in comparison to its body. I didn’t really see its face but if I had to guess I wouldn’t say it was very flat nor very ‘snouty’. I didn’t see a tail but it wasn’t all in clear view. This is a description of me laying eyes on this thing for like a few seconds max, as I hurried to drag my dogs back inside.

Needless to say I didn’t mind one bit that they had accidents that night, and started taking the dogs out in the front yard. I would cross the road with them but there’s more woods there.

But speaking of the woods across the road, a week or so after I started going out in the front, it seemed to have caught up on that. Now I either hear it coming from those woods (at least there’s more distance between us there), or from the woods in the back but further to the left (where I would be visible from).

A week or two ago I had a friend over for the night because their car broke down near me and it was Sunday so it couldn’t be towed until the next day. At around 1 am they wanted to go get some snacks and my dogs were being annoying because they didn’t get to play that day, so we decided to make the 20 min walk to a small gas station. But we kept hearing rustling in the woods, like something was following. And as usual with this thing, the dogs didn’t seem to know whether to lunge out or run. But when we encounter animals it’s all excitement and wanting to go check it out, nothing like the fight of flight battle they were having. We had somebody come pick us up at the gas station and drop us back off at home.

I’ve also overheard a conversation about a neighbor’s dog that passed. I’ve seen her a couple times because she used to break off from her tie-out. She was a nice dog, a husky malamute mix I believe (why anyone would have one of those in Georgia is beyond me, but that’s beside the point).

Apparently they let her out at night and she didn’t come back. The following morning they went looking for her and found her with a broken neck but nothing else. I’m not sure how true that is, but it does frighten me for my own dogs.

And somebody about a 10 minute walk out used to have horses on their property but apparently had to move them because they began breaking out.

So that’s where we’re at now.

My dogs are staying leashed 24/7 now, I always have a flashlight handy, and I’m looking into my self defense options as an immigrant...

I just hope things don’t get any worse." LM

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