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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Upright Canine Encounters in Phoenix, Arizona Area

3 upright canine witness accounts from the Phoenix, Arizona area. Are you familiar with similar accounts in your region? If so, contact me.

The following accounts were received by me over the years:

Four teenagers walked onto the Shalimar Golf Course under the cover of darkness in summer 2012. The course is in a highly populated residential area of the city so the group tried to keep quiet, walking along a line of palm trees next to a wall. Then their world changed.

“We were there talking,” AP said. “My girlfriend says something like, ‘hey something just jumped out of that palm tree.’ A few seconds later she lets out a blood-curdling scream, just pure shocked terror.” AP turned and saw something he’d only seen in movies.

“There’s a … creature lumbering along the wall towards us,” AP said. “It was as tall as me, six foot, hunched over, huge snout like a werewolf.” The beast lunged toward the teens and they took off. “It was chasing after us,” AP said. “I just turned and ran, I didn’t think to look back.”


In early 2007 the witness was driving down Baseline Road and passed a park. She saw a large dog sitting in the park and paid no attention. But then she saw that it was starting to run after her car. She said it stayed right with her on the driver's side and did not seem to want to give up. She floored the gas and was going really fast and the dog kept up. Finally, she lost it. She looked in the rear view mirror and the dog stood up on its hind legs and walked across the road!

She vowed never to be in that area again at night. She said a short time after that, a friend was driving to her house down Baseline Road and saw this same creature. It chased her also and walked on two legs.


"I saw a rottweiler walking on its hind legs straight to the middle of our camp outside of the city. It was easily 5 feet tall and had bright orange eyes. I freaked out and screamed as it was running at us, still standing up. It disappeared into a bush after we turned the corner.

Later on at our other camp, an old man with his face covered up by hair visited us and acted very strangely. We ran out of drinks, so a friend and I decided to head out on foot (no car; a friend had to take it home). We saw a car. As it approached, it slowed down to a halt and the same man asked if we wanted a ride. We said no because by this time my friends had told me the man was a skinwalker. He grabbed my arm and pulled me by his car and looked straight at me. As my friend ran up to grab me, the man took off in his car." FH

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