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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Police Blotter: 'Werewolf' Reports From Eastern Brazil - 2008-2013

There was a rash of 'werewolf' sightings and encounters reported to local jurisdictions throughout eastern Brazil during 2008-2013.

During the year two thousand and nine residents of Canhotinho, Pernambuco, had their affected routines: Children hardly leave the house at night, adults locked the doors after 22 hours and those who risked breaking this behavior were afraid they are attacked by an alleged werewolf who would be prowling the city.

According to an animal population as this would plaguing the city in 2001 and in 2009 the animal would be back howling and attacking animals at night. There were several reports of people who have seen the monster, or that they are aware of their presence in Canhotinho.

One of the reports that increased the fear at the time was after the attack in a place where the farmer Maria do Carmo Soares, 57, assured to have seen the "werewolf" eating the dogs from his home.

- I was watching television when I got up to go turn off the kitchen light when I saw a strange thing in the gap of the door. I exhale and saw a large animal, all furry, with big ears and all black. He was eating one of my dogs. - Tells the farmer.

She was alone and wept with fear, the other day found her three dead dogs.

- The pieces of them were around the yard. I have never in my life seen a dog being killed like that. I could only find three legs and a head of the dogs. The rest he must have swallowed - reminded her terrified.

In Eliza Holland neighborhood, close to the city cemetery, the reports are even more frightening: A watchman of a school, who asked not to be identified, he said he came to shoot the neck "werewolf".

- First I saw a very strange thing when I was coming to work. Was behind the cemetery, it was like he (the werewolf) turning. The other day, I was here in high school when he saw me and came to attack me. He had big teeth and sharp claws, gave fear, but I shot in his neck and then he ran across the scrub. - ensures.

Some people said that the "werewolf" could be a girl who lived near the cemetery and that the transformation would take place in a pen that is behind her house. To further strengthen this suspicion, neighbors vowed that after the guard shot himself in the creature the girl would have been treated at the hospital with neck pain.


Strange sightings of a creature that locals attribute being a werewolf, is scaring the inhabitants of Luis Correia in Piaui. Many stories are being told, say that the alleged creature is covered with hair, walks on its hind legs and has an agility out of the ordinary.

Even the military police was notified about the appearance of the creature and made efforts to try to capture the animal. As in other cases, the suspicion is that some costumed person is hanging around the place.


In Jaibaras, Sobral-CE District, residents are afraid of a creature that has attacked some animals of the region. According to witnesses, the "animal" would be a being half man, half dog.


Two police reports were recorded in a town in rural Taua, located in the interior of Ceará. According to its residents, a werewolf would be stealing sheep. The fact was attributed to this supernatural creature after a woman had spotted an individual half man and half wolf. A 12-year-old also said he had seen a similar figure near his home. Both reports indicate that the creature smells really bad, and has a grotesque appearance.

Again, police are investigating the possibility of people are working costumed to scare the local population.


Stories over a werewolf woman has been told by the people of Guarabira, Paraiba. According to one account a woman, owning a place in the region, would have had a pig attacked by the creature. The animal was killed with scratches and had her mutilated neck.

The stories say they have seen a disheveled woman walking through the woods and it's at night that occurs the transformation. Dozens of reports reinforce the myth, changing the habits of residents: children are no longer going to school unaccompanied, ladies stopped going to church at night and even the bars are getting empty.

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