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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Early 90's Winged Humanoid Witness Encounters in Chicago

The following recent comments were posted in reference to the sightings of the winged humanoids in Chicago:

 "I had my own sighting with a similar winged creature in 1994 in downtown Chicago. I was fascinated with the architecture of the city. A friend and I were staying on the 11th floor of a hotel. I was out straddling the window seal taking pictures of some gargoyles on another building. One of the gargoyles in the center above the eaves turned its head and stared at me. It must've heard the clicking sound my camera was making as I took multiple shots.

I called my friend over to have a look and the creature flew away out of our eyesight. It was exciting to have such an experience with another witness. We looked for the creature all over the city for the next fourteen nights and never saw it again." ZF


"Back around1990 in Chicago, my buddy and his brother were putting in a stereo system in a car from a driveway that was behind a small apartment building that was right off an alley. It was around midnight and as they were both in the car focusing on the task.

Then something jumped on the roof of the car and was rocking it back and forth. They said it was rocking the car very hard. They said they can hear nails scraping on the roof as well. It stopped and when it did they agreed to jump out the car and run for the building. They said they did so and as they got to the door they looked behind them and on top of a building across the alley from them, which is a condemned factory, in the roof was a gargoyle type creature.

They woke up their father and told them what happened. They grabbed baseball bats and the father a gun to go out there to close the car doors. The thing was gone.

Me and our other friends didn't really believe them although their father confirmed that it took place although he didn't see it. They told the story for many years and we were always freaked out when they did. I knew nothing about Mothman back then and neither did they. But now with all these sightings and stories about this creature in Chicago, it makes me believe the story they told was true. And many others have seen it." FE