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Monday, October 26, 2020

Black Eyed Kids: 'Let Them In,' Creepy Phone Call & 2 Boys Kidnapped by BEKs!

3 strange BEK related accounts. One witness let's them in the door. Another is a very creepy phone call. And finally, 2 boys seem to have been kidnapped by BEKs.

Here are 3 very bizarre black-eyed kids accounts:

"Most people say they can sense when something is about to happen. Something feels off, or wrong. Maybe, If that was the case, this never would have occurred. Maybe I wouldn't be typing this story.

It was late, but I couldn't sleep. Something in my mind was stuck in the 'on' position and refused to budge. After an hour tossing around under my sheets, I accepted the futility and moved myself into the front room. It had to be about 2am, the television volume on low playing some older sitcom I was barely aware of. I was on the couch, sleepily watching the ceiling fan. I was pretty calm, despite the late hour and my fatigue.

It was the knock on my front door that jarred me from my position. I wasn't really suspicious as much as curious. I lived in a relatively well off neighborhood, I had no reason to be scared. At first.

I looked through the peephole. Nothing. I opened the door, leaving the chain lock intact. Nothing. I gave up and returned to my place on the couch. I think this time, I dozed off, putting the knock down to my restless mind. Really, I had made it up, a figment of my imagination. That is, until it happened again.

It was maybe 3am by the time I opened the door. I was met by something you all know, and fear. At the time, I had no idea. All I saw in front of me were two sad, helpless children.

"Hello," The first one said, "We're lost. It's so late. Can we please come in? We have to call our parents."

He seemed so articulate. So smart for a child. He was dressed in such snappy attire, it didn't once cross my mind something might be wrong. I just didn't notice the eyes. Somehow, my mind skipped right over that detail.

The younger one, a girl, stood with her head down. She was dressed down compared to her brother. She wore her dark hair in pigtails, and it was just so long.

Something in me was screaming to shut the door, yet I resisted. Two small children alone, with no help. I must help them. It was the only moral and ethical decision. While you turned them away, I invited them inside.

At first, they seemed surprised. They had been expecting to have the door shut in their face, they couldn't remember the last time it had been so easy.

They won't hurt you, I promise. They're just lonely, they have no parents to take care of them. We must help these poor black eyed children. They're just lost, alone, and afraid. Besides, you see much better with eyes as black as theirs. You would understand, if you let them in, too. " JJ


"My friend and I were sitting up one night having one of our insomnia talks. It's around 3 AM and our topic switches to one of my favorite things to talk about...paranormal and cryptids. He says the thing he has heard about that he does not believe in at all but it creeps him out are the stories of black eyed children. I ask what they are, but he says that if he is going to sleep at all that night, he isn't going to go into detail and I should look them up the next day when I am not planning on going to sleep any time soon.

I get home from work the next day around 8 pm and start looking up stories about these children and creeping myself out. An hour or so later my cell phone rings. Caller ID on the screen says Private Number. I answer and on the other end a child asks me "Why did you call?" Chills immediately run down the back of my neck and down my arms and I reply "I didn't call anyone." The child then says "Yes you did. Why did you call?" I tell it that I didn't call anyone, and not to call me again and promptly hang up. I immediately checked each window and door and sat there on my couch for a few minutes mentally replaying what I think is the creepiest thing that has ever happened to me." JL


"It was the 1970’s and my sons were aged 9 and 7, I was a single mother and worked two jobs. We lived in an old farmhouse on the outskirts of town, we had just moved in and didn’t know our neighbors very well. The main reason I picked this house was for the large backyard, and my sons started spending all of their free time out there. I often only saw my sons for a moment in the morning, and at night to tuck them in, they looked out for each other a lot.

One day I came home a bit late and my sons were still up reading comics, which wasn’t unusual. What was unusual was how excited they were, they had a story to tell me. They told me about their new friends, two boys about their age that lived next door. I was pretty upset, they knew not to talk to strangers. My sons told me they wanted to come inside the house, but my older son wouldn’t let them. I told them they weren’t allowed outside until I had met their new friends, and put them to bed.

The weekend came, and as far as I know my sons hadn’t gone outback. We went to the neighbors house and introduced ourselves, they didn’t have any kids though. I assumed that my boys had mixed up what direction their friends came from, and went to our opposite neighbor’s house. They had kids, but they were girls a bit younger than my sons. Maybe they live further down the street, I thought.

I figured this was as good a time as any to meet the neighbors, and we worked our way down the street. There were some old people, young couples, and two families with about 8 children each. Even though we had met about 5 boys my sons’ age, they hadn’t met before. They hit it off though, and my sons stayed for the rest of the day and played in their backyard. I started my way back down the street to get dinner started.

When I got back home I felt like something was off. I wasn’t used to being home alone, my sons were always home. I started dinner, but still felt weird, a little scared. Something caught my eye out in the darkening yard. My sons were out in the backyard on the swings, but I still felt worried. I went out there to tell them they weren’t allowed outside, even though I had lifted the grounding earlier that day. Then I realized they weren’t my sons.

The two boys got off the swings and faced me, and I immediately noticed something awful. Their eyes were pure black, they seemed to have no soul, no humanity. I stood on the back patio paralyzed, just staring into their eyes. The boys were about a hundred feet from me and started walking towards me. Not a muscle in me would move, I couldn’t break eye contact with them. “Excuse me, miss. Can we use your phone?” the older one asked me. I screamed no, and managed to run in the house.

The boys were at the back door knocking slowly and rhythmically, I was terrified. Then I saw my sons walking up the side of the house, towards the boys with black eyes. I ran to the window on the side of the house and told my sons to run, they laughed and continued around the corner. My younger son saw the two boys and greeted them, the boys with black eyes turned and said “Tell her to let us in.” My son yelled for me to open the door. I was just sobbing and didn’t know what to do.

My sons seemed completely unfazed by the boys with black eyes. I screamed for the boys with black eyes to leave us alone. Just as I did this, there was a knock at the front door. I rushed to the entryway, foolishly leaving my sons alone. I opened the door and there was a police officer. He was with the parents of the family whose house my sons had played at earlier. The wife was crying and the police officer told me that my sons had gone missing. I told him there were intruders in the backyard.

I quickly led the police officer to the back door, but the two monsters and my sons were no where to be seen. The glass in the door broke from how hard I slammed it open, I ran out into the yard sobbing. Then I heard my younger son’s voice, he screamed for me from the back of the yard, I saw him for a moment by the fence. There was a hole in the fence and one of the boys with black eyes pulled my son through it. The police officer shouted for them to stop, as he rushed to the fence.

It was too late, my boys were gone. That was the last time I ever saw my sons.

This story was told to me by a neighbor, she wouldn’t say if it happened to her or not. She would be about the right age for it though, she lived alone, and had no kids. I told the story from a first person perspective so I could write it better." MK

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