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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Voice From The Cornfield

Kate in Illinois called in to Darkness Radio to tell of something strange that happened to her brother and his friends:

“This is something that happened to my brother when he was in high school, but it's a pretty cool story. I live in a real small town about 80 miles southwest of Chicago. It's mostly farm around here, and mostly cornfields. So he was out one night. You know, doing what teenagers do around here. We have nothing better than like drive the back roads and stuff.

They were out super late, like 2 or 3 in the morning driving around in the cornfields and they had to stop to, in nicer words, relieve themselves. So he gets out with his friends. There's two guys in the car and his friends get out and are standing by the corn. They hear this noise, way out in the corn. He explained it like... "It was like this wailing sound but it wasn't like a machine. It wasn't human and it wasn't the sound an animal can make. It was just this weird wail or something." So he looked at his friend and he said, 'did you hear that?' He said, 'yeah.' He told his friends that were in the car to shut up and listen. So everybody got really silent. Then they heard the corn rustling. And then it was like it was coming closer to them. They could almost see the corn moving. The corn was kind of high but they could see it moving, and it was getting closer and closer. So they started getting really freaked out and they started getting really, really quiet. Then out of nowhere they heard this girl's voice that said: 'Where are you Mommy?' He said that his heart almost burst and they screamed like little girls and all got in the car and he screamed at his friend, 'Drive! Drive!' They just took off right away. They were saying to each other, 'Did you hear that? Did you hear that?' And they all said, 'Oh my God, who was that?' They couldn't figure it out. What was that wailing sound? Why would a little girl be out in the corn at 2 or 3 in the morning? We couldn't figure it out.

We live in such a small community that if there was a little girl missing in the corn... you know, we know all of the farmers, all the farms around here. We know like if somebody was missing we would have heard about it. If a little girl was in the corn or... So...?”

Source: Darkness Radio – July 21, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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