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Daily 2 Cents: Is Youngster the Reincarnation of Bobby Jones? -- Rectangular 'Shape' Crosses Road -- Cemetery Ghost in a Black Negligee

Is California youngster the reincarnation of Bobby Jones?

3-year-old golfing prodigy sees photo of Jones, says "This me"

As the club and tournament that is the legendary Bobby Jones’ legacy to the game celebrates youngsters playing golf, a recent book details the story of a California youngster who has claimed to be Jones’ reincarnation.

Not figuratively. Literally.

In his book, Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives Dr. Jim B. Tucker presents the case of Hunter (not his real name), a 3-year-old boy who identified himself with a photograph of Bobby Jones and selected a photograph of Jones’ childhood home as his. The child had gone on to win 41 of 50 junior tournaments by the time he was 7, including 21 in a row.

Tucker is an associate professor of psychiatry and neurobehavioral sciences and the director of the division of perceptual studies at the University of Virginia. Founded in 1967 by Dr. Ian Stevenson, the division has developed a scientific approach to studying reincarnation. Tucker, who studied with Stevenson, makes the case that “this phenomenon, beyond being consistent with scientific knowledge, can even lead to new insights about the true nature of reality, both about our existence in this world and about the possibility of life after death.” Read more at Is California youngster the reincarnation of Bobby Jones?


Identifying Discarnate and Spirit Communicators

The following is a question posed and answered on Rosemary Ellen Guiley's newsletter Strange Dimensions

Q: I've heard that spirits do a lot of masquerading, so how do we know for certain who we are contacting? -- Paula M.

A: Ascertaining the identity of a communciator from the Other Side or spirit realm can be tricky at times.

The dead often provide factual information that is known to the living, or which can be checked out and validated. Sometimes they do not, for a variety of reasons--often the exchanges are too short. They may give no name or only a first name, and insufficient details about their lives on Earth.

Spirits also have their bona fides, and major ones are identifiable by names, appearances, behavior patterns, and energy that can be sensed psychically.

In some cases, trickster spirits will masquerade as the human dead, even assuming personalities known to the living. They are capable of fooling people, but only for a time--sooner or later, they give themselves away and their true identity comes out.

Countless communicators encountered in the course of paranormal investigations and other forms of contact are harder to pin down. They may not offer enough information for proper validation. They fall into the "unknown" or "unexplained" categories. We on the other end have to make decisions about what we will accept at face value.

Individuals who become experienced in spirit communications develop their own innate sense of what sounds true and what is suspect. It's an inexact art, however. Ultimately, we have no way of proving many identities beyond the shadow of a doubt.


Rectangular 'Shape' Crosses Road

Whitewater, WI - 3/29/2016: As I was driving to work down a dark country road, between two empty fields, a route that I've taken daily for the past year and a half, a rectangular shape about four feet wide passed across the street in front of me. The shape was transparent, and it was only visible because I had my high-beams on. My beams kind of reflected off of it as they would off of fog. However, this shape had very definite sides. I could not tell where the top of it was, because I could not see anything beyond how high my headlights went. I first caught sight of it as it was in the oncoming traffic lane. I thought it might be a shadow, but there were no other cars on the road, and no other sources of light out of the ordinary. I realized the shape was moving across the street in front of me. I lifted off the gas, to make sure I would not intercept it. The shape did not vary in size or form as it moved to the right. The width and speed remained consistent. I had chills come across my body as I watched it travel, and realized I had no idea what it was. It reached the right side of the road when I was probably no more than eight feet away from it. At that point it was leaving the range of my headlights, and was no longer visible. For the past week and a half, I've been focusing on that portion of the road, to see if I could find any other explanation, but can't come up with anything. I'm basically just reaching out here to see if anyone has any ideas, and if anyone else has ever encountered anything like this. - MUFON CMS


Cemetery Ghost in a Black Negligee

Edith in St. George, Utah called in to tell of something she observed in a cemetery:

“Go back to 1937. I was 12 and we going to an FAA (?) meeting. We had to pass the cemetery and in front of us a woman in just a black negligee. She run across the yard and through the fence into the cemetery and disappeared. That was the last time we ever went on that road. And there have been many times people have seen people walking around in the cemetery. I'm 90 years old and I was born and raised in Florida.”

Source: Coast To Coast Radio - April 4, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian



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