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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: 'Don't go into the basement alone...ever' -- Lost Time / D.U.M.B. -- Mysterious Foam Develops After Japan Earthquakes

'Don't go into the basement alone...ever'

DJ wrote in to Darkness Radio to tell of some very bizarre things he saw as a child:

“I wanted to relate something that happened to me when I was 8. It was the first ever paranormal event that happened to me, mind you I have not had very many but this was one that convinced me that there is definitely something unknown in the world that lurks just beneath the surface of our reality.

I was laying in bed and I kept hearing this rattling chain in our basement. My brother was asleep. He didn't hear anything. But me, it freaked me out. So I went towards the basement and opened it. I looked down into the darkness and felt this cold eerie chill roll over me like a dense fog. It was a very scary feeling and even being only 8 I knew it was not right. And also being 8 I was super curious. So I turned on the lights, walked into the basement. There was nothing in the basement. Funny enough, I go to leave and I hear a creak. The basement door is beginning to close. So I take off up the stairs. As I do, the basement light explodes. So I freak out and look back only to see two glowing red eyes in the rear of the basement. So I beat on that door screaming for help and my father wakes up and opens the door. I fall into his arms and he looks at me asking, what the hell was I doing downstairs. I told him the story. He wasn't mad, he just told me, "Don't go into the basement alone...ever." He closed and locked the door and I went back into my bedroom.

Now my brother was awoken and he looked absolutely terrified. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he saw a man outside in the backyard. So I look outside and see this man dressed as a clown in the backyard. I close the curtain, calling for my dad again and we open it and there's no one outside. Now it had rained earlier that day and our backyard was super muddy though we saw no footprints in the backyard but we all know what we saw. It also turned out our neighbour's house had someone murdered in it a few decades before we moved in and that the man and girl supposedly spent their nights trying to use black magic books according to our neighbor who lived in the area forever. It was then I knew this world had far more than I could see.”

Source: Darkness Radio - April 4, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Lost Time / Deep Underground Military Base

A follow-up to a previous sighting:

Clarkson, OH - I realized that I in fact did have lost time after the sighting. I was left alone with the camping gear. I remember gathering wood for the fire but not starting it. My next memory is looking at the fire from a seat on a large log. It is now pitch dark and a party is going on around me. It was daylight when I began gathering wood 7:30-8:00 pm. about 11:30pm.

I have begun having fragmented memories within the past year and a picture has begun to emerge. I remember hearing a voice telling me that he is the pilot responsible for ferrying the guys at the top of the food chain in this case [names and location removed] to this facility for research projects and experiments. this place is one of the first and still most secret no one has even guessed that there is something like this here.

the next thing I remember is the same voice saying that they have been flying the same path so the tree tops should glow at night all along the path ha ha just kidding , but the annular grow ring of the trees should show signs of high radiation all along the path like bread crumbs right to the front door and down the rabbit hole. I can tell you all this because you will never remember HahA HA HA have fun .

That is strange I realize but that is what I am remembering. Everything I try to visualize is blurred vision of people the voice sounds like we are in a fairly large area inside. There are other words and phrases i can hear being said but none of it makes any sense.

I would have skipped sending this except that the name Edward Teller made me think that it could lead to discovering a D.U.M.B. in the vicinity western PA or WV that was one of the first in the country built at the time that the nuclear power station was built. The words research facility are said several times.

Thanks for the time. Contact me if you think it would be worth it.

I am considering having a regressive session to see if i can get a complete memory. - MUFON CMS


London Olympics Curse?

The deaths of 18 athletes who took part in the London 2012 Olympics have sparked rumors of a curse.

The rumor, which has featured prominently in the French-speaking media in recent months, was catapulted in to the limelight following the deaths of swimmer Camille Muffat and boxer Alexis Vastine - both from France - in a helicopter accident over Argentina back in March.

It is believed that the "terrible curse of the London Olympic Games" was first mentioned back in November 2015 after Belarusian sprinter Yuliya Balykina was murdered.

It was also mentioned again just last month when Australian rowing silver-medallist Sarah Tait died of cervical cancer, thus bringing the total number of 2012 Olympic athlete deaths up to 18.

Other victims include Guatemalan weightlifter Christian Lopez who died of pneumonia, British sailor Andrew Simpson who died in a sailing accident, French triathlete Laurent Vidal who died of a heart attack and Egyptian wrestler Abdelrahman el-Trabily who died from a gunshot wound.

But is there really a curse at work or is the French media simply looking too hard for a story?

According to sports statistician Rob Mastrodomenico, based on crude mortality rates it is not unreasonable to expect 18 people to die in four years out of the 10,568 athletes who took part.

This is in fact even less than what would be statistically expected for such a large group of people because Olympic athletes are young, fit and healthy and therefore less likely to die.

In other words, the whole idea of an Olympic curse based on these figures is nonsense. Read more at Is there a London 2012 Olympics 'curse'?


Mystery foam flows down street in Japan after earthquakes

FUKUOKA, Japan — A mysterious foam flowed down a street in Japan overnight after the southern region of the country was struck by two powerful earthquakes and numerous aftershocks.

Fukuoka is nearly two hours away from Kumamoto, where the strong earthquakes struck late Thursday and early Saturday. Residents in Fukuoka felt the earthquakes, and it is suspected but not confirmed that the mysterious foam is related to the seismic activity.

There were rumors that an underground pipe burst, but Mashable was unable to confirm that report with local authorities.

Images of the strange sight were posted on Twitter.


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