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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Shame on 'Destination America' -- Jellyfish Clutter South Florida Beaches -- Gigantic UFO Crosses Over Bridge

Shame on 'Destination America'

Killing Bigfoot season one is set to premiere beginning in Canada on the T+E Networks on April 14th and then on Destination America in Fall of 2016. The new series will feature members of the GCBRO (Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization) as they search for Bigfoot. The team believes that Bigfoot sightings and Bigfoot photos won’t be enough for Science to acknowledge the elusive cryptids existence. They intend to harvest a rogue male Bigfoot to prove once and for all that the creature exists and to influence the government to set up protected areas for the creature across America.

Lon's 2 Cents: I do NOT condone this type of programming. Sickening...


Jellyfish Clutter South Florida Beaches

Jellyfish washing up on South Florida beaches have replaced the glimmering white sands with a blue hue as far as the eye can see. Beaches in South Florida are dealing with thousands upon thousands of jellyfish coming in on the surf. These are dark blue-purple jellyfish that are actually equipped with sails that allow them to navigate on the wind so they stay away from shore and avoid their demise.

Jellyfish wash ashore on South Florida beaches making the shoreline a bit of an eyesore today!

It appears that the ocean currents and the wind proved too much for these little sea creatures during this latest South Florida invasion. CNN meteorologist Allison Chinchar said that there is no way to forecast the arrival of these creatures as they continue to arrive in the masses, according to CNN News on April 3.

These Velella velella jellyfish often travel with the Portuguese man of war jellyfish, which are highly toxic and offer quite the sting. While the Velella velella jellyfish have long tentacles used to capture prey, they don’t pack a sting. Still, authorities warn for you to keep your hands away from your eyes and mouth if you touch one.

As far as coming across a man of war jellyfish, these you need to be extremely careful around. These jellyfish have tentacles that flow as far as 30-feet away from the main body of the creature and getting stung by one of these jellyfish is much worse than the pain you feel from a hornet sting.

The video above explains the dangers of the Portuguese man of war jellyfish. It also interviews someone who has suffered through a sting event, which is a pain that can last for hours.

The Huffington Post describes these palm-size creatures as "painting the shore blue." The usually clean sand of the South Florida beaches are traditionally littered with spring breakers this time of year, but this looks a bit different than the usual bikini-clad inhabitants.

City officials took to social media and posted a “dangerous marine life” warning, which is denoted by the purple flag they are flying. As of right now contractors are clearing the beaches of these dead jellyfish, but more are arriving every day. For that reason the cleanup is going to be a gradual process!


Gigantic UFO Crosses Over Bridge

Captain Angel in Galveston, Texas called in tell of something he saw in 1968:

“I'm calling with regards to what me and my family saw in 1968 crossing on the Fourth of July in broad daylight over the cause way, the Courtney Campbell Causeway was packed and we saw an object that covered 80 percent of the sky from horizon to horizon and went right over the top of us. I've not heard anybody talk about that incident. When it went over... for example, if you look at an aircraft carrier on the horizon, it looks like the tip of a pin but when that object was on the horizon, it looked in its dimensions, you could say, if you looked at your fingers, maybe eight inches or nine inches on the horizon, is what we saw. And as it came towards us in the sunshine sky bridge, it covered the whole sky. The shape was like a saucer. It had very large, round or circular porthole windows – glass eye type of windows that sort of looked like they were white light and it had a mechanic or machinery type look underneath it. In my experience as a captain, I would estimate that it was probably coming at us at maybe 30 or 40 miles an hour and it just went right over top of us... everybody was... It was a traffic jam and everybody stopped their cars. I mean, the whole road, the Causeway was blocked, it was packed... everybody was looking at it and it made a sound that sounded like this (mocks a type of high-pitched whomping sound). It was so loud that you couldn't even talk because nobody could hear you. I don't know if that made everybody stop. I don't know what happened, I never heard anything from it since. It was in Tampa Bay, crossing the Courtney Campbell Causeway going to Clearwater on the Fourth of July on 1968 around 10 in the morning.”

Source: Coast To Coast February 25, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


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