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Friday, April 15, 2016

A UFO, Strange Lights & Missing Time

Tabitha in Iowa called in to Darkness Radio to tell of a bizarre missing time experience she had:

“The story I wanted to tell was back in 2004. It was October and it would have been homecoming week for the University of Northern Iowa. So my sister was attending school there and she needed money to go out for homecoming to go out and party. So I was taking some money up to her. She said she had to be at a certain place by 11 o'clock PM because it was 5 dollars to get in. If it was after 11 o'clock she would have to pay 15 dollars.

So my friend and I left Cedar Rapids at about 7:30PM and Cedar Falls is just about an hour or so away. So we head up to Cedar Falls and when I got up on the exit, I realized I took the wrong exit. I could see the UNI Dome (NOTE: The UNI-Dome is a multi-purpose stadium, on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa, in Cedar Falls, Iowa) from where I was. It was off in the distance. I was in the middle of like four cornfields separated by the road. I had a stop sign. The crossroad did not. And my radio was really hot. It was kind of hooked up lazily, so I took the face of my CD player off. All of a sudden I looked up into the sky and I said, 'Oh look, Mindy, a shooting star!' And I pointed at it. She looks. And as soon as I pointed at it, it starts coming towards us. So from what looked like a shooting star off in the distance maybe takes about ten seconds to get to us and by the time it was a hundred feet away from us. I could tell it was a big, really beautiful blue diamond. It looked like it was shaped out of glass. It was really smooth. The edges were rounded instead of clunky. It came straight down in front of us and landed in the cornfield that was across the street and to the left. And I say landed because there was no boom, there was no noise, there was no explosion. Whatever it was, it made a landing.

She looked at me and said, 'that wasn't a shooting star.' I said, 'no it wasn't.' I said, 'what time is it?' I don't know why I asked the time after seeing something like that. She said, '8:51' I remember that specifically because it would make sense after we left at 7:30PM. So I had to cross the road because I could see the UNI Dome off in the distance. And I wanted to point out that if I was to measure with my fingers across the windshield how big this thing was. Right now I'm doing it to a light pole. I would say it was about as big as a light pole, about 4 inches with my fingers. This was a pretty nice night. So I had to cross the road. There's no radio on. I look to the left and on top of the corn it's just illuminated, a really light blue. And that's all I remember... I don't remember talking to her. I don't remember anything except for saying 'what the heck?' I used a different word but I said 'we're not getting any closer. We're not getting any closer.' So I was like driving and driving and staring at the UNI Dome. I don't remember her saying anything. I just remember staring at the UNI Dome and driving and saying out loud, 'we're not getting any closer.'

The next thing I know, I'm at a stop light. I took a left, I took a right. I'm at the UNI Dome and my sister's gone. I call my sister to come down and get the money. She had fallen asleep. She comes down and she's acting all mad at me and I said 'what's wrong with you, I just brought you the money? I just drove from out of town to bring you some money.' She said 'I was trying to get in there by 11 o'clock so I only had to pay 5 dollars. I got ten minutes to get there by 11.' So from 8:51 when we saw this thing to ten minutes to 11, I was driving straight up to the UNI Dome. I was staring at it. I could see it off in the distance. It looked like I would probably be there in ten minutes. This is just crazy because I don't remember anything.

When I think about it, I feel like the UNI Dome was projected in front of me. This should have been at the most a three hour trip but we didn’t get home until after midnight. When I was thinking back, I don't remember the drive home. I remember a week later calling Mindy and saying, I want to talk to you about the thing... and she was like, 'what are you talking about?' I was like, 'about what we saw on the way to the UNI Dome.' And she was like quiet for a minute and then she just started freaking out and she kept saying, 'The Light! The Light! The Light! I have to go, I can't talk about this' and hung up. And still to this day, she's a good friend of mine, she will not talk about it. So that was a really crazy experience.”

Source: Darkness Radio - April 4, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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