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Friday, April 22, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Dogman Encounter in New Mexico? -- Mysterious Bloodsucker Killing Goats -- Say 'Cheese'...Robber Has Wide Grin

Dogman Encounter in New Mexico?

Edward in New York called in to tell of his bizarre creature encounter outside Alamogordo, New Mexico:

“I'm 45. This was back in 1990. I'm driving my friend from Long Island out to Tuscon, Arizona. I'm coming through the mountains into Alamogordo, New Mexico. And this dog comes out and I'm like shit I'm gonna hit him. So I stopped the truck. I'm pulling a trailer. I'm driving a Toyota pick-up with a Uhaul trailer. And I said, alright, and he comes up to the driver's side door. Now I know I had plenty of rest because I'm sleeping during the day, he's driving during the day. I drive all night. I wake my buddy up. 'Darren, wake up! Look at this!' The dog gets up and he had short front legs, like a Dingo. The eyes were glowing! Dingos are indigenous to Australia. They're not in the south west out in the desert. Anyway, he comes up... I like rolled my window down a little bit and I said, No, something's not right. So I locked the door. I pushed the button down with my elbow because I'm left handed. I hit the door and I reach over with my right hand and I roll the window up. He scratched on the window and then he was literally trying to open the door. He stood up... He stood up on his hind legs, back hind legs and he was literally trying to lift the door handle like he knew what he was doing. And I said, 'Darren, wake up!' And he looked over and he said, What the hell is that? I put it in first gear, it was a manual truck. I put it in first and I start... We were on a hill going up. I'm like, 'I don't know what the hell that was but that was crazy.' He reached and tried to open the door on the truck. If I didn't lock it in time, he probably would have opened the door. I'll never forget it. I was about 20 or 21. I'm 45 now. Craziest thing.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - April 8, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Mysterious beast kills, sucks blood of goats

Residents of Ondeihaluka (Namibia) in the Ongha area of the Ohangwena region were left scratching their heads for answers after five goats were killed and their blood sucked out by unknown predators in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The goats belong to Selma Nandjaya, and were killed in the same fashion as many others killed in the area since 2000.

Two of the goats were bitten from behind, gutted and had some of their intestines removed. The other two were bitten and gutted, but no organs were removed.

The mysterious predators also left two goats injured, while two others are missing.

“We are tired of these animals. We do not know what type of animals they are, but we strongly believe they are animals used for witchcraft which belong to someone in this area who does not feed them properly,” said community activist Josef Nakashona.

Furious villagers complained to The Namibian that since 2000, these predators have been killing goats at villages around Ongha, and they now fear that one day they will attack human beings.

“We sometimes walk at night, and that means we are now at risk each time we walk during night time,” Mandume Tomas said.

Villagers further told The Namibian that since the attacks started about 16 years ago, this is the first time that the killing has taken place in the open.

“Normally, they [beasts] kill livestock in their kraals, but last night they killed goats which were just sleeping in the bush,” Tomas added.

The residents challenged the owner of the beasts to take care of them and feed them properly in order for villagers to avoid incurring such losses.

They further advised the unknown owner of the animals to at least approach people or government for help if his beasts are starving.

“We understand that there are people who have things in their homes.

They own them with their families.

Why can’t they even approach government to assist them with food for their beasts which eat only meat and drink blood?” asked Amon Markus, whose six goats were killed in 2008.

Asked if the killer animals could be dogs, the villagers were convinced it is witchcraft−related, arguing that a normal animal would have appetite for meat and not for blood only.

“Come on my brother, is this a dog’s spoor? And what kind of dog sucks blood? And can that dog live this long since 2000?” asked one villager who preferred anonymity.

Nandjaya expressed disappointment at losing five goats.

She said they will burn the carcasses as they cannot eat the meat of goats killed through “witchcraft”. People in northern Namibia have long complained of mysterious beasts killing their small livestock.

Most people believe the beasts are owned by families who keep them to allegedly boost their fortunes, bringing them wealth and also for protection. The incident was reported to the police, the regional councillor of Endola constituency and the Ohangwena governor. - Mysterious beast kills, sucks blood of goats


Florida man catches 400-pound Goliath Grouper fish with a wrench

His tool of choice: a DIY wrench lure. It's a wrench, string, and two fishing hooks. With only this tool, Florida man Ryan Hein was able to reel in a 400-pound Goliath grouper while fishing in the St. Petersburg area.

Dude's a mechanic.

"A lot of mechanics know that you don't really use an 11 for anything," Hein told a local news reporter. "At least I never have."

"Some jigs can cost $20," he said. "I was just looking for a way to make a jig without spending so much money."


Say 'Cheese'...Robber Has Wide Grin (slap some make-up on him and you have 'The Joker')

An e-fit of a distraction burglar who tricked a 95-year-old woman in Northampton has been released by police. A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said the incident happened in Banbury Lane, Rothersthorpe.

“A 95-year-old woman was distracted by a caller at the front door to her property, while an accomplice forced the side door and entered the house and stole her handbag. The incident happened shortly before 1pm on Saturday, April 16. The man in the e-fit initially attempted to force open the front door.

“When the elderly victim went to the door, he then distracted her by speaking about the roof, while another offender came in through a side door and stole her handbag, which contained a quantity of cash,” he added. They both fled the scene when the victim heard a noise and disturbed the second offender.

“The offenders are believed to have left in a large white car. The first offender is described as, white, around 5ft ins tall, with a chubby face, and a very wide open mouthed grin showing teeth. He had a reddish complexion, was of stocky build and wearing a dark beanie hat with a dark jacket,” the spokesman added. Police have defended the picture and said it was "grabbing attention".



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