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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Standing Sideways on the Wall -- Giant Stone Sphere Found in Bosnian Forest -- What is 'the Hum?'

Standing Sideways on the Wall

Jack in Canada called in to tell of a possible real possession he was witness to while working in a psychiatric clinic:

“I spent 35+ years working in a psychiatric hospital and we had one woman there who we believed was actually possessed. The doctors, the nursing staff, all the way up and down the line believed that. Well, occasionally she would flip out as it were and have to be put into a seclusion room. On this one occasion I was working straight midnights to 7 AM and it was my turn at 2 o'clock or 2:30 in the morning to go and do a round and make sure all the patients were sleeping. And, of course, I went by the seclusion room and moved back the curtain and she was not asleep, she was standing sideways on the wall. I put the curtain back down and turned around and walked back to the office. The nurse in charge says 'Everything quiet?' I said, 'Oh, yeah, it's fine.' Since I told that story and I didn't tell anybody for years but since I told that story I found out a buddy of mine had an experience with her, not to the same extreme but he looked in the room on another occasion during the daytime to look at her and he thought she was standing a couple of inches off the floor but he dismissed it thinking it was just, thinking, maybe I'm tired or whatever. But, yeah, it was pretty unsettling to say the least.”

Source: Coast To Coast - April 2, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


'Time Travel' Mongolian Mummy Wearing 'Adidas Shoes?'

In what is surely conclusive proof of time travel, a 1,500-year-old mummy has been found rocking a pair of Adidas shoes. Possibly.

Archaeologists discovered the partial remains of a female thought to have died over a millennium ago and nearly 10,000 feet high in Mongolia’s Altai Mountains.

Only the mummy’s hand and feet have been found, but that is all some need to feel confident that time travel is possible. The feet appear to be in a pair of trainers with the iconic three-stripe logo of the German sportswear brand Adidas.

‘The mummy had on some Adidas in the first pic?’ wrote a user on LiveLeak.

The experts, we don’t need to tell you, have reacted to such suggestions with raised eyebrows and sighs, but nevertheless find the discovery just as exciting.

They say it is one of the most unique insights they have had into Mongolian life of that time.

‘This person was not from elite, and we believe it was likely a woman, because there is no bow in the tomb,’ B. Sukhbaatar, researcher at Khovd Museum, told the Siberian Times.

‘Now we are carefully unwrapping the body and once this is complete the specialists will be able to say more precisely about the gender.’

Sukhbaatar added that it was the ‘first complete Turkik burial at least in Mongolia’ and ‘this is a very rare phenomenon.’

‘The grave was three metres deep. The finds show us that these people were very skilled craftsmen,’ he said - Proof of time travel? A 1,500-year old mummy was found wearing ‘Adidas shoes’


What is 'the Hum?'

Sue Taylor first started hearing it at night in 2009. A retired psychiatric nurse, Taylor lives in Roslin, Scotland, a small village seven miles outside of Edinburgh. “A thick, low hum,” is how she described it, something “permeating the entire house,” keeping her awake. At first she thought it was from a nearby factory, or perhaps a generator of some kind. She began spending her evenings looking for the source, listening outside her neighbors’ homes in the early hours of the morning. She couldn’t find anything definitive. She had her hearing checked and was told it was perfect, but the noise persisted. She became dizzy and nauseous, overcome, she says, by a crushing sense of despair and hopelessness at her inability to locate or escape the sound. When things got bad, it felt to Taylor like the bed—and the whole house—was vibrating. Like her head was going to explode. Her husband, who had tinnitus, didn’t hear a thing. “People looked at me like I was mad,” she said.

Lori Steinborn lives in Tavares, Florida, outside of Orlando, and in 2006 she had started hearing a noise similar to the one Taylor was hearing. Steinborn thought it was her neighbors at first: some nearby stereo blasting, the bass coming through the walls. It would start most nights between 7 and 8 p.m. and last until the early hours of the morning. Like Taylor, she began searching for the sound; leaving town helped her get away from it, but it was waiting when she returned.

The experience described by Steinborn and Taylor, and many others, is what’s come to be known as “the Hum,” a mysterious auditory phenomenon that, by some estimates, 2 percent of the population can hear. It’s not clear when the Hum first began, or when people started noticing it, but it started drawing media attention in the 1970s, in Bristol, England. After receiving several isolated reports, the British tabloid the Sunday Mirror asked, in 1977, “Have You Heard the Hum?” Hundreds of letters came flooding in. For the most part, the reports were consistent: a low, distant rumbling, like an idling diesel engine, mostly audible at night, mostly noticeable indoors. No obvious source. Read more at A Maddening Sound: Is the Hum, a mysterious noise heard around the world, science or mass delusion?


Giant Stone Sphere Found in Bosnian Forest

The huge sphere, which measures around 5ft across, is thought to be evidence of an ancient civilization.

Discovered near the Bosnian town of Zavidovici, the peculiar object has caught the attention of archaeologist Semir Osmanagic whose previous efforts to uncover pyramids in Bosnia's Visoko Valley back in 2005 have earned him something of a reputation as a real-life Indiana Jones.

The newly unearthed sphere, far from being a unique specimen, is actually believed to be one of a large collection of similar artifacts found scattered throughout the region over the centuries.

Sadly though most of the others ended up being destroyed by amateur treasure hunters in the 1970s due to a rumor suggesting that there was a cache of gold hidden inside them.

Osmanagic maintains that the spheres are what's left of an ancient civilization that existed over 1,500 years ago however there remains some doubt over whether they are even man-made.

Mandy Edwards of the University of Manchester's School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences for instance believes that the spheres are a naturally occurring phenomenon caused by the "precipitation of natural mineral cement within the spaces between sediment grains."

Further analysis will likely be needed however before it will be possible to know for sure. Read more at Mysterious giant sphere unearthed in forest divides opinion



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