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Thursday, April 21, 2016

'Bloody Ghost' Repeatedly Haunts Sydney Rail Station

It seems that a 100+ year old entity continues to show itself:

Late at night, when it’s still, and last trains have pulled out, “faint crying” can be heard carried on the breeze at Macquarie Fields station.

Ghost hunters say it’s quiet at first but soon becomes much louder, sometimes accompanied by the terrifying spectre of a teenage girl wearing dancing clothes stained with blood.

One group, the Sydney Spirit Stalkers — who “stalk the paranormal” — say the sounds are the “moans and groans of a young girl in her teens,” who comes out when the platforms are “nearly empty.”

The haunting is reminiscent of the phantom girl in a white dress, who haunts the Wakehurst Parkway on Sydney’s northern beaches.

“Other people have heard the sounds too,” the post said.

“Someone has once reported that they swear they saw a young girl wearing dancing clothes, covered in what looked like to be blood in her chest area. She lurks around the station moaning and groaning. She also sits in the middle of the station, and just stares and cries.”

Luckily, nobody has reported any violence from the ghostly girl.

Macquarie Fields railway station is reputedly haunted.

In an article published by an unknown source on July 11, 1906, a woman named Emily Gengeson was reportedly hit by a train and killed along the railway line at Macquarie Fields.

Another paranormal website, Urban Ghosts Media, has also investigated the Macquarie Fields platforms, including them in a list of ten “creepy phantoms and urban legends”.

Their website reports “faint crying” carried on the breeze after the last train pulls out.

“As the night passes, you can sometimes hear the crying abruptly stop and change to hideous screams,” their post said.

“A handful of people have reported seeing a ghostly teenage girl roaming the platform (with) a dark splatter of blood covering her front.”

Although some people admitted to being “freaked out,” most commented that the “supernatural being” was not haunting residents.

“I used to work late and get the last train to Macquarie Fields in the night and never heard such things, it just seems creepy because it’s such a deserted station,” Facebook user Jacinta Maree Hadri wrote on the post. - ‘Teenage ghost girl’ haunts commuters at Macquarie Fields railway station

The only newspaper reference I found was from the Sydney Evening News on July 9, 1906 in the 'Brevities' section:

Emily Hay Gengeson, a single woman, 'was killed on the railway line near Macquarie Fields Station on Saturday afternoon, the body being frightfully mangled. Miss Gengeson, who had been an inmate at a private hospital at Wahroonga, was on a visit to Glenfield for the benefit of her health. The remains were brought on to Sydney and taken to the morgue.

There was no description of how she was injured.

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