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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: The Demon's Room -- Pennsylvania's 'Lycan Loop' -- Interesting UFO Photo Surfaces

The Demon's Room

Aubrey from Texas wrote in to Darkness Radio to tell of a bizarre sighting he had had as a child:

“My family and I lived in a house in Temple, Texas until I was roughly 9. I'd seen some things in the house so I was really used to knowing that if I was in a part of the house and my hair stood up and felt the urge to run, I needed to go somewhere else. No matter what I'd seen in the past, I wasn't prepared for this day.

I was in the living-room with my mom. She told me to go get something out of my bedroom so I went to get it. To get to my bedroom I had to walk by my parent's room. Well, I got close to my mom's room and my hair stood up. So I wanted to get to my room and get back to mom. So as I passed by mom's room and I thought I heard the TV on so I thought when I was playing my Atari, I had left it on. When I looked in, sure enough, the TV was on but there was a strange woman standing outside their closet and something was sitting on the edge of their bed. The woman was very sad looking with a long looking neck. The thing on the bed was very creepy. The best I can describe it as, it looked what I imagine a devil or demon or something would look like. It appeared to be sitting but it was obviously very large. What I could see of its arms and body was it was black looking. Its hands had long nails or possibly claws. Its face was just evil looking and the face had eyes that were set deep into its skull but it was dark red. He had a dark possibly black face with streaks of red. He had what looked like horns and the look on his face was just scary as heck. Just evil looking.

Now my mom was in the living-room. Dad was at work and my sister was also. I stood there for what felt like minutes but was probably just seconds. Finally the woman looked at me and whispered something to me. The thing which was on the edge of the bed with its back towards me turned around, gave me a horribly evil look and motioned like he wanted the door closed. And then bam! It closed shut! It was like I couldn’t move but as soon as the door shut I was able to move and believe me, I did. I ran to my mom and told her. We went to check and there was no one there. She told me I had imagined it. I asked, what about the door, how did it close? She said it was probably just the wind. Problem is, there's no windows open and there's no wind. I heard whispering at night when everybody was in bed so her whispering made sense. Also this house had so many flies and rats. I mean in my entire life I'd never seen so many flies and rats in one house. My mom kept the house immaculate but we had bugs. I bring this up because I heard that could be a sign of activity.

I didn't know it until many years later but a woman had actually killed herself. Not just in the house but in my parent's closet. The one I saw, the strange woman standing outside of, that closet. I can't say if there is a connection. My own mom tried taking her own life in this house. We walked in and she had cut both wrists with a large shard of glass from a glass she'd been drinking from. She looked like she was in a trance. She was rocking back and forth, staring into space. She passed away a couple of years ago but she never had any memory of what happened. This still haunts my dreams and I'm afraid it will show up again.”

Source: Darkness Radio - April 4, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Credit: MUFON

Interesting UFO Photo Surfaces

A New Mexico witness in Santa Fe County recalls a UFO event from 1995 when a disc-shaped UFO was caught on camera, according to testimony in Case 75628 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was taking photos of a double rainbow just after a thunderstorm on August 15, 1995.

“I took several photos, about six,” the witness stated. “I was directly across the street from the National Cemetery. I did not notice the object when photographed.”

The witness then took the film to be developed at the Fox one-hour kiosk in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Read more at New Mexico witness finds UFO in photo


Ronald McDonald Sculpture Arrested In China

In the latest example of Chinese police running amok, we bring you a breaking crime alert. If we were to tell you that a famed McDonald’s character was arrested, you’d probably guess the Hamburglar. He does wear a convict’s outfit, after all. We also would have accepted Grimace as a response because he strikes us as the type of ‘guy’ that would hang out in the bushes peeping at women. However, providing the greatest evidence that you do need to keep an eye on the quiet ones, jovial Ronald McDonald found himself in police custody earlier this week.

The famed golden arches are missing their companion at one of the restaurant’s locations in Guangzhou, China. Three police officers from the urban management bureau, known as Chengguan, showed up at the restaurant in the middle of the afternoon on Monday. In front of many curious spectators, they began to assault the statue of Ronald McDonald. When asked what they were doing, the officers yelled that they were enforcing an order from the city government and that everyone needed to stay back. The situation escalated when Ronald resisted arrest.

When the Ronald statue did not quickly rock free from its base, the officers decided to tackle it. Two of the three officers took turns shouldering the statue until he finally began to topple. After Ronald’s ankles were broken, it was easy for the law enforcement officials to drag away their suspect. When images of the arrest began making their way around China’s Sina Weibo social media platform, officials at the district urban management office explained their reasoning. The sculpture was illegally located outside of the restaurant and had been described as both an eyesore and a tripping hazard by pedestrians. The same official, who asked to remain anonymous, stated that McDonald’s can have its Ronald McDonald statue back, if the restaurant admits that it was in violation of the law and accepts a financial punishment. - Ronald McDonald Sculpture Arrested In China


The area designated on the map is where the highest general concentration of upright canine sightings have occurred in our investigation of Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania's 'Lycan Loop'



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