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Monday, April 04, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: 'His name is Ebboth...' -- What Was Seen in the Thames River? -- Wright Brothers' Missing 'Flying Machine' Patent Found

'His name is Ebboth...'

Cleveland, OH - This is a story that goes back years. It's starts when I was about 8. I woke up in my aunt's house and the electronics were going crazy. A little human type figure, but it was see thru, just walked around my bed. It created like trails or ripples as it walked, then it just disappeared. I began suffering from sleep paralysis and was having dreams of places I'd never been, but started researching these places and they existed. Then I was starting to become very psychic. It was horrible time in my life. I could feel things what people felt what they were thinking. Then I started seeing shadows, orbs and light-type water beings anywhere I live these days. I'm constantly experiencing paranormal activity no matter what home I live in. Now when I take pictures of myself you can actually see a face of something else over my face. I've gotten several pictures of entity. Cause I can see them with my eyes and in my periphery so I've started snapping pictures of them. The one is always with me. His name is Ebboth...he's the one in the picture I sent you. He'll even speak thru my TV ,speakers etc. I've had pictures of me taking on my phone of me when I've been sleeping and they just seem to imprint themselves on my phone. There's a lot more. I just wanna know at this point cause it's getting really outta control. My toaster oven which is huge flew off my kitchen counter and landed in the middle of the floor. They, he, it have never hurt me. I'm scared during sleep paralysis and get some dull numbing drilling pain in my back a bit. Guess it's just scary. And then also anytime I take picture myself if my eyes are closed in the pictures you'll see other eyes over them. And also I experience giant white / blue bright flashes sometimes in my room or places. They are just so bright with no explanation cause nothing could make such a bright flash. - MUFON CMS


Missing Wright Brothers' 'Flying Machine' Patent Found in Cave

The patent file for the Wright brothers' 'flying machine' - missing since 1980 - has been discovered in a limestone cave.

A cold case team from the US National Archives recently ramped up its efforts to find the missing paperwork.

Record keepers realized the file was missing from the main Washington DC vault in 2000, and discovered that it had been potentially mislaid as far back as 1980.

But volunteer archivist Bob Beebe has now found it hidden among a 15ft-high stack of documents in a special records storage cave in Kansas.

The patent papers bear the names of Orville and Wilbur Wright and the words 'flying machine', the world's first successful plane.

The pair made history on 17 December 1903 when they carried out the first controlled powered human flight.

They filed the patent - which covers the machine's design and controls - nine months before their device even got off the ground, and it was granted in 1906.

It reads: "Be it known that we Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright, both citizens of the United States, residing in the city of Dayton and state of Ohio, have jointly invented a new and useful machine for navigating the air."

The flight lasted just 12 seconds and covered 37 metres - but it was a huge step forward for mankind.

National Archives boss William J Bosanko said: "If somebody puts something back in the wrong place, it's essentially lost.

"In this case, we didn't know. We had to ask ourselves: 'Is it something that could have been stolen?'"

The patent will go on display at the National Archives Museum in Washington DC later this month.

A number of key documents are missing from the National Archives - including the patent for Eli Whitney's cotton gin, photos from the Moon, and letters penned by Abraham Lincoln.

Some are presumed stolen, while others were likely mislaid.


What Was Seen in the Thames River?

Strange footage has emerged online this week of a large, dark shape surfacing in the River Thames.

The peculiar video, which was uploaded on to YouTube and sent to us via e-mail, was recorded on a mobile phone by someone riding on the cable car in Greenwich, London back on March 26th.

Set against the backdrop of the Millennium Dome, the footage shows a large black shape rearing out of the River Thames before disappearing again, leaving a momentary disturbance in the water.

"Are there whales in the Thames ?" the uploader asks. "Or is it some weird submarine ?"

Whether the video shows something genuinely unusual in the water remains unclear, especially given how easy it would be to fake something like this using video editing software.

The footage itself, which was uploaded by YouTube user "Penn Plate", can be viewed below.


Aliens in Kenya?

Yup, that's right. Aliens in Kenya. And we caught it on film. At least, we recreated it on film. I call dibs, to that story and any developments in the case that uncover a fortified Kenyan Area 51.

So the story goes that a while back, a couple of young Kamba Kenyans ran into a UFO and were abducted. But if Ridley Scott and James Cameron are to be believed, we can't prove alien abduction because they have this thingy that wipe memories, right? Wrong!

Stupid aliens didn't factor in the amount of power needed to break through steel-strong African hair, and woe unto my galactic brethren, the abductees survived, memories intact.

I hooked up with a local film enthusiast in Kenyan Ukambani in Machakos, and together we caught up with said survivors, and listened to their story, and decided to recreate the event.

Eric and Eva, who swore they have encountered aliens and alien life, gave us a look into classified information, and hidden encounter stories, all the while debunking popular folklore and mass opinion.

Slowly we learned of a fateful day that changed their lives and opinions about alien life, forever.

They encountered a U.F.O while out on an excursion one day, and chose to run for dear life. They also revealed how they saw numerous other people get injected with an unidentified serum that seemed to activate all brain stem primal instincts, and basically turn people into wild animals roaming the streets at night.

We also got introduced to a local Kamba doctor, veiled in darkness, who explained how he met with survivors of the alien abductions and treated them for symptoms they had.

He gave detailed information of how the serum caused all kinds of complications and effects.

We were told of a retaliatory secret organization, formed in the wake of said abductions, that had been launching rocket shuttles into outer space.

The story ended with a philosophical look into the age-old question, "Are we alone?" Apparently not. - Aliens in Kenya



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