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Monday, April 11, 2016

Flying Creature Reports: Poland / Spain

Humanoid researcher Albert Rosales forwarded the following flying creature reports w/ images:

Location - Wroclaw, Poland
Date: November 17 2014
Time: 17:30 – 18:00

A local resident by the name of Matthew (pseudonym) was walking alone one evening in an area next to a cemetery with adjoining buildings on the other side. The area is quiet and calm and he knows the area very well as he usually takes this route after work. But on this day the quite routine would be interrupted by something fantastic. The road is away from traffic and the evening was dark but visibility was very good. There was a bright moon. As he walked down the street talking on his cellphone. At one point after he finished the conversation and was in the middle of the road he began to hear a strange “buzzing or murmuring sound”. At first he thought it was someone at the nearby cemetery with a vibrating cellphone. But he could not see anyone in the darkness except for the glowing candles on the tombstones. The sound intensified with every passing moment until it became extremely loud, he swore he feel the earth move under him. He then realized that the sound was coming from somewhere above him. Instinctively he looked up at the sky, thinking that it was just the passage of large ducks. But what he saw were no ducks, these were “freaks of nature”. The creatures flew side by side and were huge, at least a 3-4 meter wingspan and resembled some type of prehistoric reptiles. They seemed to be turning their heads and emitting that terrifying rumbling sound. Due to the darkness he could not see many details of their appearance but could clearly see their shapes. It was not a humanoid figure, it certainly wasn’t a man. It had a large head mounted on a skinny neck, torso and wings. The lower limbs, were not seen. Their heads reminded the witness of that of a pterodactyl. They had pointed beaks, and a pointed spike on the back of the heads. The wings did not look like batwings, their underside was not frayed.

Both creatures were identical and were flying in the same direction, they were at a short distance from the other (one was a bit lower than the other) and were heading from north to southeast crossing the road. According to the witness they moved quite quickly roughly at a height of a 4 – 5 story building. According to Matthew they seemed to be “falling and gliding” at the same time. After they disappeared from sight he could still hear the sound but it suddenly stopped after a few seconds. The witness stood stunned not comprehending what he had seen. He felt an unexplained heaviness in his legs, as if they were “weighed down”. This continued for a few minutes after the observation and then stopped. And for a moment as he followed the path of the creature’s flight he felt a “tightness” in his head. However he felt no fear, “only an incomprehensible peace” almost unnatural.

HC addendum
Source: Dam.Trela@gmail.com (Poland)

2nd case:

Location - Near Reus, Tarragona, Spain
Date: April 2014
Time: afternoon

On a sunny afternoon in April a family was on their way to the town of Reus on the A7 motorway, when they reached the intersection of Constanti/Puerto Tarragona, just before the “Les Gavarres” commercial park, the wife suddenly called the attention to the husband who was driving, to a pair of giant birds that appeared to be gliding on the horizon. “Look at those two beautiful birds”, she exclaimed. He noticed that both were huge in size and one was considerable larger than the other. Both watched stunned as the two giant birds glided above them. As they watched they noticed that their huge wings appeared to be membraned. They noticed that the birds had very thick plumage around the neck area (like vultures) which was curved like the letter “S”. They had huge plumed bodies which differ from their membraned wings which lacked any feathers, and were several meters in length. The traffic at the time was very dense, and the road at the time was under repairs and they were unable to stop the car in order to observe the creatures further. They saw the giant birds for about 2 minutes.

The creatures were flying from west to east and flew directly in front of the witnesses which thought of the sight as “spectacular”. Their surprised increased as they watched the larger of the creatures fly the Torreforta building, and noticed that it was wider than the top of the building, which caused great concern on the husband, wife and older daughter who also saw the creatures, the younger children were distracted playing games and did not see the creatures. They drove quickly ahead to find a place to stop their vehicle, however once they stopped their vehicle, the two creatures were long gone. The father and daughter returned to the area later and confirmed that the top of the Torreforta building was over ten meters in width, the larger creature surpassed that size by several meters.

HC addendum
Source: http://criptozoologos.blogspot.com.es/201601/aves-gigantes-en-tarragona-por-daniel.html

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