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Thursday, April 28, 2016

1st Wolverine Verified in North Dakota in 207 Years

I just received word from Robert Lindsay that a wolverine was recently killed in North Dakota...the 1st wolverine verified in that state in 207 years!

A wolverine was apparently killed in Western North Dakota on Monday, April 25. The wolverine was killed near Alexander, North Dakota, probably during the daylight hours but at an unknown time. It is not known how the animal was killed, but no doubt it was shot dead with some sort of longarm weapon. The animal was killed by a rancher when it was harassing pairs of calves in a field. The rancher thought it was going to kill one of his calves, so he shot it.

After the rancher killed the animal, he contacted the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. Biologists from the department examined the animal and determined that it was indeed a wolverine. The kept the wolverine and took it away to an unknown location. Apparently there has not yet been any news reports of this incident. This report will be the first report of the incident and the photos associated with it to appear in the mainstream online media.

There have been a number of unverified sightings of wolverines in North Dakota in the past two decades. They are listed in my report, Wolverines in the Upper Midwest, available here. This is the most detailed report on wolverines in this region on the Internet or possibly anywhere for that matter. Be sure to check it out if you are interested in the subject. It has lots of great photos of the areas in which wolverines were spotted and the general terrain of the region. Read more at Wolverine Killed in North Dakota!

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