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Friday, April 08, 2016

The Elevator

Norman in St. Louis called in to tell of a bizarre encounter he and a friend had with an elevator:

“I was helping a gal out at a place near Lambert Airport. It was like an old high school that was converted into a residential care facility. She couldn’t get out of there very often. They had an elevator that was in two floors and the elevator was kind of in bad shape. It would take two or three minutes, sometimes more, to get from one floor to the other. She was at the end of the second floor corridor, so I went up to get her because we were going out for dinner.

As I was coming back down towards the elevator, there's a little sitting area. As I approached a gentleman walked out of there and he was in like an Italian suit with a fedora, heading for the elevator. He was about maybe 50 foot from us and we asked, 'Could you hold the elevator?' We start jogging towards the elevator, though she was in high heels, so I kind of let go of her hand and ran up ahead. He got in the elevator, I ran up and I said, 'Could you hold the door?' So I stuck my hand in the door and there was like a foot open still and it got to where my fingers almost got chopped off. I started hitting the button to open it back up and, by then, she had caught up to me...but the door had closed.

Surprisingly, about ten seconds after the elevator closed, it re-opened. So I grabbed her hand and we went on the elevator. I was getting ready to yell at the guy and say why didn't you hold the elevator for us and... he wasn't there. We looked at each and I said, 'What in God's name?' Like I said, sometimes you'd actually get stuck on that elevator and they had to call the fire department. It was really strange. When he looked over, he was of middle aged guy, maybe 60 years old or something like that. Right as he was getting on the elevator, he kind of looked over. I didn't see his face real clear.

I was probably 30 at the time. Like I said, he got in and I got to where I could put my hands in the open elevator. We're only talking a few seconds before it closed. There's no way that... It would take 5 minutes to go down to the first floor and back up at least and we're talking a matter of seconds when the door opened back up. Like I said, I was getting ready to give the guy an earful... and we were late, you know, but there was no one there to yell at. We both got goosebumps and talked about it the rest of the night. It had to have been a ghost.”

Source: Coast To Coast Radio - April 4, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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